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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 1, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> an injured man is in custody in connection with a deadly hit and run crash in concord that claimed the lives of two children. tonight his family is trying to figure out exactly what happened. hello i'm eric thomas. investigators say the man driving the car that caused the wreck ran from the scene injured. abc7 news reporter kate larson is live at highland hospital in oakland where she spoke to the family of the main person of interest in the case. she has an interview you will see only on abc7 news. >> reporter: the chp is called lemuel wilson a person of interest in the hit and run last night that killed two young
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children and left two other people injured. the chp as well as the sheriff's have wilson in custody right now at highland hospital where he is being treated for unknown injuries. i did speak to his family here at the hospital who were all waiting for more information about wilson's condition, and also information about the chp's investigation. >> me and my husband send our condolence and our prayers out to the family. >> owe neeka wilson, the wife of this man, 35-year-old lemuel sirvonn wilson jr. says she took her husband to the hospital in oakland this morning. >> he turned himself into the hospital. >> reporter: and he toll them what had happened? >> correct. >> reporter: the chp was looking for lemuel wilson overnight and say he is the number one person of interest in a deadly hit and run crash last night that killed a 5 and 10-year-old boy, injured a 3 month old baby and their mother who was driving this dodge durango. investigators say they have evidence connecting wilson to this sedan which drove across
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the grassy median off state route 4 in concord and hit the durango. the 5 and 10-year-old were thrown from the suv. >> the infinity comes and strikes the durango head on in the left rear. catastrophic damage. the infiniti launches up over our heads and land back here. that's probably close to 100 feet from the collision impact point. and that driver immediately flees the scene from eyewitnesss. >> reporter: witnesses tell the chp the drive of the infinity got out of the car cut up and bleeding and ran away across the highway. i asked the wilson family and their attorney if lemuel wilson was involved in the wreck. was lemuel in that car last night that flew off the freeway? >> we don't know yet. we are still trying to find out the information. >> reporter: the family's attorney and the family tell me they haven't been able to make any contact with law enforcement yet here at the hospital. i have also been in touch over
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the phone with the victim's family. we know the mother is being treated at john muir medical center in walnut creek. we believe according to the chp she is alert, able to talk and give investigators information. it sound like her 3 month old son is still being treated at oakland children's hospital. for now, that is the latest, i'm kate larson live in oakland. abc7 news. back to you. >> kate thank you very much. a motorcyclist dyed second after mountain view police say they stopped a pursuit of the man. officers responded to a report of people tampering where cars around 1:30 this morning when a man left the area on a motorcycle and wouldn't stop for police. police say they ended the pursuit when the motorcycle began speeding. seconds later the motorcycle crashed into a tree, killing the driver. police say the motorcycle was stolen. a portion of more parkway was closed much of the morning while police investigated. the chp is investigating what caused a head on collision between a marin county sheriff's patrol car and another vehicle.
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it happened about 10:00 this morning. the driver of the gray car went to the hospital and is expected to be okay. the deputy was checked out as a precaution and cleared to return to work. traffic slowed to one lane while the accident was cleared. police in little rock, arkansas, are searching for suspects after 25 people were shot inside a nightclub. two of the victims are in critical condition. abc news reporter adrian bank erlt has more: [ gunfire ] >> reporter: gunfires in the power ultralounge shortly after 2:00 a.m. more than 24 shots fired in 11 seconds. chaos. >> heard gunshots go off. hit the ground. tried to take off running. and by the time you try to take off running more gunshots came. >> reporter: a club goer capturing the gunshots and screams as people scrambled to get out of the line of fire. >> 18 individuals in total were injured.
