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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i don't want to put any hate on him. >> he makes it hard to see the fireworks. >> he will in some areas. we'll map that out four. you can see where the cloud cover is right now i've overlaid the gray on the live dopplar 7. so far no drizzle to speak of and who's got a better sunrise than that this morning. check out the east bay hills camera this morning. absolutely gorgeous. here's your 12-hour day planner 53 to 61 at 7:00, we'll be mostly sunny by noon except for at the coast where it will remain cloudy, 56 there. 70 around the bay to 80 inland. 58 at the coast, 73 around the bay and 85 inland at 4:00 and then by 7:00 how about fist 7 at the coast, 67 around the bay and 74 inland with clouds already creeping back in. so timetable on that cloud cover and where you can see some of the most fabulous fireworks up next. here's alexis how's it going this morning? >> you know what if is so quiet out there today and i don't think we pointed out your tie yet this morning. we need to make a bigger deal out of that. he's feeling very patriotic if you didn't notice. he's got the american flag tie
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on today. >> thanks. >> quick mention of the eve bay we have one minor issue southbound 880 just before 16th avenue we have reports of a vehicle that's sitting in the far right lane with its hazards on. not sure if they're having some engine trouble or what the situation is but i will keep an eye on that had the right now we're not seeing any delays and that's the theme all across the boards. we'll take a look at the central valley coming up in less than ten. thank you. we are tracking developing news out of san jose. police looking for a suspect involved in a homicide near san jose state university. >> that shooting happened just after 5:00 last night on south tenth street just two blocks from campus. that's where officers responded after getting calls of loud banging coming from inside the home. police found the body of a woman inside. the suspect has not been identified. investigators have not rlgsed a motive for the shooting or what led up to that incident. and this next story is just so heartbreaking. the mother of two children who were killed friday night is speaking for the first time since that terrible car
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eye aida reyes says she was driving with her sons. the chp says lem mule wilson hit her throwing the two other boys from the car. witnesses saw wilson running away. alameda county sheriffs tell absz 7 news he posted $10,000 bail just the day before the crash on charges related to terrorism threats in pleasanton. court records show wilson was also charged in the past with at least two duis. >> he killed my children and they're asking for bail? let's be realistic here. let's be realistic. my world ended. >> her 3-month-old remains in the hospital in critical condition. also want to be let you know there's a go fund me page set up to help the family with funeral and those hospital expenses and we have seen a number of people not just donate but also leave touching messages to the family. if you can help out, we do have a link on our website
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>> that breaks your heart. also developing news, north korea claiming this morning it successfully test launch pd it's first ballistic missile. it would be a significant development for the country's regime which has been working to develop a missile capable of hitting the u.s. abc news consultant explains how this will affect the relationship between the u.s. and china an. >> it's going to involve sanctioning chinese banks which is going to further exacerbate our very sour relationship with the chinese. so there's an interesting effect here. this missile launch will, in fact, ruin or make our relationship with the chinese much >> they say the missile reached an altitude of 1500 miles. the associated press reports that would be longer and higher than any other similar tests previously reported. let's turn now to fourth of july festivities, shall we. we're getting ready to fireworks shows all across the bay area. >> one popular spot is santa
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kriz and law enforcement taking extra steps this year to make sure everybody's say. they say fourth of july during the day is fine, but then when it gets to the nighttime it can get a little crazy. this is video of fireworks being set off at sea bright beach several years ago. fireworks are illegal in santa cruise and unincorporated areas of the county. >> fireworks are so unpredictable that the sparks fly and you don't know where they will fly so they could hit someone. it was very close to hit a family when i was there. >> i think it's always fun to kind of have your own fireworks instead ever going and watching someone else's or paying to watch someone else's, you know. did you guys bring any. >>? >> no, we did not. >> so, again, she might think it's fun but it's illegal. some deputies will be hiding in plainclothes this evening in the crowd looking for violators. fines for fireworks possession and public intoxication are tripled on the fourth of july. before you can see the fireworks, you have to of course find a way to get there. >> oh yeah. alexis has us covered on your transit details. and that is definitely the
