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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 23, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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one of the three u.p.s. workers killed in a workplace shooting last week. >> thank you for joining us. >> friends and faep membmily me recall happier times, san francisco police release new details on the timeline of the tragedy. >> also our first photo of the shooter, jimmy lam taken a of a previous bush with the law. he killed three co-workers in a june 14th attack. >> abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom joining us live with the latest on the investigation. jonathan. >> this afternoon police gave us more details in the deadly shooting frshoot ing spree that happened last week and happened during a morning staff meeting. >> as the meeting was taking place, mr. lam produced an assault type pistol and without warning or saying anything he
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immediately shot loui. he then shot wayne. >> police released this photo of 38-year-old jimmy lam. it came from some previous non-violent contact with the law. they showed us his weapon. a pistol stolen from napa and a mac 10 stolen from utah. he fired 20 shots. the third man he shot outside in the street multiple times without saying a word. he then re-entered the building and it took place two minutes to find him. >> the officers instructed mr. lam to put the gun down and attempt to take him into custody but mr. lam shot himself. >> reporter: the shooter's death leaves police with questions
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they have already concluded the shootings were targeted based on witness reports and video of lam going after the victims while leaving other employees alone. the teamsters union confirm that u.p.s. that brought in other employees from the east bay, south bay and as far as away as nevada to fill in for employees taking medical and bereavement leave in the wake of the shootings. thank you. tears and laughter marked a memorial today for one of the victims of the shooting. he's affectionately known as big mike. the service brought together his family and relatives. also on hand were those on his san francisco diamond heights delivery route. many of whom were just devastated by his passing. >> they are like family members to pliek. they see him every day. they probably seen him more than we are see him because that's his daily work route. we think it's a buf thing as
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family coming together. >> the death has been especially hard for his wife and five children who were consoled by close relatives on sunday, father's day. a sunnyvale caltrain station back open at this hour. according to a spokesperson a southbound train struck the man near the platform and he died at the scene. station was closed for several hours and train were single tracked around the accident site. a woman is under arrest after crashing through the gates of travis air force base and leaving police on a high speed chase through fair field. this ended off of highway 80. that's where the driver crashed while trying to get away. police found her unconscious inside the car. she was transported to a local area hospital. we know the name of the teenager girl who fell to her death near lands end in san francisco. he's been identified as
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17-year-old victoria larocalaroa according to the fire department she was with an adult and another friend when she slipped and plunged into the water east of mile rock beach. authorities believe she was not on the designated trail when she lost her footing. she died just minutes after being rescued. turns to our forecast now. much cooler around the bay area but fire dang r remains high. temperatures down dramatically thanks to the coastal fog that's moved in as you can see in a live picture right here. >> let's go south now. here is how it looks at the boardwalk. you can see it's starting to come back but folks are enjoying it. >> checking in with how things will look this weekend. >> even cooler. it was hot inland. not doubt about it. the highs so far, at least it
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wasn't unbearable. right around the coast we were in the 60s. as you mentioned temperatures are down. compared to 24 hours ago we're running 13 degrees cooler. you can feel the difference thanks to the follow also to the breeze. right now out of southwest at 2 miles an hour in fair field, despite this bauds we've had so many days of hot weather inland, the affects on our bodies can be still stressful. a heat advisory reins up for inland east bay until 9:00 tonight. take it easy throughout as you check out live doppler 7, it's hard not to notice that the coast is completely fogged in. i'll be back with the hour by hour look at what you can expect for the up coming weekend. if you have out door activities including the pride parade and celebration. back with the forecast on that. larry. thank you. the heat wave across the state has sped up the snow melt from the mountains around lake tahoe.
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a record 12 billion gallons of water poured into the lake over the past week. the lake has risen four inches since last friday despite higher evaporation rates from the intense heat. managers have been releasing the water from the lake for the past 120 days to make room for the run off. officials especially it to reach capacity in late july. police say now is one of the prime times for burglars to break into your home. abc 7 news reporter is live in san jose where the city is seeing a spike in property crimes. >> reporter: that's right. it's vacation time. that could mean an open invitation for burglars. we caught up with police who shared some tips. >> open the door, open the window to air out and go upstairs and go to bed. this is right open to the street. >> reporter: she's constantly trying to remember to lock windows and doors. >> i think about it all the time
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bauds i know i have neighbor who is have had break ins and ooip checking the doors and windows before i go to bed. >> reporter: sometimes just remembering to lock up is not enough. for example, thiis an extra lock to screw on to the bot dom of your window. make sure you have a dead wobol and buy a door jam. >> they have to go through more steps to get into your property. unfortunately, the houses that have the fewer deterrants are the easier targets. >> reporter: so far san jose police report rot crimes are up compared to last year. burglaries are up 10% and vehicle theft has increased 48%. she feels she was close to being a victim. at 12:30 this morning her ring doorbell captured man in o hoodie looking at her open window. >> when we saw it, i was totally freaked out.
