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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 5, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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hi, mike. >> probably won't see us all july 5th near year. >> i already have my vacation request in so sorry. >> yeah. long night for some of us. yeah. it's a quiet morning out there weather-wise. gusting to 31. overlaid the winds on live doppler 7 to see that sea breeze is back once again. karl the fog. friend or foe? depends on where you were last night and whether you got to see the fireworks. goerl jous sun rise developing. here's the 12-hour day planner. 53 to 59 at 7:00 notice the upper 50s at the coast. the middle line is the bay. and notice inland warmer temperatures, 79 at noon to 85 at 4:00. nothing outrageous and i have warming trend, 90s coming back to the forecast and that's next. how's the commute this morning? >> going okay. but we are seeing a lot more folks on the roads this morning. here's a live look at southbound 680 through walnut creek and probably sleepy drivers.
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pay attention. we don't have issues for that commute so far today. and overall, we are looking pretty good with the drive times. westbound 580, one of the slowest spots in the yellow at 40 minutes. westbound 4 in the green at 19 and then southbound 101 from the north bay looks great in the green at 16 minutes. next traffic update at 6:10. >> thank you. frustration and even a big fight at a bay area fireworks display put a damper on some people's holiday. >> police made a number of arrests at theal me da county fair last night. tiffany? >> reporter: good morning to you. yes. at least ten people were arrested here at the fairgrounds last night. our cameras were rolling as two of them were led away in handcuffs and then cell phone video of two other girls who were cuffed. the sheriff's office said almost everyone arrested between 15 and 20 years old. officers had to use pepper spray and batons to break up the
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melee. >> we did deploy a batons in a couple of incidents were continued aggression and fighting continued even though police were there and taking demands for parties to separate. >> reporter: the captain say it is violent incidents were unusual, but not without precedent at the alameda county fair n. 1998 a shooting incident wounded eight people and saent stampede of people running. eight more injured trying to get out of the way. last night's issues limited to fighting and no one was seriously injured. the juveniles in custody were released to their parents and the adults were taken to jail. live, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. ♪ well those that made it to the alameda county fair enjoyed the show. 35,000 to 40,000 people were there yesterday.
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but unfortunately, they say thousands missed out because at 6:00 p.m. they closed the fair gates. we did warn you about this. the planned move to cut down on the crowd congestion that usually happens at the last minute. officials say those who paid for their tickets online but were not allowed in can use their tickets on a different day. the fair runs through sunday. we were just talking about this. i know matt's tweeted about it. alexis did. chances are you heard the illegal fireworks throughout the night. the rogue fireworks shows exploded over san francisco's north beach neighborhood about a half hour before the official show near pier 39. we have heard and seen similar situations across the bay area. the search for a killer continues in antioch as we learn more about the gas station cashier who died in a robbery. the family says the victim is mohammed jawad ataie and often worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a
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week to provide for his family. his wife and three children shared video of the last celebration together on father's day. ataie was shot while working around 8:30 monday night. >> jumped over the counter, pistol whipped him and then shot him two times in the back. >> my birthday is on the 12th. i turn 24. he's not going to be here. >> a police officer shot the suspect but he got away. the family has set up a go fund me page to help pay for expenses f. you want the help out, we have a link set up at we are tracking new details in what the nypd is calling an assassination of one of their officers. officer niosotis familia was shot. this is the photo of the suspect. 34-year-old alexander bonds.
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bonds died after he was shot by nypd officers just a block away from where officer familia was shot. police say bonds is a career criminal, he was arrested for attacking a police officer with brass knuckles. at this point, we don't know a motive for the attack. the officer was a 12-year veteran of nypd. she was on duty in the bronx last night as part of beefed up patrols in response to another shooting. well, 6:05 now. new developments in north korea releasing this video overnight of of what it says was the intercontinental ballistic missile launch. the leader said it was a fourth of july gift to the trump administration and he's promising more to come. the u.s. army and south korea are responding now with their own missile test launching a volley of short-range missiles into waters off the peninsula overnight. military analyst said the u.s. is sending a clear message. >> first thing, why would the
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u.s. launch the short-range missiles? response to a long-range missile? the general brooks' comment this morning was very clear. this was a demonstration of precision fires targeted at the leadership. kim jong-un needs to remember he is target number wnl in the event of hostilities. >> the show down is happening as the president is flying to poland this morning before heading to germany for the g20 summit. leaving your car with a complete stranger, that doesn't sound like a great idea. well, maybe you should reconsider. the new service for travelers parking the wheels at the airport. and anticipation builds for the new iphone so do the rumors of bells and whistles. we have some of the latest to whet your appetite. looking live outside this morning, 6:06. the toll plaza continues to the toll plaza continues to build.
