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tv   ABC World News  ABC  July 1, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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for drew and should -- never on the mine. they are all back. and we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, the doctor armed to kill. the assault rifle police say he hid under a lab coat before the deadly rampage, killing another doctor. plus, the father who grabbed his newborn and hid out in a bathroom from that gunman. escalating insults. the president's endless twitter war with two cable news hosts. the first lady now getting involved. this as the white house hits roadblocks as they try to prove the president's baseless claim of widespread voter fraud in the election. "we got a mayday," the pilot's last words to the control tower before crashing on the nation's busiest highway. tonight, the heroic efforts to get that pilot and passenger out of danger. concert shootout. the gunfight in the middle of a nightclub, streamed on facebook live, at least 25 people shot.
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and pulled from the flames. the moment captured on camera. firefighters saving these tiny fawns from a blazing forest fire. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin with that deadly shooting spree inside of a busy new york hospital. a doctor armed to kill. among the new tragic details emerging tonight, the 32-year-old physician gunned down in that rampage, said to be covering someone else's shift, when the bullets started to fly. we're getting a look at the weapon the disgruntled doctor hid under his lab coat to use in his attack. the new father told us the tale of hiding his newborn behind a barricaded bathroom door. as his family prayed for safety. abc's stephanie ramos starts us off from the scene. >> reporter: tonight, the
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gunman's final hours leading up to his deadly rampage. >> away from the cars. on this side. >> reporter: with this automatic rifle underneath his lab jacket, police say 45-year-old henry bello walked into the hospital friday afternoon, where he once worked, and headed straight for his target, a doctor on the 16th floor. >> 16th floor. they have people running. advising six to seven shots fired. >> they called "code silver," which means someone has a weapon. >> reporter: police say, once he's told his target isn't there, bello starts shooting. eric fisher taking cover in the bathroom with his wife, mother in law and newborn baby boy. >> my mother-in-law was tucked in here. i was tucked in here. my wife was right over here. and the incubator took up the rest of the space. we had the door locked. but we heard the other door open up and it was several armed policemen with the guns drawn, in the room, and this door swings open, and that's frightening. because, what if they think
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we're not a good guy. >> reporter: bello ranting in an e-mail to a local paper just two hours before opening fire. "this hospital terminated my road to a licensure to practice medicine," he wrote, citing "bogus complaints" by colleagues as the reason he was forced out. police say bello killed doctor tracy tam who wasn't even supposed to be on duty. she was covering an extra shift. >> we ran up to 17 and we two actually pulled patients out, literally over dead bodies, and blood and gore all over. >> reporter: doctors and nurses treating the wounded where they fell while bullets are still flying. >> and those nurses took whoever they could and they put them in bathrooms with them. they huddled together and they held, they barricaded the door. >> reporter: police say, bello then tried to set himself on fire before turning the gun on himself. >> and stephanie ramos joins us from that hospital. stephanie, we know there are other victims fighting for their lives tonight?
