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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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wednesday, june 28th. natasha is off, but we are all here fully representing. >> that's right. >> i'd like that. hopefully the weather will keep you in that pumpful suspense. >> i like it. >> no idea. why not? 21 miles per hour, winds, you can see a nice south sea breeze. just dropped down to 18, but allowed the clouds to get into our inland east bay neighborhood. the sunshine trying to squeeze in between the clouds and ground. all right, your 12-hour day planner, mostly cloudy. drizzle closer to the coast. coast will stay in the upper 50s. middle line of temperatures, 68 at noon around the bay, 62 at 4:00, comfortable 68 at 7:00. temperatures warmest inland, 81 at 4:00 and 7:00, 73 degrees. how about the commute? >> starting to get tough. starting off with the bay bridge, metering lights on for
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about 40 minutes now, so you are backed up through the maze and once you get past that, still not great, because we have a disabled vehicle blocking the right center lane just before we get to the 9th street off-ramp. westbound 80 into the green at 22 minutes. up to about 22 minutes for the bay bridge drive into san francisco and san francisco to the airport still in the green at nine minutes. three other issues in the east bay. those coming up next. >> thank you. this morning the senate republican health care plan is heading for a complete overhaul. yesterday president trump huddled with more than 40 senate republicans at the white house. he was unable to sway at least nine who have said they oppose the plan in its current form. republicans will now work on a new version and try again after the fourth of july recess. this morning on "good morning america," chief white house correspondent john carl said this exposes the limits of the president's influence over republican senators. >> there is limits, bottom line is, this president does not have
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deep relationships with republican senators. he doesn't have much influence with them. in fact, the senator he is perhaps closest to of all of them is rand paul, who you remember he ridiculed during the primaries and who right now looks like the republican most steadfastly opposed to this bill. >> the rest of john carl's analysis next at 7:00 a.m. here on "good morning america" on abc 7. construction on building prototypes for president trump's planned border wall expected to begin this summer. four to eight companies are going to be getting contracts to build prototypes, but those contractors may not be from california, and that's because a bill has passed the state senate and it would prevent california from contracting with businesses that bid on the border wall. democratic lawmakers say the wall demeans and alienates illegal residents. republicans say the bill would cost californians tens of thousands of jobs. san francisco landlords may
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face stricter rules when evicting tenants. the board of supervisors passed a law that requires landlords to swear under oath that they or a relative will live in the unit that is vacated following an eviction. the updated law heads to mayor ed lee. he has the power to veto it. new details in the shakeup at uber. former ceo travis kalanick can count on the support of at least one big name in silicon valley following his resignation. former yahoo! ceo marissa mayer is coming to his defense, suggesting kalanick was unaware of the culture brewing at uber because of the company's rapid growth. according to "the chronicle" mayer made the remarks while speaking at an event at stan yesterday and she said, "i just don't think he knew. when your company grows that quickly, it's hard."
