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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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in this crash and now her 3-month-old is fighting for his life. vincent reyes on christmas. >> hold it next to you. let's see. hold it this way. >> reporter: here being a little boy. and recently as a tiny graduate with a giant smile. >> my son is down, he's going to be down in the ground and my other son as well. that ain't right. >> reporter: 5-year-old vincent and 10-year-old lorenzo reyes died in a crash friday night. luciano reyes and the mother were injured in the crash. >> she lost two kids and there's a baby that i don't know the condition. things need to change at some point. >> reporter: chp investigators say 35-year-old lemuel wilson drove across a grassy median hitting the reyes' family
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vehicle on the solano on ramp. the 5 and 10-year-old were thrown from the car. witnesses told chp wilson ran from the scene bleed iing. >> if laws were stricter, then maybe people will think twice before they do something to injure anybody. >> reporter: c hhp officers wer looking for wilson overnight. saturday his wife told abc 7 news he turned himself in at a hospital. >> me and my husband send our condolence and prayers to the family. >> reporter: a spokesperson with the almeida county sheriff's office said wilson posted bail the day before the crash on charges related to terrorist threats out of pleasanton. his bail was lowered by a judge from $100,000 to $10,000. >> things have to change. i mean, this should have never happened to me, to her, it shouldn't happen to anybody. >> reporter: and we're waiting for an update from this family
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about the 3-month-old, how he is doing. chp officials say when they last checked he was in critical condition. and about the suspected driver, lemuel wilson, he is also in the hospital. he is at highland medical center. chp officials say he will be facing the following charges. two counts of ve hhicular homicide, hit-and-run causing great bodily injury, and driving on a suspended or revoked license. live in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> melanie, thanks so much. if a victim is killed in two separate crashes have been identified. a car hit and killed 25-year-old lindche tran. brown was on his motorcycle when he was killed. both fatal accidents happened on i-80 near san pablo dam road. tiffany wilson is on the story. >> reporter: travelers expect ing an easy commute near el portal met standstill traffic instead. this backup from a single car
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accident where a young woman in a honda accord spun out and came to a stop facing the wrong direction. a dodge charger hit her as she was getting out of her car. >> i think the young lady that passed away that she possibly could have survived if she would have still been in her vehicle at the time of the collision. >> reporter: the two people in the charger were transported to the hospital. chp cleared the scene around 6:10 this morning. a few minutes later they were called to a second fatal accident a few hundred yards away from the first. >> there was another solo collision involving a motorcycle and a semi. the semi made an unsafe lane change into the motorcycle. the motorcycle lost control. the driver was was eject ed fro the motorcycle. >> reporter: he was pronounced dead at the scene. witnesses say the big rig initi initially pulled over and then drove off. >> one described it as a red semi and another as a yellow box truck with a railer. >> reporter: secondary accidents were discussed on the air this morning. >> we see this quite often. you have stand still traffic for so long, everyone is anxious to
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get moving again, people take off not paying attention and we get the secondary crashes, too. >> reporter: chp typically responds to secondary fender benders. this is the first time he's seen back-to-back fatal accidents on the same stretch of road. my photographer and i were driving by that second accident shortly after it happens and steve remembers seeing a yellow cab with a blue trailer. a couple conflicting reports what that semi truck looked like. if anyone saw something regarding that secondary accident, chp is asking for your help in tracking down that semitruck driver. in oakland, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. the highway patrol hopes to keep the fourth of july holiday safe by targeting dangerous driving behaviors across the bay area. abc 7 news rode along with a chp officer in san francisco. just a few minutes into our ride he stopped a driver getting on the bay bridge. that woman apparently drove over a painted divider. she claimed she was in a hurry. officers are keeping their eyes
