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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> yeah, a little bit cooler than should be for this time year. hi, everybody. here's a look at live dopplar 7. pretty dry out there. drizzle's is going to be a big issue the next couple mornings especially closer to the coast. looking down on the cloud deck this morning. here's yirz 12-hour day planner mid-50s to low 60s. the bottom line is the coastal temperatures. we'll manage around 60 better part of the day. low 70s around the bay. and then 72 to 76 inland to 69 at 7:00. let's see what alexis is watching this morning. we're hearing we've got some tire tread on the bay briej on the westbound side of 80 just before you get to treasure island. i'm not seeing much of a backup yet. we've got our typical delays there as you get through the maze and the metering lights but approaching ubeana island and treasure island it's not looking too bad. it looks like chp already on the scene. a quick check outside. walnut creek soum bound 680 bright sunshine coming up so grab those shades but so far that's looking great this
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morning too. we'll take a look at some drive times coming up in less than 10. we are tracking several major developments regarding syria overnight. the syrian government dismission white house allegations this morning that the country's preparing for another chemical attack on its people. the u.s. says syria is behind an april attack that left dozens of people including women and children dead. last night the white house said it looks like syria is preparing for another attack and if it did, it would, quote, pay a very heavy price. the u.s. responded with force last time. bombing the base from where the attack was launched, 63 hours after it happened. so we'll see how we respond this time. reggie. >> okay, thanks. happening today something that could affect the next time you park in palo alto. the city plans to increase parking permit prices and it's pretty controversial because we're not just talking about a few cents here and there. matt keller is here now to explain.
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matt. >> reporter: good morning. you know it's expensive to live in palo alto. well, how about if you park in downtown palo alto. approximately, if you work here it's going to get more expensive. a memo from the city manager lists all the proposed increases to the parking fees. for instance, the california avenue garage and lots will go from 140 nine dollars a year to $280 a year and almost 85% increase. downtown garages will go for $466 to $560 a year. a 20% increase. daily permits are going up significantly in downtown will go for $5 to $25 and city manager says justification for the changes include bringing the costs closer to what other cities charge in region and bringing the costs of offstreet parking permits closer to the costs of commuting by transit so there's no ib sentive for employees to drive to work. it's up to the city council now. today's meeting starts at 5:00. reporting live in palo alto. abc 7 news. thank you. san jose police are looking for more victims of this swim coach
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tim anythy win. he is under arrest accused of arresting and i fim dating children he worked with as quick silver swim a private club. one of the parents alertsed the swim club about him saying he was being inappropriate. police investigated and found he started texting with several teens who swam there. >> first it was about the team and swimming, but then it progressed over time and they started becoming sexual in nature, asking for sexual favors as well as nude images of these children. >> detectives say he targeted male and females. so for three victims have been identified. a new report says oakland police supervisor who oversaw the bung will investigation into the department's sex scandal may avoid discipline. that's because there are questions about when the one-year statute of limitations clock starts ticking for filing disciplinary charges. according to the chronicle, repeated delays in the city and
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federal investigations may have a big impact. allegations of oakland cops sexually exploiting a teenage girl who called herself celeste first surfaced in 2015. according to a federal report, the chief didn't make the case a priority and they told an investigator to hold off until an internal probe was complete. happening today in oakland is considering becoming the fourth bay area city to impeach president trump. the move is largely symbolic but the city council's resolution would demand congress to investigate the president for impeachment. if approved, oakland would join richmond, ail mada and berkley whiches v already passed im350e67 meant resolutions. and now to the gop healthcare bill. they're expected to hold a key procedural vote on the bill tomorrow. the congressional budget office says if the bill passes, 22 million more americans would be without health insurance over the next decade. this version of the bill would enhance medicare expansion,
