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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tiffany. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. we are stuck. we are literally inching along. we have been in the backup for at least two miles. there were signs on i-80 west saying beware, all lanes are blocked. that is what we have seen here. you can see traffic basically at a complete standstill. we're just about half a mile away from el portal drive right now. this all started at 4:05 a.m. with a five-car accident. two cars were turned facing the wrong way, and there are multiple injuries. the coroner was called at 4:22. so at least one confirmed fatality. and again, multiple other injuries. two people at least transported to kaiser richmond complaining of wrist, ankle and chest injuries. again, at this point, all lanes are blocked as investigators look at this accident. as tow companies are called to remove the cars from the blocked lanes. talking to the chp this morning,
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there is no estimated time for i-80 west to reopen, so, again, the backup is significant. just expect it to get worse as the commute continues. so if you have to be in this area, try to find a work-around. alexis will have details on that. as you can see, we are not moving anywhere fast. live on i-80 west, tiffany wilson. abc7 news. alexis is tracking ways to hopefully get around this. >> the first thing i suggest is don't get on westbound 80 like tiffany did. the backup a little over three miles now. it's inching closer to highway 4. a sig alert. traffic diverted at el portal in the san pablo area. san pablo avenue is what you want to take for an alternate. that's the best bet. the surface streets are not looking terrible. richmond park way. appian way decent alternates.
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b.a.r.t. an alternate as well. we are on a normal schedule today. tomorrow they'll be on a sunday schedule. today we are on a regular schedule. that's not going to be any different than normal. nine miles an hour, four miles an hour. i would say that's a generous estimate. probably lower than that. >> let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. > sun is up. check out the east bay hills camera and some of the clouds quietly nestled in the valleys right there. feeling sedated it looks like. a look at the 12-hour day planner. 7:00 this morning, low to upper 50s. by noon -- the bottom line. coolest temperatures at the coast. 58, 59, 57 from noon to 4:00 to 7:00. middle line is the bay. noon 72, then 75. 70 from 4:00 to 7:00. warmest inland from noon.
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70 by 7:00. the 7-day forecast includes special holiday tomorrow with fireworks and possibly fog. what to expect, coming up. for the fourth time in five years a fire station in east contra costa county closed due to lack of funding. the closure of the station in knightsen is expected to increase response times for fire and medical calls for people in five cities. bethel island. knightsen. bre brentwood, oakley and byron. the east contra costa fire protection district doesn't have the budget for four stations. three stations remain open. >> it's crazy how they are going to shut down the fire department one week before the busiest time of the year for them. i mean, these fire trucks are in and out of this place all day long, all night long. >> if a fire starts, how long will it take for them to get here. >> response times are expected to go way up district-wide. the battalion chief blames
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failed ballot measures for lack of funding. reaction after president trump sent out the controversial tweet that even republicans argue could incite violence. the president tweeted this video yesterday morning showing him physically attacking a person with the cnn logo superimposed on that person's face. matthew doud spoke on "gma" this morning about the impact of the tweet. >> the president continues to do things that are provocative and beneath the office. i think it's had a dramatic effect since inauguration day. almost 50% of the country now strongly disapproves of this president, and much of that rise has been his own self-inflicted wounds over the course of his presidency. >> cnn issued this statement reading in part, it's a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. >> president trump's tweets provided more fuel for the people walking in planned impeachment marches yesterday. they took place around the country ask hend here in san
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francisco. one man told us president trump is defaming the office. >> he doesn't care about the office. whatever he does is a personal agenda. it's all about himself. he really is not a public servant and he should be serving the public. >> all of this is taken out of context. it's humor and it's injected and that's the way a modern president works. they don't expect it from a 70-year-old president. but we just had one playing basketball all the time on the golf course and now we have a guy out there moving things around. him. >> supporters say the president is justified for the tweets because of the bad things others have said about him. >> a look at the "new york daily news," and the "new york post" covers this wrornmorning. playing off the wrestling tweet. a report raising transparency questions about the body cameras worn by san francisco police officers. the problem is inconsistent audio. a deadly officer involved shooting in may only recorded a portion of the incident.