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she impair compared to the early days of google. happening today, fireworks stands are opening up in some bay areas. fourth of july a few days away. >> of course, there are restrictions to keep your family safe. abc 7 reporter tiffany wilson is live in dublin with more. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. yes, in just six hours this stand behind me and a dozen others like it in dublin open for business. high schools and churches are thrilled with the fundraising opportunity, however, fire officials say there is a lot to keep in mind before you buy fireworks. only safe fireworks are legal in california, so nothing that explodes or leaves the ground. and not even safe and sane fireworks are allowed in most bay area communities. >> where the problem comes in, though, is if somebody purchases fireworks in one of those communities and brings them to our community. we have a great number of fires
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every year that are caused by both the legal and the illegal fireworks. >> reporter: it's easier to report illegal fireworks this year than ever before. you can download a free app called nail 'em, then take a photo or audio clip of the fireworks, include time and location and the report will be automatically submitted to the appropriate authorities. you can buy safe and sane fireworks here in dublin, pacifica, san bruno, and other cities across the bay area. live in dublin, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> thanks, tiffany. the safest way to watch fireworks is through a sponsored event in your city. head to our website,, and we have a full list there of the festivals, parades, and our area firework shows. now, a live desk update. >> from abc 7 mornings. >> new details now on the wildfire burning in the north bay. cal fire has just confirmed that the fire is out. it burned yesterday near wood acre, scorching about 40 acres
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before fire crews gained control. a big concern, that much of marin county has not burned in 50 to 60 years, leaving decades of dry fuel surrounded by homes. and it's not just here, there are now at least 40 wildfires burning all across the united states. prepare to shell out a lot more money at the park in parts of palo alto. the city council ended up approving the big hike in parking permits we were telling you about yesterday. yearly permits are going to jump from $149 to $365. that's more than double. downtown permits will go from $466 to $730, up 60%. palo alto will give the extra money to a nonprofit to help companies buy transit passes for employees. the upside, parking is still free for the first two hours. oakland wants to spend $14 million to help people avoid living on the streets and beneath freeways. the city leaders plan on buying a hotel to offer transitional
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housing for the homeless. residents could also receive job placement and drug rehab services. oakland voters have said yes to a bond issue to pay for places to house people. >> we're in a housing crisis, and they were overwhelmingly willing to vote for it and have those additional taxes. >> there's enough room, there's enough shelter for everyone, and everyone deserves it, you know? and we'll do whatever we can to help out. >> oakland city council still needs to hold one final session to approve selling the bonds. once that happens, the city could then buy a property. a big problem, this winter storms, when emergency repairs are set to begin. >> we are one step closer to ending daylight saving time in california. there is one big hurdle left. let's take a live look outside this morning with our abc 7 news now. we are keeping you up to date on weather and traffic through the weather and traffic through the entire b
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now your accu weather forecast with mike nicco. >> i found some 40-degree temperatures on the peninsula. look at woodside, 46 and 49. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s until daly city at 52.
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60 right now in hayward, san jose at about 60. look at this, concord 58, 55 in san rafael and san francisco. planner on the roads, towards the coast, cool and warm if you're taking mass transit. breezy north of the bay bridge if you're going to be on the water. 110 in palm springs, 91 in sacramento, 78 in tahoe, everybody getting sunshine. west/northwest wind at 17, keeping temperatures in check today. warmer tomorrow, into friday, and hottest temperatures are this weekend. i'll show you those next. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. several traffic collisions to update you on here, including the double trouble spot on westbound 580 just past grant line road. both issues cleared. a disabled vehicle and crash involving a motorcycle. boy, check out these speeds, 4 and 6 miles an hour, so a tough commute out of tracy this morning. eastbound 580 off-ramp, they are still working on getting a light pole cleaned up. someone hit that and a couple other vehicles hit the pole as
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secondary crashes there. southbound 880 before state route 92, that crash has cleared to the shoulder, as well. also some bay bridge trouble. check on that at 6:20. new details this morning on a deadly caltrain incident in the south bay. also next, it's being called also next, it's being called tinder for m also next, it's being called tinderooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. with eight times more fragrance control, the new air wick® scented oil warmer lets you dial up or down. for the perfect amount of fragrance. no matter the size of the room. air wick®. home is in the air™. i wneverever wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every strand stronger because strong is beautiful. bmilk and fresh cream,a. and only sustainably farmed vanilla. what is this? a vanilla bean? mmm! breyers the good vanilla.
