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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 30, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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she and co-host joe scarborough came to visit him in mar-a-lago in december, "bleeding badly from a face-lift. i said no." the string of insults after brazinski mocked him on the show for having "teensy hands." >> nothing makes a man feel better than making a fake cover of a magazine about himself, lying every day and destroying the country. >> the president has been attacked mercilessly on personal accounts by members on that program. >> reporter: the white house defending the attack, but in person, president trump not willing to defend his own tweets. >> mr. president, do you regret your tweets this morning at all? >> reporter: still, democrats pouncing. >> stop the disrespect. >> i call him the cyber bully in chief. >> reporter: and republicans piling on to the bipartisan condemnation. >> look, what we're trying to do around here is improve the tone and the civility of the debate, and this obviously doesn't help do that. >> reporter: the tweets also reigniting the controversy over trump's attitudes towards women. >> i think it's so blatantly
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sexist. i don't even know that there's a question about it. >> reporter: even drawing criticism from one woman whose vote he needs to get the senate's health care bill passed. >> it clearly was inappropriate. it is beneath the dignity of the office. >> reporter: and mika and joe hit back hard with a column in the "washington post," denying the president's claims and writing about his "continued mistreatment of women," adding thatthat america's leaders and allies are asking themselves yet again whether this man is fit to be president, saying he's "setting the poorest of standards for our children." reporting live in washington, jenay norman, "abc7 mornings." >> jenay, thank you. and take a look at the "new york daily news" front page this morning. there you see a bald eagle, head bowed, with the word "humiliation." all right, we're going to turn now to one of the year's busiest travel days, where protesters are expected back at sfo this morning to demonstrate against the president's revised travel ban.
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>> that ban hasn't even been in effect a full day, and already there's a lawsuit filed against it. it. abc7 news reporter janine vega is live at sfo. >> reporter: there is a lot of confusion over who is allowed to enter the u.s. under the guidelines, you have to have a bona fide relationship with someone here. but a lot of people are upset, saying how is the government going to determine that? last night, there was a small group of protesters who were at sfo's international terminal, rallying against president trump's travel ban. it prohibits people from libya, iran, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen from entering the u.s., unless they meet certain criteria. protesters are vowing to come back to the airport today. under the new guidelines, visa applicants who have a close family member in the u.s., such as a parent or child, would be allowed to come, but others like grandparents or children are excluded. that's why hawaii filed an emergency court order demanding clarification. >> they worry, like we do, that
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the trump administration is going to attempt to violate the supreme court's order. >> reporter: late yesterday, the trump administration made a change to the policy, saying fiances will now be considered close family members and will be allowed to travel to the u.s. lawyers and civil rights activists have been at sfo, offering legal help to anyone who has questions or is encountering trouble at the airport. it remains to be seen how this will all be played out, especially what the federal judge will say in response to this latest challenge. reporting live from sfo, janine de la vega, abc7 news. >> janine, thank you. california secretary of state alex padilla refusing to turn over voter data to an election commission created by president trump. the panel wants all 50 states to hand over names, addresses and political parties of their registered voters. that's 19.4 million people in california alone. the president said he wants the
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commission to determine how widespread voter fraud is in the u.s., but padilla says he will not provide sensitive voter information to a commission that's already inaccurately passed judgment that millions of californians voted illegally. last november, president trump tweeted california was one of three states where "serious voter fraud" took place, but no official state or local-level officials have found any evidence to back up the president's assertion. developing news. it appears another investigation is under way involving oakland police and sexual misconduct. sources tell the "east bay express," an officer's accused having sex with a civilian in the basement of police headquarters. and this gets even more interesting, because during that investigation, officers found $100,000 of cocaine, heroin and marijuana stashed in a basement locker. the locker has been traced to lieutenant and internal affairs, who used the drugs for a training exercise 12 years ago.
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this is unfolding as opd deals with fallout from the ongoing sex scandal involving a teenage prostitute and multiple officers. happening today, search parties will be meeting in san mateo county to look for a missing 22-year-old man. yesterday a woman found a aaa card in good condition belonging to richard moss at montero state beach. he's been missing since may 25th when he left his home to go to work. today's search of montara beach begins at 10:00 a.m. and they will fly search planes overhead. now a live desk update from "abc7 mornings." >> and from the live desk this morning, historic news out of germany. parliament just voted to legalize same-sex marriage. this is video of members dropping their ballots overnight. chancellor angela merkel voted against the measure. she believes the law defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman but says the opposite view must be respected. this measure is expected to face legal challenges but also open the door for gay couples to adopt, which merkel says she does support.