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the video which lasts 1:19 is silent for the first 30 seconds. this design gap in the audio of body camera footage raises concerns among some of the people involved in policy for the krarpcameras. a diver making gigantic friends. a $900 uber ride as well. this story, the twists and turns that led to a very large bill. we follow the breaking news in san pablo. this is a live shot from our vehicle as it goes down 180 westbound. one confirmed fatality at this one confirmed fatality at this accident, and it has
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. unfortunately i don't have much good news for you here in the san pablo avenue area. this is westbound 80. if you are going to be traveling through this stretch of roadway, you definitely want to avoid the interstate at all costs. this is the view from tiffany wilson, who has been trying to get to the scene for over an hour. she is stuck in this three and a half mile backup. not even moving this morning. all traffic being diverted to el portal drive in the san pablo
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area. this, again, due to the fatal crash and the investigation. they have been under way for about two hours at this point. i checked the drive time. it's calculating about 56 minutes between highway 4 and the maze. i would say that's extremely generous. it's probably at least an hour and a half right now if you are sitting in the backup on interstate 80. richmond parkway. appian way. san pablo avenue, any of those will be a better bet than getting on highway 4 or, of course, mass transit. b.a.r.t. with no delays this morning. checking in with meteorologist mike nicco. that's pretty much the only problem. everyone else is very light. >> congratulations if you have the day off. if you are with us and working, you're probably not thinking about santa cruz right now. temperatures going to be in the mid 60s. not quite as warm as it has been. gray and cool at the rest of the beaches. mid '50s, low 60s. choppy if you're on the bay,
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especially north of the bay bridge. 51 in daly city. menlo park 59. most of us you can see are in the 50s. 60 fairfield. los gatos, 56. 83 in tahoe. temperatures around 82 to 86 in the afternoon. 47 to 51 at night. a look at our accuweather 7-day forecast next. thanks, mike. hope you like muni's red train only lanes in san francisco. newly granted federal approval allows muni to put red lanes on at least 50 new streets. according to the "chronicle," some of the streets are columbus avenue, north beach. judah street and mission street south of market. studies have shown the lanes speed up buses and trains during commute hours. analysis about pay in the white house may surprise you. after the break, the gender gap inside the most powerful political circle in the country. an unbelievably rude story
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good morning. welcome back. actually we have really good news for our major sig alert we have had all morning in the san pablo area. all lanes just reopened on interstate 80 westbound at el portal drive. everything is back open. the sig alert is canceled. the crash is fully cleared to the side. you can see just the huge difference in the last few minutes. tiffany wilson, our reporter who was trying to get to the scene, was at a total stand-still. this should unwind quickly. an update in a few. >> thanks, alexis. women working in the white house earn on average 80 cents for every dollar paid to male colleagues according to a new analysis conducted by cnn. the average salary of men in the white house over $500,000 a year. for women it was over $84,000. an average gap of $21,000 a year, widier than the average. residents of oregon will be
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among the first in the country to be able to list "x" as their gender. a similar bill in california is headed to the assembly. a plus-size model is talking after a fellow passenger on a plane body shamed her. natalie hayes says she was sitting in the exit row and the man sitting next to her started sighing really loudly. she said she caught the man texting jokes about her weight. natalie says after she confronted him about the text messages he apologized. >> the person he talked to said hopefully she hasn't had any mexican food. he says, well, it looks like she has eaten a whole mexican. people see you as less of a person because you are more of a person. you are worth being treated like a human being. >> natalie says after the apology, this is where it gets really rich, the man offered to buy her dinner to make up for the experience. she declined. >> wow. >> not okay. >> not a good way to handle it. >> over to alexis smith tracking
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a big issue affecting a lot of people. it was a major issue. we just got the great news that the sig alert was canceled and all lanes are back open. we have been tracking the crash since just after 4:00 this morning. it was a fatal collision. so obviously they had to do the investigation into the san pablo avenue area there, and all traffic was being diverted to el portal drive. excuse me. for over an hour and a half. everything just wrapped up about, oh, i would say five minutes ago. you saw from our live shot a few minutes ago, too, tiffany wilson and her crew picking up their speed. seeing still significant delays but it should unwind quickly. holiday late traffic everywhere else. no metering lights on the bay bridge toll plaza. quick check of drive times. 23 minutes westbound 580 tracy to dublin. southbound 680 looks great. let's check in with mike nicco.
