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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 26, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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hey, good morning, everyone. monday, june 26. everyone probably still recovering from all those pride parties this weekend. >> yes, and we're starting our monday nice and bright and early. it's 5:00, mike, and we're talking about some nice weather this week. >> absolutely. it's feeling like spring more than some. you can see the clouds on live doppler 7. possibly a little drizzle near the coast this morning. i did not run into any. the cloud deck is not all that thick. here's a look at your temperatures this morning.
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most in the upper 50s. 60 around the bay and 70s inland at noon but only 50s at the coast. 60s around the bay, a few sprinkling of 80s in the east bay. 50 starts creeping into san francisco, 60s and 70s for the rest of it. how is the commute this morning? >> we're off to a busy start to talk about. one of those is in the south bay here. northbound 101 past blossom hill road. we had a crash that initially sounded quite serious. a sedan was lodged underneath the trailer of a semi. it sounds like that person is out and we just have some minor injuries, but we have a bit of a backupstarting to form. we also have a rollover crash on 680 and mission. speaking of your commute, carpool cheaters, look out.
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bay area is looking for more money to come after you. tiffany is in menlo park with what's being done. >> reporter: if your commute takes you down a stretch of highway with an hov lane, you've probably seen it, the driver who dodges the rules by getting a few extra seconds by going into the hov lane even though they're the only ones in the car. they violated the lanes on the afternoon commute, and highway 101, that rate is close to one in three drivers. now bay conveyarea transportati officials are asking them to fund specific highway rules just for highway patrol. they asked for a change to an existing bill. that bill would extend a popular parkway lane perk, extending
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singles access to the lane if they purchase a sticker. they want to double the cost of those decals to offset the cost of officers who will be specifically dedicated to catching carpool cheaters. >> it's a risk and it's a big fine. if you're willing to take the risk, then you might as well be willing to -- i think it's like a $500 fine. >> reporter: $491, to be specific, and statewide the chp issued 64,000 tickets for carpool cheating last year. do the math, that's over $31 million people paid out, and that could go up if this all gets approved. live in menlo park, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. tiffany, thank you. our team at the live desk tracking this story for you. investigators right now looking into what caused a blast at the marine corps air station in san miramar, leaving two marines injured.
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it happened around 10:20 last night at the miramar air station. marines there part of a reserve unit based out of ft. worth, texas. they were working on an fa-18 hornet when the explosion happened. both marines severely burned, being treated at the hospital right now. at least one person is in critical condition. san francisco pride 2017 is in the books and organizers are calling it a big success. an estimated million people turned out to celebrate. 200,000 of those marching in the parade. the message of love and peace flowed throughout the day but there was also a message against president trump's policies, including his proposed travel ban. they don't want lgbt refugees turned away by the u.s. government. >> they are suffering extreme persecution in the 34 african countries that criminalize them. and it is for that reason that they must be treated with % respect and allowed to come into the united states. >> the city's emergency
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operation center was activated so various law enforcement agencies could monitor the if he agencies could monitor the if he is -- to keep everyone safe. during world war ii, they made homosexuals wear pink triangles in an attempt to persecute them in germany. in new york and minnesota, protests were also part of the story. in minneapolis, 50 demonstrators blocked the parade the fernando castile verdict. you can see banners with anti-trump and anti-pence signs. also in new york, chelsea manning celebrated her first pride event as a free woman. the transgender army soldier was
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sentenced to 50 years for the wikileaks leak. a parent watched his toddler scream while a robber beat him in his home. we have a warning, this video hard to watch. what you are about to see is the reason nanny cams like this were invented. >> i couldn't believe my eyes. i felt so sick. i thought i was going to die, i really thought i was going to die. >> the nurse that was supposed to be caring for two-year-old landon who has special needs was captured on camera beating the boy instead. >> he's crying at the top of his lungs. >> diane and her husband chris were horrified as they watched the video feed live, the woman at one point rolling up a
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magazine to hit the child. >> there were at least 30 pinches, 30 hits, smacks on the head, smacks with a magazine, her being rough and throwing him in his seat. it was unbelievable. >> the couple live in redondo beach in l.a. county. they were at a basketball game 20 minutes away for one of their sons. they called 911 and police came to the house and arrested the nurse. >> we were racing home. we were just trying to not get into an accident. >> reporter: landon isn't like most other toddlers. he suffers from a rare disorder which means he eats through a feeding tube, doesn't speak and is blind in one eye. the two-year-old requires round-the-clock care. >> his nurse is a medical professional. she should be providing medical care. how can you just come up to him, sit down and hit him in the head? >> the nurse has since been fired and faces a string of abuse charges. the kos are now suing her and the health care service she's working for. >> you are a horrible person.