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allow insurers to charge older policyholders more. jonathan karl explains why he thinks there is no plan "b" if the bill does not pass. >> ask that question specifically of top officials. >> i see no plan "b"nd asked for republican leaders on capitol hill it seems that their plan "b" if this goes down is simply to move on to another issue. they want to get on to taxes. >> only two republican senators can vote against the bill in order for it to still pass. and we are watch a lot, we're expecting a lot of local develop mnts on this story today, including reaction from leaders like governor jerry brown and senators dianne feinstein and kamala harris. they're all expected to hold a news conference later this morning. you can stay on top of this morning and all of the updates on and with our abc 7 news app. happening today the san jose city council will discuss ways to prevent giving themselves a raise. council members say it's awkward to vote on your own salary,
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somebody city policy currently forces them do so they want that decision out of their hands. and they've asked the salary setting commission to come up with other options. the council is also willing to have voters decide their financial fate by making changes to the city charter about how their salaries will be determined. bart appears to be back on track this morning after a water problem stopped service last night. a bart spokesperson says a clogged drain and naturally occurring underground springstor blame. they caused some minor flooding, created a puddle. station about 6:30 last night leading to a ten-minute delay but here's the rest of the story. bart is actually now going to be working to waterproof some of those tun medicals. ail made de kaunt u county firefighters had their hands full yesterday of dogs. look at these pictures posted of two dogs they were able to rescue from a house fire. firefighters kept the flames from spreading. all occupants of the home were able to get out safely before
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firefighters got there. one resident went to a local hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation. the cause of this fire still under investigation. layoffs could be coming to san francisco unify. the positions threatened by the district's proposed budget. plus screen challenge where kids are being offered $100 to turn off all those devices. it is 7 minutes after 6:00 a.m. here's a live look at people are trying to make their way into trying to make their way into san francisco ♪ trying to make their way into san francisco ♪
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> for most neighborhoods our temperatures range from 53 to about 50 aift. you can see up in the mountains a little bit cooler 49 degrees. 69 in hey woord were 62 in san jose, 60 in concord, san francisco 56. walnut creek a little sunshine slipping between the clouds ant ground, now it's getting back up into the clouds. exercising no summer heat today, yard work did doh it this evening when it's cool. temperatures around the state about 84 in l.a., 113 in palm springs, 87 in sacramento and 79 in ha to hoe. you can see a warming trend the
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next three days. some 90s coming back to the forecast. timetable on that next, here's alexis a timetable on your dmut. we're looking okay so far this morning. here's a quick check of the south bay. northbound 101 at 880 very lights. look at some drive times here too, westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze in the green at 23 minutes. we did have reports of tire tread west gowned u bound 80 just before you goat treasure island. sounds like chp ran a traffic break to pick that up so i blieve it is gone. we are back 15 minutes four. southbound 101 you look great at ten minutes. new at 6:00 dozens of layoffs could be possibl in the san francisco unified school district because of budget issues. according to examiner, 13 staff members who work in accounting, human resources, and school cav tier yas will be out of a job at the end of this month. up to two dozen more could be laid off because each department is asked to cut their budget by
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1%. the board of education is schedule to discuss more proposed cuts during today's meeting. next, how your smartphone could be making you dumber. >> and coming into our live desk, we just got some new video showing the moment a city kbus showing the moment a city kbus is hit b wheyou wantve metto protect it. legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom.
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now, a live desk update.
