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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 25, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. a grim discovery in the east bay has the family of a missing san francisco man desperate for good news tonight. >> and i just hope and pray that body part doesn't belong to my husband. >> good evening. i'm kate larsen in for eric thomas. san francisco police confirm tonight that human body parts were located in a hayward warehouse, and that warehouse is associated with a person of interest in the disappearance of piseth chhay. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard is live at san francisco police headquarters with the new developments. >> reporter: kate, it could take several days to identify those remains. the family is helping with dna samples. for them, so much anguish about
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a missing husband and father and a good friend they thought they knew. >> and he said they found a body part today. >> reporter: rattana kim talks about a call from san francisco police. a grim development in the case of her missing husband. 48-year-old piseth chhay, a full-time uber driver. on saturday, workers at this hayward warehouse found human remains inside. >> the san francisco medical examiner office responded and took several bags which contained human remains. the identity of the deceased is unknown at this time. >> reporter: the warehouse is associated with bob tang, a person of interest in the case and a family friend. police believe tang has fled the country. >> we believe that he is in cambodia. >> i just hope and pray that body parts doesn't belong to my husband. but if it is, bob tang something to do with it.
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>> reporter: kim says her husband and tang have known each other for several years. >> my husband respected him. >> reporter: chhay, a father of two, was last seen on mother's day. chhay's mother and aunt have just arrived in san francisco to provide police with a dna sample to help confirm the identity of the victim found in the warehouse. >> these two boys waiting for him to come home. >> reporter: this grieving wife and mother praying for a miracle, hoping piseth chhay will return. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc7 news. and new at 11:00, a fight forced a shopping mall to close down in san francisco. you're looking at cell phone video taken as police try to break up that fight. police haven't said what started the brawl inside the westfield san francisco centre on market street. several officers, though, say they were assaulted. but fortunately none of them were seriously hurt. police also detained several people. developing news tonight. a section of a popular play
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gound is closed after someone set it on fire. the damage is estimated at more than $1 million. it happened overnight at koret children's quarter just across the street from kezar stadium in golden gate park. abc7 news reporter lilian kim joins us live with the story tonight. hi there, lilian. >> reporter: kate, many children were disappointed today when they couldn't play on their favorite play structure. you can see how sections of the slide just melted away, and the rest of the structure also sustained a lot of damage. >> yeah, it's heartbreaking to see this burn. >> because it was just like -- it was so, like, good. >> reporter: families came to koret children's quarter to find a section of the playground off limits. caution tape surrounded the big kid play structure after someone set it on fire early sunday morning. children came up with their own theories as to what may have happened. >> maybe someone was playing with fire and the fire got loose because it was windy. >> reporter: the grown-ups, though, don't think it played out so innocently.
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>> someone has -- is being very selfish. i don't know what they were thinking. >> reporter: koret children's quarter is a popular spot not only for locals but out-of-towners as well. it's located on the eastern end of golden gate park near the carousel and underwent a major $3.8 million r $3.8 million renovation ten years ago. >> my niece has been here since she was born. she's now 4, and she's progressed from the younger kids area to the older kids area. it's been really nice to see that. >> reporter: but the rec and park department says the burned structure likely isn't salvageable and will need to be replaced, which will likely cost upwards of $1 million. police have no suspects or motive. >> it's unfortunate. it's part of living in the city. so can't always plan for the unexpected. >> reporter: rec and parks says it's too soon to come up with a timeline for cleanup and replacing the structure. for now, patrols will be increased in the area. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. pride 2017 is in the history books tonight and organizers calling it a huge success.
