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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 27, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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if you don't have fast track it jumps to $7.75. here's how that money will add up. they say about 112,000 cars cross the bridge every day. you add 25 cents to each car and they'll be making an extra $28,000 a day, more nan $10 million a year just from adding a quarter to every car. this will be going into effect on monday. live from the golden gate bridge, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> all right, amy. thank you. and now to senate republicans healthcare bill. governor jerry brown and senators diane fine stain and kamala harris are host a news conference today to talk about ties deaf stating effect on california. senate is the planning to hold a do or die procedural vote on the bill tomorrow as it faces growing opposition within the republican party. >> i will stop this bill. >> reporter: as democrats
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gathered with protesters. >> i'll tell you right now, this crazy, evil bill is not about going together, it's about leaving people behind. >> reporter: republicans continued last-minute negotiations. >> this is the art of the possible and the the art of getting 50 votes. >> the nonpartisan congressional budget office revealing the senate healthcare bill would leave 22 million more americans uninsured over the next decade, 15 million more next year alone. >> unfortunately the forgotten men and women remain ignored in both the house and senate bill, and that's what i'm trying to press. >> republican senator ron johnson citeding the working class people president trump has also called forgot zblen save medicare and medicaid and social security without cuts. >> the bill he now supports would slash medicaid spending by $800 billion. >> i'm also very concerned about the medicaid cuts, what it means
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to our most vulnerable citizens. >> knows concerns from senator susan collins now on the growing list of republicans who say they'll vote no on this bill. >> and that makes a total of six in the no column when this bill can only afford two no votes to pass. abc news, washington. meanwhile, locally some doctors say the republican plan will leave some of their patients with fewer options. the plan slashes spending on medicaid by $800 billion. matt hickey is a resident physician at sf general where a number of his patients are on medicaid. >> i think that's my big concern is patients are going to get a lot sicker before they feel like they're able to come into the emergency department and brave all the expenses that they might face. >> a proposal to bring in a universal healthcare was stalled friday. lawmakers put it on hold saying it was incomplete and didn't include any way to pay for it.
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>> government agencies are scrambling to implement a limited version of president trump's travel ban. starting thursday, the supreme court ruled nationals from six muslim majority countries will need to show their affiliation to either a person or organization to visit the u.s. these restrictions will be in effect for 90 days. abc 7 talked to people of silicon valley's muslim community and they believe this is unconstitutional. >> it's going against the fundamental fabric of this country and the fundamental backbone of what this society has been built upon. >> the justices will review the constitutionality. ban in october. rude motorcycle riders beware, the chp is watching you from the sky. we're getting a better look of a road rage problem officers believe has been going on for months. we have the footage. >> reporter: have you seen this bright green kawasaki motorcycle with gold rims?
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the cph say plenty of these drivers have. the rider is suspected of damaging cars on the freeway twice last week. >> within 15 seconds or so i could tell that this is probably our suspect. >> air patrol officers tony jackson and mark mitchell spotted the ridert thursday on highway 24. highway resolution cameras on the aircraft caught him smavging the side mirror of an suv as he passions. >> within a few minutes he was doing things, hitting mirrors and making rude gestures to people. >> police say the rider kept going popping wheelies an reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour. cp plane kept up following the man to his house in antioch. >> he had been riding for 30 minutes in a reckless manner and then within 15 seconds of stopping at his house he was confronted by highway patrol. >> they arrested 29-year-old eric poole junior charging him with reckless driving, vandalism and driving a motorcycle with no
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registration. they say it's not an isolated incident. poole could face further charges we've found that he's been involved in this behavior for several months. >> this motorcycle rider told us there's no excuse for freeway violence. >> motorcycle or car, you just -- you share the road. that's the end of the day. doesn't matter if you have two wheel or four. >> the suspect is out of jail. we made several attempts to contact eric poole with no luck. happening today were a report expected to be released, the documents how san francisco police officers book black and minority defendants on more severe charges when they're jailed. the study was commissioned by the city's public defender's office. it shows that black people are held in jail longer than whites and are convicted of more serious crimes and serve longer sentences. this is because according to study of the more severe charges they're booked on, which is an officer's discretion. >> a san francisco family is
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grieving the loss of a father who died saving his young daughter's life. yesterday officials identify that man as ronnie avila alvarado. he was kayaking north of antioch when they kayak overturned. his other daughter saw it all happen. she said her father and sister got into trouble when waves caused by nearby boats overturned the kayak. i tried to get her safe first and he went like that and his head was in the water because he couldn't breathe. but he made sure she was safe. he was very brave. he always stood up for somebody. he never -- he always took care of us. he always played with us. >> that poor girl. a jet skier was able to grab his young daughter. after that her father went under the water. divers found his body sunday night. investigators say they were not wearing life jackets and they are provided for free on shore.