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new details this morning of a carjacking in castro valley. a father and daughter had to jump out of a moving car to get away. this started on red wood road late wednesday night when a 23-year-old commandeered an suv that had a father and his 14-year-old daughter inside. the father got out, and just as the car began to speed away, his daughter jumped out of the car. the carjacker didn't know the suv was equipped with onstar, so alameda county sheriffs tracked the car to a gas station in fremont. frank williams was arrested on kidnapping, carjacking, and assault with a deadly weapon. he is now being held in santa rita jail with no bail. a bar customer's recovering after being attacked and robbed on a dublin-bound train wednesday night, the same day b.a.r.t. announced it finished replacing the decoy cameras on its trains with real, working surveillance cameras. b.a.r.t. is now reviewing that surveillance footage that shows four suspects punching the victim and taking the person's
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cell phone. wheel watchers are coming all over to san francisco's golden gate bridge. many people are being treated to close encounters, but many experts say it's too close for the whales' comfort. noaa says there have been two incidents in the past 11 days of small boats making contact with humpback whales. in some cases, the whales, which have been feeding near the golden gate bridge, are endangered or threatened. noaa says boaters, kite surfers or wind surfers are intentionally getting too close. >> we feel these are a result of carelessness and lack of self-control, actually. i think in some of these cases, people absolutely know better than to do what they are doing. >> noaa says it is keeping a watchful eye and plans to enforce fines. for just the fourth time ever, skiers and snowboarders will be able to hit the slopes at squaw valley for the july 4th holiday. the lake tahoe resort is staying open for what it's calling an endless season.
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skra squaw valley received 715 inches of snow earlier this year fwrinter storms. officials say there is still 100 inches of snow at the summit. in addition, starting tomorrow, squaw valley is holding a freedom fest with three days of live music paying tribute to the jerry garcia band. there will also be a fireworks show on monday evening. and if you are going to tahoe this holiday weekend, looking spectacular, nothing but sunshine and temperatures mild in the afternoon, 70s and 80s. here now, live look at sfo. we've got low cloud cover in place, starting off with a gray morning. temperaturewise, good morning! we're waking up to the 50s most spots. 56 in san ramon, about 59 in san jose. one of the cooler spots right now, novato. good morning. you're currently checking in at 46 degrees. here's the call today. we're going to see a lot of sunshine, very typical summer spread, summer pattern. 66 in san francisco. a comfortable 81 in san jose, up to 90 in antioch, 84 in napa, and 72, that number in oakland. in fact, we'll take you to oakland coliseum. braves in town taking on the
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a's. first pitch 7:05, 66 degrees. partly cloudy skies. 59 as the game wraps up. here's the three-day forecast. over the weekend, really steady pattern. no excessive heat. each morning we start out with fog. we'll get tons of sunshine by the afternoon and temperatures most spots 70s and 80s. we'll take a look at the fourth of july coming up. first, we get a check of the roads with alexis. good morning. >> hey, drew. i think we're going to have really light volumes today, if yesterday was any indication. boy, probably even more folks off early for the long holiday weekend. we did have an issue just a few minutes ago, northbound 680 just before jacquelin road in the milpitas area, reports of a gravel spill on the roadway. that just cleared as i was walking up here, so looks like chp arrived on the scene. it probably wasn't very big, and they got that cleared very quickly. and a quick chick outside, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. that should happen about in an hour and all lanes wide open. the central valley commute coming up in less than ten. >> alexis, thank you. and just another reminder for all you commuters, rates are going up tomorrow for muni, ac
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transit, golden gate transit bus and ferry and san francisco bay ferry. for a complete breakdown of the price hikes, go to and again, the increases start tomorrow. a police chase like you've probably never seen. twists and turns and a whole lot of drama. the two-state, high-speed police pursuit that you really do have to see. and it's the video that your and it's the video that your
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it is 4:43. new details. gun advocates in california are celebrating an 11th-hour victory. a federal judge blocked the state's ban on high-capacity magazines yesterdy, two days before it was supposed to go into effect. the law would have barred anyone from possessing magazines that hold more than ten bullets. the judge ruled the law takes away second amendment rights and also amounts to the government taking people's private property without compensation. gun control advocates plan to appeal. anger over the republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare is building in washington, d.c. protesters uniting with democratic lawmakers demonstrated outside the capitol yesterday. it comes amid reports that gop senators are struggling to revise the bill that failed to win support from nine republican senators, including nevada's
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dean heller. he is now part of the negotiations but isn't showing his hand. >> not going to negotiate with the press here on what it's going to take to get to something favorable for the state of nevada. >> a new report by the non-partisan congressional budget office says the republican plan would cut medicaid spending by 35% by the year 2036. it estimates the republican bill would mean 15 million fewer medicaid recipients by the year 2026. four adults and one child are okay this morning, thanks to this daring water rescue. just watch as the u.s. coast guard jumped into action. this happened wednesday, three miles off wrightsville beach in north carolina. a 22-foot boat capsized. thankfully, as you can see, everybody was wearing a life jacket. it took rescuers 40 minutes to get the group back to shore, and no one got hurt. and take a look at this. this has to be one of the wildest high-speed police chases we've ever seen. police in louisville, kentucky,
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began chasing robert ellis yesterday. that's him in the red truck in the front there. he's suspected in a string of purse snatchings. ellis was not going to be taken in quietly, as you can see. he drove through fields, parking lots, a college campus, highway medians. he even eventually went into another state, indiana. there were several close calls, and you can see how it ended after 45 minutes. he crashed into a fence. officers swarmed in and took him into custody, and that's when they found what? a whole lot of purses inside that vehicle. >> wow. okay, from one piece of incredible video to another, this one shows a dog who really knows how to steal the show. ♪ >> okay, there you see on your screen, the dog just wandering on to the stage during an outdoor performance in turkey. the lab didn't seem to know exactly what was happening. in fact, he just seemed like he was about to take a nap. the audience loved it, though, responding with laughter and applause. the musicians kept playing.