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abc 7 mornings. >> all news, all morning. >> welcome back, developing news from washington, d.c. that is where a federal investigation is under way this morning after an amtrak passenger train killed two railroad employees. both victims worked for the freight railroad csx. the tragedy happened late last night while the train arrived from boston and new york city. nobody onboard was hurt. right now no amtrak trains are running along the busy northeast corridor between washington, d.c., and philadelphia. new details on a deadly caltrain crash in sunnyvale. the man hit and killed has been identified as 40-year-old david kay of sunnyvale. the medical examiner ruled the death an accident. a southbound train hit kay friday morning. there are no other injuries. in santa cruz county, emergency repairs are set to begin next month on capitola wharf. two steel piles that are holding the floating boat dock on the wharf were lost during the high
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surf period in april. officials say the piles were most likely weakened during the big winter storms earlier this week, and earlier this month the capitola city council approved a $126,000 emergency contract to repair the wharf to get the marina opened. the repairs scheduled to tentatively begin july 10th. if you're one of the people who hates daylight saving time, you might have a chance to get rid of it here. "the sacramento bee" reports the assembly passed a measure to repeal the 1939 law. now it's going to be up to the state senate. we should note senators rejected a similar bill last year. >> feels so good, though, when you have the extra hour. >> that's what i was thinking. as much as people are in traffic, extra hour during the evening to be home and outside and enjoy. my other thought, most of the summer sun comes up before 5:00. if we repeal daylight savings. you want the sun coming up at 4:45 in the morning?
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>> well, we do. >> yes, but for you? i don't know. >> i like that. >> i'm trying. that's what the promo says, right? good morning. here's a look at sfo. yes, speaking of looking out for you, i found the arrival, delays are one hour and nine minutes. that's the average of planes getting past their scheduled arrival time. that's the longest we've had so far this week. more sunshine today and warmth. clouds and drizzle possible the next couple nights. warmest high is this weekend. 64 downtown san francisco. should be about 69. we're below average. look at daly city 59. marina and the sunset at 61. some of our cooler spots. east bay will be breezy north of the bay bridge, so oakland 68, but then you get to berkley at 69, richmond about 67. calmer, warmer towards fremont, 74, and union city 73. as we head to the coast, 61 at half moon bay to 58 in pacifica.
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that's where the clouds are most stubborn. san mateo 71, but redwood city about 75. down in the south bay, quicker sunshine, easier chance of getting to 77 in san jose to los gatos about 81. head up north and we've got 83 in santa rosa. closer to the water, though, the breeze will keep san rafael about 76. and let's head into our east bay neighborhoods, 84 in concord and livermore and pittsburgh today. all right, 50 to 56 tonight with clouds once again, drizzle for the morning commute and fog is possible the next several mornings. this weekend warmest at the coast, 80 around the bay and a string of low 90s inland. here's alexis. >> checking out the toll plaza, metering lights since 5:21, coming up on an hour. still tough as you get into san francisco, although good news in the last few minutes, cleared that disabled vehicle near 9th street has cleared, but look at the line of red back to about
6:19 am
the ink line heading into the tunnel there. so it could merge with those delays coming out of the toll plaza. at least we are all clear at this point. checking out some drive times, southbound 680, seven minutes, westbound 24 walnut creek to highway 13, nine, and ouch, westbound 580 tracy to dublin one hour and 24 minutes due to the earlier problems near grant line road. they have cleared, so that should come down soon. one new issue at 880 in the hayward area. look at that coming up around 6:30. >> thanks, alexis. good morning america coming up. >> paula faris live with what's ahead. hi, paula, good to see you. >> good to be with both of you this morning. happy wednesday, everybody. coming up on "gma," trump gathering republicans at the white house as they are forced to work on a new revised bill for after their recess. will they succeed in their mission to replace obamacare? we're live from the white house
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this morning. also ahead, a celebrity's home among those destroyed by wildfires roaring across the country. fast moving blazes, the red flags, the red flag warning and where the threats are right now. plus, the latest on the trial for former pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli, known for hiking the price of a life-saving drug, but currently on trial for fraud. the difficult jury selection entering its third day as potential jurors just say they cannot be impartial. dan abrams joins us with more. of course, he was referred to as one of the most hated men in america, so it's tough to get a jury, but that's what's coming up on this hump day. have a great wednesday. almost to the weekend. >> i know. we are counting down by the minute, paula, see you at 7:00, thanks so much. okay, next, a warning before you sign up with a company promising to fix your credit score. plus, apple has just made a plus, apple has just made a new a