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keyword there, mass transit. that's what you want to do to get to any of those events tonight if possible. we do have a lot of service changes, though, with our mass transit agencies. so during the day today bart will be on a sunday schedule but they are running extra event trains tonight. same thing with muni he sunday schedule today, extra service to and from the fireworks from san francisco and then a sunday schedule for caltrain. they will be running extra capacity trains post show as well out of san francisco. last train leaves at 11:30 if you're heading back to the souk bay, though, oin those stops on your way to san francisco. also a quick look here at pier 39. we do have some roads 2458 be closed little bit later on today, the festivities start there at 2:00 p.m. and the fireworks at 9:30 pier 59 and pier 50 as well. bay crowds expected, leave the vehicle at home. no town in the bay area gets into their patriotic parade more than morgan hill. >> this is the place where people mark their spots weeks before july fourth to make sure that they and their families
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have the perfect view. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live in morgan hill. hey, matt. >> good morning, natasha and reggie. the best part about waking up at 2:00 a.m. is you get your seat right here and you get to take someone else's seat. they laid out all these chairs for me and this is a back row so since i'm here so early i need to go all the way to the front row. they've got a lot of chairs set up here along east dunn avenue here in morgan hill in the is part of the parade route. i'm going to find the camping chair with the two drink holders for the sodas that you get to put right here which is perfect if you're going to be watching the parade today. now this is is going to be a huge parade. the morgan hill independence day parade is big. they expect 50,000 people to come out here and watch this parade this morning. organizers say some people have started leaving their chairs out here back in may, big chairs, little chairs, all kinds of chairs along the mile-plus
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route. some block off their spots with caution tape or chain them together. basically if you leave your chair it's going to be waiting for you today for the parade so why would people do this? this is one of the oldest fourth of july traditions in california. morgan hill's independence day parade started in 1876, more than 2,500 people are going to participate in the parade. more fun tonight at the morgan hill outdoor "sports center." that starts at 5:00. you've got music, food, fireworks for that. the parade starts at 10:00 this morning. i've got my chair, i just need my drinks here, like i said, soda that i will put here to keep nice and cold for the parade. back to you. >> he has it all planned out. thank you. an east bay city targeted 30 cases of vandalism and police think that they're all connected just to have the information that could help catch that culprit. >> and is the raiders newest running back confused? running back confused? coming up the reaso
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yeah, it doesn't look like it right now but this will be brightest and warmest spot along the coast. santa cruz sunshine about 70, everybody else will be gray and in the 60-degree range. if you're out relaxing by the pool or lake, extreme sunshine if you're going to be playing on
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the water north of the bay bridge pretty choppy. temperatures from 60s to the low 70s. 54 in san francisco, laugh yet, dan ville 56, nevada 53. tahoe 104 in fresno, 115 in palm springs. 82 in l.a. take a look at our cloud and fog forecast, important for tonight's fireworks here's alexis. >> one of the issues wee had so far today was a wrong-way driver. happy to report that are has cleared from the board so hopefully that was just a false alarm or that or they have left the roadway so that should no longer be an issue for you but obviously use many caution if you're heading out the door. westbound 580 to dublin under half an hour, 26 minutes in the green. south on 680 to mission boulevard sfeen minutes. 101 ton cupertino, 16 minutes. >> thanks. unbelievable tweet that we saw, it says i'm a creep, i'm sorry. those words from a former ceo of
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abc 7 mornings. all news. all morning. it's 6:14, just an incredible reminder to be safe tonight as you enjoy the fourth of july holiday. a fire woshz display in parker,
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arkansas, sparked this, a magssive inferno. this took place at the blue water resort thankfully no one got hurt. fireworks exploded on the ground right in front of the spectators. a naked man in texas is now charged with assault a police officer after spraying him with pesticide. take a look at the cell phone video. it's unbelievable. the moment the doors of of a metro train opened and keith dean sprays and then slaps the office pert dean is tased twice before taken into custody. an eyewitness actually praised the officer's ability to keep his cool. >> yeah, he smoed a lot of restraint after getting punched like that. it was pretty crazy. >> zine homeless. he told authorities had he been smoking marijuana before the incident. the pesticide had been stolen from a nearby grounds keeping crew. now this morning, that's a lake county shair sheriff's department's k nine posing with 6 pounds of crystal meth that he helped find.
