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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 29, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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happy reunions like this one may not be happening as much in the united states depending where you're from. fr the next 90 days visa applicants from these six countries must have a close family or business tie in the u.s. to enter. >> we love peace and so everything is. >> this woman is muslim while her own skunt not on the ban list she feels for other travelsers who will be targeted. earlier in the year -- now that the scaled down version has passed the supreme court it could cause confusion. >> people are unclear as to whether or not their family members are going to be able to
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come? >> they must have a qualifying family member in the u.s., son-in-law, daughter in the law, adult, child, not on the list, grant parents, grand clirn, aujts, uncles, nieces, any of news, sisters, cousins, sisters in law. attorneys are outside thea arrive areas offering legal help to travelers. they rntd allowed to be in the screening area so they have to rely on word of mouth. >> we hear from our families when we haven't heard from them three or four, five hours and we hear from passengers if something odd is happening behind the scenes, if people are being pulled out of line. >> new restrictions go into effect at 5:00 p.m. and we spoke with airport officials and they tell us that they do have some security measures in place in case there are any protests that start up. reporting live from sfo, abc 7 news. >> all right. thank you. if you're traveling back
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home from a foreign airport, you expect to face new stricter security. >> the department of homeland security is out with new guidelines on all flights entering the u.s. they will see more dog units, explosive swabbing and new high tech scanning machines in foreign airports. >> we're constantly working to find new ways to disguise explosives, recruiting insiders and hijacking aircraft. >> the head of homeland security is trying to stop what we saw happen in africa after explosives hidden in a laptop blew a hole in this jet. they're expected to affect 325,000 passengers a day. they say if they do not implement the new requirements their flights from overseas will not be able to land at any u.s. airport. stay on top of the rules with the abc 7 news app and push alerts to get instant updates on breaking news at any time. >> north bay commuters are getting the first taste of the long awaited smart train.
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san rafael is still in lum bow but these preview rides are attracting the quite an eager crowd. we'll life in san rafael to go for a ride. tiffany. >> reporter: hey there, crist 2011, the train just left the station about ten minutes ago it's on its second full round trip. abc 7 news was the only ones on board the first time and passengers burst into applause when it left the station. >> all aboard the smart train. >> we've been waiting for it for a long time and it's going to be fun and exciting and nice to be out on the first trip. >> eager passengers entered the cars excited to experience the train firsthand. they found kugs shoned seats, free wifi and an onboard snack shop. this man loves the extra wide windows and the opportunities they present. >> i want to see what the backyards look like i've always been up and down highway 101. this is a hance to see sights i
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didn't see before. >> then this big moment came. passengers burst into applause as the train started down the tracks. >> this is a huge day for us. we've been waiting for so long to have the public on board and we're so happy that we're able to do that today and we know that people will just enjoy the ride, enjoy our trains so this is a huge day fours. >> reporter: train lovers young and old give the smart train rave reviews. >> it's modern, it's very comfortable. >> are you excited to ride the smart train today? >> yeah? >> >> reporter: smart train offer free round trip preview rides today, saturday, and aught the 4th of july. they hope it will run a full commuter schedule soon. >> we're in the homestretch awaiting the final federal approval so we're anticipating starting up real soon. >> the final federal approval is for a system called the positive train control safety system. it's a $50 million system that smart train has installed and it basically is meant to prevent a
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lot of accidents on the tracks. so as soon as they get the all clear on that system, then the commuter schedule should begin. live in san rafael, tiffany will son, abc 7 news. thank you. this midday one of the new dee tails on one of the worst tragedies in oakland's history. an okay land employee saw exposed wiring at the warehouse two months before the fire and remtd tenants fix the hazard. those findings detailed in an amended lawsuit filed by attorneys representing the victim's families. 36 people died in the december fire. our media partners at the bay area news group obtained a copy of the suit. it adds the city of oakland, alameda county and the state of california to a growing list of the defendant. it says they failed do their duties to shut down the fire trap. we're learning more about the deadly workplace shooting at a san francisco ups facility. abc 7 news has learned that just
