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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  June 24, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. it's important to learn all you can... help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know™. good morning, america. new this morning, calling out barack obama. president trump taking aim in a tweet, criticizing his predecessor's response to russian efforts to meddle in the american election. what obama knew about it and why one former administration official says they choked. the latest on this blame game. scare in the air. the frightening moments on board a jetblue flight, forcing an emergency landing. >> came down pretty fast. >> passengers told to brace for impact. emergency slides deployed. the search for the cause this morning. caught on camera. >> oh! >> the lucky boaters in the right place in the right time. >> i'm standing right here like this filming it. i'm like --
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>> to catch the moment of a lifetime. >> got 'em. >> the close encounter they will never forget. and canine competition, the parade of misfit pups vying for the title of world's ugliest dog. >> i like how she has hair everywhere-ish sort of. >> who collared the crown? good morning. a lot of news to get to this morning. we should point out there are four of us on set this morning instead of five because ron is over in london on assignment, but we miss him. but we will get him later. as i said, a lot of news this morning but we want to take a moment to saver the world's ugliest dog competition. look at these pooches. we have three of the top contestants on the screen right now. it usually comes down to the tongue, you'll notice.
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the winner often has a weird tongue. one of these dogs took home the crown. we'll unveil the winner coming in a few moments. my favorite beauty pageaf the year. >> we can say your morning is getting off to a great start. >> absolutely. the only way it would be better if it was world's ugliest cat. >> dan sees the beauty in animals. >> and he loves animals. >> he does. that's straight ahead. we begin with president trump hitting his predecessor, overnight criticizing former president obama on twitter and on fox news over his handling of russian meddling in the u.s. election. meanwhile, we are entering a key weekend in the battle over health care this morning. a fifth republican senator has come out against the latest proposal in the senate. this latest defector is nevada senator dean heller and he's being targeted by a pro trump super pac, which in an extraordinary move is going to run critical ads in heller's home state. also this morning, a key senate committee has launched an investigation into former attorney general loretta lynch to see if her actions interfered into the fbi's investigation into hillary
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clinton's e-mails. we're going to kick off our coverage this morning with abc's david wright who's at the white house for us. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. the president's latest comments on russian hacking would seem to indicate a change in strategy, having long dismissed the idea that russia tried to meddle in the november election. president trump now seems to be taking it seriously and blaming barack obama. the first big hint of a shift came late last night in a tweet. "just out, the obama administration knew far in advance of november 8th about election meddling by russia. did nothing about it. why?" the president seems to be reacting to a "washington post" exclusive that offers a much more detailed account of russian efforts to meddle in the election and president obama's secret struggle to stop them. moments after trump sent out his tweet, fox news aired a clip from a new interview with the president.
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>> i just heard today for the first time that obama knew about russia a long time before the election, and he did nothing about it. >> reporter: it's a dramatic shift for a president who earlier this week would not be pinned down on whether he believed the conclusions of u.s. intelligence agencies that russia did indeed try to meddle. >> i have not sat down and asked him about a specific reaction, so i would be glad to touch base and get back to you. >> reporter: trump himself has generally denied the idea. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's just not excuse. >> the entire thing has been a witch hunt. >> the russians did not affect the vote. >> reporter: his new strategy, in light of the "post" story, now seems to be blame obama. although the "post" reports that obama tried various counter measures, including confronting vladimir putin directly, obama could have done much more to alert the american public about the threat, according to the "post," which quotes one former obama official even saying, i feel like we sort of choked.
