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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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was shot and killed on car at the west oakland station. bart revealed that more than 70% of its c c non-functioning dummiedummies. a working platform camera did capture images of this man but so far bart police have made no arrest. >> getting a picture of someone is just one tool that law enforcement uses. someone in the public knows this person. we're just hopeful they will come forward. >> reporter: the new cameras have been installed in phases and bart officials credit them with helping to make two arrests in april's teen mob robbery on a train. >> every night when the cars come to the yard and bart's closed down, we have crews working to replace the cameras. it takes about eight hours to get one car done. that work is now done. >> does it give you a piece of mind? >> a little bit. i don't think there's as many officers on the trains that
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there should be. >> reporter: now, these cameras are high definition but they will not be monitored in realtime. they will record the video which bart will keep for at least seven days. >>finally installed the cameras but aren't they getting ready to replace them all? >> reporter: that's one of the reasons bart gave when the murder happened a year and a half ago for why they didn't have real cameras. they were getting ready to order new train cars and they thought they didn't want to spend the money. they have gone ahead and done that. i understand the new cars will come equipped with cameras that can be monitored in realtime, at least by the train operator. >> all right. thank you so much for that report. mandatory evacuations are under way right now in southern california as a fire closes in on homes in burbank. take a look at this video.
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that's into the abc 7 news room. you can see the flames right up to the backyard of these homes. now crews are working to keep this fire from spreading. we will stay on this story and bring you the very latest throughout the newscast. a san jose street was locked down for several hours after reports of two people shot. that's in the neighborhood south of story road. police are calling this an attempted murder/suicide. abc 7 news reporter was one of the first on the scene. he's live with an update. >> reporter: the sound of gunfire had residents paralyzed and holed up in their homes. police were busy trying to unravel why was man lying dead and why was a woman wounded taking cover in a nearby house. the cause of this double shooting still a mystery. police were called just before 9:00 a.m. where a body was discovered in the street. the man was wounded and pronounced dead at the scene. a second call came in from a woman who had been shot once.
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she shot outside a house and managed to get safely inside to call 911. >> he shot the female victim and then shot himself, committed suicide. >> both victims are adults? >> both are adults. >> reporter: she was taken to a hospital for treatment. early on police detained and handcuffed several adult who is live in a house on the street. an hour later officers removed the handcuffs as they determined the man was the seoole suspect. she was running to safety after hearing the gunshots. she was not a victim. the leader o of a nonprofit group responded to the scene. rerepresents from the streets to the grave.
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he said this is a hot spot for gang violence. >> it has a history, as many well know, of gang related issues. >> reporter: there was no issue this incident was gang related. we have new developments in the shooting of a sacramento sheriff's deputy. abc 7 has learned the suspect is linked to another violent crime in the bay area nearly decade ago. nicory spann used the deputy's own gun to shoot him in the face last night. investigators say spann attacked the deputy, fired the gun and grabbed two shots. he remains hospitalized. back in 2008, spann was arrested in the shooting deaths of a brother and sister. three men were convicted for those murders in december but not spann. in washington the house is said to vote tomorrow on two
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bills designed to toughen immigration enforcement. the first bill is named after the bay area woman killed at pier 14 two years ago by an undocumented immigrant. kate's law would increase penalties. the other bill, the no sanctuary for criminals act would make sanctuary cities like san francisco ineligible to receive certain federal funds. it would allow for more detention of undocumented female l -- felons. despite prosecutor's objections a judge granted dr. kohut bail. we have the latest. >> reporter: a contentious bail hearing for dr. james kohut. the prosecution asked the judge to set bail at $40 million. he's charged with 11 counts of sex crimes against children that could bring a sentence of 165 years to life if convicted.
