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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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just parked. the station closed yesterday. they're essentially out of service. it's going to have a big impact, as you said, on the entire east contra costa fire protection district. the district is out of money and they have to liv within their budget. there are still three stations open in oakley, brentwood and discovery bay, but there will no longer be, from my understanding, backup crews for fires or for emergency medical calls. >> i just think its crazy how it's going to shut down the fire department one week before the busiest time of the year for them. firetrucks are in and out all day long. >> if a fire goes on here, how long will it take for brently or oakwood to get here if there's a fire right there? >> reporter: the answer is, response times are expected to go way up districtwide. i talked with the battalion chief who said now without a funding stream and three failed ballot measures they don't have
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the funding to sustain four staffed fire stations. everyone will suffer and the fire protection district is already losing trained personnel. they're quitting and seeks out more job security elsewhere. it's a mess. the fire chief is on his way out here to talk to us right now. i'll have a lot more on the options the fire protection district has moving forward coming up on our news tonight at 11:00. reporting live, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> thank you. an aggressive response from firefighters kept a fast-moving grass fire from growing out of control in santa rosa this afternoon. kal fire planes, bulldozers swarmed the flames in sonoma county. it was under control in about an hour. no homes were threatened. bay area air quality managers are asking homeowners not to set off their own fireworks. the soot and dust can cause
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asthma attacks and coughing. they say heat, dry grass and spark kbs a recipe for disaster. a better idea is to attend a professional fireworks show. we have a complete list of all the big shows in every bay area city. you'll find it on your smartphone. open up the abc7 news app. happening now, an amtrak train derailment in washington state. the locomotive of cascade train 506 went off the tracks at bay bridge. 676 passengers were on board. no one was seriously hurt. that train was traveling between vancouver, british columbia and eugene, oregon. president trump back on the attack against the media tonight. he took aim at cnn on twitter and the cable network fired back. the late es showdown comes down as hundreds marched in san francisco, at one point blocking off the embarcadero demanding the president be impeached.
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tiffany is here with the latest. >> demonstrators of the impeachment march told me president trump continues to disappointment and this tweet is no exception. the president's supporters have liked and retweeted it hundreds of thousands of times. >> oh, my god, what's going to happen. >> reporter: president trump supporters say they elected a fighter so this video showing the president circa 2007 taking down a man obscured by cnn's logo doesn't bother them. >> he's doing a good job. on top of that he can have fun doing it, more power to him. >> reporter: leo says the tweet is not a threat to the freedom of press. >> all of this is taken out of context. it's humor and that's the way a modern president works. >> reporter: the only context president trump provided were two hashtags, fraud news cnn and fnn. he responded with a statement responding, it's a sad day when the president of the united states encouraging violence against reporters. today's tweet follows
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mr. president trump's attack of msnbc co-hosts last week. on abc's "this week," ana navarro says we can't stand for this. >> this is going too far. the president of the united states is inciting violence against the free press. >> reporter: preefl planned impeachment marches took place around the country today. several hungaried in san francisco today. jordan calls president trump the masser distractor. >> he's defaming the office. he doesn't care about the office at all. whatever he does is to push his agenda. it's all about himself. >> reporter: a few hours ago president trump tweeted again calling the media both dishonest and fake. >> the base is fascinated with it. we love it. >> reporter: tiffany wilson, abc7 news. president trump has been silent so far today on the gop health care bill. without enough support to get it passed last week, the president is backing one senator's idea that is already being met with
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criticism. reporter david daniel has the latest. >> one thing many republicans were hoping to celebrate ahead of this july 4th holiday was a vote on the senate health care bill and the end to obamacare. that fell short after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was forced to delay the vote following a report by the congressional budget office that said 22 million more americans would be uninsured under the gop plan. president trump on friday tweeted, if republican senators were unable to pass the bill, they should immediately repeal obamacare and replace it later. trump's new-found approach was an idea drafted by senator ben sasse to the president in a letter drafted last week. >> if we can do a combined repeal and replace over the next week, that's great. if we can't, there's no reason to walk away. we should do repeal with a delay. >> reporter: not everyone is on board with that, despite the senate's struggle to gain the necessary gop support for the legislation. mcconnell responded to the new idea by saying the senate will
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continue to pursue a joint repeal and replace of the affordable care act and stick with that plan. the repeal now, replace later notion isn't just an internal party dispute. senator bernie sanders says that strategy could harm millios of americans by leaving them without coverage. >> i have a lot of respect for senator sasse but is that idea is an absurd idea. the congressional office indicated that if you simply repeal the affordable care act, obamacare, you will throw -- you will throw 32 million americans off health care. >> reporter: facing certain opposition from democrats, if the gop health care bill is to pass, senate republicans will need support from at least 50 of their 52 members. david daniel reporting. overnight the chp arrested the suspect in a friday night crash that claimed the lives of two boys in concord. lemuel wilson. the crash along highway 4 along
