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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 3, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: a lot of people are here at the main beach. they came up saturday and ended up staying for the whole holiday weekend. well, with all the extra people, then you add some alcohol and then fireworks, police are on alert. a lot of people had the same idea -- surf and sand. >> the sun's out, perfect holiday, fourth of july. it's just going to get better. >> reporter: traffic was thick in santa cruz, with out of towners making their way to the main beach. a relatively peaceful setting now, but check out what the beaches look like at night. this is youtube video of fireworks being set off at sea bright beach. they're illegal in santa cruz and unincorporated areas of the county. >> the sparks fly and you don't know where they'll fly. it was very close to hitting a family when i was there. >> it's always fun to have your own fireworks instead of going and watching someone else's.
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>> reporter: did you bring any? >> no, we did not. >> reporter: law enforcement knows how dangerous it can get. >> folks who launch illegal fireworks, you just think that if something were to happen, that firework tips over, it can go right into a crowd and you have a lot of people and it's a bad situation. >> reporter: the police and fire department are stepping up enforcement. some deputies will be hiding in the crowd looking for violators. >> no alcohol on the beaches, but you can only imagine, you mix alcohol and fireworks what the potential hazard of that could be. >> reporter: for the holidays, fines in santa cruz are triple for fireworks violations and public intoxication. if you're caught with fireworks, it can cost you more than $1,000. >> fire departments are repeating the warning that fireworks are illegal almost everywhere in the bay area. that includes fireworks
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designated safe and sane. the few cities that do allow safe and sane include -- all systems are go for the biggest july fourth firework shows in the bay area. last-minute preparations are happening now to guarantee a show that will dazzle those that come out to see them. cornell bernard is live in san francisco. cornell? >> reporter: dan, the countdown is on. the fireworks in san francisco, check it out. just a few short hours tomorrow morning, these barges will be moved down to fisherman's wharf and aquatic park. those firework shows on deck are ready for blastoff. >> it larges up in the air 600 feet
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one of the biggest spectacles on the west coast. >> usually all systems go, but in the back of your mind, did i do everything i needed to do to make this wonderful for everybody, and we generally walk away and say yeah, we did. >> reporter: jeff thomas says the computer synchronized show will dazzle the crowd. that is unless an uninvited guest shows up, like last year. >> everybody asks about the fog and that is certainly -- we're in san francisco, so we know it could be here. so we try to get that variety of altitude. >> reporter: fog or no fog, the show must go on. >> it is nice to be here on the fourth of july. >> reporter: we've had lots of tourists who came to san francisco for the scenery and the fireworks. >> last year, they got fogged out. but i'm very optimistic tomorrow night is going to be a clear night and everybody can enjoy the show. >> reporter: this year, police say there's a no tolerance policy for illegal fireworks,
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even the safe and sane type. >> the sparklers can burn up to 1800 degrees. that's going to burn anyone from a small child to an adult. >> reporter: leave the fireworks to the pros. the sky show starts at 9:30 mcca july fourth. >> for a complete list of event where is you live, go to and a live look outside at the holiday weather. on the left is mt. tam. the middle emeriville, and the right is our studio in san francisco. spencer christian is here with a look at what we can expect tomorrow. >> that's how it looks now. let me give you a look at tomorrow evening. our fireworks forecast calls for temperatures ranging from mid 50s to mid 60s. winds will be brisk and breezy. areas of fog around the bay. the projection inland areas, we'll have good viewing conditions for the fireworks, maybe a patch or two of fog.