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welcome back at our live desk we've just got this new video coming in of a terrifying dus crash in michigan. we showed part of it to you during the break. investigators say a teen driver was speeding down the street, slammed an suv into a bus. and you can see the surveillance video from the cameras from the inside of the bus. five people there were on the bus at the time of the crash. driver had to be rushed to a local hospital. police blocked their faces, though, in this video so you can't see them and make them out. the crash happened in may, but this video was just released and, boy, it's making headlines. police say the driver of the suv ran a stop sign. reggie. students from one washington, d.c. school could earn some money this sum, he are all they have to do is this, put down the tablets, put down the phone, disconnect. a school principal is challenging 160 students to disconnect every tuesday this summer if the students can do that, she's going to give them $100. in total, that could be a
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$16,000 payout. the principal says she hopes this new habit once a week may lead to something more. >> i'm hoping that it will be disruptive enough to get them to think about, gee, maybe i liked who i was on tuesday and maybe i want to be like that on wednesday and thursday too. >> i'm assuming this isn't one of those schools schools that gives kids ipads. so for proof the students will need to show two letters from adults saying they signed off and stayed off their devices. she hopes the challenge will catch on with other educators. imagine seeing this on your commute during bart. look at that time go. it's a squirrel on the loose. >> what? >> on a flan lond done 'undergraund u ground. they say a lot of people were freaked out they thought it was a huge rat and then maybe they noticed a tail. the little guy did not have a very long commute. he only rode one stop then he got off. >> okay. he was probably scared by all those people. >> i know. poor dude he was probably trying
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to go to picka dilly circus and do a little shopping and he just got freaked out, everybody was screaming. >> right. >> and trying to swat him off the train. poor dude. >> squirrels know a good sale, that's so true. >> they do. maybe grab a pint. i don't know. that's all i go. we haven't gotten reports of anything weird, nor rodents run around on bart this morning so that's good news. and we are doing better in menlo park as well. taking a look at things near willow road and now brinl street that's where we had a crash involve a san transbus. we did not confirm that but we heard reports of that. in any case we got the all clear from menlo park pd. they said everything it back in the green in that spot. one new crash in for the south bay north bay 101 just before oakland road reports of a motorcycle down. that's off on the right hand shoulder. i believe we have one vehicle. hey, mike, how are you? mike wants to do my traffic
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report. >> sorry, we moved things up i went the wrong way. >> that's probably my fault because i went to the wrong spot. it is not sounding like a serious situation so i'll keep my eye on that one too. quick check on the richmond side, the bridge looking great so far. we already saw him here he is again. mike nicco, good morning. >> that was nuts. >> that's okay. >> you're back to the squirrel story. >> i would never try to take over your job, that's for sure. >> that's okay. >> just know that. i thought -- anyway. all right. let's move on i'm here right now in front of you want to tell you about the weather for the next well minute now. let's talk about the winds gusting to 15 miles per hour at sfo to 16.5 moon bay, 17 oakland, 20 one in fairfield. here's a look at sfo, drizzle this morning, talked about how that's going to be more prevalent the next couple days. is it okay for me to walk over to this camera joey? he nods his head yes, all right.
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so there we go. slower sunshine highs below average clouds and drizzle next few nights. temperatures will be down to the south bay and 73, 75 san jose, 76 at gilroy. go up the peninsula we start at 75 zun to 609 in millbrae. low to mid-60s along the coast, maybe not quite as much sunshine. 66 in downtown san francisco. now as far as what's going on for the giants game, rockies in town, consecutive win, let's hope so. going to be cool there. temperatures 74 in petaluma to napa about 79. the east bay shore, just about everybody around 70 to 72 degrees. berkeley could show up just a little bit short, 69. 77 at san ramon and concord to 80s around antioch, fairfield and also brentwood. tonight cloud cover once against a better chance of drizzle near the coast and peninsula and the east bay hills and 51 to 55 degrees.
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my seven-day forecast and whoa you're going to be dealing with are temperatures a couple degrees cooler wednesday, thursday, and friday and some 90s showing up saturday sunday inland. 60s at the coast and 70s inland. back to you guys. good morning america coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> paula ferris is live with a look at what's ahead. good morning, paula. >> hi there, reggie, jessica. i want to join your morning show sounds like you're having some laughs this morning. but coming up this tuesday the white house issue a strong warning to the assad regime in syria after potential preparations for a devastating chemical attack were uncovered by u.s. intelligence. we will have the latest on that this morning. also a mother speaking out after a terrifying scene on a tarmac fearing for her infant's life as her united flight sat on the ground for nearly two hours during that denver heat wave. the baby's now recovering but the outrage continues to grow. it's all coming up on gma.