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>> if he had the information, why didn't he do something about it? he should have done something about it. but you don't read that. it's quite sad. >> reporter: former obama officials say there were several reasons they didn't speak out more forcefully at the time. among other things, they were worried that sounding the alarm might come across as political interference and they worried that trump might be a long shot. that's what their impression was. >> they thought trump was a long shot. sounds like they underestimated him. the senate this week released a draft of its health care bill, david. there is room for negotiation but as, how much republican opposition is there? >> as you noted at the top of the show, overnight another senate republican, dean heller of nevada, came out against the bill. he's the fifth republican senator to do so. the republicans have only a razor thin majority in the senate to begin with, just barely enough votes to pass this thing, so unless they can win over some of those defectors, this bill would seem to be dead on arrival. >> there is still some room to tweak some of the language and
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that may change some of the vote tallies. david, thank you very much. we'll continue to cover this story. of course we want to bring in abc news political analyst kristen soltis anderson who's also in washington this morning. good morning. let me ask you first about president trump's strategy of blaming his predecessor for not doing more about russian meddling. smart play in your view? >> i think certainly it's a smart play because more and more evidence is coming out suggesting that, yes, russia did, in fact, attempt to influence our elections. this is clearer and clearer. so pivoting from diminishing this idea to instead saying why didn't anybody do anything about it still allows trump to push the blame somewhere else and say, look, my win was legitimate, if folks had a problem with this why did they wait until after i won the election to make a big deal about it. this is really the heart of why so many republicans and democrats have such widely different views on this.
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when the argument is did the russians interfere, it sounds like voting machines were hacked. what this story is suggesting instead is that russia tried to change the news around the election, affect the campaign narrative, and it was when obama nally ld putin, hey, you need to knock itffhat he backed away and did not attempt to change any voting machines. now the narrative does support the idea that, yes, trump won the election legitimately but that also russia did really try to play a role. >> it is an interesting part of the narrative. i want to go back to health care. we know the republicans need a simple majority to get this passed in the senate but how much of an uphill battle do republicans face in passing this bill? >> it's going to be a big uphill battle, in part because of the makeup of the senate and the fact that you have a handful of moderate members, folks who are up for re-election in tough states, folks who are going to be on the ballot who state they worry they may be negatively impacted by this bill and conservative members who think this bill doesn't go far enough in living up to the republican promise that they would repeal
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and replace obamacare. so on the right-hand side you have folks like rand paul, ted cruz, really conservative tea party senators who don't think this goes far enough. any changes to the bill to make them happier might risk losing even more senators on the moderate side. it's a tightrope that senate leadership has to walk in order to get this bill passed. >> kristen soltis anderson who we call ksa and you knew it was coming. thank you for joining us on a saturday morning. we have good news out of washington this morning. representative steve scalise who was shot during congressional baseball practice more than a week ago, he's been upgraded to fair condition we're happy to report. scalise who is one of the highest ranking republicans in the house is out of the intensive care unit and beginning rehabilitation. matt micah, a lobbiest who was also shot during that attack was released from the hospitaln friday in other news, in saudi arabia, raids this morning after
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police foil a terror attack on islam's holiest site. a suicide bomber blew himself up near the grand mosque in mecca overnight after being surrounded by police. that blast demolished that building and killed the bomber and injured at least ten others. the plot to target the grand mosque comes as the fasting month of ramadan comes to an end this weekend, actually this evening in fact. >> we want to talk more about this. let's bring in abc news contributor steve ganyard who is a retired marine corps colonel and also served at the state department and is joining us from washington this morning. steve, good morning. i think a lot of people may wonder why would terrorists attack a muslim holy site if these terrorists themselves are islamic fundamentalists? >> that's a good question, dan. right now we don't know what kind of terrorists these were. it could have been shia terrorists backed by iran but they could have been sunni terrorists. there was upheaval this week with the announcement of a new succession plan, a new king to be named who will have a mandate to really change the culture of saudi arabia because of the drop in the price of oil.