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♪ abc7 news was at civic center where the day was capped off with a concert. this year's event was a celebration of diversity and a demand for equality. the colorful parade is the main event. sky7 was overhead as a record number of entries, more than 270, marched right up market street. organizers say around 200,000 people took part in the parade, which lasted for about six hours. there was one noticeable difference this year. abc7 news reporter jeanine de la vega show how people in the lgbt community marched in protest this year. ♪ all you need is love >> reporter: the message of love and peace flowed through today's pride parade, but there was also a message to resist. >> we are queer, and we are proud, and we are not intimidated! >> reporter: despite the leaps and bounds the lgbt community
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has made in the last decade, many here say more work needs to be done. in the colorful crowd, besides celebrating pride, there were also groups marching for causes. >> right now we're celebrating gay pride, but we're celebrating it as a time that the right wing are attacking queer people all over the country. >> reporter: a heavy contingent of president trump protesters marched holding signs. one even dressed in drag as the president. they're against the policies he's promoting, like dismantling the affordable care act. >> i'm hiv positive and have been for 23 years, so i'm living with a pre-existing condition. >> reporter: other activists worry about president trump's proposed travel ban to muslim countries. they don't want lgbt refugees turned away by the u.s. government. >> they are suffering extreme persecution in the 34 african countries that criminalize them, and it is for that reason that they must be treated with respect and allowed to come into
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the united states. >> reporter: the political statements resonated with many in the crowd, drawing cheers and support. a show of solidarity on this pride weekend. in san francisco, jeanine de la vega, abc7 news. now many members of our abc7 family marched in today's parade. they joined a group of 700 representing several branches of our parent company, walt disney. several employers like apple and facebook also sponsored groups today. pride went smoothly and safely thanks to a lot of hard work behind the scenes. abc7 news was at san francisco's emergency operations center. whenever an event this large takes over the city, the center is activated to monitor and coordinate resources in case of an emergency. yesterday afternoon, they sent important information out to the public when a fire broke out in the castro just before the dike march. >> it takes a village and so our 911 dispatchers are working hard with the units that are in the field, police officers, the
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firefighters, the public works workers that are cleaning up after the parade. >> police say there were no arrests at pride this year. there were some calls for medical emergency and public drunkenness. the giant pink triangle that goes up every year during pride has been taken down from the eastern slope of twin peaks. you're looking at a time lapse. it shows volunteers removing the traditional symbol of the gay rights movement. during world war ii, the nazis made homosexuals wear pink triangles in order to identify and persecute them in germany. our website,, and our abc7 news app have a photo gallery if you want to relive all of those wonderful moments from pride weekend. the app is free to download on itunes and on google play. developing news in the sacramento river delta. the shoich earch is on for a mi san francisco man following a kayaking accident with his 5-year-old daughter. a good samaritan on a jet ski was able to grab the girl from
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her father. then the father vanished beneath the water around 2:30 this afternoon. the coast guard is working with the sacramento and solano county sheriff's department to try and find him. a motorcyclist faces accusations of hit-and-run and the highway patrol means he may have sped away from more crashes. you're looking at video shot from a chp helicopter. officers say the rider smashed people's side view mirrors while traveling 100 miles per hour. when the man returned home, he found the officers from chp's contra costa office waiting to arrest him. abc7 news was in oakland moments after this station wagon burst into flames along interstate 580. it happened on westbound 580 near lakeshore avenue around 9:20 this morning. fortunately, everyone inside the car was able to escape, and nobody was hurt. we have much more news ahead on abc7 news at 11:00. we're getting a look at a hard
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video to watch out of southern california of a nanny beating a special needs toddler. tonight, the parents are reacting. >> you are a horrible person. you're a horrible person. southern california had to tap into a swimming pool to stop a fast-spreading brush fire. >> i'm spencer christian. live doppler shows a little fog at the coast. i'll have the acuweather forecast coming up. a story of survival in the high sierra. a man gets swept down a mile of whitewater, and tonight authorities are saying he's lucky to be alive. and sticking another landing. spacex celebrates a very successful day. ab
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you're looking at a man whose life was saved by a helicopter rescue team in the sierra. the man clung to a rock just above the top of a 50 foot waterfall in nevada county yesterday. a highway patrol helicopter lowered a specially trained firefighter down to the man. this is in the south uber river. the chopper then lifted both the rescuer and the man to safety. that same helicopter was able to rescue the man's girlfriend a few hours later. she got stranded after looking for him. fortunately, they're both safe. a person used a bucket to bail water from a swimming pool and then hurled it at flames burning in southern california today. the 750 acre wildfire destroyed one building in santa clarita north of los angeles. 250 firefighters have endured 100 degree heat battling these flames. it's now about 50% contained.