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they stopped a car yesterday and the dog sniffed out you the drugs inside. this 26-year-old was arrested. meths that a street value of a faert of a million bucks. he was booked on transporting and possessing drugs tent to sell them. the ceo of a start-up has resigned after admitting to harassing women. he says he accepted an offer to resign. a new york times article on saturday accuse dollars him of hitting on a job candidate. he tweet rrd quote, i'm a creep. i'm sorry. he says he made advances towards several women in work-related situations. berkeley police think 30 cases of vandalism like this one are all connected because they all happen in the same area in the same time. more than a dozen cars and gates were vandalized last tuesday night. this one happened on hillsdale avenue, another 17 cars had their tires slashed on prospect street about a block away that same night. police hope that someone can help them catch whoever is
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responsible. developing news out of southern california, 1800 tons of nuclear waste at the the power plant will stay within sight the busy i-5 freeway for now. the trump administration is propose a fast-track fix to move the waste to temporary storage sites, that's until a repository can be built to store it. experts are doubtful that this new strategy can work because it faces the same challenges like how to get congress to pay for it. the raiders new running back marshawn lynch is used to carrying the football which may explain why he got confused at i had brief appearance at a charity soccer game. >> eddy johnson going through the blue team like no big oh. >> the crowd is still cheering him on. >> they love it. i mean, obviously you're not supposed to do that. the oakland native was playing way seattle sounders, lynch used to play in seattle for the seahawks so the crowd. >> did you see him knock the red card out of the ref's hand sne
6:18 am
knocks it be out of his happened and punts than soccer ball. >> i don't think that the soccer -- all the socker is going to be recruiting him, do you like that? that's a technical term. all the socker. >> all the soccer may not be recruiting hinl. >> any case, had he a good time and so did the crowd. 6:18 preparing for our next route. a coalition of 12 water agencies are take ago i proactive approach involve ourg water supplies. an $800 million plan to raise the dam 555 feet will be discussed in a series of meetings. a higher dam means nor capacity. plan won skpand it by 115,000 acre feet. the water agencies see the plans as a cooperative solution to water shortages. so all eyes on the weather today because you're going to have fun with your family and friends. no matter what it would be a little better if you could see the fireworks, mike. >> yeah, it would be, wouldn't it. so it depends on where you are so let's jump right moo it and talk become it. we'll start with mount tam he
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will pie that's the best place to see your sunrise this morning. possible lit marine bay. use this to talk about our highlights. mostly sunny, into the to hot, clouds an fog return this evening, that's the key to the fireworks and summer heat coming. let's talk about if you're going to be on the water today. there's a small craft advisory in the yellow you see from the golden gate bridge, san ra fael bridge, that whole area in yellow is going to be choppy from 1:00 to 11:00 because of 204 to 30-mile-per-hour winds. here a look at the cloud cover. clouds are increasing through about 9:00 and by noon they're back to the coast and also the gold he gate bridge will be socked in. now, as we head towards the 4 to clock to 5:00 hour, if you go you will at way down south of pes ka dare row toward assistant april cruz that's we'll have sunshine and 70 degree weather. everybody else cloudy and 60 along the coast. 9:00, 10:00 clouds are returning with a vengeance places like pen grove, ka at that timety,
6:20 am
rohnert park, petaluma. and then from richmond down to oakland and over towards tiburon, sausalito and pier 39 san francisco. south of that towards pier 50 that's your better chance of seeing fireworks. also inland east bay and the south bay a good chance of being clear all during the evening hours. my accuweather seven-day forecast were 588 long the coast, 64 in san francisco, 70 so sift 6 in the bay and 81 to 86 inland. 90s thursday through sunday inland near 80 around the bay but still 60s at the coast. all right i want your job this morning. this is going to say guess how many incidents i have on the board right now? take a wild guess. >> four? >> one. i have one. >> 1. >> he area, it has been there for a while and not causing any sloe slow down eej her. so that's just an idea of how light it son the roads. southbound 880 still have a vehicle stiting in the far right lane. it's disabled somehow not sure if they have a flat tire or
6:21 am
