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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 4, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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happy fourth of july to you. as you mentioned, tonight it is all about red white and boom here at the almadeya county fair. if you want to see those fireworks first hand you do have to get here early, like 3.5 hours before the show begins. all parking and admission gates will close at 6:00. that's to help reduce traffic and prevent crowds of people from arriving right before the show. it took some families nearly two hours just to leave the fairgrounds last year. >> by the time the fireworks start, there's a lot of people. so we actually try to get out of here before the crowd starts to build. >> this year to sfleent same sort of backup, the pleasanton police department has partnered woerj agencies to create a traffic plan to help cars leave the fairgrounds right after the fireworks show. traffic exiting the fairgrounds will be directed along specific routes to the freeways based upon which gate you leave so you want to check that out before you enter. the fireworks start at 9:30, the
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fairgrounds will remain open until 11:00. live in pleasanton, tiffany wilson. >> thank you. and the on that note, san francisco ready for the biggest fourth fireworks show in the bay area, i guess is the weather ready, we'll talk to mike about that. crews worked throughout the day yesterday to guarantee a sky show that will dazzle the thousands of people who come out for the event as long as there are clear skies to see it. there are fireworks on several barges for one of the biggest festivals on the west coast. >> we get out here often so we're excited to be out here for fourth of july, haven't done that before. but love the city and great people, great food, and great weather. >> san francisco police say there's a no tolerance policy for illegal fireworks, even the so-called safe and sane kind. tonight's fireworks show starts at 9:30. it's expected to last about 25 minutes. >> remember, fireworks can be a
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problem for pets. animal shelters are bracing for a lot of lofts pets to show up after they've been scared off by the noise. they sound like bombs to pets. we have some tips. >> actually for pets or smaller dogs a bathroom say really safe place because they can't do too much damage and it tends to be a little bit quieter. close the windows. i've heard people recommend a little bit of music can kind of mask the sound somewhat. >> sometimes a low dose amg of tranquilizer is the answer. others recommend they go through the normal routines with their pets and make sure they're in the same room with them. >> the safest way so watch fireworks is in a sponsored event in the city where you live. you can go to abc you'll see a full list of festivals parades and fireworks. north korea is launching another ballistic missile test.
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they're putting us on notice it could potentially hit the u.s. mainland if the timing was designed for maximum effect. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: an announcement and new images out of north korea showing kim jong-un celebrating his latest launch. president trump tweeting does this guy have anything better do with his life than going on to suggest china could, perhaps, take action and end this nonsense once and for all. speaking to reporters in tokyo, japanese prime minister shinzo abe says he hopes to work with president trump and south korean president moon to increase pressure on north korea. and an official weighing in with the timing of the launch with abc news radio. >> one the reasons they're probably doing it now is that the south korean leader met with president trump last week and former president obama is in south korea. so they're trying to send a
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message. >> reporter: at the u.n. on monday a representative of china says his country wants to de-escalate the situation. >> so currently tension is high, sooner orlator it will get out of control and the consequences would be disas truss. >> reporter: president trump willing with the leaders of china and japan at the g20 summit later this week. all of this is happening just weeks after an american college student died after sustaining unknown injuries while in north korean custody. abc news, washington. >> we have new developments this morning on the deadly flooding in southern china. death toll has risen to at least 56 with 22 others still missing% officials say as many as 19 inches of rain were dumped on several cities since thursday. the rain and flooding have affected nearly 10 million people. more rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for today. the justice department is asking a judge in hawaii to deny the state's request for clarification on president trump's revised travel ban. under the new guidelines people from six mostly muslim countries
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who want visas have to prove a close relationship with someone in the u.s. so for example a parent, child oar sibling. hawaii filed an emergency motion asking a judge to collar fire the ban cannot be enforced against other family members like grandparents, aunts and uncles. there's a heads up if you have any business at a court in san francisco, the superior court smaking cuts to close a budget gap. so starting in september, the courts will close at 1:00 p.m. on fridays. staff will be fornsed to take one friday off a month without pay and that's expected to last until next june. the court is face a $5 million budget deficit. uj jsz are not being asked to take a furlough but but they're being zod give up about a day's pay for them. drop boxes will be open if you need to deliver any documents to the court after 1:00 p.m. on fridays. now your accuweather forecast. >> i know a lot uh aren't commuting today but those of you that did or will commute like we have wanted to take care of you all so we'll start with the san
