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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 26, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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farm ♪ ♪ straight into your bowl ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around... ♪ and that breaking news is from san jose where an evacuation has just been lifted following a gas line rupture at a north san jose construction site. it happened less than an hour ago near zanka road and innovation drive. >> sky 7 flew over the scene minutes ago. pg&e has capped the leak and firefighters have capped the site and not found any evidence of gas. workers briefly ordered to evacuate have now been allowed back on to the site. thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. >> and i'm kristein sze. >> our other top story, a political and legal win for president trump, part of his revised travel ban can now take effect.
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this after the supreme court agreed this morning to hear arguments on mr. trump's travel limitations from six muslim-majority countries giving the president his first legal victory on this controversial issue. >> and this is a look at the high court this morning. abc 7 news reporter there. >> reporter: is the president acting within his authority or violating the constitution's protections with the travel ban? that's a fundamental question the supreme court has opinion asked to resolve and today they announced they will hear the case in the fall this. comes alongside a partial victory for the president with the court also announcing that parts of the travel ban can take place immediately. there is one exception. the courts will allow those with bona fide connections from the banned countries to continue to travel to the united states. the travel ban sparked protests since it was hastily rolled out as one of the first major actions of the trump administration in february. >> this is racist from the president. >> reporter: mr. trump's campaign rhetoric and tweets
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used to buttress the complaints says that this amounts to a religious ban against muslims. >> calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: but the travel ban isn't the only important case that the court is weighing in on. they issued a decision on a case regarding the rights of same-sex couples overturning the decision of the highest court in arkansas. now same-sex pupils will be allowed to put both parents on the birth certificate, not just the biological parent and the supreme court also announce that had when they return for the next term, they will hear the case of a baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex marriage, and as all of these cases go forward, there is intense speculation about the justices who will make these important decisions and if the most critical swing vote on the court justice anthonyennedy will cos to retire at age 81. >> the real question is justice kennedy who will be 81 in july. >> he's the swing swroet. >> the swing vote across the board, gay rights, abortion, all the hot button issues that he holds the decision in.
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>> reporter: the president is calling this a clear victory for our national security. though others may disagreed. the new travel ban will take effect 72 hours from now in many ways trying to avoid the scenes of chaos from the first rollout. reporting from outside the supreme court, lana >> we're marking the two-year anniversary the day scotus ruled in favor of same-sex marriages. a new study high lies the progress and shows more than 1 million lg bt people in the u.s. are married to someone of the same sex. and the fight over the american health care system is ramping up with both sides making a push to sway senators still undecided. >> reporter: the clock is ticking on health care, and in spite it looking like an uphill battle in the senate, president trump is cautiously optimistic on fox news. >> i think we're going to get there. >> reporter: and blamts democrats for blocking the process, even tweeting that it's not easy and perhaps he should
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just let obamacare crash and burn. with the democrats united against the new bill. >> we are doing everything we can to fight this bill because it's so devastating for middle class. >> reporter: republicans can only lose two votes from their party and five already said they are not on board with five others saying they have serious concerns. conservative republicans say the bill doesn't go far enough to repeal obamacare. >> the obamacare subsidies in this bill are actually greater under the republican bill than they are under the current obamacare law. >> reporter: moderate republicans say the bill goes too far and rolls back too much. >> and i'm also very concerned about the medicaid cuts and what it means to our most vulnerable citizens. >> reporter: during the campaign, candidate trump vowed not to touch medicaid. >> save medicare, medicaid and social security without cuts. >> reporter: the senate bill is projected to splash spending on medicaid by $800 billion and the white house insists this bill
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still keeps the president's promise. >> we don't see them as cuts, slowing the rates of growth in the future and getting medicare back to where it was. >> reporter: we expect a score from the congressional budget office as early as today telling us how much this bill will cost taxpayers and how many americans could lose their coverage under the new plan. >> developing news today. we're hearing from the owner of the hayward warehouse where human remains were found over the weekend. the remains are being tested right now to determine if they belong to a missing uber driver from san francisco. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in hayward with the latest. >> reporter: hi, kristen, the owner of this warehouse spent the morning checking on his employees asking them if they are doing okay. he says they are all a bit shaken, including him. he's the one who smelled something on saturday and called politician. the owner of the u.s. trading company in hayward answers some of my questions in list lobby but declined to go on camera. he did tell me the person of interest in this case bob tang
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worked here for about 20 years and described tang as quiet and says if you ask nun who works here they would never expect that tang would be the focus of a murder investigation. but now bags of human remains have been found at the warehouse where tang worked and police believe tang has escaped to cambodia. they are now doing dna tests to find out if those remains are those of piseth chhay. his wife is turning the suspicions to tang. >> reporter: i'm hoping hand praying that the body parts don't belong to moy husband, but if it is, bob tang has something to do with it. >> reporter: the two families have been friends for six years. >> like family members. we get together. we went on vacation together. we used to cook together, so i don't know what went wrong. >> reporter: piseth chhay disappeared on mother's day. his car was found in the san francisco's bayview district and tang's found at sfo.