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but near the bay and the coast, much foggier, and that means fireworks display here in san francisco might not provide the best viewing conditions, but we're hoping for the marine layer to be a skinnier one. >> thanks a lot. a grass fire burned near a home in sonoma county this afternoon. the fire started about 3:30. the winds pushed flames toward a home near petaluma. firefighters got things under control before it could do any damage. san francisco courts are going to close early and staff will go without pay to close a budget deficit of more than $5 million. staff will take one friday per month without pay. the court expects this arrangement to start in september and last until next june. today an oakland man was sentenced for his role for the murder of a young mother who you see here, who was trying to shield her kids during a gun
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battle. she was just 30 when she was shot and killed near her home in march of 2015. the man sentenced today, jerry ha harbin is one of eight arrested in the case. laura anthony has the story. >> they've been to court almost every single day to support shamille. >> reporter: for one family, it's another difficult chapter in their life when they lost shamille in a gun battle. >> this is a lose-lose situation for everybody, particularly for the pierce family. in essence, we have a mother who is doing everything she can do protect her kids. >> reporter: in march 2015, the 30-year-old pierce was near her home with two of her three children when a gun battle broke out between two groups of men. pierce died trying to shield her kids. 32-year-old jerry harbin becomes the fourth sentenced in her death. he pleaded no contest to
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voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to 13 years in prison. at the sentencing, the prosecutor read a statement from pierce's sisters -- >> reporter: later, the defendant harbin turned and spoke directly to the victim's family. "i apologize for everything that happened. if you all hate me, i understand. but i love you all, and i hope you can find some peace." >> it was only by the grace of god more people didn't die. i think mr. harbin realizes that and is truly happened. >> reporter: three other men have been convicted, two more, including a juvenile, have yet to stand trial. in oakland, laura anthony, "abc7 news." back-to-back deadly crashes along the same stretch of i-80 brought traffic to a stand still
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this morning. in the first crash, 25-year-old lynn tran, of richmond, spun out and came to a spot facing the wrong direction. another car hit her as she was getting out of her car and she was killed. minutes later, the chp was called to a second fatal accident a few hundred yards away. >> there was another solo collision involving a motorcycle and a semi. the semi made a lane change into the motorcycle and he lost control. >> the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. we've just been told by the chp that the truck driver has been located, thanks to the help of the public. he's said to be cooperating with the investigation. we are hearing tonight from the family of two little boys killed in a concord car crash friday night. the 3-month-old is still fighting for his life in the hospital. melanie woodrow explains the
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suspected driver who caused the crash was released on bail the day before it happened. >> reporter: his father is holding on to these memories, home videos of him on christmas. >> hold it next to you. let's see. >> reporter: here being a little boy. and recently as a tiny graduate with a giant smile. >> my son is going to be down in the ground. and that ain't right. >> reporter: 5-year-old vincent and 10-year-old lor renza reyes died in a crash friday night. the 3-month-old and the children's mother were injured in the crash. >> she lost two kids. and the baby, i don't know the condition. things need to change at some point. >> reporter: according to the chp, the suspected driver,
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35-year-old wilson, drove across the median into the reyes' vehicle, then ran from the crash scene. saturday, wilson's wife told "abc7 news" he turned himself in at a hospital. >> me and my husband send our condolences and our prayers out to the family. >> reporter: a spokesperson says wilson had posted bail the day before the crash on charges related to terrorist threats. his bail was lowered by a judge from $100,000 to $10,000. >> things have to change. i mean, this should never happen to me, to her. it shouldn't happen to anybody. >> reporter: wilson is facing several charges, including vehicular homicide, hit and run, and driving on a suspended or revoked driver's license. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." berkeley police think 30 cases of vandalism are all connected because they happened in the same area around the same time. this picture is just one example
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of what people found on their vehicles. more than a dozen cars and gates were vandalized with spray paint tuesday night. another 17 cars had tires slashed on prospect street about a block away. police hope someone saw what happened. there are a lot of restrictions on fireworks in the bay area. some people still, though, ignore those rules. >> next, another reason why you should leave the fireworks to the professionals. a man pays in full for a roof top solar. why home owners can be forced to pay twice. i'm wayne freedman. for most of us, july fourth is independence day.