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investigators believe a car that hit a tree may have sparked the fire. a california couple watches their toddler scream while his caretaker beats him inside their home, and the whole incident was caught on camera. a warning -- this video is tough to watch. [ baby crying ] >> reporter: what you're about to see is the reason nanny cams like this were invented. >> i just -- i couldn't bieve my yous. i felt s going to die. i really thought i was going to die. >> reporter: the nurse who was supposed to be caring for 2-year-old landon, who has special needs, was captured on camera beating the boy instead. >> he's being abused by nurse. >> reporter: diana and her husband, chris, were horrified as they watched the video feed live. the woman at one point rolling up a magazine to hit the child. >> i mean there were at least 30 pinches, 30 hits, smacks on the head, smacks with a magazine,
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her being rough and throwing him in his seat. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: the couple live in redondo beach in l.a. county. at the time, they were 20 minutes away at a basketball game for one of their other sons, so they called 911 and police came to the house and arrested the nurse. >> when we were racing home, we were just trying to not get into an accident. >> reporter: landon isn't like most other toddlers. he suffers from a rare disorder, which means he eats through a feeding tube, doesn't speak, and is mind in one eye. the 2-year-old requires round the clock care. >> his nurse is a medical professional. she should be providing medical care. how can you just come up to him, sit down, and smack him in the head? >> reporter: the nurse has since been fired and faces a string of abuse charges. they are now suing her and the health care service she worked for. >> you are a horrible person. you're a horrible person. i really hope that you do not hurt your grandchildren the way you hurt my son.
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>> it's tough not to feel for that family. the nurse's employer, maxim health care services, released a statement saying they fired the woman after an internal investigation and have notified the california board of nurses. the company says they continue to cooperate with authorities. now we're getting a new look at new video of today's rocket landing on a drone ship elon muc elon musk of founder of spacex. the rocket et first stage booster returned to earth and landed on a floating platform on board a ship in the pacific ocean. kind of amazing. the rocket's second stage continued into orbit carrying ten communications satellites. thousands of people enjoyed the 50th anniversary of an annual tradition in san rafael today. ♪ music from the '60s filled the air as artists used the pavement
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as their canvas during the event called italian street painting marin. i think i heard a little janis joplin there. one group of street painters tried to create the world's largest peace sign all drawn in chalk. >> that isn't the reason we did it. we're doing that part just for fun. the real fun for us is in the drawing and in the process of creating art that brings people a lot of joy. >> it's going to take some time to confirm if they actually set that record. the creation of the images also raises money for the every life foundation for rare diseases. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> clear skies are visible over most of the bay area right now, but as you can see on live doppler 7, there's a patch of fok along the north bay coastline, and it is expected to grow and expand during the overnight hours. let's take a look at current conditions. here's a live view from our abc7 exploratorium camera at pier 15. looking at a mostly clear sky,
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but you see a few patches of clouds there and low clouds developing later. 58 degrees in san francisco, oakland, and mountain view and san jose all at 62. this is the view from our rooftop camera here at abc7 looking across the embarcadero. 57 degrees up north at santa rosa. 59 at fairfield. concord, 61. 59 at livermore. and this is a view at the golden gate where skies appear to be clear right now, but that may not be the case in a couple of hours. we'll see foggy conditions near the coast and bay overnight. cooler than average days over the next two days. and we'll see a warmer pattern beginning midweek. now, overnight, look for fog extending out over the bay and locally inland, low temperatures will be mainly in the mid-to-upper 50s. here's some forecast animation. starting at midnight and going up to about 5:00 in the morning, when the morning commute begins, we'll see fog expanding. it may reduce visibility for
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morning commuters. there may be a patch or two of drizzle near the bay and near the coastline. later we'll see the fog pulling back to the coastline giving us mainly sunny skies over the bay and inland, but fog will linger at the coastline. high temperatures in the mid afternoon tomorrow will range from upper 50s to low 60s near the coast. we'll see upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. inland areas will warm up to maybe upper 70s to around 80 degrees in most inland locations. it won't be very warm, though. maybe one or two spots will top out at 80 or 82. here's the seven-day forecast. the next two days will be comfortably cool with temperatures a little bit below the average for this time of year. we'll see low 80s at the most in our inland areas. mid-70s right around the bay. a little warmer inland on wednesday and thursday. then toward the end of the week, we'll see some more summer-like temperature readings with upper 80s inland on friday and temperatures around 90 over the weekend. that will give a wide enough range for all of us to find a
