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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 1, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live, where you live, this is "abc 7 news." [ speaking foreign language ]. >> an important warning about homo phobic slurs before a soccer match in the peninsula. unfortunately not everyone heeded it. the san jose earth quakes faced off against the l.a. galaxy and the earth wakes were trying to prevent what happened last year with the homo phobic slurs. >> big victory for the earth wakes. lots of happy fans. but not everybody got the message during the game. >> the california classico.
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earth quakes versus l.a. >> this is our revenge game we have to win it. >> the earth quakes hoping to he stop what happened last year with that homo phobic word we won't repeat. >> i don't really agree with it. >> before the game the earth quake captain told fans the chant is not okay. >> we do not want to hear this chant not tonight not ever. >> one of the things you do is people don't know what they're saying is offensive so that one suggestion that hey this is not something that's okay. usually 99% of time will get
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people to stop. some admit. >> it's kind of a tradition. it's kind of sad. >> you making us say it is wanting us to say it. >> doesn't matter who you're cheering for just come out and have a good time. >> in the end quakes beat l.a. 2-1. "abc 7 news." >> we have new details on a violent car crash that killed two young children in last night. >> me and my husband send our condolences to the family. >> the wife of this man lemuel
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jr. took him to the hospital this morning. >> he told them what happen zbrd correct. >> the chp was looking for mr. wilson in a deadly crash that killed a 5 and 10 month old and injured baby and the mother driving this dodge durango. investigators have evidence that the infinity drove across at such a speak, strikes the durango, head on, in the left rear. catastrophic damage. the infinity launches over our head and back here, close to 100 feet from the collision impact point. that driver immediately flees the scene from eye witnesses. >> witnesses tell chp the driver of the infinity got out of the
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car and ran across the highway. i asked the wilson family if lemuel was in the wreck. >> was he in the car that flew off the freeway. >> we don't know yet still trying to find information. >> we know the mother is being treated in walnut creek and chp said she's helpful in their investigation today and we know their three month old is being treated and is in serious conditi condition. "abc 7 news." 16-year-old collapsed during a game in may and died at stanford medical center. the condition was gene mutation and not related to sports according to his father we spoke to soon after she passed away.
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>> i know she's in heaven right now and she will be happy. >> there's a memorial for her honor. and steph curry signed basketball shoes in her honor after a social media campaign. firefighters are increasing staffing to be ready for fire-related fires. families can enjoy safe and sane fireworks in four parks. >> that's right four parks are allowing safe and sane fireworks but firefighters are telling people to stay clear of high golden grass like what you see behind me here. the heat and sparks from fireworks and this grass can be a recipe for brush fire. >> on mission boulevard in union city signs already send a message, although some
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fireworksed are legal don't dare light them on this hill safe and sane fireworks can be sold at union city. >> the 49er. >> the fireworks will seize all illegal fireworks. >> we shoot nothing that shoots in the air or blows up. >> they have to have a fire extinguisher key. >> around 2:00 in the morning if you throw away spent fireworks and not watered them down, got
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to soak them in 5 gallon bucket of water overnight and dispose them them. people are ellnjoying the conditions out by the coast. just a hoodie and light jacket you're good to go. what will the weather be like especially tuesday evening when we have several fireworks shows. right now a nice marine layer. you will notice even towards half moon bay is where the fog is. let's push forward. this is tuesday morning.