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looks different in santa cruz this morning compared to yesterday morning. not the cloud cover but the lack of tents. it was already packed at this time yesterday. if you're going to the beaches today, this is one of the brighter spots. we'll see more sunshine elsewhere with 60s. exercising, extreme sunshine and watch out for the brisk breezes
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north of the bay bridge on the water. mid-50s to near 60 south bay and the temperatures until low 50s there. your temperatures around the state, 82 in that low. near 100 in fresno. 84 with some thunderstorms possible in l.a. got a heat wave coming. i'll show you where next. >> welcome back to everyone enjoying the nice long four-day weekend. yeah. you can tell a lot of folks heading back to work today. the metering lights for the toll plaza have been on since 5:23 this morning so unless you're carpooling you likely have a delay. a quick update here southbound 880, the off ramp to southbound 238 briefly fully blocked there. we had a brush fire under that transition ramp and they had to clean things up but lasted three to four minutes and back open and that backup unwinding quickly. drive times at 6:20. >> thank you. looking into the new service promises that you can make money
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by parking your car at the airport. >> and then someone else will save a few bucks renting it while you're out of town. people describe travel car as the airbnb for vehicles. travel car relies on an app to match vehicle owners with renters and travel car insures the car while someone else drives it and gets it washed and vacuumed before returned to you. there are a couple of hitches to know. travel car will not let you park your car if it's more than nine years old or if it's been driven more than 95,000 miles. >> interesting option. >> yeah. all right. sometimes it is better to leave it to the professionals. how an extermination got rid of an unintended target. rescued from raging waters. the efforts in china to save lives. a short break and as we do, keep in touch with at panera, a salad is so much more than one thing. more than one flavor, or texture, or color. a good clean salads so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event.
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it is 6:14. a lot of you either sold or bought something off of craigslist and probably haven't heard about this before. a murder for hire plot designed as an acting gig. responding to the ad, police say the writer of the ad told tinsly she was an israeli intelligence agent named samantha and wanted her to poison a cab driver in israel who she claimed was a suspected terrorist. so o'keefe because she's a
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normal person reported it to the fbi and found out that the target was actually the woman's ex-husband. >> this is not about killing an ex-husband. you were going to kill isis and this guy transporting weapons. >> o'keefe said she got instructions to smuggle a poison into israel. the suspect now faces federal charges in the case. >> wow. 6:15, happening today, the hot cop of the castro facing additional charges stem from a hit and run crash in 2015. investigators believe officer chris coors left the scene after his dodge charger along broadway and north beach a. judge ruled that coors will stand trial. prosecutors recently added a charge of hit an run causing permanent injury against coors, remaining free on bail. new this morning, volvo appears to be the first car manufacturer to end all production of gas-only vehicles. this is a huge step.
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volvo says it phases out the production by 2019 so it's only going to produce fully electric and hybrid cars. all part of a goal to sell 1 million electric cars by 2025. well, you are looking at police in florida rescuing a dog from a hot car. officers say they couldn't find the owner and were forced to smash the window. it was at least 110 degrees inside. they found the pit bull in the front seat an gave him some water. apparently the owner had stepped into a bank and left the dog alone with the windows rolled up. good samaritan called 911. the department says it posted the video to facebook to remind owners of the legal obligation to keep their pets safe. >> and the moral one, as well. happening today, officials accepting cannabis business permits for marijuana sales. big step as cities and counties put regulations in place.
