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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 26, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning and thanks for joining us on this monday, june 26. we hope you had a great weekend. reggie and natasha are off today. right now at 6:00, we want to begin with alexis because you've been tracking this problem in vallejo all morning. >> it is a little bit of a mystery, some police activity reported and it's tough to get some details. i do know this. we have a significant backup on westbound 80 through vallejo. you're jammed on state route 37 over to 80. as we check the speeds here, it is pretty slow. that is about a 12-mile-per-hour crawl. know that lasts for about three miles. you definitely want an alternate. also some better news, southbound 680 at south mission. we had a rollover crash that's been there for over an hour. we got the all clear on that and
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that backup is winding up fairly quickly. and the 101 at blossom hill road, that's cleared up also. mike, we have some great weather today. >> we really do. i overlaid the fog layer and there really is none out there. there is a broken deck of clouds. what we're looking at for our temperature, 57 degrees this morning. good sleeping weather. bottom line, that's your coast. 60, 62. 67 at 7:00. our inland neighborhoods, remember the triple digits just a few days ago? 70 to 76 degrees, back to 68 by 7:00. enjoy the mild weather. i do have a warming trend coming up in the 7-day forecast. i know you woke up late today and you're trying to get to work. you may not want to cheat, though, if you use the carpool lane. bay area officials now asking for more money to come after
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you. >> tiffany is live on the 101 in menlo park with what's being done. tiffany? >> reporter: good morning, matt and jessica. yes, cheating is a major problem throughout the bay area. the metropolitan transportation commission found on average about one in four drivers in those carpool lanes during the afternoon commute should not be there. and now they want some extra money to go after you. on highway 101 near redwood city, that rate is actually closer to one in three drivers. the bay area transportation commission is asking for extra patrols just for highway enforcement. the santa cruz sentinel sent an urgent directive to sacramento asking for a change to an existing bill. >> i think it's a good idea. i mean, it will definitely stop people from doing it and cheating when they shouldn't be, but again, like if you're willing to take the risk, be willing to pay the fine.
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>> reporter: now, that fine is $491. last year about 64,000 tickets were issued. that comes to about $31 million that people paid out for these fines statewide. of course, that could go up if they do get the dedicated chp patrols to target park lane cheaters. investigators are looking into what caused a blast at the marine corps air station at san miramar. two marines injured. it happened around 10:20 at the miramar station in san diego. they were based out of ft. worth, texas. we were working on an f-18 hornet when the explosion happened. they are being treated for burns at the hospital. at least one is in critical condition. at the live desk right now, philadelphia police looking for a driver suspected of hit and
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run after barreling through a crime scene and he narrowly missed officers. it happened this morning when officers were investigating a carjacking. they had just made two arrest and see confiscated a weapon when a speeding car came at them. luckily they got out of the way in time. the driver, though, hit three police bicycles and then drove off. no officers were hurt but police say they believe that driver was trying to hit them. happening today, all four suspects in a highway assault against a lyft driver was scheduled to appear in court for a pretrial hearing. this is video from march 8 when three riders on dirt bikes surrounded alex quintana. dirt bikers vandalized his vehicle, breaking his nose and leg, leaving quintana in serious condition. no cameras are allowed in today's hearing. firefighters faced an extra hazard while battling flames on mirror island.