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there's a lot of internal turmoil, social turmoil in saudi arabia but also that continuing struggle between sunni and shia islam. >> could be some political motivation. we've seen an uptick of isis inspired attacks recently in the u.k. but they're losing ground elsewhere. if this attack in mecca was indeed isis, do you think it's a sign of desperation? >> it certainly is. you think about it right now, the fight that's going on out in eastern syria is shia and sunni islam coming together to squeeze i s but this is really just the end of the beginning. the greater battle between shia and sunni will continue and the west will feel it in the frag pattern as the terrorists seek to hit out at either side of islam. >> all right, steve ganyard, joining us from washington, thanks for your analysis and insight, steve. in london hundreds of families evacuated from more than 600 apartments because of
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safety concerns following last week's devastating high-rise fire that killed 79 people. the four evacuated high-rise buildings considered a risk after they failed safety tests triggered by the fire. reports this morning that 27 buildings in the u.k. have failed recent fire tests. >> not the results you want. >> no. back here at home, some dicey moments during the start of the busy travel season. smoke started to fill a jetblue flight forcing an emergency landing in charleston, south carolina. >> our eva pilgrim joins us with more on exactly what happened. good morning to you, eva. >> reporter: good morning. a three-hour flight interrupted, a plane forced out of the sky. everyone on board rushing to safety. scary moments mid-flight. a jetblue plane forced to make an emergency landing, smoke spotted inside the plane. >> just heads up, we will stop on the runway and plan an evacuation. >> reporter: passengers evacuating. first responders on the scene. >> we went over the bracing position. came down pretty fast.
7:12 am
>> flight 913 took off friday morning from white plains, new york in route to ft. lauderdale. halfway through the flight, passengers and crew noticed a problem. >> people started smelling smoke and there was obviously a little bit of haze in the air. >> reporter: the plane forced to land in charleston, south carolina. hundreds of miles away from its intended final destination. we did have a smoke eve in the cockpit or in the cabin. and it has gone out but there's still smoke back there. >> reporter: passengers telling abc news the crew warning them to brace for impact. all 98 passengers and four crew members on board evacuating down the slide, emergency crews meeting them on the runway. no one was hurt. >> a few people, i'm sure, were praying and thinking that was it, but never felt like it was out of control. >> reporter: jetblue sent a new plane to pick up those passengers and take them to florida last night. the faa is investigating the cause of that smoke.
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>> eva, thank you. another quick aviation note out of ohio. the thunderbirds have cancelled this afternoon's performance at the dayton air show after a scare there. investigators trying to find out what caused an f-16 to flip over, overturning in the taxi way friday. after landing at dayton international airport, the pilot and a passenger who was on a ride-along were taken to the hospital where they're said to be in good condition this morning. >> that's good to hear. at least they're in good condition after that scary incident. there's been another mistrial in cincinnati, ohio in the case of a former police officer accused of murder in the shooting of an unarmed driver. jurors telling the judge they were unable to reach a verdict yet again. >> this was the second trial for officer ray tensing. abc's marci gonzalez is in los angeles with more on this story. good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, paula, good morning. the jury deliberated for 30 hours over five days but the outcome was the same in the first trial. the family of the man he killed reacting, calling it unjust.
7:14 am
this morning anger and frustration over that courtroom deja vu. >> we are outraged. >> reporter: for the second time a mistrial declared in the case against former university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you sent a note out that says we are almost evenly split regarding our votes toward a final verdict. >> reporter: the jury deadlocked on whether or not tensing should be convicted on murder and voluntary manslaughter charges in the shooting death of sam dubose during this traffic stop. >> you have a license? >> i have a license. >> reporter: tensing repeatedly asking for dubose's driver's license. the situation escalating quickly. tensing then shoots dubose testifying that he feared for his life. dubose was unarmed. >> i can just see his head and that's just when i reached out as far as i could with my right hand and fired a shot. >> reporter: this is the third trial in a week against a law enforcement officer accused of
7:15 am
killing a suspect to end without a conviction. seven days earlier minnesota police officer jeronimo yanez was acquitted of fatally shooting philando castile after pulling him over during a traffic stop. and on wednesday, former police officer dominique heaggan-brown was found not guilty in the shooting death of sylville smith during a foot chase. >> once jurors have this perception that officers may be in fear of their lives, even given poor tactics because the officer takes these risks to protect all of us, it's going to be very difficult to get these guilty verdicts. >> reporter: dubose's family is now asking that the case be tried for a third time. the lead prosecutor says he won't comment on his plans until next week. dan? >> marci, thank you very much, marci gonzalez reporting from los angeles. in las vegas this morning the father of a boy from california missing since april is now under arrest. he is suspected in the child's
7:16 am
murder. aramazd andressian sr. is expected to be extradited to los angeles. police are not saying what led to the arrest. the 5-year-old was with his dad when he disappeared. and it is time now for the weather and rob marciano and remnants of cindy still out there, but cindy kind of foiled your vacation plans. >> i took a couple days off to spend time with my uncle to play golf and cindy actually got to ohio where they saw some heavy rain yesterday, spoiling the last day of that, but also spoiled some folks in western pennsylvania. this is out of washington county, all part of what's left over of cindy. plus a cold front squeezing it out. three reported tornados there. five or six inches of rainfall falling east of pittsburgh. but the heaviest rain across alabama. this dramatic stuff yesterday, you may have seen it late last night, these folks scrambling to get people out of this car that was submerged. a human chain to get these folks out of there. over a foot of rain falling in many spots and the ground is saturated there.
