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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." >> we're hiding in plain sight if you look up. >> a warning tonight from the chp to wreckless drivers. authorities are watching you from above. police say bad behavior like this may have been happening for months. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm erik thomas in for dan ashley. police arrested that motorcycle rider last week after a case of road rage that quickly escalated. >> "abc 7 news" reporter cornell bernard is live in orinda with the story. >> reporter: that incident happened here on highway 24, but police believe reckless behavior by this motorcycle rider has been happening for quite sometime. have you seen this bright green kawasaki motorcycle with gold rims? police say many riders have. he's suspected of damaging cars
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twice last week. >> with 15 seconds i could ted it was probably our suspect. >> reporter: they spotted the rider last thursday on highway 24. high-resolution cameras caught him smashing the side mirror of an suv as he passes. >> within a few minutes he was doing things, hitting the mirrors and making rude gestures to people. >> reporter: police say the rider kept going, popping wheelies and reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour. the chp plane kept up, following the man to his house in antioch. >> he had been riding for 30 minutes in a reckless manner and within 15 seconds of stopping at his house he was confronted by highway pa trom. >> reporter: police arrested 29-year-old erik poole jr., charging him with reckless driving, vandalism and driving a motorcycle with no registration. police say it is not isolated and he could face more charges. >> we found he has been involved
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in this behavior for months. >> reporter: meteor cycle rider told us there's no excuse for this violence. >> motorcycle or car, you still share the road. that's the end of the day. doesn't matter if you have two wheels or for. >> reporter: the suspect is out of jail. we made several attempts to contact him with no luck. in orinda, cornell bernard, "abc 7 news." >> and "abc 7 news" was at san francisco's fisherman's wharf tonight where the f line streetcar collided with a car. you can see the damage to the streetcar. one person was injured but is expected to be okay. muni tells "abc 7 news" a car hit the left side of the train around 8:00 tonight. a water problem stopped bart service tonight in its tracks. a bart spokesperson says a clogged drain in naturally occurring underground springs caused minor flooding. it created a puddle around powell street. it lead to long weights. bart says it is working to
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waterproof the tunnels. >> an 11 san francisco girl wanted to share memories of her father after watching him drown saving her sister's life. she was with her family as they went kayaking on the delta. their kayak overturned. her fannedy, roni avila alvarado lifted his youngest daughter above water but he did not survive. >> he was very brave. he never -- he always took care of us. he always played with us. it is sad for me he has to leave. >> investigators say neither alvarado nor his daughter were wearing life vests. the family has started a gofundme account for his funeral. we have a link on our website to "abc 7 news".com. new at 11:00, what appeared to be a great escape for a car jacking ended 2100 miles away from the scene. the city used the community's
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cameras to link him to two other carjackings as well. he was ace rested in illinois. photos and tattoos helped addison police id him. >> to san jose where a local swim coach is under arrest accused of molesting and intimidating children he worked with at a local swim club. we are learn more about how timothy wynn allegedly tried to lure kids. abc 7 reporter jeanine wynn joins us live. >> reporter: police say the coach started a texting relationship with the children and there's a possibility that there could be more victims. it was a busy afternoon in the pool at gunnederson high school. many of the children training here are part of quick silver swimming, a private club. police say that's where 25 yrltd timothy wynn was preying on children. >> it is really, really wrong on a bunch of different levels. >> reporter: one of the parents alerted the swim club about him,
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say he was inappropriate. police investigated and found he started texting with teens that swam there. >> at first it was about the team and swimming. but then it progressed over time, and they started becoming sexual in nature, asking for sexual favors as well as nude images of these children. >> reporter: police arrested wynn for molesting and intimidating children. detectives say he targeted males and female also. so far three victims have been identified. >> we want the public to know that we are concerned about finding any other victims that may be out there because, again, the victims do need help. >> reporter: many parents who have children in the swim club told us they were not notified. they and others in the swimming circuit are upset because wynn was something the kids looked up to. >> when that coach breaks that trust, it is worse than any kind of other betrayal. >> reporter: the quick sill rear swim club had no comment. we went to wynn's home and a couple who didn't identify
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themselves off camera told us they're surprised but don't think wynn should have been arrested. jeanine della vega. opponents of the legislation are stepping up their efforts to kill the bill once and for all. "abc 7 news" reporter lilian kim is in the newsroom with the story. >> erik, republican cans can only afford to lose two votes but already 10 gop senators say they cannot support their own parties bill or they have serious concerns. an impromptu rally tonight on the capitol steps led by cory booker, democratic senator of new jersey, he urged the crowd to call their elected leaders, anything but be silent. >> right now the biggest enemy we face is not a handful of senators blocking health care for millions, but it is the silence of the many that have the power to do something about this. >> reporter: for now, the bill appears to be on the edge of collapse. key senators balked when the