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welcome back. looks like apple getting into the virtual reality game. it's just bought a company that specializes in eye tracking technology and has already
6:24 am
worked with facebook on its oculus kit. they also work in augmented reality applications. apple ceo tim cook has compared their potential to that of a smartphone, so it could change our everyday lives. a question about credit scores. >> he spoke to us at our event in alameda. 7 on your side's michael finney has his answer. >> all these companies coming out to fix your credit for $39, $99, all that stiuff. is that a scam or something that actually happens? >> hey, carl, good question. there are legitimate credit repair companies out there, but they really can't do much that you can't do. generally they look for any wrong information on your credit report and then complain to the credit reporting bureau. the bureau then has 30 days to check to see if the information is correct. so, get a free credit report yourself by going to, then look for loans that are not
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yours or any other charges that aren't yours. complain and see what happens. there are a few credit repair professionals who can really up your credit score, but they are far outnumbered by fake or poor actors in this industry. carl, good luck. >> all right. be warned. if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone, share it with us on social media, just use this hash tag, #askfi it is summertime and a new survey reveals the top 20 best beach towns to live in across the united states and can you believe it, only one california city made the cut. >> robbed. topping the list, naples, florida, followed by key west and edin prairie, minnesota. wait, eden prairie, minnesota. wait, mill valley? what? >> see, i think the survey's
6:26 am
flawed. >> i don't understand this. doesn't make any sense. eden prairie, minnesota, is not a beach town, am i right, mike? >> they have a lake or two. >> i have been to minnesota many times. it's a lake? that doesn't count as a beach town. i'm throwing that entire survey off. moving on. >> california beaches are the best, everyone knows that. >> that's a janky survey. next, improving safety on bart. the major milestone today. and how officials plan to kill an algae grow at lake temescal. plus, not just a weiner mobile anymore, the fleet of hot dog vehicles just unveiled by oscar meyer. this prompted a huge discussion in our newsroom. >> sorry i missed that this morning, i have not spotted those on our traffic cameras yet today, though, but we have problems in the hayward area, just the latest around that spot for a new crash. sounds like they pushed it off
6:27 am
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mini babybel. snack a little bigger. good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> hello, good morning. it's wednesday, june 28th. natasha has the day off, the rest of the gang is here. >> we are here and accounted for. alexis, of course, monitoring
6:30 am
traffic. we're going to start with mike and our day ahead. it's looking a little iffy outside right now. >> yeah, just the normal june gloom out there, drizzle possible also, but unlike yesterday, it's going to go away just a little quicker. it's going to let go of that sunshine a couple hours sooner. where it is going to be breezy, notice not the san francisco bay. you're a little calmer, but it's north of the bay bridge, towards the delta and towards the beaches where we have the 24 to 38 mile per hour winds. 7:00 this morning as we start your day planner, mid to upper 50s. head towards noon, sunshine inland, 70s there, 50s and 60s coast and bay. 60s and 70s around the bay, then by 7:00, we're already cooling into the 50s and 60s around the bay, 60s and 70s inland. 90s in the forecast, i'll tell you when. here's alexis. >> slowing looking better here for the bay bridge commute. one, possibly two disabled vehicles on the san francisco side of westbound 80. speeds are, believe it or not,
6:31 am
starting to pick up and the drive time is looking better, too, so we'll take a look at that. westbound 80 to the maze about 32 minutes, 18 across the bay bridge. worst point up to 22, 23 minutes. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo in the green at ten minutes. also pretty heavy out of tracy, still recovering from earlier issues. a check on that coming up next. >> thanks. happening today, surveillance camera in your bart car are actually recording something. >> a year and a half ago a murder on bart forced the agency to admit that most of its cameras were fake. that all ends this morning. >> abc 7 reporter matt keller live for us at the warm springs station. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. today each train, each bart car, will have four cameras onboard and apparently all those cameras will work. that hasn't always been the case. abc 7 news first reported on the decoy cameras on the train a year and a half ago after carlos
6:32 am
