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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 30, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. firing back, brand-new response from the cable tv host targeting president trump's vicious twitter attack as republicans blast the president's tweets. >> obviously i don't see that as an appropriate comment. >> the white house not backing down as the gop's push to repeal and replace obamacare stalls. now the president's counselor kellyanne conway here live. holiday travel alert. a record number of americans hitting the roads and sky for the fourth of july. the best time to drive and how to beat those airport lines of what could be the busiest flight day of the year. as severe storms move east and those wildfires spark a state of emergency out west. abc news exclusive. venus williams now blamed in a car crash that led to a death. what she's saying about the accident. an investigation under way as
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the victim's attorney joins us live revealing right here the family is suing the tennis superstar this morning. and jay-z's bombshell new music overnight. ♪ see through a woman's eyes >> responding to his wife's powerhouse album "lemonade." what he's revealing about beyonce, their relationship, his daughter blue ivy and newborn twins. >> we do say good morning, america, and a mighty busy friday as we gear up for that holiday weekend. >> everyone is gearing up for this holiday weekend. let's take a live look at the roads in chicago and miami. record number of travelers expected this fourth of july. >> and a lot going on as we do know in washington as the white house faces that fallout over president trump's tweets. it looks like senate republicans will not be able to come up with a new health care bill before the july fourth recess and a
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limited version of president trump's travel ban is now in place sparking protests overnight. the white house also announcing that the president will indeed meet with russian president vladimir putin next week at a summit in germany. we begin with the growing outrage over president trump's angry tweets mocking tv host mika brzezinski. condemnation coming from both sides of the aisle. mika has just responded as well. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has all the latest from the white house. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. this tweet has actually brought unity to this divided town with that universal outrage that you just mentioned. the president lashing out at the physical appearance of a tv host and now this morning she and her co-host are firing back. from the president, no comment about those tweets lashing out at the msnbc host mika brzezinski. the president calling her low i.q. crazy mika and her co-host joe scarborough psycho joe after
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brzezinski criticized him and he reacted, saying, they came to mar-a-lago around new year's eve and insisted on joining him. the president said she was bleeding badly from a face-lift. msnbc aired this photo reportedly taken at mar-a-lago around that time and this morning brzezinski and scarbrough responded denying the president's claims and writing, >> yesterday was an example of how deeply personal he is. >> ken: he attacks women. >> reporter: they say they are worried about the president's emotional state. >> he has once again shown the world that he can be played, he can be tweaked, he can be goaded so easily that it's frightening. >> reporter: now as president trump tried to get back to business, those words not sitting well with members of his own party, including senators whose votes he needs to pass the republican health care plan. like susan collins and lisa
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murkowski, both seen sitting next to him in the white house earlier this week. murkowski firing off a tweet asking the president do you want to be remembered for your tweets or your accomplishments? >> it clearly was inappropriate and not something that he should have done. it is beneath the dignity of the office. >> reporter: even the speaker of the house did not hold back. >> obviously i don't see that as an appropriate comment. i think, look, what we're trying to do around here is improve the tone and civility of the debate and this obviously doesn't help do that. >> reporter: white house aides jumping to the president's defense. >> i don't think that it's a surprise to anybody that he fights fire with fire. >> reporter: spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders says it is the president who has been mercilessly attacked. >> the american people elected a fighter, not somebody to sit back and do nothing. that's -- they knew what they were getting when they voted for donald trump and he won overwhelmingly. >> reporter: this morning the president is now back to watching the very show he's been
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bashing. he tweeted, watched low rated "morning joe" for the first time in a long time. fake news. he called me to stop a "national enquirer" article. i said no, bad show. the call from republicans and democrats this morning, this is below the dignity of this office, george? >> okay, cecilia, let's talk to the president's counselor kellyanne conway. kellyanne, thank you for joining us this morning. do you endorse the president's tweets? >> i like the fact that the president uses social media platform to connect directly with americans and in this case, what sarah sanders said yesterday is true, that the president normally does not draw first blood. he is a counterpuncher as he said on the campaign trail and if you go back and you look at what is said about this president, a lack of policy coverage, there are personal attacks about his physicalities, about his fitness for office. he's called a goon, a thug, mentally ill talking about dementia, armchair psychologists all over television every day. it doesn't help the american people to have a president covered in this light. i'm sorry.
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it's neither productive or patriotic. >> kellyanne, as you know -- >> the toxicity is over the top. >> kellyanne, as you know all presidents are attacked. i worked for a president that was attacked -- >> not this way. >> that is very true. what you're saying is not true. >> not this way. >> let me ask you, because you didn't quite answer the question. do you endorse what the president sent out in those tweets? >> i endorse the president's right to fight back when he is being mercilessly attacked and when the air waves are filled with raw sewage about him and his fitness for office. why? when you look at the network coverage in a five-week period between may and june, 353 minutes spent on covering russia, fbi, comey, totally fantastical, hypothetical charade, less than a minute spent on tax reform. >> kellyanne, hold on a second. that was when the president had fired james comey when a special counsel was appointed when the intelligence committees were looking at that. let me go back to something you said back in august because during the primaries you actually opposed president trump because he had a pattern of personal insults and i asked you
7:07 am
about that back in august. look. >> so what changed for you and do you stand by those comments? >> i do. and the reason is i don't like when people hurl personal insults. that will never change. i'm a mother of four small children and would be a terrible example to feel otherwise. >> that's right. that's exactly what i'm saying. look, that's exactly what i'm saying to you, george, that the toxicity both ways -- coming to the president is terrible. and, you know, this is what's going on. the idea that the media are covering -- large parts of the media anyway are covering personal insults about the president, this invective and really denying america's women their rightful knowledge on what he's doing on taxes, on health care -- >> kellyanne, as you know, we wouldn't be talking about in this morning if the president hadn't sent out those tweets yesterday. there is no way we would be talking about this. >> respectfully you would not be talking about tax reform because it was talked about for less than a minute on all the networks for a five-week period.
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>> the president hasn't come out with a tax reform plan but that is besides the point. >> you would not be talking about jobs. you keep interrupting me, george. fairly to the american people, particularly women who tune in to these shows to get information about what's going on for them. this is somebody who is trying to get those millions of women who lack health care coverage, this is a man who is trying to get tax relief and entrepreneurship freed up in this country for those american women who want that. it doesn't get covered. it's just not covered. there is toxicity about this president? actually we do cover it and cover it quite a bit and led with health care every day this week up until this morning. how do you respond to nicolle wallace, fellow republican, she served in george w. bush's white house and she said as someone who once proudly called myself a republican this party will permanently be associated with misogyny if leaders don't step up and demand a retraction. >> it's not fair. i work in that white house every single day and see a man who invites in obamacare victims, mothers who lost their children to illegal immigrants who had
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multiple deportations and felony convictions but murdered their children anyway. he brings in people who are working on energy across the country. he brings in america's men and women to help them and but for me saying it right now we wouldn't hear about it. so nobody focuses on all the good he does. you know, the president sent out about roughly 160 tweets in the month of june. 120 or so of them were about policy, were about bilateral meetings with heads of state and all the things he's doing to help the american people. it gets very little coverage. >> the problem you have this is republicans who are coming out with this -- with this criticism. it's susan collins, it's lisa murkowski. those are the senators sitting next to him when he was trying to talk about health care the other day. here's pat toomey trying to work very hard on health care. he is saying what the president is doing starts to undermine the president's ability to get his agenda done. he's getting in the way of his own agenda. >> george, all those senators ran on repealing and replacing obamacare and many of them voted to do it when we had a democratic president. all that's changed in the last couple of years since those
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senators voted to do away with obamacare taxes and penalties is we have a republican president that can actually sign reform into law and need to do what they feel is best. we're confident that health care will get passed this summer and then followed by tax reform and let me just say something else, as you showed a clip of me talking as a mother of four. i've been attacked. if you say you want your children treated the way kellyanne conway was treated based on her gender and based on where she works and for whom, then i'll listen to you. but beyond respond in kind because i'm here as a public servant trying to help people and i swallowed a lot of bile over the time because i don't want it to be about me. since you showed a clip about me and since i have to look four children in the eye every day, i want them to see a president who's fighting for them. i didn't want them to have somebody would is 62% of the country said was not honest or trustworthy to be their president.