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non-partisan congressional budget office revealed the bill will leave 22 million americans uninsured over the next decade, 15 million more uninsured next year alone. republican leaders were hoping to repeal and replace obamacare before the end of the week. >> keep in mind what the real choice is. it is the republican bill with a lot of good things that should satisfy a lot of republicans or obamacare. >> reporter: but another concern for some republicans, the bill's plan to slash spending on medicaid by $800 billion. matt hickey is a resident physician at sf general are a number of his parents are on medicaid. >> that's my concern, patients will get sicker before they feel they're able to come into the emergency department and brave the expenses they might face. >> reporter: in a rare coordinated effort, a press conference will be hosted tomorrow to talk about the senate bill's "devastating effects on california." in the newsroom, lilian kim,
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"abc 7 news." thank you, lilian. tonight government agencies are scrambling to implement a limited version of president trump's travel ban after a ruling by the supreme court today. starting thursday, nationals from six muslim majority countries will need to show their affiliation to a person or organization to visit the u.s. these restrictions will be in effect for 90 days. "abc 7 news" talked to silicon valley muslim community members who told us they believe this executive order is unconstitutional. >> it is really going against the fundamental fabric of this country and the fundamental backbone of what this society has been bit upon. >> the justices will rule on the constitutionality of the ban in october. developing news tonight. the white house is warning of a possible chemical attack in syria. in a statement released tonight the white house warns syria will pay a heavy price if he another mass attack on
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civilians. much more ahead on "abc 7 news at 11:00." hear from the man who was swept down a mile of white water in the heisey era and was able to cling to a rock just in time. >> honsly don't know how i made it on the rock. if i didn't, i probably wouldn't be talking to you right now. highway 1 ooms, the mistake that could end up costing quite a bit of money. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel, temperatures below average this time of year. i will let you know how long this pattern will last coming up. >> tortoise on the run. neighbors in
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tonight we're hearing from a man whose life was saved during a dramatic aerial rescue in the
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sierra over the weekend. 25-year-old clung to a rock after being over powered by the swift warter of the south yuba river. a die trying to cool off turned into a fight to stay alive. >> i thought i could swim apart what appeared to be the calmer part of the river. the feeling that the current had on me was like the start of a roller coaster. i'm 6'4". i never felt so small in my life. >> he says he is grateful to the highway patrol officers and firefighters who saved him on saturday. he plans to volunteer with the search and rescue group near his home. piper park is due to reopen to visitors on friday. the park was kept closed for the past 11 months due to fires. visitors can use the shuttle. the bridge is being rebuilt and is due to open in september. cal trans faces a costly question. how does it want to fix a misspelled highway sign near
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monterey. take a look at the brand-new, yet incorrect sign that directs drivers to delray oaks but someone put an a where the e should be in the word ray. swapping one vowel for another will cost hundreds of dollars. replacing the sign, thousands. >> starting monday you will pay more to drive across more to cross the golden gate bridge. you will pay $6.75 if you use fast track. drives without fast track will pay 7.75. it uses a cashless toll system so owners of cars without fast track will get a bill in the mail. only on "abc 7 news" tonight, an animal control call you don't hear every day. >> a tortoise showed up at a family's front yard in important toll ah valley, and it apparent he wasn't going anywhere fast. >> reporter: if its breathing
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sounds heavy, it is because this tore toss made a long journey from somewhere. >> i looked out the kitchen window and saw him on this pat. >> he once had a pet turtle, a smaller one. >> i said, how do i freak out my mom. i said, sheldon has come back. >> reporter: she came home to find it was not sheldon but tank the tortoise. >> he seemed happy wandering around the garden. >> reporter: they fashioned a makeshift enclosure and called animal krom as neighbors began to gather. >> reporter: is he what you imaged? >> no. >> reporter: how is it different. >> bigger and faster. >> reporter: there is one thing that became increasingly clear about the tortoise. its ancestors were not from around these parts. >> oh, my god. >> no, he's giant. >> that's not a native. >> reporter: not even close it turns out. >> hey, buddy. >> reporter: the peninsula humane society say he it is an african tortoise and he is a she who is almost certainly
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someone's pet. >> are there gloves? >> reporter: yeah, weighing in just shy of 100 pounds. >> hold on. >> it is a tough one. >> reporter: it took two people and a stretcher to carry the tortoise up the driveway. all in a day's work for animal rescue. >> team tortoise. >> team tortoise. >> reporter: who soon found out this little girl was hungry, chowing down at the shelter on lettuce and bell peppers. >> it is a domestic tortoise. hopefully we can find the owner. >> reporter: if not, she could go up for adoption. in portola valley, jonathan bloom, "abc 7 news." >> i like him. kind of cool. >> yeah, big, cool. let's check the forecast. >> hopefully you feel the same about the weather. let me show you a time lapse. here on my emeryville camera a nice marine influence. the wind we had prevented low clouds from returning right away. once the sun went down clouds began to reform and tonight as