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so why did these chickens travel along the road? to stay away from the other side. today they arrived at an an ral sanctuary in vacaville. >> reporter: if at this moment he appears to be loneliest rooster on the planet, he's about to become the happiest. here's why. this caravan from southern california, carrying the kind of company that would make any rooster crow. on board, 2,000 hens from a commercial egg farm in southern california. they had served their purpose and scheduled for depopulation, as the industry describes it. then these volunteers from animal place drove roughly 800 miles round trip and saved their lives. >> we rescue farm animals. so animals see as food, we see
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as senseient creatures. >> reporter: in seven years, they've saved 25,000 hens, rehabilitated them and adopted them out. other animals, too. you might call this place vegans in action. >> you can't kill something that wants to live. i watched plenty of inhumane slaughters. >> reporter: this morning, volunteers opened one cage after another and set them free. the birds began tentatively, but not for long. so now for the first time in their lives, these ching also get used to the concept of living life outside their cages. >> they can't scratch or feel the ground, they can't raise their wings. they're not birds. and then you watch them be free and you watch how quickly all of us sit there and go, what's this? >> reporter: call it the first day of the rest of their lives. independence day for hens, on a july 3 ird. wayne freedman, "abc7 news."
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wildlife activists demanded action to save wild horses they believe are being endangered by the actions of the trump administration. "abc7 news" was outside the san francisco office of senator dianne feinstein where a protest organized by the group protect mustangs. the "abc7 news" i-team has focused on the federal government's treatment of wild horses in the west. activists fear rounding them up and selling them for meat could threaten their presence in the united states. >> people are outraged. people want to know what the head count is. there's no accurate head count of what we have left. yet everyone is running around saying they should be shau slaughtered. >> senator feinstein is overseeing the management of wild horses.% her office did not comment. watching a hometown fourth of july parade is a tradition across america, but in the bay area, where competition is fierce for spots of any kind,
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from parking to free school, one spot-saving technique is becoming more popular. kristen sze is here with the story. >> reporter: lawn chairs are for lounging, unless it's the fourth of july. then they're for saving parade spots. many cities are seeing a revival of this tradition, including morgan hill, alameda, and danville. in morgan hill, where they're celebrating, chairs started popping up in may. you see them roped together on peak avenue. >> why do people put the chairs out so early? >> they want to get a prime spot. they love it. we love them. >> in danville, the town encourages using chairs to mark spots opposed to chalk which is banned. we asked for your thoughts, i think a person staking out a spot early on in the morning of the parade is fine. but just a chair several days in
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advance is rude. now, you're not allowed to put out your chairs until midnight, july fourth. >> thank you, kristen. air quality can go from bad to worse during the fourth of july. blame it on barbecues and fireworks, especially ones set off by people who aren't the professionals. >> when you add personal fireworks to the mix, we see typically on fourth of july a huge spike in particlant four to five times higher than the national health standards. >> if you have breathing issues, keep your winws closed at night, because that's when all the matter from the firework also be settling. there are no spare the air alerts in effect for today or tomorrow. >> spencer keeps track of that sort of thing and whether we'll be able to see the fireworks and whether the evening barbecues
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will work out. >> most places the weather will be cooperative. many fireworks displays around the bay area tomorrow evening. one will be at the shoreline am fi theater in mounty view. mostly clear, the temperature near 70 degrees in the early evening hours, dropping into the mid 60s as you get into the later evening hoarurs. so pretty good viewing conditions there. maybe a couple of patchy low clouds. that should be about it. as you can see, more than patchy low clouds a t the coastline right now. in fact, spilling rather forcefully out over the bay. it's 58 degrees right now in san francisco. 65 across the bay. in oakland, we have low to mid 70s. 53 at half moon bay. this is how the fog looks looking down on the marine layer as it advances through the
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golden gate. 72 right now in napa. 70 in santa rosa. 73 at fairfield. 82 at livermore. here's a view, sort of, looking to sutro tower, lots of low clouds there. mostly sunny and mild conditions for the daytime hours tomorrow. overnight, as the fog pushes out over the bay and locally inland, low temperatures dropping down to about the mid 50s in most locations. and as we look at our day planner for the fourth of july tomorrow in the early morning hours, most areas see a little fog in the early morning, especially near the bay and coast. early afternoon to evening, mainly sunny skies, especially over the bay and inland. even at the coast, nice, bright, sunny flashes. but the marine layer will start to develop and expand in the early evening hours. looks for lots of low clouds and
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fog. highs tomorrow, range from about 60 at the coastline. so a little cool at some of the beaches to about mid to low -- low to mid rather 70s near the bay. and inland we'll warm up to mid 80s in the warmest spots. here's a little forecast animation showing the fog tomorrow evening. fireworks getting under way in the bay area. lots of fog near san francisco, but as you shift southward just a bit down towards the peninsula, you can see it will be mainly clear. so good conditions away from the coast and the bay for fireworks. should be pretty good tomorrow weather. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures drop on wednesday, not much of a cooldown. a nice warmup going into the weekend by saturday and sunday, inland highs in the low 90s. low 60s on the coast. speaking of the coast once again tomorrow, most of the beaches have some sunshine, temperatures around 62 degrees.