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back to you guys. appreciate that. we'll sigh you later. thank you. this morning 7 on your side's michael finney breaking down what to think about when buying life insurance. >> and new research that could be the key to solving your sleepless nights. i need this. what scientists have just discovered about insomnia. and as you get your day into gear, keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the traffic throughout the commercial break
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welcome back and we r tracking breaking news right now at our live desk. a first look this morning at a wildfire burning in riverside county. this is a live look from our sister station kbc. might not look like much from this shot but the fire has spread out across the mountain range near beaumont. the choeper gives us a different vang vantage point of how much ground this covers. you can see the black spot, what firefighters are dealing with right now and effect for several communities in the area. two people were taken tonight hospital with injuries. >> if you've ever had trouble complete a simple task, maybe
6:25 am
you should blame your smartphone. new research from the university of texas says mobile devices reduce our brainpower even when they're turned off. it's a phenomenon they're calling brain drain. they say it happens because we're always thinking about our phones even when they're not using them. >> i believe it. do you have ever have that panicked feeling when you can't find your phone and you think about it the whole time? >> constantly, very worried with it. time to ask nin finney this morning. we have a question about life insurance. 7 on your side's michael finney has this answer. >> group insurance through employer a good deal or should i go out and talk to a do get my old life insurance whether it's term, universal life. should i be talking to an insurance agent? >> hi, legion. many of the policies you bay buy at work are a great deal and many of them can actually be taken with you when you leave, as long as you keep paying for them. now that said, you need to compare the numbers. and keep in mind, what are you
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trying to protect? go online, get information and then get together with an insurance agent and talk it over. and most important here's the question. do you just want insurance called term insurance, or do you want insurance and an investment wrapped up together? that's called whole or universal life. legion, good luck and don't rush into anything. and if you have a question for michael finney recorded on your smartphone or tablet and share it on social media using the #askfinney. health news if you suffer from insomnia, the problem may not be in your head. rhee serjz in the netherlands finds biology plays a role in your sleepless nights. they found seven genes that impact your sleep. they hope the finding will lead to new treatments for insomnia. >> so blame your parents. >> yes. next at 6:30, commuters beware, which local bridge is about to cost more money to cross. more details emerging about the senate healthcare plan. how local doctors say bay area
6:27 am
residents would be impacted if that bill becomes law. plus the oldest chinese restaurant about to reopen its doors. we've got thicker clouds this morning on our mounlt tama pies camera. what i was going to tell you what i was going to tell you that's temperature's g
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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. now at 6:30, a live look at
6:30 am
the golden gate bridge. we're showing thank you becaus starting soon you're going to have to pay even more to cross the bay area's most iconic span. >> good morning, tuesday june 27th, natasha is off the rest of us are here though and we're going to start with you, mike. >> you can see the cloud cover out there and that means we're going to have slow sunshine and slightly cooler conditions today. let's start with your winds you can see double digits down ton san jose, 21 at fairfield, 15 at sfo. here's what it's doing to your temperatures. 7:00 this morning most of us in the mid to upper 50s, ant yook at 61. now as we get towards noon 50s at the coast in san francisco, 60 around the bay and 70s inland. we'll uptick to even ooh i few 80s in the east bay around 4:00, antioch. but those mainly 70s and 60s around the bay and 50s in the coast. as we round out your 12-hour day planner 50s and 60 by 7:00. we'll take a look at your heat in the seven-day forecast.
6:31 am
anybody hot under the collar. >> the first one as you leave fremont heading north on 680 just before you get to mission boulevard we many a report of some type of hazard in the three right lanes. i'm guessing that was probably just some debris had the had a little bit of yellow a little slowing a few minutes ago not looking bad right now. northbound 101 looking great south of here, oakland road we had that motorcycle crash most of it on the shoulder. so we'll take a look at that coming up in less than ten. thank you. the golden gate sbrij short on cash and we're all about to pay pore it. fast track, carpool, pay by plight all getting a toll increase. that happens in a few days. >> we're live at the bridge with what drivers think. amy. >> reporter: yeah, jessica, some drivers vont shur about this. the bridge district says it needs the money for the maintenance of this bridge, also to operate it. the board passed this increase three years ago and says it will help with a five-year budget shortfall. if you have a fast track, your toll will go up to $6.75.
