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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 29, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this thursday morning, severe weather outbreak. tornadoes touching down in several states. the new pictures coming in and where the threat is right now. a major change is coming for airline passengers. with new security measures, hear what flyers can expect when trying to board with electronics. a massive explosion gutting a college dorm. why it could have been much worse. plus this -- >> aaagh! get out of my garage. >> see what happens when a hungry bear surprises a woman in her own garage. that's how we feel when the alarm clock goes off. >> yes. >> aaagh. >> as we do say good morning on
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this thursday, everyone, we're going to start with the severe weather threatening much of the nation's heartland. >> the radar shows a string of storms moving into the area surrounding chicago and detroit. they're bringing damaging winds, scattered hail and possibly a new round of tornados. >> yeah, one twister that's already hit western wisconsin uprooted trees, damaged homes as well and injured one person who was trying to take cover in a barn when it collapsed. overnight millions on alert as tornadoes touch down in several states. [ sirens ] >> reporter: these scenes from western iowa, this property heavily damaged, the home's windows shattered to pieces and trees splintered. this woman crawling to a basement with her grandkids. >> i couldn't shut the door. i looked up and sam goes, grandma, there's a tornado above us. you could see it above us and you could see it. then i went -- oh, i was -- i was just so scared. >> reporter: another home sitting right in the twister's
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path -- >> this is fury of nature type of stuff. >> reporter: the roof ripped off, railings twisted and the gutters mangled. >> this is a mess, and there's a lot of stuff that has to happen to get this habitable again. >> reporter: in wisconsin this pile of trees is actually a road, now impassable. and while this home is still standing, its garage destroyed with everything that was inside now littering the yard. the homeowner thankful no one was injured and taking it all in stride. >> we were having a meal, me and my wife were, for our anniversary tomorrow, so this is what i came home to. >> reporter: today once again a large part of the heartland in the danger zone. and much different extremely dry conditions are fueling wildfires in the meantime burning across much of the west this morning. >> in southern california flames raced across the camp pendleton marine corps base then moved towards some nearby homes. it scorched between 300 and 400 acres then late last night, fire crews were finally able to surround it. the most damaging of those fires is burring near prescott,
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arizona. flames have already charred 32 square miles of dense brush and forced thousands of people from their homes. fire officials say at least 3,000 structures are still at risk. arizona's governor has already declared a state of emergency for the area and he plans to visit today. >> it's early in the fire season. and it's also pretty early in the new trump administration. just five months into his first term but he's already preparing for 2020 with his first re-election fund-raiser. >> the $35,000 a plate event was held last night at the president's hotel near the white house. it raked in $10 million. >> in the meantime, apparently the president is not giving up on the health care bill as republican leaders scramble to make last-minute changes. abc's janai norman has the latest from washington. good morning, janai. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning to both of you. republican leader mitch mcconnell plans to have a new version of that health care bill by tomorrow with hopes of submitting it to the congressional budget office before the july 4th recess. and overnight protesters greeted president trump as he arrived at
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his hotel here in washington. he attended a fund-raiser there, as you mentioned, for his re-election campaign as his promise to replace obamacare stalled on the hill. at least nine senate republicans still oppose the bill, plus every democrat. but that's not stopping president trump from predicting a surprise victory. >> we could have a big surprise with a great health care package, so now they're happy. >> what do you mean by big surprise? >> i think you could have a great, great surprise. it's going to be great. >> reporter: and the republican opposition falls into two camps, conservatives who say the bill doesn't do enough to repeal obamacare and moderates who are concerned the bill goes too far by slashing medicaid. now, senate minority leader chuck schumer has urged president trump to meet with both republicans and democrats, but the president so far has said that schumer hasn't been serious. diane and kendis. >> and schumer even also said let's meet over at blair house across the street from the white house. not so much so far right from the white house. thank you, janai. the trump administration's