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before the shooting the gunman set off a metal detector but he was still allowed in the building. they say ups driver jimmy lam activated the dee tekttor but a security guard allowed him in anyway. his backpack had two guns inside. two weeks aeg shot and killed three drivers and then himself. ups would not comment on that new revelation saying its investigation is ongoing. the fremont police department is hoping you can help them solve a new old missing person's case. they just reopened the case in smarry muhleman's disappearance. she was last seen at her boyfriend ads home on dakota road. the two had a daughter together. she was only 5 years old at the time. they say they decided to reopen the case due to potential new evidence. they're now reviewing physical
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evidence initially located in 1989 and calling known witness totz disanswer s appearance. if you know anything, please give free monday police a call. happening today rfr a courthouse in dublin hoping to put a hold on incustody arraignments. the east county half justice just opened on monday. the protest is being led by an alameda public defender and according to the east bay express that public defender named brendan woods says holding aimts arraignments an this new location would make it hard for relatives of defendants to be there. many live further away. meanwhile, the presiding judge claims family members don't uberly attends arraignments and with the county jail nearby, it just makes sense. happening today, the house will take up a bill named in honor of a bay area woman that times toughen up up immigration enforcement. the bill is named after kate styly a bay area woman shot and killed in peer 14 two years ago. the gunman had been report dedeported five times before the shooting.
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case law would increase penalties on undocumented criminals who renter the u.s. illegally such as her killer did. >> president trump has been clear that our borders are not open to illegal immigration, that we are a nation of laws and we will no longer look the other way. well, we will no longer look the other way in the intoor yore either. >> another bilk considered today, the no sanctuary for criminals act. it would make sanctuary cities like san francisco ineligible to receive certain federal funds if the would also alulou for more detention of undocumented felons. right now we're watch a huge wildfire burning in southern california that will ballooned in size overnight. this is just the latest fire wrajing across the west coast. how res dments orange county are being affect the at this hour. plus, you kbrurt money your mouth is. find out how warriors are once again making history. can't wait to see that one. weatherwise i hope you can't wait to see more of what we've been dealing with, and that's a slow warming trend. check out the clouds, going a
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lnchts the warriors are spending the summer celebrating their nba championship win and this morning there's new proof of just how popular they are with fans. >> the nba released new numbers on merchandise sales and you gised it, the warriors had the most sought after gear of any team in the league. the top selling jersey belonged to steph curry, durant was number 3, la bronze james.
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the nba made the rankings basesed on sales from april to june, that includes the week the warriors won the title. you can check out the championship trophy in person today, the larry o'brien trophy tour kicks off in downtown berlg game. you'll be able to snap a picture with the gold hardware between 11, from right now and until 3:00 p.m. today. after that it will be on display at another store at the hillsdale shopping center from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. you can find a full list of locations on our website >> east bay we'll come to you, san francisco as well. everybody will get to revel in it and it looks like serve getting to revel in some cool temperatures, too. >> yeah. i looked to see what was going on in assistant cruz and couldn't find anything that than what normally goes on there but they did have a lot of volleyball going on. >> something's happening and we're missing out.
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we're going to take another look at that time in a minute. mid-50s where the clouds are in half moon bay and san francisco the clouds starting to let up alittle bit around the rest of the day abi. inland in the 70 in beast east bay, 80 any brent woord. we had some delays earlier after raining one-mile-per-hourwhich were the longest this week but they are over. we'll turn over to hazy sunshine and minor boost in our temperatures today. cloudy to foggy and cool the next couple nights. the 101 cord dore i'm think something fog's going to develop the next couple mornz especially four. steady pattern as far as temperatures go through the weekend from the we are again in santa cruz you can see the volleyball nets up there and people having fun. and have the canopies up there and the toents prikt from that strong sunshine'. in fact at our beaches this where you'll seen the most sunshine. if you're exer sidesing wear the sun zpreen you're playing on the water it's going to be chop if i north of the bay bring.