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deputy district attorney stephen more argued he was a flight risk and had substantial assets. defense attorney asked for a million dollars bail. in the end the judge set bail at 6 million. if he's released on bail he would be under house arrest with gps monitoring and limits on internet access and a no contact order with potential witnesses and alleged victims. >> we appreciate the court'sage sis but nonetheless we're concerned that may not be sufficient to the public. >> reporter: she faces similar charges related and had bail set at $500,000. the judge approved a motion from the attorney general's office denying her ability to practice as a registered nurse until the case is completed. the judge proved a motion bringing her case together with kohut for the time being. her defense attorney said they ran a dominican hospital in santa cruz. >> there was a dating
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relationship. i don't know the length of time. i want hasn't been all that lengthy. >> reporter: she's had traumatic events and e babuse in her past and suffered from ptsd. that may be a factor. >> it's something that mr. kohut had a significant amount of impact in her life. this isn't something that miss brandon had been involved with ever in the past and from what we're hearing about mr. kohut it's his m.o. throughout a significant period of history. >> reporter: prosecutors are still many the process of extraditing the other defendant in this case emily stephens from arizona. they are hoping to have her back here in santa cruz county by the next court hearing scheduled for july 27th. an intersection will be getting safety upgrades. a man was hit and killed last
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week. neighbors say they have been lobbying the city for years for safety improvements. changes will include a more visible traffic signal and illumination of parking spaces to give drivers a clearer view of pedestrians. this has been a day of early morning fog. we still have a little fog at the line. here is a view from our roof top camera and the low clouds screaming in from the coast. 75 in san jose. 84 gilroy. this is the view from emeryville. it's 79 at santa rosa. napa, 74. concord, 87. forecast intermission starting at 7:00 shows mostly sun ne skies but late tonight and during the overnight hours we'll see the fog expanding out over
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the bay and locally inland. there may be spotty drizzle along the pe nunninsula coastli. we'll have sunny skies across most of the bay area. the road has been closed since november 16th because of weather conditions including snow and water on the roadway. this is the latest opening since the early '80s. man was stranded after his sailboat ran aground during low tide. the sailor said he misread the tide chart and thought it was high tide. he said he wasn't in trouble. he just waited until the tide lifted his boat out.
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emergency repairs are set to begin soon. the piles are likely weakened during the big winter storms. repairs are scheduled to start next month. fourth of july is right around the corner but how safe will you be? >> kids should never handle fireworks. period. >> the good, the bad and the illegal. plus. >> homelessness isn't really a choice but it is a lesser evil. >> young adults are some of the most vulnerable among the homeless. the effort to raise awareness and find solutions to the growing crisis. plus the best beach towns in the u.s. the number one california city on the list, mill valley. if you're asking why, wloyou'ret
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alone. this is 101 southbound. that's all that backup. northbound looking good as always. 880 see
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the july 4th holiday is coming fast. if you're confused about what is and is not allowed, tiffany wilson has some help. >> reporter: the boxes are unopened but you can already sense burnadette's excitement. >> most last from an hour to hour and a half. throw in a couple of big ones at
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the end, it's fabulous. >> reporter: this benefits many of her church's outreach programs. >> we made a little over 15,000 last year. it helps a lot. >> reporter: they don't explode or leave the ground but they aren't allowed in most bay area communities. the san francisco fire department tweeting today know before you buy. all fireworks are illegal in san francisco city and county. the alameda county fire marshal says you must pay close attention to the rules you live. >> your hoa may prohibit them. you need to look at the regulations for your particular situation and where they are allowed. >> reporter: bonnie says even the safe and sane fireworks carry risks. >> kids should never handle fireworks. period. >> reporter: improper disposal can also lead to a fire. >> please do not immediately throw them in a dumpster. throw them in a trash can or anything else. >> reporter: if you want to report illegal fireworks there's
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a new app. it's called nail'em. if you live in a community that does not allow any fireworks you can buy the safe and and and and fireworks and set them off in four public parks. the safest way to watch them is at a sponsored event where you live. a new mobile command center is making its debut. test one of the most sophisticated mobile command centers out there. it's packed with tech giving commanders. a constant stream of images and data even telling them which way the wind is blowing. the chief can run the center from an ipad.
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july 4th will be the first real test. >> we have the ability to communicate by satellite and look at different things. we can look at things close and far away. >> that can also connect with drones and other aircraft working in emergency situation. a kelp die off kucould leado a complete fishing ban for red abalone. the limit of 12 per diver may be reduced to nine and a complete diving ban is possible. red abalone feed on kelp that is dying off. wildlife officials believe warmer ocean temperatures are to blame for the kelp die off. two places in the bay area made the list of top beach towns in america.