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that's because several beehives burned when a small grass fire spread yesterday. firefighters say they were stung while tackling the half acre fire. be the beekeeper did move some of the hives away from the flames. the so-called brian head fire in utah burned more than 34,000 acres and is just 10% contained. the fire started nine days ago and since then has destroyed 13 homes. our affiliate in salt lake city reports cooler temperatures over the weekend have helped limit the fire's growth. speaking of wildfires, will you look at this new individual y -- video from this morning showing a chopper fighting a fire in southern california. 76-acre fires burning in south angeles. it has already destroyed one building. homeowners were forced to evacuate although they were allowed back in their homes last night. 250 firefighters endured 100-degree heat battling these
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flames. the fire as of this morning is 50% contained. investigators do think the fire started after a car hit a tree. san francisco pride 2017 is in the books and organizers are calling it a big success. an estimated million people turned out to celebrate. 200,000 of those marching in the parade. the message of love and peace floated throughout the day, but there was also a message against president trump's policies, including his travel ban. they don't want lgbt refugees turned away by the federal government. >> they are suffering persecution in the countries that criminalize them. it is for that reason that they must be treated with respect and allowed to come into the united states. >> the city's emergency operations center was activated, so various law enforcement agencies could monitor the festivities in an effort to keep everyone safe. the giant triangle that goes up to represent pride has been
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taken down at twin peaks. this shows them removing the symbol. during world war ii, the nazis made prisoners wear pink triangles in order to persecute them in germany. new york and minnesota protests were also part of the story. minneapolis 50 demonstrators walked the parade opposing the ferdinand castile verdict. on the far side, though, that is chelsea manning. in new york they had "we resist" banners along with with anti-trump and anti-pence signs. this is chelsea manning representing her first free year as a gay woman. manning was sentenced to 35 years for leaking classified documents to wikileaks but served only 7 after president obama commuted her sentence. next, shocking video shows a nanny in southern california
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beating a special needs toddler. beating a special needs toddler. and snapchat's new location
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temperatures on the
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peninsula range from about 56 half moon bay to the bay side to bay shore. upper 50s, 58 to 61 in our inland east bay neighborhoods and 57 to about 61 in the north bay. santa cruz, i want to see some sunshine at the beach today but it will be chill ed sunshine. breezy north on the bay if you're going to be out and about. tahoe 100, fresno, 90 in l. the same today and tomorrow. the warming trend begins wednesda wednesday. >> it looks like things are kbroov improving slightly, anyway. we had some police activity here and still working on the details, but we believe this is the end of a pursuit near 80 and 780. 17 miles an hour and 27 miles an hour. they were about half that last time we checked. we certainly will take that
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improvement. it does sound like all lanes are back open. bart, we got word of a new problem, an equipment problem on the tracks at the warm aspirins daly city direction. next traffic coming up at 6:20. a nurse in los angeles county is facing numerous abuse charges after being seen beating a special needs child on a nanny cam while the parents watched all of it unfold live. and a warning that this video is incredibly hard to watch. the nurse, thelma, was caught slapping and then using a rolled-up magazine to hit the two-year-old. the toddler is blind in one eye, does not speak and eats through his feeding tube. thing live and sent police in to arrest the nurse. she's also been fired from her job and an internal investigation is now under way. a san francisco man missing in the sacramento river.
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welcome back. developing news in the sacramento river delta. a search is on for a missing 40-year-old san francisco man following a kayaking accident
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with his five-year-old daughter, neither wearing a life jacket. a good samaritan on a jet ski grabbed the girl from her father. the father then vanished beneath the water around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. the coast guard is working with the sacramento and solano county sheriff's deputies to find the man. parents, listen up. a new feature on one of the most popular photo sharing apps is raising new privacy concerns. the mapped in map on snapchat shares your location with your snapchat friends every time you open the app. some parents fear this type of visibility makes their kids vulnerable. experts suggest talking to your kids about who they add on the app and be selective about what the word "friend" means and when the app is selected, make sure you're up to date on what that means to them. >> as parents make sure you know who your children's friends are on snapchat, because at any time they can share the location with people in snapchat. >> snapchap says it's impossible
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to share your location with someone who isn't a friend in the app. tin an interview the man wh is fifth in line to the throne said he wanted out of the royal family. he added that his time in the army was the best escape he ever had. nonetheless, prince harry decided to work out a role for himself in the family. harry says his family perform their duties not for themselves but for the greater good. but boy, isn't that a big revelation? a lot of people would like to be in his shoes. >> they would. i'm sure they're very nice shoes. >> you have to figure, he needs to find his niche, he needs to find his own way. i bet that is a little difficult, especially after your mom has passed away. when i look back here, how beautiful. seagulls flying by. >> right on queue.