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open for other problems as well. >> we're going to be concentrating a lot on the impaired drivers, distracted drivers, and people that are speeding and causing hazards on the freeway. >> speaking of hazards, you're looking at how chp officers slow traffic by zigzagging lanes. once traffic is stopped an officer can then get out of their car and move the item out of the way. >> a lot of people are hitting the road to celebrate the fourth, of course, and many will be heading to santa cruz. >> the beach and nice weather are popular draws. law enforcement is concerned about safety. >> abc 7 news report er live wih more on that. >> reporter: we are right at the main beach and it is packed with people enjoying themselves. that is why police changed the rules for the holiday. a lot of people had the same
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idea -- surf and sand. >> the sun's out, perfect hoholiday, fourth of july. it's just going to get better. >> reporter: traffic was thick in santa cruz with out-of-towners making their way to the main beach near the boardwalk. a peaceful setting now but at night -- this is what law enforcement worries about, fireworks are illegal in santa cruz and unincorporate d areas of the county but they're set off every year especialy at the beaches. >> they're so close and fireworks are unpredictable that the sparks fly and you don't know where they will fly so they could hit someone. it was very close to hitting a family when i was there.% >> i think it's fun to have your own fireworks instead of going and watching someone else's or paying to watch someone else's. >> reporter: did you bring any? >> no, we did not. >> reporter: police and fire departments and the sheriff's office are stepping up enforcement. some deputies will be hiding in the crowd looking for violators. >> there's no alcohol allowed on the beaches, but you can only imagine mix alcohol and fireworks what the potential
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hazard of that could be. it's something we want to prevent. >> reporter: fines in santa cruz are tripled for fireworks possession, public intoxication, and noise violations. if you're caught with fireworks it can cost you more than $1,000. a pretty hefty price for a few moments of fun. in santa cruz, abc 7 news. well, will we have clear skies for the fireworks over the fourth? >> that's a big question. spencer christian is here with the answer. conditions will look promising during the daytime tomorrow when we have bright, sunny skies just about everywhere. evening may be a different story. live doppler 7 and this is the picture now and it will look a lot like this tomorrow going into the late afternoon hours. fog building at the coastline. here's our fireworks forecast for tomorrow evening. as now we're seeing temperatures in the mid 50s to mid-60s. winds 5 to 20 miles an hour. widespread fog around the bay.
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this is how it will look by 9:30 tomorrow night as most fireworks displays are getting under way. mostly clear skies in the north bay. in the inland east bay a little patchy fog. so viewing conditions there should be pretty good. down in the south bay and certainly in and around san francisco it'll be quite foggy by 9:30 tomorrow evening, or at least that's how it looks now. temperatures at that hour tomorrow evening will range from 55 in santa rosa, 56 in san francisco to about 60 in oakland and low to mid-60s in liver of are more. redwood city and san jose. so, again, not a very promising picture for viewing conditions near the coast and bay. we'll update you as things change. dan? >> spencer, thanks very much. crews have stopped the forward progress of a small wildfire burning in fresno county. the so-called derek fire broke out in a secluded area shortly after 10:30 last night. no evacuations so far. the wildfire has burned more than 1,500 acres. it is at 20% containment. a strike team from almeida county is helping fire crews.
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the almeida county fire department tweeted these pictures as they left this morning from castro valley. including the fire in fresno county there are currently six active fires burning right now in california. the spring fire burning off highway 49 in mayor poe is a county has burned 225 acres and is just 15% contained. a los charges for fraud. authorities say he never gave tramts. aifeng su received payment for more than 60 phantom treatments. he's been charged with two counts of making false or fraudulent claims for insurance. the charges carry a maximum presideison sentence of six yea. wildlife advocates want the federal government to do more to protect wild horses across america, an issue the abc 7 news i-team has followed.