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last month santa rosa residents approve add tax of up to 8% on marijuana. this is a reminder that legal sales of rekre yigsal marijuana start in january. well, a would be shoe thief got more than he bargained for in miami. take a look. see him start to stuff shoes down his pants there yesterday just before the clerk caught him in action. you can look at the clerk trying to hold the suspect at gun point. until authorities arrived. he made a break for it and the clerk actually tried to shoot him. it is not clear if he hit the suspect. that suspect on the run. now to a rescue video. watch how the group pulled a man from a raging flood yesterday. unfortunately, this scene is playing out across much of the country. the south and central areas of the country hit hard with heavy rain. nearly 60 people died. more than 20 missing and heavy rains continue to fall. cutting off power and bringing traffic to a stand still. man, this is hard to watch that
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guy suffering there. relentless downpour is expected to ease in coming days. you are looking at a diy extermination gone very wrong. those fireworks you heard did not start this garage fire in grand blanc, michigan, yesterday. it was a smoke bomb to kill insects to blame. so the homeowner trying to get rid of a wasps nest. the garage was destroyed in the process and his house suffered minor damage. fire caused fireworks on the property to explode. now, fortunately, no one was hurt. the wasps are gone. so is the garage and the homeowner's ego. >> but the wasps are gone so -- >> small victories? >> so is his ability to get homeowner's insurance. >> not a smart move. smart move to listen to mike nicco for the forecast. he was so right about the
6:19 am
fireworks yesterday and today you're saying a similar replay? >> really think so. and then tomorrow, the heat is going to be on for the inland neighborhoods. let's start with the flight arrival delays. they were just announced. you can see the low clouds there. today it will be clouds to sunshine. cool at the coast. warm inland. tonight cloudy with patchy drizzle and then summer string of heat develops inland. today, below average in san francisco. 64 degrees and stuck in neutral. daly city 59. mission, 64. a warm spot. south san francisco 66 for the warmest. oakland, 70. sunny by noon. castro valley 74 with union city. heading into san mateo, brighter quicker today. 72 for you. millbrae 68. look at the coast. pacifica 59 and half moon bay at 61. down in the south bay, below average. comfortable, though. n't degrees in san jose. we'll warm to 83. warmest of gilroy at 87. now, up in the north bay, not
6:20 am
too bad. 81 in santa rosa. one of the warm spots up to 89. enjoy the temperatures for now. the heat on the way. 84 in concord and fairfield to 90 in antioch. good news tonight, low to upper 50s. hee here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. free air conditioning at coast and low to mid-80s around the bay. hey, alexis. >> good morning. you can tell a lot more folks heading into work today. here's an example. san mateo bridge. we have been pretty much empty last couple of days. today westbound 92 filling in. keep in mind it's not as wide open as monday and tuesday were this week. quick check of the south bay. a minor issue here. disabled vehicle on the almaden expressway. just partially blocking and none of the lanes on the main line blocked so shouldn't cause a huge delay. check of drive times, too.
6:21 am
680 just 7 minutes. 9, westbound 24. westbound 580 not terrible but tracy to dublin, 41 minutes. bay bridge commute is next. >> thank you. good morning america at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> amy is live from new york city with a look at when's ahead. good morning, amy. >> good morning to you, natasha and reggie. next here, north korea's claim of the successful launch confirmed by officials and trump heading to the g20 this morning with leaders from around the world. what will be done about north korea and what will trump discuss with putin? and then a veteran umpire suing major league baseball claiming racial discrimination and a personal vendetta. former yankees coach joe torii. more on that. and then is your home vulnerable to hackers? the team taking a look at how
6:22 am
your smart home devices even including your coffee maker could be giving crooks access to all of your personal information so we're going to tell you how to keep yourself protected. that is all coming up next. >> you know i suspected my microwave to turn me in mlt pl times. i totally get it. thank you. see you at 7:00. thank you. do you rent and wondering to get the deposit back? michael finney answers a question that might help you out. out. also ahead, the way the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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6:25. time to ask finney and this morning pamela has a question about security deposit ice spoke to us at alameda. >> i'm wondering how i could get my security deposit back from the rental unit. i was told since i'm there for 14 years it reached a statute of limitations and didn't have to pay me back. >> hey, pamela. that is crazy! i've never heard of anything like that being said. remember, it's state law that a landlord must give back your security deposit within 21 days after you move out. get that in writing what he said
6:26 am
to you and i'll have a conversation with the landlord. as a matter of fact, i'll do that if you don't get it in writing. contact me here at the station. landlords cannot keep a deposit because you paid them rent for a long time. it's ridiculous. pamela, thanks and get in touch. >> michael finney fired up and on pamela's side. >> he is on the case! if you have a question for michael, record it on a smartphone and tablet and share it at #ask finney. you may see it answered here. >> a lot of us had fun last night and a stark reminder of the fourth of july holiday to go very wrong. delals on an incident that police call horrific. police call horrific. a move by san francisc
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it is july 5th. thank you for joining us today at 6:29. jessica has the day off. the rest of us are here ready to start the morning. >> back to work. mike nicco, more of the same today, huh? >> yeah. great today you'll end up with sunshine heading into the afternoon hours. even the coast seeing more. so let's map out what's going on. the clouds out there and not much fog. lowest visibility about four there in santa rosa. look at the whicloud cover at we