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>> well, kellyanne, that comes with the territory, as you know. i served in the white house as well and attacked as well. that just comes with the territory. that is not about gender. what i was asking you about is whether you endorse the president's comments, the president's attacks, and apparently you do. >> the attacks -- no, i didn't say i endorse his attacks. i never said that. i said i endorsed his ability to fight back when he is attacked. there is no good that comes out of people attacking the president's physical and mental states on national television every day to the exclusion of connecting americans with information they need and respectfully i'm going to have to disagree that i have not been attacked because of my gender including by people in the payroll of your network but that's okay. because i'm here for bigger things. this is not about any one individual. >> so bottom line you do not endorse what the president said? bottom line do you not endorse the president's tweets? >> i'm sorry, george? >> bottom line you do not endorse the president's tweets? >> bottom line i endorse his
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ability to connect on social media with americans and i endorse as the first lady as said him firing back when he's being mercilessly attacked. the good that comes out of this i hope is we change the conversation, that respect for the office of the president and its current occupant are intact and we have a full conversation about policy. let people disagree on policy and stop the personal invective. it's completely toxic and it's completely counterproductive to connecting america with policy prescription that they need. >> kellyanne, thank you. i would say one more time we would be leading with health care if the president hadn't sent out those tweets. thanks very much. >> health care will get done. another republican senator, ben sasse said it best. please just stop. this isn't normal. just stop. those comments from the president on twitter overshadowing that health care showdown. the senate running out of time to draft a new version of the bill before taking off for the fourth of july recess. our congressional correspondent mary bruce is tracking it all on capitol hill for us. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, senate republicans were hoping to have a revised health care bill by now but instead
7:13 am
they're heading home empty-handed. the negotiations continued up here yesterday behind closed doors and they are zeroing in on some new proposals. here's what's now on the table. to please moderate hold-outs they're considering adding up to $45 billion to fight the opioid epidemic and keeping an obamacare tax on wealthy investors, while some conservatives are pushing a proposal that would allow insurance companies to offer cheaper plans that do not cover essential health benefits but none of these options this morning appear to be enough to turn any of the nos into yeses. >> so, again, we asked this over and over again, where do they go from here, mary? >> reporter: well, first senators are going home, robin. this debate is likely to follow them there. they are bracing for pushback and an earful from some of their constituents and these health care talks are likely to continue during the break and republican leaders are hopeful still that they can have a vote finally next month but if they aren't able to get this done, the president just now tweeted that they should immediately
7:14 am
repeal and then replace at a later date. robin. >> all right, mary. >> which is a very, very different plan. that's brand new this morning. we turn to the fourth of july travel. record numbers expected to hit our nation's holida highways th holiday weekend. aaa predicting more than 37 million people will be on the roads. abc's linzie janis on the new jersey turnpike. what are you seeing so far, linzie? >> reporter: good morning, george. we're on the turnpike headed toward the jersey shore, a popular destination this weekend. as you can see traffic moving pretty smoothly so if your strategy was to get out early ahead of everybody else, well, it appears to be working. if you have to work today and can't get out until later brace yourself for some serious millions of americans are hitting the highways for the holiday weekend. but before you can reach the beach, you have to face a whole lot of traffic. >> it is kind of a nightmare to try to get out of the city. >> it's not really a strategy. just prepare yourself. >> reporter: what can you do to avoid the jams and stay safe on the road? >> why leave saturday morning?
7:15 am
>> avoid the traffic. >> reporter: experts at waze, a navigation app giving predicts for the holiday weekend. according to their analysis of last year's data between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. on friday is the worst window of time to leave for your weekend getaway. the best day, monday. >> we see that traffic decreases by over 90% so if you get on the road that day it will be a lot easier. >> reporter: waze telling us the cities with the highest expected traffic surges include saginaw, michigan, salisbury, maryland and gulfport, mississippi, among others. >> we're seeing really bad traffic predictions for all over the country and many key metros like boston, chicago and l.a. >> reporter: and what about those fireworks? they may lead to even more road congestion. last year there was three times the traffic following fourth of july fireworks. but you don't just need to worry about traffic.
7:16 am
this may also be one of the most dangerous weekends to be on the road. according to the national safety council, nearly 67,000 people could be seriously injured in car crashes this weekend. the most dangerous time to be on the road after 8:00 p.m. on friday and saturday. robin, i spoke with the police chief here in new jersey. he says if you're going to be out and going to be drinking don't forget those ride sharing apps. >> good advice there. everybody please stay safe. thank you, linzie. millions also expected to take to the sky over the holiday. abc's david kerley is at reagan national airport with a look at the conditions right now. how is it going, david? >> reporter: actually it's going pretty well. you take a look at the line and see folks going through security here and the morning rush is just about over. and the tracking services show no real big trouble spots so far in the air travel system. about 1 in 12 americans who travel this weekend will be flying. in fact, overall, air traffic is up about 4%. they expect that over this weekend, as well and if you're ready for this, expect the busiest day if last year any judge could be next friday, a
7:17 am
week from today because last year the friday after the fourth of july was the busiest air travel of the year, not thanksgiving, not christmas, the friday after the fourth of july. atlanta and jfk expected to get hit the hardest this weekend and overall, robin, about 2.5 million people will be getting in lines like this to get on their jets and celebrate the holiday. >> as we always say pack a lot of patience when you head to the airport. thank you so much. rob is here with the forecast especially the severe weather moving east, rob? >> we have pockets of that and there will be heavy downpours, traveling and driving get in one of those, pull over and -- to a safe spot until those showers pass. atlanta getting rain, had heavy rain last night so the airport might see delays there. but the main interstates i-40 to i-90, pockets of rain there. it's not going to rain this entire area all day long but where you see those storms pop up, they could be on the intense side, no doubt about that. as far as severe weather is concerned from oklahoma city today through paducah pretty good stretch through
7:18 am
indianapolis, detroit, upstate new york. we had a few tornadoes yesterday. a huge hail nearly softball size yesterday and damaging winds in nebraska so these storms do have some potential for doing damage. tomorrow, pittsburgh, upstate new york, the cat skills, the alleghenys, poconos and adirondacks could see severe weather there so watching that carefully. i'm abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma. your accuweather forecast will see any fog pull back to the
7:19 am
coast this afternoon, lots of sunshine and typical temperatures for this time, about a 30-degree spread across the region. 66 in san francisco, 81 the high in san the high in vallejo. next seven days through the holiday weekend, just minor fluctuations in our temperature and right now the fourth of july in the evening features fog around the bay and on ththththth it'll be dry for most of the weekend. if you do get a thunderstorm, think about it as an additional firework. >> that's one way of looking at it. thank you, rob. coming up, abc news exclusive, venus williams being sued being blamed for a car crash that led to a death. the family's attorney joining us live. and the album so many are talking about. jay-z's explosive new music, his response to beyonce's "lemonade" and what he says about their relationship. "lemonade" and what he says about their relationship. ahhh. ♪ i can make your hands clap we're going back to villiany. [ minion babble ]
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good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." and if you plan on traveling this weekend, you might want to get started right now, and that's because the weekend may be the most crowded ever on the road and in the skies. aaa estimates over 44 million people will be traveling today through tuesday. cheaper gas, stronger employment and higher consumer confidence are some of the reasons that increased travel is expected. let's check our roads with alexis. >> yeah, and we do have a couple more issues to talk about getting to or from half moon bay. one-way traffic control is in effect due to a crash on eastbound 92. that is blocking both lines, so hefty delays both directions. the other problem in the fremont area, southbound 880 before mowry avenue. we've got reports of a