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limited travel ban goes into effect today. reports say enforcement begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. the ban affects visa holders and refugees from six primarily muslim countries. travelers with close business or family ties will be allowed into the u.s. also those whose visas have been approved and certain refugees will be able to enter as well. the department of homeland security wants stepped up vetting at hundreds of airports around the world. the goal, to increase anti-terror measures for all flights into the u.s. the head of homeland security is announcing strict new requirements to fly into the u.s. airline passengers can now expect enhanced screening meaning more dog units, explosive swabbing and new high-tech scanning machines in foreign airports. the reason, fear of terrorists attacking a jetliner. >> make no mistake, our enemies are constantly working to find new methods for disguising explosives, recruiting insiders and hijacking aircraft. i've made a point to talk with everyone i can about securing aviation. >> reporter: the new requirements include every
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airline. that covers 280 airports, 180 airlines, 2,000 flights and 325,000 passengers a day. officials did not give a time frame for airlines to put these new measures in place or for when passengers can expect to see the changes, however, airlines apparently will be allowed sufficient time to carry out the measures. >> we've got some breaking news from the vatican. one of the pope's top advisers has taken a leave of absence after being charged with multiple counts of sexual assault in australia. cardinal george pell denied the charges against him during a briefing with reporters this morning. now, pell says that he will return to australia to fight the charges. this, by the way, means that he's the highest ranking vatican official to ever be charged in the church's long-running sexual abuse scandal. now for a look at the thursday weather forecast. good morning. more fire danger, elevated fire
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danger for today over the southwest. notice how all the wet weather, all the thunderstorms stay off to the east. humidity values are going to be low, and there will be a breeze in place. and this is going to continue right into the upcoming weekend. severe threat for today continues over the upper midwest and the midwest where tornadoes, damaging winds and hail along with flooding downpours will be a concern. i'm justin povick with your accuweather forecast. >> still ahead right here, the new flu vaccine that is pain-free. and new this morning, an explosion destroys a college dorm. see what investigators think caused it. plus, caught on camera, a u-haul truck slams into a bar nearly hitting a person inside. why the driver is now under arrest. today there is only one park for every 14,000 americans.
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this morning two people are recovering after an explosion rocked a residence hall at a college in kentucky. much of the dorm was gutted during the blast at murray state university. it also shattered the windows of nearby buildings. a university employee is in stable condition this morning as a result. police say a second person was treated and released. they suspect a gas leak caused the explosion. no students were in the dorm because of summer break. another explosion in michigan has claimed the life of a couple overnight. that couple's adult daughter managed to escape as fire engulfed the house and flames shot 50 feet into the air. the blast was so powerful, it blew out the back of the home. fire officials say there was no natural gas running to the house, but it was hooked up to a propane tank.
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protesters in cincinnati are demanding a third trial after a fatal police shooting. they carried signs and circulated a petition seeking yet another trial for ray tensing. he was the university of cincinnati police officer who fatally shot sam dubose during a traffic stop in 2015. now last week the judge declared a mistrial after jurors were unable to reach a verdict in the second trial. a ten commandments statue outside the arkansas state capitol was destroyed less than 24 hours after it was installed. now police say michael reed slammed his vehicle into it. now reed says it violates the separation of church and state. he rammed his car into a similar monument in oklahoma in 2014. actress michelle rodriguez hugely successful "fast and furious" franchise unless the series provides more opportunities for women. rodriguez plays letty ortiz, the wife of star vin diesel's character. she posted a message on instagram saying she hopes the producers, quote, show some love
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to the women of the franchise in the next one or she added she might have to say good-bye. and someone has found the droid they were looking for and bought it at auction. an r2-d2 unit that was used in several "star wars" films has sold for nearly $3 million. no word on who bought the r2 unit. and when we come back, quite a wild scene from baltimore. a man shooting at police from a city bus with two guns. how it all ended. plus, a woman comes home to find a big bear in her garage. >> get out of my garage. >> this morning she's talking about that encounter. for all kinds of things... like walking.ewarded hey, honey. dad, where's the car? thought we'd walk. he's counting steps. walk, move and earn money... goal! dad...