mechanical issues but chp did talk about run a traffic break and they said we don't need to do that because there's just no traffic out there today. a quick check westbound 205 to 58066 and 63 miles per hour so everyone going the speed limit or maybe a little faster. bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights and i'm willing to put money on the fact that we probably will not get the metering lights flipped on today. we'll take a look at some drive times at 6:30. hopefully at least like a few of those drivers are watching us today. >> on their app. >> that's my great hope. good morning america coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> dan harris is live from new york with a look at what's ahead. good morning, dan. >> reporter: hey, great to be with you on this holiday. coming up on gma the breaking news on this fourth of july where are north korea says it has successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. what experts are saying this means for the united states. we'll have the latest on that. also coming up, the weekend event some are now referring to as beach gate. there's chris christi in the
6:22 am
holt seat now after he was seen this these pictures at an empty beach that had he close to the public. the internet is responding and what christi is now saying, plus the tennis legend breaking down while attempting to answer questions about the fatal car crash in which she was involved leaving her post game press conference in tears when trying to speak publicly about the event for the first time. patrick mcenroe will join us with more. it's all coming up on gna we'll see you soon. are wrur favorite shops disappearing? after the break 7 on your side explain why some malls are checking out for good. checking out for good. why
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visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. it is 6:25. microsoft could lay off thousands of people. the reorganization comes as the company puts his focus on selling cloud services instead of stand-alone pieces of software like wind doze and office. the magnitude of the potential layoffs is unclear. "the wall street journal" says they'll likely occur in offices around the globe if the insiders say it isn't likely this will have an impact on how they conduct business on a day-to-day basis. time to ask finney bella has a question about retail stores.
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we're in alameda 7 on your side michael finney has her answer. >> why we are closing so many stores? >> hey, bella, changing wants and needs of the consumer is what we're looking at here. online shopping is big and getting bigger. downtowns, they're making a couple back but malls are less desirable now to many consumers. a recent report predirected a quarter of all malls will be shut down off the next few years. we are losing retail jobs, the good thing, we are gaining delivery and warehouse positions. bella, thanks for your question. if you have a question for michael finney just record it on your phone and send it to us on social media, use the hash tag #ask finney so we can find it or go to your website and you might see your question answered on abc 7 mornings. 6:26. searching for air shooter just ahead why a trail of blood is leaving and the yok police
6:27 am
confused. plus heartburn and death, the way the two are being linked in a disturbing new study. the fire in dan ville this morning leaving four people morning leaving four people with ♪ morning leaving four people with ♪ ♪
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i wneverever wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every strand stronger because strong is beautiful. good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. good morning it's coming up on 6:30 on this july fourth. hope you're having a great holiday. if you're sleeping in,
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congratulations. that sounds really nice right now. for the rest of, you welcome to work and mike, what's it going to be like today. >> let's take a look. hi, everybody. we'll start with do particular 7 and show you the visibility because there's been some fog out there around santa rosa about 3, petaluma 2. it's been lower at times. you can see the cloud cover out there and that's what you're seeing in gray. temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s by noon just about sunshine everywhere except for the coast. 50s there, oakland san mateo, 70s. 80s inland and that same temperature will hold on through 4:00. and by 7:00 clouds start creeping back into the bay. i have a timetable for thauming can up. here's alexis with your morning commute. that's about the time the crowds are going to be creeping in so that works. we do have one new issue here on 680 getting reports of a two-car crash just before you get to vargas road as you head into the fremont area. both are off on the ride hand shoulder but they are calling for an ambulance to the scene so we could have a lane blocked once they arrive. >> i will keep an eye on that.
6:31 am
and we've got some sunshine breaking through south oj 60680 walnut creek extremely light. you should not have any issues if you're about to head out the door. we are tracking developing news out of contra costa county. fire officials are investigating the cause of of a house fire in dan ville that displaced four people. it started around 12:20 this morning on shelly place near glen road. two pets were also inside the home when residents started to smell smoke. firefighters were able to get everyone out okay. no one was hurt. crews say they do not believe fireworks were to blame. the uc berkeley police are warning about an attack at people's park. they say a man was sitding in the park on sunday night when another man hit him in the back of the head with a piece of wood and stole his backpack. a good samaritan tried to intervene and he was also hit from behind by a second man. both victims had to good to the hospital. neither suspect has been caught. we do have a heads up for you if you have any business at a court this san francisco.
