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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 29, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hoses to try to protect their homes. >> what's the latest? >> reporter: i'm at clear view still waiting at this moment to hear back from the san jose fire department to get you the details and statistics of how large this fire is, how severe the fire fight was. it does appear they seem to have it under control. follow me this way. i want to show you how closely this fire was burning to homes. you see all these homes right here across the street. i want to introduce you to karen. she lives right there. you can still see kp garden houses on her driveway. they jumped into action. i want you to describe for people what it was like wh enthis started. >> my husband happened to be working in the garage and started calling me because he saw smoke coming up from field and he started seeing flames.
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i called 911. my neighbors could smell the smoke. we all grabbed hoses from our neighbors. we all just grabbed each other's hoses. fire response was a little slower than expected. we just made sure that we watered anywhere near our homes. >> what were you thinking in those moments? >> scary. i hope that nobody's home would burn and the wind kept shifting. you never knew what it was going. it started going to my neighbor's house. ke called a few times to tell them to come home. very scary. >> this is just an empty field here. >> totally empty field. the city believed just tilled it down a couple of weeks ago. it was a mile high weeds. >> thank you for sharing your story. just one other note what appear
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to be buildings or sort of an office complex near here. that is the east side union school district offices. abc 7 news. >> she's a neighbor we would all like to have. thanks a lot. it's not the only fire burning in san jose. daifrds is live with the progress on those fires. david. >> a total of 85 acres have burned here. you're looking at one of three burn sites. two separate fires burned together on the slope that's right here. you can see how dry grass spread the flames.
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>> thefire occurred in that already established area. we were able to bring the fire out to the road and accomplishing a goal we set quite a while ago. >> these fires are of a suspicious nature. >> it's under investigation. >> two other fires did break out at the same time. one about two miles to the west and another two miles in the opposite direction. some houses were in the vicinity within a mile of the flames. they were not damaged. the fire here is out. all together the fires are 50% contained. >> thank you opinion we'll keep an eye on those fires and bring you any updates as thaz are needed throughout the newscast. the other top story. president trump's travel ban. the revised executive order oifr who can travel to the u.s. takes effect right now. >> not focusing on people from
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one religion or culture but focusing on every airport, every country around the world. >> just minutes ago the state of hawaii asked a judge to clarify the travel ban saying parts of it may violate the supreme court's ruling. this is only adding to the confusion already if place over the ban. >> reporter: lawyers and advocates say if it's hard for them to understand, it will be hard for the agencies involved. a local exchange program that says the travel ban is hurting them even before it went into place. >> welcome. >> reporter: a warm welcome on the day for french exchange students that a partial travel ban goes into affect. >> it was a program started after 9/11 to try to bring the western culture and the muslim cultures together and obviously this is rather unfortunate for
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our program because it works against what we're working towards. >> reporter: american cultural exchange services works with 47 different countries. with the travel bans in the works they have seen half as h applications. students from libya, one of the six countries on the list may not get to visit now. >> we're not sure because this is brand flu. we're still waiting to hear what is going to become of them if they'll still be able to come or not. >> reporter: attorneys are monitoring incoming flights. >> we asked passengers who are coming off flight s there anybody being detained there. do you think anybody is in trouble. >> reporter: they must prove a bono fide relationship to someone in the u.s. other travelers are confused by the every changing travel rules. >> it's so many changes in
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immigration law. i was concerned because she overstayed. she's a green card holder. >> reporter: after three hours the mother reunited with the family. only a handful of people sought advice with the volunteer attorneys so far. it was passed shortly after the september 11 attacks. the house appropriations committee approved an amendment that repeals that law. >> this resolution came before the congress three days, september 14th. it was overly broad. it was 60 words. i think at this point 16 years later given the nature of the threats we face that we should in a bipartisan way support my amendment. >> the amendment repeals the aumf after eight months giving
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congress time to decide what should replace it. it's unclear if the measure will make it past the senate. the house passed a pair of bills that aim to toughen up immigration enforcement across the u.s. one pill is tied to the tragic shooting death of a san francisco woman. she died nearly two years ago at the hands of an undmed immigrant. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has more. a reminder of tragedy. >> suddenly a shot rang out. kate looked at me and said help me dad. those are the last words i'll hear from my daughter. >> reporter: two years ago 32-year-old kate was shot and killed by juan francisco lopez. a mexican national who had been convicted of seven felonies and deported five times. the case would ignite a national debate on discrimination. >> to have blanket discriminatory laws that come
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out to cast blames on cities that are trying to protect themselves, that's wrong. that's all politics. i don't think dha hthat honors in any way. >> president trump has been clear that our borders are not open to illegal immigration. we are nation of laws and no longer look the other way. >> reporter: another immigration bill called the no sanctuary for criminals act was also passed today. skrit critics say the proposals will do more harm than good. >> ramping occupy arrests and people's whose only violation is their immigration status is the wrong way. >> reporter: both bills will move on to the senate for
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consideration. wind surfers and kayaker are maneuvering for an up close look. those close encounters are putting people and the whales at risk. >> reporter: absolutely. you can see it's really windy out here today. there are still many people out here. those whales are awe inspiring to look at but from a distance. we saw some people getting da t dangerously close. these pictures show a small boat making contact with hump back whale. it looked like the boat hit the whale. they have seen pictures from two separate incidents in the last ten days.
