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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this fire was to all these homes. my photographer is going to turn around here and show you just how close the flames burned in this direction towards the homes. you can see crews still here on the scene, going around putting out hot spots. we've been watching them in the last few minutes, break down larger branches of the trees that are smoldering at the base. the fire department said this fire is not contained, but crews have been able to stop the forward progression of the fire. and they're not calling out any more crews. at this point, they don't have an estimate on the acreage, and that's in part due to the fact that the area is densely populated. but despite that, they tell me no homes had to be evacuated. although we do know from watching sky 7 hd and from me talking with homeowners here on the ground, that people grabbed their garden hoses and did everything they could to help before fire crews first arrived on the scene. so they grabbed those garden hoses, ran across the street, alerted all their neighbors and got as many hoses on the flames
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as they could at the time until the professionals rolled in. no homes had to be evacuated, but i'm told the wildlife center of silicon valley was evacuated when the fires first broke out but it only lasted about ten minutes when crews realized they were going to get a handle on this pretty quickly. the wildlife center building was not damaged. back out here lives, crews, as i said, getting a handle on this fire that made for a very scary afternoon for the homeowners here. live in san jose, katy marzullo, abc 7 news. nearby four separate fires burned at least 85 acres this afternoon. firefighters attacked the flames from the ground and the air. sky 7 was overhead that blaze earlier. crews quickly brought the fires under control in about two hours. this map shows you the location of the fire zone along mount hamilton road near grant lake. the area burned had been targeted for a vegetation clearing to reduce fire danger this summer. here's a live look at the area that burned.
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you can see large patches of black in the midst of golden brown grass. >> in southern california tonight, the pacific coast highway is closed near los angeles as fire crews battle a wildfire. flames broke out this afternoon northeast of malibu. right now, the fire is about 25 acres. homes are just on the other side of the hill, so fire crews are taking structure protection measures in that area. breaking news, a federal judge in sacramento is temporarily blocking a gun control law that would have taken effect saturday. the legislation barred gun owners from possessing high-capacity ammunition magazines. the judge ruled it takes away gun owners 'pea second amendment rights. the injunction blocks the law from taking effect while the case continues. president trump's parks travel ban took effect about an hour ago. within minutes, it was facing more legal challenges. abc 7 news reporter katy joins us from sfo with the developing story.
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katy? >> reporter: ama, hawaii's attorney general is asking a federal judge to clarify the definition of family. he says that the administration's definition is too narrow, restricting too many people from entering the country. he also feels the order itself is confusing, a sentiment here echoed by lawyers at sfo. as this foreign exchange program welcomes students from france, they fear students from libya may not get the same opportunity. it's one of six countries listed in the president's partial travel ban. >> we're not sure, because this is brand-new. and so we're still waiting to hear what is going to become of them if they'll still be able to come or not. >> reporter: american cultural exchange services works with 47 different countries. with the travel ban in the works this year, they've seen half as many applications. >> it makes me very sad, because this is my passion. and this is what we work towards is better understanding of a better world, and to bring peace
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through, you know, mutual understanding. >> reporter: attorneys are working to understand the ban, and help people who may be arriving from syria, iran, yemen, libya, somalia or sudan. >> we actually asked passengers coming off flights, is there anybody being detained there? do you think anybody's in trouble? >> reporter: people seeking visas from the six countries must declare a bona fide relationship to someone in the u.s. this woman consulted the volunteer attorneys when her mom was detained coming in from india. >> there's so many changes in our immigration law. so i was concerned. because she overstayed. she's a green card holder. >> reporter: after three hours, she reunited with her family. only a handful of people have sought advice with the volunteer attorneys so far. at sfo, katy utis, abc protesters in washington, d.c. uniting with democratic lawmakers demonstrated outside
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the capitol today, amid reports that gop senators are to revise the health care bill. >> i'm not going to negotiate with the press here on what is going to take to get to something favorable for the state of nevada. >> a new report today by the nonpartisan congressional budget office says the republican plan would cut medicaid spending by 35% by 2036. that would mean 15 fewer medicaid recipients by 2026. planned parenthood will close three clinics in the area. the closures are largely due to low reimbursement rates in california for providers that serve medical patients. the dark cloud that loomed over the university of california system over sexual harassment claims is slowly