6:32 am
the superior court is making changes to close a gap. they will close at 1:00 p.m. on fridays. staff will be forced to take one friday off a month without pay and that's expected to last until next june. the court is face a $5 million budget deficit. judges are not being forced to take a furlough day but they're being asked to give up $509 a month and that amounts to about a day's pay for them. drop boxes will be open if you need to deliver any documents to the court after 1:00 p.m. on fridays. tonight it's all about red white and boom at the alameda county fair if the if you want to see those fireworks you're going to str to detective get there early. all parking and admission gates are closing at 6:00 p.m. this year they're trying something new to reduce traffic and prevent a wave of people from arriving before the show. it took some families two hours just to least fair last year. >> by the time the fireworks start there's a lot of people so we try to get out of here before the crowd starts to build. >> the fireworks show starts
6:33 am
tonight at 9:30. pleasanton police department has partnered wj ore agencies to create a traffic plan to help cars exit from the fairgrounds right after the show. we'll be watching to see how it works. san francisco is ready for the biggest july fourth fireworks show in the bay area. crews worked throughout the day to guarantee a sky show that will dazzle the thousands of people that come out for the event. 10,000 fireworks shells are in place off pier 50 for one of the biggest spec tackles on the west coast. we spoke with tour wloift come here to celebrate the holiday. >> we get here often so we're excited to be out here for fourth of july, haven't done that before. but love the city and great people, great food, and great weather. >> san francisco police say there's a no tolerance policy for illegal fireworks, even the so-called safe and sane type. tonight's fireworks show starts at 9:30. it's kwekt expected to last 25 minutes. if you're a pet lover like we are you know fireworks can be a problem. animal shelters across the bay area are bracing for a number of
6:34 am
lost pets to show up after they've been bithe noise. fireworks sound line bombs to pets. the humane society silicone voel valley has some tips. >> a bathroom is a really safe place because they can't do too much damage and it tends to be a little bit quieter than the rest of your house. close the wind doze. i've heard people recommend a little bit of muse kick kind of mask the sound somewhat. >> they say some pet owners opt for a low dosage of a tranquillizer. other experts recommend that owners go through their normal routine with their petsz and make sure they're in the same room with them. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> it's not january, it is july and instead of head together beach today, thousands of people are hitting the slopes. squaw valley ski resort, mammoth mountain are among the resorts that are still open for skiing. this is video from squaw valley yesterday. squaw says it will stay open as long as possible and ha could mean through the entire sum, he are fall, and into the start of
6:35 am
next ski season. that's great. making up for some bad years behind us. years a look at san ma taye doe bridge. if you have to commute today the handful of us that are working today it's going to be breezy on the bay if you're north of it during the afternoon hours. mass transit clouds and sunshine and on the roads mainly dry. looking for a drizzle and haven't found any. half moon bay was one of those areas yesterday but not reportingny today. the warm spot's at 60, palo alto 61, 60 in antioch, 59 be in hey i ward, fremont, oakland, napa sana ra tell and san francisco. almade contract county tear, talk about that, opens 11:00, 75 and sunshine, burn factor very quick today. 3:0083. 6:00 when you can't leave and come back our can't even get in anymore, 709 degrees, about 64 under stars when the fireworks begin. over in lorain county fair, 67,
6:36 am
3:0079. at 7:00 we'll be at 69 but also your fireworks about 930 and we'll be down to about 59 degrees. temperatures 60s along the coast, san francisco, sausalito or mid-70 around the bay, low 80s in the inland. here's alexis. good morning. overall we're look at an extremely light day on the roads as would you expect with the holiday. i do have one trouble spot i want to update this for you. we talked about it about ten minutes ago. southbound 680 just before you get to the vargas road a two-car crash. it is still just on the right shoulder. doesn't sound quite as serious as they initially thought. the air bags did deploy on at least one of those vehicles. and they initially called for an ambulance to the scene but they have called that ambulance off so looks like no serious yours. they are calling for some tow trucks but, again, everything still contained to that right shoulder and we're not seeing any delays at the moment. so keeping an eye on that but that's not a big issue and that's our only issue on the board right now. actually i take that back, i do
6:37 am