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developing news in the east bay where a group rallied against car offing up the biggest school district in contra costa county. there are 32,000 students in 56 schools in the mount diablo unified school district and there's a proposal for five schools to break off and form a new district called north gate. critics say the newis dftictr w wealthier neighborhoods. proponents argued the needs and concerns of these families are currently being ignored. the contra costa county office will make the final decision and they plan to be meet on the issue sometime at the end of the august. happening today, the city of san francisco plans ton officially celebrate its next minimum wage increase. san francisco will announce the hike in a news conference. minimum wage is going up to $14 an hour and that change kicks in saturday. emery ville's minute maple mum wage will go up to $14. and san jose to the current
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$10.50. it comes after one day on a negative report of minimum wage from the university of washington. the report showed wage hikes don't really improve the lives of low-income employees. focus in seattle where it's headed to $15 an hour and find that employers are freezing hiring or letting them goen tierl lt the average low-income worker actually lost a dollar a month due to that wage hike. >> the long awaited smart train in sonoma and ma rin counties will have a soft opening this weekend but don't get your hopes up quite yet. on thursday, saturday, and 4th of july smart is offering free rides on eye first come first serve basis from the her ronna park to the civic stations. the civic stations marked with red dots on this map are not operating yet, so not fully operational. the agency cannot fully open to paying customers until the federal government okayeds the
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transsilt advanced safety system. and once it gets that green light, smart plans to run 34 trains a day. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> did you sleep well last night, had the windows open, maybe the fan going. temperatures right now about 55 degrees to 57 across san francisco. not much of a spread. sunny side's 55, everybody else 56 to 57 degrees. 58 in richmond right now, walnut creek we've got a 60 out there in santa clara. tracy at 61. saratoga 62. 59 in pleasanton, ub oncity, pittsburgh, belmont. looks like we're going to have some issues getting into sfo this morning. check out the low clouds and fog bursting through the san person with doe gap. it's going to be dry and comfortable your commute planner showing mass transit cool to mild and if you're on the water it's going to be breezy again but this time breezy everywhere.