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this video went viral after it was tweeted with the words "cutest moment in classical music." >> i think that dog knew exactly what he was doing. >> he was just hanging out. >> he just said, i do not care. i'm staying wherever i want to be. >> he likes classical music, right? >> yeah. that's how drew tuma does it. he just walks into a room, sits down. >> you know, i think that's going to be my attitude when i get much older, you know? oh, look. you just walk into random places and sit down and enjoy like a free concert. >> why not? >> why not? live outside we go. look at the exploratorium camera atop pier 15. the skyscrapers are cut in half, low cloud cover in place, a typical summerlike pattern on this last day of june. live doppler 7 along with satellite. let's zoom in. the gray shading is the cloud cover. we've got it over hayward, good morning. fremont down to san jose, clouds for you, even inland, livermore reporting mostly cloudy skies at this hour. currently 57 in fremont. a lot of 50s on the board. that's where we're going to start out most spots, one lone
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exception. you've got novato in the north bay, a little bit cooler at 48 degrees. so, future weather as we go hour by hour for you. by 10:00 in the morning, you can see that fog is already pulling back to the coast, so it's going to be a quick burn-off later on today. highs today, take a look. very typical for this time of the year, widespread, almost 30 degrees from the coast to inland. 81 san jose, 90 the high in antioch, 62 half moon bay, 66 san francisco, 84 that high in napa. and accuweather forecast, let's show you it's a wide range on your friday. minor cooling saturday, sunday into monday. fourth of july looking really great out there, a mix of sun and clouds and really little change early next week. all right, that's the weather! let's get a check of the roads. good morning, alexis. >> good morning, drew. so far, so good. we have no major issues to report at this early hour and we're looking at pretty light volumes here, too, on southbound 680 through the walnut creek stretch. that is basically what all of our traffic cameras look like at this early hour. quick check of drive times. westbound 580 tracy to castro valley in the green, 41 minutes. we are friday light and holiday light as well.
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we have a high wind advisory for altamont pass again today. just check with drew. he said gusts up to about 30 miles an hour. so if you're in a high-profile vehicle, make sure both hands are on the wheel. northbound 101 between highway 85 and the airport, 12 minutes and highway 1 to san francisco on 280 wide open. we have the newest way to get around the north bay. see this? a smarttrain is making a test run this weekend. when the train is in full service, it will go from san rafael to the sonoma county airport with plans to extend to cloverdale to the north and larksburg to the south. abc7 news reporter kate larson took one of those free preview rides live during our 4:00 and 5:00 newscasts yesterday. it can't go fully operational until the federal government approves a new safety feature, positive train control. >> it is designed to stop the train in the event that it goes over speed, and for whatever reason, our engineer cannot, it will bring the train safely to a stop.
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>> i still can't get used to the smart nomenclature, because that said "smart" spokesperson, as opposed to -- once the train is approved, fares will start at $1.75 for a short trip with a clipper card and go up to a maximum of $23. >> smart. [ laughter ] >> smart fare. in the market for a new house? you are in luck. the hottest area in the nation is apparently right here in the bay area. >> all right. also ahead, the local start-up that may change your idea of luxurious travel. but first, this morning's "tech bites." >> in today's "tech bites," facebook's giant drone makes its first successful flight. >> the aircraft is massive with the same wingspan as a 737. it crashed while landing during its first flight a year ago, but the company hopes the drone will someday bring internet service to remote areas of the world. dust off your turntables. after nearly 30 years, sony is set to resume making vinyl records. >> yeah, years of sales growth
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has the company now installing record-cutting equipment and recruiting experienced audio engineers. fans are pointing to vinyl's richer sound. and jay z has released his highly anticipated album "444," and there is a song that is buzzing. >> the title track seems to be a 4-minute apology, expressing 4-minute apology, expressing regret for cheating in a
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a lot of us will see a rise in our credit scores. about half of tax liens and almost all of civil judgments will be erased from consumer credit files july 1st. this is a big deal for a lot of people. the top three credit bureaus, experian, equifax and tran speern made the move under pressure from regulators to improve the accuracy of credit reporting. it's estimated that roughly 15 million of the 22 million people with credit scores will see a change. there's a new number one hottest real estate market in the nation, and it is solano county. the vallejo fairfield market is the new king of the hill, according to $365,000 will get you single-family home. houses for sale are on the market for an average of just one month. the bay area in central california have a lock on the top real estate markets. you see the list here. san francisco/oakland/hayward is number two. four, sacramento/roseville.