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pretty nice weather on tap for today. >> tried to match the drive time traffic numbers you have there. everybody green. you have to like that. hi, everybody. a look at the east bay hills camera. a little bit of cloud cover out there nestled in the valleys. we'll use this as the back drop. clouds, sun, nearly seasonal temperatures. clouds return tonight. cool tomorrow. drizzle near the coast like this morning. a steady pattern most of the forecast. talking about the cloud cover, watch how it quickly erases by noon. just about completely out of the bay and back to the coast where it will stay up until about 5:00, then it will make the slow migration back to the bay. temperatures, 69 in downtown san francisco. 64. cooler than average. look at daly city, sunset, 57 to 58. cooler there. mission around 67. one of the warm spots. across the bay. oakland 70 with sunshine, mild temperatures. hayward, richmond 71. union city, 73.
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73 in san mateo. sunshine on the coast. 56 at half moon bay. pacifica 61. mountainview, 78 degrees. santa rosa 80. breezy near the bay. 65 around sausalito. vallejo 73. novato, 79. milpitas 78. east bay valleys. nothing too hot. 84 in concord to 88 in antioch. we could be easily in the 100s this time of year. my accuweather 7-day forecast. cooler wednesday, thursday and friday. warming saturday and sunday but no 90s in this forecast. back to you. live desk update from southern germany. a bus crashed into a truck on a highway and it burst into flames. video from bavaria. police say there are multiple
6:20 am
fatalities. 31 people were hurt. 18 still unaccounted for. they're believed to be dead. the bus rear-ended the truck. forensics specialists are being brought in to remove and identify the bodies. it's 6:20. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. amy is live from new york city with a look at what's ahead. >> reporter: great to be with you. coming up next, president trump drawing criticism from both sides of the aisle this morning after tweeting aught tout the dd video of him. more than 200 severe storm reports across the country over the weekend. the west faces more evacuations with nearly 30 wildfires burning right now. as everyone comes together for back yard parties this fourth of july, we have safety tips for you both in the pool and when you are grilling. plus, we will have the best holiday deals and discounts to get the party started coming up
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next here on "gma." back to you. >> thank you. important news for commuters. the change you need to know about before heading across the golden gate bridge. flames close to homes in the flames close to homes in the sierra
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welcome back.
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it's 6:23. we have seen plenty of amazing video of people whale watching above water. this diver coming face to face with curious white whales in australia. he captioned the video "biggest nose bump ever." he said he wasn't afraid and once they were done checking him out they swam away. gilda from oakland has a question about buying new and preowned certified cars. >> 7 on your side's michael finney has the answer. >> i am going to be purchasing a car, and i am wondering should i go for a certified preowned vehicle or should i purchase a brand-new car. i am favoring the certify preowned so i can get something i would really like. >> i think you are on the right track.
6:25 am
i am a real fan of buying two-year-old certified preowned vehicles that come with a factory warranty. i have bought several myself. you pay a bit more for the certification, but way less than the price of a new car. that new-car smell costs thousands of dollars. if you can do without it, you can save big bucks. and you can actually get the car you want. as you point out. gilda, good luck. let me know what you buy. >> record your question for michael finney on your tablet or smartphone and share with #askphinney. a milwaukee couple is still in shock after shelling out almost $900 for one uber ride. >> they got an uber to go to a festival last week. they had no idea the bill would be that high. they say they agreed to pay $200 for the first stop. that wasn't the problem. the issue began when they asked
6:26 am
the driver to take them to a couple more places. the next morning, boy, did they get a shock when their credit card alerted them to an $898 fee. they couldn't believe it. >> i thought he was joking. i said that. i am like, you're kidding me, right? >> driver didn't tell you how much it would cost? >> not at all. he put it in the computer and said, where do you want to go? give me the addresses. off we went. >> the uber surge was huge. 8 8 8.6 times the usual cost. the up-front price wasn't relevant when the other stopped were added. a plane engine bursts into flames after landing in denver. surprising move by passengers. development surrounding tesla's model 3. distribution could start this month. things are looking much better. the significant problem, the fatal crash all morning in san pablo. all lanes are back open.
