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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  July 2, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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find your code in special boxes of lucky charms. they're magically delicious. good morning, bay area. >> it is bay area mornings. good morning. we are going to start with a quick look at the weather with frances in for lisa. >> good morning. we started off with drizzle and we had to use the wipers this morning and you may need them along the coast as you can see from the doppler and the satellite image superimposed on top. the range from the 50s along the coast to 71 in brentwood. we are going to see lots of sunshine later on today except at the coast where the clouds will linger and so only 59 in half moon bay, and in san francisco, 64, and oakland 70, and warmer town walnut creek, and antioch is one of the warmer
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spot spots at 89, and i will let you know what to expect for the holiday fourth of july forecast as well coming up. new information on the deadly hit-and-run in concord that we first brought on the show yesterday. lemuel ser vvonn wilson jr. is suspect in the crash that killed two young children and injured a 3-month-old baby and the mom now being treated at the hospital. wilson is in custody and treated at highland hospital in oebland where i spoke to his family yesterday. >> me and my husband send our condolences and prayers out to the husband. >> onika wilson, the wife of this man, lemuel ser vvonn wils says she took her husband to the hospital. >> we took him to oakland hospital. >> and they told him what happened? >> correct. >> reporter: the chp was looking for lemuel servonn wilson because of a crash that killed a 5 and 10-year-old boy and injured a 3-month-old baby and the mother driving this dodge
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dur rango and they say they have evidence that connected him to the affinity that was driving the veeble and cross ed ted the and hit the on coming dur rango. >> it comes across and strikes the durango and catastrophic damage, and the affinity launches up over the heads and lands up over here, and 1,100 feet from the collision impact point, and that is the driver that is immediately going to flee the scene from the eyewitnesses. >> reporter: the witnesses tell the chp that the driver of the affinity got up out of the car cut and bleeding and ran across the highway. i asked the wilson family and the attorney if lemuel wilson was involved in the wreck. >> we don't know yet, we are trying to find out the information. >> and we learned this morning that wilson has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and
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causing deadly harm or injury, and leaving the scene. and his bail is set at $11 million. and the mls has released a statement about civility. the quakes may have lost, but they tried to get the fans to stop chanting homo phobic slurs. >> reporter: a speck tack the l el at the stadium with the earthquakes versus l.a. >> this is the revenge game and we have to win it. >> reporter: the earthquakes hoping to avoid a repeat of last year's classico when a homo phobic slur was chanted by fans in spanish and we won't repeat the slur, but many soccer fans have heard it before. >> i understand that it is to intimidate the other team or that, but i don't agree wit. >> reporter: before the game,
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the earthquake captai chris wondoloski said that he did not want to hear the chant. >> we don't want to hear this chant not tonight or not ever. >> so just that one gesture that it is not okay is usually 99% of the time will get people to stop. >> reporter: and despite the warning a small group of fans crossed the line and chanted the slur anyway and the security teams told them to stop. this group was not a part of the chant, but some admit. >> it is kind of a tradition, u even though it is bad. >> even though you told us to stop saying it, and we will keep saying it, but it is true. >> reporter: others came to watch soccer and not feel uncomfortable. >>and we just came to see a game and not feel uncomfortable whoever you from. >> reporter: the quakes won 2-1. alameda county firefighters are increasing the man power in
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the fourth of july holiday. the pro active effort to be prepared for the likely increase in fireworks-related fires. abc 7 news lonnie ri vvera is telling us why the dry grass and heat and fireworks are a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: on mission boulevard in union city, signs send a message, although some of the fireworks are legal, don't you dare light them near this hill. >> we have had a lot of the messaging and bannering, and i was was up at the palmeras hills and there were signs. >> the 49'er. >> and the name comes from the price. >> yes. >> and the law enforce
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groups will seize millions of illegal fireworks. >> they want to make sure that the supply they have is under lock and key and that it is not just for people to come by. er. >> reporter: and as the display ends how you dispose of them, it is important. >> and people will dispense them, and have not watered them down, and so then we are being dispatched. >> reporter: and dispose of them a day after you have watered them down. abc 7 news. and there was a brushfire near the mall, but no injuries. and now, many people just got a raise in san francisco as the minimum wage went up to $14