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you're a horrible person. i really hope you do not hurt your grandchildren the way you hurt my son. >> boy, se tough video to watch there. the nurse's employer, maximum health care services, has released a statement saying they have let her go after an investigation and have notified the california board of nurses. the company said they continue to cooperate with authorities. all four suspects in a highway assault against a lyft driver are scheduled to ach in court for a pre-trial hearing. this is video from august 8 when dirt bikers surrounded chavez. they ran him over, breaking his arm and leg, looefrg him in severe position. a fourth person was now arrested. firefighters faced an extra hazard while battling
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miren island. some of the firefighters say they were stung while tackling the half acre fire. the beekeeper didn't move some of the bees away from the flames. it appears the fire started accidentally. the so-called brian head fires have burned more than 42,000 acres and is just 10% contained. the fires started nine days ago and has destroyed 13 homes. cooler temperatures over the weekend have helped limit the fire's growth. look at this, new video this morning, putting you in the perspective of a chopper fighting a fire in southern california. the 750-acre wildfire burning in santa clarita in los angeles has destroyed one building. homeowners who had to evacuate were allowed back in their homes just last night. 250 firefighters endured 100-degree heat battling the flames. it's now about 50% contained. investigators believe the fire started after a car hit a tree.
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taking a look at the roads this morning, actually just got word of a bart delay in fremont in the richmond direction. that sounds like it's about 10 minutes right now due to an equipment problem, and we've got a lot going on on the roads. we have a rollover crash here still working on cleaning up here. on southbound 80 at south mission, we have debris scattered across all of the lanes there. that vehicle did land on its wheels. we haven't gotten confirmation with how many lanes are blocked with that vehicle and emergency crews are on the scene, too. you can see as you come down the sonoma grade, we are looking at about a mile and a half of backup. also earlier this morning we heard about a crash on eastbound 80 near redwood parkway. they had an updated location for that. that is now eastbound 37 near columbus parkway. a vehicle went down an embankment. both the people inside sound like they have some injuries. workers still on the scene there. if you're looking at westbound
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80 at vallejo. we have heavy traffic there as you approach 780. it sounds like we have the end of a police pursuit in that area. we're making calls to chp and trying to get to the bottom of that. but obviously a hefty delay. if you are traveling through vallejo, it looks like state 29 could be a better bet. here's a live look at golden gate bridge. we are looking just fine you're crossing 1 01 there into san francisco. also have a crash on the south bay. we'll look at that at we told you about facebook getting into the tv business. now we're learning new details about what they're investing in. we want you to have a better day, so here's a feature you'll day, so here's a feature you'll only see on
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the search is on for a missing 48-year-old san francisco man following a kayak accident in the mississippi river. that man disappeared beneath the water. coast guard is working with sheriff's deputies to find him. airbag maker takata has filed for bankruptcy protection in tokyo and the u.s. takata's airbags have led to lawsuits against several major automakers after the devices sparked the largest recall in
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u.s. history. the airbags have been linked to at least 16 deaths and 180 injuries. the company has already pleaded guilty to criminal wrongdong and told to pay $1 billion in penalties. most of takata's assets will be bought by its rival, key safety systems, based in detroit. abc 7 news was in oakland moments after a station wagon burst into flames on i-80. it happened in the westbound lanes of lakeshore avenue. everybody was able to escape and nobody was hurt. state authorities are now investigating a local company called tanimura workers became sick. it's thought they may have been exposed to pesticides. they were rushed to the hospital where they were stripped down and showered. >> some of the symptoms these folks were complaining of were dizziness, nausea, vomiting and
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abdominal pain. >> the company says all but one of the employees were back on the job in the morning, and it's unclear what made them sick, but officials say pesticides were applied to a nearby field the night before, and that may have affected the workers. in today's gma first look, some stunning video from an amusement park in upstate new york. >> adrian bankert has more details. >> reporter: a day of fun turns terrifying. watch as this 14-year-old girl dangles more than two stories above ground saturday night, hanging from the sky ride gondola at six flags in upstate new york. panicked onlookers assembling to break her fall. >> her neck is stuck! >> reporter: here's the heart-stopping scene from a different angle. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the crowd tells the teen to just let go. >> they'll catch you, they'll catch you, honey! go ahead. >> and that's what she does. watch as she falls through tree branches into the arms of good