6:32 am
if you don't have a fast track your toll will jump to $7.75. some drivers say they wonder where all the money goes. >> i think it's excessive due to the fact that they're not really doing anything that's showing me what they're using it for, you know. it's like the bridge is still red. i mean, and it got the movable barrier, so what, i mean, you know. >> here's how the increase will add up. they say there's about 12,000 cars that cross the bridge every day. if you add 25 cents to each car, they'll make an extra 20 athousand dollars a day, more than 10 million a year. so it really will add up. this increase will start on monday. live in ma rin county, aim mip hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you. developing news, the white house warning syria ahead of a another possible chemical attack on its own people if the in a statement released last night the white house warns syria will pay a, quote, heavy price if bashar al
6:33 am
assad conducts another, quote, mass murder of civilians. so syria has responded this morning dismissing those allegations as well as the warning from the white house. back in april, chemical attack in syria killed dozens. the u.s. government believed that previous attack assad was responsible and he has denied that attack as well. the senate planning to hold a do or do die procedural vote on the gop healthcare bill tomorrow as it is facing growing opposition within its own republican party. >> here's the mass so far. a total of six senators now oppose the bill. they can only afford to lose two to pass. the nonpartisan congressional budget office revealed its analysis of the bill. it found 22 million more americans would be uninsured by 2026, 15 million of those by next year alone. >> and we're also very concerned about the medicaid cuts, what it means to our most vulnerable citizens, and i'm very concerned
6:34 am
about the cost of insurance premiums and deductibles. >> if passed, this bill would slash medicaid spending by $800 billion. president trump repeatedly vowed not to cut medicaid while on the campaign trail. >> locally some doctors say the plan will lead leave some of their patients with fewer option dollars. it slashes spending on medicaid by $800 billion. matt hickey a resident physician at sf general has a number of patients that are on medicaid. take a listen. >> i think that's my big concern is that patients are going to get a lot sicker before they feel like, you know, they're able to come into the emergency department and brave all the expenses that they might face. >> a proposal meantime to bring universal healthcare to california was unexpectedly stalled in sacramento friday. lawmaker put it on hold saying it was incomplete and didn't include a way to pay for it. government agencies are scrambling to implement a limited version of president trump's travel ban. starting thursday, the supreme
6:35 am
court ruled that nationals from six muslim majority countries will need to show their affiliation to either a person or an organization here in the u.s. in order to visit our country. these restrictions will be in effect for 90 days. abc 7 talked to silicon valley muslim community members who told us they believe this executive order is unconstitutional. >> it's going against the fundamental fabric of this country and the fundamental backbone of what this society has been built upon. >> the justices will hear arguments on this case in october. this morning we're learning more about a chp helicopter that caught a motorcyclist damaging cars right on the freeway.le juf antioch was arrest and charged with reckless driving and vandalism. the chp helicopter spotted his green motorcycle on highway 24 as he was smashing the side mirror of an suv as he rode by. >> in a few minutes he was doing things, hitting the mirrors and
6:36 am
making rude gestures to people. >> he had been riding for 30 minutes in a reckless manner and then within 15 seconds of stopping at his house he was confronted by highway patrol. >> so beware because chp is looking at you from the sky. investigators are still trying to find other drivers whose cars were damaged fwhi guy. officers say he could face more charges. right now, he's out of contra costa county jail on bail. happening today a report expected to be released, the documents how san francisco police officers book black and minority defendants on more severe charges when they're jailed. the study was commissioned by the city's public defender's office. it shows that black people are held in jail longer than whites, are convict of more serious crimes, and serve longer sentences. this is because according to the study, of the morse severe charges that they're booked on. >> a san francisco family grieving the loss of this father. he died trying to save his young
6:37 am
daughter's life. they identified him as ronnie avilla alvarado. they were kayaking sunday off of brand nan island state park. they're cia kayak overturned. you see his other daughter saw this all haptd. she said they're father and sister got into trouble because of the wake of other boats. that's what ended up overturning the chi whack. >> he really tried to get her safe first and he went like that and his head was in the water because he couldn't breathe. he made sure she was safe. he was very brave. he always stood up for somebody. he never -- he always took care of us. he always played with us. >> it's heartbreaking. >> it's very hard to hear her describe that and we feel so sorry for the family. a jet skier was able to grab his young daughter. after that her father went under the water. divers found his body on sunday night. investigators say alvarado and his daughter were not wearing life jackets and they're urging
6:38 am
the rest of us now to ploouz please use them, especially those that are found for free along the shores. the city of oakland will buy a downtown residential hotel for $14 million and they're going to use the property to how's some of the city's 1900 homeless. and that's according to a report from our media partners at the east bay times. the report also mentions oakland may also purchase another single room occupancy hotel. this is all in response to the city's growing homeless population. encampments are becoming mormon in the city add a layer to okay leaned arizona homeless crisis. a group ram lid against car offing up the biggest school district in contra costa county. there is a proposal right now for 5 of the schools to break off. they would form their own direct and they would call it north gate. critics say that new district would consist mostly of whiter, wealthier neighborhoods. proponents argue the needs and concerns of these families are currently being ignored.