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an hour, and will go up to $15 next year. and $14 in emeryville, and in san jose also up to $12 and california's statewide minimum will be $8.50 and so even if you got a raise, the bus commute will be more expensive. in san francisco's ferry, the fare went up for a kwaquarter. the cash fare went up as well as the fares for seniors and children. the grass valley native and student at won $20,000 in scholarship money, and she will represent
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miss california in the pageant in september, and she will make one of the first appearances in the fourth of july appearances in downtown redwood city. and so congratulations to jillian. and congratulations to us, because the fog is burning off and we will have a nice sunshine. >> yes. and the here is a live shot from the east bay hills, and we will have some fog and drizzle near the coast. i will tell you all about it, and what it mean norse neighborhood temperature today. >> than you, frances. >> and also a illegal dumping taken to a new level, and some neighbors are very angry after someone abandoned the trailer on the side of the road. >> and the president is taking more heat from the
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welcome back. you are taking a live look at the santa cruz boardwalk camera. you can see a lot of phobes at the -- a lot of folks at the beach right now, and even though it is a cloudy and ing to tth up here, but frances has been explaining it is going to burn off and some sunshine later. we will switch gears now to politics. president trump visited a fourth of july celebration in honor of the veteran, but he is taking more heat for the latest tweet for two cable anchors as gloria riviera reports, even the
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are republicans are reporting the president that his remarks may hurt the political agenda. >> reporter: this morning president trump is back at the new jersey golf club. after making a two-hour trip back to washington the night before to honor veterans ahead of independence day. but at that event the president is switching gears. >> the fake media is trying to silence us. but we will not let them. because the people know the truth. >> reporter: publicly lashing out at the media, and backlash to the msnbc co-hosts joe joe je scarbrough and miikka brzezinski. >> the co-hosts tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i am president and they are not. >> and the latest act as president defying the social media habit tweeting, it is not presidential, it is modern day
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presidential. and also on the radar is voter fraud and asking states to push over the data and turn over social security numbers and met with resistance, and 30 states flat out rejecting the request, and two dozen fully saying theyy will not complete, and other states saying they refusing to comply. what are they trying to hide? but the president stay iing silt on the health care battle. >> i am sitting there with the rubik's cube trying to figure out how to twist the dials to get to 50 to the replace this with something better. >> gloria riviera, abc news, washingt washington. and today a coalition of local independent activists demanding that president trump be impeached that. ly march in san francisco this afternoon. and the groups will rally
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justin herman plaza at 1:00 and wind down market and back to the plaza, and the activists will be groups indivisible, and activists for impeachment to ask congress to remove the president from the white house. and people who live in crockett are upset about a growing illegal dumping problem. this trailer-like structure cuz left along the roadway, resident said she has called the county, because now people are vandalizing the trailer and leaving more trash. >> it is is attracting more tra and people say, it is okay to dump it, because look at how ugly it is. >> and the public parks area is saying they that are trying to determine if there are hazardous materials inside of it, and if there are, they have to remove it before the trailer can be dismantled. a driver was arrested after
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a very high speed chase in california. the driver of the silver audi was reportedly wanted for re reckless driving and no kigd, because the speeds yesterday went higher than 100 miles per hour, and after the driver got off of the freeway here and went on to the city streets, the chp executed a p.i.t. maneuver, and then the driver was taken into custody. >> the story of eureka theater and financial district is closing the doors after 45 years. the eureka theater company was best known for commissioning groundbreaking plays. in 1988, they commissioned a toe tony kushner to create "angels in america" we began in 1981, and it went on the be a broadway smash to win a tony award and the pulitzer prize, but the company has fallen recently on hard times. >> some significant funding left them, and it made it difficult ift not impossible to continue renting this space.