have a bale of hay in the roadway in berlg game but that's it. a quick check of the bay bridge as you head into san francisco, extremely light volumes today and we do not have any metering lights on so it should abe great commute from the east bay. we'll check on drive times in less than ten. >> if you're talking about bale of hay then we know we're having a light day. developing news in the east bay where on the yok police are investigating a robbery and officer-involved shooting. >> it happened at a valero gas station that's where tiffany wilson is live right now. tiffany. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. this valero is back open this morning. i just spoke with the store manager who says about 8-30 last night a suspect went into the shop and tried to rob the shop. ended up shooting and killing the cashier inside of the valero food shop gnat cashier had worked here for five years. now, across the street if you look over here, there's a 7/11. well an antioch police officer was inside of that 7/11 at the
6:38 am
time of the shooting. the police officer came out of 7/11 and was able to shoot the suspect, that suspect then took off running down 18th street and so police have been following a trail of blood but the store manager at valero says they were not able to find the suspect last night. if you take a look at the video that we have from the police investigating the scene, you can see that they are looking at different evidence markers, they are just investigating. antioch does have a lot of security cameras but we have not haerpd yet whether those security cameras will be of help. again, this started off as a robbery. that suspect then shot and killed the cashier and it was a police officer nearby who heard that shooting and was able to wound the suspect. at this point the suspect is still on the run or missing. so we hope to learn more about this incident throughout the day and we will, of course, bring you those updates as we get
6:39 am
them. live in antioch, tiffany wilson abc 7 news. thank you. chicago is making a first of its kind move to help high school grads. the unusual new rirmgts seniors will soon be required to fulfill before walking across that stage. a new feature to unlock your iphone, the high tech access apple is work okay right now. mike and alexis helping us mike and alexis helping us make this a better day k
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people line up for thrp. in about three hours one. bay areas most patriotic fourth of july parades gets underway in the south bay. >> they plunk their chairs down months in advance. this is dedication. a lot of them have been doing it for weeks now. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live in morgan hill. hey there, matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. since i last saw you they parked a big staining out so all these chairs that were parked out here now have a view of the stage. they're about two feet away from the stage. that's probably the worst fear on east don avenue. but as i walk down you'll see what people have been doing for weeks, maybe a month, month and a half. these chairs are been out for a long time. a lot of chairs have been out since may. so many people are coming out here. 15,000 spectators they're expecting to have here for the parade today and look how many
6:43 am
chairs are already parked out here. this year's theme is america's national parks. 100 years and counting. they're honoring morgan hills and santa clara county's fire service personnel as well as firefighters across the country. about 2,500 participants in the parade, niep bands, 40 horse, 24 floats and all kinds of other groups marching. it starts at 10:00 a.m. more fun tonight at the "sports center," that starts at 5:00. they'll have music, fireworks, food, everything. and as i get this seat here i can see this rear tire of this stage here, i think these people are going to be moving their chairs. but until then, i'm going to sit here and relax. parade starts at 10:00. back to you in the studio. >> what is your favorite fourth of july food? >> reporter: my favorite fourth of july food, i mean it's hard to beat a hot dog. i know you have a problem with hot dog eating contests, but i would say that through the years i've earned a life-time
6:44 am
achievement award for eating $1.50 hot dogs at costco and so that's my accomplishments. it's not all at once but over the years i've eaten a lot. >> congratulations. getting the okay. thank you, matt and happy fourth to you. matt has actually posted this question on his twitter page today and that's a lot of fun so we're fwhegt on it too. i have to say that i just kind of threw off the percentages baugh i vote fordhamburger. >> so we both threw it off because ribs was way in front before and now it's just a little bit in front. i don't think ribs, do you, fourth of july. >> honestly i'd eat everything on that list. >> alexis vote ford chicken. >> so you can vote too just let us know go to his twitter page. for the first time the city of san jose is asking the community to get out the message that all fireworks are illegal. neighbors are put being up these snienz their wrard to spread the word. they printed three thousand of these lawn sooids signs declaring all fireworks illegal.