romero was killed on a train january 9th. video showed the suspect exited the west oakland station, but there was no video of the murder on the train, because the cameras on the cars were all fake. the suspect is still on the run. that sparked outrage among passengers, so bart promised real cameras, and today the last one is being installed. >> i actually had one case that a guy made a speech on a bart and it was a little scary to me, so i feel safer if they have a real camera on. >> reporter: the total cost of the cameras is more than $1.4 million. here's a tip, take note of which car you're in, that number is posted above the doors of each car. if a crime is committed, it will make it easier to track down that video. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. new developments in the okland police scandal this morning. a federal judge is now ordering the city to appear in court to discuss how it handled the
6:33 am
investigation. the judge says a new report finds, quote, very troubling conclusions about how city leaders and oakland police acted after learning multiple officers had sexually exploited a teenager. the report found the city mishandled allegations and didn't really investigate what went wrong. that hearing will take place july 10th. a sacramento sheriff's deputy is stable this morning after being shot in the face. the 27-year-old suspect was taken into custody around 9:00 last night following the shooting on i-80 and watt avenue in sacramento. s.w.a.t. teams searched for him for several hours before tracking him to a nearby hotel. officers sent in a robot, that robot went room to room looking for the suspect. one guest had to be evacuated said the scene was chaotic. >> i was looking out the window and s.w.a.t. team basically pointed at me, at the window, and said the guy at the window, the guy at the window, then they came down, they had ak-47s and
6:34 am
told me to get out of my room with my hands over my head. >> the deputy is a four-year veteran of the department. he underwent extensive surgery to his jaw last night. a big surprise in the health care showdown. senate republicans are delaying a vote to repeal and replace the affordable care act after they hit a major roadblock. gop leaders were not only unable to rally support to pass the new bill, they were also unable to get the votes to bring it to the floor for discussion. nine republican senators oppose the plan in its current form. yesterday president trump tried to rally support, meeting with more than 40 gop senators at the white house. right now the plan is headed for a complete overhaul after they were unable to overcome the divisions within the party. >> we will not be on the bill this week, but we're still working toward getting at least 50 people in a comfortable place. >> republicans will now work on a new version and try again after the fourth of july recess. the house of representatives
6:35 am
could vote on katy's law as soon as today. it's named after the bay area woman shot and killed at pier 14 two years ago. the law requires prison time for undocumented immigrants who commit certain crimes, get deported, and return to the u.s. it passed through a house rules committee yesterday. three masked robbers are wanted for holding up a bank in walnut creek. they hit the wells fargo at the rossmoor shopping center. the three men robbed the bank at gunpoint and sped away in a stolen pickup truck. officers found the truck, but they are still looking for the robbers and are asking for the public's help. happening today, a terminally ill man who authorities say was on his way to the bay area to kill three doctors is scheduled to be in court to enter a play. palo alto police say this man is a stage 4 cancer patient who drove from visalia last month with the intention of murdering the doctors who treated him more than a year ago. san jose chp officers stopped chen on southbound 101 after his
6:36 am
wife tipped off visalia police that he had taken off in a rental car. inside the car the chp says they found the names and home addresses of the doctors, as well as two handguns, a mask, and note titled "why do i kill," listing one of the reasons as, quote, revenge. investigators are now checking video, talking to witnesses, hoping to find the cause of this crash between a muni bus and a delivery truck. this happened during yesterday's evening commute in san francisco's castro district. this is near castro and beaver streets. no one got seriously hurt, but boy does it look bad. both drivers and seven people on the bus went to the hospital. >> bus load of people, the weight of both vehicles, it could have been very bad, but it's very fortunate. everything was pretty much minor injuries. >> police say it appears the truck veered into the path of the 24 bus. nothing has been officially confirmed as far as the cause goes. now a live desk update. >> from abc 7 mornings. >> at the live desk this
6:37 am
morning, our team has just learned an investigation is under way right now for holocaust memorial in boston. take a look at this new video that we just got. a large glass panel at the memorial was shattered overnight. gas strewn all over the sidewalk. the panel is one of six that are 54-feet high etched with numbers representing those killed in the holocaust. police are right now trying to figure out if this incident was intentional or simply an accident. reg gee? a plan in the works to destroy a toxic algae. abc 7 was at lake temescal in the oakland hills. blue gene algae is releasing toxins in the water that can kill dogs and cause severe gastrointestinal illness in people. the east bay regional parks district plans to use a product similar to hydrogen peroxide to destroy the algae cells. if it works, the beach could reopen in a few weeks.