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samaritans below. matthew howard and his daughter among those who rushed to the rescue. >> i was looking at her the whole time. i said, just let go. i promise you i'll catch you. >> reporter: the teen was airlifted to a local hospital. we'll have more on her condition coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i i'm erica bankert, new york. the first day of the of martin skarelli. he unknowingly raised the price of an aids drug by publiced reports say pandora's cofounder and ceo tim westergren will step down. pandora is a music streaming company based in oakland. westergren started there last
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year and has agreed to stay since a replacement has been named. no reason for his it recently received a million-dollar investment from sirius xm. the wall street journal reports the social media giant, facebook, will release one episode at a time and have an entire season like netflix. they are reportedly willing to spend up to $3 million an episode. programming could be released nek next summer. >> everybody is on facebook, anyway. why not watch an episode of something? >> it's going to be cooler today for just about all of us. let's look at our san jose camera. it's a shallow layer, so look for sunshine rather quickly today.
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one of our coolest afternoons will be today and tomorrow. a warmer weekend is developing. we'll get to the 90s. there is no triple digits. but the good thing is even when we get to the 90s in some areas, the nights will remain mild and cool. here's doppler 7. you can see clouds on top of it. no reports of clouds so far. about 73 to 78 for everybody else. that 78 being san jose. temperatures a lovely day on the peninsula, 72. san mateo 73. about 78 in mill ray. some of the warmer temperatures along the coast, 71. 76 for downtown san francisco, sausalito. we'll have 74 to 78 in the north bay valleys. berkeley and also in oakland, 69 there. everybody else about 70 to 75 degrees. inland, no need for the air conditioner today, especially if
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you can open the house this morning and get some of that cool air in. temperatures running about 77 in san ramon. livermore, our average high is 87. 57 at 6:00. by 9:00, we're at 70. we'll top out at 11:00 by about 70 degrees and we'll keep climbing just a bit more as we head through the afternoon hours. you can see tomorrow just about the same as today and temperatures will get back to averag wednesday, thursday, maybe just a touch warr than average inland but it's only about a couple degrees. how about the commute, alexis? >> not so much here. we've had a rough start this morning, mike. i want to take you to northbound 101 just north of blossom hill. we are likely going to have an alert. a van is wedged underneath the trailer of a semi. that person is out of the vehicle and it sounds like just minor injuries, but they're having a hard time pulling that
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vehicle out from under the truck sorks th so that backup continues to grow. westbound 80 right as you approach 780, we are hearing this is the end of a police pursuit. we are working on contacting vallejo police and chp. we have not been able to confirm details but you are jammed at about 15 miles an hour. you may want to stick to 229 for an alternate. we also have a rollover crash on 680. i'll talk more about that next. thousands of people enjoyed the 50th anniversary of an annual tradition in san look at that artist. using their expertise to make this beautiful rendering on the pavement. they use the pavement as their canvas during yesterday's event called italian street painting
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marin. very popular event. one group even tried to create the world's largest peace sign drawn in chalk. >> that isn't the reason we did it. we're doing that part just for fun. the real fun for us is in the drawing and in the process of creating art that brings people a lot of joy. >> it will take a little while to confirm if they set a record. the creation of the images also raising money for the everyday life foundation for rare diseases. a group of dancers in the south bay took over an intersection for celebration. wait until you see what happens when the police show up. ♪ >> you're looking at a flash mob dancing at the campbell farmer's market. and just when it appears that the police are about to break up the flash mob, two officers, well, they get down, too. they joined the dancers and moved to the beat. this is actually video that i recorded. i was there. and the reason why i was there
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in the back there is my mom was taking a class dancing and boogying. i had the heads up this was going to happen and it was great seeing the police officers get in there. the crowd erupted in cheers when they started dancing with them. it was pretty cool. >> i thought you were going to be dancing, too. >> i was dancing when i took the video. you just have to take my word for it. >> i don't know. okay. next, what you need to know as you start your day. >> fiona, cincinnati's zoo famous baby hippo. famous baby hippo. we have an update on the viral
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plus had less major blding than warfarin. eliquis had both. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. 5:25. if you're just joining us heading out the door here, there's things you need to know. the wife of a san francisco uber driver says she's praying the human remains found in hayward warehouse do not belong to her