6:45 am
it's not always the easiest message to spread as this woman found out. she says some of her neighbors can't get on board. >> i've had a few people say to me, no, i don't want to put signs up in my yard because i'm afraid of ramifications. and that crossed my mind, but i thought, you know what? you have to lead by example. pacifica neighbors can actually tackle illegal fireworks using this app. it's auld nail 'em. police say use ker report the possession, use, or sale of illegal fireworks there. crit issues of the gop healthcare bill are using this holiday to draw attention to their cause. activists are expected to demonstrate at independent oens day parades. they're also planning sit-ins outside district offices. they're using the hash tag how the ac saved my life. these activists are taking advantage of the long weekend to pressure them to vote against their new healthcare bill. a new study is raising concerns that popular heartburn drugs may raise the chance of
6:46 am
death. for more than five years researchers track people who take nexium or prilosec. that the group was compared with people who take other drugs that lower stomach acid like zantac or pep sid. people who took the proton pump inhibitors purchase about a year had about a 25% higher risk of death. the studies is from the veterans affairs st. uwisconsin healthcare system pfrmgtsz a judge in hawaii is asking for clarification on the travel ban. under the new guidelines people fom six mostly muse i am countries who want visa as have to prove a close relationship with someone from in the u.s. looip like a parent, child or sibling. hawaii filed an emergency motion asking the judge to clarify it cannot be enforced against other family members like grandparents, aunts or uncles. now you can open your eye fine e phone using your fingerprint, but there's supposedly a new feature coming from apple that will let you unlock it with your face. bloomberg news says it's for a
6:47 am
redesign iphone that will come out later this year. the face recognition technology is part of a secure user system tat allows them to log in, authenticate payments and launch apps by scanning your facial fatures. it's powered by a 3d sensor still in splen. company is also testing eye scanning to augment that system. here's my question, though if the when you wake up at 1:30 in the morning when that alarm goes off and none of your features are where you left them the night before when you're doing a funny face in the mirror, will it recognize your face then? because that's true tech. >> on paint on our features. eyebrows. >> maybe different faces for different times of the day, mike. >> there you go. you know, it's got different modes for whether it's light or dark, different modes for how you're feeling possibly or look. absolutely. hi, everybody. you might not looking at this, the cloud cover's out there as we look from the exploratorium camera. but the summer pattern meebz the clouds will pull back to the coast by noon. clouds will return this earning,
6:48 am
90s return for some of us in my seven-day forecast. it's going a brisk day east of the golden gate, everywhere in yellow you want to get out on the water, kayak, canoe a little bit, 1:00 to 11:0024 to 30 miles per hour are possible. cloud cover increases through 9:00 and by noon back to the coast by, say, 5:00 you could see a little bit of sunshine maybe around bodega goe, peninsula cost stocked in and around to santa cruz you'll see sunshine. temperatures 60s, along the coast 70s in assistant cruz. by 8:00, 9:00 clouds starting to infill straight the north bay around pen grove, cotati and also petaluma there. you can see from the richmond san rafael bridge all the way down to the bay bridge it's cloudy and start echb e encroaching upon pier 50 fireworks towards the end of it and i think they'll be the best as fwar as being around san francisco and seeing fireworks. down in the south bay and inland east bay we should be clear all
6:49 am
during the evening hours. temperatures 70 stoichl about 80 with 80 in san jose. 68 in millbrae, 72 to 76 else where the 'you 50 tooit 60 along the coast, north bay valleys about 77 in sa neem to 81 in assistant april rosa. 70 to 76 east bay shoreline and then 83 to 88 inland. here's the seven-day forecast. our warmest days will be thursday, friday, saturday, sunday with some 90s inland and near 80 around the bay. alexis. we do have some fog out there already today. mike just told us it's going to be increasing later right when we're trying to watch the fireworks. for now we've got a foggy commute across the golden gate bridge and that looks like it's gotten a little bit thicker over the next hour or so. use some caution but we have light volume. basically the entire way around here this morning. the only issue we have is off on the shoulder southbound 680 just before vargas road as you get into the fremont area coming from sunol. two-car crash and that's contained to the right hand
6:50 am
shoulder. initial will he we heard we were going 0 have a tow truck on the scene within the last ten minutes or so. they should be there and if they're not there yet they should be arriving any minute. quick check of drive times westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze 18 minutes. bay bridge and san francisco to sfo just nine minutes. >> we're hearing from father james martin he is a jesuit priest who's call for compassion for the lgbt community after the pulse nightclub shooting last year caught the attention of millions on social media. he was recently appointed by pope francis as a consultant to the vatican and he's written a new back, it's called "build a bridge". it's about bridging the gap between the catholic church and the lgbt community. father martin is talking about this book on "good morning america ". >> unfortunately a lot of people are against the whole topic of welcoming lgbt catholics i e they think it's caving in if the all i'm calling for is respect,