6:38 am
now your forecast with mike nicco. >> feels kind of chilly in the hills. los gatos 49. woodside about 46, and everyone else near 60 in the south bay. danville, livermore 55. san francisco and napa, 67 in san carlos right now. santa cruz, cloudy. best chance for sunshine along the coast. if you're exercising, clouds to sunshine, extreme sunshine today, so if you're playing outside, remember you could burn in about 15 minutes. if you have yard work to do, comfortable all day with a nice breeze. all right, here's a look at walnut creek. you can see the sunshine sandwiched between the ground and cloud deck. it's going to keep you cloudy the next couple of hours, then it will jump out about 10:00. you'll be one of the first to see sunshine. extreme uv index. temperatures today, we'll focus on the warmest, 61 at half moon bay, for san francisco, about 86
6:39 am
in antioch. so a minor bump up from yesterday. we see our first signs of heat tomorrow with antioch near 90. 80s for most of the inland neighbors, 60s in san francisco. notice the 90s spread in the north bay by friday, getting warmer everywhere else. in fact, warmest temperatures are this weekend. a look at that and a sneak peek at the fourth of july forecast next. here's alexis. that is coming up quick. here's a look at traffic this morning. we have one new issue for the emeryville commute. unfortunately, this is one that was already slow. couple problems on the bay bridge this morning, as well. westbound 80 around powell street, reports of a disabled vehicle. have not spotted it yet, but we are heavy if you are coming from the albany area and highway 4 just to get through the maze. also heavy traffic out of tracy today, but we are improving slowly. we had a disabled vehicle and crash near grant line road, both gone for about a half hour, but 13 miles an hour, 16 miles an hour, as you leave the tracy
6:40 am
area. also a couple mass transit notes to pass along. that coming up at 6:50. >> thank you. warriors fans will be able to take a picture with the championship trophy this week. the larry o'brien trophy will be on display in the bay area starting tomorrow. the first stop is at dunk contest in burlingame tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. then a stop at another dunk contest store in san mateo from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. and on our website,, you can find times and places for all the other stops this friday, saturday, and sunday. this morning another cyberattack is sweeping the globe. the simple step you can take to make sure your computer is safe. >> and fourth of july is next week. where you can start stocking up on safe and sane fireworks starting today. here's a live look at the gold
6:41 am
what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> we're monitoring breaking news. a live look right now at the massive fire burning near prescott, arizona, one of the biggest. >> we are getting our first look at that fire this morning as the sun is coming up. it's a little hard to see right now. when they zoom out you get a better idea of the smoke. so far 18,000 acres have burned. firefighters keeping a close eye on the weather. big winds and temperatures hovering around 100 degrees.