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husband. thef chi vanished over mother's day weekend. a popular playground that was torched will have to be rebuilt. the fire started early sunday morning at children's corridor in golden gate park. let's talk about the temperatures. you don't like the heat? i've got a forecast you'll love. we're anywhere from 3 to 7 degrees cooler than average. from 69 in oakland to about 80 in livermore today. number 4, crews are still trying to clean up a rollover crash on south 80. it happened early this morning. they called two flatbed trucks to the scene. we have backup, as you can imagine. a vote on the health care system could come at the end of the week before the senate breaks for the holiday. five gop senators said they would support the bill. we are marking the two-year anniversary of the day gay
5:27 am
marriage was legalized. landmark cases considered by many to begin the fight of lgbtq equality. the original disneyland map the original disneyland map went for a whopping auction. it is expected to be the most expensive disney map ever sold. the reason some commuters in one peninsula city may have to fork over hundreds more for parking. and the way a gruesome discovery in the east bay may be a break in a mother's day a break in a mother's day disappearance ca
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♪ a break in a mother's day disappearance ca ♪ ♪
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. and as the sunrises over the
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bay area, one question on everyone's mind, are we officially done with that heat wave? lucky for you we have an expert in the studio. >> and he's wearing a very nice tie today. hi, mike. you're our expert today. >> thanks. >> and every day. >> i always have to get my game up with yours. everybody looks nice this morning. i hope you had a great weekend. it did feel a lot different friday and especially into saturday, sunday. today we keep that trend going. let's take a look at the live doppler 7. i put the winds over it. they have calmed down a little bit but they're still gusting to 28. that means we have a nice sea breeze going. from our camera, you can see temperatures will be falling short of average. we're mainly in the mid to upper 50s this morning and we'll have mostly sunny conditions along the coast. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. 62 at 4:00, 60 at 7:00. 68 around the bay to 60 at noon to 72 at 4:00 to 67, so the thing you have to worry about
5:31 am
there is the strong sunshine. 76 at 4:00 to 68 at 7:00. we do have warmer weather on the way. we'll let you know. it has been a busy day so far in the traffic alerts, mike. northbound 101 just past blossom hill road. this is a pretty serious crash where we had a sedan get lodged under the trailer of a semi. they're still blocking that far right lane and chp did make that sig alert about 45 minutes ago. we also have the bay bridge metering lights on as of 5:276789 things are filling in as usual through the maze. pretty heavy back up through vallejo on westbound 80. we're still working to get to the bottom of that. an update coming at 5:30. new developments in the case of a missing uber driver last seen one month ago. >> police think body parts found in the east bay may have something to do with the
5:32 am
something to do with the disappearance of amy? >> reporter: the mother and the arrived to the area from the central valley. they'll be giving dna samples to police as they test the body part that was found. workers at a hayward warehouse made the discovery on saturday. thef chi's family got the call from police yesterday. the warehouse is associated with bob tang, a family friend who is now a person of interest in this case. our cornell bernard talked to the missing man's wife who says the men have known each other for years, and she describes their relationship. >> it was fine. he respected my husband, my husband respected him. i didn't see any argument in them. >> would you say they were friends? >> yes.
5:33 am
>> reporter: 48-year-old thef chi disappeared mother's day weekend. his mercedes was found stripped in the bayview. police said it could take days to identify the remains. they think bob tang has fled to cambodia. amy holingfield, abc the officer pulled alongside a car around 10:00 last night and opened fire. a passenger inside the car was hit and the driver took off but lost control and crashed a short time later. police at this point still releasing very little information except the victim is a man who was taken to the hospital. no word yet on a suspect or a possible motive. a popular play structure at a san francisco park has been torched and authorities are looking for who is responsible. it happened early sunday morning
5:34 am
at forest children's quarter in golden gate park. it left huge holes in the structures and burned holes in the support. it will need to be replaced at a cost likely upwards of a million dollars. >> someone is being very selfish. i don't know what they were thinking. >> it's unfortunate. again, you know, it's part of living in the city so can't always plan for the unexpected. >> park officials say it's too soon to come up with a timeline for cleaning up and replacing the structure. for now patrols will be increased in the area. a fight forces a shopping mall to close in downtown san francisco. look at this cell phone video we have. it was taken as police tried to break up the fight inside the westfield mall on market street. police have not said yet what started the fight. several officers were assaulted during it, none seriously hurt. many mall goers posted on social media about being under lockdown temporarily while this happened.