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santa cruz will be the mildest of the beach locations with a high around 70 degrees. >> thanks, spencer. coming up next, it's a new kind of bike rack. >> the creators say so far it's invincible against these. has crazy low prices. do you know how we do it? - how? - bargainomics! say, if california has a bumper crop and produces too many oranges. or a winemaker in sonoma suddenly has 1000 bottles too many. we've got name-brand, top-quality groceries
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. a delivery date for the newest tesla model, the ceo announced that the first model
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three cars will roll off the assembly line this friday. last year, hundreds of people across the bay area stood in long lines to put $1,000 down for a reservation. the starting price of $35,000, the model three sedan is about half the price of the s sedan. well, look at that. macy's set off fireworks as part of the closing bell. the stock market was open for only half a day on trading today and will close all day tomorrow. the dow reached a record high during the trading day, but fell shy of setting a record close by ending at 21,479. the nasdaq lost 30 points, the s&p up by five. bike theft is a well organized business in the bay area. now b.a.r.t. is hoping to make it safer for riders who need to park their bikes. there is a pilot program featuring zero theft bike racks. it's free, and unlocks with your
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kr clipper card. the results have been impressive. >> very high security. there's no bike ever stolen from our racks. it has a built-in lock, so you don't need a cable lock. >> b.a.r.t. says the racks will complement the bike locks at some stations. the next phase is a solar powered bike key rack. there's a beach battle brewing on the east coast. new jersey state beaches are shut down, so why did the governor and his family still get to sit on the sand? in this instance, the city is great, the community is great. >> great except for the graffiti that specifically targeted this couple from california. new at 6:00,
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get out and move back. just some of the messages a california couple found spray painted across their home and car after moving to oregon. the couple recently located to
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portland from southern california. >> they think they know who did this. >> first thing i noticed was the get california out of portland. >> reporter: preston page noticed this on his front door. >> i had to take a double take. >> reporter: then he noticed more. move back. >> california dreaming on the side. >> reporter: his fiance's car covered in gold paint. >> california surf's up. >> reporter: all of it anti-california. >> i feel like they went and saw "point break" or listened to a beach boy album and took a few key statements and threw it on the house and car. >> reporter: they spent thousands repvethousand s renovating their home. and now it's covered in graff i graffiti. >> loud message not wanting californians in the neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors are flabbergasted. >> i couldn't believe somebody would do something like this.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: page has a hunch who did this. he got into an argument with a ran macing down his street. >> his comment was, get out of california. >> reporter: he thinks that man came back overnight. understandably, page feels threatened. but there's a balance. >> at the end of the day, you can't get upset at every mad person. that's why we pay for insurance. >> reporter: he understands some may feel pushed out because transplants have moved in. but he says this is not the way to share that. >> other than this little instance, the city is great, the community is great. so it's just unfortunate when you have people who are frustrated that this is how they express it. >> that is keaton thomas reporting. the median home value in portland is about $418,000. the couple in the story moved from southern california in los angeles. the median home price is about $630,000. here in the bay area, san francisco's median home value is nearly $1.2 million.