7:24 am
motorcycle down. one lane is blocked there. looks like you're backed u
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and we'll start with a live look outside. the exploratorium camera showing low clouds still hanging on and we will have them for the next hour or two in most spots close to the coast. out there right now, a lot of 50s on the board. lone exception brentwood. 52 in san francisco, 59 san jose, about 54 in vallejo. looking at today, this afternoon, a lot of sunshine going on. 66 san francisco, a high of about 72 in oakland, 81 that number in san jose. 90 our warmer spot in fairfield and santa rosa up to 88 degrees. jessica? >> drew, thank you. coming up, venus williams at fault for a fatal car accident. what does this mean for the tennis superstar? her lawyer speaks out live next on "good morning america" and we'll have another news update
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get everyday low prices on everyday essentials, targetrun and done. ♪ they don't love you like i love you ♪ ♪ slow down >> beyonce, "hold up" from "lemonade" and her husband jay-z out with his response dropping the personal album "4:44" overnight rapping about their relationship. even blue ivy. there she is, gets credit on the song. all that coming up. >> very personal album that he dropped. also right now the white house standing by president trump as he faces backlash over tweets he said about tv host mika brzezinski. this morning she responded saying she's fine but concerned what this reveals about the president. both democrats and republicans are condemning trump's comments. take a live look at the roads in boston. a record number of americans expected to travel this fourth of july weekend. experts at waze, the navigation app, say traveling between 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. today is the worst
7:31 am
time to be out there on the roads. >> moving pretty well so far. >> yeah. we start out with the latest on venus williams. she is now being blamed for a car crash that led to the death of a 78-year-old man and an investigation is under way and that man's family announced they are suing. abc's steve osunsami is on the scene. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. police here don't believe that williams acted recklessly or did anything terribly wrong, but someone here died. florida police this morning underline that it was an accident but say they believe that tennis superstar venus williams is at fault for the june 9th crash that caused the death of 78-year-old jerome barson and seriously injured his wife linda. the accident happened just days after the seven-time grand slam champion was eliminated from the french open driving to her palm beach gardens home. jerome barson died from his
7:32 am
injuries two weeks after the crash. according to the police report, williams was driving a toyota sequoia and had a green light when traffic forced her to stop in the middle of an intersection. another driver who witnessed the accident says that williams' light turned red with her suv still in the middle of that intersection and when she was able to drive forward she stepped right in the way of an oncoming hyundai accent. linda barson, the driver of that vehicle, told police that her light was green when she crashed into the sequoia. williams told police she never saw the other car coming. the investigation is still ongoing but the police report says that it was williams who was at fault for violating the right of way of the other driver even though this morning williams has not been ticketed or charged. >> to be charged criminally in an automobile accident there has to be a finding of reckless or wanton conduct. none of that appears to be the case so unlikely that she would be determined criminally responsible for the death of the man. >> reporter: williams' attorney is telling abc news she entered the intersection on a green light. this is an unfortunate accident
7:33 am
and venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one. the police report says she was only moving about five miles an hour. williams is due to start wimbledon on monday. police here do not believe that alcohol, drugs or even texting played any part in this accident. george. >> okay, steve, thank you very much. let's talk now to the attorney for the barson family, michael steinger. thank you for joining us this morning. >> absolutely. >> first of all, how is linda barson doing? >> she is devastated. this is the man she loved. she's been married for 35 years. and she is absolutely devastated. she sustained her own injuries as well and is trying to cope with his death. >> and you heard what the police have said. they said venus williams was not acting recklessly, going about five miles an hour, had the green light, even though she is to blame for the crash. what are the memories of mrs. barson about what happened?
7:34 am
>> she remembers traveling in the vehicle. she remembers her light was green and entering the intersection. after that, the collision took place. and it was concern for her husband and her own injuries at that point. and they were transported to the hospital. her husband had life-threatening injuries and she was hoping and praying for his ability to live which he did for almost two weeks before he succumbed to those injuries. >> that is so sad and our condolences as well to t entire family. this morning you have decided to file a lawsuit. why? >> at this point we are attempting to both preserve the evidence and gain access to the evidence. there are video cameras that were placed at guardhouses where ms. williams lives and the police have refused after multiple requests to turn those over to us and we would like to see visual portrayal of the accident on those videos. they have impounded all the vehicles and have impeded our ability to conduct our investigation and to be able to move forward. >> do you know why? >> i don't.
7:35 am
i'm not sure what their reasoning is. we've been requesting it and have known about this for now three weeks. >> and you haven't seen anything? >> we have not. they have refused to turn them over to us at this point. >> and so the lawsuit is seeking to get that and after that what would be next for the family? >> at this point all the family is trying to do is to deal with their grief. they were scheduled for a trip the following week. mr. barson, ms. barson, their children, grandchildren on a disney cruise that they looked forward to and have done on many occasions. the family didn't get to go. the grandchildren were extremely upset. didn't understand. this was supposed to be a wonderful family vacation and summer for them and it's an amazing loss. >> are you hearing anything from witnesses about it? even though you haven't seen the tape. >> yes, there were witnesses to this accident. there were vehicles directly next to my client's vehicle. those witnesses have been clear
7:36 am
that my client had a green light and that ms. williams pulled out in front and these are independent witnesses that have nothing to do with this case but stopped at the scene and gave their explanations to the police officer. >> okay. michael steinger, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> robin. coming up new concerns about the poplar fidget spinners catching fire. the investigation this morning. as moms, we send our kids out into the world, full of hope. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b. our teens are getting bexsero. bexsero should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction
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back now on "gma." a record number of people hit the road this holiday weekend, an alert about road rage. tonight's "20/20," eva pilgrim looks for what to do if you find yourself in a tense situation behind the wheel. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. let's be honest, most of us have been a little peeved while driving. it happens. something about being behind the wheel of a car can make normal everyday people lose it. but what makes someone go from angry to violent? you've seen the stories. leading your local news and polluting youtube. just this week an 18-year-old murdered by an irate driver after she merged into his lane while driving home from the mall just outside of philadelphia. and last week, this shocking video of an incident on a california freeway leading to a multicar crash. >> call 911, chris.
7:41 am
>> reporter: nearly half of all drivers surveyed have experienced some form of road rage. captain jeff goodwin of the colorado state patrol is fighting the uphill battle against an army of hot tempered motorists. >> i used to think it was something like people cutting you off but you know, one of the things that people really get angry about if somebody honks the horn at you because you sat too long at a light. i think they literally go from the dr. jekyll to mr. hyde. >> hey. >> reporter: we showed the good captain goodwin greatest hits which also provide potentially life-saving tips. rule number one, don't make eye contact. >> this motorist is out of control. and this victim is doing all the right things. >> just stare ahead. don't engage. >> right, yeah, the minute you engage who knows where this goes. >> reporter: rule number two, never approach the window. >> wow, okay. this is more than over the top because now you have a gun involved. >> you never know who is packing heat.