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being lifted as all faculty and staff received new guidelines today. leeann me len dez has those changes. >> reporter: well, many had not had a chance to read them. i could tell you that the process has been streamlined, and keeps everyone involved in the loop. and of course, the goal here is to reach zero cases. every faculty and staff member at uc's ten campuses must undergo sexual harassment training. >> i mostly ignore all the tainings. that one i did not. it was a very good training. as far as online trainings go, it was a particularly good one. >> reporter: between 2013 and 2016, more than 100 employees were found to have violated sexual harassment policies, president janet napolitano decided it was time to make changes. >> the commitment to be transparent, we want to be held accountable. we want folks to understand what this process would look like. we want to be held to that. >> reporter: now the
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universities must complete their investigations within 60 days, and after that, the person must be disciplined within 40 days. a time line that was not in place before. >> that disciplinary decision, you would hear concerns that they didn't know when that decision was going to be made. they didn't know what was occurring during that time frame. so we're just trying to be clear and transparent about the process. >> reporter: any faculty member at fault would be disciplined by the chancellor, after consulting with a peer review committee. after some of the most notorious cases were those of the dean of the uc berkeley law school and of the assistant basketball coach who was fired amid sexual harassment allegations. this is a researcher at cal. >> will little boys grow up and finally act sensibly and stop -- just grow up. >> reporter: the new procedures must be implemented no later than september 1st. abc 7 news. new at 6:00, northbound cal train was delayed this morning
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after the conductor was reportedly hit in the face by a passenger. it stopped at the bay shore station for about 20 minutes. an argument turned physical and a woman elbowed the conductor in the nose. she was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery. someone robbed the pharmacy inside this san jose safeway today just after noon at the hamilton avenue. the suspect had a gun, and he got away. they didn't say what, if anything, he took with him. a coalition of public defenders and families strongly opposes a plan to move arraignments from oakland to the new dublin courthouse. the decision aims to help with the budget deficit. lonnie rivera explains what a difference it makes to families. >> we must all stand here united -- >> reporter: alameda county public defenders and families presented a united front on the steps of the courthouse. they opposed a move to hold all in custody arraignments at this dublin courthouse instead of courthouses across the county.
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they oppose a move in the works to hold in-custody arraignment hearings for defendants at this dublin courthouse instead of the wily manuel courthouse in oakland. >> as a mother who had a child incarcerated, now you have to not only know that you got a good an hour and a half to get out there -- >> you travel 30 miles from oakland. it's such an inconvenience. >> reporter: all inmates are housed in dublin now, they're bused out to several courthouses. under the new plan they would just have to cross the street. chad said the court needs to do this to save money and time. >> for those families who are affected, i don't want to dismiss their concerns, but i think it is a small enough percentage that i don't think it trumps the efficiencies to the court. >> reporter: alameda county court started with a $5 million deficit this fiscal year. he said the public defender's office is complaining about the plan because of union issues, and a longer commute.
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>> i'm offended by that assertion. this is the ability to advocate for our clients. >> reporter: he said arraignments are where attorneys present their case to help their clients be released from jail. and it's harder to do that if their families aren't there to in oakland, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. house lawmakers passed a pair of controversial immigration bills, one is named for this woman. shot to death in san francisco two years ago, who's now the face of the debate over immigration and crime. look for mild to warm days through the weekend. but maybe not for the fourth of july. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. the bay area has lots of hotels, but only one where you can go to bed in san francisco and wake up in l.a. i'm jonathan bloom with a new way to travel called cabin, ahead an abc 7 news. whale and whale watchers on a literal collision course in the san francisco bay. who's now bein
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whoa! >> credible sights like this have brought whale watchers all over san francisco's golden gate bridges. many people are treated to close encounters. some experts say it's too close for the whales' comfort. melanie woodrow is live with the disturbing encounters captured on camera. melanie? >> reporter: absolutely disturbing. and in some cases dangerous. these windy conditions are perfect for wind surfers and kite borders. it's tempting for them to get close to these whales, awe-inspiring in some cases. but officials want them to keep a safe distance.