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weather we like. >> in the city, you've to watch out for that fog but cleared up for pride. >> it was a dreary morning, but the day brightened up by about midday. >> thanks, spencer. gl next at 11:00, friends forever. the extraordinary lengths that five california men
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welcome back. five high school buddies from northern california have been taking the exact same photo for 35 years. john on the far left and his froends first posed together on a deck at a lake in california on the oregon border in 1982. since then they have taken the exact same vacation and the same photo every five years. and the men even sit in the same order as they did back in the '80s and strike the same pose
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and the same facial expressions. i love that. i go on trips with my high school friends every year. i kind of wish we had started something like that when we were teenagers. we could do one on set. >> yeah, we can start one. >> let's not do it shirtless, okay? >> yes, let's not, spencer. >> are we ready to talk about sports? coming up in sports, the a's try to complete the sweep of the giants. for kevin harvick, it was a
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>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> nascar made its annual stop in sonoma today with the toyota
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save mart 350. this year kevin harvick won it for the first time in 17 tries. overall it was a pretty clean race but a caution did come out just 14 laps in. dale earnhardt jr. loses control and is run into by danica patrick. then on lap 31, patrick gets spun by earnhardt, and then she gets hit by her boyfriend, ricky stenhouse jr. his car got the worst of it and did not finish. earnhardt wound up sixth. patrick came in 17th. with 22 laps to go, kevin harvick passes to take the lead, and he would never give it up. harvick, who is from bakersfield, takes the checkered flag. it's his first win of the season. teammate clin boyer came in second. >> we've had weekends where i felt like our car was really good and in position to have a chance to win and, you know, one thing or another, just didn't go right. today everything just went right. it felt like we were in control of the race and just had to see what happened with the yellow flags and green flags and where
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the race went from there, and it ran green, and we were able to manage our car and stay out front. >> former a's catcher stephen vogt has found a new team. he's been claimed off waivers by milwaukee. the all-star had been struggling this season and last thursday was designated for assignment. the young athletics in chicago today looking for a three game sweep. in the first, sonny gray's pitch get as way from josh phegley. hinton will try to score but gray is there in time and tags him right on the kisser. with the game tied in the eighth, oakland takes the lead as yonder alonso hits a fly ball to left. melky cabrera can't make the play. ryon healy will score to make it 3-2 a's. the athletics padded their lead in the ninth as adam rosales and matt joyce hit bk to back home runs. oakland completes the sweep with a 5-3 victory. gray pitched seven innings and got the win. >> these are tough times at at&t park but these fans still trying to have some fun.
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another rough outing for matt moore. in the fourth he gives up a home run to back up catcher rene rivera, his second of the game made it 4-1 mets. in his first game back since serving a six-game suspension, hunter strickland gave up this solo blast to curtis granderson. new york completes a three-game sweep. the giants have lost 12 of their last 13 for the first time in 25 years. in a surprise move, the earthquakes have fired head coach dominic kinnear and top assistant john spencer. the team had made progress under kinnear and just last night beat real salt lake. san jose's technical director will take kinnear's place. leach retired in 2011 after playing three seasons in the earthquakes. his first game as head coach will be this wednesday against seattle. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> tha
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. good evening. i'm kate larsen in for eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, a gruesome discovery in a hayward warehouse tonight. san francisco police have confirmed that human body parts were found. the warehouse is associated with a person of interest in the disappearance of uber driver piseth chhay. a fight forced the shut down of a shopping mall in downtown san francisco. police haven't said what started the brawl inside the westfield san francisco centre on market street. several officers say they were assaulted, but fortunately none of them were seriously hurt. part of a popular playground is closed down tonight after someone set it on fire.
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damage to the koret children's quarter near kezar stadium in golden gate park is estimated at more than $1 million. drone view 7 was over a controversial freeway project that caltrans repeatedly told us cost $300 million to build. but the actual cost was $460 million. that's more than 50% higher than what the agency has been telling the public. we've been investigating major problems with the willetts bypass on highway 101 in mendocino county for four years now. tonight in a report you'll only see here on abc7 news, abc7 news anchor dan ashley looks at how hard it can be to find out how your tax money is being spent. >> were you hiding the real cost of this project? >> no, we were not hiding the cost. >> reporter: that's what caltrans spokesman phil frizz by says but documents obtained show the agency has been giving out the wrong total cost figures for the willetts bypass for years.