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>> we feel these are result of carelessness and lack of self-control. >> reporter: they have been feeding near the golden gate bridge. >> super exciting. thrilling, in fact. >> reporter: tracy said she enjoyed seeing them from a safety distance. it's those on the water who are getting too close. >> if they hit a whale and the whale strikes their boat back just out of a reflexive action, whose going to have to come in and rescue them. >> reporter: in addition to boaters, mary jane believes kite surfers and wind surfers are intentionally getting too close. >> they are specifically targeting them for the thrill. >> it's awe inspiring to see them that close but you have to will want that is a wild animal. >> reporter: they are keeping a watchful eye. it's less about issuing fines and more about raising awareness.
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so far so good for a new train in the north bay. >> this is a huge day for us. >> we've been waiting for it for a long time. >> the wait continues. why an official opening is a long time coming for one of the smartest trains in the company. education on wheels opinion if you can't get to the classroom, the school will come to you. fog is in the picture now. find out if it will disappear. the sizzle of cooking out doors. michael finney with the b
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it's been years in the making. right now the train is making free test runs for a few days this weekend. when it's in full service it will go to santa rosa and all the way to cloverdale.
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kate larson joins us live with one of the trains on the story. >> reporter: hey, there. we are stopped at the station. we're heading southbound towards nevado right now. i told you the next time we saw you, it would be standing room only. the train is filled. people are excited the get the smart train up and running. they have gotten some more testing to do. they are optimistic. they will be open for good, soon. >> it's coming. >> reporter: the smart train is pulling into sonoma and mar stations >> reporter: she's riding are her mom. >> it's really awesome. i love it.
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>> we might just be taking the train and going on adventures. >> reporter: she and her husband have been waiting for years to see the first stretch of the train route. 43 miles complete. >> it's spacious. it's roomy. i love it. we have been waiting anxiously for it. >> reporter: the train was set the open last fall but that was delayed over diesel engine issues and smart is still building the extension scheduled the open 2019. they are also still fund raising for a northern extension up to clov cloverdale. today's preview ride is just that. smart does not yet have the green light to fully open. >> it's designed to stop the train in the event it goes overspeed. it will bring the train safely to a stop.
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>> reporter: back out here live. this is your view if you're on the smart train. again the trains are packed. it's been about 60 years since there's been a passenger train like this in the north bay. a lot of folks excited. when it does open a monthly adult pass will be about $200 a month. then the one way rides are all under about $12. there are more free preview rides on saturday afternoon and the afternoon of july 4th, next tuesday. that's the latest here live in the north bay on my way to nevado, kate larson, abc 7 news. back to you. most students ride a bus to high school but a new charter school brings the classroom to you. take a look at the first mobile school in the nation for adults. the five keys mobile keys fully stopped with books, desks and lapto laptops. 86,000 adults in san francisco don't have a high school diploma. many of these people live in high crime areas.
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>> so many folks levering their neighborhood is matter of life and death. this hopes to address that problem by bringing education right into their neighborhoods. >> they plan to begin in san francisco then expand to oakland and los angeles. an unusual sight this morning on the street os of a north bay town. this a hot air balloon. because of an unexpected shift in the winds the balloon operator had to make a surprise landing in front of a sears just before 10:00. no one was hurt. the operator were able to pack up and leave very quickly. tonight final preparations are under way for a fourth of july mainstay in the north bay. you can see the ferris wheel up. the fair runs tomorrow through july 4th. the fair is a sign of summer. another one is grilling. if kwlour in the market for a
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new gas grill michael finney has ideas for you. >> are you guys good grillers? >> i'm okay. >> i bake. you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get a grill that delivers. >> reporter: testers are busy putting gas grills through some tough temperature tests. these thermo couples keep tabs on key performance factors. >> we measure how hot the grill is after ten minutes. that's your typical preheat time. we look at how even the heat is across the cooking surface and tesing how well it can handle the task of indirect heating. >> the test found you may want to reconsider how big of a grill you buy. this $3200 prestige pro is the only large gas grill that earned
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a recommends daation. you'll get more bang for you buck with a recommended mid size grill. >> our test find that grills in the mid size range can hold between 18 to 28 burgers at once. that's plenty of space to cook for a crowd. >> reporter: this $1200 genesis earned a spot that offers an add on. it connects to an app that tells you efrverything from your food temperature to how much gas remains in the tank. tests found you don't need to spend nearly that much. this next grill from home debow costs just $270. it's ready to grill in ten minutes and holds an even temperature. if you're short on space consider this smaller char broil. it costs about $300. heats up evenly and offers a wide temperature range so you can cook a variety of foods. if you're a fan of charcoal grilling, consumer reports took a look at the 18 inch weber kettle grill for about 80 bucks
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you get even heating and a good choice for grilling up basics. >> if you want it charred on the outside and cold in middle, i'm your guy. >> all right. tell us the time and day and we're there. if you're grilling this holiday weekend, weather looks fantastic. i want to show you the temperature trend for san jose. you notice those tarts coming back down as we head towards fourth of july. really minor ups and downs are expected. live doppler 7 showing you a solid marine layer along the coastline with the exception of santa cruz where they are enjoying sun right now. oakland 65.