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25 result of gun shot wounds. three as a result of attempting to flee the venue. >> by the grace of god, all of the victims are expected to survive. >> reporter: the downtown little rock nightclub packed for a performance by a memphis rapper, finesse two times. the club's facebook page shows a poster for the event showing a man pointing a gun at the camera. police believe the shooting was the result of a dispute among club-goers. >> it appears there was a agreement amongst a subset of individuals at a concert that turned violent because of the presence of rivalries and weapons. >> reporter: police believe there may be multiple shooters. they are interviewing witnesses. the shootings happened after a week of drive by shootings in little rock. >> this does appear to be a continuation of disputes from some of our luol local groups that have resulted in drive bishootings. >> reporter: adrian bankert abc news new york. to details on the hospital
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shooting in new york. some of the patients are improving. doctors today say three people who were listed as very critical are now expected to survive. six victims are recovering at bronx lebanon hospital. officials say a former doctor there opened fire killing one person. he health held a grudge after being terminated from the hospital two years ago. bellow died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. fireworks may be to blame for a house fire today. fire crews responded to calls of a house fire on foxdale drive. flames were visible from half a mile away. a number of trees were also on fire. there are signs fireworks could have sparked the fire. >> we have got some reports from neighbors about hearing fireworks and things like that. it's still under investigation. >> it took crews about half an hour to knock the flames down and stop the flames from
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spedding to a second home. tens of thousands of bay area employees are getting a raise today with the minimum wage increase. in san francisco it increased to $14 an hour and will hit $15 next year. the hourly rate increased to 14 dpl in emeryville. in san jose it went to $12 an hour. san leandro also got a boost to $12. california's statewide minimum wage will remain at $10.50. the cost just went up for many commuters who take a bus or ferry. muni fares went up by a quarter for cash and clipper card customers. the adult cash fare jumped from $2.50 to $2.75 per ride. in the east bay, ac transit fares are also higher, 5 to 15 cents for local rides. the cash fare for an adult local ride will be $2.25. costs for mbtly passes, too. also starting today it will cost
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you more to take the san francisco bay and golden gate ferry. president trump used his weekly address to call for passage of bills designed for tougher immigration enforcement. two years ago kate steinle was shot and killed by an undocumented immigrant at pier 14. in this san francisco the bill would increase penalties for criminals who re-enter the country illegally. >> i now call on the senate to take up these bills and send them back to my desk for signature as soon as possible. we need security. we need safety in our country. and i call on all members of both parties to stan united with victims to stop these tearable and senseless crimes from ever happening in the first place. >> the other bill would withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities like san francisco. well, the legal weed wait is over in nevada. >> part of history, prohibition,
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it's a celebration. >> they are fired up. this is the very first day that recreational marijuana sales are legal in nevada. where all the tax money will go. power walking. we will take to you the shopping district of the future. see how it's connected with choppers and the environment. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a spectacular start the our weekend. a live look at the
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. a new tobacco tax in california went into full effect today. the tax rate retailers pay on tobacco products other than cigarettes went up almost 40%. retailers are expected to pass the increase onto consumers. the hike was approved by voters when prop 56 passed last
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november. there is now a 65% tax on items like smokeless tobacco, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff, and e cigarettes. the same increase went into effect on cigarettes in april. happening now in nevada. this is video showing the moment the sale of marijuana became legal for recreational use. anyone over the age of 21 can purchase it statewide. opponents continue to argue against the sale. advocates point to a 10% tax on the drugs that's expected to bring in millions of dollars over the next two years. >> the people voted on this and it passed in in my opinion overwhelming margins. it is a great opportunity for our education system. this money will be going towards our education system. >> around 60% of the sale of recreational marijuana is expected to come from tourists. possession is still a federal crime. pot will be forbidden at nevada resorts including casino hotels. this independence day some
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people in california will be asking themselves snow or water? check out one of the most popular spots to spend the 4th. it is tahoe. some people will be spending this weekend skiing. i said skiing. >> this is truly incredible. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. sunny in most spots. the fog returns tonight. we
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. one of the busiest shopping districts in the world is giving us a glimpse into the future of retail. it is green. a street near tlon done's trendy district of oxford street has been transformed into an experimental smart street. it includes pollution absorbing paint and power absorbing pavement. the man who created the street explains how it works. >> the kinetic energy from my footsteps is providing electricity powering the lights at night. it's also producing data and
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giving me rewards on my phone. literally as i'm walking i'm earning points. >> there is a clean air bench that sends out a steady stream of filtered air. stores are interactive. one includes a selfie mirror that provides data on what items consumers might be interested in buying. >> skiing in tahoe over the fourth of july weekend. five lifts are open today through the fourth of july holiday from 8:30 in the morning until 2:00 in the average. each day three feet of snow melts away. there is still seven feet on the ground. if squaw is too far away. boreal is still open. >> it is amazing. to be able to be riding in tahoe at the end of june is just, you know, take what you can get. it is slushy, but you have got to accept that. >> if skiing and snowboarding is not your thing, visitors and
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locals are flocking to the beach at tahoe city where we can see the snow capped peaks from a distance. if you will be here in the bay area for the 4th we have a full list of spots where you can see fireworks. head to our website for a full list of festivals, parades and fireworks shows. on the start of this holiday weekend really just starting off nicely. sunshine for most. but some fog is still impacting our immediate coastline. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing that you 99% of the region is seeing bright skies. notice as we zoom in tighter along the san mateo coastline and parts of san francisco we are still stuck with the stubborn marine layer. outside we go. the tan cam. this is facing south. you do see the city of san francisco in the background. there is that little bit of cloud cover that's giving some of us a gray sky at this hour. typical summer afternoon out there. 89 in brentwood. comfortable 72 right new in san
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jose. 81 novato. and half moon bay reporting overcast skies and cool at 58. we are having this active breeze areawide. it's generally been between so and 20 miles per hour. and this wind is going to be with us the next 24 hours. the weather pattern not changing all that much overnight tonight and into tomorrow afternoon. so expect that breeze similar tomorrow afternoon once again. overnight tonight a lot of 50s on the board. i wouldn't be surprised if cloverdale or antioch stays around 60 degrees. fog making its presence noens known along the bay and many cities inland. sunday bright in the south bay. beautiful, 81 in santa clara, 82 in san jose. comfortable 80 the high in cupertino. 77 in mountain view, 73 in redwood city. 58 the high in pacifica. downtown san francisco 64. 58 and mainly gray in daly city.