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>> keep them away from my car is what i need. >> it is stunning. is it going to be hot, though, today? >> i really don't think so. maybe this weekend it will get a little warmer but nothing like last week. seven days in a row running the ac. i don't think that's happened in ten years. you can see a broken deck of clouds developing right around 2600 feet. it's going to be pretty easy to get rid of that. but because of the on shore breeze, today and tomorrow are going to be cool afternoons. a warming trend will develop this weekend, and even when it gets a little toasty in some areas, the nights will remain very comfortable. he's a look at the cloud layer over live doppler 7 over three hours or so. you can say it's making pretty good headway into our inland neighborhoods. what the winds are going to do is keep us cooler than average. downtown, balboa a papark, miss around 66. sunset 6:31.
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hayward and stanley about 71. back to the peninsula, 72 in san jose. milbourne 68, palo alto about 74. we'll keep it 77 in santa rosa. san jose, a break from the summer heat. 78 in san jose. sunnyvale 74 and free air-conditioning in our east bay valleys. 77 in san ramon to about 81 and antioch about 82. not much drizzle out there. temperatures around 51 in cruz. wednesday through friday a little warmer than average but nothing oppressive this weekend. alexis, tough morning? >> it really was for the first hour and a half of the commute but we're starting to improve big time here so i don't have
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any major blockage incidents at this point, just some slow spots. west of highway 4, we're averaging about 30 miles an hour. just the usual volume coming in. metering lights they switched on about 5:27 this morning. it's been a pretty smooth bay commute so far. highway 4 to walnut creek, 7 minutes. walnut creek to hoy 13, 9 minutes. tracy to dublin down to 51 minutes so back to the yellow. we do have that slow spot in vallejo. we'll check on that at 6:30. paula ferris is live from new york city with a look on what's up. good morning, paula. >> reporter: hello there on the west coast. matt and jessica, i hope you guys are having a great monday morning. i hope you had a wonderful weekend. coming up on gma, health care
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facing problems within their own party as moderates and conservatives both voice their concerns. plus trump tweets for attention as he blasts the russia election hacking. also an exclusive, a member from the hung jury of the bill cosby sex assault trial going on camera for the first time. what he had to say about the 52 hours of intense deliberations and the tears within that jury room. we're going to have much more. plus, promising new research on migraines. if you have migraines, you have to tune in for this. the debilitating condition that affects so many of us around the world. dr. jen ashton will join us as to how people may be able to find relief. plus, victoria michael keaton, james blount. it's all coming up here live in new york city. we have a very busy morning. you guys have a busy morning in
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san francisco. >> go do some >> go do some a big shake-up could be
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welcome back, everyone. published reports say pandora's ceo westergren will step down. he took over last year, and he took over last year, and according to tech site recode wihe will be there for now. they recently received a $40 million investment from sirius xm. now the wall street journal reports the social media giant will release one episode at a time instead of releasing an entire season like netflix. facebook is also reportedly willing to spend as much as $3 million per episode.
6:26 am
original programming could launch by late summer. tay eric from san mateo has a question, well, about money. >> he spoke to us in daly city. michael finney has his answer. >> what's a good way for a young man like me to make money? >> hey, eric. interesting question. now, your age it's nearly always best to follow your passion rather than the money. find something you like doing, because you're going to be doing it a lot. you might want to concentrate on high-paying fields or ones where you work for yourself, whatever turns you on. later you might have to buckle down and pursue work only por t -- for the paycheck. at this time look for something fun that kpiexcites you. eric, good luck and thanks for the question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, send us your
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video questions to "ask finney." a grim discovery in the east bay that could be linked to a missing uber driver. how his family is reacting this morning. plus a brawl in san francisco. look at this. caught on camera and it forced police to close a very popular shopping mall. westbound 80 has been heavy through vallejo for, i don't know, about an hour and a half at this point. things are finally starting to improve. improve. this was due to earlier
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good morning. it's monday, june 26. reggie and natasha taking the day off today. >> beautiful day today. beautiful start to our morning, and mike nico is here to take all the credit. >> sure, why not? >> we blame you when it's bad, you get to take credit when it's good. >> it's good more than it is bad. take a look at what's going on as far as live doppler 7. i've overlaid the winds because that is the big story today. when you step outside, especially if you're driving west, you're driving right into the head of the wind there. up to 28 miles an hour in fairfield. here's a look at our temperatures. 7:00 this morning will be mid-50s to around 6 on degre0 d. by noon we'll be 60 at the
6:31 am
coast. mid to upper 70s inland. then if we go back to 7:00, it's a lot like 7:00 this morning. 50s on the coast and san francisco, 60s for the rest of us. hey, alexis. sdp >> things have calmed down a bit here in the traffic department. we started with seven crashes and none of them are still blocking. the san mateo bridge is filling in and we have a lot of sun glare, too. a quick check of drive times. westbound 4 to the maze, minutes for you, the bay bridge, 10 minutes. that breaking news from our live desk, a settlement in the deadly shooting of felando castile, the minnesota man killed by police last year. the aftermath of the shooting was shared on facebook live by castile's girlfriend. you may remember that, it made
6:32 am
headlines. now his mother has just reached a nearly $3 million settlement in his death. the news breaking just moments ago. castile, a 32-year-old elementary school cafeteria worker was killed by san francisco police officer andrew jimenez during a track stop last year. castile said he was armed. he did have a permit, though, for his gun. jurors acquitted the officer just last week. a new case for a missing uber driver seen one month ago. police think body parts found in east bay may have something to do with the disappearance of thef chi. amy ho amy hollingsfield is >> reporter: thef chi's mother and aunt have arrived to help with the investigation. they're going to supply dna to investigators so they can compare those to the remains.
