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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  June 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> taking to the street in a sell bri celebration of progress while marking a continuing struggle for quality. hi, i'm kate larson in for eric thomas this evening. this city beamed with pride during san francisco's 47th lgbtq celebration. the colorful parade made its way down market street. this year's event was a
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celebration of diversity and a demand for equality. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley was at today's parade and joins us from a rally happening right now at the civic center plaza. good evening, leslie. >> reporter: according to s.f. pride, the executive director, a million people, a million are out here on the streets of san francisco partying today. you can hear the music behind me. of course there was an amazing parade that's just wrapping up. even the fog came through leaving us with beautiful blue skies. pride parade down market street as seen here from sky 7. organizers say a record breaking 250 contingents marched this year. >> hi, happy pride, san francisco. >> reporter: by noon, the crowd and costume celebrators converged on civic center plaza. some floated on through while others seem stunned as they took it all in. >> it's been interesting to say the least. a lot of people, a lot of things i don't know if i was expecting
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to see. >> nudity, nudity is definitely one of them. >> reporter >> it's a waive ve of love wash over everyone. a sense of freedom. >> reporter: dressed up dogs and dancers and plenty of cool shoes to check out. overlooking it all, police on rooftops and on the ground. it was all hands on deck with days off canceled. >> we do have a lot of police officers that are out there on foot in uniform, creating a presence to help people feel safe. >> reporter: but a second here there were strict protocols for bag checks and metal detectors. there was indeed a lot of pride in being part of what's become an iconic event here. people were taking plenty of photos. >> send it to our kids and things, what it's like to live in california. >> reporter: s.f.p.d. tells me no arrests so far. this party wraps up at 6:00 here at civic center plaza.
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a lot of folks are expected to move into the mission, over to the castro, and of course you can expect restaurants, transit and traffic to be very crowded in the hours ahead. reportng live in san francisco, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> happening now, bart is providing additional service and longer trains to help people get home from the parade and rally. that means more service will -- they will be more frequent than bart's published schedule. bart estimates the peak travel times from now 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. as people try to leave the civic center plaza. there was politics mixed in with the rainbow pride parade. abc7's jeannine de la vega. >> reporter: there was a message to resist. >> we are clear, we are proud and we are not intimidated. >> reporter: despite the
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community has works, many say more work needs to be done. >> we all have rights in this country. that's what this country is founded on and it looks like they're eroding these rights. ♪ >> reporter: heavy contingent of trump protesters marched holding signs. they are against the policies he's brought to the forefront like the travel ban to muslim countries. activists worry lgbt refugees will be turned away by the u.s. government. >> they are suffering extreme persecution in the 34 african countries that criminalize them. and it is for that reason that they must be treated with respect and allowed to come into the united states. >> reporter: it wasn't just for fighting about lgbt rights. people are marching for issues from affordable health care. >> there is a rise in racism. we have to resist that. that's what being queer and gay
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is about. it's about supporting who we are and we have to celebrate families being together and not torn apart. >> reporter: the political statements resonated and they showed solidarity on this pride weekend. in san francisco, jeannine dai de la vega, abc7 news. >> you're looking live now at san francisco's twin peaks. that's from our south beach camera. just minutes ago, people started dismantling that giant pink triangle on the eastern slope of twin peaks, placing the triangle on twin peaks has been a pride weekend tradition. nazis used the pink triangle to identify and persecute homosexuals. members of our own abc7 family were marching in today's pride parade. several joined the disney group on market street. other large groups included apple, sales force, pooj knee and levis. hundreds of thousands p
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people also celebrated pride in new york city. floats and marchers passed by manhattan's stone wall they fought back against the police raid in 1969. the pride parade began a year later to mark the anniversary of those riots. we invite you to share your pride memories with us. please use the #abc7now when you post the picture or video on social media so we can find you. and you may see it right here on abc7 news or on our website now, part of the children's playground is now closed in san francisco's golden gate park following a fire that appears to be the work of vandals. you can see on a map where children's playground is located in the southeastern corner of golden gate park. the city's recreation and parks department tweeted this photo
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showing the damage at the playground. park officials say it could cost a million dollar to replace the damaged equipment. arson investigators and san francisco police have not yet identified any suspects. developing news, out of the central valley, a flood warning for the kings river will be in place until tomorrow. tulare county has flooding. 90 homes are under mandatory evacuation order which is affecting about 300 people. in a matter of 15 minutes, neighbors say a golf course turned into a virtual lake friday night. the sheriff's office claims increased snow melt runoff flowed into reservoirs and inflated control releases. the right up administration spoke out in you support of the latest health care reform bill. abc news reporter david wright has the latest. >> reporter: as the senate begins the final push to repeal
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and replace obamacare. >> it is ridiculous to suggest all these people that have been getting benefits from added medicare don't need it. >> reporter: health care debate is taking center stage this weekend. 9 white house pushing back against criticism that the gop plan would be bad news for the poor because of deep cuts in medicaid. >> keeps calling them cuts. i don't see them as cuts. >> i respectfully disagree with her announcement. it's hard for me to see the bill passing this week. >> reporter: the deciding votes on this round come from within the republican party. at least five gop senators say they won't support the current bill. among them, rand paul. >> they promise too much. there's no way the republican bill brings down premiums. >> the plan in its entirety will absolutely bring premiums down. >> reporter: a growing number of gop senators say they are concerned. senator bill cassidy added his name to that list. >> a couple things i'm concerned about, but if those can be addressed, i will. and if they can't a be addressed, i won't.