7:17 am
the thunderstorms from the northern part of this system now getting through new jersey, a couple of spinups as far as tornado warnings there. that will roll off towards the east but the heaviest rains will be south of dallas, north of houston. this ground is saturated from all the rain earlier so it's only going to take one or two inches more. we'll probably get that as the front drifts towards the gulf of mexico. that's pretty rare for this time of year. we'll get it out about 9:00, 10:00 and dryer air moves in for a pretty nice weekend across the northeast. they will take it after the storms this morning. some mist and drizzle by the shoreline, the cooling continues into the weekend and early next week. looking at mild pattern tomorrow for the pride parade. so around the way today, a mix of clouds and sun through the evening hours.
7:18 am
low 68 and breezy by the coast with upper 80s to your 90 inland. coming up in the next half-hour, the beach forecast for our friends in the west coast. we didn't forget about you. it's going to be smoking hot out there. >> like 120 in phoenix, right? >> it's been hot all week but even in the northwest highs near 100 degrees. ron, we missed you but i got to say, it's pretty comfortable here. i might take a snooze. >> do you like the chair? normally you're standing. that's so we can see your nice socks. you got sock game. >> rob is the only one who has to stand. we all get a nice chair. >> he's complained about it before. i've heard about it. >> squeaky wheel. maybe get a high chair. >> i like it. >> we're going to turn now to for what is for my money, the best beauty pageant ever, the world's ugliest dog competition. there's the tongue. >> for your money? are you putting money on it? >> i did not bet on this, at
7:19 am
least that i'm willing to admit publicly. >> adrienne is covering it for us this morning. it is about the tongue. >> and the underbite, severe underbite on some of these dogs. yes, we head to my home state of california, petaluma, and the contest has drawn thousands of people every year since the '70s. >> reporter: the dog days of summer are here and last night was no exception for the world's ugliest dog competition. >> with a permanent frown due to that sexy overbite. >> reporter: pooches parading, thrilling crowds and rewarded for their rough appearance, donning some crazy outfits and even pearls. >> i like how she has hair everywhere-ish sort of. >> reporter: 14 of what judges call the most hideous hounds taking to the stage, all vying for the most beastly title. >> and our winner of the world's ugliest dog 2017, martha!
7:20 am
>> reporter: every dog has its day, but the biggest proving to be the ugliest. 125-pound neapolitan mastiff martha taking home the five foot tall trophy. she couldn't be bothered to get up. giving her own spin on downward dog. >> we took her in as a rescue. we're quite proud of her. >> reporter: age not necessarily before beauty. 16-year-old mo coming in second place. and all the way from great britain chasing the title was none other than chase taking home third. the ugly truth is martha is not the first pup crowned with the worst mug. sleepy rambo won last year. before that there was quasi moto. this morning it was about the wrinkly faced, monstrous martha, who is pretty doggone cute. >> i don't think martha is all that ugly but definitely unique. the winner receives a trophy. the winner's owner receives a $1,000 cash prize. no doubt that will be used to celebrate their now prized puppy dog.