11:38 pm
the new freeway opened in november of 2016. you can see it here from drone view 7. six miles of freeway and big interchanges designed to route cars and trucks around a traffic bottleneck in the tiny town of willits. the project divided the community. >> getting commercial truck traffic off of main street and making it a safer community is important. >> reporter: but critics said the bypass was too big. >> you're threatening our community! >> reporter: and caused too much damage to protected wetlands and streams. they wanted a smaller, cheaper road. when the project broke ground in 2012, this caltrans financial plan shows the total cost estimate was $290 million. but the agency told abc7 news and the public it was $210 million. threeears later, caltrans revealed the cost was up to 300 million and stuck with that figure through the freeway's opening day. but an internal agency document shows by then the total was really $450 million. spokesman phil frisbee told me
11:39 pm
he did not use the new total because he was not sure it was correct. it was. and six weeks later, it went even higher, $459 million. still caltrans issued no correction. >> all i can say is that caltrans is made up of imperfect people just like every other organization. we do our best for transparency. >> reporter: the project faced a parade of problems including a serious construction accident that injured three people and major issues with required environmental mitigation. the agency did acknowledge costs were going up but only reported a fraction of the increase to the public. >> the discrepancy is due to some cultural changes at caltrans. >> reporter: frisbee is talking about support costs. that refers to the caltrans staff who worked on each project. for many years, the agency did not include its own employees in total project costs. but after years of criticism, that changed. >> it's been caltrans policy since about 2008, when we really
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started officially saying, you know, we need to make sure that we include all the support costs because that gives the public really a better idea. >> reporter: but it didn't change with the willities bypass project. >> that's correct. >> 2008 it was supposed to change, but as recently as 2016, the public was being told it was a $300 million project. >> that's correct. >> reporter: frisbee said he thought the totals included support costs but they did not. caltrans documents showed support costs roughly doubled starting at $79 million in 2012 and up to $155 million by 2015. none of it made public. you may not have been aware until october of 2016, but your bosses were clearly aware that support costs were not included in those publicly released figures. >> actually, i don't know that they did know. >> how would they not know, phil, that there was another $160 million not being reported. >> >> well, another piece of this puzzle is since 1989, we
11:41 pm
have changed accounting systems four times. >> reporter: we wanted to ask matt brady about that. he's director of the caltrans district that includes the willits bypass. the bypass is the most expensive project ever in that district, but brady said he was busy and preferred phil frisbee do the interview. >> i wouldn't be working for caltrans doing what i do if i didn't think that caltrans was overall a good agency, honest and open. >> reporter: we showed the documents with the real bypass costs to some of the critics who fought the freeway. >> the real question is why? why does caltrans hold such power over the public purse that they would get away with lying to the public? >> reporter: dan ashley, abc7 news. >> now, after dan sat down with cal transfor that interview, the agency posted a blog with the true cost of the bypass, and the total could still actually go higher because caltrans will be working for years to finish
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environmental requirements. that work already accounts for $90 million of the $460 million total cost. developing news now, a rescue operation is under way in colombia after a tourist boat carrying more than 150 people sank on a reservoir. the president says at least six people died. 31 are still missing. a flotilla of recreational boats and jet skis rushed to the scene to pull people to safety. video on social media showed the boat tilting from side to side before it went down. one survivor said there were no life vest onboard. next, that terrifying scene at an amusement park in upstate new york. a 14-year-old hanging by her arms and neck from a ride while other visitors and staff rush to stand under her, telling her to let go and let them catch her. more on her dramatic leap of faith.
11:43 pm
>> reporter: tonight caught on camera, that teenage girl hanging more than two stories from a gondola ride. a child riding with her, helplessly trying to hold on to her, both screaming. >> her neck is stuck. >> reporter: a panicked crowd of guests and staff gathered below at six flags near albany, new york, resideady to catch her. the teen's legs dangling, the chair swaying. >> i'll catch you, honey. go ahead. >> reporter: the teen finally falls. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: rescuers carry her away. she's later air lifted to a hospital. >> unconscious at this time. we have transported. >> reporter: matthew howard and his daughter among those helping to break her fall. >> after a while of wiggling, she got herself free and held on and let go, and my father and i caught her as she came down. >> reporter: howard says he was injured when he caught the girl. she landed on his chest. >> she didn't get caught, she would have ended up in a body cast. broken bones or worse.