6:44 am
>> another massive cyberattack sweepi sweeping computers. among the american targets are the giant merck pharmaceutical company in new jersey, a major multinational law firm in l.a., and possibly the mandela food company, which you know because it produces oreo cookies. the attack also targeted business support operators and government systems in europe and asia. researchers say the attack uses a windows flaw to spread through the corporate networks, and there is one thing that you can do to keep your computer safe. >> from time to time you get that pesky reminder in the corner, automated updates. click it, install those. a lot of those are important security updates that are going to protect you. >> yesterday's attack similar to another attack in april that crippled tens of thousands of computers all around the world. ups is freezing a plan for about 16% of its workforce. bloomberg reports the company is
6:45 am
making the move because of increasing costs. the changes affect mostly nonunion and management employees. ups plans to move 70,000 employees into a 401(k) system beginning in 2023. mixed reaction to the minimum age hike this weekend, starting saturday, it will be $14 an hour. it has been $13 an hour. for some it's still not enough to keep up with the cost of living in the bay area. wage activists are fighting for more. in fact, in 2018, san francisco's minimum wage will jump again to $15 an hour. >> if you're a small business owner, it can be detrimental to the way you are going to lose some of your staff, you're going to have to cut your payroll. >> shows up on the paycheck, it does help, but living here in downtown, the prices are -- it's expensive as it is. >> one worker says he's going to use the money for rent and his
6:46 am
cell phone bill and to save money for his family. how tall can water front buildings be in san francisco? the state land commission and the city have at times disagreed, but happening today a court case that could clarify some things. attorneys for the state land commission and the city of san francisco will go before a judge. the state filed a lawsuit three years ago after voters approved proposition b. the proposition requires voter approval for any water front project that exceeds the city's height limit. well, the state says you can't do that. they are arguing state law trumps local law. interestingly, this suit pits lieutenant governor gavin newsome, who chairs the state's land commission, against the city where he used to be mayor. happening today, fireworks stands are opening up shop across the bay area. >> abc 7 reporter tiffany wilson is live in dublin with what you need to know before kicking off the fourth of july celebration. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, only a few communities sell fireworks, and you can start buying them here in dublin at
6:47 am
noon. however, fire authorities say pay attention to where you set them off. set them off in san francisco or oakland, you are breaking the law. local high schools and churches love this opportunity to raise money. >> so it's our big -- it's a lottery in dublin to get a booth, so we're always excited when we get one or two booths. >> we got smoke bombs. >> reporter: only safe and sane fireworks are legal in california, so nothing that explodes or leaves the ground. it is easier to report this year than ever before. you can download a free app called nail 'em, then take an audio clip, include the time and location of the fireworks, and that report will be submitted to the appropriate authorities. live in dublin, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a new app is being called tinder for moms, except it's not for dates, but for making new friends. the peanut helps like-minded buddies. users create a profile with how many kids they have, then pick a few words to describe
6:48 am
themselves. then similar to dating apps, users slight to wave. if two choose each other, it's a match. many moms say finding new friends can be as hard as dating. >> i need some friends who understand your new circumstances. >> the app seems to be helping with more than 1 million waves sent already, and you can see more on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. after our show. >> every time i see that, why didn't i think of that? uber just made it easier to request rides for others. here's how it works, when a user requests a pick up at a spot other than their own location, the app will ask if the ride is for a family member or friend. the user must select a name from his or her address book and put in the destination like you usually would. the driver gets a text notification and then the driver is on. the requesting user's account will be billed for the trip. >> no excuse not to meet your
6:49 am
friend for lunch. they send you the ride. >> and they are paying. let's go right to mike nicco, take a look at the weather. hey, mike. >> hi, everybody, best place to see the sun this morning, marine layer up around 2,000 feet. we'll see sunshine quicker today, that will start our warming trend and last through the weekend when we see a summer spread develop. at nighttime, still gray with patchy drizzle. here's a look at temperatures, sunshine i promised in santa cruz, 72 degrees, 73 in milpitas, 77 in san jose, 82 in morgan hill and gilroy. 71, 75 in most neighborhoods, millbrae the exception, 66. cloudier today. 64 in downtown to 65 in south san francisco. if you're going to the game, going to sweep the rockies. how about that? 12:45, 61. warming to 64 degrees. take the sunscreen, you'll definitely need it. across the north bay, 79 to 83
6:50 am
in the valleys. 67 in richmond, 70 to 74 elsewhere. inland, brentwood about 88. nice day to be at the alameda county fair. clint black plays tonight. we start off at 70, 81 at 3:00, 73 at 7:00. nice day there. let's take a look at my seven-day forecast. clouds, drizzle, and 50 to 56 tomorrow morning. couple degrees warmer tomorrow and near 80 around the bay, low to mid 60s at the coast. hi, alexis. >> hello, a pretty heavy bay bridge toll plaza, we have had the metering lights on since this morning. not one, but two disabled vehicles slowing you down into san francisco. things are improving now, but, boy, pretty heavy through emeryville, albany if you're coming from highway 4. expect longer than average delays today. also seeing heavy traffic here. southbound 880, three separate issues around state route 92. those are off on the shoulder, but down to 29 miles an hour.