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>> the venue will be renamed the gateway theater and operating under new management. the collection of the manuscripts and posters will go to museum of performance and design. >> san ramon police had to double as goat wranglers after dozens of goats got loose. they believe that the goats knocked down a workbench and escaped where they were supposed to be eating grass and fenced in area. this is strange one, a spicy chicken sandwich was supposed to be sent called the zinger. and the balloon is expected to kfc dropped a single coupon for somebody to find, and hopefully
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they will find that and not the four-day old sandwich. and yep, it is happening this year. there is plenty of snow and people eager to get in some summer skiing action. five lifts opened up at squaw valley through the fourth of july holiday, the report posted this video of skiers and snowboarders and they say that three inches melts away each day, but after 60 feet fell this winter, 7 feet still remanins. but if you refer the water, folks are flocking to xhons beach in tahoe where they can see the snow-capped peaks from a distance. lots of fun out there this weekend. and now an accuweather update. >> yes, the temperatures are going to be warm in the 80s with plenty of sunshine. for us in the bay area, cooler than normal as we head to the fourth of july. and live doppler 7 is showing us why. it is the fog and the low clouds again. it is along the coast, and moving into the bay, and
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starting to pull back now, and starting to clear from oakland and right now, it is clearer down in parts of the south bay, but the winds are coming from the southwest this time, and santa cruz and swanson and tin this area, you can see the blue and the low clouds out there, and the temperatures are starting to climb up into the 60s and even a few 70s out there, and oakland 61, and mountainview is 62 and san jose is 61, and gilroy and half moon bay is still under the clouds and 53. and look at how bright and blue in san jose. napa and know vat toe is 64, and look at concord as well. and the live shots, back to the beach, a totally different story, and drizzle and low clouds and fog, and that is going to be sticking around the coast most of the day. that is what we will be dealing with most of the hours, and then
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by this afternoon, and before lunchtime, it is going to be sunny and much warmer, and slightly warmer inland and sunny for everyone around the bay area except for the coast, and then the summer like pattern and the low fog and clouds making the way for the sunshine in the afternoon, and that is going to be sticking around for the fourth of july. this is what you can expect today, and the temperatures ranging from the highs up the coast to half moon bay, and going up to the 80s at the jazz festival, and oakland 70, and san jose warming up to 82, and the warmer spots farther inland, and antioch up tot 90, and up a couple of degrees from yesterday. that is what i mean slightly warmer. at the beach, it is mostly closer to 72 with the southwest breeze. this is the 12-hour planner here. and we will be tracking the fog carefully, because it is move ing in for the morning hours and the coastal fog and temperatures
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will start to climb, and we will get the sunshine around the bay, and the mid-80s inland and low 70s around the bay, and then right around 10:00 at night, and 9:00 at night is when the fog moves in, and especially near golden gate bridge, and fireworks feeling in san francisco and oakland and might not be great, but we will keep you posted on that, and it is looking good though around the rest of the bay area for firework, and here is the accuweather forecast. we will deal with the fog and drizzle for the morning, and then for the fourth of july on repeat. the repeat button continues through the week, but temperatures will be cooler midweek before they climb back up again. it is enjoyable, and nice and seasonalable nice temperatures and weather that you can expect. >> the microweather climates are great, because if you don't like the fog or the mist of the coast, just go south to the peninsula. >> yes, and a 33-degree
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temperature spread. >> right. >> take your pick. >> thank you. and also a family on a cross country vacation got detained by
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welcome back. it has been a wild few days for the nba fans and few of the nba players are getting in on the fun with a intense emoji war.