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this is where you need to go if you want to enjoy some sun in santa cruz. it's a nice day. 77 in santa rosa. it's in the 80s from concord. 79 from livermore. here you see it. foggy areas overnight. patchy morning drizzle. we're looking at mild to warm days. slightly cooler for the fourth of july. here is the hour by hour planner tomorrow morning. there will be foggy areas. patchy fog will linger near the coast for noontime. at 4:00 p.m. it will be breezy p temperatures in the 50s to the 80s. 7:00, hour by hour forecast showing you the fog near the cost. it pushes in over the bay for the morning commute. you'll notice the fog shrinks a little bit. by the afternoon only a few spot will be seeing the fog. most of you will be seeing sunshine for your friday.
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temperatur temperatures first thing in the morning with the fog around the coast and the bay. for the afternoon here is what it looks like in the south bay. east bay a nice day. 72 in oakland. it will be a warm one. 90 degrees if fairfield. p it's going to be nice and mild. 74 at noon. temperature coming up the about 81 degrees at 3:00. just make sure you have the sunscreen and the shades. it will be dropping down to the upper 50s by 11:00 p.m. it's a good idea to have an extra layer with you. we'll feature a wide range of temperatures. low 60s the low 90s.
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temperatures come back up again on sunday. then notice it cools back down again early next week that includes the fourth of july. low 60s to mid-80s. right now there will be low clouds and fog around. just want to tell you in case you were thinking tths going to be absolutely clear at the coast. all right. if at first you
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travelers expect a little room for personal space on airlines these days. now the airline promises to keep the seat next to you empty for a price. passengers can bid on up to three seats next to their booked seat. if they win the bid the seat remains empty. you can place a bid when you buy
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your ticket. frequent flyers do have priority. a new milestone for facebook solar power drone. the company announced drone completed its second fest flight successfully last month. the ntsb is still investigating the first test flight. a structural failure affected the landing last year. they plan to use the drones to connect to rural areas that don't have reliable internet. lynn ch announced he's givig away 2,000 tickets. to get the tickets you must show up at his beast mode store in oakland. tonight beast mode isn't playing around. they posted this picture to instagram with him practicing his foot work on the beach. he still has it. hanging up the headphones. a long time radio personality is retiring. the man behind the mike, next.
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we want to thank rob for this picture of man rowing in the bay. there he is in that middle mol o monit monitor. share your pictures with us.
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coming up at 6:00, uc schools will have new rules. a look at what's new and whether it will make a difference. 7 on your side michael finney will explain why your credit score could go up this weekend without you changing a thing. how a lizards inspired standard researchers to design a challenge this space. that's all coming up in half an hour. thanks. we'll see you then.
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>> finally, an instudio sprieure for an icon of bay area rock radio. >> this jockey is hanging up his microphone tomorrow after four decade ons the air waves. seaweed is known as the weed man. he was in middle of his show, he got the word he will be induct into the bamies walk of fame. he told us one of his favorite memories is hanging out with listeners on free food fridays. >> we had a live studio audience and i fed them. how about that? you can't beat free food. we would have 15, 20 people in there. i loved having a live audience. the listeners are the ones that do it for me. >> he says his final show will be all requests and he won't forget to drop his signature line, rocking with the weedman. >> world news tonight is coming up next. >> thanks for inviting us into
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your homes tonight. the next newscast is at 6:00 p.m. >> bye bye. tonight, breaking developments as we come on the air. president trump's twitter fire storm. the personal attack against a female tv host. the harsh backlash against the president, even from republican senators. all in the middle of trying to strike a deal on health care. and the big meeting just announced. president trump and vladimir putin face to face. this as abc news first reported one of the president's closest aides now facing questions in the russian investigation. also tonight, deadly collision. tennis star venus williams blamed for the crash killing a 78-year-old man. why police say she was at fault. what williams just said. tornado outbreak. more than two dozen twisters reported across four states. homes ripped apart. millions more in the path toni


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