6:33 am
on saturday worker said they found a body part in a hayward warehouse. the warehouse is associated with a person of interest in the case. chi disappeared mother's day weekend. his wife says their two sons really miss their father. >> the two boys are waiting for >> the two boys are waiting for him to come home. >> chi's friend, bob tang, is the person of interest who police think has fled to cambodia. chi's wife says her husband respected tang, that they were friends for years. she says she has no idea what could have happened between the two men, but at this point she is focused on her hope that that body part does not belong to her husband. live in san holing field, abc news.
6:34 am
a shooting overnight in the bay district. officers said a gunman pulled alongside a car near bay shore boulevard and marin street and opened fire. a passenger was hit. the driver, though, took lost control and crashed just a short time later. police at this point still releasing very little information except that the victim is a man and is hospitalized right now. no word yet on a suspect or possible motive. strange case here. the chp arrested a man accused of driving under the influence just before 1:30 this morning on 880 near bascom avenue in san jose. the man was involved in a crash and took one of his tires off and put it in the trunk of his car. he then got onto the freeway with only three tires until the front rim broke and his car became disabled. then he got out of the car and walked along the freeway. chp says the man may have been three times over the legal limit of alcohol. a popular play structure at
6:35 am
a san francisco park has been torched and authorities are looking for who is responsible. it happened early sunday morning at children's quarter just across the street from golden gate park. the fire left huge holes in the plastic slide and burned the supports. the department says the structure will need to be replaced. it will likely cost upwards of a million dollars. >> someone is being very selfish. i don't know what they were thinking. >> it's unfortunate, again. it's part of living in the city, so you can't always plan for the unexpected. >> park officials say it's too soon to come up with a timeline for cleaning up and replacing the structure. now patrols will be increased in the area. a fight forces a shopping mall to close in downtown san francisco. look at this
6:36 am
the fight. they're not sure what stafrrted the fight. several officers were assaulted under the fight, none seriously hurt. in the end, police detained several people, although unclear if anyone is facing charges. right now the chp is looking for the driver of a an suv that crashed and rolled down the hill in fremont. you can see the vehicle with major damage just off the freeway. all of its airbags had deployed but the driver was nowhere to be found. officers had a dangerous hike down the slippery hillside just to get to the suv and investigate. a motorcyclist who has been terrorizing drivers on bay area freeways is under arrest and now the chp wants to know if you're one of its victims. contra costa chp posted this video yesterday which shows a helicopter pilot following a guy on a green motorcycle. officers say the rider drove
6:37 am
recklessly, hitting people and sometimes driving more than 100 miles per hour. when he got home, he found officers waiting to arrest him. the chp says if you have been victimized by this rider on the green bike in the past week, call and let them know. they are raising parking permit fees in certain neighborhoods. permits to park in downtown garages will go up more than $20 to $738 a year. opponents say the increase will hurt businesses because some pay for their employees to park. authorities say it may be easier to buy permits because they'll be more expensive. city council meets tomorrow afternoon. happening today, the fight over our nation's health care system ramps up after both sides spent the weekend making their case to still undecided senators. the congressional budget could release the score today which
6:38 am
include how many expect to lose coverage and how many premiums could be affected. republicans can only afford republicans can only afford two no votes but five concerns. they believe the bill doesn't go far enough to improve obamacare. pride 2017 is in the history books and organizers are calling it a big success. ♪ >> abc 7 news was at san francisco's civic center. the pride parade was kicked off by singer betty who. this year's theme was diversity and unity. abc 7 news at san francisco's emergency operations center yesterday, and whenever there is a really large event like this in the city, the center is activated. it's to monitor and coordinate