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rudy gobert is trying to keep gordon hayward in utah, and he implied that the celtics were garbage. and so, of course, with all of the trophy emojies was t t t t t response by some others. and so this is very creative, and hayward is trying to decide between three teams. and a family had a very unexpected stop in missouri. >> emus! >> they were trapped in the car by a mob of emus pk pk pk window looking for food, and they wanted the snacks. the kids thought that the birds were hilarious, and the mom shared the videos and she had promised the kids a day of
9:26 am
animal watching, but she did not realize how close they would be getting to the wildlife and she says it is an experience that is creating great memories. and sharks may be one tof te most evolved predators on earth, but the system of how they track the prey is still held some mysteries until now. abc 7 news anchor tells how it involves other creatures as well. >> reporter: it is never good when sharks smell blood in t he water, the but now scientists know that sharks and evolutionary cousins use other senses to hone in on the prey. >> electrosensations, and they can detect a very small potential differences. >> reporter: ucsf scientist and his team set out to find out how the electrosensation system works. instead of shashlgs th instead of shashlgs thharks the
9:27 am
out with smaller creatures called skates. first they created a water maize by sensing a small current the skates went to where the current was under the what is that thing for dinner notion. >> so under the sand or whether it is breathing torres pir ration, they are creating a electrical field. >> reporter: but the molecules in the skate's sensory field can process the electricity field and discover they work together as an amplifier, and when they block it with drugs, the skates missed the target and they could not sense the e lek trile cal fie field. >> it is amazing to manipulate the electrosensory >> reporter: this could help explain a sixth sense that can
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help them literally listen for their dinner. dan ashley, abc 7 news. very cool. the ucsf team says it could help us understand how we process sounds. still to come on after a shooting, police have made an the energy conscious whopeople among usle?
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good morning. we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather. we have meteorologist lisa ar je gen who is not here, but we have frances dinglasan with us. >> yes, we are tracking the doppler and the satellite image,
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and you can see that it is st t starting to pull back, and usually the southwest-facing beaches are getting a lot of drizzle and cloud cover. this is a look at that temperatures right now, and check out the spread. half moon bay at 53 and brentwood is already at 74 degrees. most of us in the 50s and the 60s and live view from downtown showing a mix of the clear skies and clouds. it is cloudy at the beaches through the afternoon and then by about 3:00, we will hit the warmest spots inland and climb into the low 90s around the bay and the mid 70s where at the coast it is going to stay in the mid-50s. if you dinner plans with the sunsets at 35, and you won't need a jacket at the bay or the inland areas. >> than you, frances. >> we have developing news out of alabama where the man whose concert in arkansas was the site of a shooting yesterday has now been arrested. abc news is reporting that rickie hampton known as finesse 2 times was arrested in
9:32 am
connection to the arkansas incident and 28 people were injured between shooting between two groups of people inside of a nightclub opened fire in what may have been a gang-related s incident. police say that hampton has outstanding warrants related to another performance. we are learning a lot more this morning about the doctor who went on the shooting spree inside of a hospital in new york city. we are also learning about the fellow doctor he killed, who was not even supposed to be working that shift that day. abc's stefani ramos has the latest. >> reporter: in the aftermath of the deadly bronx hospital shoot shooting we are learning more about the woman who lost her life. >> multiple people shot at this location. perp is armed with a rifle. multiple shots. >> reporter: police say that 32-year-old tracy tam shot and killed on the 17th floor by gunman henry bellow was not supposed to be there. she was covering another shift
9:33 am
>> she was very sweet and for this to happy to her is very sad. >> 16th floor. multiple shots fired. >> reporter: according to witnesses, he was looking for a specific staffer, an when he was not there, he opened fire, and that intended target is speaking out. cameron ahmed is telling the new york "daily news" that he had no idea why the shooter wanted him dead, and he said that the strange thing is that he is nice with me. i'm shocked. he had a problem with almost everybody. this is amid new details from inside of those terrifying moments. >> we ran up the 17th, and we, too, pulled patients out, literally over dead bodies and blood and gore all over. >> reporter: one survivor coming face-to-face with the shooter sending this text to her daughter. in case i don't make it out, i love you. >> i heard the pop. ran back into my friend's room. we all took cover.