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abc 7 news was at market and post streets in san francisco today. that's where the group protect mustangs picketed outside the office of u.s. senator dianne feinstein. senator feinstein is on the committee overseeing the bureau of land management. protect mustangs accuses the agency of not helping them before rounding them up for slaughter. >> wild horses prevent wildfires. they inspire people and the politicians just are not listening. >> senator feinstein's office hasn't responded to claims made by protect mustangs. well, as of today it will cost you more to cross the golden gate bridge into san francisco. the toll went up 25 cents to $7.75 this morning. but you'll pay only $6.75 if you have fastrak. the bridge district says it needs the money to narrow a budget gap. another toll hike is scheduled for next year, by the way. the long wait is almost over for people who bought the newest
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tess. when the model 3 is expected to roll off the assembly line. >> saving seats, people planning early for tomorrow's patriotic parades. >> and those fireworks can be a blast but not always for pets. what you can do now to keep your pets safe through the holiday. >> reporter: i'm wayne freedman in vacaville. for most of us july 4th is independence dy. >> thanks, wayne. and a look at the san francisco skyway. the cars come at you trying to get on the bay bridge. as you can see not moving along too badly at all on this sparkling (woman) there's a moment of truth.etes, and now with victoza®, a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar
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animal shelters across the bay area are bracing for a number of lost pets to show up tomorrow and wednesday after they get scared by the noise of the fireworks. >> yeah, there are ways to help your dog or cat cope. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live in newark. david? >> reporter: ama and dan, the safe and sane fireworks sold by the nonprofit here and others are not necessarily the kind that tend to scare pets. it's the illegal ones that pack a bigger punch and make more explosive noise that do that. whatever the case there are some common sense tips you can employ to keep your furry friends from running scared. debbie rodriguez happens to operate this fireworks stand to benefit a community nonprofit that bears her late mother's name. it's her little dog luke she worries about tomorrow night. >> she's very frightened and shakes and there's nothing you can do unless you get something to calm them down because even holding them and trying to calm them down don't work. >> reporter: it's so bad debbie's vet prescribed a mild
4:15 pm
tranquilizer. there are other ways to keep your pet calm when fireworks noise scares them. >> the best thing is keep them inside even if your cat is indoor/outdoor or your dog is very familiar with your yard. the sounds that the fireworks create are just too much. so them inside if at all possible. >> reporter: the humane society he can inspects to see a dozen stray pets brought here because they followed their instink to run away from what frightens them. they could run for miles and it's not just dogs. >> cats, people sometimes don't know they're missing their indoor/outdoor cat for a few days because maybe it's not abnormal for them to not come home every night. >> reporter: pets with microchips stand the best chance of being reunited with their families as long as the contact information is up to date. another tip is to keep small er pets confined to a small interior room such as a bathroom to dampen the sound of the fireworks. they will be less likely to hurt themselves by trying to run
4:16 pm
around the house. kittens and young dogs may be susceptible to loud noises if they've never heard them before. in newark, david louie, abc 7 news. fire departments are repeating the warning that fireworks are illegal almost everywhere in the bay that includes fireworks designated safe and sane which means they don't explode or shoot into the air. the few cities that do allow them are dublin, newark, pacifica, san bruno, union city, clover dale, petaluma, rohme are r it t park. >> watching a hometown fourth of july parade is traditional. >> in the bay area where competition is fierce for spots of any kind from parking to preschool, the race is on to save that perfect spot. >> it's not easy. lawn chairs are for lounging until it's the fourth of july. then they're for saving spots on the parade route. many bay area cities are seeing a revival of this small town tradition including morgan hill,
4:17 pm
almeida, and danville. the 141st fourth of july. >> i marched in the parade as a kid. i want my family to enjoy it as much as we did growing up. >> also in danville the town encourages the use of chairs to mark spots versus chalk or tape which are not allowed. to preserve the look of downtown officials are asking people not to put out chairs until 6:00 p.m. tonight although you can see we found plenty of violators this afternoon. we asked for your thoughts on twitter. raiders for life nelson chang says leaving chairs months in advance equals rude. i don't believe they even do this for the rose bowl parade and that's a big deal. now whatever your opinion, whatever you're looking to do this fourth, we have a full list of parades, festivals and fireworks broken down by counties for you on >> it's not the just about fireworks and parades. there's big bucks being spent
