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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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children's quarter playground in golden gate park. we're live with this developing story. >> reporter: indicat >> reporter: kate, this happened at the midnight hour. one of the play structures is destroyed. >> you can see this. >> yeah, because it was just -- it was so, like, good. >> reporter: kids who showed up at the playground were sad to see the damage. this is a popular spot for locals as well as out of towners as well. it's on the eastern end of koret park. it underwent a major redevelopment ten years. the structure isn't salvageable and needs to be replaced, costing upwards of $1 million. no word on who is responsible for setting the fire. >> i feel like someone has -- is being very selfish.
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i don't know what they were thinking, but it's really upsetting. we were just playing on it a few days ago. >> it is part of urban life, you got vandalism, right? i think we've all had our cars busted into on the streets, right? we need more policing. there's a station over here. >> reporter: rec and park says there will be more patrolling in this area. they say usually it involves graffiti or broken windows, arson is rare. the last torching of a playground was at the west sunset playground in 2005. as for koret children's playground, no word on how long it will take to replace it and reopen. abc7 news. people from around the world in san francisco tonight celebrating pride. sky 7 was over market street for the big parade. it started this morning and lasted most of the day. this year's march had a heavy police presence to keep people
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safe and took on a more political tone. our coverage starts with abc7 reporter less leslie brinkley oe of city hall. >> reporter: at 6:00, that's the official end of pride celebration at city civic. traffic and people are jammed up. what a day it was. according to sfpd a short while ago, no arrests so far. they say people are behaving. a million people celebrating their pride. the pride parade down market street as seen from sky 7. organizers say a record-breaking 250 contingents marched this year. >> happy pride, san francisco! >> reporter: by noon, the crowd and costume celebrators converged on city plaza. some floated through while
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others seemed stunned as they took it all in. >> it's been interesting, to say the least. a lot of people, a lot of things i don't know if i was expecting to see. nudity, nudity is definitely one of them. ♪ >> there's a wave of love washing over everyone and a sense of freedom. i feel so grateful to be able to experience this. >> reporter: there were dressed up dogses, dancers and plenty of cool shoes to check out. overlooking it all, police up on rooftops and down in the crowd. it was all hands on deck with days off canceled. >> we do have a lot of police officers that are out there on foot in uniform creating a presence to help people feel safe. >> reporter: for the second year, there were strict protocols for bag checks and metal detectors and, indeed, a lot of pride in being part of what's become an iconic event here. >> this is the anniversary of the summer of love. i think san francisco has this amazing rich history of being
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all about love and being about resistance. >> it feels great. it's accepting. you don't have to be embarrassed. you don't have to hide. you can enjoy one's company and feel like it's good four. >> reporter: from san francisco pride 2017, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7. a short time ago voss began removing the giant pink triangle from twin peaks. they began their work from the bottom. it's a symbol of the gay rights movement and the giant triangle is a pride weekend tradition in san francisco. in world war ii, the nazis made homosexuals wear the stars to persecute them in germany. there was a noticeable difference in today's pride parade. more people marched against them. ♪ >> reporter: the message of love and peace flowed through today's
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pride parade but also a message to resist. >> we are queer and we are proud and we are not intimidated. >> reporter: despite the leaps and bounds the community has made in the last decade, many here say more has to be done. >> in the colorful crowd, there were also groups marching for causes. >> right now we're celebrating gay pride but celebrating at a time right wing are attacking queer people all oefrt country. >> reporter: a heavy contingent of president trump protesters. >> i'm hiv positive and have been for 23 years. i'm living with a pre-existing condition. it frightens me one day i may be dead. >> reporter: others worry about president trump's travel ban.