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that is until 3:00 tomorrw morning. could be a little noisy tonight and also at our beaches we've got that small craft advisory until 9:00 saturday morning. let's go to substantia substan i to 78, quite a spread on the peninsula today, over the coast not so much because of the cloud cover, 59 to about 61 degrees. 65 in downtown san francisco. 79 san rafael, low to mid-80s in the north bay valley. okay land at 70, about two degrees cooler than average. 83 at san ramon but look at pittsberg, antioch, first signs you might need the air conditioner the next couple days as we're hitting moe low to mid-90s. 73 at noon and 81 at 3:00 and then by 7:0072, under the stars will be 59 at 11:00.
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if you like steady innocence your life, wow, look at thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. morning clouds afternoon sunshine, pretty close to average temperatures, maybe just a slight dip monday into tuesday. not much happening all the way through the holiday. >> all right. we can take that kind of steadiness. thanks, mike. now to an exclusive new look at principle says diana's life 20 years after her death. the new documentary the story of diana is turning the spotlight on her legacy. it will be the only program in the u.s. to feature an interview with diana's brother charles spencer. chris connelly gives us a speak peek on good morning america. >> diana prin says of wales would have be saturday. >> perhaps the greatest sister. i girl given the name of the ancient goddess. >> was in the end the most honored prn in the world.
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>> two days after his heartbreaking you'heartbreak ug, he's speaking out. >> nothing in her life came close to her love for her children. i remember she was serious when she was take harry to school, he was very small, 4 our 5. >> here he is arriving at a school nativity play. smile for the camera, harry. lovely. >> they, trying to say he was just impossibly rude little kid. diana talked to him. >> harry now carrying on her work speaking frankly at his grief at her death and joining with his older brother to raise awareness of mental health issues, just the kind of activism his mother took to harlt. >> one of the reasons i want to talk now is because after 20 years somebody shifts from being a contemporary person to one of history, actually and diana
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deserves a place in history. this was a special person and not just a beautiful one. >> and that was abc's chris connelly reporting. you can watch the story of diana in its entirety, the two-part series starts wednesday, august 9th at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. happy birthday, iphone, you can believe. first iphone was released ten years ago today. amen ceo just paid tribute to the invention and steve jobs saying here's to the iphone that changed the world ant people who dreamed it and the people at amen who will have never stopped looking to its future. it only had a rear camera, you could only send sms messages for texts. look how far we've come. it's hard to imagine a word without emojis, apps, constant access to the internet, kristen. apple has sold more than a billion iphonesed in the past decade. >> it seems like it's always been with us. >> yes. >> can't remember a time without
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it. >> and now you can't leave it in a different room or have you anxiety. somebody may be working on a new children's rhyme calling it this little piggy interrupted traffic. >> see what
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welcome back if the this little piggy took a bath after playing a game of chicken with officers around a texas freeway. >> talk about a wild scene, in fact, all these pigs took over interstate 45 near dallas this morning. some ran from officers others just went for a stroll off a truck overturned. the driver is okay. his special cargo was in no troush get caught. they took their sweet time. officers tried everything around to get the wandering an maps. and video showed within big making his way across the highway there. officers definitely had their hands full. >> all right. from all of us here 7 news, thanks so much for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> the news continues now online at
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>> to win on this show, you need three things: brains, guts, and an industrial-strength antiperspirant. ready? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right, here we go. our first contestant was enjoying retirement, and then went back to work after being hit hard by the recession. hoping to win big and retire again, from las vegas, nevada, please welcome gary csontos. [cheers and applause] how you doing, gary? welcome. good to see you, buddy. >> thank you. great to be here. >> so you retired. >> i did. >> and then didn't. and then now you gotta retire again. >> yeah, it's a sad story. i thought in 2006 i had retired. i went to the philippines to try and get some businesses off the ground. unfortunately, the recession hit, took all my money awa


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