7:42 am
>> exactly. >> reporter: most important, rule number three, you don't always have to win. that's the key when talking with law enforcement many telling us the worst times are what you would think the busy times on the road, rush hour, fridays, often the worst because people are just over the week. >> yeah, they're just ready for the weekend. you know, there's not really any type of person that's more likely to do this. >> no, you see all kinds of people, men, women, grandmas, grandpas, we saw men in suits duking it out in the middle of the street so everything you could imagine happening on the roadways. >> just snapping like that. all right. and you can see eva's full report on "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. right here on abc. especially keeping in mind as we head into the holiday weekend. thank you, eva. coming up here, jay-z releases his first album in four years overnight. we're going to tell you about it. snoof we're going to tell you about it.
7:43 am
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7:46 am
we are back with the big board and the wait is finally over for jay-z's fans. first album in four years, "4:44." >> it was worth the wait. fans are taking the album as a response to beyonce's "lemonade." particularly the title track which appears to be a 4 minute and 44-second apology expressing regret to her for cheating. you be the judge. take a listen.
7:47 am
♪ i apologize often womanize took for my child to be born ♪ see through a woman's eyes took for these natural twins to believe in miracles ♪ took me too long for this song i don't deserve you ♪ >> "complex" magazine's alex gale joins us now. what do you think? >> he's 25 years deep into his career and he came out with his most revealing, most personal album to date. we all know that on beyonce's "lemonade" which was based around their relationship and he really responds to almost all of it and puts a lot of the dirty laundry out there not only with the title track but also on the song "family feud" addresses beyonce lyric about becky with the good hair yeah i'll bleep up a good thing if you let me let me alone becky. amazing to hear an artist that built up this bubble of
7:48 am
invulnerability just break it all down. >> he owns it. >> yeah, he really owns up to it and it's impressive. it's really impressive to see his growth to this point and a great album for anyone here and especially for men to hear. >> also takes us inside that famous -- infamous i should say elevator inside at the met ball. >> yeah, a few years ago as we know solange beyonce's sister attacked jay-z. everyone speculated it was about infidelity or something like that and beyonce spoke about it on "lemonade." he speaks about that on "kill jay-z." you egged solange on knowing all along all you had to say you was wrong. he's talking to himself. he checks every box and more. >> you just listen to the lyrics and reading the lyrics it's pretty apparent what he's saying. >> yeah. >> he's also a great businessman. >> absolutely. >> could he be the first rap billionaire? >> well, he's competing with, you know, diddy and drake. arms race to get there. this album won't do it by itself. albums don't sell a lot but it's streaming exclusively on tidal which is his streaming service and it does make his streaming
7:49 am
service look even better. many rumors he might sell it and this could obviously help that and "forbes" reported he's worth $810 million so he just needs a little bit more pocket change and he's good. >> yeah, remember to carry the one. all right. well, it's very revealing to say the least. thank you very much, alex. coming up here summer health alert. new warning about tick bites. what the cdc is telling abc news about tests for lyme disease. tests could those popular fidget spinners be a fire risk? plus, should you let your kids fail? the headline making waves about the pressure to be perfect. come on back. the pressure to be perfect. come on back. coming up "gma's" summer concert series presented by king's hawaiian. irresistible since 1950.
7:50 am
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hey, hey, welcome back. lori bergamotto is here coming up in the 8:00 hour. we're going to find out the most absorbent beach towels out there. you love the beach, don't you. >> i do. you'll love these towels. >> got to do a little weather. and speaking of the beach, malibu, beautiful beach there but up the road topanga canyon. look at this fire video there. they got it under control. no structures threatened there but the heat will build out west again with the temperatures getting up and over 100 degrees for the next several days but no worries, squaw valley is open on the weekends, freedom fest for the fourth of july and the boarders and riders and skiers are out there. sunshine and 81 degrees yesterday. there's still plenty of snow after the incredible winter. if you don't like that just go to the beach. this weathercast sponsored by geico. more local news and weather is next. ponsored b
7:54 am
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hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." it is going to be a nice weekend. the fourth of july holiday is upon us. let's check in with drew tuma. hi, drew. >> hi, jessica. we're shaping up to be a nice holiday weekend. we have fog most spots and temperatures in the 50s. brentwood at 65 and 60 san jose. 52 at san francisco, about 57 in oakland. future weather going hour by hour. that fog will pull back to the coast and later today we expect temperatures in the warmer spots to the low 90s. all right, taking a look at the roads, we do still have that issue in the half moon bay area. if you're trying to get to or from the coast there, state route 92 not going to be easy. we've got a crash on the eastbound side that is blocking both directions. so one-way traffic control is in effect. you can use highway 1 for an alternate. quick check of the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge. had some drops there earlier.
7:57 am
it is drying out. thank you. helpful hacks you need to know for a very successful summer. next on "gma," we're going to look at towels. that should be interesting. and we'll have another news update in about 30 minutes.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. firing back the brand-new response from the cable tv host targeting the president's vicious attack on twitter. this morning, white house counselor kellyanne conway right here responding. planes, trains, automobiles. how are you getting away this holiday weekend? millions hitting the road l show you how it will be cheaper than ever to do it. health alert. you've heard about the warnings about the worst summer for years. the test if you get bitten. why one test may not be enough to get lyme disease. new concerns about those popular fidget spinners and a risk of catching on fire or even exploding. the consumer product safety commision is now investigating. ♪ and we're dancing into the weekend.
8:01 am
bebe rexha is here live. >> and she's here to say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ ♪ i got you >> lara and bebe rexha upstairs. good morning, america. happy friday. happy early fourth of july. >> uh-huh and this morning we have a parenting alert about the power of failure. why it may be one of the best things for your kids. it was an article that was trending all week long. >> really eye opening. >> fascinating? >> helpful. we'll start out with the news beginning with the firestorm over president trump's tweets personally attacking mika brzezinski. she is firing back this morning and cecilia vega has all the latest from the white house, good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. you know in that tweet he attacked her for her appearance. he called her crazy, he said she had a low i.q. and now there is universal outrage about this on both sides of the aisle, but so far this white house is not apologizing for this tweet. take a listen to what senior counselor kellyanne conway had to say just a few minutes ago.