5:35 am
in the end police detained several people, although it's unclear if anyone is facing charges. right now the chp is looking for the driver of a stolen suv that crashed and rolled down a hill in fremont. sky 7 was over the crash near 680 southbound in auto mall parkway yesterday. you see the vehicle with major damage just off the freeway. all of its airbags had deployed but the driver was nowhere to be found. officers had a dangerous hike down a slippery hillside just to get to the suv and investigate. a motorcyclist who has been terrorizing drivers on bay arya freeways is under arrest this morning, and now chp wants to know if you're perhaps one of its victims. this video shows the helicopter pilot following a guy on a green motorcycle. the driver riding around recklessly and smashing, kicking, punching people's side mirrors sometimes while driving more than 100 miles an hour. when he got home, he found officers waiting to arrest him.
5:36 am
chp now says if you've been victimized by this rider on a green bike in the past week, you're asked to call them and let them know. the palo alto city council is expected to approve raising annual parking fees in certain neighborhoods. permits to park in downtown garages will go supporters say it may be easier to buy permits because they'll be more expensive. city council meets tomorrow afternoon. the fight over our nation's health care system ramping up today after both sides spent the weekend making their case to still undecided senators. the congressional budget office could release its score of the bill as early as today, and that would include how many americans stand to lose coverage and how premiums could be impacted. democrats are unified in their opposition. meanwhile, republicans can only afford two no votes. but listen to this.
5:37 am
five gop senators have already said they are on board, and at least five others have serious concerns. so conservatives feel the bill does not go favre enour enough relace obamacare. a vote could come by the end of the week before the senate votes for the july holiday. pride march 2017 is being called a big success. abc 7 news was at the san francisco civic center yesterday where pride was capped off by a concert by betty who. this year's event was a celebration of diversity and a demand for equality. >> pride went off safely thanks to a lot of hard work behind the scenes. abc 7 news was at the city center yesterday. any time there is a big event in the city, the center coordinates resources just in case of
5:38 am
incidents. they sent public information out to the public when a fire broke out at the castro just before the dike march. >> it takes a village, to we're working hard, our coordinators are working hard about the units in the field. the police officers, the firefighters, the public works workers cleeaning up after the parade. >> police say there were no arrests at pride this year. there were some calls for medical emergencies and public drunkenness, though. our team joined a group of about 700 people with parts of our parent company, disney. the warriors were well represented at the pride parade in new york city. an estimated 2 million people turned out to watch yesterday's parade there. warriors president and chief operating officer rick weltz rode on the nba float as well as anthony silver and other officials. the nba float was one of 120
5:39 am
floats taking part in the parade along with 40,000 marchers. >> if you want to relive moments of pride weekend, check it out on our website. we posted a gallery of videos and photos of everything you might have missed. let's take a look at the temperatures compared to 24 hours ago. we're actually just a couple degrees warmer and that's going to lead to a little bit warmer afternoon for some of us, especially away from our inland neighborhoods. you'll probably be just a little bit cooler. waking up to temperatures, speaking of inland, in the upper 50s to near 60 pit pitsburg 61, napa 61. the san mateo bridge already getting pretty busy as we're headed westbound.