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this fourth of july. according to wallet, 27.6% of those surveyed plan to buy patriotic merchandise for the fourth. more than $800 million will be spent on fireworks alone. more than $7 billion will be spent on food. and beer sales, well, that will be brisk. according to wallet hub, the fourth is america's number one beer drinking holiday. >> all right. so everyone wants to know what the weather is going to be like. can they see the fireworks. >> how hot is it going to be. spencer christian is here. >> if we could do daytime fireworks the viewing would be great. >> we should invent those. >> stay up late. >> a different story. let's get started here. a look at live doppler 7. mostly sunny skies. fog at the coast. this picture i'm showing you right now will be the p see at this time tomorrow as the fog begins its late afternoon push. right now have you seen a bluer sky than this one over the bay
4:19 pm
from this view from our rooftop camera. 61 degrees. oakland, 68. 74 at mountain view. low 80s in gilroy. 53 at half moon bay. you can see fog over at the coast and little fingers of fog reaching out locally over the bay right now. current temperature readings are in the upper 70s, mid to upper 70s, santa rosa and fair field. we have 82 at novato and on we go to a live view at the golden gate where it is quite foggy right now and these are our forecast features. low clouds and fog expanding overnight, mostly sunny and mild tomorrow, the fourth of july. warmer pattern develops later in the week. right now much focus is on the fog. so tonight fog reaching out over the bay and locally inland with overnight lows generally in the mid-50s and then tomorrow here's your 12-hour planner for the fourth of july. in the early morning hours we'll see bright sunshine but there will be foggy areas near the coast and the bay. midday, 2:00 p.m. down to the evening, the early evening hours, we'll see mainly sunny
4:20 pm
skies and even some sunshine at portions of the coastline. high temperatures inland will reach into the mid-80s tomorrow but going into the later evening hours we'll see an increase in fog near the bay and beaches and that, of course, could obscure viewing of fireworks displays. highs tomorrow will change from about 60 at the coast to low to mid-70s around the bay. mid-80s in many of our warmer inland areas. and let me take you down to fog conditions tomorrow evening about 10:00 or so going down the peninsula and into the south bay where at shoreline amphitheater a great fireworks display. it looks like mostly clear skies -- mostly sunny skies. but by 9:00 or so going into the later evening hours we'll see the low clouds increasing and it's really iffy right now what the viewing conditions will look like in the area. maybe we'll get lucky and see mainly clear skies.
4:21 pm
the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice temperatures drop off a little bit he is peespecially i inlapped areas on wednesday. just slightly cooler. and then it will be warmer inland again thursday. we'll see highs climbing into the low 90s inland. so a nice warm-up there but nothing extreme. upper 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. this is certainly not the heat wave but just a nice little warm-up. >> thanks, spencer. a rough moment after a big win at wimbledon for venus williams. >> i'm completely speechless and it's just -- >> venus williams ended an interview early after she was asked about that deadly crash back here in the u.s. and what would the fourth of july holiday be without gluttony? the first of the big eating competitions got under way today. we'll show you how it turned out. and a live look at our traffic in san jose looks about usual. 101 southbound is backed up. northbound looking good with t
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it was an emotional day at wimbledon for venus williams as she addressed the fatal crash she was involved in last month. >> there are no words to describe how devastating and and yeah, i am speechless. >> williams couldn't complete her thought after that pause and was overcome with emotion and as you see left the podium. the 37-year-old was driving through an intersection in florida on june 9th when her vehicle collided with another. a 78-year-old passenger in the other car died 13 days later. williams wasn't cited or charged but was ruled at fault and is being sued by the victim's family. her comments came after she won her first-round match. the duchess of cambridge made an appearance on the first day of wimbledon meeting with several former champions
4:25 pm
including martina navratilova. the duchess is the patron of the all-england tennis and croquet club which hosts the wimbledon tournament. well, america's fourth of july holiday got started with a chow down today. molly defended her title in the independence day burger eating championship held in washington, d.c. she devoured 21 burgers in ten minutes, that's a new record. the nebraska native and mother of four has won the competition twice before. a popular d.c. landmark, a favorite of former president bill clinton. of course the grand father of all eating contests is tomorrow. joey chestnut had will attempt to win the nathan's hot dog eating contest for record tenth time. here he is at the weigh-in today. we can show you. these are file pictures. chestnut ate his way to a dramatic victory by chowing down 70 hot dogs in ten minutes.