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>> the results may be a bit of a head scratcher. >> when you think of the best bay area beach towns. what comes to mind? santa cruz with its lively boardwa boardwalk. how about this one, san francisco with the ruggedness of ocean beach. your choices are plentiful indeed. however, none of those appear on the list of america's best beach towns. according to personal finance website wall hub two local cities are in the top 50. the funny thing is neither one is on the ocean. we have number 19 here, mill valley and number 34, it's a wanna be i's next to the water. >> a lot of mud. >> it's mostly mud flats. you can find a small sandy beach. it keeps these kids happy enough in the summertime. residents may also be confused
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by this honor. it may be a short drive to beautiful beaches but the town itself has a rocky shoreline with little sand to speak of. you may be wondering what were the rankings based on. wall hub considered towns with one beach listed on trip advisor. the factors used affordblt, weather, safety, education, health and quality of life. sonoma, alameda, santa cruz finished in the top 100. this is one of my favorite vacation pictures of all time. thought i'd share it. >> long drive to get to that beach. >> a long swim too. weather is looking pretty good. might want to go to the beach with what's coming our way now. here is a look at live doppler 7. just a little patch of low clouds near the cost. we'll have expanding low clouds beyond the coast during the late
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night and overnight hours. right now it's mostly sunny. let's take a live view looking down onto the bay. kbrou c you can see a little finger fog. warming continues over the next few days. we'll have a wide range of temperatures this weekend from low 90s in some inland locations to barely 60 at the coast. right now forecast animation shows fog at the coast developing and expanding during the overnight hours. i'll mention the chance of patchy coastal fog during the early morning hours which could slow down the commute a bit. it will pull back to the coastline early tomorrow. by midday and into the afternoon we'll be look at mostly sunny skies and partly sunny along the coastline. overnight lows will be in the mid-50s and moving along to tomorrow's day planner helping you plan your day, we hope. lots of lingering clouds.
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by 4:00 in the amp we'll be looking at temperatures in the low 90s. let's go down to the south bay. on the peninsula sunny and mild as well with highs in 72. san mateo. on the coast, 61 at half-moon bay. breezy and a high of 59 expected at pacifica. it will be 61 degrees of moving inland a bit. look for highs at 87. napa, 84. woel see 92 here is the
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accuweather seven-day forecast. notice bright and sunny skies through the entire seven day period. temperatures will continue to increase gradually into the weekend. just a little bit cooler than the weekend. >> nothing to be unhappy about. going eelectric. a new effort to boost electric cars in the bay area. nothing but joy. he talks to fans about his defensive player of year award. what he's saying about the honor. taking a live look at 101, traffic is moving in both directions. northbound traffic is the oncoming traffic. southbound on the right. we're ba
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tmplg the creator of paddington bear has died. bond first wrote about the bear back in 1958 with the release of a bear called paddington. he went onto star in some 20 books which sold some 35 million copies worldwide. bond lived in london not far from paddington station, the place that inspired many of his books. he died at age 91. a bay area lawmaker is hoping to jump start the sale of electric cars. he unveiled the bill that would spend $3 million in rebates for customers buying the cars. he called the need for more electric vehicles critical for california's environment. >> we know that if we can't do
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anything about the transportation and cars and making sure we have clean vehicles on the road, we can't reach our greenhouse gas goals. >> he hopes the subsidized rebates will help get million and a half cars on california's highways over the next eight years. there's now more bike fls the bay area where they are needed most. ford is taking on the bike bay program andi expangds rental bikes. we have a link to more information at new security requirement on flights heading into the u.s. >> protests from washington,
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d.c. to right here in the bay area as republicans try to get everyone on board with the health care bill. plus more arrests in that brutal attack on a tourist in new orleans. the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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bart said it finishes replacing all decoy security cameras to real working cameras. each car has four working cameras. it's a move to improve train security. bart says if you are a victim of a crime to remember the car engine. it will help bart police find the video. san francisco is considering reforming the cash bail system. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is on the story and sent this tweet from today's supervisor's meeting. he says there's been lots of testimony about inequities in the city favoring the wealthy over the poor. his full report at 5:00. china has freed three activists that probe the factory that make ivanka trump shoes. they still face a trial.