6:39 am
the contra costa board of education will make the final decision in august. happening today the city of san francisco plans to officially celebrate its next minimum wage inskrees. san francisco will announce the hike in a news conference. minimum wage going up to $14 an hour. the change kicks in saturday. emery ville's minimum wage will go up to $14 and san jose it will go up to $12 up from $2,010.50. today's celebration comes only one day after a negative report on minimum mum wage from the university of washington. the report shows wage hikes don't really improve the lives of low-income employees. it focused on seattle where the minimum wage is heading for $15 an hour and found employers are freezing hiring, cutting hours, or letting workers go. the study estimates the average low-wage worker actually lost $125 a month due to the wage hike. san jose's old ef restaurant is going to reopen. wings chinese restaurant shut down earlier this month because
6:40 am
the owners couldn't pay the hike in rent. the close e closures sparked a wave of community support. acoresing to business we don't know the exact terms of the owner's new agreement they just said the landlord gave them an opportunity to be continue serving the community so a lot of folks excited for this. doors open at wings, mark your calendars, thursday at 5:00 p.m. doesn't that make you hungry, mike? >> now your accuweather forecast. >> i was thinking hello, matt cellar next time you're there and couple offing back here, we could use some of those. 53 los gatos, 50 four loss at toes were cooper teen know 59. everybody else around 60 to 62 speaking of the south bay. 16 san pablo, brentwood 56, alameda 58 along with neff. here's a look. one of the commutes looking westbound on the san mateo bridge looks congested there. good thing it's going to be kind of cool tomorrow in you're taking mass transit if. you're on the road it's going to be dry and comfortable. on the water it's going to be
6:41 am
breezy everywhere this afternoon. hourly temperatures for napa, 73 degrees all the way up from 601 today. we'll hang out in the 77 degree range by 2 to 4:00 and by 6:00 a comfortable 74. quick look. today's forecast you can see 60s to 70 is aid round the bay, 70s and 80s inland but i do have a warming trend coming up in my seven-day forecast we've got a couple issues in the south bay right now so let's take you in on our traffic maps. northbound 101 starting to get a backup right here. this is a motorcycle crash most of it moved off to the right should every just before oakland road but we have one vehicle blocking the right far lane. that's several miles of heavy traffic. you're down to just about 8 miles per hour as you get through the 280/680 interchange. definitely expect delays if you're coming in from the south bay on northbund 101. also a new crash also possibly involve a motorcycle, northbound 85 near union avenue. sounds like that's blocking two
6:42 am
lanes right now but they're working to clear that as we speak. quick check of the bay bridge we've got our lovely friend the spider who's hanging out for your commute this morning. pretty typical commute as well. he we had a crash eermly this morning in the maze but that's long gone at this point. we'll check on drive times coming newspaper less than zblen all i can see are legs popping up from alexis's head. >> it looks like she has tentacles. a health alert for narnts morning about the medications so many of us give our kids every day. >> and riding the rails when you can check out the north bay's can check out the north bay's knew
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♪ ♪ ♪
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big news affecting google this morning. mountain view-based company is being hit with a record $2.7 billion fine by the european union. it's the result of a seven-year investigation by antitrust regulators into its online shopping service. regulators say google illegally favored its own shopping service over competitors when displaying search results. google maintains its sponsored ads make it easier for consumers to find what they want. reggie, let's talk about how spock holders are reacting to the news this morning from our live desk. a live look at the market which just opened at 6:30. shares of apple parent company dropped 3% in premarket trading and will you look on the left ever your screens down now 964
6:46 am