6:30 am
and gray. look at the clouds back to the coast. 50 there at noon. 60s around the bay. 70s mainly inland and then heading into the afternoon hours 70s and a few 80s inland. 60s and 70s around the bay. 50s and 60s at the coast and san francisco. by 7:00, temperatures pretty steady but dropping into the 50s tonight. we have a heat wave for some of us. mapping it out in the accuweather 7-day forecast. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. taking a look at the roads here this morning, bay bridge toll plaza heavier than the last few days. folks heading back to work and school today. we have had the metering lights this morning since 5:23. also, one new issue on the way to the maze. northbound 880 at 980. reports of some large debris, sounds like some type of fencing. chp ran a traffic break to clear it and haven't seen delays northbound 880. we'll check on the drive times in less than ten. >> thank you. thousands of people turned out to see the big show in the
6:31 am
sky and an army of volunteers ready to collect the trash they left behind. >> time for a party cleanup. abc7 news reporter matt kelser walking the beach this morning. hey, matt. >> reporter: natasha, reggie, do you like long walks on the beach? do you like spending time with people that are passionate about the same things you are passionate about? do you like picking up garbage? then i have the perfect date for you. you see, the party is over in santa cruz and now people need to pick up the garbage. save our shores along with a lot of volunteers are going to help. it is called the star spangled cleanup taking place at 11 heavy visited beaches. last year, 252 volunteers with almost 2,000 bags removed close to 2,500 pounds of trash, they'll be back doing that again today. organizers recommend bringing reusable gloves, bags or buckets if you have them and don't forget the water and sunscreen.
6:32 am
volunteers will start at 9:00. if you would like more information, you can go to the website there are no guarantees that you will meet your soul mate but you may meet some people who are nice and are picking up garbage with you, as well. back the you in the studio. >> wow. applause, applause. >> very own dream boat matt keller reporting live in santa cruz. thank you so much, matt. city crews and neighbors in oakland cleaning up the debris left behind there by hundreds of illegal fireworks. take a look. mark spears tweeted thought video shows different fireworks displays looked like last night. well, illegal fireworks may be to blame for a small grass fire in the oakland hills. this happened on redwood road near old redwood road last night. quick action by firefighters kept the flames from spreading. about one acre in all burned. firefighters say there's a strong chance the fire was started by illegal fireworks
6:33 am
because of debris they found nearby. our tower cameras captured illegal fireworks in san jose last night. this ciyear, the city asked to t the word out that all fireworks are illegal. neighbors put out signs and some people didn't get the message. neighbors reported seeing and hearing illegal fireworks shot off in several communities across the bay area. you are looking at a display in petaluma late last night. police declined to tell us how many calls they received about people using illegal fireworks in the city but obviously it wasn't hard to find. a manned suffered what newark police describe as horrifying injuries. it was at port sailwood drive. police told abc7 news the man was lighting a mortar type of a firework last night in a tube and the explosive went off before he had a chance to get away from it. the man is being treated at a trauma center. this just in to the live
6:34 am
desk. dramatic new audio just released of the moments after a new york police officer shot and killed. you hear the pleas for help. >> shot! [ bleep ]. ambulance. >> police are calling this an assassination. detectives say 34-year-old alexander bonds walked up to a mobile police headquarters and shot officer miosotis familia. other officers found bonds a block away and shot and killed him. this morning's tragedy a mile from where a former doctor killed one person and wounded six others inside a hospital in the bronx last friday. it's been awful in that neighborhood for the past couple of weeks. >> terrible story. 6:34 now. new developments in the deadly hit and run in concord that killed two young boys. the 3-month-old brother who survived has had a set back. a spokesperson tells us the infant is in critical condition at children's hospital in
6:35 am
oakland suffering several seizures. the wreck killed the child's two brothers on friday night. the mom is recovering from the injuries. the suspect who ran away was arrested after going to the hospital to be treated for injuries. he is charged with vehicular homicide. happening today, san francisco's police commission set to vote on clarifying how officers comply with the city's sanctuary policy following paying out $190,000 to an undocumented immigrant. that man accused police of informing federal authorities of the immigration status. the revised policies prohibit officers from stopping or questioning someone solely based on their immigration status. it also restricts when they can cooperate with agencies like i.c.e. also today, the alameda city county holding a hearing on the point "a" development plan to discuss amending the agreement with the developer of the 68-acre site on the former naval
6:36 am
air station. magazine reported that a rise in costs has created financial problems for the developer. the developer revised the plan which would build 800 housing units with 200 set aside for affordable housing. all right. we'll start with the san mateo bridge and welcome back all of you commute earls under a cloudy sky, maybe patchy drizzle driving up into the hills this morning. small craft advisory for the commute planner starting at 3:00 this afternoon. afternoon sunshine if you're taking mass transit. on the roads, drizzle near the coast and higher elevations for the next hour and a half or so. let's talk temperatures. 52 in daly city. everybody else on the peninsula, mid to upper 50s. you will see temperatures reflect that pretty much everywhere. we have a 60 in san jose. 54 in san ramon. and 54 in san rafael. 51 for santa rosa. let's talk about what's going to happen at the alameda county fair.