7:21 am
>> i love how when martha won she kind of laid down like somebody had given her a benzo. >> she didn't even care. she didn't flinch. >> great to spread it around. it normally goes to those small scraggly kind of dogs. nice love a larger dog in there. >> plus-sized dog winning. we should say though actually the people who take in these dogs because a lot are rescue dogs are doing heroic work because these are dogs who otherwise would not get a home and sometimes would not end up surviving. salute to the owners. >> that's right. >> i love that, dan. you always have a way of spinning it to making the world a better place and that's what i like about you. >> i'm just pro animal adoption. >> you are. >> whatever the animal. coming up on "gma" this morning, check this out, a man swimming in a ymca pool having chest pains and sinking. what happened next has his family filing a lawsuit. plus no laughing matter. johnny depp's joke about assassinating the president gets a strong response from the white house. and this amazing video. the boaters who came
7:22 am
face-to-face with a humpback whale speaking out about their close encounter this morning. it's all coming up on "gma." >> a whale of a story, dan. "gma" is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. geico. saving you 15% or more on car insurance. uh- i- [sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues]
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good morning, everyone. happening now, volunteers are working to finish the insulation of the gay pride pink triangle on twin peaks. volunteers began setting up yesterday and they'll fill in the rest today.
7:28 am
it's a symbol that's been associatedith pride weekend for the last 22 years. almost 200 feet across, it can be seen from miles across the bay area. it will stay up until after tomorrow's parade. a check of the weather now, lisa has your bay area forecast. hi, lisa. >> it's very foggy up there right now with some mist and the view from downtown, multilayered clouds. went from a heat add risery today. 56, san francisco and along the coast, 56 minute delays. partly sun skies here, upper 70s later on and heist temperatures will be 90 inland. chris. >> thanks so much for joining us. news connues r
7:29 am
7:30 am
welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, on the attack. president trump taking aim at barack obama on twitter, criticizing his predecessor's response to russian efforts to meddle in the elections, saying obama knew about russia a long time before the election and he didn't do anything about it. this finger pointing as we enter a key weekend in the battle over american health care with many republican senators heading home to their states to face their constituents. china landslide, more than 140 people are missing and dozens of homes buried after a rock fall from a mountain in the southwest sichuan province early saturday morning. china's president calling for a, quote, all-out effort to rescue those trapped under the rubble. the wilshire grand, the
7:31 am
tallest building west of the mississippi, is open for business. the 73-story building in downtown los angeles stretches more than 1,000 feet in the air. it took 11,000 workers and $1 billion to complete the structure. 900 hotel rooms, offices, restaurants, shops, and, dan, just for you, a rooftop pool so you can put on your suntanning gear. i was trying to move along from the visual there. sorry. >> you put it in everybody's mind and then you're trying to take it back. okay, let me try to clean up for paula faris here. we're going to turn to an incident that was caught on camera at a ymca pool. >> this is a horrifying story. a man's family claims that he slipped under water just steps away from lifeguards that were chatting away, unaware of what was happening in the pool. it was five long minutes before anyone acted. abc's stephanie ramos has more on the lawsuit that's been filed. >> reporter: this morning a
7:32 am
chicago ymca is being sued for alleged negligence. a family filing the lawsuit based on these critical moments at the pool, captured on surveillance camera. according to the complaint, 61-year-old yosef bornstein entered the pool with no issues. five minutes into the swim, the report says bornstein felt chest pain and collapsed, slipping under water, lying unconscious at the bottom of the pool for five dire minutes. >> it's very unimaginable to think that my father was under water for so long. >> reporter: ten minutes after he entered the water, no one seems aware he's gone under. the video showing the two lifeguards on duty just a stone's throw away speaking with one another. one lifeguard walking right past bornstein. >> the ymca protocols make very clear it's their job to scan the pool and to be alert. >> reporter: finally, a swimmer notices him at the bottom of the pool. the family says bornstein suffered severe brain damage, even undergoing emergency bypass
7:33 am