4:26 pm
this is video from 2015 when he actually lost the event. that's hard to watch, isn't it? if you can stomach it, the event will be shown live on espn2, our sister network, tomorrow morning at 9:00. >> 70? >> i lose my appetite. >> my goodness. we're learning more about a crash near boston's airport. >> it does not appear at this time to be any indication of an intentional act. >> what police say caused a cab driver to go out of control and slam into a group of people. plus, new jersey's governor is defending his use of a beach he had closed it to the public. why he says he was only keeping his word.
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and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. the chp is looking for a big rig that took off after hitting and killing a motorcyclist in san pablo. it was the second of two fatal accidents on the same stretch of road this morning. a woman was killed in the first accident. officers say she was hit when she got out of her car after she spun out. the father of the 5-year-old
4:30 pm
killed in in a concord crash shared heartbreaking memories of his son with abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow. he and a 10-year-old were killed in a hit-and-run accident. the driver has been arrested. new video shows iraqi forces retaking a hospital from isis in mosul. while president trump is still facing a backlash over his recent use of social media, he's also gearing up for a busy week overseas. the president will head to poland and then to the g-20 summit in germany. abc news is live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: there is a long list of world leaders who the presidnt is speaking with this week but one of the biggest meetings will be with russian president vladimir putin. in the midst of controversy over some of his tweets being, quote, beneath the office, president donald trump will soon be back on the world stage representing the united states making calls this morning to the leaders of
4:31 pm
fra france, italy, and chancellor merkel. chancellor merkel was asked about the president's latest move sparking backlash. the video showing him body slamming a man with cnn's logo imposed over his face. in german saying, quote, concerning the american president donald trump, i continue to be against violent demonstrations of any kind. remembers preparing for the upcoming group of 20 summit in hamburg, germany. while there, president trump is set to meet face -to-face with russian president vladimir putin. as russia's hacking of democrats in the election continues to dominate news in washington and has repeatedly been labelled a hoax by trump, it remains to be seen what the two leaders will discuss. >> i would say if there's an opportunity the president would recognize that we have an extremely low point relationship based on distrust right now. >> reporter: the last time trump met with russian officials was the day after he fired former fbi director james comey.
4:32 pm
laughing in the oval office while the american press were kept out. tom bossert, the white house homeland security and counterterrorism adviser. >> he should take opportunities to partner with them in ways that helps us defeat isis and prevent the syrians from using chemical weapons. >> reporter: the president will deal with a number of issues including european security, climate change and trade deals all while still battling the bipartisan backlash over his use of twitter back here at home. ama? >> this morning the president was back on twitter taking aim at the media again. >> reporter: right. a tweet saying something along the lines of at some point the fake media will have to address the great jobs numbers. success with isis and so much more. so despite a very busy week ahead, so much going on that he will have to do talking with world leaders, the president still talking about the media on twitter. back to you. >> so much for that report. new jersey governor chris christie meantime is defending
4:33 pm
his use of a beach he had closed to the public because of a government shutdown. outrage continues a day after pictures turned up of christie and his family relaxing at the governor's official retreat in island beach state park. the embattled governor shut down all nonessential state services including state-run beaches when the new jersey legislature failed to reach a budget deal by the july 1st deadline. residents are not happy. >> you can go to the beach and regular people can't? unreal. >> i mean he's he going to go out with this kind of bang now. it's a fourth of july holiday. we went through a rough winter. people want to enjoy themselves. >> christie who leaves office in six months is defending his use of a beach saying he had previously announced his vacation plans and the media had simply, quote, caught a politician keeping his word. ten people were injured after a taxi jumped the curb near logan international airport in boston. the 56-year-old driver hit a group of cab drivers sitting at a break area. one person was seriously
4:34 pm