8:02 am
>> whether you endorse the president's tweets. >> i endorse his ability to fight back when he is attacked. there is no good comes out of people attacking the president's physical and mental states on national television every day. >> reporter: msnbc host mika brzezinski and her co-host joe scarborough are firing back this morning too. here's what they had to say. >> he appears to have a fragile impetuous childlike ego that we've seen over and over again, especially with women. it's like he can't take it. and i saw this happening yesterday in realtime. we were talking about the "time" magazine cover, the white house claims that we attack him. no, we report on his lies. we are upset when he doesn't tell the truth and he bullies people. that is true. >> republicans and democrats alike say that this tweet is well below the dignity of this
8:03 am
office, in fact, speaker paul ryan said it certainly is not helping to improve the tone of civility in this town, george. you will remember it was only 16 days ago that the president had a very forceful plea for washington to treat each other with more respect. >> yeah, and he is facing a lot of backlash right now. cecilia, thanks very much. >> now to the fourth of july holiday travel. linzie janis is on the turnpike. good morning again, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. so far so good out here on the new jersey turnpike. a lot of people headed away for the weekend decided to go early. that appears to be a good strategy but if you can't go until later today, if you have to work, the worst time to leave according to waze, the navigation app is between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. the best time to leave on monday, that's when they expect a 90% decrease in traffic on the bright side here. gas prices hitting a new low just this time for the holiday weekend dropping another 13
8:04 am
cents just in the last month. the national average now just $2.24 a gallon. >> that is great news. be safe out there on the roads, everybody. now to paula faris for the morning's other top headlines. >> happy friday. finally arrived. a scaled back version of president trump's travel ban went into effect overnight and already there is a legal challenge. the state of hawaii is asking a federal court to clarify the requirement that people from six muslim majority countries prove a close relationship with an organization or family member in the u.s. as of now, grandparents are among the relatives that do not count as a close relationship. iraq's prime minister has declared an end to the so-called isis caliphate. iraqi troops have reclaimed what's left of a symbolic mosque in mosul. the rest of thety could fall within days. with isis losing ground a new report finds the terror group's revenues including oil profits have dropped significantly by 80%. there are new tensions between the u.s. and china this
8:05 am
morning. beijing is demanding the trump administration revoke a $1.4 billion arms deal with taiwan. china considers taiwan part of its territory. sad news. one of two san antonio police officers wounded in a shoot-out is now expected to survive. the officers were on routine patrol when two men suddenly opened fire on them. one of the suspects was killed. the other is in custody. and if your children play with fidget spinners i'm going to guess they do, this morning a warning about the very popular toy. the consumer product safety commision is investigating two cases where spinners with internal batteries burst into flames while charging. those batteries powered the toy's bluetooth speakers. yes, they come with bluetooth speakers. nobody was hurt but parents are being warned not to charge these toys while sleeping. only charge them when you can keep an eye on them. good advice. finally, a classical move from one of man's best friends. >> i was hoping you were going to show this. >> just for you.
8:06 am
look at this dog. he just comes strolling alongstage during a concert in turkey. meanders along, takes a seat while the orchestra plays along. the audience is dying laughing by this point. he didn't seem too impressed letting out a yawn. his bach was worse than his bite. >> ba-dum-dum. >> tribute to amy. >> there you go. >> you knew that. >> seemed like he enjoyed the music. >> chilling. >> he was yawning but he kept his eyes open so there you go. >> more than probably people in the out audience. >> exactly. >> that summer health alert. what you need to know and follow a test if you get a tick bite. >> the best thing for your kid, how to teach them to learn from losing. lara. we have so much coming up including great summer solutions as you head to the beach and a great audience today so get up here. hi, i'm paul.
8:07 am
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8:11 am
♪ back here on "gma," and you should know that was only three-quarters energy from the audience. that was only three-quarters. >> under instruction. >> under instructions to do that we don't know what three-quarters is but thank you just the same. >> fair estimate. >> but we're at full force with lara spencer and "pop news." >> 100%. [ cheers and applause ] full force. good morning to you guys and good morning to you, time now for "pop news" and listen up. ♪ ♪ meet george jetson >> didn't you love this show. >> i loved it. >> loved the cartoon. now we'll get to meet george
8:12 am
jetson. his boy elroy, daughter judety, jane his wife in a live action sitcom. it's happening again. everything old is new again. tv line recording warner brothers is developing the show based on the beloved 1960s animated series based on a futuristic city living in orbit city. "family guy's" executive producer is on board. no word on casting but cannot wait to see who plays rosie the robot maid. she was always my favorite. >> i'm in. >> i'm in. >> don't you love the name elroy. >> i did too. it was set in 2062 when it was made in 1962. they'll have to push it a little further ahead. also in "pop news" today, the song is called "hello" but adele may be saying good-bye. she has all but confirmed now her current world tour will in fact be her last. i know. bummer. i never got a chance to see her
8:13 am
live. did you? >> no. >> i heard she's fantastic. 29-year-old included this handwritten and signed note in the programs for her show wednesday night in london writing i don't know if i'll ever tour again so i want my last time to be at home. this comes at the end of a 15-month tour all over the world and made it clear touring does not suit her particularly well. there are two more shows in london this coming sunday being the last. >> take a good long break. >> i agree. never say never. >> a lot have done that and then consider. >> i hope she continues on. >> if not let's go to london on sunday. >> road trip! >> read my idea. finally just a quickie because it's friday. we love this little boy. check it out so he discovers the power of garden -- talking slow so they roll the video. he has discovered the power of garden tools with his grandfather's leaf blower. >> he got the power.
8:14 am
people, i believe we have just witnessed the making of a tiny maniacal mad genius. >> crazy. [ laughter ] >> his little sister coming back for more. >> he's nuts. >> i think you were a little worried because these two in the front -- these two little ones in the front. >> they liked that. >> yeah. >> so daddy getting them a leaf blower? >> don't get them a leaf blower right? no. >> i don't think so. thank you, lara. >> that's all. we turn to a health alert. this summer expected to be one of the worst tick seasons ever. states all across the country bracing for more cases of lyme disease and now the cdc is warning one test may not be tough if you get a tick bite. abc's diane macedo with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we often hear the telltale sign is a bull's-eye rash but for many people there is no sign of
8:15 am
it on their skin at all and many get no sign of it in several blood tests. it's a big problem because a key to efficient treatment is early detection. they're small and they're dangerous but while ticks can be hard to spot so can the lyme disease they often carry. jill knows this firsthand. >> i happen to catch a glimpse in an angled mirror of a bull's-eye rash on the back of my right arm. i didn't know what it was at the time but took a picture of it and soon after we got home i contacted the doctor. >> reporter: roughly 300,000 people are diagnosed with this disease every year and that number is on the rise. >> i was so weak i couldn't walk. i couldn't chew my food. i couldn't dress myself some of the time. i couldn't get off the couch and walk from one room to the other. i had problems just finding words. i had cognitive issues, finally after about seven or eight tests, the lyme test came back positive. >> reporter: right now tests for lyme disease don't always detect the disease in the early stage. in the first three weeks of
8:16 am
infection, the test only detects lyme 29% to 40% of the time. now the cdc tells abc news researchers are trying to develop a new test to better diagnose the infection early on. >> lyme disease testing can be negative in the first month following infection and this is because we're really waiting for the human immune response to mount in response to the infection. >> reporter: when diagnosed and treated quickly the infection is easy to get rid of but if it's left untreated it can cause debill stating effects from severe arthritis to short-term memory loss. >> if a patient is still having symptoms and their test comes back negative it's very, very important that they communicate with their health care provider. >> and the cdc warns that because it usually takes weeks for lyme to test positive doctors who suspect lyme should prescribe antibiotics even if the test is negative and, robin, that's not something we hear often, take antibiotics you might not need so that just shows how serious this is. >> it does, diane. thank you so much. now to that headline about the
8:17 am