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ask your healthcare professional about the risks and benefits of bexsero and if vaccination with bexsero is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait. c(puppy barks) you can do it duck. hurry up duck! you can do it duck. iams. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next. we're following severe weather moving into the upper midwest this morning. the radar shows storms hitting the area surrounding chicago and detroit. forecasters warn residents to
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expect damaging winds, scattered hail and possibly a new round of tornadoes. of course, all that stormy weather is creating problems for your morning commute. plan on wet roads from texas to the carolinas and from montana into wisconsin to the east coast with flooding possible from kansas to indiana. and if you're flying, expect some airport delays in minneapolis, chicago, kansas city, new orleans and atlanta. and we have new video just in of a wild shoot-out inside a crowded city bus in baltimore. >> take a look carefully here. you can see the gunman in the doorway armed with a weapon in each hand as he fires at police. they say he tried to rob two people before getting on the bus and taking fire on those officers sending frightened passengers running. when it was all over the gunman was dead and a police officer and a passenger were wounded. a young mom in minnesota has been charged with killing her boyfriend for a youtube stunt. court documents say 19-year-old monalisa perez shot a book while pedro ruiz was holding it to his
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chest believing the book would stop the bullet. well, it didn't and cameras were rolling when she opened fire. perez tweeted earlier that they were going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever, adding his idea, not mine. a relative said they were searching for fame. >> he had told me about an idea, and i said don't do it. don't do it. why are you going to use a gun, why, because we want more viewers. we want to get, you know, famous. >> ruiz was just 22. the couple has a 3-year-old daughter and perez is pregnant with their second child. she could now face up to ten years in prison if convicted of manslaughter. researchers say a flu patch with tiny needles on it may change the way we receive vaccines. a preliminary study shows the patch is safe and effective. it has 100 small needles that are just long enough to penetrate the skin. the needles release the vaccine and then they dissolve. doctors say they're painless and did not lead to any serious side
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effects. a man at the wheel of a u-haul is now facing dui charges after the truck he was driving smashed right into a pub. police say the truck was going the wrong way down a one-way street in philadelphia when it jumped the curb and slammed right into the front of a brewery. the man tried to run off but police caught him. amazingly the pub was back in business just a few hours later. >> important business. >> nothing to see here. >> yep. and a colorado springs mom had a kind of goldilocks moment. >> okay, so it wasn't what was sleeping in her bed that was the issue. it was actually what was in her garage hanging out. >> aaagh. get out of my garage. [ honking the horn ] shoo, bear, shoo. i can't go. >> the bear knows exactly where to go, right? >> yeah. >> the refrigerator, it was hanging out around there. danielle backstrom says she tried to get the black bear away by honking her horn and rolling down her windows.
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she even tells it to shoo, and i guess all the effort paid off because eventually it did. >> i kind of opened my door all the way like this and the bear was right there. i thought, nobody is going to believe me that the bear just chilled with me for awhile in my garage. >> authorities think this is the same bear caught on camera stealing ice cream and m&ms from another home in the same neighborhood. >> one more reason for broncos fans not to like the bears. time now for sports. >> speaking of. >> yeah, exactly. a record-breaking night for the yankees. >> here's neil and stan at espn with the highlights. >> hey, good morning. "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett here, neil everett there, you go first. >> okay. i'm going to go with aaron judge. >> good pick. good pick. >> this guy is really good. boom, homers. deep, his 27th. that's more than anybody else has in the major leagues. apparently i read something where they said he was staring down some hecklers, and now this is miguel andujar. you're saying like who? he made the record books.