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abc 7 news reporter has the latest reaction from president trump. >> reporter: the senate health care bill may be on ice for the moment but here in washington the health care debate is heating up. chanting kill the bill, don't kill me, protesters stormed senate offices. as republicans retool the senate health care bill. >> held care is working along very well. we could have a big surprise with a great health care package. >> reporter: the president maintains republicans will get their plan passed. >> we'll see what happens. we're working very hard. we have given ourselves a little more time to make it perfect. >> reporter: the republican leadership hadn't insisted they would pass the bill this week but reversed course. now senate majority leader mitch mcconnell say they will make edits to mare plan and hope have have a new draft after the end
4:31 pm
of the week. >> we'll continue working so we can bring legislation to the floor for debate and ultimately a vote. we know that we cannot afford to delay on this issue. >> reporter: mcconnell warning his members they will need to come together as republicans for passage or be forced to negotiate with democrats. that, however, may be difficult. >> the level of popular support is not going to change one bit with a tweak that wings over this senator or that. >> reporter: according to a new poll the senate bill is supported by just 17% of americans. even among republican faithful support for this version of repeal and replace still lags at just 35%. inside the poll numbers there's another problem for republicans thaz try to retool this like to see this expanded rather than pulled back. president trump is heading
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to france next month. the white house said the president accepted the french's president invitation. he extended the invitation when he and president trump spoke by phone. the two met in brussels highlighted by a much discussed extended handshake. the white house said president trump look forward to reaffi reaffirming u.s. relations with france. airline passengers will face new security measures on flight sbo into the u.s. it includes enhanced screening of passengers, large electron s electronics. intelligence about terrorists developing ways to hide bombs prompted the changes. we'll have a look at what the security measures mean for airports here in the bay area. all four suspects wanted in connection with last weekend's attack in new orleans are now in jail. surveillance video shows four men attacking two boston area men from behind as they were
4:33 pm
walking in the fren ch quarter. after knocking them to the ground the four suspects robbed them and took off. one of them is in critical condition. one suspect turned himself in on monday. police arrested a second and the other two this morning. lawyers are still struggling to find impartial jurors in the case of martin. he hiked the price of a life saving drug 5,000%. now he's on trial for a different reason. here is abc news reporter. >> reporter: the so-called bad boy of pharmaceuticals who became infamous for jacking up the price of a life saving drug is in court on securities fraud charges. >> i don't care about people hating me. >> reporter: his lawyers say they are struggling to put together a non-bias juror. >> do you think you'll get a fair trial.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: some were dismissed after telling the judge they could not be impartial calling him the face of corporate fregr. his lawyers call for a mistrial denied by the judge. selecting a jury isn't as hard as his attorney says. >> most people don't know who he is. the greater danger, i think, is that the people who do hate him, not make comments in front of other perspective jurors. >> reporter: after raising the price of the hiv and cancer drug by $5,000, he defended the move in a 2015 interview with abc. >> i'm not a greedy person. it's a low demand product. the fact that we need to make a profit is much, much better outcome than the drug being discontinued. >> reporter: now federal prosecutors accuse him of defrauding investors in two companies he ran. a hedge fund in a bio tech firm in running them like a ponzi scheme. >> reporter: the trial is
4:35 pm
expected to last six weeks. if convicted he faces 20 years in prison. two long time friends of robert durst are fighting in court. the l.a. district attorney wants stewart and emily altman to testify in a pre-trial hearing believing they could provide information about his state of mind. prosecutors say he killed close friend susan burrman in fearing she might divulge information about his first wife's disappearance. a man who knocked over a ten commandments did it again in arkansas. police arrested michael reed after he intentionally drove his car into the monument on state capital grounds less than 24 hours after it went up. he yelled freedom as he ran the monument. he faces multiple charges including defacing objects of
4:36 pm
public interest. wildfire season is here. dozens are burning across the u.s. the majority of them right here in the west. skies are mainly sunny. i'll have the accuweather forecast rk forecast, coming up. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. post some of the hashtag and i'll answer them
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this is a live look at a fire burning right now near burbank. mandatory evacuations are under way as a fire closes in on homes. there's about 50 homes at risk. you can see the flames to the left of your picture. you can see a strike team to the right. fire crews are getting the upper hand on the blaze, we're told. we'll stay on the story and bring you the very latest throughout the evening. back to that breaking news. there are 40 large wildfires that are scorching forest and grass states. one of the bigst fires in arizona is only 1% contained. >> reporter: a raging wildfire burning in northern arizona. forcing evacuations of the entire town. >> let's go. get out. there's a fire. >> reporter: children holding onto toys and packing into
4:40 pm
trucks to escape flames jumping highways and racing toward them. >> i have a guest somedaying there and i live there. i have a cat there. i'm concerned about their safety. >> reporter: the wildfire now growing to 32 square miles to flames so intense a group of firefighters had to pull back. >> we're not going to put firefighters in danger. >> reporter: planes and helicopters dropping retardent. in california another wildfire forced evacuations north of los angeles. she evacwauated with her grand children. the fire came close to her backyard. big bang star lost him home and vowed to help the community.