9:34 am
>> reporter: hospital officials helping the patients and the employees hide from him. >> and the nurses took whoever they could and put them in bathrooms with them, and they huddled and held and barricaded the doors. >> reporter: and like new father eric fisher surviving the ordeal huddling in the bathroom with his wife and newborn baby >> i felt to myself that what is going today, you are in the hospital, and this should be a safe place. >> reporter: this is one biggest hospitals here in new york, and they took a chance on him who went to medical school in the caribbean, and worked here under a limited state-issued permit, and we now know that he wanted professional success, but marked by several arrest arrests, and sexual allegation, and financial troubles. stefani ramos, abc news, bronx, new york. remember that failed musical festival in the bahamas?
9:35 am
well, the man behind it has been charge and arrested with fire fraud. william mcfarland developed the event with ja rule. he promised a life-changing music festival and instead delivered a di ssaster. it was delivered as a star-studded spectacle on a secluded island and instead, hundreds were left stranded. >> no electricity or showers or running water. >> it was $4,000 and what we got was closer to i would say zero dollar dollars. >> court documents say that it was altered financial statements saying that his company made millions of dollars and in fact, took in less than $60,000 in the last two years, and mcfarland says that he is not the villain that the government portrays him as, and he could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. one of the busiest shopping districts in the world is giving us a glimpse into the future of retail, and it is looking very green. a
9:36 am
shopping district of oxford street has been transformed into a experimental smart street blending technology with sustainability. it is pollution absorbing blue paint, and power generating pavement. a man who worked on the project is going to explain how it all works. >> and so the kinetic produced from my footsteps is goi going to the produce lighting for nightfall and so i am generating points. >> and that would motivate me to walk. and the that is air bench to send out a steady stream of warmth, and ther is a selfie mirror in what items that shoppers may be interested in buying. >> and this morning, we are learn learning more of the elephant on the run in wisconsin. adrian
9:37 am
>> reporter: that is kelly the elephant, and while she may not have the aears to take to the skies. >> hot digety. >> reporter: the pachyderm is showing the resident of wisconsin that she has trick up the trunk. >> did you believe ne that there was an elephant in the yard or did you believe i was kidding? >> kigd. >> reporter: and she was found in the front yard. >> no lights or sirens. >> and we may be the only state in the nation with a dumbo alert. >> reporter: miss kelly with the help of her sister spent the night loosening the nuts and bolts of the enclose sure before heading out on the early morning stroll. tired of working for peanuts perhaps, miskelly took a few bites of the garden. >> and it was going to bloom
9:38 am
just like this other one, and took it off. >> reporter: but when it came time to come home, the not so little lady was all ears. >> another day here. >> reporter: adrian, abc news, new york. and still to come on abc 7 mornings, roll iing out the bay area's version of rollinging out the bikes, and yes, but it is more than just a new name. and we have a live look from the mount tam camera, and you can see the fog is moving out now that the morning is later. and
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a classic san francisco event is here, and thousands of people are out enjoying the sights and sounds of the fillmore jazz festival. ♪ >> abc 7 news was in san francisco for day one of the
9:41 am
largest festival on the west coast there. are more than 12 blocs of performances and arts and crafts and of course, lots to eat and drink. check out the fillmore jazzfest val today from 10:00 to 6:00 on fillmore street between jackson and eddie, and i want to out there today, because sit is a great event, and i know it is misty now, but it will be changing? >> yes sh, it will be sunny lat and the temperatures in the mid-60s, but right now, we are dealing with the fog and low clouds and even some drizzle. kate and i had to use the wipers into work this morning. you will find the drizzle along the coast, and i will have all of the details coming up. >> thanks. coming up next, the first day of free agency has been good for the warriors as it is going to be keeping the core intact.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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in sports now that it is july and june swoon is over, because the giants have won five straight games and they hope to sweep the pirates today. and the first pitch at pnc park is at 10:35 this morning and after the a's, they are going to try to avoid being swept by the braves. the first pitch at the coliseum is 1:05 this afternoon. in the nba, the front office is make g sh making sure that the team's core stays together. mike shumann explains in this morning's sports. >> good morning, and free agentt si has begun in the nba and the
9:45 am
first order of business for the warriors agreeing to five-year $201 million deal with two-time mvp steph curry, and that is just ridiculous money, but he is worth every penny. and shawn livington is going to be back agreeing to a two-year deal. and andre iguodola met with the spurs yesterday, and then he met with the rockets, and shut down further deals except with the warriors. and according to espn, he ha had reached a deal with the warriors and last night, he tweeted that sources close to andre iguodola reported agreeing to terms with the warriors, so iggy is back. and then he will retire after next season, and the locker room is key especially with the new young centers. and in hockey, free agency began yesterday, and the sharks re-signed with joe thornton.