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i'll show that you small craft advisory next hour. hourly planner 6:0059, 8:0062. by the time we get to noon 67 degrees. we'll top at at 70 degrees at 4:00 and fall back to 60 fooich at 6:00. mid-to upper 60s along the coast and san francisco, a lot of low to mid 70s to near 80 makes you wonder where summer is. you won't find tomorrow even though highs will climb just a little bit. we'll start to see signs of it as our first 90 returns to antioch thursday. i'll let you know if that gets into the rest of our neighborhoods coming up in the weekend forecast. we are looking at some overnight construction and that's about it at this point. here's a live look at the richmond side of the san rafael bridge. we do have the right lane closed until 5:00 this morning starting here at the toll plaza across the bring until about san quinton. so should not cause any delays. i will keep my eye on that make sure they get that picked up in time. also one quick note here for
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mass transit. same thing we had yesterday, very low tides again today. if you're valeo and san francisco riders if you're leaving from 90:00 a.m. and 11:13, you will be bussed. just a mayor juror as yesterday. thank you. a warning from the white house, what they're saying about a possible chemical attack in syria. >> and an update on a different kind of attack closer to home. the new develop plent in this the new develop plent in this brazen ambush in
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leaks. she has been held without bond since her arrest earlier this month. now, a live desk update. from the live desk this morning, a surprising twist in the hunt for the notorious ak-47 bandit. richard gajer cool was arrested last week in the shoot shooting of a kansas state trooper who stopped him for obscured plates. during a recorded jailhouse call to his mother he actually asked her to get rid of those guns inside his montana home. well that tip led to a search warrant. police found homemade bombs and evidence linking him to a string of bank rob there's a started five years ago. police also say after they
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arrested him last week they found an ak 47 i side his pickup which was stolen. >> come saturday many california gun owners may be breaking the law and knowingly risking fines or jail time. starting july 1st it's illegal to hold high capacity magazine that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. they have ban the sale of those high capacity magazines since 2000 but you are still allowed to own them if you had people your position. they say it will lead to fewer mass shooting. gun rights claim that it won't stop criminals. >> they already get high cap magazines, magazines that hold more than ten rounds. anytime anywhere they go and they're going to continue do so. this law will only affect law-abiding citizens. >> gun owners who have high capacity mags can turn them into place or zrie them. one issue is that clips have never been registered so there's no real way for the state to track who owns them or even how mny are out there right now.
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an update this morning on a disturbing story out of new orleans. police have arested one of the four suspects behindthy brazen attack. as you can see, two tourists were ambushed in the french quart. they were walking back to their hotel over the weekend when four men came from behind and attacked and robbed them. the suspects eventually ran off. one return looking for something he dropped or to check on the victim who is now in critical condition. okay. it seems to be cooling down a little bit. at least compared to last week. let's go ahead and check in with mike nicco on this tuesday's forecast. >> they call it twotor tuesday on the radio. we'll start with that small craft advisory i talked about. you can see encompassing the entire bay shoreline and the delta. yesterday it stopped at the bay bridge before heding south, not the case today so it's going to be breezy everywhere. twoeft northwest winds about 15
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miles per hour a bridge. and cool once again, cloudy and cool nights, i think the next couple of nights we'll have a better chance of driz he will especially the closer you are to the coast. and a weekend warming trend but not for all of us. today average high in san francisco 69. the breezes will keep us around 66. mission 65. south san francisco 67, but look at the sunset in the dally city, right around 59 to 60 degrees. on the other side of the bay, oakland sunny and breezy, 70, little warmer in castro valley 71 and union city 72. 72 in peninsula with morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. 74 in mountain view. south bay 75 louds to sunshine make sure you have the sun glasses. up in the north bay it's going to be a breezy 77 in santa rosa, sonoma about 78 degrees. and our last stop our inland east bay neighborhoods where 80 in fairfield and antioch. everybody else around 77 to 79 degrees. more cloud cover tonight.
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temperature about 51 to 55, even cooler than this morning. my accuweather seven-day forecast a little bit warmer tomorrow and again thursday and friday and before you know it 90s are showing up inland and seftsd around the coast for the weekend. >> that looks good and the roads are off to a fairly quiet start as well. i do want to take up to the antioch bridge. we've had a high-wind advisory for eight couple days they did just reissue that. if you are traveling state route 160 you've got wind gusts of about 25 to 30 miles per hour. especially if you're in a high profile vehicle you'll want both hands on the wheel. quiet right now across the san rafael bridge. saw some construction cones go through and they're picking up some cones. so is that construction i was talking about on 580 until 5:00 looks like they're going wrap that up a few minutes ahead of schedule but barely any vehicles on the roadway. tracy to dublin starting to ramp