4:41 pm
over 1,000 firefighters are battling that fire that's burned 78 square miles so far. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. we'll start with a live doppler 7 with a little fog. it's going to expand overnight out over the bay but overnight lows in the early morning hours will be in the low to mid-50s. tomorrow in the afternoon the fog will be back at the coast. parts of the coastline will be sunny tomorrow and have milder temperature ranges. this weekend don't forget it's the filmore jazz festival. it will be mostly sunny. just a little morning fog. high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s in san francisco. don't we all like a little smooth jazz.
4:42 pm
we're going to have a nice warm pattern. temperatures will range from upper 60s to mid-80s inland which is a mild range. not exactly beach weather but nice and pleasant. >> thanks, spencer. homeless and vulnerable. >> it's kind of place of refuge. >> the growing number of homeless youth of san francisco and what's being done to help them. is there a limitations on security deposits? what you need to know when
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welcome back. abc 7 is teaming the up with for the san francisco homeless project. among the most vulnerable, young adults. we find out who they are and why they come to san francisco.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: for decades young people have flocked to san francisco seeking refuge. she moved here from montana. >> how do you end up here? >> it's kind of place of refuge. everyone looks out for each other. we're sort of like the lost kids. >> reporter: a report released this month found more than 1200 people under 25 years old living on the streets of san francisco. >> i was a foster kid. i ended up getting adopted at the age of 5 and just kind of facing quite a bit of rejection throughout my childhood. >> reporter: according to the city nearly a quarter of the youth on san francisco streets report they were in foster care at some point in their life. many young adults including audriana have struggled with substance abuse,
4:47 pm
problems. >> i had a tarp and a sleeping bag. >> reporter: he fought depression since he was six. seven months ago he boarded a bus from houston to san francisco hoping to escape his unhappiness. >> homelessness isn't a clohoic but it is alesser evil. >> reporter: phillip found help and housing thanks to youth services. >> young people that are experiencing homelessness have been fleeing homes or communities where they haven't been safe. >> reporter: nearly half of the homeless youth in the city identify as lgbtq. >> i went to lgbtq pride. my mom saw it on facebook and because of that she kicked me off. >> reporter: she livered with her family but found herself homeless in san francisco. >> i just felt like i had
4:48 pm
nowhere to go. >> reporter: she was lucky. she also found her way to larkin street and housing but sadly many do not. nearly 90% have no coming up, we continue our san francisco homeless project coverage. abc 7 news reporter explores the need for a navigation center that specifically caters to young adults. time now for finney 7 on your side. the first comes from pamela. she wants to know i'm wondering if i'm be able to get a security deposit back from my rental unit. i was told since i've been there for 14 years i've reached the t ss statute of limitations. >> i've never heard anything like that.
4:49 pm
they must give you back your security deposit within 21 days they move out. get what they told you in writing and i'll have a real conversation with your landlord. i'll do that even if you don't get that in writing. contact me here at the station. landlords cannot keep a deposit because you paid a rent and were a good tenant for a long time. if i moved after two years, that's nuts. >> gilda from oakland asks i'm going to be purchasing a car and i'm woerndsing if i should go for a certified pre-owned or gnaw vehicle. >> i'm a real fan of buying 2-year-old certify vehicles that come with a warranty. you pay a bit more for the certification but way less than the price of a new car. the new car smell costs thousands of dollars. if you can do without it, you can save big bucks. as you point out, you get the
4:50 pm
car you want. it get it certified from the manufacturing that you're buying the car from. >> bella wants to know why are so many retail stores closing. >> online shopping is big and getting bigger. downtowns are making a comeback. malls are less desirable to many consumers. the recent report predicts a quarter of all mall will be shut down over the next few years. we losing retail jobs but we're gaining delivery and warehouse positions. it really is changing the way we do life in america. >> if you have questions for me, you can record a 10 or 15 second long question. share it on social media. you can reach me at my facebook page.