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right now i'm undecided. >> reporter: not one democrat supports 9 bill. this weekend senator bernie sanders is out campaigning against it including this rally is ohio. >> this legislation will cause devastating pain to millions of american families. >> reporter: ohio's republican governor agrees. >> the bill is inadequate. i'm against it. >> reporter: president trump conceded to fox news that getting enough votes will be difficult. >> you move it this way and this group doesn't like it. you move it a little bit over here, a very narrow path. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, washington. >> a strangers banned together to help a girl stuck in an amusement park ride. see the moment she comes down bringing the crowd to cheers. and a flight that shook like a washing machine? what caused some seriously scary shaking on an international flight. >> i'm spencer christian.
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catch it. go ahead, honey! go ahead. >> wow, a terrifying moment captured right there on video, a 14-year-old girl desperately dangled from a wire left hanging nearly 25 feet from the ground off the sidelines of 6 flags in upstate new york. she finally jumped into the arms of strangers waiting to catch her below. a witness commended the group. >> better off to suffer a minor injury to save someone from a serious injury.
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that's what those guides ultimately did. >> she wasn't seriously hurt. the gondola style ride found everything was working properly including the safety equipment. now, you may have experienced a bumpy flight or two. i know i have. there's a good chance you've never felt anything like this. you're looking at video shot by a man flying aboard air asia after staking off from sydney, australia gentleman. the flight turned back after two hours and landed in perth rather than heading on to kuala lumpur. the discount airline blames an engine problem for all that shaking. and new details tonight on a cyberattack caused in the british parliament. 90 e-mail accounts of legislators were compromised and each of them had leaked passports. news is reporting there may have been a compromise of a large number of e-mails including those between constituents and
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elected officials. parliament has made changes to the accounts in an effort to prevent any future hakz. a blast from the past, inspired screen artist at an annual north bay festival. watch what happens when the police try to break up a flash mob in east bay. >> i'm spencer christian. there is fog at the coast. that is one reason for our cool and breezy weather. i'll show you when we can expect
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like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for e, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. and welcome back. '60s hippies culture day, summer of love was the inspiration for the italian street painting festival held this weekend in san rafael. among the artwork, this portrait of guitar legend jimi hindrix. they transformed the street into an amazing gallery. this began in 1967.
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people enjoyed sunshine and music in the south bay earlier today. ♪ >> you're looking at a flash mob dancing at the campbell farmers market. just when it appears the police are about to break up the flash mob, two officers right there join the dancers and move to the beat. they've got rhythm. abc7 news reporter matt keller shared this video and said everyone appeared to have a great time. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> okay, let's take a look at conditions on this late sunday afternoon. looking at live doppler 7 you can see we have mostly sunny skies at the bay and inland. there is a little breeze kicking up. let's look at current wind conditions. gusts up to 33 miles per hour at fairfield right now. all around the bay winds are gusting between 15 and 20 miles per hour, 24 mile per hour winds right now is the s.f.o. this is the view once again from emeryville looking at fog,
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building up at the coast line. these are the current temperature readings. 63 degrees in san francisco, across the bay in oakland 68, 69 at mountain view, 72 at san jose, 80 at gilroy, 64 at half moon bay. this is the view from mount tam looking down on the bay. little evidence of the coastal fog in this view. it is 76 at santa rosa right now. napa 77, 73 at novato, 80 apiece at fairfield and concord, livermore 78 degrees. as we look at blie skies over the golden gate we'll take a look at our forecast features. foggy conditions near the coast and bay overnight. cooler than average the next two days, but a warmer pattern begins mid week. so, overnight look for fog rather extensive fog out over the bay locally and low temperatures will be mainly in the mid to upper 50s. here's the forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. notice how quickly the fog fills into the bay and locally inland during the overnight hours. 5:00 tomorrow morning the beginning of the morning rush a little morning commute will see extensive fog and reduced