injured. police say the crash was operator error and the driver stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake. the driver is cooperating with police. and we are learning more about a road rage incident in pennsylvania that left an 18-year-old woman dead. the chester county district attorney is calling the crime a, quote, savage, senseless, and brutal act. tonight the suspect is charged with murder and reckless endangerment. 28-year-old david desper turned himself in to police yesterday. the d.a. says the driver of the red pickup truck in this surveillance photo trying to merge into the same lane as the sedan on his right. >> somebody didn't want her to merge into a lane of traffic, and because of that a young woman is dead today. >> police say desper shot the other driver in the head and sped away. it happened last wednesday. the victim, bianca roberson, is a recent high school graduate about to start her freshman year at jacksonville university in florida. german authorities are still unsure what caused a bus crash
4:35 pm
that killed 19 senior citizens. police say the bus was carrying a tour group when it crashed in a tractor-trailer and burst into flames. another 30 people were injured. the crash happened in stop and go traffic caused by construction along the main highway linking bavaria and berlin. forensic specialists are being called in to remove and identify the bodies. a big scare in the air. this weekend a united flight made an emergency landing after the engine caught on fire. it's just the latest plane incident in what has been a dangerous and scary weekend for flying. here's abc news. >> reporter: passengers told to evacuate this united express flight as flames flew out of the jet sunday. >> people were urging others to move more quickly, keep moving. >> reporter: the flight operated by sky west from aspen had just landed in denver when that engine caught fire. five dozen passengers forced onto the tarmac as firefighters rush in. and just last week another scare
4:36 pm
in the air. this time on an air asia flight going from australia to kuala lumpur. passengers prepared for the worst. >> we thought there was a good chance we were going to go down. >> even the pilot issued an ominous warning. >> and also please listen to everything. our survival dehe penned on your cooperating. >> reporter: 90 minutes in the pilot forced to turn back. this weekend smaller plane crashes across the u.s., some deadly. >> this is the most bodies i've seen at one time. >> reporter: investigators in wisconsin trying to figure out what caused a cessna 421 to go down saturday mornin killing six people heading to canada for a fishing trip. in georgia, debris spreading for half a mile after a small plane crashed there killing four members of one family. and in california miraculously only injuries reported when a twin engine cessna plummets from
4:37 pm
the sky crashing on the 405 freeway. and today investigators are still looking into what caused all of those situations. the long wait is almost over, but if you haven't already bought that tesla 3 it could be years before you get your car. a family targeted simply because they're from california. >> reporter: i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. post them with the #askfinney and i'll answer them here in a little bit. i'm spencer christian. the 3rd of july looks like it will end on a foggy note. what about the f
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. listen to this, the disdain pacific northwest residents have for california transplants. certainly some of them is nothing new. someone took that frustration to another level. preston page woke to this yesterday, messages such as go back to california spray painted across the front of their house and their car. the car was also keyed. page and his fiance moved to portland from southern california four months ago. he says they've been treated well until now. >> other than this little instance, the city is great, the community is great. it's just unfortunate when you have people who are frustrated this is how they express it. >> neighbors say they're just dismayed by this. page has a hunch who did it.
4:41 pm
he exchanged words with a man he says was racing down his street saturday. the man told him to go back to california. here's one of the main reasons some people in the northwest are unhappy with those of us californians. the s&p case-shiller home price index finds home prices in seattle in the month of march rose 12.3% year over year. portland came in second at 9.2%. californians moving north are blamed for some of that increase. nationally prices rose 5.8% in march. >> the last surviving member of general jimmy zoolittle's world war ii team received a surprise call over the weekend. president trump called 101-year-old dick cole of comfort, texas, to thank him for his service ahead of independence day. president trump wished cole a full recovery following a recent fall. cole served as co-pilot of the
4:42 pm
lead b-25 bomber during the 1945 raid on tokyo. the air force took these photos in april in an event honoring cole. let's revisit this weather on the 3rd of july. fog at the coast and reaching out over the bay already. tonight the on the red sox. let's hope somebody can create some excitement. check it out. game time at 6:05. it will be mainly sunny with a few clouds around. a few more clouds under cooler conditions later in the evening as the fireworks get under way. highs tomorrow will range from near 60 it at the coast to low to mid-70s at the bay. the warmest inland locations and our beach forecast calls for gray skies in the morning. some sun in the afternoon.