6:51 am
sensitivity which is part of the cath kichl. >> you can hear the rest of the interview with father martin today on "good morning america" it starts right after action 7 mornings. >> particularly relevant in light of thi new report. california has seen an increase in hate kriemsz. the state department says 931 crimes were reported throughout the state in 60. that's nearly 100 more than in 2017, up about 11%. many of those crimes involve bias based on race, religion or sexual orientation. the report found that the targets of hate crimes were often african americans, jewish people and members of the lgbt community. charges were filed in 2-20 hate crime cases. more than 80% resulted in convictions. the california department of education sheing people find out how state schools measure up to each other and all have you do is use your phone. it's through an app called ca schools. so now you can see and compare neighborhoods and find out how schools performed on standardized tests like math and english and learn about
6:52 am
gradation rates. they point out the app can giffin sight to perspective home buyers about how schools are performing in a neighborhood they're thinking of moving to. what do you think of this? this an interesting move out of chicago. in order to graduate from a public high school, stud dints there will soon have to meet a new and unusual requirement. according to "the washington post," students must show they've secured a job or received a college accept aens letter. an offer for a trade apresented tisship, or the military also works. the mayor says he wants to set students on a path to a productive future. the question is whether they can provide enough resources to help its neediest students when the rule takes effect in 2020. it's not only america's birthday today, it's former first daughter ma lea obama's birthday today as well. she's actually 19 years poltd you can believe it. she lit ore rally grew up right before our eyes in the white house. you may remember she decided to take a gap year to explore life before she attends harvard starting in the fall. we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need
6:53 am
to know before you go. >> looking outside with a live look at assistant an cruise it's sokd in a whole lot of places in the bay area and will be tonight the bay area and will be tonight when the fireworks
6:54 am
july fourth, 6:54 here are the seven things you should know today. number one an antioch gas station clerk died after being shot during a roobry. it happened last night at a valero. the suspect was shot by a police
6:55 am
officer near the scene. that person ran away and as of just a few minutes ago has still not been found. number 2 north korea claims it successfully launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile missile. . alameda county fair is trying sng something new to keep the krounds under control. gates will close at 6:00 p.m. to keep people from flooding the fairgrounds ahead of the fireworks. number four it's a day for parades an morgan hill. this has been a staple since 1876. people have been putting out chairs for months to reserve their seat. the parades will start at 10:00 a.m. and number five weatherwise starting off cloudy this morning but no arrival delays at sfo. watching the fog the closer you are to san francisco the least likely you're going to be able to see though fireworks. and number six this is me in the traffic center all morning. i've just been sleeping. is very, very quiet out there. we've got just a few cars going through the bay bridge toll
6:56 am
plaza. very few incidents. we had a bale of hay earlier and that's been it. enjoy it. love that bale of hey. number seven nathan's hot dog eating competition is happening day. bay area native joey chestnut will try to win the contest for a record tenth time. you can watch today at 9:00 a.m. on our sister network espn 2. >> which reggie's going to be watching full attention. >> i am. >> he's going to watch every second. >> come back to the weather center we'll have some lunch, watch the hot dog eating contest. >> happy fourth. >> bye.
6:57 am
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and get up to $4,500 in allowances. good morning, america. breaking news overnight, north korea's stunning claim saying it has launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile, the long-range rocket traveling hundreds of miles. could it hit the u.s.? the incredible new pictures of kim jong-un celebrating the launch, the u.s. now assessing the claim. president trump condemning the action on twitter overnight. face-to-face. president trump ready to square off with russian president vladimir putin. the high-stakes first meeting with the man accused of meddling in the u.s. election. will the president confront putin about the alleged hack as putin brings his new demands to trump. venus williams breaking down. the tennis superstar overcome with emotion.


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