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up you're up to 37 minutes. just hearing about a new crash along that stretch as well so we'll talk about that next. southbound 680 dublin to mission wlfd green in the 18, and highway 101 to cupertino you look great at 16 minutes. some hilarious moments from the nba awards that you may have miss dollars. the way draymond green and lebron were the butt of a couple of jokes. >> how you may be able to score some "hamilton" tickets just by lend a hand. in today's tech bites another day of deep discounts and free shipping. >> this year's held on friday. >> your smartphone maybe responsible for reducing your mental kmaft, a new report suggests gadgets act like a brain drain. >> researchers found the mere presence of a user's smartphone gets in the way of simple taskds because we're always thinking about them even if they're
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turned off. >> where is my phone? and it's a big birthday for an invention many of us demend on for cash. >> bark lay's bank unveiled the first automated teller june in first automated teller june in june,
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...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) happening today, via sadium
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will host the first ever american flag football league game. other nfl stars like michael vic will take the in tonight's exhibition game. tickets are $10 and all proceeds will benefit the positive coaching alliance. kickoff is at 6:30 tonight. >> third time's a charm after finishing second the last two years warriors all-star draymond green was named nba player of the year. this year he set a team record by having 150 steels and 100 blocks in a single season. he also became the first warrior to be named the first team all defense times. >> it's not just one guy who goes out there and do this, you know, our defense ask as good as it is, no matter what i do out there it wouldn't matter. and that takes 14 other guys who are dedicated and committed to the process. >> for the second time in three years, golden state general manager bob meyers was named
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executive of the year. >> draymond green stop kicking people in the groin and moved on to something much worse, his own podcast. it's a tough listen. it's a tough listen. lebron james recently went bald and social media had an absolute -- oh, sorry, this is a joke from 2007, we're going to keep it rolling. >> take a few shots there. wrapper and actor drake hosted the inaugural and nba awards and he got out some players as you hard there are. this was the second time drake hosted an awards show approximately he previously served as host of the espys. >> looking sharp there. smithen of truth in all humor. here's a look at assistant april cruz it looks inviting and it will be later on. 70 there with sunshine. there will abe few more clouds around the coast than there was yesterday. 60 to 64 degrees just about everywhere else. going to the game tonight, all right. the giants won last night.
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breezy, kind of chilly. alexis. we do have one new issue if you're coming from the tri-valley this morning westbound 580. we've got a crash, it sounds like one vehicle spun out that's facing the wrong way. we have at least one lane blocked and a lot of debris scattered as well. i'll have an update on this and we'll check on the bay bridge commute coming up at 5:00. how would you like the chance to meet the creator of the hit musical "hamilton"? >> i'm in. >> one friend for just $10 by entering this contest could win two tickets, airfare hotel to come to opening night in l.a. you'll hang out with me at the vip after party and it's l.a. >> the only thing that makes me sad is that means that hamilton's leaving san francisco. >> that's true. >> donations go to a group that works with organizations to provide services to immigrants
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and the refugees to enter, make a donation and post a video of yourself singing one of your favorite "hamilton" songs with the hash tag ham for all. >> ♪ we're all created equal ♪ so when i meet thomas jefferson i'm going to include women in the sequel ♪ ♪ what >> i love everything about this steph curry's wife teamed up to challenge others to sing and donate. we have others on the website at abc 7 newsdom. >> use the hash tag abc 7 now. >> next at 5 the decision that will happen today that will affect people who park on the peninsula. and drone giving us a new look at capper teen know. >> and we're going to hear from a man rescued in the sierra how he's getting back over this or ordeal. abc 7 news now keeping
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weather and traffic up through the entire break so you're in the know as you begin your day. stay with us.
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♪ ♪
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♪ good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings.
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>> good morning, it's tuesday, june 27th. natasha's off but the rest of us are here. >> we are here. i ate nerds for breakfast so that's starting off good. >> that's healthy. >> that's a good note. >> mike, hopefully your weather's better than my breakfast. >> are you still on vacation? >> in my head only. >> grocery shopping time. >> right, no kidding. >> nerds for breakfast, ai like it. let's talk about what's going to happen today when reggie goes out and goes grocery shopping. here's a like at you can see most of the buildings except for the big sales force tower there kind kind of punching in the fog this morning. we're going to be in the mid-foifts low 60s. right around 60 at the coast all day. 70 to 72 at 4:00 around the bay, ib land 72 to sift 6. all of us in the 50


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