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just shy of 6:30. a deadly crash that shut down interstate 80 in san pablo this morning has cleared. now there is a new problem. >> straight to tiffany wilson live on i-80 with the details.
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>> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. we are back on i-80 exactly where we had the live shot at 6:00 this morning. stuck in traffic again. just about ten minutes after all the lanes were reopened another accident happened. this one involving a motorcyclist. according to the reports that we are getting right now, the motorcycle is on the shoulder but the rider is down in one of the center lanes. and i have to tell you, as soon as traffic opened from the previous fatal collision, cars started picking up speed very quickly, and motorcyclist had been weaving in between the lanes as we were in traffic for nearly an hour. things happened quickly. the accident was completely cleared. ten minutes later we are now stuck in traffic once again with lanes blocked. this time, though, for the motorcycle accident. we just saw a fire truck go down the road. i imagine en route to this
6:31 am
accident. we were able to go past el portal drive and flip around going i-80 east, and we saw people out of their cars at that time. so, again, expect long delays if you are headed i-80 west near el portal. live on i-80. tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> i can't believe that. thank you, tiffany. alexis, i guess we're in the same spot we were in a few minutes ago. >> yeah, basically. this is unfortunate. we see this quite often. stand-still traffic for so long, everyone is anxious to get moving. people take off, maybe not paying attention and we get the secondary crashes too. literally almost in the exact same area of the major traffic alert all morning. westbound 80. just before san pablo dam road. just slightly up from the first crash that we had this morning. exactly as tiffany side. motorcyclist down. the rider apparently laying in a middle lane. we are hearing a semi was involved in the crash.
6:32 am
working on more details from chp. no word on injuries. i'll definitely check and certainly will try to have more information coming up in a few minutes. everyone else really light. holiday light this morning. no bay bridge metering lights on today. checking in with mike nicco. pretty nice day ahead? >> a lot of sunshine. i don't think the clouds are dropping drizzle in that area. a little bit along the coast. number one thing people tell me when they visit from out of state is the lane splitting is crazy. it scares them. the east bay hills camera. some of the clouds, you can see some of the hills poking through. so those areas will warm quickest. you will see the cloud cover dissipate fastest right there. it's in the yellow and gray. let's roll your 12-hour day planner through the 7:00 hour. low 50s, mid 60s. 73 in san leandro. 86 in antioch at noon. through the 4:00 hour. 58 at half moon bay.
6:33 am
62 in san francisco. 70s and 80s inland. 90 in antioch. 60s around the bay. 70s and 80s as we head inland. a look at what's going on. a lot of festivals and county fairs. here is natasha and reggie with more. new this morning, the long wait is over for people itching to get behind the wheel of the tesla model 3. >> elong musk says the first model 3s roll off the assembly line on friday. matt keller is live outside the plant. >> reporter: the first one is expected on friday. then the first 30 customers will be able to hop into the driver's seat of their new car by the end of this month. all the news brought to us by elon musk, the ceo of tesla, last night on twitter. his first tweet. model 3 passed all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule. expecting to complete sn1 on friday. that stands for serial number one. musk says the handover party for
6:34 am
the first 30 customer model 3s will be july 28th and then production goes up. august should be 100 cars. september, 1500. by december. 20,000 per month. it starts around $35,000, with the $7500 federal electric car tax credit, it could cost $27,500. tesla says the car will be able to go 215 miles on a single charge and could accelerate from 0 to 60 in under six seconds. new developments out of fremont. a suspect is in custody after a three-hour standoff with police. it started when a man with a knife went to a neighbor's house and cut someone on the hand and refused to come out. officers launched a drone to survey the house where the man barricaded himself. he surrendered after 11:00 p.m. napa firefighters responded quickly to a water main break on laurel street this morning. take a look. the fire department shared this video on twitter of water
6:35 am