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tt tt it's never happened. we just got the camera. >> reporter: police recommend adding layers like an alarm system. set a timer for lights to go on and out. get to know your neighbors who will watch out for you. plan was robbed this morning. it's the second early morning robbery there just this week. police say this one occurred around 2:00 a.m. three men approached a driver sitting inside his car near sign post 16. they dragged him out of his car. the third man took his possessions. a woman was shot during an attempted robbery at the very same location early on tuesday morning. new questions being raised by vallejo homeowner ran for their lives. the fire burne dangerously close for home and now residents are pressing for answers about the firefighters order to leave their cars behind and flee on foot.
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>> reporter: they gave that order because they wanted people to leave only in this area by foot because a few cars were going over their hose lines. that could affect water pr pressure. there's a truck that showed up o this ridge here. you see how close, how close of call this was. >> they ask us to exit on foot. i'm disabled. how am i supposed to get myself, our belongings for three days and four animals out on foot? >> reporter: elizabeth came to get a cloetser look at the scorched hillside beside her neighborhood. grass fires this type of year have become a reoccurring problem in glen cove. she's fed up with it. >> i want something done. they need to protect this hill. >> reporter: it's been closed for seven years. firefighters tell us it's due to budget and staffing issues.
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neighbors are concerned about response times. >> we attached our hoses to these houses over here. we try to keep the fire back. >> kind of lookike we're usi usi squirt guns. >> reporter: an overheated jeep pulled over in this fire. it caught fire and ignited the grassy hill. the wind helped take the fire up the hillside. neighbors recall even more. >> since i've been here the tenr it's happened three, four times. >> reporter: the cul-de-sac has one way in and one way out. firefighters needed the street open so they advise some residents to leave by foot. >> it's relatively durable but not designed for vehicles to be riding over it. >> reporter: no homes were destroyed. no lives were lost. residents hope this situation stays this way. abc 7 news. just ahead, nascar comes to
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the bay area. >> we love our spot. we've been here for 13 years. >> next, the race before the race. a big competition to get the best camping spot. also preparing for pride. we have important information for those driving through san francisco or trying to this weekend.
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special attention being paid toward safety and security heading into this weekend's gay pride celebration. the annual event draws an international crowd. some come to san francisco to do
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more than just take in parade. >> i can't talk right now. it's exciting. very exciting. >> liberating. >> the city expects to issue more than two times the number of same-sex marriage certificates than on a usual weekend. go do you'll find a map of the parade route and a list of the street closures as well as calendar events. down load the abc 7 news app and enable the push alerts. ncht another big event is taking place in the north bay. thousands are making their way to sonoma county. drivers have been practicing all day. >> reporte if you're a local and love racing, this is the only place to be especially
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concerning that dale earnhardt will be making his last appearance. what a spectacle. >> it's about like a traveling circ circus. >> reporter: a traveling circus with 38 stops a year. d do you want to go partially deaf? do you get energized by feeling exhausted? then sonoma is the place this weekend. pull up the old rv, park on a hill, get the lawn chair. this is the high rent district. it sold at $1500 for the weekend. they live well. they eat well. >> i think we're having tri tip. >> reporter: it's one of the features making this track different. at a press conference late this afternoon dale earnhardt junior described what he will miss. >> there's not a bad memory that sticks out. we don't come in here with high
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expectations. when we have a bad day it's easy to brush off. you go into the tracks like daytona where you think you should win and if you have a terrible day there you beat yourself up forever trying to figure out what happened. if we don't come out of here with a good day, it just wasn't meant to be. >> reporter: earnhardt's best finish was fourth place a few years ago. we have to assume that's a compliment from nascar's most popular driverer and a two time daytona winner. you believe that a lo logo on de earnhardt's car goes $1 million a race. that's a lot of money pap lot of people hoping to get a victory. >> that's a lot of pressure too. thank you so much.