9:46 am
38-year-old patrick marleau is deciding whether he is going to return to team teal the or jump to anaheim. and the gm doug wilson quickly checked off the top prior tis and re-signing martin jones and marc-edouard vlasic. and jones will get $37 million, and the netminder has been phenomenal including in the stanley cup final last year. and 38-year-old vlasic will get a $38 million deal, and he is regarded as one of the best defensemen in the league, and nighly task of shutting down the nightly task of the other team's best player. he has had 11 seasons all for san jose. and baseball, the a's will be facing the brave's knuckleballer r.a. dick kich aay and he held the braves to one run. and a two of-run shot which is
9:47 am
his 22nd of the season to have a three-run ball game. and santiago casilla on the mound, and franklin morales boots it for the error, and then swanson has a double, and s santana with the winning run as the a's lose their fourth in a row. third inning, josh bell knocking in a run with a base hit, and moore allowed one run on four hits and struck out five, but he had six walk, and sixth inning, the giants finally on the board. austin slater looks like a fly ball, but it kept traveling over the center field wall. the game went to extra innings. top of the 11th, and daniel hudson facing buster posey, and 2-1, the final. that is the way the ball bounce s. i'm mike shumann, have a great day.
9:48 am
and now for an accuweather update. doppler radar and showing the low visible u clouds and fog along the coast. they are starting to break up a little bit, but it is socked in in many beaches a. live look as well as we are looking out towards the bay. it is calm out there, and lots of gray skies over parts of the bay, and in san francisco, 55 and oakland 61, and mountain view, 62, and san jose low 60s and gilroy is 57, and half moon bay at 63. and right now, we are looking ott west to the bay bridge and the great san francisco city backdrop. it is 60s in many other areas. santa rosa and napa at 61, and novato at 64, and fairfield and concord in mid-60s. right now, out to mount tam and you can see the low coastal clouds spilled in. we are dealing with the clouds and the fog and the drizzle in the morning hours and the sun is
9:49 am
slightly warmer with temperatures in the inland areas coming up a couple of degrees. the pattern of the low clouds and fog will continue through the fourth of july. the highs today in the range of 59 in half moon bay, and 64 in san francisco and for the fillmore jazz festival, will need the sunglasses, and sunscreen. and antioch, topping out there at 90. comfort and low 80s through s santa rosa and napa. if you are headed to one of the many events around the bay area today, definitely be prepare for all of the sunshine that we will see in the next few hours, and the marin county fair will start off with temperatures in the 70s and low 80s by this afternoon. but if you are sticking around later, it
9:50 am
this evening. temperatures for the next few days will be in the low 70s, and look at the afternoon sunshine as well. the 12-hour planner through the fourth of july plays out like this. starting off once again with the clouds and the fog during the morning hours, and continuing through 10:00. and then by the afternoon, it is sunny for everyone except for the coast. and then by 6:00, still clear inland and 10:00 and 9:00 when the fireworks start to happen, and the fog will start to creep back into the bay and the beaches. if you are headed to the shoreline, it is looking good for the firework conditions there, and the viewing conditions will be clear at 9:00, and the clouds will move in at 10:00. here is a look at that accuweather forecast with slightly warmer numbers and inland today around the bay, and comfortable in the mid-70s and perfect weather there, and if you want to cool down, head to the coast, and still cloudy and near 60 degrees, and pretty much all week hovering in the upper
9:51 am