surgery while in the hospital. >> this whole experience has been very hard to see him in this weakened condition. >> reporter: in the lawsuit filed by the family, the ymca is accused of failing to observe, assist and pull bornstein out of the pool when he was in distress. in response to the lawsuit, the ymca of metro chicago writes, our hearts go out to the family of yosef bornstein. the lifeguards were immediately put on administrative leave and a disciplinary review is under way. bornstein's family says it is a miracle he survived the heart attack and near drowning. the amount they're suing for has not been released. dan and paula, when you watch that video and you see him go under for five minutes, it seems like an eternity. >> you say he's still in bad shape but i mean, there are still a lot of drownings that happen every year, even when lifeguards are present, so everybody be aware, be vigilant. they give us a false sense of security. thank you, steph. >> sending our best to his family. time now for the weather. back to rob. >> hey guys, a lot of folks will
7:34 am
be going into pools and the ocean because temperatures are again hot across the west. a string of record days across the southwest. 110 in barstow and 117 in palm springs, very hot here. it will be in the 60s in the water temperatures. up north, 89 degrees in cannon beach. this is where the records are going to be across the pacific northwest. water temperatures in the 50s so be careful if you are going to dip your toes in there. two days of really, really hot stuff. that's the latest check on the national headlines weather wise. here's your local forecast. good saturday morning. it's a summertime pattern this weekend. breezy winds at the coast to near 90 inland. >> thi >> this weather report is brought to you by bush's beans. and now to the boaters who were in the right place at the right time when a whale decided to make a very showy appearance. guess what, it was all caught on camera. check it out.
7:35 am
>> oh! >> reporter: this incredible video making quite the splash for these voters. you can see a massive humpback whale breaching, mouth wide open just feet from a boat, the encounter happening off the new jersey coast. >> who would have thought. it was crazy, a wild experience. >> reporter: the unforgettable close encounter leaving the boaters awe struck, but not at a loss for words. >> just this giant pulls right up and taps the side of the hull and i'm standing right here like this filming it. i'm like -- >> reporter: a humpback whale on average weighs 40 tons. >> i didn't know if i pressed the record button and i was like this better be recording. i look over, tick, tick, i see the numbers going up. i'm like, got 'em, got 'em. >> reporter: one thing's very clear, these boaters will have a whale of a tale to remember. >> great. >> got 'em, got 'em. >> that guy needs his own tv
7:36 am
show. >> he does. i smell an agent calling him right now. the boaters say that if you saw the video, the actual whale was feeding on bunker fish as it came up and you can see the eye of the whale givinthe dirty eye i think to the boats. >> i love how he said i was just hoping it was recording. how many times have we had that moment where we were like, oh, i didn't record. you thought it was. it's a bad feeling. but he got it all on tape. >> our viewers are the better for it. >> yes, they are. got 'em. >> the better for that guy, really, rather than the whale. an inspiration to me. thank you very much, rob. great story, appreciate it. coming up on "gma," johnny depp explaining himself for joking about assassinating the president. what he says he was really trying to do. trying to do.
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lots of fallout this morning over comments johnny depp made at an arts festival in england yesterday openly discussing the assassination of donald trump. the "pirates of the caribbean" actor having to explain himself with the white house weighing in on what he said. we mentioned that ron claiborne has been in london all week at our bureau there. he joins us thisorning. good morniron. we miss you by the waymore on t. >> reporter: get him out of the chair. good morning. well the 54-year-old actor is
7:41 am
under fire this morning for those choice words. he's now calling it all a bad joke and the secret service is confirming it is aware of the actor's comment but refusing to discuss details of what they're doing about it, citing security reasons. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> reporter: this morning hollywood actor johnny depp now apologizing for that comment about president trump being assassinated. depp telling abc news it was in poor taste and that it did not come out as intended and i intended no malice. i was only trying to amuse, not to harm anyone. >> can we bring trump here? >> reporter: the comments made at an art festival in the u.k., condemned by the white house. >> the president's made it clear that we should denounce violence in all of its forms and i think that if we're going to hold to that standard we should all agree that standard should be universally called out. >> reporter: depp in the heat of the moment even forecasting the backlash. >> it's going to be in the press. it will be horrible.