6:37 am
starts at noon, opening comfortable at 78. 6:00 sunshine and 81 and 9:00, 67 degrees. going to the game today? it is back to the normal time. 12:35. 66, warming to about 69. quick look at today's temperatures. 60s along the coast, san francisco, sausalito, richmond. 80s inland. look at the 90s. creeping into our east bay. and even up into the north baby friday. so we have a mini heat wave and the rest of the weekend forecast and where it is hot and where you can go to get away from it next. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. checking the roads this morning. you said it. more folks heading into work today. here's a live look at san rafael. 101. not terrible as usual. but we have some slow spots including the san mateo bridge and westbound 92, a disabled vehicle briefly right around the high-rise there. that is long gone at this point but you are still down to 21
6:38 am
miles per hour. heavy from the toll plaza. and then sorry. that was a quick move down to morgan hill and northbound 101 you're down to just about 14 miles per hour. so you can tell it's not holiday light today. not quite back at the full volumes but closer. westbound 80, 20 minutes. 13 across the bay bridge. southbound 101 in the green at nine minutes. mass transit is next. >> thank you. president trump is heading to europe this morning for the g20 summit. we'll take a closer look with the face to face meeting that everyone is going to be watching. of course, san francisco is a popular tourist spot and there's a spike in crime targeting the visitors. mike and alexis always have your back coming to weather and traffic.
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ends sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we are back. frustration and a big fight at a bay area fireworks display put a bit of a damper on the holiday. >> police made a number of arrests at the al may da county fair last night. tiffany wilson is live this morning to tell us about the scuffle. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. yes, at least ten people were arrested here at the fairgrounds last night. the alameda county sheriff's office said almost everyone involved was between 15 and 20 years old and used pepper spray and batons to break up the
6:42 am
melee. >> this fourth of july, we saw a crowd enter the fairgrounds that were interested in chaos and anarchy. >> reporter: the captain say it is violent incidents were unusual but not without precedent at the alameda county fair n. 1998 a shooting at the fair understood god eight and sent others unrg. last night's issues were limited to fighting and no one was seriously injured. the juf tiles were taken in custody and released to parents. the adults were taken to jail. live in pleasanton, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> thank you. tourists are flocking to san francisco this summer and so are predators. specifically, car burglars. there's been a huge spike in burglaries especially in the central district of lombard street in downtown san francisco. police say more than 200 car burglaries in the city every month. the crookedest street in the world is a magnet and warning signs everywhere. >> we have two teams that work
6:43 am
full-time to counter the auto burglaries making arrests every other day so in the last two months i could safely say they have made over 80 arrests in this district alone. >> two suspects were arrested last week after they broke into parked cars on lombard and captured after a short police chase. oakland police are looking for a driver who shot a man in a road rage incident. the 23-year-old victim was driving down 58th avenue monday night when police say another driver nearly backed into him. they exchanged words and then started fighting. the suspect pulled a gun and shot the 23-year-old in the leg. police found the car later and not him. police and crime stoppers are offering up to $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a player for the san jose earthquakes is in critical condition this morning after nearly drowning this lake tahoe. silva is on loan to reno.