6:39 am
resources just in case of an emernc here's an example. turday afternoon the center sent important information out to the public when a fire broke out in the castro just before the march. >> it takes a village, so our 911 dispatchers are working hard, our emergency sfervice coordinators are working hard. the public works workers who are cleaning up after the parade. >> and police say there were no arrests at pride this year, though there were some calls for medical emergencies and public drunkenness. many members of our abc 7 family marched in yesterday's pride parade. they joined several members of our parent company, disney. several other big companies like apple and facebook also sponsored groups. check out our abc 7 app or our bebsite. we posted videos from everything you might have missed.
6:40 am
let's talk temperatures. wil start down in the south bay where most of us are around 73 degrees. we've got 60 right now in alameda, san carlos, san pablo, nevada 58. nevada 58. even though we've got a so if you're commuting on the water, it's going to get a little brisk. >> becoming sunny pretty quickly today. here's a look at san jose's temperatures. to 77 at 4:00. 6:00 we're back down to 73. notice today's temperatures and tomorrow's temperatures tempered by the cool breezes, nearly steady. a warming trend begins wednesday and lasts through the weekend.
6:41 am
. if you started out with us this morning, we had some police activity. really not a very that is looking better. if you are coming from the fairfield area, that looks like a better option than 680. for a while i was telling you to take 680 for that alternate. back to your normal route here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have had those metring lights on since 5:37 a 10-minute delay in the bay city direction, but everyone else has been on time today. we'll take a look at drive times we'll take a look at drive times in less than 10.
6:42 am
the road suffered severe storms in february and was closed down. a big inconvenience for commuters there. a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:00 will mark the official reopening. if local transit officials have their way, you'll soon see police cracking down on people who shouldn't be in that hov lane. plus a midair scare that will give you goosebumps. the reason the pilot told passengers, quote, to say a prayer. mike and alexis are helping to make this a better day, keeping it up to the minute on weather and traffic so you get to where you need
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carpool cheaters, loo out. transportation officials are asking for more money to come after you. tiffany wilson is live on 101 in menlo park. what's being done, tiffany? >> reporter: good morning, matt. yes, metropolitan transportation commission found that about one out of four drivers in those carpool lanes during the afternoon commute is cheating. and they do want to come after you. bay area transportation officials are asking lawmakers to fund extra california highway patrols dedicated to carpool lane enforcement. according to our santa cruz sent
6:46 am
net, they sent a directive to sacramento asking for a change to an existing bill. that bill would extend a parking lane perk allowing people access to the lane if they purchased a white or green sticker. they want to double those whose cheater. well, a possible hate crime is under investigation in the sacramento area. a burned koran filled with bacon was found handcuffed to a fence across from a mosque saturday. muslims do not eat pork. it was the second hate incident in the sacramento area in less than 24 hours, and the person behind it made one key mistake. >> at the mosque fence but in front of the sheriff's department. i guess they didn't realize the sheriff's department was right next door, so not smart. >> on friday someone tore out
6:47 am
the pages of a koran and toss the them out the window of their car while driving past the islamic center. davis is looking for that suspect. the man clinging to a rock in the sierra just above the top of a 50-foot waterfall along the south hebrew river in nevada county on saturday. a helicopter lowered a specially trained firefighter down to that land and ren registered land and ren registered the >> come on, honey, i'll catch you! >> the 14-year-old dangled nearly 25 feet off the ground at the sky ride of six flags great escape in upstate new york.