50s and we will drop the temperatures in the fourth of july and overall, typical and summer like weather, and near average to slightly below in the week. >> and we talked a tblt layers and the windshield wipers and for the fourth of july, you don't want to see them. >> and through the coast, and it is dice si and heading to san francisco and oakland where the fog moves in at night, and we will deep you posted at night. >> than you, frances. >> the ford motor company has a vehicle with no motor at all, and a bshgs krshbc 7 news reporn bloom is explaining why a car company is rolling out a fleet of bicycles across bay area. >> i don't care what mark twain said, this is great bikinging weather in the city. how about it? >> reporter: on a damp foggy morning scores of people got the first ride on a bike with an unlikely name on it. ford. >> and i came all of the way from denver here. >> why? >> i wanted to be part of
9:52 am
something new. >> reporter: but the vision is not new if you ask ford. >> we want to change people's lives by the way we move and for henry ford, it looked like an automobile and how we get around, but for cities today, it is a change. >> reporter: and ford go bike is a bike share for ten times as many bikes spread around oakland and berkeley and san jose, and it is going to be run by the same company motivate who designed the bikes and will manage where they are placed with the real world data. >> we can see where they use it, and where we need to put more and where the holes are. >> reporter: and in places like this, and they are hoping to the last mile of the daily commute. >> reporter: and there is the clipper car. >> reporter: they are celebrating because the same card for the ferry or bus will unlock a bike, and you are not stuck wit, but just return it. >> and it is incredible flexibility in how we live our
9:53 am
life. >> it is $14.90 a day, but -- >> it is going to be affordable to everyone, and low income residents will pay $5 for the first year. >> reporter: and they say that 35% of the bike stations are in neighborhoods of economic concern. >> and people said that we wish that you would put a bike station here. >> and true to the name, they will put motors in some of them, and pedal assist model will make the debut next year. in san francisco, jonathon bloom, abc 7 news. coming up, you can once again enjoy a p
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we have great news for state park lovers. the area that was clobbered by mother nature with the big sur fires and the park had been closed for 11 months and now park lovers can use a shuttle to take them north of pheifer canyon ridge and now the park is due to be opened in eight weeks, and that is great news. and more great news, because frances is here with the final look of the forecast. >> yes, we will be having barbeque weather here once we get past the fog.
9:57 am
and we have seen the sunshine breaking through the clouds and current temperatures from 50s to near 70, and this is what to expect this afternoon. cool and cloudy at the bay. half moon bay at 59 and san francisco is mostly is sunny if you are headed to the jazz festival, and low 66 660s in s rafael, and make sure that you have the shades and the sunscreen, because it will be clear most of the morning, but it will warm up. and the warmest spots will be in the low 90s, so enjoy it. >> thank you so much, frances. and thank you for join g ing us abc 7 mornings. the news continues online, twitter, facebook, instagram, and abc 7 news continues at 5:00, and enjoy your fourth of july. -- captions by vitac --
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♪ >> welcome to "bay area buys." ladies and gentlemen, a very important announcement to make on this program. the 2017 silicon valley furniture store of the year has been selected by the mercury news, and it is russell's fine furniture of santa clara. this is the "bay area buys" challenge, a one-microphone show. >> yes, it will be. anyways, we're gonna do something very special in july. july 4th, of course, being a major holiday sale and so on, but all weekend -- all month long we're gonna celebrate this. >> mm-hmm. >> so, here's an example. pieces that are not bay area buys -- in other words, regular pieces on the floor...


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