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the wind eased up we are seeing a return of the marine layer. now, the wind is going to pick up again, tomorrow afternoon especially. 22, 23 miles an hour not out of the question. and this trend will carry over into the evening hours before those winds subside. so do expect another breezy afternoon. the same winds responsible for the cooler than average conditions today. here is a live picture from ore emeryville camera. you can see the marine layer in the distance. tomorrow morning when you get going it will be with us. live doppler 7 showing the cloud cover along the coastline. we have it over parts of the bay as well, and this will carry on into the morning hours. temperature right now in the 50s, 60s. it is going to be better sleeping weather tonight, that's for sure. from our "abc 7 news" explore tore yum camera you see overcast clouds right now, which you will have tomorrow morning along with patchy drizzle. below average for the next two days. tomorrow morning when you get going don't be surprised if you see a little bit of wet pavement. that's going to be due to
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drizzle. temperatures will start in the 50s across the entire bay area. as you look at the hour-by-hour planner, the morning drizzle will give way to some sun with lingering clouds along the coast. breezy near the coastline like today and temperatures inland will come down a few degrees. low 60s to low 80s. the sun will set and temperatures will fall. tomorrow morning at ash a.m. the green you see is drizzle with some low clouds and patchy fog. heading towards 8:00 a.m., still see it pretty much lingering. a gray sky if you are taking a ferry drive across the bay. if you are driving, keep it in mind. in the afternoon we'll hang on to the low clouds near the coast, sun for the rest of you. barely making it to the low 80s for the tuesday afternoon. so a nice change of pace, getting a break from the heat. if you are going to at&t park tomorrow, the giants take on the rockies again. at 8:36 the sun sets. once it goes down, temperatures
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will fall to the mid 50s. it will be breezy some make sure to take a sweat shirt or jacket and enjoy the game. accuweather featuring below average temperatures. on wednesday breezy at the coast but temperatures begin to come up a few degrees. takes minor warming trend through the end of the workweek where you will see upper 80s inland. by friday low 60s coast and then the summer microclimate is returning over the weekend. we'll bump up you you you you yu
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are created equal. >> when i meet thomas jefferson i'm going to compel him to include women in the sequel. >> what! . >> this is an unexpected trio, steph curry, his wife and hamilton creator. they gave a short performance on social media in an effort to raise money for immigrant nonprofits. they're challenging others to donate, specific olly olivia and dwayne the rock johnson and sing their favorite hamilton song. >> got a favorite you want to share with us? >> i don't know if you saw hamilton, my shot, that would be perfect for steph curry. >> his way of deflecting, on "hamilton." >> exactly. >> giants not singing but swinging tonight. a tough season for the giants. tonight though they took out some of their frustration on the rockies. the warriors dra mon green wins a big honor, but he might be a
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. abc 78 sporlts brought to you by river rock casino. >> third time proved to be the charm for warriors' forward draymond green. after finishing sec last two years, tonight he was named nba defensive player of the year. he didn't come up short this year, but he decided to wear shorts with his teal tux eed owe jacket. he set a team record by having at least 150 steals and 100 blocks in a singon. he also became the first warrior to be named first all team defense three times. >> we have all been there last years and coming up short. it is precious to finally win this award. like i said, to be mentioned in the category with some greats. >> for the second time in three years golden state general
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manager bob meyers was named executive of the year. meyers helped bring kevin durant to the warriors along with centers pachulia and magee. they went on to win the nba title beating the cavaliers in five games. as expected oklahoma city russell westbrook was named mvp. he became first to average a triple-double in 55 years in a season. he had to carry the load, getting the thunder into the playoffs with 47 wins. it's been a rough seasons for the giants, but tonight against the rockies things went smoothly. let's go to at&t park. even the ball dudes have been struggling. san francisco jumped on top in the first buster posey sends a long fly ball off the left center wall. hunter pits scores from 1st. 1-0. in the third with a man on, brandon belt belts this pitch deep. joe panik will score to make it
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3-0. belt winds up with a trupp triple. giants seal the deal, posey with the third hit of the game brings home panic. giants win 9-2. posey with 3 rbi, leading the majors with .347 batting average. posey is also the official junior giants commissioner. he handled out a brand-new rawlings baseball glove to 1,000 junior giants around the state. at the college world series championship, lsu's jake slaughter had a charlie brown moment. in the third, florida's dalton guthrie made an incredible catch, chasing down this ball in foul territory. he ends up eating dirt but hangs on to the baseball. with two on in the fourth, the gators' jonathan india sends this ball deep to center. bounces over the fence for a ground roll double. 3-0, florida. brody singer set a college final
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record with 12 strikeouts. gators take game one 4-3. they could win the title with a victory tomorrow night. this sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. for the record i am wearing pants tonight, not shorts. >> oh, no. >> you have to have the legs for that, and money does. >> because i'm sitting next to you, not saying anything. "abc 7 news" continues online, on twitter, facebook, twitter and your mobile devices with our "abc 7 news" app. our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. we w
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thanks for being with us tonight. i'm erik thomas.
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>> i'm ama daetz. for sandhya and rick and all of us. thanks for ♪ bombs bursting through air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the sky ♪ that the flag waved again ♪ ♪ give us our daily bread ♪ la la la of the free ♪ the brave [ cheers and applause ] dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- keri russell, from "animal kingdom," scott speedman, and comedian casey crawford.


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