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>> reporter: that's right, tom, the chief physician tells me two of the injured are still in critical condition. three are stable. but one person is expected to be released soon. some good news there. tom. >> stephanie, thank you. now to the escalating twitter war between president trump and the cable new hosts. the first family spending the fourth of july weekend at the president's golf club in bedminster. but the president launching a flash attack at mika brzezinski and joe scarborough early this morning. in spite of mounting bipartisan criticism. and now the first lady getting involved. abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: tonight, the president continuing his relentless attacks from his golf club in bedminster. his latest tweet calling msnbc's mika brezinski "dumb as a rock" and her co-host joe scarborough "crazy." >> he's so much more vicious with women. >> he appears to have a fragile, impetuous childlike ego that we've seen over and over again, especially with women. >> reporter: brzenenski opening
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the door for the first lady to enter the fray, telling "instyle" magazine mrs. trump has "the worst job in the country" being the president's wife. melania trump firing back in a statement. "it is sad when people try to further their own agenda by commenting on me and my family, especially when they don't know me." tonight, himself defending his use of social media. describing it as modern-day presidential. the public feud coming during a meltdown in the president's plan to repeal and replace health care. trump tweeting to lawmakers, if they cannot agree on a new plan to swap out obamacare they should immediately repeal and then replace it at a later date. while the white house insists the strategy has not changed, trump's tweet was a sharp about-face after repeated promises. >> essentially it is repeal and replace. it will be repeal and replace, it will be essentially simultaneously. probably the same day, could be the same hour. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell ruled out a repeal without a new plan,
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even signaling his willingness to reach across the aisle. >> i think we could even have some democrats involved in that. it would be nice to have some of them. i'm sitting there with a rubik's cube, trying to figure out how to twist the dials to get to 50 to replace this with something better. >> reporter: republican lawmakers home for the holiday, facing frustrated constituents. >> and gloria joins us live. the president has repeatedly called for an investigation into possible voter fraud in last year's election, but many states are pushing back? >> reporter: that's exactly right, tom. at least 13 states have flat-out refused and over two dozens others are balking at the administration's request to turn over voter information. the president responding to that in a tweet tonight saying, numerous states are refusing to give information to the very distinguished voter fraud panel. what are they trying to hide, he ask. many of these states say there
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are legal barriers to turning over private voter information. and they say to date there has been no evidence any voter fraud took place. tom. >> gloria, and there will be much more on this tomorrow on "this week." with republican governor john kasich of ohio. now, to the urgent manhunt for the shooters behind a gun fight inside of a packed nightclub. police say at least 25 people were wounded by that gunfire. abc's adrienne bankert reports. >> reporter: a nightmare for concertgoers inside that packed nightclub, intense gunfire striking dozens in the crowd. and tonight, police searching for multiple gunmen. around 2:30 a.m., one person live-streaming the performance at the power ultra lounge on facebook. when suddenly, that gunfire breaks out. the room goes dark, the phone goes to black. listen, as cheers turn to tearful screams.
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in all, 25 people shot, two critically injured. >> i heard some gunshots go off, hit the ground, try to take off running, and by the time you try to take off running some more gunshots came, and just hit the ground. >> reporter: up to 40 shots fired. investigators saying the shooting involved rival groups in the audience, but so far no suspects. >> some sort of dispute ensued in the audience during the event. and there were multiple shots fired and we believe multiple individuals were responsible for those shots fired. we do not believe this was an act of terror, nor do we believe this was an active shooter situation. >> reporter: the state alcohol and beverage control pulling the club's alcohol permit. the city, shutting the venue down. now, all of those victims are expected to survive. this shooting follows a week of several unrelated drive-bys in the area. the governor saying that little rock's crime problem appears to
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be intensifying. tom? >> at least 25 people shot. all right, adrienne, thanks so much. turning overseas now, the intensifying battles for mosul, and raqqah in syria. mosul's liberation appears imminent, backed up by american air and artillery support close in. and syrian democrat forces also backed by the u.s. have surrounded embattled raqqah. and we have an update tonight on that plane that crashed on to the l.a. freeway, exploding into a ball of fire. new details emerging now about the heroic movements when drivers launched into action. saving the pilot and his passengers. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, ntsb investigators trying to figure out what caused this plane to plummet from the sky. crashing just 43 seconds after it was cleared for takeoff. >> hey, we got a mayday. we got a mayday, mayday. >> reporter: the pilot and his wife, both now in stable
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condition, after frantically radioing in on as the plane went down. >> i lost my right engine. >> reporter: the twin-engine cessna registered to a private company in florida, slamming on to the busy 405 freeway. >> it's a plane. >> reporter: the plane and its carts clipping three vehicles before bursting into flames. >> actually his wing came across the front of my hood. >> reporter: this off-duty fire captain, just one of the good samaritans. >> be careful. >> reporter: to pull over and rush to help the pilot and the passenger. >> i wasn't even thinking about my own safety. i was able to get the wife back to the median and help the husband, dragged him out of the plane. >> reporter: the husband and wife rushed to the hospital. tonight, a spokesperson saying, their prognosis for recovery is very positive. despite how busy this freeway is, no one on the ground was hurt. investigators say it could take a year to determine what caused this crash. tom. >> those good samaritans were so brave. all right, marci, thanks so much.