11:44 pm
>> reporter: six flags saying the ride has been cleared for operation but will remain closed while they conduct a thorough internal review. investigators and park officials say they found nothing wrong with the ride at the time the girl slipped out and that her injuries were not serious. abc news, new york. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, getting a chance to see fiona. crowds flocked to see perhaps the most famous hippo in the entire world. i'm spencer christian. get ready for a couple of cool early summer days but warmth is on its
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she's been dubbed the world's most famous baby hippo, and her fans cannot get enough of her. the cincinnati zoo released this video today of fiona with her mom, phoebe. it was standing room only as the crowd flocked to see the very playful baby hippo. fiona became a tv and internet
11:48 pm
sensation shortly after she was born prematurely back in january. she weighed just 29 pounds back then, but now she is tipping the scales at well over 100 pounds. i know fiona is always popping up in my facebook feed. i think, spencer, that might be your first chance to see the famous baby hippo. >> it could be. she is cute. i like her. really cool. okay. speaking of really cool, let's take a look at the weather, which is really cool right now. we've got some fog developing at the coastline, and the next couple days will remain cooler than average for this time of year. overnight we'll see fog expanding over the bay. locally inland, low temperatures will be mainly in the mid-to-upper 50s. then tomorrow we'll have sunny skies over the bay and inland. highs ranging from about 60 at the coast to maybe 80 in the warmest inland locations. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. two more cooler than average days coming our way tomorrow and tuesday. we start to warm up a little on wednesday and thursday. by friday, a summer-like range. over the weekend, look for highs
11:49 pm
up to about 90 degrees inland. >> thank you, spencer. we've got rick here in for shu with some interesting sports news about -- >> baseball. >> nascar? >> we're going to do nascar again. >> i'm liking that story this weekend. >> coming up in sports, it's more than just a june swoon for the giants. it's a free fall as they lose again. and the red hot dodgers score a record five runs on four wild
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>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the giants' nightmare season is starting to reach historic proportions. by falling to the mets today, they have now lost 12 of their last 13. they hadn't done that in 25 years. not much to cheer about these days at at&t park but these fans still trying to have a good
11:53 pm
time. matt moore got roughed up for five runs over 4 1/3 innings. he gav up a pair of homers to backup catcher rene rivera. fresh off his six-game suspension, hunter strickland gave up this solo shot to curtis granderson. it winds up in mccovey cove. an 8-2 victory. after the game, manager bruce bochy said, i've been through tough times and this is as tough a stretch as i've seen. l.a. rallied from a five-run deficit. in the seventh, colorado's adam ottavino throws a wild pitch. in comes justin turner. then ottavino throws another wild pitch. barnes and forsythe both score. l.a. takes a 7-6 lead. ottavino threw two more wild pitches in the eighth allowing two more runs to score. that's five runs. bellinger hit a pair of runs for l.a. as the first place dodgers beat the rockies
11:54 pm
it's their tenth straight victory. in the ninth, daniel descanso sends a ball deep to center but a nice leaping catch at the wall. they went to extra innings with two outs in the 11th. descalso rips a single to right field. paul goldschmidt will try to score and he's going to be safe. the d-backs walk off with a 2-1 victory. the phillies drop to 24 and 50. while the giants continue to sink, the athletics regained their footing in chicago. they were going for a three-game sweep of the white sox. this team is young but not quite ready to call up this kid. the first pitch gets away from josh phegley. oakland broke a tie game in the eighth inning. yonder alonso hits a fly ball to left. melky cabrera can't make the play. ryon healy will score to make it
11:55 pm
3-2 a's. alonso wound up with the long single. then in the ninth, the a's got some insurance as rosales and joyce hit back-to-back home runs. 5-3 was the final. it's oakland's first sweep in chicago in 15 years. gray got the victory. he's now 3-3. the vineyards were shaken up in sonoma as nascar made its annual stop. no major accidents this afternoon, but a caution flag did come out on lap 14. dale earnhardt jr. racing for the last time here loses control and is run into by danica patrick. then on lap 31, patrick gets spun by earnhardt, and she gets hit by her boyfriend, ricky stenhouse jr. stenhouse got the worst of it and did not finish the race. earnhardt wound up sixth. patrick, 17th. with 22 laps to go, kevin harvick passes brads could lou ski to take the lead. he would never give it up. harvick takes the checkered flag. his first win here in 17 tries. teammate clint boyer came in
11:56 pm
second. >> to know how long i've been racing here, i ran my first race here in 1995. been close a few times but today it just seemed like everything lined up all weekend. our mobile one ford was just flawless all weekend, so we were able to get on the right strategy and it all worked out at the end. at the travlers championship, jordan spieth trying to complete a wire to fire victory on 15. his face. for birdie and loo he can't believe it went in. fellow american daniel berger would force a playoff on the first extra hole. spieth out of a green side bunker and can you believe it? chips in for birdie. is this guy excited or what? berger could force another playoff hole if he could make this long birdie putt, but it's not going to happen. for the 23-year-old texan, it's his tenth tour victory. >> for the bunker shot to go in,
11:57 pm
that was awesome. i mean i don't know if i'll ever have a moment like that again. i feel very fortunate to play golf for a living. that was my dream growing up and to be able to kind of live for these moments and produce, you know, moments like that, i feel very lucky, very blessed. >> for the win, spieth takes home $1.2 million. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> as you said earlier, between danica and ricky, who is sleeping on the couch tonight? >> mb is in trouble. >> thank you for joining us. that's it for tonight. i'm kate larsen. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a gre
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