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he had four rbi. most rbi by a yankees player in their major league debut since the rbi became official in 1920. >> wow. >> that's a lot of history and this kid just made it. yankees won the game, 12-3. let's check out the astros and the a's. bottom of the first. this is george springer. >> he's got a statue in storrs, connecticut, if you're ever there. >> that didn't look like a home run when he hit it. it does now. nine leadoff setting an astros single season record. bottom third, astros up, 6-5. springer doesn't think that's enough. marwin gonzalez coming around to score. springer cruises in with a double. 3 for 4 with a pair of rbi and the astros win it, 11-8. khris davis with a home run for the a's. a pair of home runs for the a's in that game. >> i got a monster headache. >> okay, so we're going to let neil get some medication. >> thank you. >> and send it back to you. >> all right, neil, hope you feel better. >> yeah. up next in "the pulse," a decade ago today apple released its new gadget that would
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♪ ♪ time to check "the pulse" and we start by saying happy birthday to the iphone. >> yep. >> the first generation model was released ten years ago today. >> oh, it was huge. eight gigs. the 2g version retailed for nearly $600 when it hit the market. apple sold more than 6 million units of that first model before it was discontinued a little more than a year later. >> the next version, which would be the iphone 8, is expected to be released in september.
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>> and people waited about 110 hours for -- to get their hands on that. wow. so here's something to keep in mind while enjoying your summer vacation, don't post your pictures on social media. a new study finds that most people, about 73%, don't want to see your vacation photos. by the way, this is just a small sample of a few that we posted. >> that poll also found that while many object to posting such vacation photos, a whopping 77% say they still do it. no idea who they are. 21% actually admit to posting those photos just to show off. >> clearly. >> the nerve. >> diane macedo there. yeah, i'm having fomo just watching it right now. >> there you are. >> there you are. cool. watch me. watch me. well, if you're not quite sure what to pack for that vacation, we night have a solution for you. >> okay, so a new hampshire driver may have found the right way to do it. take it all with you.
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>> check out this picture. you can see a bicycle, a few cabinets, there's a ladder in there. >> yeah, unfortunately, it's on top of a minivan and seems some other drivers were a little concerned understandably. they called police. can't imagine why. the person in the van was cited for negligent driving. >> yeah, he just needed one more bungee cord to really secure it. >> it wasn't that they had too much stuff. it was just that they weren't driving correctly. >> more news coming up after this. >> more news coming up after this. ♪ in every possible way ♪ ♪ i want more ♪ ♪ impossible to ignore ♪ ♪ impossible to ignore ♪
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good morning on this thursday, june 29th. almost to the end of the week. i'm reggie aqui. >> i'm jessica castro. hi, guys. >> how are you? everybody sleep well last night? >> yeah. >> until about midnight. didn't go back to sleep. >> me, too. 12:30 to 1:30. >> sleep deprived. >> not the weather's fault. it is gorgeous at night and it continues. hi, everybody. let's look at where the clouds are. they're filling in the neighborhoods as we speak. a little drizzle possible near the coast. here's the 12-hour day planner. mid to upper 50s this morning. we have got antioch at 61. now, heading towards noon, 50s along the coast and san francisco. 60s around the bay. 7s inland.
4:28 am
antioch at 83. 4:00, 60s around the bay to 70s. 70s and 80s inland and a quick look at the 7:00 temperatures, yeah, really comfortable from 50s in san francisco to few 70s inland. let's take a look at the morning commute. again, very quiet this morning. >> i know. a lot of folks maybe extending that fourth of july holiday longer. so hopefully we are going to have lighter volumes heading into work or cool today. altamont pass, a high wind advisory is in effect. both hands on the wheel and slow down out of tracy to 23 mile per hour before 580 and quite quiet. minor issue in the south bay. that's next. >> thank you. a new version of the president's travel ban goes into effect later today. >> people coming to the bay area from six muslim majority countries have to meet specific
4:29 am
requirements. janine? >> reporter: this is a scaled down version of president trump's travel ban and some travelers that we spoke to said that they don't think it makes sense. visa applicants from syria, sudan, somalia, libya, iran and yemen plus all refugees must have close family or a business tie in the united states. qualifying residents are a parent, spouse, child, adult son or daughter, son-in-law or daughter-in-law, or a sibling. not on the list, grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, nieces, me fee yous, cousins. >> i think it's all relatives. especially if it's a grandparent. you know? because they're old and, you know, you should have a chance to visit and see them. >> reporter: on monday, the u.s. supreme court partially lifted lower court injunctions against president trump's expectative order thathat temporarily banned


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