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they don't want lbgt refugees turned away. >> they're suffering extreme persecution in the african countries that criminalize them. for that reason they must be treated with respect and allowed to come into the united states. >> reporter: the political statements resonated with many in the crowd drawing cheers and support. a show of sal darety on this pride weekend. in san francisco, abc7 news. many members of our abc7 family marched in today's pride. they joined a group of about 700 people representing several branches of our parent company, walt disney. large bay area companies like apple and facebook, joined today. you can share your pictures using #abc7now. it's all on our abc7 news app. the chp is looking for the driver of a stolen suv that crashed and rolled down a hill overnight. sky 7 was over the crash off 680
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southbound and auto mall parkway in fremont. you can see the suv with major damage right off the freeway. all of its air bags had gone off. no one was inside and the driver was nowhere to be found. officers had a dangerous hike down the slippery hillside just to get to that suv and investigate. abc7 was in oakland moments after a situation wagon burse into flames on interstate 580 near lakeshore avenue near 9:20 this morning. fortunately, no one was hurt and everyone inside the car escaped those flames. in vallejo, firefighters faced an extra hazard battling flames on the mare island because several beehives burned when the small grass fire spread earlier today. some firefighters say they were stung while tablging that one and a half acre fire. the bee keeper did move some away from the flames. it appeared the fire started accidentally. a spacex rocket blasted off
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in southern california at 1:25 this afternoon. >> three, two, one, lift-off. >> it is the second successful launch by elon musk company this weekend. the falcon 9 is carrying ten xhukdz communication satellites into orbit form meridian communications. two hate incidents in one weekend have rocked the sacramento area. as investigators search for suspects. the one key mistake, a mosque leader says one of the criminals made. plus, days of flooding forces nearly 100 people from their homes in the central valley when conditions could improve. you can see it's a bit breezy around the bay area right now and it's a cool breeze that's blowing. i'll show you when we can expect a warm-up in a moment.
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it's going to be a big loss for nascar to lose him from everyday racing. >> and the end of an era. how fans celebrated dale earnhardt jr.'s final nascar race here in the bay area.
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welcome back. we have new details on a hate incident in the sacramento area this weekend. that's topping our look at news around the state. a filled helmet filled with bacon was tied to a fence. it was the second hate incident in the sacramento area in less than an hour. the criminals may have made a mistake. >> not the mosque fence, but in front of the sheriff's department. i gis they didn't realize the sheriff's department was next door. not smart. >> on friday night someone tore out the page ofs a koran and threw them out while driving by the islamic center in david. flood warning will remain in
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place. neighbors say a golf course turned into a lake friday night after a levee broke sending all that walk into the greens. the floods have affected three counties along the river from fresno to the king's county line. from the bay area, to the east coast, the championship spirit means spread at new york city pride parade today. relief from our simmering summer continues. we're up next with the achltd c kruchltweather forecast. pebble beach pro-am champ jordan spieth shows why he enjo
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thousands of nascar fans were out in force at sonoma raceway. they had to battle a little traffic to get to the event. for many in the crowd it was a significant day. long-time fans came to see dale earnhardt jr.'s last race.
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>> saw dale sr.'s last race here. >> we'll miss imfor sure. >> i've seen him race from tv. our first time at a nascar event. it's pretty awesome out here. >> the fans were not disappointed, by the way. we have rick here for sports and he'll tell us all about it in a few minutes. the warriors were well represented at the pride parade in new york city today. an estimated 2 million people turned out to watch the parade. warrior's president and chief operating officer rode on the float. they provided this video of the event. it was one of 120 floats taking part in the parade along with 40,000 marchers. now your accuweather forecast. >> despite the brishgts jun skies over most of the bay area today, it's cooler than average. as you can see on live doppler 7. fog at the coast and that fog
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has been -- had a cooling effect on the weather. produced a little sea breeze. cooler than average. here's a look at current wind gusts and they are quite strong, up to 31 miles an hour in fairfield. all around the area it is breezy right now. this is the view from our emeryville camera, looking at fog up along the coastline. 62 degrees in san francisco, across the bay in oakland, 67. 69 in mountain view. 71 in san jose. this is the view looking down on the bay. we have temperatures in mid-70s. sant rosa at 73. 74 at livermore. blue skies over the golden gate. we'll see foggy conditions at the coast and around the bay. it will be cooler than average for the next two days. a warmer pattern develops midweek. forecast animation starting at 9:00 tonight, we'll see the fog filling in over the bay and moving locally inland. and then during the overnight
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hours we'll see the fog reducing visibility for early morning commuters. bear that in mind. by midday we'll see fog pulling back to the coastline giving us sunny skies over the bay and inland. that will linger at the coastline. overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow's highs will climb up to 80, 82 degrees in the warmer inland locations. in the bay highs in upper 60s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be mrevepleasant the ne couple days. highs up to 82 degrees. that's below the average for this time of the year in inland areas. around the bay we'll see highs monday and tuesday in the mi mid-70s. then we start to get a warm-up midweek. we'll see highs in the upper 70s around the bay and low 60s on the coast. >> a little reprieve but it's
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warming up. >> but not triple digits for a while. >> i think a lot of people are happy to hear that. we have rick here for sports. big weekend in nascar in sonoma. >> i appreciate you saving the highlights for me. >> i don't want to steal your thunder. nascar made its annual stop in sonoma with with it was a pretty clean race but a caution did come out 14 laps in. dale earnhardt jr. racing for the last time at sonoma loses control and run into by danica patrick. lap 31, patrick gets spun by earnhardt and then slammed by her boyfriend, ricky stenhouse jr. his number 15 car did not finish. i wonder who's sleeping on the couch tonight. earnhardt in 15th. with 22 laps to go, harvick passes keselowski to take the lead. he would never give it up.