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peeks of sunshine in the arch. 80, san rafael, 91 in cloverdale. 81 the high in vallejo. 70 in oakland. 73 fremont. 76 the number in richmond. inland in the low and mid 80s. 84 antioch, 81 san ramon and 80 in livermore. sunday, monday, tuesday, a little bit of a morning drize, afternoon sunshine and 70s at the beach. in tahoe, there is still snow on the ground. incredible this time of the year. this is south lake tahoe right now. temperatures mild n the mid and low 80s. if you are staying in the bay area on your fourth of july, here's your 12 hour planner on tuesday. we will have some fog on the coastline for much of the day. by 10:00 as we are seeing a lot of fireworks around the bay, yes, we will have some fog to contend with. visibility certainly will be an issue for the fireworks later on in the evening. here's the accuweather seven-day
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forecast. let's plan the next seven days for you. a breezy day on the way on sunday. coastal drizzle on sunday. fourth of july typical pattern, morning fog, afternoon sunshine. temperatures staying seasonal for this time of the day. thankfully we are not seeing any excessive heat and we will try to clear out some of that fog for tuesday night. >> thank you very much. a warriors star can now buy good weather if he wants it. >> no question. i didn't see anybody in the tahoe water, still about 50 degrees. >> a few daredevils. >> he can buy lake tahoe, too, if he wants. >> he could. steph curry is about to get paid. the two time league mvp agreed to a new contract with the warriors five years in length and enough money to hold he and
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now, abc 7 sports with mike shumann. >> free agency has begun in the nba. the first order of business for the warriors, agreeing to a five-year, $201 million deal with two-time mvp steph curry. $40 million per year. ridiculous money. i wouldn't turn it down, though. shaun livingston dreeg to a three year $24 million deal. iguodala met with the spurs last night and houston today. the rockets offed him a contract and iggy shut down any further meetings except the warriors. golden state is going to offer a three year deal worth 14 or $15
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million. iggy wanted the third year but if houston comes up big he may go. west agreed to a deal for $1.3 million and will retire after next season. his presence in the locker room is key especially with these new young centers. in hockey, the nhl free agency began at 9:00 a.m. this morning. sharks resigned thornton to a one near $6.5 million contract. 38-year-old patrick marleau the still deciding whether he will return to the team or jump to anaheim. doug wilson quickly checked off his priorities resigning jones and vlasic to contract extexas. jones gets a six year $34.5 million deal and the 27-year-old net minder has been phenomenal in net, including in the stanley cup final last year. the 30-year-old vlasic gets an eight year $56 million contract. he is regarded one of the best defensemen in the league and has the might east task of shutting down the opposing teams' top
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players. played in 812 games over 11 seasons, all for san jose. a's hosts the braves after fighting to of a no-hitter against atlanta last night. they get r.a. dickey today. he seems to be enjoying himself. dickey held the a's to one through six innings. davies ties it is up. makes it 3-3. 22nd of the year. casilla on the mound. santiago grounds to short. the rackie drops it for an error. next batter, swanson, second rbi of the game. a double to left. santana will score the winning run. a's lose their four straight. 4-3 the final. n giants in pittsburgh. josh bell knocks in a run with a base hit. moore, 5 2/3 innings. struck out five, walked six. sixth inning, giants finally on the board. slater, got underneath this fly
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ball for an out -- but it kept traveling out of the ballpark. 1-1 game. went to extras. top of the 11th. hudson throws a wild pitch with two outs. giants win their fifth straight, 2-1 the final. 104th edition of the tour of france today in germany. stage 1, wet condition led to a disaster for one of the race favorites. valverde broke his ankle and knee cap on the fall. out for the remainder of the tour. thomas won the stage in 16 :04. he will start off the race with the yellow jersey. coming up we'll tee it up. two major titles on the line today. hope to see you at
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, there is a new campaign happening at tonight's classico soccer game to stop the spread of hate. and homeless encampments blocking a popular bike path. what the city is planning to do. fresno police department tells the story of officers coming together to help a homeless man. a promise of work didn't pan out. he went to the police station asking for hem help to get back to his grandson in sacramento. the officers pooled their money and bought him a train ticket to return to sacramento. a law enforcement story you love to here. that's it for abc7 noose at 5:00. we thank you for your time.
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for drew and should -- never on the mine. they are all back. and we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, the doctor armed to kill. the assault rifle police say he hid under a lab coat before the deadly rampage, killing another doctor. plus, the father who grabbed his newborn and hid out in a bathroom from that gunman. escalating insults. the president's endless twitter war with two cable news hosts. the first lady now getting involved. this as the white house hits roadblocks as they try to prove the president's baseless claim of widespread voter fraud in the election. "we got a mayday," the pilot's last words to the control tower before crashing on the nation's busiest highway. tonight, the heroic efforts to get that pilot and passenger out of danger. concert shootout. the gunfight in the middle of a nightclub, streamed on facebook


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