power of failure. this has been one of the top stories all week in "the new york times." so many people are sharing it and it really is resonating so we brought in one of the chief advocates this morning, rachel simmons back with us and teaches a class at smith college called failing well and she's the author of the up coming book "enough as she is." please welcome rachel back to the program. [ applause ] so many people sent me this article and it goes beyond being on the college campus. i know there's a lot of stress there. what is it about failure? >> well, i think part of it is that the college thing is an issue. kids are really worried about getting in and feels to them if i don't do everything perfectly it's all or nothing i won't have a good life. there is a lot of fear with kids but i also think anybody on social media these days and we know kids younger and younger are on it, they're seeing this unlimited stream of perfect images of their friends' lives so they think i can't be anything but perfect and
8:18 am
flawless. on top of that you have parents like me who are under pressure to think that our kids have to be spared of failure if we're going to be good parents so all of those things are works together to keep kids out of practice when it comes to failure. >> i love it that your little one is running around. >> my 5-year-old is indeed running around. >> why do you think it's crucial for parents to talk to their children about failure. >> because here's the thing, nobody can succeed if they're afraid of failure. you have to have that muscle. if you don't know how to learn with an unpredictable -- how to learn with an unpredictable situation you won't have that muscle to cope with setbacks. life is full of challenges and the people who succeed can respond and can be resourceful and are not blown away by every time something doesn't go their way. >> what do you teach in class, just failing well? >> what i try to teach them first of all everybody screws up so i tell them about phi failures, there have been many and it's really important for kids to know that adults screw up too because if we don't tell them that they won't come to us when they have a problem and
8:19 am
they also won't know how to do it and tell them failing is something you have to practice. you won't wake up and know how to do it. >> we have a mutual friend julie foudy and she has been a part of leadership and has a great book out as well and talks about how we all have butterflies but get them to fly in formation. you're not alone in having this fear. >> being nervous means that you care. that means you care and also i say to them and every parent should ask this question, what is the worst that can happen? kids marry are good at o phizing. most can. >> first of all failure is a skill. skills are like muscles, you got to flex often. don't go to the gym and lift 50 pounds the first time or throw your kid into the deep end and have them experience an epic fail. they have to go bit by bit so let them fail often in ways that are manageable. secondly, monitor yourself in
8:20 am
terms as a parent. how do you respond to your kid's failure. when our kids are lerring to walk, when your kid is learning to walk and fall on their face, the first thing they do is look at you. every parent is nodding because they want to know is it okay? and if you go oh, they freak out. but if you say, it's cool, you're good. they keep on going. that doesn't stop. that continues thought their lives. they'll always look at you. on tore yourselfment finally another parent for you, parent tip, handle the way you deal with failure well so if you lose your keys and walk around saying i'm an idiot that's going to teach your kid to do the same. be kind to yourself when you make a mistake. >> they're always watching. this is a lesson to learn early because it really does carry on. >> 100%. 100%. >> i really appreciate that my parents say they didn't want to catch me when i fell. they wanted to be there to pick me up when i did. it's about taking risks. >> that's right and doing it together and not doing it for you child but with your child. >> where is your little one? where is she? >> right over there. >> can we get a -- see there.
8:21 am
[ applause ] >> i know. >> well, thank you. because, you know, rachel, we often talk about success and this is part of it. you want your little girl to be successful and you have to learn about failure to be. >> you know what i said if i screw up i'm going to be okay. we're going to deal wit. if i fail on "good morning america" we'll all move on. >> you're right about. rachel, thanks so much. [ applause ] >> you got to get her book and the article trending all week. now outside to rob. thanks, rachel. >> welcome to the jungle, wisconsin, california, and somebody celebrating her 50th birthday. your name. >> cheryl. >> where are you from? >> wisconsin. >> another one from wisconsin. birthdays all around wisconsin. happy 50th birthday. you look terrific. >> thank you. >> you know what, happy birthday, america. let's celebrate the fourth of july. here's the forecast for tuesday, a broad brush but thunderstorms potentially for wisconsin. 84 in chicago. dry across the west and beach
8:22 am
forecast looks good across parts of the east warming up finally those water temperatures. i'm abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma. your accuweather forecast will see any fog pull back to the coast this afternoon, lots of sunshine and typical temperatures for this time, about a 30-degree spread across the region. 66 in san francisco, 81 the high in san jose, 72 oakland and 80 the high in vallejo. next seven days through the holiday weekend, just minor fluctuations in our temperature and right now the fourth of july in the evening features fog around the bay and on th all right. we'll move on to "gma" summer solutions just in time for the fourth of july. now we have "good housekeeping" style director lori bergamotto with us. yes. we love you, lor. i love we're tackling problems that many of us face as we celebrate the holidays. these are not serious problems, but they're bothersome. >> exactly.
8:23 am
>> so the first one is about getting sand and water in your car after a wonderful day at the beach. >> it's so annoying. so we'll talk about getting sand off your person. we have our very lovely model here. what you want to do is take some baby powder and if you'll demo this us. you have the sand on legs. when you use the baby powder it absorbs the moisture from the wet sand and makes it easy to brush it off. easy, quick, inexpensive way to get it off your person. >> i never knew that. >> yes. >> so this is the water now. so you got to swim. you got to run. you go to your car. >> exactly. and these also i want to mention are sandproof. they have a nylon backing so now -- sand off your purse and towel. water. when you get out of the pool and wrap yourself you get that mill dewy unpleasant -- if you'll take that bottle of water right there and pour it on your regular towel. i am going to pour it on this
8:24 am
sanddusa toole towel. yours is seeping through. mine is not. it has waterproof inner layers and wrap yourself here and then sit in the car and it's completely dry or if you don't want to do that, wrap your wet bathing suit and all your gear in that. >> because of the nylon backing. >> this is sandusa towel. >> thank you, lori. i have to get talcum powder. linen popular in the summer but the wrinkles not so pretty. >> we all loflinen. it screams summer. doesn't it? but those charming little creases can turn like dishevelled and sloppy. what do you do? chico's make a no iron wrinkle shirt so this we just pulled out like this and you can see it doesn't have any wrinkles. >> looks fantastic. if you have linen that you already own and want to get the wrinkles out a few hacks. this is what most of us look like in linen, right. so, lara, you can take some ice cube, throw them in the dryer
8:25 am
for ten minutes and it works much like -- >> doesn't it just turn to water. >> works like an iron does to release those deep creases and so ten minutes and you're done. if you don't have access to a dryer, emma, if you will model it for us. if you take a little water and just smooth it out. if you're in a real pinch. this is a last resort. >> use your hands. >> darker linen conceals wrinkles. at least choose darker colors. >> thank you. then finally this is a problem that i experienced and now my daughter does. love swimming, love being in that pool but your hair turns green if burden of being a natural blond, right. so there are chemicals in the water that can turn your hair like that so you have two best defenses, the first one is we'll take some conditioner and you'll put it on your hair before you go in the water. >> so it's conditioner and then bathing cap. >> acts like a protect tant? if you don't want to swim in a
8:26 am
bathing cap which is not easy to get a child to do and their hair turns green there is a solution. it's not pretty but effective. >> cue the horns. ketchup. co-ketchup has tomato paste and vinegar low ph and works to neutralize those copper chemicals so it's a little gross, you'll put ketchup all over your hair, put knit a shower cap for 10 to 30 minutes but really does work. >> and wash thoroughly. >> the shower will be interesting but it really does work and get back to that beauty of a blond. >> thank you very much. great summer hack, summer tips. we'll need them this weekend. and coming up next bebe rexha performing live so don't go anywhere. "gma." -law and j-lo and j-lo and jay low and j-lo and j-law and jay zee and j zi and jay-z a hd 4
8:27 am
i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." it appears another investigation is under way involving oakland police and sexual misconduct. this time, sources tell "the east bay express," an officer's accused of having sex with a civilian at police headquarters. now, during that investigation, they also found a locker full of drugs. that locker has been traced to a lieutenant in internal affairs. so, earlier, you were saying this was going to be a lighter morning. are we still seeing that? >> yes, it's pretty light, but we have had a couple hotspots, and of course, things are really going to ramp up this afternoon when people are trying to get out of of town. half moon bay, to or from on state route 92, the crash has cleared, so all lanes are back open, eastbound and westbound. and metering lights are still on for the bay bridge toll plaza.