7:42 am
but i like that you're all a part of it. i want to clarify, i'm not an actor. i lie for a living. >> reporter: the star, not the first entertainer to come under fire for the recent political comments about president trump. just three weeks ago comedian kathy griffin apologizing after this video shoot showing her holding up the head of president trump. >> i sincerely apologize. i made a mistake and i was wrong. >> reporter: in a statement, the white house called on hollywood to, quote, speak out against this type of rhetoric as strong as they would if his comments were directed to a democratic elected official, and last night one of the president's daughters-in-law, laura trump, saying that what depp and others have said and done is out of control and also called it disappointing. paula and dan. >> certainly in poor taste. ronny, when are you coming home? >> i'm not coming home. >> is this what you were going to tell us? >> not until rob gets out of my chair. >> then you're not coming home, pal. you look great over there.
7:43 am
>> all right, ron. we miss ya. great job. thank you. coming up on "gma," my firsthand look at the lessons that you and your kids can learn from the great outdoors. dan, do you think you could have climbed this rock? >> absolutely not. i'd be better at gettingob out of ron's chair. ting rob out of ron's chair. i'd be better at getting rob out of ron's chair. ♪ ♪ only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief.
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♪ ♪ ♪
7:46 am
what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. as many parents know, left to their own devices many kids will pick computer games over communing with nature. >> it's worth the effort to get them out of the house, especially since it's national great outdoors month. it's been proven that kids can gain a ton of confidence from being outside and there's so much they can learn. >> reporter: this is summer at its very best. >> what's up?
7:47 am
>> reporter: putting down your screens and getting into the great outdoors. >> this is so great. i feel like i'm free. >> reporter: we're at allamuchy mountain state park just an hour outside new york city. my new friends, jaron, scarlett, violet, and wyatt. >> good morning, america. what's up? >> reporter: along with our guides from rei discovering why it's so in to get out. >> how did you guys feel about that experience? >> awesome, i liked that. >> fun. >> loved every moment of it. >> is the key to get them involved? >> absolutely. what are you interested in, it's hot today. let's go paddle boarding, kayaking, just getting them outside in whatever activity they really find interesting. >> reporter: rather than thinking of a technology as a barrier, embrace it. apps from rei and the national park service can help you find the best trails near you. as for us, we're heading into the woods. >> here we go. ah. that's going to leave a mark.
7:48 am
oh, we made it. was that tougher than you thought it was going to be? >> yeah. >> kind of. >> i have to tell you, this is just a warmup. guess what we're doing next. right there. the rock climb. >> reporter: after a quick safety lesson -- >> i am ready, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> i'm ready. i am ready. i feel like a warrior. >> reporter: one by one our young outdoorsmen tackle the rocks. >> just don't look down. you got it, buddy. get it, jaron. >> the first to the top, 12-year-old jaron. >> i feel great. i feel successful actually. >> reporter: now it's my turn -- >> i don't want to die. >> reporter: -- to get vertical. >> how is this for the old mama. yes! that was empowering. >> reporter: something everybody could agree on, this feels great. >> you feel good because you're like, i did something. >> better for my brain. >>t, like, relieves stress for some reason. >> do you feel like you uld go run a mathon now?