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mateo bridge. one of our busiest bridges so far this morning. we're looking westbound, little bit of cloud cover there, haven't heard of any drizzle so mainly dry on the roads. on the bay it's is going fob breezy north of the bay bridge east of the golden gate. we say small craft advisory once again and clouds to sunshine if you're taking mass transit. temperatures, it's 52 right now and subny side in west portal. marina, fairiville, about 55 in down continue to. 60 fwhun palo alto, 60 in saratoga, some of the warm spots. cyst 5 in santa clara, american canyon 57, petaluma about 53. your forecast for today, temperatures 60s along the coast, san francisco, san lee and droe, 70s around the bay, 80s inland. nothing extreme. nearly steady tomorrow and then the 90s creeping into the east bay for thursday. so we've got a little bet of a warming troend ta
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warming trend to talk about. tonight, mid-50s to mid-60s, wind 5 to 20 miles per hour, areas of fog around the bay. i'll show you those next. alexis. good morning and here's a live look outside at the san rafael bridge. we've got one vehicle that's making their way, we'll call that two and we did just see a traffic stop here in this parking lot. so just a friendly reminder we do have maximum enforcement period in place right now with chp and they're not tolerating any drunk or buzzed driving so make sure you've got a designated driver and a way home as you celebrate on this holiday. walnut creek just 7 minutes, walnut creek to highway 13 at nine, and extremely light out of central valley, westbound tracy to dublin wide open only 25 minutes. one minor issue in the tri-valley we'll check on that next. san jose trying something new to make this a safe one. new to make this a safe one. >> welcome to
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eight years into the disease was when all the light went out. for me, it was heart-wrenching. look into the eyes of somebody with alzheimer's sometime, you just don't see -- the person's soul is, like, gone. bea: and it takes a toll on everyone. i mean, it's -- it's a depressing disease to watch unfold before your eyes. she actually thought those of us who were caring for her and who loved her most were her worst enemies.
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more and more responsibilities fell on my shoulders. lisa: this disease just ravages a family. it changes your life. the magnitude of it is indescribable. my mother taught me to be in the moment. we have to live in the moment with them. and i'm going to be with that person right now, in this moment, wherever she is. art: now is the moment. if we work together, we can stop this epidemic. grace: contact brightfocus and learn more. abc 7 zblorngz all news. all morning. berkeley police are warning about an attack at people's park. police say a man was sitting in the park on sunday night when another man hit him in the back of the head with a piece of wood and stole his backpack. a witness tried to intervene and he was also hit from behind by a second man.
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both victims had to go to the hospital. neither suspect has been caught. for the first time the city of san hoe say is asking the community to get the mess able out that all fireworks are illegal. >> neighbors are put being signs in the yard to spretd the world. we have more on that. >> reporter: i hope somebody pays attention, but it's not -- it's been terrible the last few nights. >> suzanne ma roney lives on 17th street in san jose. she put two signs in her front yard hoping to put an end to the fireworks that plague her neighborhood and her family especially her husband who's a combat veteran. >> as he says it's like being in a firefight so it's been very, very difficult for him. and then i'm an animal lover. >> there's also the fear of a house catching on fire. the city of san jose printed 3,000 of these lawn signs declaring all fireworks are illegal. they're free and available at several community centers. >> by using a lawn sign it's not just a message coming from the city but from the residents themselves. >> reporter: it's not always the easiest message to spread.
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tina said she can't get all of her neighbors on board. >> i've had a few people say to me i don't want to put signs up in my yard because i'm afraid of ramifications. but i thought, you know what you have to lead by example. >> reporter: some pacifica, neighbors can tackle illegal fireworks through an app called nail 'em. they say they can report the possession, use, or sale of fireworks including photos and gps locations. from exploding watermalmelons to mangled man kwinz, the consumer product safety commission is back using dramatic images to warn about the danger of fireworks. eerch sparklers can burn as hot as a blowtorch. the commission says fireworks injuries sends hundreds of people to the emergency room every year. well, americans are separating their country's birthday today with big fireworks shows panned raid
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fireworks shows and parades. they'll keep an eye on the barge to keep everyone in the fireworks show safe. in boston, one of 14 original copies of the declaration of independence will be decision played in a foou museum. meanwhile, more than 15,000 new citizens will be sworn in during 65 naturalization ceremonies across the country. and this fourth of july america already has some new citizens. >> more than 75 people from 28 countries spread across the flight deck of the uss hornet in alameda yesterday. they were there to take the they were there to take the pledge of citizens. >> last year when i was not able to vote because i was not a citizen it was very frustrating for me. i really wanted to be represented. >> what matters to me more is the people here in this country and presidents come and go, so but i look at the american people and much more acceptive.