8:28 am
so a couple slow spots, but overall a smooth commute this morning. >> thank you, alexis. i'm
8:29 am
mike nicco's getting a well-deserved day off for the holiday weekend. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a live look outside from the south bay. we're starting to see some sunshine. the accuweather seven-day forecast will show you temperatures fluctuate mildly, but fourth looking great.
8:30 am
>> thank you, drew tuma. another update in 30 minutes and always on our ♪ happy friday. happy friday. great to have you here in times square, a wonderful audience that's joining us here as we head into the holiday weekend. yes, 100% now. 100% now. >> so this morning did you know today is national social media day? happy social media day, everybody. >> you did know that? we did not know that. so we want to celebrate by showing you our most viewed instagram video of 2017 and someone right here is in it. take a look. >> we're going to send it down to the other end of the red carpet. hello. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. first we have to get to my dapper co-host. my dapper co-host michael strahan. oh.
8:31 am
i love it. >> were you shocked when they did it. >> mwah. >> we were live on the red carpet and they just jumped out. i mean -- but i loved it. >> of course. >> chrissy and john. >> chrissy and john, i'm not sure which one i would rather. maybe both of them at the same time. it there you go. a little hug from both. >> i can't remember, but you should check out our instagram feed. "good morning america." number one. congratulations. [ applause ] >> thank you. so made us think of what other -- i mean there's a national holiday for everything. >> everything. >> so and i love buzzfeed. they recently broke down national holidays by birthdays so we actually have what happens on our birthdays, what national holiday it is and paula, you are born on october 26th. >> yes. >> the national holiday that day is -- >> please be national bacon day. >> it is not. >> what is it? >> national pumpkin day. >> ah. >> congratulations. >> robin roberts -- >> that's okay. bacon or pumpkin.
8:32 am
i would rather have the bacon but i would go with pumpkin. >> robin roberts is born on november 23rd, national -- >> well, sometimes falls on thanksgiving so that's a nice little -- >> but it's also -- >> survey says, national coffee day. >> oh. >> international coffee day. >> espresso. >> can we switch? >> yeah, i would rather have -- >> i like pumpkin. >> george stephanopoulos was born on february 10th which is also -- >> national umbrella day? >> congratulations. >> april showers. these are real. this is real. you can go online and see what yours is. i'm born on june 19th which is -- >> oh! >> perfect. >> you made that up. >> these are real holidays. thank you, international martini day. isn't every day international martini day? >> it is. >> international rose day.
8:33 am
>> we also did a couple people in the audience so your birthday is december 24th. okay, so what's your holiday? >> what is it? >> national eggnog day. >> poor george. >> i know. i feel like we should all apologize to you. >> do we have one more? april 9th, what is that? >> oh, yeah. >> unicorns. >> unicorns day. >> perfect. >> i'll take unicorns and martinis for 300 please. >> i got a little throwback. a little charlie brown from 1969. >> "i" before "e" except after "c." let's see. "i" before "e" except after "h." no, i after e after "c." >> okay, you know for all of you brought up on spell-check you didn't have to learn this rule but we all learned. "i" before "e" except after "c." turns out it's dead wrong. a guy at the university of sussex sends out --
8:34 am
>> my whole childhood was a lie. >> finds out that c-i-e words outnumber c-e-i words 3-1. >> how were we just now figuring it out? >> concierge, conscience. why are you clapping? >> how many times do you find yourself saying that? "i" before -- i use that. >> i called my daughter now going into fifth grade and say did you learn any rules in third or fourth grade. she said no. she just puts it on the paper. if it looks right. she spelled thief correctly. >> they don't care how they spell which bugs me. >> spell-check. >> spell-check probably corrects it. >> this really is changing my life. >> the umbrella news, we thought that was it. >> all right. thank you, i guess, george, for that. >> shall we move on? >> yes. >> shall we move on? >> i need counseling.
8:35 am
making headlines, looking to finally fulfill his dreams of playing in the nba, he's 61 years old. he's a grandpa. his name is calvin roberts. and calvin said i have a goal. i have to reach and i'm not going to let anything stand in my way to get there joining us live from the hardwood suite at palms casino resort in las vegas there with his wife noemi. great to see you both. so what is it about the nba? why is this your dream? >> this has always been a passion of mine and to be able to get into the nba and enjoy the experience being there, i'm excited. i really am looking forward this year. i'm pushing myself to the max and i believe this year this is my year. >> and -- >> you're in great shape, man, you're ripped. just saying. >> how tall are you? 6'8", 7' wingspan. >> thank you very much.
8:36 am
>> now, you -- >> beside my wife. >> i was drafted -- yes, i was drafted and it was a pleasure to be drafted by the san antonio spurs. that's my dream. >> what year, though? what year was that? what year was that? >> if i can remember correctly that was back in '80 -- ooh, long time. about '88, '89, '90, something like that. >> then you went overseas and played for a number of years, so how do you go about getting an invite to play because now you have to be invited to one of the camps for the nba. >> yes, i tried. i did send letters to different nba teams trying to get invited to this camp. wasn't successful so i kind of stepped out and tried other means of trying to get in touch with them and i already started one already. so i'm just now looking to move on to another area.
8:37 am
>> all right, let's ask your wife. noemi. now, noemi, what did you think when your husband said, dear, i'm going to play in the nba. i'm going to try and play in the nba? what did you think? >> i thought it was a great idea. i mean i already knew he could do it. he has the will. where there is a will there's a way and i never got to see him the first time around play as a basketball player so this is my chance to actually see him play as a player. >> let's see if we can see him if he's got some skills. you want to, you know, shoot around a little bit and show us what you got there. come on, grandpa. what you got? what you got? come on. don't be scared. don't be scared. all right. you got range. let's see. let's see. all right. >> he's a big man. he's supposed to dunk. >> oh, there you go. >> yeah. [ applause ] oh. okay. okay. >> he's nervous. >> it's okay. oh.
8:38 am
there you go. [ applause ] now he's getting a little bit of a rhythm. getting a bit of a rhythm. and who's that? >> looks like some help from the family. >> i know. >> can we see? >> he's got some skill there one more. one more, one more, grandpa. all right. so tell us why you wanted to do that. who are the two that are helping you shag balls right now? >> that's my son chase and my daughter kylie. >> awe. pulling for their dad. >> all right. thank you. just like a pro, now, so now he's in the rhythm. now he's in the rhythm. now i jinxed him. hey, we wish you all the very best. who knows. maybe nba scouts are watching right now. >> good luck, calvin. >> way to go, calvin. >> he's in phenomenal shape. phenomenal shape. >> i mean, come on. he's got it going on. our summer concert series with bebe rexha. [ cheers and applause ]
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
mississippi, alabama, italy, texas and portland, oregon, all want a block party and we got one. we are on the hunt for the best block party out there. you write in and we'll give the winner an epic block party hosted by "gma" and king's hawaiian. the one and only dierks bentley will show up and perform live. how about that.
8:42 am
submissions are rolling in like this one from tiffany hartman of oswego, and said neighbors treat each other like family at her heritage point neighborhood. if you want to enter tell us why your block party is the best and you may win the most epic block party ever. time now for your forecast. most i'm abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. 66 in san francisco, 72 oakland and 81 in san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, fourth o o o o o o o o bebe rexha performing -- >> i told her i watched her growing up with my mom. we would make a cup of coffee every morning and just watch you and eat entenmann's, eat bakery stuff, yeah. >> and your mom is here and her daughter is now on "good morning america." >> don't make this emotional now before the song, please. >> come on, no.