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noah said this is one of two incidents. it has seen in the last ten days of small boats making contact with hump-backed whales. a practice noah said is dangerous for everyone involved. >> if they hit a whale and the whale accidently strikes their boat back, just out of a reflexive reaction, who's going to have to come in and rescue them? >> reporter: in some cases the whales which have been feeding near the golden gate bridge are endangered or threatened. the incidents do not appear to be accidents. >> we feel these are a result of carelessness, and lack of self-control. >> reporter: tracy said she's enjoyed seeing the whales from a safe distance while walking her dogs. >> super exciting. thrilling in fact. >> reporter: it's those on the water who are getting too close including kite or wind surfers. >> they're specifically targeting them probably for the thrill. >> reporter: a kite surfer and a boat was sighted near a whale today. she said she's saddened by what's happening. >> it's awe-inspiring to see them that close.
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but you have to respect that is a wild animal. >> reporter: noah said it is keeping a watchful eye and plans to enforce fines. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. a bill aims to prevent another incident like the one at the orville dam in february. under the proposed legislation, state water officials would be required to perform annual inspections of dams that pose a significant risk to nearby communities. the failure at orville dam earlier this year which displaced nearly 200,000 residents was a wakeup call. >> that event alone has gotten everybody's attention that perhaps we need to be doing better at our overall dam inspection, and maintenance issues. >> the bill requires all results of inspections to be made public. the legislation passed its initial committee and is headed to the appropriations committee for a vote. the white house is defending president trump's jaw-dropping new tweets attacking a cable news host. but even some republicans are
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criticizing the president for going too far. abc 7 news anchor kristen ze is here with the controversy. >> the main target of president trump's early morning tweets mika brzinski, calls her low quirks crazy mika. the second tweet when she visited mar-a-lago in december she was, quote, bleeding badly from a face lift. many republicans are condemning the tweets, from ben sass, to former florida governor jeb bush to house speaker paul ryan. >> what we're trying to do around here is improve the tone and civility of the debate. this obviously doesn't help do that. >> the american people elected a fighter. they didn't elect somebody to sit back and do nothing. they knew what they were getting when they voted for donald trump and he won overwhelmingly. >> the white house said mr. trump won't stand for mika's unfair attacks on him including the mocking of his hand size. now, his supporters defend him on abc 7's facebook page.
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marion mcnichol said he's a human being. he's barraged with insults and death threats daily. if he fires back occasionally, it's completely understandable. >> thank you, kristen. there's another tweet everyone's talking about. it shows senator ted cruz with the man who looks a lot like ted cruz. it's actually tom rickets, the owner of the chicago cubs. senator cruz tweeted the response, quote, for some people people keep insulting tom by saying he looks like me. poor guy. >> turning now to weather. if you were playing baseball, the wind is really carrying things out today. >> certainly. spencer christian is here with the latest. >> i hit one out myself. among the many things you might want to do on the fourth of july might be a visit to napa. we're using the high temperature trend in napa as an indicator of high temperatures across the bay area over the next seven days. average temperature in napa this time of year is 83 degrees.
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the high will be right around or just above 83 degrees. there will be a sudden drop in temperatures in napa on tuesday, which happens to be the fourth of july. much of the bay area will see a little bit of a cooldown next tuesday as well. still pleasant and mild day for the fourth of july. here's a look at live doppler 7. right now you can see the cooling fog becoming more prevalent along the coastline. it will push out over the bay tonight as it has done the last few nights. we've got winds gusting to 17 miles an hour at novato. 33 miles per hour at sfo. fairfield 29 miles per hour. enjoy the breeze if you're outside tonight. you can see what it's doing to the low clouds, bringing them in over the skyline of san francisco as we look up from our south beach camera in downtown san francisco. currently 57 in the city. 63 across the bay in oakland. 69 at san jose. 55 at half moon bay.