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>> good time to be an american and be heard, you know, the freedom to speak, the freedom to think, and freedom to act. >> congratulations to all of them. the citizenship and immigration service administered the oath of alegioniance to more than 750,000 immigrants last year. california had the most number of new citizens. >> that's great. this is something that reggie loves over the fourth of july be without the mother of all eating contests. i say that in jest because he hates this. joey chest newt will try to win the nathan's hot dog eating contest for a record tenth time this morning. here he is at the weigh in yesterday. he ate his way to say dramatic victory. >> i cannot watch this. and a new record last year. he chowed down 70 hot dogs in ten mins a little gag inducing. if you can stomach it, the event will be shown live on espn two our sister network start agent 9:00 this morning.
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he has technique that i'm always surprised by. it's hard to watch. he's tearing up. >> okay. all right. if hot dogs aren't your thing, how about hamburgers? >> oh. >> molly schuller defended her title in the z burger independence day burger eating championship yesterday. she devourd 21 hamburgers in ten minutes. >> i have no idea why. the nebraska native and mother of four has won this competition twice before. it's a popular landmark and a fave rift former president bill clinton. >> at least you know the burgers were good then. they were probably delicious and by the time up get to the 21st it's a little rough, right, mike? i have fantasies about eating this much but it looks pretty painful. >> i'm hungry. why don't they do biscuits or
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gravy for breakfast. we eat lunch at 9:00 in the morning so it would be fun to watch them eat while i'm eat ailing lot slower and a lot less. how's it going on this independence day? thanks forgetting up early this morning. becoming mostly sunny, not too hot anywhere today. clouds and mag are going return this evening, key to your forecast of your fireworks watching. and some summer heat is also coming. let's talk about the cloud cover. here we are at 7:00 in the morning you can see it's filling in most of our neighborhoods. by noon it looks like it's going to be back to the coast and hugging the golden gate bridge. all right. so that's new. let's talk about it 4:00, 5:00. if you want to go fot beaches today, not a ton of sun 9 shine until down around santa cruz. and then as we head towards 9:00, 10:00 you see clouds starting to push in through petaluma, san francisco, oakland, berkeley, richmond. down in the south bay it's going to be clear and that would be
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your best bet for clear conditions in the south bay and also inland east bay neighborhoods. peer 50 should be postally clear, there will abe few clouds roll in towards the end of that one. 76 to about 82 in the south bay today. temperatures 68 millbrae, everybody else 72 to 76 on the peninsula. 64 in downtown san francisco. we'll have upper 70s to near 80 in the north bay. along the shore, 70 to 76 and as you're heading out inland, 84 to about 80 at our warmest temperatures. seven-day forecast looks like 90s thursday, friday, saturday inland, even a few 80s around the bay, but 60s stay at the coast. hey, alexis. looking like a great forecast and if you're wunt few that's working today we're look at smooth traveling conditions. we did have a minor issue in the tri-valley so eastbound 580 the lighter side of trafficny where way just before you get to greenville road we had quite a bit of tire tread in the roadway. sounds like three vehicles hit that and pulled off to the
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shoulder but we just got the all clear a few minutes ago. and here's an example of how light it is today. bay bridge toll plaza i'd be surprised if we get those metering lights turned on the entire morning. we'll take a look at drive times just before 5:00. the national average price of gas is at its lowest point of the year. gas hasn't been this cheap for the fourth of july in more than a decade. they say the national average is $2.23 a gallon were south carolina pays the least, $1.90. of course we're the most expensive at $2.94. san francisco drivers pay the highest pricing, $3.11. it's $2.92 in l.a., few cents left less in sacramento. if you want the cheapest place in the state, go to chicco, and modesto. $22078. they're looking for drunk and distracted drivers today. but there are other dangers.