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harvick takes a checkered flag for the first time at sonoma. >> we had weekendses where i felt our car was really good and in position to have a chance to win. one thing or another, just didn't go right. today everything just went right. felt like we were in control of the race and just had to see what happened with the yellow flags and green flags and where the race went from there. ran green and we were able to manage our car and stay out front. >> former ace catcher stephen vogt has been claimed off waivers from milwaukee. he had been struggling this season and last thursday was designated for assignment. athletics were swept in the first. sonny gray's pitch gets away. gray is there and tags him in the face for the out. with the game tied in the eighth inning, oakland takes the lead at alonzo am hits a dmri ball to left. healy scores.
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alonzo wound up with a long single. in the ninth a's picked up insurance insurance. oakland with the 5-3 victory over the white sox. gray is now 3-3. these are tough times at at&t park but these fans still trying to have some fun. another rough outing for matt moore in the fourth. he gives up a home run to rene rivera, his second of the game, made it 4-1, mets. in the ninth, strickland off his suspension, solo bum to curtis granderson winds up in mccovey cove. the giants have now lost 12 of their last 13. a great finish at travelers championship. jordan spieth trying for a wire-to-wire victory. on 15 putting for birdie. he can't believe it went in. believe, it jordan. it would go to a playoff with daniel berger. first extra hole, spieth found
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inside in a greenside bunker but watch this. chips in for birdie. his reaction was as good as that shot. berger could force another playoff hole if he could make this long putt. it's off the mark. spieth joins tiger woods as the only players in the modern era to win ten tour events before the age of 24. >> for the bunker shot to go in, that was awesome. i don't know if i'll ever have a moment like that again. i feel fortunate to play golf for a live pentagon. that was my dream growing up. to live for these moments and produce, you know, moments like that, i feel very lucky, very blessed. >> in the surprise move the earthquakes fired head coach and top assistant spencer. the team had made progress and was coming off a win last night. san jose's technical director chris leitcl will take the head
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coach position. how about that spot by jordan spieth? >> amazing. >> plus he wins $1. 2 >> and under 24 years old. very accomplished. the latest installment of "transformers" makes its box office debut. where the movie did best this weekend. here's a hint. it wasn't here. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara® tell your doctor if you think u have an infection
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tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. sources tell abc7 news the missing uber driver from san francisco was notified his remains may have been found at a warehouse in hayward. he's been missing since mother's day. this is a story we've been following more months now. abc7 reporter is on the story and will have a live report at 11:00. moviegoers loved the latest "transformers" movie this weekend but not as much as movie execs had hoped. the fifth installment in the series came up well short of previous "transformers" sequels. it did much, much better internationally. the movie brought in $45 million, short of the nearly $200 million in its international debut.
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"wonder woman" and "cars for third as well as "47 meters down." >> i still want to see "wonder woman". >> i did see it. it lives up to the hype. the especially the woman playing wonder woman, she's perfect. >> its an interesting story. that's it for abc7 news. thanks for watching us. we'll see you all tonight at 11:00. have a great evening.
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. ♪ on today's show, we're exploring the beautiful trails of mount diablo. we've taken our girls -- we've got two little ones -- on hikes, and i love it. it's a workout that the whole family can do. and a weekend getaway that'll make you want to pack your bags tonight. >> you can do anything and it's all right here without ever having to get back in your car and go anywhere else. and we're filling our bellies with mexican fare. >> now we're gonna taste it. i'm gonna give you a taste of this delicious guacamole. >> plus, a community-based organization investing in the lives of local seniors. >> it's just like a new room to us. brand new. everything is so clean, so


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