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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: it happened right here. police officers say they found an 18-year-old man who admitted that he was setting off illegal fireworks. something went terribly wrong and police officers jumped in when the man started bleeding out, taking a belt to fashion a tourniquet. the biggest explosion of the night, prompting a neighbor to run over, who discovered a man with a bloody left hand. >> i believe he was in shock. he kept saying, what did i do, what did i do? and that was pretty much it. >> reporter: camera video shows the man suffered burns to the body. two newark police officers happened to come by on fireworks enforcement patrol. the 18-year-old told police he was setting off illegal fireworks. >> it was a mortar round where you typically put i it into a te and it shoots up into the air and explodes, which is usually the most dangerous type, because it can catch fire and explode any time. >> reporter: the accident happened in the street in front of this man's house.
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he wouldn't identify himself or provide any details about the victim. police are not releasing the injured teen's name. tins temperature und >> who knows who made these? we don't know if it's a company or someone in a basement making these illegal fireworks and selling them. so we have no idea. >> reporter: the victim is expected to survive. police say he'll live the rest of his life with disfiguring zwr injuries. >> they just think it's an exciting night and let's do what we can do and make the loudest noises that we can make. >> reporter: how smart do you think they are? [ laughter ] >> not smart enough, apparently. >> reporter: in newark, david louie, "abc7 news." >> the chp tweeted today that at least 47 people died in car crashes over the fourth of july weekend. it's what the chp terms maximum enforcement period. many victims were not wearing seat belts.
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chp made more than 1200 dui arrests between friday night and midnight last night. new at 6:00, take a look at the illegal fireworks morgan hill picked up yesterday. officers cited 20 people for violations. illegal fireworks could be seen and heard across the bay area last night. law enforcement tells us frankly they're outnumbered and overwhelmed trying to stop them. laura anthony is live in oakland where fireworks are blamed for at least one fire. laura? >> reporter: hi, eric. every year we hear police say they are going to crack down on the illegal fireworks here in oakland. but again this year they were seriously outmanned and here near redwood road, illegal fireworks are blamed for this small brush fire. it's a glittering, some say galling dismay that seems to go off bigger and brighter each
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fourth of july. the backyard illegal displays that light up the skies above oakland, as shown on this youtube video. >> it will go on like this for two or three more hours. >> reporter: the show went on despite efforts by police and sheriff deputies who tried to minimize the dangerous spectacle. >> we have seen an increase in the amount of fireworks this year. >> reporter: sergeant ray kelly says there's only so much police can do. >> we try to control it as best we can. but there's no way to stop the amount of fireworks that come in. a lot of the fireworks we see are legal in other states. you to go across the border in nevada. >> reporter: while there were no reports of serious injury or death, there was some destruction, include thing garage fire on 52nd avenue, where we found a huge pile of fireworks debrises mixed with shell casings. >> sometimes you don't know if it's a gunshot or firecrackers.
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so that's how people get killed. so they do need to bring it down a notch. >> the sounds were like boom! boom! boom! >> reporter: wendell clark was at ground zero in east oakland. >> the police walked out here last night on foot and they decided not to stay. they came for a few moments and walked away. i mean, what do you do? i mean, can you criminalize the fourth of july? >> reporter: and this is just a small piece of debris we found here. we saw stuff like this piled up all over the city. in fact, the city of oakland has created a hotline, a phone number for folks to call if they would like trucks to come out and clean up that debris. we're showing you that number on the bottom of the screen. laura anthony, "abc7 news." >> laura, thank you. new w"abc7 news" was in san cruz where close to 50 volunteers helped clean up the
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beach after last night's problem. illegal fireworks are usually a problem on the beach. >> oh! >> this year it didn't seem to be quite as big an issue. jet star studios posted this drone footage and you could see a few fireworks going off but not many. police haven't given us a total of arrests or citations. the cleanup began at san francisco's deloris park. workers were called in to pick up trash. the rec and parks department estimates crowds were large, as many as 10,000 people. >> we have to deploy staff early in the morning to clean up the park. there were seven staff on site this morning and they picked up 90 bags of trash. >> despite the crowds, police reported few problems last night. animal shelters prepared for an influx of lost pets that ran off from home in fear when the fireworks went off. at 6:30, we'll have a happy reunion for you.
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and a live look at san francisco international airport where everything is back to normal now, hours after terminal one was evacuated. this is cell phone video taken after passengers were told to leave the terminal. they were evacuated after a police dog alerted officers to something suspicious about an abandoned suitcase. turns out a passenger, who was late for a flight, left it behind because he didn't have time to check it in. travelers affected by the delays were angry. >> that's insane. because you leave an abandoned bag in an airport, they're going to shut it down. >> that is so rude. it's inconvenienced hundreds of people. >> the tsa will decide if the passenger who abandoned the suitcase will be fined for leaving it behind. now to developing news. the trial of the suspect in a double murder four years ago at the san francisco jewelry mart is winding down. it was an emotional day. the court was packed with victim's family members and friends for closing arguments. vic lee is live at the hall of justice.