6:44 am
the 20-year-old midfielder was pulled out of the water while swimming yesterday. emergency crews performed life saving resuscitation at the scene. paramedics took him to a nearby hospital in tahoe and air lifted him to reno. we have new detail this is morning in the huge cyber attack that took down computers around the world. ukraine's government says it's now stopped a second attack. last month's explosion of data scrambling software crippled banks, businesses and government agencies. ukraine's interior ministry posted on facebook that the second wave of the attack was due to hit yesterday. officials believe it was also the work of the same company responsible for the earlier attack. residents in fremont's irvington area feeling patriotic this morning thanks to a mysterious person who's been leaving american flags on their lawns for the fourth of july for many years now. >> it is nice because it reminds us of -- it reminds me of what the fourth of july is for.
6:45 am
>> the flags are left early in the morning while most people are still asleep. >> nice tradition. the already tough rental market in the bay area is getting even tougher. the average cost of a two bedroom apartment ranges from $2,000 in oakland to $3,040 in san francisco according to apartment list 379 come. about two to three times higher than the national average of $1,050. here's what they're calling the glass half full kind of news. rent in bay area went up less than the national average of 2.9% and san francisco rents went down by just under 1%. and oakland, rents up 1.2% and in san jose, the increase was 2.2%. new developments this morning on what you may be seeing on apple's next iphones. yesterday we told you apple is working on a face scan that would unlock your device instead of your fingerprint. bloomberg is reporting is more than two dozen new features part of iphone 8 and the 7s and 7s
6:46 am
plus including that the 8 will have the world's highest screen to body ratio among mass market smartphones. that's a really funny way to put it. analysts expect it to break sales records when it's released around october or november. >> my phone's already feeling old as a result and you just upgraded to yours. >> i did. >> so -- >> my phone is now huge. >> enjoy it while it's relevant. >> part of the modern age. >> it's not a flip phone. >> shamed into getting it. >> my dad has a flip phone and likes it that way. absolutely. here's a look at 280 at 17 san jose. looks gray out there other than the offramp. talk about what's going to happen by flipping over and looking at the clouds infiltrating the east bay. marine layer at 2,000 feet. typical summer day. we're going to have the clouds back to the coast an highs are going to be about 30 degrees from the coast to inland. clouds and cool overnight and
6:47 am
inland heat wave developing starting tomorrow. all right. small craft advisory, a better idea of where it is. east of the golden gate and east. yellow. from 3:00 to 11:00 so starts two hours later today. 75 to 79 through most of the area. look at this. mid to upper 80s there. santa cruz sunny this afternoon and 72. about 72 to 76 on the peninsula today. of course, cooler up around millbrae at 68. more sunshine at the coast today. we'll still hover around 60 degrees for most neighborhoods. downtown san francisco falls short of average. should be around 69. sonoma, san rafael to 81. mid-80s for cloverdale and lake port and east bay shore, fastest breezes there. some of the warmest hercules, 74 an fremont 75. oakland 70. 90 in antioch and brentwood and
6:48 am
you can see in napa today that 83, that's where we should be. not going to quite be there. as far as our hourly temperatures. we'll warm up to about 79. all right. temperatures about 50 to 59 degrees tonight. my accuweather 7-day forecast bottom row, 62 to 64. middle row, 80 to 84 an then inland 92 to 96. thursday through monday. alexis? >> good morning, mike. we have kind of had a tough time bouncing back here on the san mateo bridge. a disabled vehicle around the mid span. oh, about 45 minutes ago. cleared quickly and we had a backup to about the toll plaza and looking at now and yeah. still pretty heavy. so definitely not seeing the holiday light volumes but hopefully that will recover son. it is one of the heaviest spots. westbound 205 to 580 out of tracy, 15, 16 miles per hour and heavy approaching the pass and mass transit looking great today overall. most of our agencies actually, all of our agencies back on normal weekday schedule today
6:49 am
and only problem was earlier track maintenance at south hayward but that delay has totally thinned out and normal service resumed. next traffic update just before 7:00. >> thank you. president trump is on his way to europe right now. he's heading to poland and then germany for the g20 summit. that summit includes a face to face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. many observers wonder if president trump will demand answers about possible russian hacking into last year's election. >> you would think he would have no choice but all the reporting and all of the things we have heard is he is not going to bring it up but obviously the dominant issue in the u.s. politics of how much they meddled in the elections. >> the trump administration is calling friday's meeting a, quote, normal bilateral discussion. russia, though, describing it differently. quote, as a full pledged seated meeting. president putin's agenda of the war on terror, dealing with north korea could also be part of the conversation. charlie carried her out. oh my god!