5:40 am
we'll have a small craft advisory kick up about 1:00 and head into your evening. it could be a little choppy, breezy. mass transit, maybe a little cloudy this morning but you definitely have the sunglasses this afternoon. oakland, near average highs about 72 degrees. 8:00 62. 4:00, about 59 degrees for the warm spot. 60s all around the bay until you get to hayward. 80s around antioch and livermore. pretty steady tomorrow and a little bit warmer wednesday. you want some of that summer heat? i've got it coming up in the accuweather forecast. we'll see how hot it gets in your neighborhood. alexis? >> we've had a few hot spots on the road this morning. we're going to take you to vallejo, westbound 80. as you approach 780, we have a long backup near
5:41 am
we heard it was the end of a police pursuit, so i don't know if we had a crash or if they're just doing an investigation. you're down to just 8 miles an hour as you pass state route 37 and 14 as you get a little closer to that scene. zooming out a little bit more, if you're coming from fairfield, southbound 680 is a for you. quick check of some drive times here. westbound 580 tracy to dublin pretty slow. westbound 4 antioch to concord, ramping up. san rafael to san francisco on the 101 looks great, just 16 minutes. we have a rollover on 680. i'll check on that at 5:50. thanks, alexis. a california family buries a loved one and then weeks later, they find out he's still alive. the botched investigation and the botched investigation and the
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some use equipment to be at their best. and some use it to sleep their best. the beautyrest black hybrid provides exceptional support and unique conforming feel. exclusively at mattress firm.
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new this morning, the chp arrested a man accused of driving under the influence. it happened just before 1:30 this morning on interstate 180 and san jose. the driver was involved in a crash and took one of his tires off, put it in the trunk of his car. he then got on the freeway with only three tires until the front rim broke and his car became disabled. then he got out of his car and walked along the freeway.
5:45 am
chp said the man may have been three times over the legal limit of alcohol. for the first time in 20 years, the white house did not host a celebration to mark the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan. something president trump said during the campaign was at least something he was open to. the celebration has been the white house tradition since hillary clinton hosted the first dinner there in 1996. presidents bush and obama continued the tradition. during the campaign, though, mr. trump told abc news it wouldn't bother him to host the e dinner. it didn't happen after all. a burned koran filled with bacon was found handcuffed to a fence across from a muslim. muslims do not eat pork. the person behind it made one key mistake. >> reporte >> at the mosque fence but in front of the sheriff's department. i guess they didn't realize the sheriff's department was next door, so not smart.
5:46 am
>> on friday someone threw out the pages of the koran from their car near islamic center of davis. police are looking for suspects in both cases. a man is simply trying to cope with the discovery of his son being alive after he had already buried him. 82-year-old frank kerrigan was told that fingerprints from a body found behind a verizon store were those of his mentally ill and homeless son named frank. kerrigan spent $20,000 on the burial only later to find out that it had all been a mistake and that his son was, in fact, alive. >> i said, oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god. >> the people we put in place to handle things, when they make these kinds of mistakes, they have to be held accountable. >> kerrigan suing the orange county sheriff's coroner's department now, alleging authorities didn't try to properly identify the body as
5:47 am
kerrigan's son because he's homeless. well, you're looking here at your screens at a man who was saved this weekend by helicopter. a rescue team in the sierras. the man clung tie rock just above the top of a 50-foot waterfall in nevada county saturday. they lifted a ladder down to that man and lifted him to safety. the same crew rescued the man's girlfriend a few hours later after she got stranded when she was actually looking for him. incredible to see that video, though. happening today, it is officially the last public session for the supreme court before it goes on summer recess. the justices are expected to decide this week whether to approve the president's travel ban. it would put a ban on mostly six
5:48 am
muslim countries. also justice kennedy could possibly announce his retirement today. we're waiting, though, because kennedy hasn't publicly stated any retirement plans, but his departure would certainly allow conservatives to take firm control of the court. some of the warriors are hoping to add more hardware to they a their mantel today. green has been named a finalist for defensive player of the year. udall is expected to earn service man of the year. klay thompson is nominated for performance of the year. the nba awards are chosen by a global panel of and forecasters. it will go to someone else this year. >> someone else can be deserving, too. it's great to see those highlights. it never gets hold. >> and steph curry may not win the mvp but he won an nba title,
5:49 am
correct? >> that's why people love playing on his team. what a grind to have, playing over 100 games a year or more? not a solid deck and not much in the way of fog we're seeing. south on 101 is where you're looking. the cooling breezes will keep us below average, at least today and tomorrow. it will keep us mainly cloudy and cool at night and a modest weekend warming trend is on the way. let's start with today. we're at 78 in san jose. we're at 78 in san jose. we'll have 80s around loss las gatos. temperatures along the coast from 59 to about 63 degrees today. you'll see some sunshine, maybe not quite as slow as it was yesterday. 64 in downtown san francisco. going to the game this evening, it's going to be breezy and hoodie weather.