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$417,000 in port land, oregon. good news for drivers. the average price of gas has reached its lowest point in a year. the national average is $2.23 a gallon according to aaa. south carolina drivers pay the least for gas, just $1.90. here in california, our statewide average is among the most expensive in the country. that's $2.94. here's a look at how prices vary within the state. san francisco drivers pay $3.11 a gallon. it's $2.92 in los angeles. aaa says the cheapest places to get gas in california are modesto, yuba city and chico. the average for each saturday 2.78 per gallon. new details in the crash that injured ten police are calling it operator
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error. the driver stepped on the gas instead of the brake. the 56-year-old hit a group of cab drivers sitting in a break area. >> cab drivers are being cooperative with us. it does not appear at this time to be any indication of an intentional accused, but more just a tragic accident. >> one person was seriously injured. three suffered less serious but significant injuries. in new jersey, during this extended fourth of july holiday weekend, government offices are shut down, as are state parks and beaches due to ongoing budget battles. but those closed signs apparently don't amy to the governor of new jersey. >> reporter: new hampshijersey r chris christie taking heat, after these pictures emerged of him and his family on a beach closed to the family. >> it's like, you can go to the beach and regular people can't? unreal. >> i was not happy. i got a 6-year-old that's off
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for school for the summer and she likes going to the beach. she can't go today. >> reporter: island beach state park is among the state beaches and parks shut down over the holiday weekend, following a budget standoff between lawmakers and governor chris christie. >> i mean, jesus christ, he's going to go out with this kind of a bang now? this is fourth of july holiday. people want to enjoy themselves. >> there's no one on island beach state park. there's no lifeguards new york one is providing any services there. >> reporter: the governor, heading into his final six months in office with his approval rating around 15%, isn't backing down. explaining the beach house where he stayed is state owned and separate from the park. but his lieutenant governor, wanting to succeed him in november, is calling it beyond words tweeting, if i were governor, i wouldn't be sitting on the beach if taxpayers didn't have access to the state beaches. and governor chris christie
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maintains this was a preannounced planned vacation at a state owned property and he says the media caught a politician keeping his word. senator harris says the message from californians is loud and clear -- don't take away our health insurance. harris is traveling the state talking with people who depend on the affordable health care act. this afternoon, she toured the institute of aging -- on aging in san francisco where senior citizens told her about critical medical services the government helps them afford. the congressional budget office says 22 million americans would lose medical coverage in the republican health insurance bill passes. >> it's just wrong. hearing the stories today from people who want to live with dignity, who want to work hard, but they also want to take care of themselves. they want to be able to afford to pay for their asthma medication and also keep their home.
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>> this morning, harris was at a medical center in southern california where hundreds of activists urged her to keep fighting to improve health care benefits. harris and senator dianne feinstein will have -- have introduced a bill to expand the affordable care act and make it more affordable. the university of california has named a student advise tore the regents to provide the board with more input. this is in addition to the student regent position, currently held by uc berkeley law student. the new student regent next year will be devin, a ucla doctoral student. and the first student adviser will come from ucla, raphael sam's. unlike the student regent, the adviser can't vote on matters. however, the adviser can attend board sessions and offer input to committees as they make decisions. homeowner paid a contractor to install solar panels on his roof. sounds simple, right? >> when reality turned out to be not so simple, he turned to 7 on
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your side to avoid having a lien put on his house. and why landing this capsule back
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no liftoff for the falcon nine rocket today. spacex stopped the launch sten seconds before the takeoff. this is the second day in a row spacex has had to cancel. it delayed the launch earlier today because of the weather. spacex will try again tomorrow. the rocket will carry a satellite into orbit. while the falcon couldn't launch, spacex did make history with its dragon capsule. it's the first reusable cargo capsule to travel between earth and the international space station. it was successfully landed after its second mission this morning. it landed in the pacific ocean, carrying with it samples from experiments in space. happening now, the independence eve celebration in richmond is getting under way. jonathan bloom tweeted these pictures. abc 7 is proud sponsor of the fourth of july fireworks
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spectacular with the san francisco sim ymphony. tickets are still available. for a complete list of fourth of july events, go to here's a question -- will fog and clouds block your view of fireworks for the fourth of july? >> spencer will have the answer and the f
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at enterprise car experience great customer service and get more for your trade. june twenty-ninth through july fifth. and let enterprise car sales flip your thinking about buying your next vehicle.