6:50 am
>> that dramatic video after a car explodes inside an apartment building in florida, the driver died at the scene. everyone else is okay. police say he intentionally crashed his car full of propane tanks into that building. hoping to blow up the place. police say this all stemmed from a domestic dispute. he was apparently targeting a woman inside the building. this could be great news for coffee lovers. a new book says drinking a cup of joe could be the best thing you do all day and not just more alert but wake up the diet, too, by burning fat helping you stay satisfied and even boosting workouts. this is all according to dr. bob arnott. he wrote "the coffee lover's diet" and recommends adding several cup of coffee. >> it's going to increase the metabolism a little bit. you know? burn 100 or so more calories with the caffeine and takes fat out and use it during exercise. it does improve the intensity
6:51 am
you can exercise at. >> the doctor says if it makes you stressed, anxious or sends your heart racing, scale back or switch to decaf and says the correct way to drink coffee is slurping it. >> yeah. >> what? >> same goes for soup or anything. you mix air with it and tastes better. better when done in private, though. >> sounds awesome. all right. if you thought your barista is good at making designs in the latte foam, you have not met this man. he is in seoul, south korea. an he's becoming internet famous for masterpieces in your coffee cup. he started art at 21. he's now launched a cafe where he turns lattes into masterpieces. each cup by the way costs about $8.75 which sounds expensive but not by bay area prices. >> our director made a good point. coffee going to be cold. >> oh. because it takes so long? >> get an iced coffee.
6:52 am
got to wait for that. co-founders are teaming up to set a new agenda and the real thing to talk about the name of the project. they're calling it wtf. short for according to them win the future. one of the first efforts to create fun bill boards with proposed policy positions. co-founder of zinga marc pincus suggests free engineering degrees for all americans and not clear how it would be paid for. he's working on the project is reid hoffman since president trump's victory. >> okay. we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things to know before you go. looking live outside this morning with abc7 now. keeping you up to date on weather and traffic in the weather and traffic in the break.
6:53 am
6:54 am
we are back at 6:54. here's seven things to know. breaking news, police in new york say within of their officers was assassinated overnight. while sitting in a mobile command vehicle in the bronx. officer familia was a 12-year veteran of nypd. the suspect was killed by other officers. number two, crews are letting a haybrentwood burn itself out. this was on deer valley road. officials say $25,000 worth of hay has been destroyed in the fire. number three, missing some sleep last night, don't blame
6:55 am
you. people are launching illegal fireworks despite being warned not to do so for several days. a man was badly hurt trying to set off a mortar. number four, volunteers are ready to clean up beach trash left behind after the fourth of july festivities in santa cruz. it's called a star spangled cleanup. last year, volunteers removed close to 2,500 pounds of garbage. >> you can see that's one of the few areas of sunshine this morning. check out the temperatures where you live. the coast is at the bottom. bay in the middle. inland on top. >> number six, remember the nice, easy breezy commutes of a couple of days with the holiday? yeah. say good-bye. they're gone at this point. a lot of folks heading back to work today. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. >> number seven, happy birthday, spam! the meat product turns 80 today. hormel or as natasha insists, hormel. >> like normal.
6:56 am
>> 43,000 cans of spam every hour and a nationwide spam tour that is coming to at&t park next month. i will have you know that hawaii is the number one user of spam, buyer of spam? >> why. >> consumers. although i think -- does it use you? i ate it a lot growing up as a kid. spam and rice. >> you know? >> get it at mcdonald's. >> that's right. in hawaii mcdonald's you can. >> okay. >> happy birthday, spam. thank you for giving me hours of pleasure. >> "gma" is next. bye.
6:57 am
the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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good morning, america. breaking news, the u.s. and south korea fire back overnight after north korea's missile test. now testing missiles of our own as kim jong-un taunts america calling his launch of that intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the u.s. a package of gifts on independence day. high-stakes showdown. president trump about to meet face-to-face with russian president vladimir putin. the two leaders squaring off for the first time. the white house saying the president won't go easy on the russian leader. will trump confront putin on the russian meddling in the u.s. election? breaking overnight. a terrifying shooting in new york city. two police officers ambushed while on patrol. >> my partner's shot. my partner's shot. >> shots fired. >> hurry up. >> a female officer shot in the face and killed. bullets also strike an innocent bystander. why were the officers targeted?


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