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this is a view from emoryville looking out to the golden gate. but you can't see much of it right now because the fog is coming out over the bay. currently 74 in santa rosa. 70 in novato. 77 in livermore. mount tam looking down onto the bay. you can see the fingers of fog extend out over the bay. these are our forecast features. foggy overnight with spotty morning drizzle perhaps along the coastline. mild to warm days lie ahead through the weekend. it will be slightly cooler as i've pointed out for the fourth of july. overnight we'll see mainly clear skies in our inland valleys. the fog will be right along the coastline. and reaching locally out over the bay and hitting a couple of inland spots. low temperatures will be generally in the mid-50s. highs just above 80 degrees. upper 70s on the peninsula. downtown san francisco 66 degrees tomorrow. north bay valleys, mainly mid to upper 80s over in the near east bay. low to mid-70s, and the inland
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east bay will be the warmest region as it often is with the highs in the upper 80s to about 90. we'll have mainly sunny skies through the entire seven-day period. there's the minor tooldown i talked about coming in starting on monday. even more pronounced on tuesday, fourth of july, and wednesday. by next thursday temperatures will bounce right back up to about 90 degrees in the inland areas. >> thank you, spencer. coming up next, a stanford experiment combining geckos and lo ♪ the sun'll come out for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given.
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how do you make something stick in space? suction cups and tape don't work in such an extreme environment. stanford researchers say they have a solution inspired by geckos. this video shows test of their grippers done both on earth and at the international space station. they say early results are promising. this tool can grab on to both flat and curved objects. we'll let one of the researchers explain how it works. >> it has tiny microscopic flaps. it only sticks when you apply a load to it, in the direction along the surface. as you apply load, each of these flaps lays down like this and you get very close contact. it's this close contact that turns on the adhesive.
6:24 pm
when you release that pulling force, it comes back up with the elastic energy and comes off with almost no force. >> that was crazy watching it on the ball. this is a prototype. the next step is to try testing it outside of the space station. 5 billion, that's the number leading tonight's bay area business watch because it's the new milestone for uber. the ride share company announced it recently passed its 5 billionth ride. it started in 2010 in san francisco, took five years to reach the first billion rides. uber is currently dealing with criticism of its company culture, including sexual harassment, and it's searching for a new ceo after founder travis galanik stepped down last week. >> a revolutionary phone. >> happy birthday iphone. apple's first iphone went on sale ten years ago today. four gigs of space, and just one camera. since then apple added the app store, facetime and siri, the latest version they took away
6:25 pm
the headphone jack. apple has sold more than 1 billion iphones in the past decade. today the stock dipped to 143. it closed at 21,287 for the dow jones. nasdaq down by 90. muni fares are going up 25 sz saturday. your credit score could rise without you doing a thing. michael finney explains why.
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kate steinle is not only the face of a conservative issue. the house passed kate's law today. one of two immigration bills that will make our country safe again. >> many say it will have the opposite effect. chris nguyen has more. >> reporter: it's been nearly two years since tragedy struck along the embarcadero in san francisco. a family forever changed. this memorial bench a reminder
6:29 pm
of what was lost. >> unfortunately the disjointed laws on many levels, the u.s. has suffered a self-inflicting wound in the murder of our daughter by the hand of a person that should never have been on the streets of this country. >> reporter: 32-year-old kate steinle was shot and killed by sanchez, a mexican national who had been convicted of seven felonies and deported five times. with many calling for change, the case ignited a national firestorm on immigration. but it wasn't until today that the house passed a bill known as kate's law, which would enhance penalties for convicted and deported criminals who reenter the country illegally. critics say it will do more harm than good. >> a bill that is focused on ramping up deportations and arrests of people whose only violation is their immigration status is the wrong approach. that's why law enforcement said it hurts public safety. >> reporter: another immigration bill called the no sanctuary for criminals act also passed today
6:30 pm
and would hold certain federal funds from sanctuary cities such as san francisco. in a statement, president trump said, quote, the implementation of these policies will make our communities safer. opposing these bills and allowing dangerous criminals back in our communities, our schools and neighborhoods where our children play puts all of us at risk. but san francisco mayor ed lee disagrees. >> we're going to continue defending not only our sanctuary city and immigrants in general, and not allow politics to overtake. >> reporter: the senate will now consider the two proposals. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. barbara lee is one step closer to repealing a law that revokes the iraq war and fighting isis. it allows the president to wage war against al qaeda and its affiliates. today lee tweeted the department of defense appropriations markup that includes her amendment to revoke it. this means her amendment will be brought to the floor for debate.