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visibility. the fog pulls back to the coast line giving ulgs mainly sunny skies in the daytime. so, here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's going to be mostly sunny with that fog pulling back to the coast line. and we'll see temperatures warming up to mid 70s near the bay, low 80s inland. 60 on the coast tomorrow. similar pattern on tuesday. not much change at all. as a matter of fact, those two days will be almost identical. wednesday gets warmer. mid-'80s inland, 70s on the bay. finally under mostly sunny skies friday, saturday and sunday we'll see more summer like temperatures, 90 on the weekend, low 60s on the coast. it will warm up but it will take a few days. >> the folks at the pride parade got a beautiful sunny week when it could have been foggy, right? last night when i went to bed it was totally socked in. >> it was cool, breezy, kind of
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chilly. late morning we had sunny skies. mile allergies are getting to me. i've been doing this all day. >> i had it this morning, too. >> probably because of the wind. all of that stuff is whipping up in the air. turned out to be a sunny day for the pride parade. it will be sunny till sundown tonight. >> thanks so much, spencer. >> pardon my sniffles. >> so, we have a big weekend in sports today. >> nascar and some baseball. talk about heating up, the giants need to heat up. coming up in sports, the a's try to complete a sweep while the giants try to avoid one. and dale earnhardt,
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>> announcer: now sports from abc7 news. >> nascar made its annual stop in sonoma today with the toyota save mart 350. this year's race featured a california native and a first-time winner. overall it was a pretty clean race, but a caution did come out just 14 laps in. dale earnhardt, jr., racing for the last time at sonoma loses control and is run into by danka patrick. patrick gets spun by earnhardt as she gets hit by her boyfriend. his 17 car would not finish. earnhardt woubd up 6th while patrick came out 17th. kevin har vic passes brad to take the lead. he would never give it up. har vic takes the checkered flag
5:24 pm
for the first time in sonoma. in fact, there's been say different winner for the last eight years. clint bowyer came in second. >> you know we've had weekends where i felt like our car was good and in position to have a chance to win. one thing or another just didn't go right. today everything went right. i felt like we were in control of the race and had to see what happened with the yellow flag and green flags and where the race went from there. it ran green, we were able to manage our car and stay out front. >> former a's catcher steven has been claimed off wavers by milwaukee. he had been struggling this season and last thursdays was designated for assignment. they were being looing for a three-game sweep. it gets away from josh begly. gray is there in time and tags him in the face for the out. with the game tied in the eighth inning, oakland takes the lead. a fly ball to left field. he can't run it down.
5:25 pm
ryan healey will score to make it 3-2 athletics. a londzo wound up with the single. matt joyce hit back to back home runs. oakland completes the sweep with a 5-3 victory. gray got the win. he is now 3-3. these are tough times at at&t park, these fans trying to have fun. another rough outing for matt moore in the fourth. he gives up a home run to rene rivera. in the 9th, strickland fresh off his suspension games a solo bond. it will wind up in the can you bey hole. an 8-2 victory. the giants have now lost 12 of their last 13. a thrilling finish at the travelers as daniel burger and jordan spieth went to a playoff on the first extra hole. spieth found himself in a green side bunker, but he chipped in for birdie and check out his celebration. wow. burger could force another
5:26 pm
playoff hole if he can make this long birdie putt, but it's going to be off the mark. spieth joins tiger woods as the only players in the modern era to win ten tour events before the age of ? a suppli in a surprise move, they were coming off a win last night. san jose's technical director chris leach will take his place. leach retired in 2011 after playing three seasons with the quakes. his first game as head coach will be this wednesday when san jose plays host to seattle. kate? >> all right, thanks so much. glad to see the a's are at least -- >> at least one of them. >> all right, thanks so much. move over david hassle hoff.
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california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, find fighting a fire can be hard enough. a group of fire fighters face an additional hazard putting out these flames today. how fans are acting to daily hea earnhardt's final race today. take a look, making it the only place in germany where pandas can be signed. they will be introduced next week. the people there can't wait. everyone deserves a little panda in their lives.
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it's about time, germany. very cute. all right. that's it for abc7 news at 5:00. thanks for your time. i'm kate larson. tonight, down to the wire on two of the president's promises. repealing obamacare. senate republicans rushing to get it done this week and clashing with some of its own members. plus the travel ban. the supreme court set to decide and could there be a historic break up on the bench? heat wave. record-breaking heat taking a toll and taking lives. plus the massive wildfire out west and out of control. pilot panic. a plane, shaking violently in flight. the voice from the cockpit with a grim warning telling hundreds of passengerey


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