8:43 am
but it's so wonderful and this is part 2 and it's not out until august but you can preorder it today. [ cheers and applause ] "part 2." oh. >> yeah. it's so cool. you guys it's so cool to be here. so awesome. i know. i'm like starstruck. >> no, you're not. you've got these great guys behind you. i was hanging out with them early on. you got to watch out for the drummer. he's a little out there but talk about this -- you know you are. let's talk about the song you're about to perform and the influence of whitney houston. >> i mean it's -- i mean whitney is the best. it's actually a song about my old record label when i was signed to, you know, the record business is hard and i had dark black hair and i was completely different and it was a song saying i'm sorry i'm not the most pretty. i'll never sing like whitney. i could never write the coolest lyrics and i'm not what you're used to but want to find somebody who loves me the way i am.
8:44 am
that's what the song is about. >> the new single from "all your fault: part 1" out next month here's "the way i are," bebe rexha. [ applause ] ♪ i'm sorry i'm not the most pretty ♪ ♪ i'll never ever sing like whitney ♪ ♪ ooh but i still wanna dance with somebody ♪ ♪ so let's let our hearts bleed till they turn to rust ♪ ♪ gonna live it up 'cause it's dangerous ♪ ♪ no i don't wanna play the part i just wanna dance with somebody ♪ ♪ i just wanna dance with somebody yeah ♪ ♪ i just wanna dance with somebody i just wanna dance with somebody ♪ ♪ it could be anybody tell me
8:45 am
are you that somebody ♪ ♪ don't matter who you are just love me the way i are ♪ ♪ i just wanna dance with somebody i just wanna dance with somebody ♪ ♪ hey ♪ i'm sorry that my lyrics ain't cool ♪ ♪ i know i ain't the way i used to but i still wanna dance with somebody ♪ ♪ hey ♪ so let's let our hearts bleed till they turn to rust ♪ ♪ gonna live it up 'cause it's dangerous ♪ ♪ no i don't wanna play the part i just wanna dance with somebody ♪ i just wanna dance with somebody i just wanna dance with somebody ♪ ♪ i just wanna dance with somebody ♪
8:46 am
♪ it could be anybody tell me are you that somebody ♪ ♪ don't matter who you are just love me the way i are ♪ ♪ i just wanna dance with somebody ♪ >> come on sing. let's go. ready. ♪ [ muted ] ♪ i just wanna dance with somebody ♪ are you ready to sing it? ♪ because it could be anybody tell me are you that somebody ♪ ♪ don't matter who you are just love me the way i are ♪ ♪ i just wanna dance with somebody ♪ >> let's go new york. yeah. ♪ i just wanna dance with somebody ♪ ♪ i just wanna dance with somebody ♪ ♪ hey ♪ whoa
8:47 am
♪ whoa ♪ no matter who you are love me the way i are ♪ ♪ i just wanna dance with somebody, i just wanna dance with somebody ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. [ applause ] "gma's" summer concert series presented by king's hawaiian. irresistible since 1950. ♪ have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
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[ intense music playing ] ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> we are back now with our friend bebe rexha and she's going to sing her smash hit "me, myself and i." i can't. i can't. here, i'll get you a cup. go for it, girl. that was great. >> are you ready to have some fun? let's do it. are you ready?
8:50 am
♪ oh it's just me myself and i solo ride until i die ♪ ♪ 'cause i got me for life ♪ whoo ♪ oh i don't need a hand to hold even when the night is cold ♪ ♪ i got that fire in my soul ♪ i've seen better days ♪ don't bring me down can't seem to get it right this crazy life ♪ ♪ broken promises now i realize ♪ ♪ woo ♪ solo ride until i die 'cause i got me for life ♪ ♪ whoo i don't need a hand to hold even when the night is cold ♪ >> hands up, everybody. come on, let's go. ♪ i don't need anything to get me through the night except the beat that's in my heart ♪ ♪ yeah it's keeping me alive
8:51 am
♪ i don't need anything to make me satisfied you know ♪ ♪ 'cause the music does me good and it gets me every time ♪ [ applause ] ♪ ♪ better days and wash it down because you're in a better place ♪ ♪ a little sweeter now ♪ you're done with compromise it's overdue ♪ ♪ take those memories take those tears we're so over you ♪ ♪ whoo ♪ is it -- ♪ solo ride until i die 'cause i got me for life ♪ ♪ whoo i don't -- even when -- hands up, let's go, one, two, three, go ♪ ♪ i don't need anything to get me through the night except the
8:52 am
beat that's in my heart ♪ ♪ yeah it's keeping me alive keeps me alive ♪ ♪ i don't need anything to make me satisfied you know ♪ ♪ 'cause the music does me good and it gets me every time ♪ ♪ like ba ba ba ba da ba ♪ ba ba ba da ba yee ♪ ba ba ba ba da ba >> good job. ♪ ba ba ba da ba ba ba ba ba da ba ♪ ♪ gets me every time [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you guys so much. thank you so, so, so much.
8:53 am
has crazy low prices. do you know how we do it? - how? - bargainomics! say, if california has a bumper crop and produces too many oranges. or a winemaker in sonoma suddenly has 1000 bottles too many. we've got name-brand, top-quality groceries priced 40-70% off every day. bargainomics. that's our business model. and our business model is... delicious.
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♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away. and you can help her feel bright, without breaking your budget. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and i about any... oh, on the bed? absolutely not! okay... studying together is fine... and at ikea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey.
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what's going on now? move the flag. no way, lose weight. improve your health, mind body and spirit and maybe even fit into that new bathing suit you're eyeing and it all starts with a cup of coffee. what is the new coffee diet? "gma" has the diet and the answers. you'll want to see it next week on "gma." ♪ da-da-da-da da-da-da >> hello. >> okay. >> that was amazing. >> like mom and daughter. mom and daughter. >> we love my mom is so nervous right now but you know, you gave me this coffee mug because we used to watch you and now it's yours. >> now it's mine. >> we had to take it away during the performance, though. >> our thanks to bebe rexha. >> such a good day. cheers.
8:56 am
8:57 am
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8:59 am
it's time to celebrate, for it is friday. 8:59. let's go over to drew tuma. he has a look at your weekend weather. give us good news. >> we'll have a lot of sunshine by the end of the day today. right now we're in the 50s and 60s in a lot of spots. lone exception, brentwood 70 degrees. future track temperatures, later today a lot of sunshine, warmest spots near 90. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. a quick look at the fourth of july forecast, morning clouds to sun. all right, we've got a new traffic alert in the east bay. so, eastbound 580, we've got a semi that lost its trailer. that is blocking the three right lanes right now, so pretty heft backup towards the oakland zoo. use east 14th or the nimitz for an alternate. everyone else holiday light. reggie? >> thank, alexis. time for "live with kelly & ry ryan." i'll be back at 11:00 and our reporting continues on our abc7
9:00 am
news app and there's a live look at >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from "transformers," josh duhamel. and, star of "spider-man: homecoming," tom holland. and we continue our "eat it, like it, share it summer cook off" with chef josh elkin. and, we will have animals in the studio. plus, carrie ann inaba returns for another day as ryan's cohos cohost. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are ryan seacrest and carrie ann inaba! [cheers and applause] ♪


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