7:49 am
>> maybe take a rest first. >> rock climbing rocks! whoo! >> they felt so good about themselves. >> i loved how you pulled a hammy. >> that was already pulled by the way. a couple of tips, lets your kids be part of the decision because they're going to be much more enthusiastic that way. don't fight them on the social media. let them bring it, use their phones to take pictures, and go online. rei has info on outings near you. you can check out the national park services, the parks in your state as well as the department of environmental conservation. so many ways. a lot of them are free to get outside. >> i like that don't fight them. let them turn it into a grammable moment. >> exactly. >> cool. nice job. nice kick. >> still hurts. >> pop news next. >> still hurts. >> pop news next. e should you st when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. it's not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do.
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7:54 am
brand new music from the legendary singer's vault now available on two deluxe versions of "purple rain." this 33rd anniversary edition, it includes songs like", our destiny," "road house garden," if the father's song. and bruno mars releasing never-before-seen footage from the famed grammy rehearsal of "let's go crazy." watch this. >> come on, baby. let's get wild. >> i really think bruno is the perfect guy -- >> he really is. >> -- to pay tribute. he could be giving us a hint because he'll be performing on the 2017 b.e.t. award stage tomorrow night. it's possible that he's going to perform another prince hit. >> he's an incredible performer. >> he can do just about anything. one man turned the happiest place on earth to his personal gym. meet jeff wright, a disneyland resort pass holder who lost 40 pounds from walking around the
7:55 am
park 2,000 days in a row now. that's five and a half years. he's showing no signs of stopping. take a look at what he has to say about his disney-inspired transformation. >> the main thing is encouraging others to get out and do what it is that you love to do and enjoy things the way you do. for me, i love disneyland. >> thank goodness. wright was actually unemployed when he first started going to the park. somebody gifted him a disney pass, so he would go there for inspiration to be happy and now that he has a job, whoo whoo, he can celebrate by going to disneyland at nighttime and continuing with his workout. >> walking around eating a turkey leg? >> i heard he likes churros. finally, speaking of sweet stuff, it's time for ice cream. >> yes. >> july just days away. it's national ice cream month. sharing our love for the sweet treat is amy ettinger, author of "sweet spot." check that book out. it's about brands and history.
7:56 am
i brought some rather unusual flavors, cornbread, black coconut. >> i hear it doesn't stain your teeth. >> and then ice vice, we've got pickles of the caribbean. >> which one is pickle? >> smile, rob. >> and rainbow. >> awesome job, adrienne. thank you. thank you, rob. wow. we'll see you tomorrow. good morning, everybody everyone. happening today, the 25th annual dike march beginning at delores parks. it seeks to bring lbgqt
7:57 am
together. the additional theme of this year's march is the call to resist, advocating for facing displacement. it starts at 11:00 a.m. with the march to the castro commencing at :00 p.m. in san francisco, fire st station 8 is ready to celebrate pride weekend. last night, san francisco firefighters local 798 tweeted out this video of the station. lit up in the color of the trans gender pride flag. >> today in oakland, a celebrity softball game featuring some world champions. the third annual celebrity charity softball game will take place at the oakland coliseum today at 2:30. several warriors are scheduled to play. raiders running back marshawn lynch and other local excellents are expecked to attend. let's get a check of your forecast now with our moll gist, lisa. good morning.
7:58 am
low clouds and fog. multilayer clouds from mt. tam, so the inversion making its way into parts of the east bay valley. 56 in san francisco. oakland, partly supny skies, so upper 50s to near 60 today and look iing at high clouds enteri the picture, so low 60s at the shoreline to near 90 inland. we'll talk about pride se celebrations and your temperatures coming up. up next, pride wooend is underway and security is on high alert as folks get ready to celebrate in san francisco. plus, president trump is questioning former president obama's response to a russian cyber attacks. what mr. tru
7:59 am
8:00 am
thanks so much for waking up with us. start with the forecast. here's lisa tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> so, we have more typical with the low clouds and fog banked up along the shoreline, but we have some of the fog into livermore and walnut creek this morning. you'll notice the cloud cover in southern california because it will move off towards the coast and we'll see extra cloud cover this afternoon. looking for partly cloudy skies. 62 in oakland. 64 in san jose and with the gray from the cam l


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