points, this is alphabet stock there. have been hovering around 10% down since the market opened. overall the company up, though, more than 20% on the year. so that's the good long-term news for stockholders but boy this morning things not going so well. >> all right. so let's talk about money in a different way. if you live in palo alto, you might have to start digging deeper into your pockets just to afford to park. >> the city today deciding on a controversial plan to raise parking permit prices. it's not sitting well with a lot of folks. matt keller live in palo alto to explain. hi, matt. >> reporter: good morning, jessica and reggie ppts it's a balancing act for the city. if you work on shop here in downtown palo alto it's likely that you'll find one of these garage dollars and park here. the city, though, wants less cars coming through so they're hoping increased parking fees will lead to more people carpooling together or taking public transportation. on the city's website it lists all the proposed increases to the parking fees. these are the recommendations
6:47 am
from the finance committee. for instance, california avenue garages and lots will go from $149 a year to $369 a year. downtown garages where we're at will go from 460 sfichl dollars to $730 a year for these permits, six u fist 7% increase. and that will go to the palo alto management association it's a nonprofit designed to reduce the number of single drivers in the downtown area. they woont to standardize the cost of the daily permits in the downtown areas to $25 a day. that's a lot more than you pay now. palo alto weekly reports workers and their employers are expecting to take the brunt of these increases causing inconvenience to the workday or creating increased costs. it all comes down to the city council and what they decide. that meeting starts at 5:00 tonight. matt keller abc 7 news. >> thank you. now to a medical alert from moms and dads. so listen up. a startling new study shows that parents give their children the
6:48 am
wrong dose of medicine more than 80% of the time. we heard about reports from this topic before, but what makes this particular study very different is it focuses on the solution. researchers looked at three different interventions. and here's abc's dr. jennifer ashton to explain which type of intervention worked best. >> use something called picka grams which is a picture of what the right dose looked like. they use text instructions saying mls only versus lp tee spohn. they found very high rate of errors, all three of these interventions helped. that's the good news. the one with the dosing tool seemed to help the most. >> okay. dr. ashton says it's always foreign ask questions from the pediatrician and pharmacist. and here's a good tip for parents. you want to ask what to do if your child spits up the medication, because sometimes parents forget about that as well. third time's a charm after finishing second the last two years, warriors all-star
6:49 am
draymond green was named nba defensive player of the year. this season green set a team record by having at least 150 steals, and 100 blocks in his single season. he also became the first warrior to be named first team all defense three times. >> it's not just one guy who goes out there and do this. for our defense to be as good as it is, no 345er9 what i do out there it wouldn't matter and that takes 14 other guys who've dedicate and committed, you know, to the process. >> and for the second time in three years, kbolden state general manager bob meyers was named executive of the year. >> draymond green stopped kicking people in the groin and moved on to something much worse, his own podcast. it's a tough listen. it's a tough listen. lebron james recently went bald and social immediate yae had an absolute -- sorry, this is a joke from 2007, we're going to keep it rolling. >> ouch. wrapper and actor drake hosted
6:50 am
the inaugural awards an took some shots at several players. this was the second time drake hosted an awards show. he previously served as host of the 2014 espys. >> he looked good. no matter what he said. let's go over to mike nicco and take a look at our weather today. >> it's okay to throw shade as long as you look good. >> that's right. >> that was end koof funny. >> here's a look at the golden gate bridge you can see the flag and that's what we're looking at as far the breeze keeping us cool today. the clouds are going to be a little more stubborn than yesterday. that leads to temperatures about 9 degrees cooler than average. that cloud deck will get a little more moisture in it. there will be drizzle the next couple of nights. and i do have weekend warmth but not for all of us. talked about the breezes today, notice how they're spreading everywhere you see in yellow from 1:00 to 9 clock that's a 24 miles per hour wind. that will keep us around 66 in downtown san francisco, mission
6:51 am