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breaking news at 6:00. the mother of two boys killed in a hit and run just spoke with us in oakland. her 3-month-old is recovering after that wreck. the crash on highway 4 killed the woman's 5-year-old and 10-year-old sons friday night. police say 35-year-old emuel wilson, jr., was the driver and he tried to run from the scene of the crash. tonight, the mother said the suspect should not have been released on bail. >> no person should go through this, and letting him out on bail just opens up the chance of him doing it again. >> "abc7 news" has learned the
6:45 pm
suspect has just been released on bail the night before the wreck on charges in a crime that took place in pleasanton. if you're doing major construction on your home, your contractor is probably hiring subcontractors. >> sometimes that can be risky for a homeowner. michael finney is here to explain exactly why we have to be careful. >> we have talked about this over the years. often, and usually when you pay a contractor, you pay for all the work on the project. but what if the contractor doesn't pay all the subcontractors and material suppliers? you may be surprised to find out it's you on the hook. the last time we saw lou, he was upset about his roof top solar system. >> i said, this is totally wrong. >> reporter: he said his system was producing bleless electriciy than promised. he came to 7 on your side, and
6:46 pm
they upgraded the part that converts sunlight into electricity and it produced more. but that wasn't the end. >> so now the company has gone bankrupt. >> reporter: the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, which affected him directly. >> they're asking me for $4,000. >> reporter: it turns out the subcontractor was never paid. even though it was included in his contract. now, citadel was coming off lou for that money. >> $4,000 is not paid, they said they will take the legal resource. >> it's called mechanics liens. those laws have been in place well over 100 years. >> reporter: the contractor's state license board says homeowners are often taken by surprise when a subcontractor slaps a lien on their property. >> the contractor has the right to be paid. and they have the ability to file a lien on the property if they don't get paid for the
6:47 pm
work. >> reporter: with the company in bankruptcy, he said he had little hope to get his money back. >> now i'm feelieelineelineeli g company that doesn't hire subcontractors. >> you need to do your due diligence. >> reporter: homeowners can pay subcontractors directly to protect themselves. sungevity did not respond to our ka calls, but citadel has now reached a settlement for partial payment, that means they will not go after any of the homeowners after all. he said it's a scary lesson learned. >> even though you have paid it to the main contractor, the subcontractor can come after you. >> reporter: if you have a mechanics lien placed on your property and you don't pay it, it can actually heed to foreclosure. now, i have posted more
6:48 pm
information on how to protect yourself on just look for this report. i want to hear from you. my hotline is open weekdays 10:00 to 2:00. you can also reach me on facebook or through >> that's a good reminder. thanks, michael. we're taking a live look outside from our east bay hills camera. we always like to see the weather where you live. >> that's beautiful. #abc7now, and you can see your pictures here on tv. >> looks like a big mountain surrounded by whipped cream. you can see that whipped cream along the coastline. we have low clouds and fog, that's our marine layer, pushing inland during the overnight hours. and lows mainly in the mid 50s. tomorrow, sunny skies on the fourth of july over the bay, but a little fog will linger at the coast. highs around 60 on the coast.