4:43 pm
sea breezes and temperatures mainly around 60 degrees. as i said breezy. here is the accuweather seve seven-day forecast. a little bit of a cooldown on wednesday. not much, just by a couple degrees. temperatures bounce back on thursday and as we get to the end of the week and the weekend inland highs right around or just above 90 degrees. so a very nice warm-up is coming our way. >> thanks, spencer. future tesla owners get excited. the newest models are almost ready for delivery. if you haven't already put down your money you're in for a very long wait. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. once you get a new car, what can you do if your license plates don't
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. long wait is over, about over for people wanting to get it behind the wheel of tesla's new model 3 sedan. the first cars will start rolling off the assembly line on friday. matt keller has details. >> reporter: it's being called the it tesla car for the masses.
4:47 pm
the first model 3 is about to roll off the assembly line. >> i would love to have one. >> reporter: ceo elon musk, model 3 passed all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule. expecting to complete sn1 or friday, serial number 1. last year hundreds and hundreds of people all across the bay area stood in long lines to put $1,000 down for a reservation. musk says it tesla will soon deliver. the handover party for the first 30 model 3s is scheduled for july 28th. august should be 100 cars. september, 1,500. and by december 20,000 cars per month. why such a high demand? tesla's model s starts around $70,000. the model 3 is about half the price starting at $35. and that's not including a $7,500 federal electric car tax credit. a five-person sedan will be able
4:48 pm
to get 215 miles per charge and go from 0 to 60 in under 6 second. >> i think that's great. it's progress. it's mass produced automobile. it's the henry ford vision with an electric twist to it. >> reporter: reservations for model 3s are being taken online. i talked to a tesla employee here and he told me if you order now it's likely you won't get your car delivered for at least a year and a half to two years. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. and about an hour ago it tesla ceo elon musk said to thank all no took a risk on a new car company. we won't forget. samsung is launching a new phone made from recalled galaxy note 7s. the refurbished, less expensive phone will be available in south korea later this week. it won't be sold in the u.s. the company is renaming it the fe short for fan edition. samsung was forced to recall
4:49 pm
galaxy note 7s after a number of devices exploded. the fe has lower capacity batteries and went through extensive testing. okay. time now for ask finney. 7 on your side's michael finney answering questions sent to him by facebook, twitter, and e-mail. asked on twitter, what should i do if i don't get my license plates in the mail? okay. if you've ever received your license plate within eight weeks of submitting an application, call the dmv. 800-777- 800-777-0133. now once they verify they have actually issued the plates, well, they'll get to work getting you replacement. now there will be no charge since the original plates were mailed but you do and you did not get them. you kind of have to go through a few hoops here but they'll get you them. it's not an abnormal thing. >> my mother is 92 years old and is living on social security. she has a few charge cards and
4:50 pm
is racking up some debt. my question is after she passeses does her credit card debt just go away? >> wouldn't that be nice? no way. the money is owed and it will come out of her estate. before you inherit money or property there's a good chance credit card companies will get in line first and they get their money. you will receive only what remains. now if there isn't any mon y or property available when the credit card companies come looking for it, well, they are out of luck. >> interesting are. richard from almeida asked, i want to find out more about when the best time to buy airline tickets is.da asked, i want to find out more about when the best time to buy airline tickets is. >> the latest, best practice. for best prices buy airline tickets at noon pacific time on tuesday and wednesdays and purchase your tickets between 45 and 60 days in advance of your trip. you buy them too early you'll
4:51 pm
pay a lot more. also, here is what i like to do. like to use apps hop to find cheap flights. you tell them where and when you want to go. they notify you when the prices drop. it works but you really have to act fast. when they tell you the price drops, you have to jump on it right then and then you'll get the deal. now if you have a question for me you can record a 10 to 15 second long question, share it on social media using #a#ask using #askfinney, and we'll answer it right here on abc 7 news. >> very good. thanks, michael, so much. san francisco students will no longer get to enjoy a popular chocolate treat. the san francisco unified school district will no longer serve chocolate milk at lunch in elementary and middle schools. the concern, too much sugar. the ban was tested at five schools. most students were fine steering clear of chocolate milk at lunch. abc 7 news was on campus with biologists and birdwatchers.