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what if you could go to bed and wake up in a different city? >> ooh. >> it's not magic, it's a new start-up called cabin, that's building what it calls hotels on wheels. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom is just waking up from his private tour with the company's founders. take a look. >> we went with all-leather seats, some nice, high-gloss tables. >> reporter: tom currier is showing off the new downstairs lounge in a boutique hotel that sleeps 22 guests. >> we start off with a memory foam bed that's super comfy, pressed sheets, same sheets that the ritz carlton actually uses. >> reporter: but this hotel offers something the ritz carlton can't. >> it's an experience that's akin to teleportation, where you basically fall asleep and then wake up somewhere new. >> reporter: call it a hotel on wheels or a sleeper car without the train tracks. they call it cabin, a new kind of bus inspired by an old kind of travel on railroads and oceanliners. >> these things were hotels that moved. it was a multiday trip. the service was amazing. and you would book a cabin. >> reporter: of course, these cabins are a bit smaller.
4:55 am
>> so, you can kind of put your leg here and just roll in. >> roll in? >> yep. >> roll in to bed. here we go. >> reporter: but getting a good night's sleep on the road requires more than this fancy, new bus. it requires a whole new way of thinking about driver. >> it's not like i have to get here before this because there's going to be traffic on the bridge. it's i do not want to wake these people up upstairs, right? which, who's ever thought about that when they're driving? >> reporter: so, cabin trains drivers with an ipad app that gives better grades for a smoother ride. and on their inaugural route between san francisco and santa monica, they intentionally slow the trip down for fewer bumps and longer sleep. it's a lot different than the 45 minutes you'd spend if you fly, but -- >> the pain of getting to the airport, getting through security, boarding the plane. >> reporter: then getting a ride from the airport to finally check into a hotel. they think travelers would rather the hotel come to them, complete with a cabin attendant serving free cabin meal at night and espresso in the morning, they can slumber their way to l.a. >> then you can -- >> i'm going to bed now.
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goodnight. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. all right, good morning. time now almost 4:56 a.m., and we're having a couple issues in terms of visibility out there. a little bit of low cloud and fog out there. let's go to visibility on live doppler 7. we're seeing these numbers on the screen. that's how many. three miles visibility in half moon bay. going to the north a bit, santa rosa down to six. most spots are a-okay. later today, your high of 66 in san francisco, 84 in napa, 90 though in antioch, 72 oakland and san francisco a comfortable 81 later today. good morning, drew. you may have to use the wipers this morning. i had to flip them on across the bay bridge a few times. mist and drizzle certainly possible for your morning commute. very light volume so far today, though. a quick check of mass transit. no issues today, but looking ahead to the fourth of july holiday on tuesday, b.a.r.t. will be on a sunday schedule. a.c.e. rail will not run monday or tuesday. and capital corridor will be running a holiday schedule on
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tuesday, july 4th, so something to keep in mind. drive times are coming up at 5:00. >> alexis, thank you. new at 5:00, a phone scam going around san francisco involving people claiming to be from the police department. we'll tell you what you need to watch out for. new video shows yet another whale breach in the bay. why experts say we're seeing an increase this season. the home of the 49ers is turning into a golf course. how you can tee off at levi's stadium. >> a live look outside at 4:57 at sfo. for those of you hoping to get away for the weekend. i heard july 4th is a busier weekend at sfo than thanksgiving. >> breaking records this at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price.
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hi, good morning, everyone. it is friday, june 30th. >> yes. natasha and mike are off today, and instead, we have drew tuma. you had to fill in for two people. >> no pressure. no pressure. >> so hard! the pressure is really off for the holiday weekend. it's going to be really nice out there. if you have outdoor plans do not worry. it will be very nice. >> warmer, please? >> warmer, but no excessive heat. nobody's going to be sweating inland. it will be comfortable for this time of year. the doppler and satellite, gray shading is your fog. live look outside. emeryville is doing okay right now, but you still have some mist out there, especially along the coast. later on this afternoon, tons of sunshine, 70s around the bay. warmer spots about 90 degrees. that's the weather, now let's get a check of the roads and alexis. good morning. >> good morning, drew. looking at the san mateo bridge, not too many drops on the lens here, so it might not be as misty as


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