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abc 7 rode along woman officers he deals with debris on the freeway. >> we put on our rear lights to warn troosk slow down. we'll weave back and forth across the freeway so this way it allows me to safely get out of my vehicle and remove that hazard. >> well, a chunk of metal had straddled lanes along highway 101 in san francisco. officer tony month tan know told us that even with all the warnings and potential fines, some people still text while they drive. >> you could be in a tral car in uniform driving right next to them and they don't -- they're not even aware that you're there. >> the chp is urging you to call 911 right away if you see any drivers who appear to be under the influence. want to know how schools in your neighborhood measure up? the new tool at your fingertips. the army of volunteers who are ready to help the eagles sore. and the spectacular light show that only nature can
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provide, but first, tech bites. in today's tech bites some tech stock started independence day with a bang. >> for a knew moments it appeared share prices for amazon microsoft anding onners had crashed. major financial services were showing all of their pricings at $123.47. >> turns out it was a glitch in the data the daz dabbing was providing. no trades were affected. >> microsoft is set to announce thousands of layoffs early this week. >> they're trying to reorganize its sales force. the move combines with microsoft's plans to push customers to buy more cloud services. and amazon's echo will soon face more competition. >> alley bobba is expected to >> alley bobba is expected to launch
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and get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives! ...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) 4:53 and the california department of education is helping people find out how state schools measure up to each other. you just have to tap your phone. it's through an app called ca schools. now you can drive around and find out how nearby schools performed on state standardized tests. department officials point out the app can giffin sighting to prospective home buyers about how schools are performing in a neighborhood that they would be moving to. >> california has seen ann crease in hate crimes. the state department says 931 crimes were reported throughout
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the state in 2016. that's nearly 100 more than 2015, about 11% more. many of those crimes involve bias based on race, religion, or sexual orientation. the report found that the targets of the hate crimes were african americans, jewish people and members of the lgbt community. crime cases and more than 80 resulted in convictions. one of the flej lings has taken its first flight. abc news was on-site with biologists and bird watchers who were waiting for that maiden voyage. there are a pair of chicks who are northwesting inside the tower. the small army down below was readied to help if needed. >> they fly very well. they land very poorly. >> if the falcons go to the ground that's the critical issue. if they hit the ground then we want to be there to pick them up again and take them back to the tower if necessary to give them a second -- second chance. >> the flej wloing flew the
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northwest is in a tree near steven's hall. that bird's name is fee iot, the pother is lux and has yet to tae wing. we'll are watching. let's head to pleasanton and talk about the alameda county fairgrounds and the fair. you heard what tiffany said, no in and out after 6:00, no new parking after 6:00, so 6:00 is going to be sunny and 79. fireworks are at 9:30. temperature will be around 64 degree. all right. let's head up to san rafael where at 11:00 6067, 3:0078 but becoming breezy during the afternoon and evening hours. 69 at 7:00 and your fireworks are also 9:30. clouds will start coming in but i think for the most part it's going to be clear and about 59. going to the game this afternoon, the fireworks were last night at the coliseum so 1:05 first pitch. 67 under full-on sunshine. here's the best place to see
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fireworks and you'll have some great muse frick the san francisco symphony to go with it. temperature in the mid-60s down the shoreline. here's alexis. a lot of options and right now you've got a lot of options for wide-open roadways. there's nobody going to work today as would you imagine. here's a live look at southbound 680 through walnut creek noond issues to report there either. we'll take a look at light drive times. walnut creek in dublin in the green 15 minutes. south on 101 santa rosa to san francisco, you may see a little fog but that's not slowing you down, that's just an an hour, fist 5 minutes ant highway twoun loss gat dose, that's coming in at just 25 minutes. one minor issue in south san francisco we'll look at that the coming up at 5:00. no more cafeteria chocolate milk for students in san francisco. the san francisco unified school district will stop serving it at lunch, elementary and middle schools. the concern, too much sugar. the ban was tested at five
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schools last year and school officials say most students a adjusted and were just fine steering clear of chocolate green. from chocolate to green you're look the a light show. it's aurora's above the earth. nasa provided this time-lapsed video of the northern lights. they emerge when high speed electrons collide with the upper reaches of the earth's atmosphere and the light you see is the nernl being released. >> rntd you bill the science guy this morning. northern california soutd of the drought but next at five how leaders are protecting the region from the next dry spell. new security measures how to get around and the latest on fourth of july preparations across the bay area we have you covered. and where a traffic stop turned into a massive drug bust thanks to that
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you.
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don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. it's 5 clock a.m. and this is kwha it looks like right now. the chemical weapon, will it look like this during your fourth of july fireworks? that's a live look from our exploratorium camera. the big question, who's going to see the fireworks today and who won't. we appreciate up being there. fireworks are no fun when you can hear them and not see anything. mike nicco. >> i can guarantee kwhoz not seeing it, me, because we're going to be asleep. >> you're going to hear them. >> did you hear them last night. >> oh, yeah, 10:30, yeah. >> woke you up. woke you and the baby up. >> yeah, i know. did i go back to sleep so it's okay. >> big surprise where you live that that happened. but it happens every once in a while. every other year


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