5:50 am
dropping down to about 57 degrees. leads head up to the north bay. about 74 in petaluma, 74 in santa rosa. berkeley 69. same thing in oakland. 70, 74 elsewhere. 70 to 77 in ramon and 80 degrees. coolest route, santa rosa about 51. steady as she goes tomorrow. back to average wednesday, thursday to friday, maybe a little warmer than that. once we reach 90, that's not too bad compared to where we could be. speaking of where we could be or where we want to go, a lot of updates, huh? >> yeah, we've had a lot of incidents this morning. things are improving in a couple of them, anyway. southbound 680 at south mission. we had a rollover crash around 4:30 this morning. it does sound like we have both tow trucks on the scene at this point so that backup not quite as long. i believe we have debris out of
5:51 am
the road, too. still have one lane blocked but that's getting better. a sig alert was canceled on 101 past blossom hill road. a small sedan was actually wedged underneath the semi trailer. that one just cleared so all lanes are back open. should unwind very quickly. bay bridge plaza, those metering lights back on. we have a pretty valle vallejo. we'll take that up next. a baby hippo taking the internet by storm can now be seen in public. >> the cincinnati zoo released video of fiona who has been taken care of by her mom and dad. fiona has been taking short visits to the outdoor exhibit, meaning those who time it right can get a live glimpse of her. she was born prematurely in january and weighed just 20 pounds back then. now she's over 100 pounds.
5:52 am
snapchat's latest feature causing privacy concerns for a lot of parents. what you can do to protect your kids while they're still having fun. fun. the moments that led
5:53 am
5:54 am
you may have experience aid bumpy flight or two, but there's chance you never heard anything that would elicit this response from the pilot. >> our survival depends on your cooperation. hopefully everything will turn out for the best. >> you're looking at a video shot of a man flying from
5:55 am
airasia after taking off from australia. the flight headed back after two hours and landed in perth. they blame an engine problem for the shaking. during the flight, the pilot also asked passengers to say a prayer. look at this. video from spacex, their rocket landing yesterday. the rocket's first stage booster returned to earth about 7 returned to earth about 7 minutes after liftoff vandenburg air force base. they also successfully launch aid rocket on friday. >> pretty intense. i love seeing that. let's take a look at the winds today, speeshl physicespe you'll be out on the water. 28 to 30 miles per hour winds. that sea breeze will touch all of us maybe not that aggressively but it's definitely going to keep us cooler than average to about 7 degrees
5:56 am
cooler than average. temperatures should be in the 70s to 80s. most of the us in the 60s and 70s today. alexis, another update? >> back to vallejo where we have police activity. right along 780 you can see a solid line of red. 9 miles an hour, 21 miles an hour. i've heard from some viewers that this appears to be the end of a police pursuit in the vallejo area. so i'm not sure if it ended in a collision or if they're just conducting an investigation. at one point all lanes were blocked. it doesn't sound like any are blocked anymore but we definitely have some onlooker delay. if you're coming on fairfield, southbound 680 san optiis an opr southbound 29 if you're coming from the west. updates coming up at 6:00. stars and music tv and film gathered in los angeles last night for the annual bet awards.
5:57 am
♪ >> we hope that woke you up. bruno mars opening the show by bringing the crowd to its feet with his hit song "perm." also took home the prize for best r&b pop artist. other awards including beyonce who won two awards and the group was honored with the lifetime achievement award. >> 32-plus years in the music industry that will chew you up and spit you out. all six of us are standing on this stage right now, man. what an amazing thing. >> congrats to them. also notable, chance the rapper took home best new artist and received the humanitarian award for his work in his hometown of chicago. a surprising revelation in a surprising revelation in the future of a royal.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning and thanks for joining us on this monday, june 26. we hope you had a great weekend. reggie and natasha are off today. right now at 6:00, we want to begin with alexis because you've been tracking this problem in vallejo all morning. >> it is a little bit of a mystery, some police activity reported and it's tough to get some details. i do know this. we have a significant backup on westbound 80 through vallejo. you're jammed on state route 37 over to 80. as we check the speeds here, it is pretty slow. that is about a 12-mile-per-hour crawl. know that lasts for about three miles. you definitely want an alternate. also some better news, southbound 680 at south mission. we had a rollover crash that's been there for over an hour. we got t


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