6:31 pm
earlier today, the house committee approved the measure. new at # clock, this antioch home caught fire not too long ago. contra costa fire showed smoke coming from the roof. the fire started in the attic. it's not far from deer valley road. firefighters do now have it knocked down. a plume of thick black smoke billowed near travis air force base this afternoon. robert enri quez was driving by and tweeted video of the blaze. hopefully he wasn't the driver. solano county firefighters said a warehouse at the pick and pole on wiley avenue was engulfed when they arrived. the fire is now out. if you rely on two of the bay area's busiest transit systems, be prepared to pay oh more for the rides this saturday. the muni fares will go up a quarter. it will jump from $2.50 to $2.75 a ride. pass holders will go up to $3,
6:32 pm
depending on the type of pass you buy. in the east bay, transit fares are going up 5 cents to 15 cents. cash fare for an adult is $2.25. the agency will charge people who play with clipper cards less. trans bay fares are also going up. so are the costs for monthly passes. those are not the only transit agencies changing prices. for a complete list of what could affect your commute, go to new at 6:00, a group of whistleblowers claims there's a cover-up at a super fund site in san francisco. it includes the shipyard across from the bay view district. abc 7 news was in hunter point as whistleblowers demanded the federal government revoke the license of the company contracted to clean up the area. several are former employees. the contamination came from decommissioned ships that were docked after a nuclear bomb testing. they claimed the company
6:33 pm
submitted fraudulent soil samples showing that the site is safe when there's still potentially radioactive material there. >> people's lives and health are at risk here. and the navy and tetra tech have turned their back on these people who live here, and who will buy here. >> tetra tech said federal investigators already looked into this matter and closed it which resulted in corrective actions involving two of its employees. in a statement they emphatically deny the allegations and asserted there is no basis for these claims. five-point holdings which is building apartments on the site made this statement. we're confident in the oversight process of the environmental protection agency and other local and state agencies to ensure when we take title of the parcel. it is up to the standard consistent with the designated uses. your credit score may get a little better this weekend. >> michael finney said it's the second step in a multi-step process to clean up credit
6:34 pm
reports and scoring. >> there's actually a lot going on this. a while back, traffic tickets and fines were removed from credit scores because consumers never agreed to pay them. now many court judgments and tax liens are being removed, too. why? court documents are often incomplete. it's like a well-kept secret. even here in san francisco's financial district, few have heard that the rules of credit reporting are soon to get a makeover. have you heard that credit scores are changing this weekend? >> no. >> no, i did not hear that. >> no, i have not. >> i have not heard that. >> reporter: there have been news reports with the headlines offering what so many seek, better credit scores. and about 7% of us will actually get them. over at morgan stanley, in san francisco, they're talking with their clients about the changes. bruce stewart is a vice president, financial adviser. he says tax liens and civil court judgments will be removed
6:35 pm
unless they have proper documentation. >> you have to have the individual's name, their address, and either their date of birth or their social security number. if that information is not there, then it will drop off of those credit reports. >> reporter: most tax liens have the information, most civil judgments do not. so if your credit report has some of the negative information, you stand to gain as much as 40 points. though 20 points or less are the rule. doesn't sound like much, but bruce says it could have a huge impact on lives. >> credit scores are so incredibly vital in the united states. it's such an important part of our financial outlook, that if the wrong credit scores are there, you could be really hurt in terms of your prospects for a loan, a mortgage, credit card application, all of this hinges on your credit scores. >> now, in my opinion, and "the new york times" agrees, those with the most to gain from this weekend's actions are those who
6:36 pm
will now be spared the frustration of trying to fix errors. false court document matches have been a common problem. >> seems like a good fix. >> yeah. >> thank you, michael. the first mobile high school in the nation is serving adults here in san francisco, thanks to funding from google. five keys charter school unveiled the mobile school today. this muni bus turned classroom will be in hunters point, sunnydale and tenderloin. the school's founder said students will graduate with more knowledge than what it takes to earn their ged. >> a lot of us folks are struggling with addiction. we address that. violence prevention, we address that. parenting. so it's not this one size fits all. >> there is a need for continuing education in san francisco. statistics from the u.s. census bureau show 86,000 adults over 25 don't have a high school diploma. coming up, a hotel on wheels, or a bus full of
6:37 pm
sleeping pods. however you look at it, creators say it's the dreamy way to travel between san francisco and l.a. we answer the questions you had about penelope the porcupine and why she's da
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hey, penelope, why are you dancing? that was a question after abc 7 news reporter alisa harrington caught this in walnut creek. penelope is well cared for, but what is she doing? >> that's similar of how a dog walks in a circle before they lay down. it's her way of getting comfortable. when penelope is tired she has to shimmy into a comfortable spot. she might be shimmying for longer which is what you saw in the video here. the cool smoothness of the glass might feel nice on the warm summer days that we have here in california. >> the shimmy. you can get to know penelope and pet her sundays through wednesdays. if you want to hear more about penelope, go to for the full interview. bird experts were checking in on young residents of a bay
6:41 pm
area office building today. three young par a gin falcons were atop the pg&e headquarters near market street in san francisco. they placed bands on their legs and plan to track their progress as they grow. >> we banded two babies, two females, one male. they're about 25 days old. they're absolutely robust birds. >> pg&e has been operating a falcon candle at the general public. we have a link to that camera on our website we're warming up for the holiday weekend. spencer will be back with the forecast in five minutes.