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khai is the father of two boys. >> these two boys are waiting for him to come home. >> reporter: the owner of this warehouse says he offered to give employees the day off today if they needed it, but he says everyone has decided to go aand stay here and work today. police say it will take a few days for those dna come back. >> thank, aiming. a grew vowing to recall the embattled santa clara judge accused of sentencing stanford swimmer brock turner has made the matter official. recall organizers staged a silent protest during the filing. proponents must collect more than 58,000 signatures in the next 160 days for the measure to qualify for the june 2018 ballot. organizers say they expect the measure to qualify. >> we must do all we can to recall judge perksy and instead
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elect a judge who understands sexual assault and violence against women and takes it seriously. >> perksy was transferred to civil court last year. the campaign to recall him came last year after he handed a three-month jail sentence to athlete brock turner in connection with an on-campus sexual assault. officers say around 10:00 last night a gunman pulled alongside a car near bay shore boulevard and marin street and opened fire. a male passenger inside that car was hit. he was taken to the hospital. the driver of the car that was shot at lost control and crashed a short time later. no word on his condition. also, no word on any suspects or a possible motive. a tragic end to the search for missing san francisco man who was kayaking with his 5-year-old doubt their happened yesterday along the sacramento river. neither was wearing a life jacket when the kayak flip. the girl was grabbed and the
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girl's 48-year-old father vanished beneath the water. he was found dead in the water late last night. a population play structure at a san francisco park has been torch, and authorities are looking for who is responsible. it happened early sunday morning at children's quarter just across the stadium at golden gate park. the reck and park department says the struck you're will need to be replaced. it will likely cost upwards of $1 million. someone has -- is being very selfish. i don't know what they were thinking. >> it's, unfortunate, again, you know, part of living in the city. you can't always plan for unexpected. >> reporter: the fire left huge holes in the plastic slides and burned the wooden sportsed a the koret children's quarter. park officials say it will too soon to come up a time line for
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cleaning up and replacing it. for now patrols will be inkoreansed in the area. >> the chp wants to hear from you if you've been terrorized by a motorcyclist on the freeways. this video was posted yesterday which shows a helicopter following a guy on a green motorcycle. officer say the biker rode recklessly smashing, kicking and punching people's side mirrors sometimes while going faster than 100 miles per hour. when he got home, he found officers waiting to arrest him. the chp says if you've encountered this motorcyclist recently, please, let them know. more help could soon be coming to crack down on carpool cheaters. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is live in menlo park with what's being done. tiffany? >> reporter: hi there, matt. yes,
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transportation commission says if we want carpool lanes to work we need enforcement. >> you're obviously cutting ten minutes off your drive. >> reporter: kyle lee has taken advantage of that perk even when he's solo. >> definitely done it a few times in crunch time. >> reporter: not alone. metropolitan transportation commission found one in three carpool lane drivers should not be there, but lack of enforcement has allowed the culture of cheating to continue. >> does it frustrate you if you're sitting in traffic doing the responsible thing and there you s them go down? >> yes. i feel very frustrated at that point. i see like where are the cops. >> reporter: according to the mtc, chp officers can only enforce cheating during overtime hours so the chp is turning to the legislature for help. they want to extend a bill allowing electric and alternative fuel vehicles access sticker. those stickers currently cost
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$22. mtc wants to double the price to $44 to raise money to comfort cost of overtime for chp patrols that would specifically target carpool lane cheaters. drivers are split. >> yes, that's a good idea. >> no, there are probably other things they could spend the money on. >> the mtc is going to meet with the bill's author next month and if it's approved and they vote on it, this could go into effect as soon as the legislative session ends in september. live in menlo park, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> thank you, tiffany. still to come on abc 7 news, tourists targeted in the big easy. dramatic video of an attack as the search for suspects intensify. >> the mid-air scare that could give you goose bumps. the reason the pilot told passengers to, quote, say a prayer. the heat broke over the weekend. it was gorgeous, wasn't it? i've got more of this refreshing weather coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. a quick look at the golden gate
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bridge. mostly sunny out there and temperatures 3 to 1 degrees cooler than average. we'll have a warming trend but we
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developing news out of new orleans where police are trying to identify four people who brutally attacked two tourists in the city's popular french quarte e of tse victims is still in critical condition. we just learned both tours are from boston, and we're in new orleans attending a meeting for a religious group when they were attacked saturday night. in the video released by police
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you see a pair of men run up behind the victims hitting one man across the face from behind. that victim gets knocked out and is seen lying motionless on the ground. new this morning, a settlement in the deadly shooting last year castile. the aftermath was seen in the aftermath when she livestreamed it on video. castile's mother has reached a $3 million settlement in the case. people on board an air asia flight over the weekend may think twice about ever getting on a plane again. >> a pilot told them to say a prayer when the plane's engine started having trouble in mid-air. >> also, please, listen to everything. our survival depends on your cooperating. hopefully everything will turn out for the best.