district 65, marin and richmond about 63. as we head over to r over towards oakland sunny, 70 and breezy, richmond 70, burke will he about 69, union city 72. peninsula 72, morning clouds afternoon sunshine. red wood city, 75 degrees, south bay 75. san jose. 74 in santa clara. north bay little bit warmer but breezy, 77 in santa rosa, nevada about 75 and our warmest temperatures but nothing out of control, livermore, concord, san ramon about 77 degrees. tonight cloud cover more extensive, temperatures cool pert if you slept hard like did i last night because it's so cool now, 51 to 56 degrees. it was hard to get up this morning. tomorrow morning probably just as hard. tomorrow a little bit warmer as high pressure starts to nose in some warmer weather. by the time we get to the weekend 60s near the coast, nearing 80 in the bay and 90 inland. we've got one new problem if you're trying to get out of the
6:52 am
central valley a tough spot. a vehicle is broken down on westbound 580 just before you get to grant line road. so those delays on westbound road going to get even longer thaetd that's blocking the left middle lane right now. hefty traffic westbound nine 2 across san ma taye towio bridge. we don't have anything blocking it but some hazy conditions. westbound 580 across richmond san rafael you're great in the green at eight minutes but just under half an hour westbound 92 for the san ha te'o bridge. done barton bridge looks great if you want to use that for an alternate it's in the green with just 11 minutes. big delays on 101 i'll come u taum become that next. thanks a lot. we'll have a soft opening this week with the smart trains. they're going to have to wait for it to be fully up to speed. smart is offering free rides on a first come first serve basis this weekend but only from park
6:53 am
to marin civic stations. although other stations in red along the way they will not be stopping they're not open yet. the agency can't fully open to paying customers until the federal government okays the train's advanced safety system. once that gets the green light they tran to run 34 trains a day. when this thing opens up, hallelujah. hallelujah. >> it's almost
6:54 am
6:55 am
it's six:54 here are the seven things you she know. number one mountain based going is face a record $2.7 billion fine from the european union today. they say google illegally faifrd its own shopping service over competitors. >> number 2 san jose police are looking for any other victims following the arrest of a local swim coach timothy nguyen win accused of molesting and intimidating children at a private club called quick silver swimming. number 3 syria is denying white house allegations this morning that it's preparing for another chemical attack on its own people. the white house vowed last night that syria would pay a, quote, heavy price if there was another attack. number four gop leaders in the assassinated are wrangling for last minute votes ahead of tomorrow's action on the gop healthcare billing. it will only take two no votes from republicans for it to die. six say they're opposed. number five our weather window will show a pretty thick cloud deck this morning, one that's going to be stubborn on
6:56 am
your 12-hour day planner and temperatures are going to remain because of that. 60s in the coast rest of us in the 70s. number six a crash vochl a motorcycle still really slowing you down on northbound 101 in san jose. the crash just before rok land road. that's still blocking the far right lane. good a seven-mile backup. nesn number seven serena williams clapping back after john mc enrow said that she would rank 700th on the men's circuit. she writes, i adore and respect you but please, please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based. >> i was a ball girl for mc enrow in a tournament once, now i regret bic picking up the baulds for him. >> throw a couple at him. >> you did. was he okay. >> he was fine. >> he did not get mad, unlike usual. >> one time that he didn't. >> yes. >> please leave serena alone. come on now. abc 7 news
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news, the white house issues an urgent warning to syria overnight accusing the assad regime of preparing for another chemical attack. saying that if syria strikes, they'll pay a heavy price. the gop's health care bill on life support after that major report saying 22 million more people will lose insurance under the plan. at least five senators saying they'll oppose a key vote that could come today. >> i won't vote to proceed until the bill changes. >> can president trump win enough support? on board emergency. a mother fears for her infant's life, stuck nearly two hours on the tarmac during a heat wave she says her 4-month-old grew


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