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now to the manhunt across three states. authorities on the lookout for the man you see in this police sketch, who was driving a red pickup truck in the philadelphia suburbs. police say the driver gunned down a teenage girl who had just graduated high school. the girl pronounced dead at the scene. the search for the suspect reaching into neighboring delaware, nj new jersey and pennsylvania. to new jersey now, state-run beaches and parks are closed just in time for the fourth of july weekend in new jersey. the slow shurs are a result of a government shutdown. emergency services and other essential functions are still operating. locally run beaches remain open. next to the thunderstorms sweeping from virginia to maine. and check out this flooding in utica, new york, that rough weather snapping those power lines and trees. part of is same system that darkened skies in oklahoma. also, dangerous winds and flash flooding. senior meteorologist rob
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marciano is here. >> reporter: hey, tom, some of the same areas getting hit again tonight. but look at this severe thunderstorm watch, from d.c. through philly, parts of new england, where there was a waterspout in maine. now going through philadelphia and new jersey, could have some damaging winds with that. tomorrow, much less humid and we're looking at some storms across parts of the southeast. that's where the scattered storms will be. much quieter, dry out west but warm across the northeast. a quieter day for sunday. we had a pretty rough start for this holiday weekend. >> all right, rob, thank you. tennis star venus williams breaking her silence tonight about that car crash that left a man dead. williams posting to her facebook page, saying she's devastated and heartbroken by that accident last month in florida. she faces a wrongful death lawsuit by the family of 78-year-old jerome barson. the police report said williams violated the right of way of the car his wife was driving. and a new development
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tonight involving the man behind that highly publicized bahamas music festival that fell flat. the fyre music festival creator now arrested and charged with wire fraud in a separate case. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, the man behind the fyre festival turned epic fail, facing federal charges. >> the actual experience exceeds all expectations. >> reporter: it was billed as a star-studded spectacle on a secluded island. >> there was no electricity, there was no showers, there's no bathroom, there's no like running water. >> reporter: instead, hundreds left stranded in the bahamas in a scene some described as "the hunger games." >> it was about $4,000. what we actually got was probably worth closer to zero dollars. >> reporter: 25-year-old william mcfarland, who created the exclusive the event with rapper ja rule, arrested friday, accused of wire fraud. federal prosecutors claim mcfarland promised a life changing music festival, but "delivered a disaster." court documents say behind the scenes, mcfarland courting investors by showing them altered financial statements
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that inflated his personal wealth and telling them his company raked in millions of dollars over the last two years. the real revenue, less than 60,000. the promoter initially blaming the beachside bust on bad weather and poor planning. >> we took a big jump here, and a big risk and v1 has failed. >> reporter: ja rule not named in this criminal case. but he and mcfarland face nearly a dozen lawsuits. >> and erielle joins us live on set. you just got a comment from mcfarland's attorney. >> we're hearing from him tonight. this is quote from them. when this is all over, you'll see that he's hardly the villain the government to portrays him as. tom. >> erielle, thank you. still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. two dozen oil tankers going off the tracks. the race to contain the leaking oil from a nearby river. plus, scammers using your mail to get your personal information. how they're doing it and why you might not even notice they're
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or any nerve or muscle-related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures... ...and before starting xarelto®-about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. it's important to learn all you can... help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know™. back now with a new identity theft scam, stealing your mail to get your most sensitive information and you may not even notice how they're doing it. here's abc's lana zak. >> reporter: tonight, a new warning. scammers going after an easy target, your mail. all to steal your personal information. >> it was a nightmare. >> reporter: rebecca ronquillo and her husband frank, stunned when they say thieves forwarded their mail. frank's medicare card, with his social security number, sent to someone else who then tried to steal his identity. >> he was on the other line trying to open up a credit card or activate it. >> reporter: all the thief had to do was fill out this form
5:48 pm
from the post office, then drop it in the mail. here, unlike the website, no i.d., no verification necessary. >> the forms are out there for anyone to grab. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service telling abc news, it's continuously working to "enhance the security of our change of address process." it also stresses customers should watch for suspicious signs, like if you get no mail or only junk mail. if bills are missing or if you get a forwarding notification. as for frank and rebecca, they're hoping for change, so this won't happen to others. >> i'm sure this is not the only person they've done it to. >> yeah, so, there's nothing really we can do. >> reporter: if you do think you've been scammed, call police. and the post office even has an inspection service. make sure you file a report. tom? >> lana, thanks so much. still ahead -- a record payday for steph curry. set to sign the biggest contract in sports history. his stunning annual salary. and firefighters risking their lives to save baby deer. more of these incredible images when we come back. (man vo) dad forgot how to brush his teeth.