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>> all right. hopefully. you're lock at video shot by a passenger. the trouble started about an hour and a half after the plane took off from australia yesterday. the pilot turned around 30 minutes later and safely landed in perth rather than headed to malaysia's capital kuala lumpur. the discount airline has not said what caused the engine to shake, but that announcement made a lot of people shake, i'm sure. >> yes. still to come on abc 7 news, meteorologist mike nicco is tracking cooler
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wait, what's going on now? move the flag. it's kind of nice to get
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into your account and go ah, feels pretty good like there. looks pretty noise from emoryville. the winds will pick up in an hour and a half or so and in area east of the gde gate and into san pablo bay which will have little faster winds. i'll show you how fast in a second. here's the big picture for all of us. coolest winds today and tomorrow. we'll have a warming trend for weekend but may get to 90. no is hundreds in this warming trend which means we get closer back to average. even as we get toasty, things will remain mild and cool. a wealth of 60s around the bay and coast and a sprinkling of 70s inland. temperatures well below average. here we go. there's that area i talked about in yellow from is being this afternoon an ferry riders the most affected, and possibly those who like to wind surf. good for you, those 24 to 34 miles per hour, especially if you're a stud at it. a few broken clouds out there and now a will so i had deck
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like tonight. out and about, strong sunshine. watch out for that. on bay watch out for the breezes. beaches, sunshine and chilled though. look at daly city 59. looking at 61 and the sunset to possibly 646 in downtown san francisco. mission a little bit warmer at 67 and 69, sunny and mild in oakland and heyward 71 along with san leandro and castro vale one of the warm spots at 14. becoming sunny and millbrae 68 and look at pacifica. you're 63 and you're the warm spot along the coast. 77 and a breezy afternoon in santa rosa. san rafael 73 and vallejo 74 and as we go down south a break from the summer heat. 78 in san jose and milipitas about 13 degrees. free air conditioning and 79 in concord and may get to 80 in livermore and walnut creek 81. that's as warm as it gets. a look at 280 and 17. speaking of san jose, looks beautiful down there. a look at the day planner. low to mid-60s along the coast and low 70s around the bay to 3:00 and mid to upper 60s.
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mid-70s inland from noon to 3:00 and then we'll drop down to 72 by 16 and eventually 451 to santa rosa and 58 to san jose and palo alto. headed to the game tonight. at&t park, and it's hoodie weather. dropping down to 57 degrees and it is going to be breezy. tomorrow almost a repeat of today. a little bit warmer wednesday and thursday and we'll bump the temperatures up a couple more degrees friday and a couple more saturday. because it's so gradual your body will have a chance to acclimate to it and it's not going to be that extreme. it's pretty close to average. >> like a frog in the frying pan. >> yes. >> as it gradually warms up. >> here we go. >> okay. >> i was going to say it's nothing. >> that's what i'm having for din ter on the weekend so come on over. >> there we go. >> sorry, i was lost. >> love that. some of the warriors are hoping to add more hardware to their mantel today. draymond green and andre iguodala are up for nba awards.
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green named a finalist for defensive player of the year and iguodala is looking to earn sixth man of the year. in the van vote section of all this, kevin durant is nominated for best playoff moment. the nba awards, the one that green and iguodala are up for, are chosen by a global panel of sportswriters, broadcasters and winners will be announced tonight. >> summertime, nice beach
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to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free. ♪ coming up at 4:00, from the gutter to the bay, now the city of oakland owes trash problem could soon become a big money probable and tonight at 5:00, they used to be hottest ticket in town. not anymore. the giants are a mess, and it's taking its toll with the team and local businesses. >> now to the dog days of summer. >> what better way to cool off than at a puppy pool party. ♪ well, come on ♪ come on, baby ♪ >> there they go. >> yeah. this video posted on video shows a montage of happy pooch eds taking their first dip in the water which can be a little scary. sometimes you need the helping hand to get the courage to swim or pretending to swim for some
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of them. we spotted a few pups moving their paws before even touching the water, probably just practicing before taking that big plunge, and, of course, once they get used to it it, and they love it. >> that's real swimming. that's the doggie paddle. that's a stroke. >> that's how i started. >> all right. thanks for joining us other at "abc 7 news." >> have a great day.
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