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and wake up in a different city? it's not magic, it's a new startup called cabin building what it calls hotels on wheels. jonathan bloom is just waking up from his private tour with the company's founders. >> we went with all leather seats, nice high gloss tables. >> reporter: tom is showing off the new downstairs lounge in a sleek hotel that sleeps 24 guests. >> we start off with a memory
6:45 pm
foam bed that's super comfy, pressed sheets, same sheets that the ritz-carlton uses. >> reporter: but it offers something the ritz-carlton can't. >> you basically fall asleep and wake up somewhere new. >> reporter: hotel on wheels or sleeper car without the train tracks, they call it cabin, a new kind of bus inspired by an old kind of travel on railroads and ocean liners. >> these things were hotels that moved. it was a multi-day trip. the service was amazing. >> reporter: these cabins are a bit smaller. >> just roll in. >> all right. roll into bed. >> yeah. >> there we go. but getting a good night's sleep on the road requires a whole new way of thinking about driving. >> it's not like i have to get here before this because there's traffic on the bridge. it's like, i do not want to wake these people up upstairs. who ever thought about that when they're driving. >> reporter: they train drivers that gives better grades for a
6:46 pm
smooth ride. between san francisco and santa monica, they intentionally slow the trip down for fewer bumps and longer sleep. it's a lot different than the 45 minutes if you fly. >> the pain of getting to the airport, getting through security, boarding the plane -- >> reporter: then getting a ride to the airport to finally check into a hotel. they think travelers would rather the hotel come to them. serving chamomile at night and espresso in the morning. >> good night, guys. >> good night. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. the sonoma marin smart train is preparing to launch a full commuter schedule soon. passengers boarded the smart train for a preview ride. it runs from the airport to san rafael. the extensions to cloverdale are in the works. the train can't fully open until the federal railroad administration improves the new
6:47 pm
safety feature called positive train control. this feature will become the standard on all trains. >> it is designed to stop the train in the event it goes overspeed and for whatever reason our engineer cannot, it will bring the train safely to a stop. >> smart will offer more round trip preview rides this saturday and the fourth of july. those rides are free. tonight final preparations are under way for a fourth of july mainstay in the north bay. >> above the marin county fairgrounds in san rafael this afternoon, you can see the ferris wheel up and booths are ready to go. the fair runs from tomorrow through july 4th. >> will the weather cooperate? spencer is here with a update on the forecast. >> you can see we have mostly sunny skies over the bay area right now. a little bit of fog at the coast which we would expect this time of the evening. it will linger overnight with overnight lows in the mid-50s. sunnier at the coast than today. highs will top out at about 90 degrees in the warmest inland locations. we happen to have a little marin
6:48 pm
county fair forecast for you tomorrow. funshine all day tomorrow. temperature at the fair about 81 degrees in the midafternoon hours. we're going to have a nice mild to warm pattern through monday of next week. temperatures will drop just a few degrees on tuesday, fourth of july. still a nice mild pleasant mostly sunny day. and we don't have any major fluctuations in temperatures one way or the other after that. >> we weren't calling it funshine last week. i think we were using a different f word. >> fantastic. >> yeah. >> it was fantastic out there in the pools. >> it was a fantastic day for one oakland raider. the raiders hand out a big pay day, one of the big guys in charge keeping derek carr on his feet in the pocket. and the
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6:51 pm
the a's have to be happy just to get out of houston. since mid-july of 2016, the astros have won 17 of 19 games against oakland. the rubber match in the three-game series, ready to play, the a's not so much. josh riddick with a drive to
6:52 pm
deep right. matt joyce on the wall with the riddick catch. i'll take that. look at this. the fan thought, hey, i got a souf neefr. here comes a home run ball. riddick with the helmet salute. he finished with two hits, rbi, two runs scored. daniel had a great start but did not finish well. fourth inning, carlos with a two-run bomb. houston takes a 2-1 lead. in the sixth, could rea with the second home run of the game in 16 of the season. astros take two out of three in the series. 6-1 the final. the giants have the night off. the raiders are doing their best to keep, yeah, that guy happy. so far, they're doing a pretty good job. they rewarded derek carr, their franchise quarterback, with the biggest contract in the nfl. now it's time to take care of the guys who watch his back. the raiders are signing right guard gabe jackson to a five-year, $56 million contract extension. that's according to the nfl network.