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time now for our index and a huge freight train derailment outside of chicago. this is the mangled wreckage of 25 oil tanker cars, which derailed in plainfield, illinois, last night. some 40,000 gallons of crude oil spilled out. cleanup crews are still on the scene, making sure the oil doesn't seep into a nearby river. there's no immediate danger to the people in the area. and if you have never seen adele perform live, you may have missed your chance. the superstar singer cancelling this weekend's shows in london, they would have been the final two shows of her 15-month tour. adele, hinting this tour might be her last, she said her vocal
5:53 pm
chords are damaged. doctors are telling her not to perform. but steph curry is still performing. now the holder of richest annual payday in american history. curry to sign a five-year, $201 million extension with the champion golden state warriors. the so-called supermax contract will pay curry $40 million a year to play basketball. finally, heartwarming images of deer rescued from a wildfire in arizona, take a look at this. firefighters emerging from the flames in prescott national forest. with two baby fawns under their arms. look closely. the babies transferred to a nearby habitat to be reunited with their mother. up next, you don't see this every day, either, an elephant walking down the street. how it made its great escape, next. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin.
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finally tonight, the elephant on the run, and the neighborhood waking up to one big surprise. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: it's not what these neighbors in wisconsin expected to see when they looked out into their yards. >> did you guys believe me that there was an elephant in the front yard? or did you think i was kidding? >> kidding. >> kidding. >> reporter: yep, that's right. an elephant breaking out of the big top, miss kelly on the loose leading authorities on a slow speed chase. >> animal control. contact dispatch. animal control. contact dispatch. we're assuming that this is going to be probably from circus world. >> reporter: miss kelly made her sneaky escape early friday morning from her home at circus world, leaving her sister behind. trainers say the african elephant is pretty smart and pretty slick with her trunk, able to unlock her enclosure. >> kel decided there was an open
5:58 pm
door and lots of luscious greenery on the other side. it was time to go for a stroll. >> reporter: once out, miss kelly wandered through a nearby neighborhood. the 84,000-pound pachyderm leaving giant footprints in her wake, grabbing a bite to eat during her adventure. her snack of choice, marigolds and daffodils from a neighbor's garden. >> last location was 814 in the backyard. >> reporter: an hour after the great escape, a trainer showed up catching miss kelly and escorting her back home. >> i don't think i'll forget getting the girls up at 5:00 a.m. and having them so excited they're ready to go for the whole day. >> reporter: eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> glad they were able to find miss kelly. thank you so much for watching. "good morning america" and "this week" in the morning. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night.
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tailgating here just outside the stadium. this is a huge rivalry. earthquakes verses the l.a. galaxy and this year may want to make sure an offensive chance by fans does not make it into tonight's game. as fans show up, security teams from the earthquakes making sure there is no unsportsmanlike conduct in the stands. a homophobic chance was repeated many times in spanish. they say that slur has no lace in the game. security teams will be in the stands to educate fans who say it. >> people don't know what they're saying is offensive. and so that one sunl usually 99% of the time will get op


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