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7:00. widespread cloud cover. mid day sunshine and then in the evening, fog and low clouds be an issue. we'll look much closer at the temperatures over the holiday weekend whether your in the city or perhaps tahoe in the full accu weather forecast. several brush fires, including this one, no word on how many acres burned. no injuries reported tens of thousands of bay area employees getting an increase of the wage to $14 an hour. in san jose minimum wage went up from 10.50 to $12. california's state wide minimum wage will remain at $10.50. the cost just went up for
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many commuters who take a bus or ferry. riders got to grips with in fares on the f line, they went up by a quarter for cash and clipper card casher. jumping from 2.50 to 2.75 a ride. for a duldults seniors also increased. next coming up illegal dumping taken whole new level after someone abandoned a trailer at the side of the road. >> deputies chases driver for miles, and a text book ending. these 100 goats
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people who live in crockett are upset about a growing illegal dumping problem. this trailer structure was left oren the skyway. one resident has called several county officials, now others are vandalizing it and zum ing more trash. >> it's getting uglier every day and it attracts more trash, they think its all right. >> public works are determining whether there's hazardous materials, if there are would have to be removed before it could be dismantled. the driver of this silver audi was reportedly wanted for reckless driving with speeds over 100 miles. when he got off the freeway the
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chp executed a pit maneuver where they hit it and spin it around. the driver was then taken into custo custody. tonight president trump took a fourth of july vacation tonight to travel back to d.c. to honor u.s. veterans. the event comes hours after the president sent a new round of tweets targeting two cable tv anchors who have accused him of lying about them. abc news reporter elizabeth hur has the latest. >> reporter: president trump marked this fourth of july weekend with a speech honoring the nation's veterans. >> you've shed your blood. you've poured your love. and you've bared your soul in defense of our country, our people, and our great american flag. >> reporter: but there's no holiday in his tweet war with msnbc's first couple. he calls mika brzezinski dumb as a rock, her fiance and cohost joe scarborough crazy. >> he's so much more vicious with women. >> he appears to have a fragile, impetuous, child-like ego that we've seen over and over again, especially with women. >> reporter: the president
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commenting -- >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house. but i'm president. and they're not. >> reporter: the latest squabbles come as president trump's obamacare repeal plan is hung up in the senate. trump tweeting to lawmakers, if they cannot agree on a new plan to swap out obamacare, they should immediately repeal and then replace it at a later date. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell quickly ruled that out. and the president getting pushback from states resisting his voting commission's request for data to investigate possible voter fraud. mr. trump tweeting, numerous states are refusing to give information to the very distinguished voter fraud panel. what are they trying to hide? the states citing their own privacy laws. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. the storied eureka theater in san francisco financial
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district is closing its doors after 45 years. they were best known for commissioning ground breaking plays including "ancient eligibles in america" which premiered in 1991 it weren't ont to win a toney and pull pulitzer prize. but the company has fallen on hard times. >> significant funding loss. >> will be renamed gateway theater. it's manu scripts and posters go to the museum of many design. thousands enjoyed the sights and sounds of the fillmore jazz festival today. this is day one of the largest jazz festival can check it out
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tomorrow from 10:00 to 6:00 on fillmore between jackson and eddie a hundred goats got loose in town, officers believe they knocked over a fence where they were eating grass for fire prevention. animal control helped to round up all those goats and return them to the fenced in area. skiing tahoe on the fourth of july. yes that's what you heard. plenty of snow and no takers. the report posted this video, it says three inches of snow melts away each day but after 60 feet fell this past winter there's still seven feet on the ground. locals are flocking to tahoe where they can see the snow-capped peak from a distance. now your accu weather forecast. >> it is incredible you can still ski on july of the
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1st. outside we go, a live look, got to show you the sant you cruz cam, almost nearing 11:30 at night but that's not stopping folks from enjoying the scenery, sights, sounds and taste out there. if you're heading to the coach over the next three days santa cruz coast shaping up to be nice forecast over the holiday weekend. variation in temperatures. highs in the low 70s. morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. ocean temperature at 55. dare to dip your toes in if you want. top pier 15 showing you san francisco. low clouds reflecting off the transamerica building. now where we have had that fog
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we dropped into 50s. like 59 napa. look at this. still brentwood holding at 74 at this hour. still having an active breeze especially in the delta, fairfield gusting at 30 miles generally around 20 miles all day. the weather pattern not shiflting much over the next shifting much over the next 24 hour so expect that breezes sunday afternoon. will see fog around the bay in many cities inland holding temperatures mid to upper 50s. in the south bay will be 82 in san jose. 76 palo alto. will be breezy along the coast. into the north bay we go.
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83 in santa rosa. 66 along the water. about 80 in napa. inland we're g 82 antioch. and 82 livermore. heading to tahoe over the weekend, spectacular. temperatures holding in the 80s. perhaps your staying in the bye. fourth of july planner on tuesday will have to contend with the fog especially at night and around the bay. going to be a really nice holiday. enjoy it. sunday. monday, tuesday. a steady pattern of morning clouds and sunshine. even saturday a little bit warmer with temperatures well above where they should be for this time of year.