6:48 am
she finally let go and fell into the arms of strangers waiting to catch her below. witnesses commended him. >> it was a risk of suffering a minor injury to save someone from serious injury, and that's what those guys ultimately did. >> the girl was rushed to a hospital. she was not seriously hurt and the people who own the ride found everything was working correctly, including the equipment. there is a good chance you never felt anything that would elicit this response from the pilot. >> also, listen to the briefing. that depends on your cooperation. >> hopefully. well. after taking off from australia yesterday, their flight turned back after two hours and landed in perth rather than heading as in perth rather than heading as planned to the nation's
6:49 am
of koawaul lumpur. during the flight, the pilot also asked passengers to, quote, say a prayer. the seven-time majors chap said is serena williams would 700th in the world if she played against men. mcenroe made the comment in an interview with npr promoting his memoir titled "but seriously." ultimate bragging rights for one disney fan who now owns this piece of history. it's walt disney's original disneyland map. it was drawn in 1953 and it just sold at auction in los angeles for $708,000. that did fall a little short of the 900,000 it would expected to fetch, buchlt
6:50 am
pretty cool map there, but i know now when you walk into that's the modern version, yes. our modern version of a renaissance man, mark nico, to tell us about our weather this week. >> trying to have the happiest place on earth right here at home. you can see that deck of you can see that deck of broeblgen i'm coming this weekend. 80s in loss gaut oes and gilroy. san jose at 78 and santa cruz about 73. 68 in melbourne, 72 to 76 on the peninsula. 69 to 73, that's your coastal temperatures. daly city 59. downtown san francisco about 64 degrees. if you're going to the game tonight, sea breeze will be a
6:51 am
big factor. 61, dropping down to 58 by the end of the game. let's head to the north bay. 74 to 78 degrees at the valleys. at the coast you can see right around 60 to 61 degrees. berkeley, oakland, can't quite make it to 60. fremont about 74 p. head inland. free air-conditioning today to brentwood. evening it all the way go. my forecast, steady tomorrow, just a touch warm wednesday and thursday. maybe a little average inland maybe a little average inland friday and saturday. many. >> really.
6:52 am
205 tom. that is just our typical delays. we've not had anything blocking there all morning. san mateo bridge, a little heavy here on 92. we have a crash on the toll plazs but it's been hooked back to the shoulder. some nine minutes to westbound 84, dunbarton bridge, that is also in the green so the great ultimate for you in san mateo. that will take just 11 minutes. some warriors are hoping to adde added. added. and thompson, eetd.
6:53 am
>> i have a. >> taking bets? >> i'm always up for betting. >> lunch? >> we're bang in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you start your day. >> this is beautiful. look at this! use bay area. you can see a lot more great you can see a lot more great pictures
6:54 am
6:55 am
it's 6:54. if you're heading out the door, severen things you need to know before you go. the supreme court just handed out its first set of decisions without taking any action to trump's travel ban. more rulings are expected in just two minutes. the wife of san francisco uber driver holding out hope the human remains found in a warehouse are not those of her husband. thef chi vanished over mother's day weekend. we had a handful of accidents. those have all cleared up and we have nothing major right now, just your typical slow spots. as you try to get through the maze, we do have heavy traffic. but that's about it for right now. number 4, there is a search for a missing san francisco man following a kayaking accident with his four-year-old daughter. the daughter was rescued, her
6:56 am
father vanished. number 5. a torched playground at golden gate park could cost a million dollars to rebuild. it happened yesterday at children's corner in golden gate park. look at the numbers for your neighborhood. number 7, san francisco pride is calling this year's event a success. they estimated 1 million people out there. that's it for us. 7 news now continues on twitter, facebook and all. >> have a good morning, everyone.
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good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west. final decisions coming down in the supreme court. showdown. clocks ticking on the senate health care bill. >> it's a very narrow path but i think we'll get there. >> president trump fighting to get his own party on board amid fierce opposition. raging wildfires. nearly two dozen burning across the west. hundreds evacuated. this man trying to battle a blaze with water from his pool. homes already destroyed. now fierce strong winds will fan the flames. and the new warnings about that deadly triple-digit heat. abc news exclusive. a juror in the bill cosby trial speaks out on camera for the


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