4:52 pm
a family of falcons with two chicks ready to take their first flight anytime now are there. you can see one bobbing her head a little bit there. and down below a small army ready to help if needed. >> they fly very well. they land very poorly. >> if the falcons go to the ground that's the critical issue. if they hit the ground, we want to be there to pick them up again and take them back to the tower if necessary to give them a second chaps. >> you can't get close to chicks, so you'll need binoculars. today uc announced the winners of a naming contest. the falcon chicks are now fiat and lux. in latin that is let there be light. a newborn dolphin is making a splash in the kun interest try of georgia. local media outlets say dana the dolphin gave birth over the weekend. officials at the dolphin-arium was presented. she circles around the pool. officials say the baby is happy
4:53 pm
and in good health. she's the sixth dolphin born at this facility in the past two years. well, it is independence day already for thousands of -- >> all animals people see as food, we see as creatures. >> the fowl freed from certain death. and christian with what's coming up at 5:00. >> sorry wasn't good enough. a tech investor resigns over claims of sexual harassment. and sentencing day in it oakland, a man convicted in a gun battle that killed a young mother finds out his fate. plus, what the feds are doing about new transit lanes in san francisco. and the cow rescued by firefighters. those stories and more when i join dan for abc 7 news at 5:00.
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
coming up tonight on abc 7, at 8:00 it's the bachelorette followed by battle of the network stars at 10:00. and then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11 clo:00.
4:57 pm
in vacaville a most unusual delivery, chickens. van after van of them. chickens that spent all of their lives producing eggs for your breakfast are among the most fortunate in the world. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> reporter: here's a new one a variation on the question of why did the chicken cross the road. though in this case with a twist, more like why did cage after cage of hens travel from southern california to vacaville last night? the answer, to stay away from the other side. >> leave and don't look back. just remember just look at the ones you saved. >> reporter: these 2,000 egg laying hens had begun to produce less and scheduled for depopulation as the industry calls it in the next two days. then these volunteers from a nonprofit called animal place rolled down to southern california and are rescued them. >> well, we rescue all farm animals. all animals people see as food
4:58 pm
we see as essential creatures. >> reporter: in seven years they've saved 25,000 hens, rehabilitated them and then adopted them out. this morning from one cage after another volunteers set them free. the birds began tentatively but not for long. so now for the first time in their lives these chickens will get used to the concept of living life outside their cages. >> they can't scratch. they can't feel the ground. they can't raise their wings. they're not birds. and then you watch them be free and then you watch how quickly they all of a sudden sit there and go, what's this? >> reporter: call it the first day of the rest of their lives, independence day for hens, or in this case on a july 3rd. from vacaville wayne freedman, abc 7 news. [ inaudible ] breaking news with where you live.
4:59 pm
thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. and all she's doing is taking her kids into her house when she realizes something is happening. >> sentencing day in the death of a young mother. the defendant's emotional comments to the woman's family. >> a silicon valley tech leader quits after admitting he was a creep. and making a list and checking everything twice. so far so good for tomorrow's fireworks extravaganza in san francisco. >> you do what you can. you plug everything in and sit back, boy, i sure hope it all works. a small amount of closure tonight for the family of an observing woman. one man is sentenced in the gun battle that claimed her life. chyemil pierce was just 30 when she was gunned down near her home in 2015. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm chrkristen sze.
5:00 pm
an oakland man has been sentenced to prison for his role in the murder of a young mother killed trying to shield her kids during a gunfight. >> the man sentenced today is just one of eight people initially arreste in the case. laura anthony has the story. this is a lose-lose situation for everybody. >> reporter: for one west oakland family it's just another difficult chapter in a nightmare that began when they lost ch chyemil pierce, a young mother trying to shield her children from a hail of bullets. >> the neighborhood she grew up in, where you should feel the most safe, right, and all she's doing is taking her kids into her house when she realizes something is happening. >> reporter: in march 2015 the 3-year-old pierce was near her west oakland home with two of her three children when a gun battle broke out between two groups of men. pierce died trying to shield her kids. 32-year-old jerry harbin is the fourth man sentenced. he


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