6:51 am
24 miles an hour if you are heading out on the san mateo bridge. so some typically slow spots, but things are heavier than average. as mike mentioned, giants playing a day game today. expect heavy volumes on the route, same thing heading back from vallejo, san francisco bay ferry, no bart issues today. we have 55 trains in service. >> alexis, thank you. check out oscar meyer's latest gadget. it is a drone. not just any drone, a weiner drone. it's designed to carry and deliver a single hot dog at a time. the drone is part of the weiner mobile fleet, which is traveling around the u.s. this summer to deliver hot dogs to people everywhere. >> that's fun and delicious. happening today, ford will begin rolling out the expansion of its bike share program in five bay area cities. this is video from ford's go bike facebook page. this morning's launch will kick off a build out of stations in san francisco, oakland, san jose, berkley, and emeryville.
6:52 am
ford also expects to have 3,500 go bikes deployed by labor day and 7,000 next according to the examiner, the deployment in san francisco could be delayed. funding for the expansion because of conflicts between ford go bike and local mom and pop bike rental companies. starting this weekend, a big change for san francisco home owners. those trees in the streets here, no longer your problem. the responsibility of maintaining those trees now goes to the city. in addition, the city is going to be responsible for any tree-related sidewalk damage. in november, voters approved amending the city charter. the city is going to pay for the tree program by setting aside $19 million a year from its general fund. we are back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. before that, if you haven't yet, follow us, there's a look
6:53 am
at the powell high street -- i was going to say streetcar. cable car. that word went out of my head. it's 6:53 in the morning, i've been up since 2:00. more great pictures like this more great pictures like this when you follow us
6:54 am
6:54. here's the seven things we think you should know before you go. number one, bart is unveiling its $1.4 million network of
6:55 am
cameras. bart says every car is equipped with four cameras, officers, and train platforms have new cameras, too. number two, a sacramento sheriff's deputy is recovering this morning after being shot in the face. the suspect was arrested last night at a nearby hotel after a standoff with police. number three, the house expected to vote on kate's law this week, named after kate steinly, the bay area woman shot and killed at pier 14. the law requires prison time for undocumented immigrants who commit certain crimes, get deported, and return to the u.s. number four, it was a tough morning out of tracy, but we are slowly starting to improve. all of our earlier issues have cleared. westbound 580 tracy to dublin 57 minutes. at the worst point we were up to an hour and a half. number five, hard to believe when you look outside we're going to see more sunshine today and feel warmer temperatures. here's a look at the 12-hour day planner, 60 at the coast, mid 70s to low 80s inland by 4:00.
6:56 am
number six, here's a look at a fire in san louuis obispo, th fire is 60% contained. number seven, apple purchased a german company with an eye tracking technology. it's hoping to expand into virtual reality applications. that's the future. >> that is everything that's happening right now. that's where all the money's going. abc 7 continues now online, facebook, twitter, and all your mobile devices. >> we'll be up with an abc 7 update. have a great day. >> we'll see you then. jessica castro, a woman of many languages. she's studying for her master's degree, like, right now, seriously. >> loves documentaries. she's always reading multiple books at a time. jessica volunteers with kids, athletic, adventurous. >> the girl can dance. >> bright and early, jess is jamming. >> our live desk was totally made for her. >> there is a lot happening in the morning, and jess is best at
6:57 am
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america this mo good morning, america. health care collapse. the gop forced to pull their bill to repeal and replace obamacare. the vote on hold as more republicans say they can't support it. president trump tries to rally his party at the white house. >> we don't get it done, it's just going to be something that we're not going to like. >> but is one of trump's biggest promises about to be dead? breaking news for our viewers in the west. those devastating wildfires out west torching thousands of acres, burning out cars, forcing an entire town to evacuate. helicopters trying to douse the flames from the air. and overnight, "big bang theory" star johnny galecki revealing his home was destroyed in it. breaking overnight, trouble on the tracks. a train crash shuts down stations across the northeast this morning and new details about what caused this


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