6:53 pm
it's a whopping raise from the $1.8 billion he was earning in the final year of his rookie deal. he's been a big part of the offensive line that has allowed the fewest sacks last season in the nfl with just 18. jackson was a third-round pick for the silver and black in 2014. one of the best offensive lines in football. >> we think we have as good of depth that i've seen in an offensive line. not wishing any ill will on my players, but we could sustain some injuries, which is really important. they've got to understand football better. we have to know the situations better. we're focusing on situational football as the offensive line and as a team as a whole. i think we it take another step and be known as the best offensive line in the league. >> andre iguodala is going to be a wanted man when free agency tips off july 1st. there are plenty of teams showing interest. that's not good for the warriors. they don't really want to get into a bidding war for their
6:54 pm
sixth man. the doves have several players they need to sign. they should be locked up by the end of july. the ladies are in the spotlight this week on the links with their second major of the year. the women's pga championship at olympia fields in illinois. shot of the day, nellie corda who finished with a 2 under 69. she had to hit one right near the grandstand. look at this. it will go in for birdie. she's tied for 11 place. michelle wei shot a 3 under 68. had this nice birdie putt on 12. she drains this long birdie putt. she is at 4 under. choy is the co-leader of the birdie putt on 14 to put her 3 under. she is now at 5 under par tied with amy yang who is also on a team playing suspended.
6:55 pm
if you're a golfer, don't throw your clubs. here's why. european tour player lee broke his putter, threw it in the lake in frustration. that is lee's mom going into the drink right there. look at that. oh, somebody help her out. she grabs the putter. then realizes it's broken. so she throws it back into the water. i get we all get frustrated on the golf course. but if mom's around, don't do it. in his defense he was on another hole. he didn't get to see that mom actually went into the lake to get the broken putter. the giants are off today. they will open a three-game series tomorrow in pittsburgh. if you're playing golf, just don't throw your clubs. >> there you go. >> you wonder why she's going after it. if it was my mom she would go after it to swat me on the bottom for throwing my club. >> he learned his lesson. >> thank you, anthony. join you tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. presidential panel looking into
6:56 pm
election fraud, wants the names and addresses of every voter in california. that could be you. the state's defiant response tonight at 9:00. flames get too close for comfort. at 11:00 we're talking to the neighbors banding together to help save their homes. tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's boy band, followed by the premiere of the battle of the network stars at 9:00. 10:00, the gong show. and abc 7 news at 11:00. 11:35, "jimmy kimmel live!" jamie foxx and draymond green. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> for the entire abc 7 news team, have a great night, everyone.
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6:59 pm
♪ this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a chief of operations from brooklyn, new york... a project manager from putnam, connecticut... and our returning champion, an english teacher from royal oak, michigan... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. so far this week, nothing but impressive wins on "jeopardy!" nathan, case in point yesterday. whose turn will it be today -- megan, clint, or our champion? let's start finding out. good luck. here we go.
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categories now in play are... followed by... "n" coming up in each correct response. we'll need two responses in this category. what follows? ...of course. nathan, start. add a letter for $200. clint. what's a debut? i need two responses. i'm sorry. what is a debt and debut? thank you. sports, $200. clint. who are the atlanta falcons? that's it. sports, $400. [ beep ] that would be a mulligan. clint, back to you.


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