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the actor met with french president to discuss climate change. >> we're talking about environmental issues and the green future. >> now we will deliver together to make the planet great again. >> they jointly trolled the trump administration with schwarzenegger calling him a great leader. schwarzenegger has publicly sparred with president trump who just withdrew the u.s. from the paris climate agreement. a funeral mass is set for july 10th for san francisco's archbish archbishop. he passed away yesterday after a lengthy illness. he lectured and wrote two books
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and working on a third when he passed away. he was 88 years old. the golf world is mourningrg the death of sandy tatum. he's a driving force behind the renovation of san francisco's harding park known for encouraging difficu courses for the u.s. open. he was an outstanding golfer. went onto a successful law career in san francisco. we posted a story from 2002 on his efforts to renovate harding park. you can view that at the cleveland cavaliers may have been the warriors ris. they donated from their final watch parties.
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the team has now donated more than 2 million to nonprofits in cleveland. >> the warriors did the same thing with their watch parties. they go to local charities. doing the right thing in the community. let's get a look at the weekend. >> it's going to be much more comfortable. live doppler 7 right now showing you the fog right along the coastline. inland areas are dealing with clear skies. notice the fog just wants to take over right now. here is a look at the temperature. 64 in fransan francisco. half-moon bay, 61 degrees. we're waiting if the marine layer to move across the bay here as you check out the temperatures in the 70s from
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santa rosa to napa. one other live picture, doesn't this look like summer. foggy coast in bay overnight. cooling continues over the weekend. it will be mild for the san francisco pride parade and celebrations. tomorrow morning when you get going if you have early plans, you'll notice it feels better. there's going to be fog around. not just near the coast but around the bay as well. inland areas will start out clear. temperatures in the 60s there. 50s everywhere else. overnigh tonight the fog will push in towards the baby midnight. as we head towards tomorrow morning it will be more widespread as we go into 7:00 a.m. highs inland. still making it to the low 90s this places like antioch. along the coastline keep it in the 60s. breezy. temperatures from a nice range from the 60s to the 90s.
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san francisco pride parade, sunday and the weather looks fantastic. it starts out partly cloudy in the morning. 56 degrees here in san francisco. we'll see patchy clouds. temperatures will come up into the mid-60s. it will be breezy but bright. by 6:00 p.m., 61 degrees. i would dress in layers for the morning, noontime hours. there's a lot more happening. we have the nascar race in sonoma. if you're going, it's not going to be uncomfort bably hot. the morning will start out in the mid-50s. as we head towards sunday, sunny, bright, 78 degrees. 54 in the morning. a good idea to download the accuweather app. you can get the minute by minute forecast to help you plan your day. check out the seven-day forecast. the cooling continues on saturday. we'll be in the 60s to 90s. near average temperatures for
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sunday. fog will be around. it's pretty much going to be breezy and cooler for the workweek heading into the early part of next week. near av we're not expecting the kind of heat wave we dealt with which was a long stretch. >> nothing like that coming? >> nothing like that coming, at least not in the seven-day forecast forecast. finney's friday free stuff. he's living the american dream. that's next. next at
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it's been a hot week.
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coming up, we'll hear for the first time from a woman who may know what really happened to a summer student at uc berkeley who disappeared without a trace 20 years ago today. why all northbound lanes of the golden gate bridge will shut down. why the landing was much more important than the launch accomplished today by spacex. >> that's coming up at 6:00. finally the world's ugliest dog contest is under way right now. >> the pooch's face off in a red carpet walk and a faux paw passion show. no shortage of entries that celebrates their inner beauty. the winner leaves with $1500 and the chance to appear on national television. >> the owners were not allowed to change their dog's
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appearance. it's the 29th year the contest has been held. we'll bring you the results. >> world news tonight is next. tonight, as we come on the air, severe storms hitting from dallas to pittsburgh. the east coast. d.c., philly, new york are next. the human chain, the woman trapped in her sinking car. an f-16 flipping in the blinding rain. ginger zee is standing by. also tonight, the emergency landing. passengers reporting smoke in midair. the race to get passengers off. the police shooting, a traffic stop for a missing license plate. the driver does not survive. after the first trial ends in a mistrial, tonight, what's just happened in the second trial. is it a warning shot from the president? what he said about the special council, robert mueller. and your money tonight. the major car deals with the fourth of july coming. tonight, what we didn't know. which fees you can bargain down at the dealership, even eliminate.


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