flowing down the street around 12:30 a.m. officials say no homes or apartments were damaged. happening now, the commute across the golden gate bridge is a little more expensive. a live picture where you can hardly see the bridge. it can see you. it will charge you 25 cents more to cross it. if you have fast track that means $6.75. other drivers pay $7.75. the bridge district says it needs money to narrow a $51 million budget gap. another toll hike happens next year. an investigation is under way this morning to figure out why a plane engine burst into flames after landing in denver. the engine is on fire and passengers running out of the plane. then they turn around and tobacco photos. the united express plane with 59 passengers finished a flight from aspen to denver. the fire broke out while the plane was taxiing to the gate. firefighters put out the flames and no one was hurt. a coast guard cutter will tow an abandoned boat to a safe
6:36 am
location for salvage. the coast guard alerted to this near muscle rock park in pacifica. no one was inside the boat. it appears it's been abandoned for a while. fireworks are illegal almost everywhere in the bay area including fireworks designated safe and sane meaning they don't explode or shoot into the air. some cities allow them. dublin, newark, pacifica, san bruno. petal luma. rohnert park. >> alameda county fire warning about recalled fireworks. tnt red-white and blue smoke. they can explode just after being lit. california is not among the states where these were shipped but local fire officials worry they could have been purchased online and sent here. three incidents have been reported of people suffering burns when the fireworks unexpectedly exploded. >> the safest way to watch fireworks on the fourth is at a
6:37 am
sponsored event in the city where you live. we have you covered here. go to our website at or the free abc7 news app for a full list of festivals, parades and fireworks shows. we have got a second problem we have got a second problem really in almost the inju area. our view here from tiffany wilson and her photographer. a motorcycle is down, just as things were unwinding from the earlier fatal collision at el portal, we have a new problem. we just talked to chp. the three left lanes are blocked. it sounds like the far right lane or far two right lanes are getting by. i saw an ambulance go by on the shoulder in the emergency lane. we are seeing more flashing lights on the eastbound side. i imagine they'll loop around.
6:38 am
we have a motorcycle down, a semi is involved as well, and we definitely have injuries. they are calling for an ambulance to the scene. this is really, really close to where we had the earlier problem this morning. the backup had time to thin out a bit. we had a three-mile backup. i would say we're a little over a mile now. head over to richmond parkway. b.a.r.t. is on a regular schedule today. appian way is an alternate further to the east. everyone else remains really quiet today. a lot of folks off for the holiday. castro valley to the maze only 13 minutes. let's check in with meteorologist make mike with a look at the forecast. >> what's going on, alexis? open up the weather window on 101, 880. your commute planner. if you're on the bay it will be a little breezy north of the bay
6:39 am
bridge. 1:00 to 11:00. small craft 24 to 38-mile-per-hour winds. a little drizzle along the peninsula coast. down south, temperatures mainly around 55 to 57 degrees. up in the hills. los gatos 66. a little bit warmer. 55 in alameda. danville, same thing. here is a look at what's going to happen in san rafael today. marin county fair. fireworks at 9:30. 79, watch out for the sunshine at 3:00. 69 at 7:00. back to 57 degrees by 11:00. so dress for temperatures in the low 60s during the fireworks. 11:00 alameda county fair. 75. 83 at 3:00. a little warmer here. 7:00 it will be 77. 11:00, 63. the queen cover band tonight. for tomorrow, shoreline, 30th
6:40 am
anniversary concert, fireworks. it's a phenomenal package. well produced. dress for temperatures in the low to mid 60s. no worry about cloud cover here. a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast coming up. here is -- who has it next? reggie? >> i'll take it from here, mike. ready for amazon's prime day? the good news just announced. what happens after a fisherman reels in the big hammerhead shark. mike and alexis always keeping track of the latest weather and traffic developments. you can look on your screen during our commercial break for our live look at those. our live look at those. here is a
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we're the president facing backlash after tweeting a controversial video smashing the media. some republicans are speaking out against this while the president's homeland security adviser, tom bossert, defends him. his administration launched a weekly e-mail newsletter over the weekend called the real news report. meanwhile. president trump laying groundwork for the g20 summit in germany. he called leaders of china and japan. he spoke with china about the threats posed by north korea's
6:44 am