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solano way killed a 3 and 5-year-old boy. wilson is accused of running away after the wreck but later turned himself in when he checked into highland hospital for treat. wilson injury was the stepfather of regina jeffries who was shot and killed in june of last year for a vigil for another homicide victim in downtown oakland. a family pastor tells the east bay times the loss of her struck wilson and his family especially hard. one of the pioneers of northern california's organic food movement has died. nigel walker, the force behind eat well farms in the solano county community of dixon died after a relapse of myeloma. he established his form in 1997 and converted his grand to grow organic crops three years later. he sold his fruits and vegetables in san francisco. walker was 56. police in hayward are
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looking for an at-risk man last seen leavinging his assisted care facility. matt bonds left the facility and has not returned. they say bond functions at about a 15-year-old level. he was last seen wearing a black shirt and pants and carrying a red backpack. turning to a look at the weather, hope you get a chance to enjoy the sunshine around the bay today. here's a live look from our abc7 roof camera as people enjoy this weekend preceding the fourth of july. the big question is, what's it going to look like on the fourth. >> good thing the fire works happening this evening. the east bay hills camera, they're already getting socked in with fog. we'll take a look at the forecast coming up. gushing water and streets buckling, this is not what you want to deal with on a holiday weekend. these people don't speak another language. >> this independence day weekend how some of
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ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. ♪ you're only a day away. a broken 12-inch water main turned the streets of hollywood into a river this morning. the break was first reported before 5:00 a.m. thousands of gallons of water flooded a neighborhood north of hollywood boulevard. cruise have since capped that leak. celebrating independence day has special meaning for those who fled to our country and now
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enjoy those freedoms. what one refugee gave up and what he gained when he settled in sacramento. >> reporter: moving to a new country can be scary. not knowing the language or having a place to work. here at sin bad market it feels like home. for many refugees who just arrived. >> am and my parents and my sister, one of my sisters, had the opportunity to come to the states while the rest of my brothers and sisters are still stuck in egypt. >> reporter: as he prepares food from his country, he's reminded of his sisters, not knowing when they'll ever reunite. >> there's a chance we'll never get to see them again, but we try to stay in touch as much as possible. >> reporter: while standing in the store, refugees began to gather from all over. sharing their stories. . >> living in a refugee camp before you came here or where were you living? >> yeah. >> reporter: this family was from syria. they had been separated for months before making it to the u.s. they happy they gather in his store and he's even happier to employ them. >> there was a need for these
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people to get a job. to most of these people they don't speak another language other than arabic. this is a good place to mix in the community. >> reporter: how many employees do you have here? >> at the moment, about ten. >> reporter: how much are refugees? >> ten. >> reporter: they are asylees from mosul. he and his father have helped create a community center and this store so others can feel comfortable in the u.s. do you think you're successful because of the things you've done for others? >> i would like to believe so. i believe in karma. i believe when you do something good, you get something good in return. >> reporter: in sacramento, abc7 news. you know the trash attack between the warriors and cavs is legendary. now lebron james has something new to say about steph curry's new contract but what he says may surprise you.
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>> not me. tale of two cities and we'll tell you why. while san francisco native won her first
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king james has a thing or two to say about warrior star
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steph curry's new contract. lebron believes curry is underpaid. lebron ripped the nba salary cap and suggested curry should be making twice as much. he says curry should be making $80 million a year. curry just signed the largest nba contract in history, $40 million a year. enjoying a nice, cool day out there in terms of july numbers. slightly below normal for this time of year. that trend will continue the next couple of days and so, too, will the marine layer. life doppler 7, what we got going on right now. you can see a lot of gray along the coastline. that's the satellite showing you that low cloud cover. we'll zoom in tighter on live doppler 7 and you can see not only are clouds starting to fill in over much of san francisco, they're now stilling through the golden gate strait and those in richmond are starting to see the
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marine layer. this is shooting you shout right now. you can see there's the low clouds. marine layer will expand meaning most locations will experience gray skies first thing tomorrow morning. out there right now, a wide range in temperatures. typical for this time of the year. we're holding at about 70 in hayward. 67 in oakland. san jose, tons of sunshine in the south bay, 74. brentwood sitting at 89 degrees. overnight tonight, here we go. the call, a lot of 50s on the board from the coast to the bay and inland. you also notice a lot of fog. not only along the coast but that is the gray shading you see spilling in from concord to fremont, even patchy fog stretching from san jose overnight tonight. that typical trend of gray skies to start your day. the clouds pull back to the coast. if you like the temperatures today, you'll love tomorrow because the weather pattern not changing all that much over the next 24 hours. tons of afternoon sunshine away from the coast and temperatures just slightly below normal for this time of the year.