6:49 pm
low to mid 70s around the bay. mid 80s inland. we were talking about the fog for tomorrow night's fireworks, but what about the beaches tomorrow? they're looking good. mainly sunny skies, a few clouds tomorrow, and warmest beach location will be santa cruz with a high around 70 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. pleasant days ahead and a warmup come at the end of the week, over the weekend we'll see temperatures inland climbing above the 90 degree mark. we always say climbing, but you see the little temperature going up. it will be warming up. >> thanks, spencer. >> after the parade, i went home and slept for a week. all right, warriors have secured the bulk of their roster for next season over the weekend, and today, kevin durant agreed to come back for these two
6:50 pm
♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances.
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well, our sister network espn is reporting that kevin durant will agree to resign with golden state on a two-year, approximately $53 million deal. there was really no question if he was returning, it was just for how much. the second year of durant's deal will be a players' option.
6:53 pm
k.d.'s contract expected to be $25 million next season, with a player option for 2018 and '19. k.d.'s max was $34.5 million, so he took a lot less, almost $9 million, a major sacrifice, which allowed them to bring back iguodala and livingston. so they're all back as is david west. looking for another harry o'brien trophy. nba summer league, are you kidding me? in orlando, basketball already. knicks and thunder. second quarter, marquel brown with the steal. coast to coast for the slam. thunder led 39-22. fourth quarter, hamilton to josh westis, who finishes with the jam. he led all scorers with 26. thunders win it 99-87. all right, to the diamond. a's hosting the white sox, trying to end a five-game slide with cotton on the mound. he's been dealing with blister issues. he'll uncork a wild pitch in the
6:54 pm
second, allowing todd frazier to advance to third. next pitch, anderson hits the ball sharply to second base. frazier is going to score. white sox take a 1-0 lead. right now, the a's are up 2-1. highlights coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. first day of wimbledon under way. andy murray and serena williams your defending champions. serena not playing as she is pregnant. but her sister venus her first round matchup. he last won this in 2008. she is playing for the first time since being sued by the estate of a florida man who died after a car crash police say was her fault. she was asked about it after the match. >> there was no words to describe how devastating and -- yeah. i am speechless and it's just --
6:55 pm
yeah. i mean, i'm just -- >> very difficult to deal with. local favorite cc bela came out firing. she took the first set but her opponent was just too strong. defending champ andy murray was dealing with nagging left hip injury and a rain delay before he put his opponent away. murray will move to the second round with a straight sets victory, which will help rest his bum hip. rafael nadal hoping to make some noise here.
6:56 pm
he's as healthy as he's been in a while. the two-time wimbledon champion was a finalist here in 2006 and 2011. his knee also be a question throughout the tournament, but he won easily today in straight sets. marshawn lynch playing some football, the soccer variety. back of the net. the only thing that can stop him, beast mode gets red carded for using his hands. as always, playing by his own rules, he'll take the red card away from the official. is this guy going to be fun this year with the raiders or what? warriors have the bulk of their roster set for 2017. so i say get ready for another run. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. instead of the beach, some are
6:57 pm
heading to the snow. the ski season that just won't quit. that's tonight at 9:00. on "abc7 news" at 11:00, the deadline people need to make to catch one of the most popular fireworks shows in the east bay. >> see you later tonight. that's the decision of "abc7 news." look for breaking news on twitter. we appreciate your time. >> for all of us here, thank you for joining us. >> see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. "wow" means you save 50% or more. there are three stages of "wow". denial. - is this price right? - acceptance.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a social media producer from los angeles, california... a government contractor from goodyear, arizona... and our returning champion, an attorney from los angeles, california... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome, everyone. i hope you heeded the advice i gave you on friday's program about extending your celebrations for canada day
7:00 pm
throughout the weekend and into tomorrow for independence day here in the united states. emily, trevor, and john, good to have you with us today. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and here are the categories, starting off with... ...literally. great memories. and each correct response will begin with those three letters. jon, off you go. take colleges for $600. answer -- daily double. [ applause ] not a great benefit, finding it on the first clue, but you can risk up to $1,000. -i'll do $600. -okay, here is the clue. what is berkeley? berkeley is right, yes. [ applause ]


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