nuclear and ballistic programs and spoke to jean about working with south korea to put pressure on south korea to end their nuclear program. in china two people have died and another is missing in the guangdong province. a huge rainstorm is triggering raging flood waters. the flood stranded d residents and tourists near a nature preserve s. more than 300 rescuers found 80 people. a search and rescue operation is still looking for one missing person. more heavy rain expected in the next few days. a wildfire forced man evacuations in alcohcentral california. 70 miles north of fresno. flames jumped across the highway. it forced officials to close part of the highway and issue evacuation orders for nearby homes. the fire has burned 225 acres and is only 10% contained. the suspect in a friday night crash that climbed the lives of two boys in concord is
6:45 am
facing several charges this morning. 35-year-old lemuel wilson jr. ran from the scene of the crash along highway 4 near solano way. he was arrested after checking into highland hospital in oakland on saturday. a 5-year-old and a 10-year-old died. their mother and a 3-month-old baby were hurt. wilson's bail is now set at half a million dollars. a small grass fire kept firefighters busy here the oakland airport. the two-acre fire started around 4:15. it was under control in about an hour. police shut down several streets around the airport as firefighters got a handle on the flames. an aggressive response from firefighters kept a fast-moving grass fire from growing out of control. cal fire planes, ground crews and bulldozers swarmed the three-acre fire yesterday. it broke out near sonoma mountain road and was under control in an hour. no homes were threatened. cal fire today suspending
6:46 am
burn permits in santa clara, alameda and contra costa counties due to increased fire danger. the permits apply to burning of landscape debris in areas covered with grass or timber. the rain has caused more grass to grow and the grass is extremely dry due to the hot weather. new details about reviving the woolly mammoth. you heard it right. the founder of san jose based paypal is investing $100,000 to bring the beast back. >> peter thiel the latest person to back the de-extinction movement. the money goes towards harvard scientists who say they are about two years away from making a hybrid woolly mammoth embryo. >> i want peter thiel to call me and let me know when it's coming back and where so i can be nowhere near it. you can get to a popular state park at big sur that has been off limits since february.
6:47 am
a private trail reopened this weekend. the area took a battering. last summer, the so brant ez fire and the winter storms. visitors can use a new shuttle that takes them to places in big sur north of the pfeiffer canyon bridge. the bridge is being rebuilt. it's supposed to open again in about two months. the fourth of july parade in morgan hill has been going strong since 1876. it's been so popular people have reserved spots to see it for years in a peculiar way. >> people literally plunk down these lawn chairs or folding chairs. they chain it there. and just leave it weeks in advance. in fact, chairs were being put out this year as early as may. >> why do people put the chairs out so early? >> they want to make sure they get a prime spot. they love it! we love them. >> if you're up in morgan hill, i marched in the parade as a kid. i want my family to enjoy it as
6:48 am
much as we did growing up. >> 50,000 people are expected to watch the parade. and organizers say, despite the number of reserved seats there is plenty of room for everyone. the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> i am 6'4", i can see over anyone. amazon's prime day the annual promotion to 30 hours. they discount hundreds of thousands of items. it's already offering bargains including four months off -- four months of its music subscription service for 99 cents. the deals were only open to members of amazon's $99 a year prime program. prime day starts next monday at 6:00. samsung launching a new phone made from recalled mustang gal galaxy note
6:49 am
it was forced to recall the phones after a number of the devices exploded. the new fe has lower capacity batteries and went through extensive testing. >> fan edition. creative marketing going on there. san francisco doesn't even rank in the top ten most expensive cities according to a new study. five of the ten. asia, singapore number one. second place hong kong. new york is the highest ranked american city at number nine. san francisco way down at 22nd on the list. the economist group ranked the cities by how expensive it is to buy basic items. we have been watching a series of problems along the same highway this morning. what's it look like now? >> this is in the san pablo area. stand-still traffic again for the second time this morning. a fatal crash that happened right around here at 4:10 this morning. cleared two hours later at 6:10.