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it has been a wild few days for nba fans and few nba players are getting in on the fun tonight with an emoji war. rudy gobert implying the heat and garbage see the emojis. and whiteside weighing in. he . >> very creative. we have another one first day free agency for the warriors.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. free agency has begun in the nba. first order of business for the doves, agreeing to five-year, $201 million deal with two-time mvp steph curry, $40 million a year, just ridiculous money, but he's worth every money. shaun livingston back with three year $24 million deal. andre iguodala met with the spurs and houston. rockets offered him a contract and he shut down other meetings
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except the warriors who offered a deal for $38 million according to espn. and andre iguodala tweeted this tonight. sources close to andre iguodala reported agreed to terms to return to the bay. i think he broke his own dale. david west will return his presence key in the locker room especially for new young centers. reports have the sharks re-signed joe thornon to one year $36 million contract still deciding whether to return to the is sharks or return to anahe anaheim.sharks re-signed goalie and marc-edouard vlasic to contract extensions. jones six year $34 million deal, 27-year-old net minder was
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phenomenal including in the stanley cup final last year. marc-edouard vlasic one of the best defensemen in the league with nightly task of shutting doufrn top players. played in 812 games in 11 years all for san jose. . a's and braves in midst of a three-day slide. they get dickey butler. holding it to 3-1 a's but 22nd homer of the year and we have a tie ball game. later dansby swanson second rbi, santana with the winning run a's lose four straight. pittsburgh -- four hits struck out five.
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allowed six walks. sixth inning. giants get on the board. looks like a fly ball. carries over the center field wall. third of the year. 1-1. game went to extras. top of the 11th hud sonoma facing buster. throws a wild pitch and 2-1 the final this abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. . huge upset in the world of boxng. coming up.
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urging people to use safe and sane fireworks where they are legal and stay away from dry grass. soccer game before the game fans were asked not to repeat the chanting of the homo phobic slur last year. despite the warning, some crossed the line. 25 people shot in a nightclub, 2 victims in critical condition. our reporter with more. >> gunfire in the power ultra lounge shortly after 2 a.m.
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more than 24 shots fired in 11 seconds. chaos. >> heard some gunshots go off. hit the ground. try to take off running. by the time you take off running more gunshots came. >> a club goer capturing the gunshots and scream as people scramble to get out of the line of fire. >> 28 individuals injured 3 attempting to flee. >> by the grace of god all of the victims are expected to survive. >> the downtown lit nightclub packed for finesse two times. police believe the shooting was result of dispute among club goers. >> it appears there was a disagreement among small sub set of individuals at a concert
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rivals that had guns. >> the shootings happened after a week of drive by shootings in little rock. >> there does continue to be a continuation of disputes from local groups that resulted in drive by shootings. two new details of the hospital shooting in new york. some patients are improving. doctors today say three people expected to survive. a total of six people went to the hospital. a fellow doctor opened fire killing one person. he he reportedly held a grudge after being terminated from the hospital two years ago. one died. the man behind the music festival charged with wire fraud. he created the event with
11:38 pm
jarule, it was built as a star-studded spectacle on island but hundreds left stranded. >> there's no electricity, shower, or running water. >> it was close to say worth zero dollars. >> he told them his company made millions when it took in less than $60,000 in the last two years. his lawyers say he is not the villain government portrayed him as. he could face up to 20 years if convicted. s a street near london's shopping district of oxford street has been transformed into a strirmtal smart street
11:39 pm
experimental smart street. >> the energy of my foot steps is converted into electricity which power it's the bird sounds you hear and the light. it is producing data and i'm earning points as i am walking. >> there's a clean air bench with steady stream of filtered air. and one selfie screen can provide data to interested shoppers a family in new york with an unexpected stop in missouri, trapped by a mob of emus looking for food. the kids thought the birds were funny. she promised the kids a day of animal watching but didn't reckon how close they would get to the wild life. she says it's an experience great memories made of. we're learning more about the elephant on the run in wisconsin neighborhood.
11:40 pm
abc 7 news reporter has reactions from the neighbors after waking up to the unusual sight. >> it's not what neighbors in wisconsin expected to see when looking out in their yard. >> did you believe there was an elephant in the front yard or did you think i was kidding. >> kidding. >> that's right an elephant breaking out of the big top, miss kelly on the loose, leading authorities on a slow-speed chase. >> we're assuming this is going to be probably from circumstas e world. >> she made a sneaky escape friday morning leaving her sister behind the elephant is pretty smart and slick with her trunk, able to unlock the enclosure. >> kelly decided to go for a lucscious stroll. >> wanlderred through the
11:41 pm
neighborhood leaving giant footprints in her wake grabbing marigolds and diffodils at a neighbors garden. an hour after the great escape a trainer showed up and caught miss kelly escorted her back home. >> i don't think i will ever forget today. >> abc 7 new york. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00 lost but now found. the bay area tortious bringing total strangers together.
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a gigantic tortoise is with her original family after by all accounts an exciting week. our reporter got to meet the
11:45 pm
owners who learned something new about their run away pet. >> if a tortoise could smile this one would be grinning from ear to ear, i mean, if you could find her ears. >> when she saw the backyard she was really happy to be home. >> her name is torty and she belongs to a family just up the street where she was found wandering the neighborhood. >> oh, my god. >> she's giant. >> she became the talk of the town. >> she is so quiet she managed to slip out of the yard during the chaos of a sprinkler malfunction the family thought she was hiding. >> she dug that? >> all by herself, in a day. >> she would have kept going if not for quick-thinking neighbors. >> i think it is amazing they knew enough to get her into a safe area. >> would she have been able to survive in the wild.