4:51 pm
you see the camper vans they rent out. we'll take a tour of one. a new exhibit is now open at the science museum. it's one you probably couldn't connect to the popular oakland venue. the new exhibit is called the art and science of pinball. you may not think they have anything to do with science but that's not true. all that finally crafted by the people who built them. >> it looks like it's chaos but those engineers and designers who created these machines are making the ball go where they want to go. sometimes that's not right on your flipper. sometimes that's right between your flippers. that's how these machines would engage people in a kind of play.
4:52 pm
>> the exhibit opens this saturday and runs through september 24th. >> i always thought it was lack of skill but i can blame a physics. it's the best video you'll see today. this is penelope. you can pet her despite the 30,000 quills she sports. it's open wednesday through sunday. to see more of this video check it out on the abc 7 news facebook page. what do you think she's dancing to? >> i think she's going you can't touch this. a little mc hammer. >> that's the way i like it. >> that's a good one too. i would have to carry his
4:53 pm
birth certificate so i can show the posing team and especially their parents. >> some revealing answers in a q and a with the warriors today. we have what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up next, how tall is too tall? why a legal battle is intensifying three years after voters made thaeir voices clear. the former uber official just to help the democrats in
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
congratulations to the golden state warriors. >> that's drake poking fun at the nba awards. today green and warriors general manager visited meyers former high school in danville for a little q and a and a surprise for green. wayne friedman was there. >> reporter: pretty cool to have an nba championship trophy in your high school gym. >> amazing. >> reporter: even more amazing, two. >> did you ever think you'd get that close to them?
4:57 pm
>> never. >> reporter: they aren't all that arrived today. how about dramond green who just won defensive player of the year award and a former alum who used to play on this court, bob meyers, now the warriors general manager and newly crowned nba executive of the year. >> you really don't know where your life will go. maybe inspires some kids to aim high. >> reporter: this was all about inspiration from beginning to end. his high school coach came here as a total surprise. >> what did he say when he saw you? >> he said coach, i love you. >> reporter: his fell moe classmates elected him homecoming king. >> just keep him humble. let him be draymond. you don't want to take that edge off. >> reporter: as for bob meyers,
4:58 pm
we asked what the kid he was playing on this court in 1993 would say about the man who walked back in today. >> i was not overly confident. i probably would look at someone like me that came back, i'd say i couldn't be that guy. >> reporter: surprise, surprise. wayne friedman, abc 7 news. phil jackson is out as president of the new york knicks. the franchise issued a statement today saying they had mutually agreed to part company ending one of the worst eras in team history. he could never replicate the success he had as a coach when we won an nba record 11 championships. he tried to hire steve kerr shortly after he got the job but he chose the warriors instead. we like that. you can get the latest news any time with the abc 7 news app. you can download it for free.
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enable push alerts know about breaking news where you live. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. we cannot ply international whack a mole with each new threat. >> a big escalation of airport security. hundreds of thousands of people will be affected. did the killer set off a metal detector just before he killed three co-workers? are packed hearing over a predatory lending scheme. how people are accuse e ed -- treated after they are accused of a crime. warm summer weather is in the forecast. i'll have a holiday temperature coming up. that breaking news is in san jose where there's another reminder. fire season is well under way. this video shows the grass fire that came close to five
5:00 pm
buildings. cal fire tells us crews were able to slow the spread of the flames. 15 acres burned. no one was hurt. more breaking news in southern california. a massive brush fire is threatening homes in burbank. this is a live look at the fire from our sister station. those flames are so close to houses. you see firefighters out there spraying water trying to put out those flames. firefighter vss have evacuated homes so far. look how close those are burning to homes. this fire began around two hours ago. crews are working to keep it from spreading. we will continue to follow the story and bring you any updates. good evening. >> our other top story right now, new avi'vuation security measures. they will affect every


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