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83 the high in concord. about 70 in oakland tomorrow afternoon. 77 in palo alto. 64 in san francisco. 91 in lakeport. a ton of sunshine, a breeze but around 82 degrees. santa cruz camera. folks still enjoying sunshine but still you can see that marine layer about to make its presence known. that sun is going to be going bye-bye in the next hour or so. similar pattern tomorrow. we'll have gray skies along the coast early on if you are headed to the beach. the cloud cover will be slow to clear. once that sun gets out, it will be rather strong. slap on that sunscreen. ocean waters at 66 degrees. we'll fast forward to your fourth of july day planner. you sea coastal fog in the morning. sunshine for most away from the coast into the afternoon. by 10:00, as we start to see fireworks get under way, fog will be moving inland. future weather showing you that very nicely. by 11:00 at night tuesday, fourth of july, future weather showing you fog from south san
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francisco over to san francisco even into oakland. the farther you are south, you have better viewing with clear skies by 11:00 on tuesday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. next seven days, it will stay breezy on monday, similar to winds right now. fourth of july, midday sun and the clouds fill back in. cooler on wednesday. some coastal drizzle thursday and friday. but turning a little warmer saturday and sunday and even beyond that, really no excessive heat is forecast across the region. >> that's what i like. drew, thank you very much. giants are playing like contenders winning season-high sixth straight game. buster pose y only giant to get the call, his fifth as a starter. although brandon belt played like an all-star today in pittsburgh. mercer sends this one packing. two-run shot. 2-0, pirates. giants rally in the seventh.
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williams, a two-hit shutout but belt slaps this single kick starting a three-run inning. top eight, belt with a man o see ya. two-run shot. 5-3 victory for the giants and giants back-to-back sweeps of the rockies and pirates. across the bay, the a's lone all-star alonso is trying to help his team into a four-game sweep with braves in town. everyone is ready for the fourth of july, including this cat in the hat. shawn on the hill, pitched well, except when suzuki takes him deep. he went 7 1/3, allowed two runs, struck out six. chris davis, not an all-star? he had 40 home runs last year, already 22. in the seventh, makes it 1-3. a's trailed in the 11th. davis scores and it's a 3-3 game.
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it wouldn't last. end of 12, suzuki again, see ya. second of the game. last time he had two home runs in the same game, 2011 as an oakland a. how about a positive, alonso on his first all-star selection and from this year's site, miami. >> my eyes got watery. just so fortunate and, obviously, so blessed to have the opportunity to represent the oakland a's and all the guys here. obviously, going back to my home, where i grew up. it means a lot to me. >> reporter: well, it's the end of an era. patrick marleau has agreed to a three-year contract with the maple leafs. he played all 19 years of his career in teal. the most senior member of the sharks holds numerous franchise
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records including 508 goals. the all-time fan favorite will be missed. final round of the women's pga championship, second major of the year, san francisco native danielle kang had four straight birdies on 11 through 14. she was the leader at 12 under. brooke henderson, eagle attempt on 18 for the lead. and she is one rotation short. she's in the clubhouse tied with kang at 12 under. kang would two-putt for birdie on 18th capping off her first professional win and it's a major. >> i just trusted in my game and i didn't worry about anything else. it's all about believing in yourself and just being confident. that's what i did. senior u.s. open salem country club in massachusetts, kurt triplett with five bogeys. 56-year-old has won four majors on the senior tour. this is his second open title after he did not win a major on the pga tour. kenny perry, your 2017 senior
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u.s. open champion. pga tour final round of the quicken loans national, charles howell iii hasn't won a tournament since 2007. needed to drain this putt on 18. oh, my. goes to a playoff with kyle stanley. first playoff hole, howell needed this putt to put the pressure on stanley. misses again. stanley will make his par putt for the win, his second career pga title. we are going to miss patty marleau, great shark, great man, great guy in the community. >> when you got traded to the cardinals, fans went through the
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these pictures in. a large fire blocked off doolittle drive north of the airport. an abc7 news impeesz she could smell it in san leandro. tonight on abc7 news at 9:00 celebrating july 4th by getting down. we'll take you to take holiday celebration where it was okay to show off your dance moves. a quirky tradition in one south bay residents, they have been putting out chairs for months to save their spot. "despicable me 3" proved the
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franchise is still a force on its opening weekend. earning $75 million. shy of the previous two. the highest flick, "baby driver" starring jamie foxx and kevin spacey followed by "transformers," "wonder woman," "cars 3" and "the house" with will ferrell and amy poehler came in sixth. have a good one.
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we're ringing in july 4th with a fireworks spectacular. >> it's a fun program. it's got a mix of patriotic favorites, but also some film music, the music of john williams, with fireworks and everything. so it's gonna be an unforgettable night. >> then massages delivered right to your doorstep. >> we realize that the traditional spa model doesn't always fit everyone's schedule. a lot of times, the spa is closed or it's booked when you want a massage. and your back hurts and your muscles ache, you want a massage right then. >> and we're cooking savory and sweet crepes. >> when i moved to san francisco, we worked with the crepes and we loved the concept. we thought it was easy and delicious, and people love it. >> plus, a special organization providing camp to kids. >> oh, my goodness. they get to experience so much stuff. th b


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