11:46 pm
>> it's unlikely she's basically a domestic pet. >> turns out having a locked gate is a necessity when you live with a tortoise. one thing they will never need a lawn mower. >> she has a huge appetite. >> the way to our hearts is through our stomach, grandma learned that long ago. but she just learned something else. the tortoise they always thought was a boy is actually a girl. >> it's like a sister. >> she's gained not only a sister but new friends. she just met all of the neighbors. in portolla valley >> i wouldn't take her for a day over 79. time for a look at weather.
11:47 pm
will the weather cooperate for the next few days. >> i think it will be better, a kba way from the coast there will be some fog and cloud it's to contend with. overnight tonight very summer like pattern clouds pushing inland. 54 the overnight low in santa rosa. on sunday, wide range from the coast to the inland community. 84 in antioch. 59 in half moon bay. 64 in san francisco. breezy 10 to 20 miles. santa rosa about 83 degrees. breezy day tomorrow. coastal drizzle on monday. pretty steady over the next seven days with minor fluctuations. >> nice forecast thank you very much. >> sure. >> what? >> big night tonight.
11:48 pm
big fight. we were listening. >> got the snacks spread out. >> we had the thunder down under manny pacquiao and jeff horn battling for manny's welterweight title.
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abc 7 abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. let's go to the pits for the california classico pitting the earth quakes and galaxy at stanford stadium. happy campers on the farm. 75th minute quakes down 1-0. galaxy looking for more. the stop. then the drop kick. all wait down the field s of to a streaking chris w stops on the dime and finishishes with left foot tieing the game at one. stoppage time. four minutes given. a minute to go.
11:52 pm
shay s finds the top shelf cross bar down and the earth quakes come from behind to win the california classico, 2-1 your final. >> i'm nice and happy for the boys, obviously it's the definition of california classico if i've ever known one, that's for sure. real exciting ending. happy to see our fans leave this building oren and extremely high note and really proud of the group in short amount of time win three games for them to dig deep and pull it out in the end is something special and speaks to their character. >> we really wanted to win this game, a lot of emotions, really pumped up. i think we dominated the second half. i want to be out there and be dangerous and continue to help the team to win.
11:53 pm
>> great event. story of the night. move into the reign for thunder down under world champion manny pacquiao facing 29-year-old school teacher jeff horn in brisbane, australia. he was hoping to get a win and maybe a rematch with floyd mayweather. jeff horn had other ideas. 50,000 fans in the capital of brisbane. like all great fighters manny pacquiao started to find his way and found horn on the ropes in the ninth round. horn weathered the storm, but wouldn't go away. he wins on unanimous decision oren all three cards his first title wb welterweight division and afterwards called out floyd mayweather. >> want to thank all of the crowd behind me for their support.
11:54 pm
just want to fight floyd mayweather this is no joke. we'll have a real fight. >> ouch. nascar daytona . possibly dale earnhardt, jr. last chance but pole sitter hit the wall. 7 laps to go. 42 car of kyle larceson goes ai boorn and ricky stenhouse takes the gold second time this season. >> my dad taught me a long time you got to keep working hard, sometimes things aren't going right can't give up. i wish they were here my mom, dad, sister, they're at the lake hanging out this weekend, can't wait to see and talk to them later. >> to majors, let's start with pga tour quicken loans, david l
11:55 pm
three under on the day. senior u.s. open. kirk triplett leader, shot 4 under 66 including this eager for bunker on 6 leads kenny perry by one shot. women's pga. san francisco native pang and goes she's a top the leader board at 10 under. cycling 104th edition of tour de france in germany. stage one, wet conditions led to disaster for one of the favorites, alejandro with broken kneecap is out for the remainder of the tour. yellow jersey with the win. this abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. . a lot of people say pacquiao got robbed down under with the man's
11:56 pm
hometown but i say it could go either way. next will be conor mcgregor against floyd mayweather wwc vers fighters verse us
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and 30 seconds will get for follow-ups and rebuttals.s i'll give candidates time to respond if they've been singled out and criticized by another candidate. camera shutter clicking ] all right, candidates. let's begin. [ applause ] i didn't say everybody. yeah, just the ones you don't like. get rid of everybody, ain't no one to pick the cantaloupes and what have you.


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