6:50 am
by 6:22, the second crash as things were picking up and clearing out. this one involving a motorcycle. three left lanes blocked at san pablo dam road. tiffany wilson and her photographer are sitting in the backup again. only about a half mile away from the crash, if that. they are inching along. we have a sig alert issued. we're definitely seeing the backup grow. here is the drive time. it should be worse than that. i looked at it a few moments ago and it was up to 50 minutes in the red. westbound highway 4 to the maze. don't get on interstate 80. stick to the side roads. richmond parkway, appian way. anything but interstate 80. once you make it to the maze, wide open. no bay bridge metering lights. 8 minutes to san francisco. another update in a few. let's check in with mike nicco. >> thank you very much, alexis. i was off friday in lawrence, kansas. as the sun was going down, i was sitting atop a hotel enjoying
6:51 am
time with my wife. i look in the distance and see a thunderstorm cloud. i look on our app and see it's 150 miles away in omaha, nebraska. i dial up my old roommate and say, what's going on. it's a four-inch size piece of hail falling on top of his house. this is what the result was. that's not his car. his car was in the garage. those are his neighbors' cars. the back windshield blown out by the hail. there will be a the lot of peop contacti contacting their insurance companies. a look at sfo. no flight or arrival delays. i'll keep an eye on it. clouds to sunshine. seasonal highs today. cloudy, foggy, drizzle. cool nights ahead. south bay, 78, milpitas.
6:52 am
san jose, morgan hill, 82. 66 in santa cruz. 69 at millbrae. everybody else about 73 to 78 on the peninsula. 56 at half moon bay. pacifica 61. everyone else upper 50s. san francisco, 64. bodega bay. stinson beach, 57, 59. 77 to 80 through the north bay valleys. 70 in oakland. fremont, 74. berkeley cooler at 69. if you're going to the game, 6:05 first pitch due to the fireworks tonight. at 10:00 it will be 59. 66 to 59. kind of cool at the coliseum. 82 in san ramon. 89 in brentwood. accuweather 7-day forecast. about the same for tomorrow. watch the cloud cover this evening. when and where it comes be the same time as tomorrow. drone video of a fisherman reeling in a massive hammerhead
6:53 am
shark. the fisherman wrestled with the shark in the waters off panama city beach. he was on a catch and release trip and he eventually let the shark safely back into the water. water.
6:54 am
6:54. these are the seven things you need to know. we start with alexis. >> we have got a major problem
6:55 am
right now. an update from chp. sig alert on westbound 80. all lanes currently blocked. no estimate on when it will reopen. due to a motorcycle crash with injuries. a lot of flashing lights ahead. >> number two. before the crash, one person was killed in an accident in the same stretch of i-80 in san pablo. incorrect video there. it happened shortly after 4:00 this morning. the accident involved five vehicles. number three. it will cost you more to cross the golden gate bridge this morning. tolls went up 25 cents. the district says it needs the money to narrow a budget gap. the tesla 3 will be delivered on friday. they believe the future of the company is riding on the model 3. >> i am like 435,000 in line for that. >> clouds to sunshine today. a look at the 12-hour day planner. 50s at the coast. 70s and 80s for the rest of us.
6:56 am
spacex confirmed the dragon spacecraft splashed down safely near long beach. this is the first reflight of a commercial spacecraft to and from the space station. the a's are offering field-level tickets to tonight's game for 17 bucks. to honor first baseman yonder alonso's all-star selection. he wears number 17. the deal is good until 10:00 this morning. it has been such a mess for people heading in that direction. >> westbound 80. avoid it through the san pablo area. >> still looking live. yep. inching along. back in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. president trump doubles down on his attack on the media tweeting this wwe clip. >> what's going to happen? >> outrage from members of his own party saying he's demeaning the office of the presidency. others saying it could incite violence. >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house but i'm president, and they're not. >> as he keeps up the fight, the president calling himself modern day presidential. weather alert. more than 200 severe storm reports from the plains to the northeast. four tornadoes touching down in maine as 28 wildfires scorching the west right now. evacuations happening in arizona as triple-digit heat hits the southwest and more storms in the forecast. fiery es


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