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>> reporter: it's the four-year anniversary of the murders. murders over the price of a necklace. a $300 dispute. now, closing arguments ended this afternoon and the case is now in the hands of the jurors. >> he sneneeds to know he did something wrong. >> reporter: lisa believes the accused killer, barry white, has no remorse. so her, he's just a cold blooded murderer. >> he has no feelings for anybody. >> reporter: white is accused of the brutal murders of two jewelry store clerks and critically injuring the owner. july 12th, 2013, white was in the jewelry mart on brennan street. he had arguing with the store owner over the price of a necklace he had recently purchased. he shot him and a worker and
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slit the throat of another employee and then went back and slashed his throat. hun fought back and survived. white fired at police outside the jewelry mart before he surrendered. most of it was captured on video. the prosecutor showed the graphic violent video inside the store. the most chilling of all, the audio. you could hear the cries and skroem screams of the victims as they were being stabbed and shot. family members in court broke down. >> i feel the knife on her throat. that's why i was shocked and i heard the bullets and i feel her fear. >> reporter: this is her brother. he says no matter the verdict, it's never going to bring his sister back or heal the wounds from her death. vic lee, "abc7 news." a federal judge ruled that a civil suit against police in a
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kidnapping case can proceed. it's been more than two years since matthew muller broke into the home of the two. muller drugged and bound her, abducted her and held her hostage for two days before letting her go. muller was sentenced to 40 years in prison on a kidnapping charge. police initially dismissed the crime as a hoax. the couple say they want to make sure the police department is held accountable for its actions. sonoma county issued its first permits for the cultivation and forc for cannabis today. wayne freedman has the details. >> reporter: sonoma county expects to take in roughly $3.5 to $4 million a year for taxes and fees for the sales of commercial cannabis. so we expected a big turnout today, yes, but in fact, only four people. what?
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they expected there to be a line out the door. it never materialized. >> just a normal wednesday morning. >> reporter: cannabis is a le t legitimate growth business in the county, and in at least one case, run by a woman with an mba. >> my friends questioned my decisions when i made the move over into cannabis. >> reporter: lauren frazier defined for a cannabis distribution license. take a number. >> now serving 152. >> this is an opportunity for cannabis business to come out of the black market. >> the cannabis industry will be regulated just like any other business and they will be subject to worker's compensation, osha regulations, all of the other regulations that traditional businesses have to follow. >> reporter: in a county that until now everyone recognized for wine and kraft foods,
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medical cannabis had an underground cache. now it's legit. >> there is a culture rooted in the cannabis industry. a new era began, not with a puff, but with paperwork. wayne freedman, "abc7 news." technology is making end roads into east bay parks. next, the new rules and what you'll see joining you on the trails. a good warmup coming our way. we'll see some triple digit temperatures. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. a woman's washing machine. coming up, 7 on your side solves a problem. at 6:30, new details revealed about the ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
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new at 6:00, a show of support for a man facing charges in the ghost ship fire that claimed 36 lives. "abc7 news" was in oakland where a group gathered just an hour ago to show their support. his friends, many of them musicians and artists, asked for his release from jail. he along with his co-defendant face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire. >> he lives on to honor them in the best way he can, and that's to continue to create art and that means he has to fight this case. >> paris says he has faith he will one way talk free. new details on the charges
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against a hit and run suspect. the district attorney's office says he's charged with murder, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving under the influence. his court date has not been set. it's unclear if he's out of the hospital. police say wilson is responsible for the crash on highway 4 in concord last friday. two children died in that crash. their 3-month-old brother is still in critical condition. a volunteer for a small church in san francisco's mission district pleaded not guilty to charges that he sexually assaulted two 18-year-old brothers. he helped out at a small protestant evangelical church. the church pastor and members of the congregation appeared in court today in a show of support. prosecutors say he invited the brothers to stay at his home after they ran into family issues. >> they stayed with him while they were going through some hard times, and it's alleged at that location, he committed various sex acts.
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>> he's accused of assaulting the men after they consumed drugs and fell unconscious. he was arrested june 27. he did not make bail of $750,000 and remains in custody. motorized bikes are coming to a trail near you. the plan to allow electric bikes on three east bay trails just passed. "abc7 news" was on the iron horse trail today as park directors were taking up e-bikes. they approved a one-year pilot program to see if motorized bikes are a good fit for riding, hiking, or however you roll. >> i've never tried one. i would like to try it, i think. >> definitely more fun than you would expect and it's not cheating. it gives you an extra push so you can travel further and see more. >> besides the iron horse trail, the bikes will be allowed on the central contra costa canal creek and the alameda creek
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t a major tahoe resort is still running ski lifts after the snowiest winter on record. kristen sze has a look at the slopes. >> reporter: this is the cam from squaw valley. you can see a lot of the snow has melted, but enough remains that skiing continues past july fourth for the first time in resort history. check out squaw valley yesterday, skiers waving the american flag, dressed in patriotic shorts and tank tops, all made possible because the resort got more than six feet of snow this past winter. and mt. bachelor in oregon, skiers were able to celebrate america's birthday on the slopes for the ninth time in history. >> can't wait to do it again. this is probably the best snow of my lifetime. >> happy birthday, america.
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>> and back to squaw now. you notice the lifts have now stopped. from this point on, you can only ski on saturday morningings. and mammoth mountain remains open, as well. that's pretty incredible. >> thank you, kristen. >> and spencer is here with the forecast. i don't imagine there's any snow in it. >> no, not from the bay area. i'll give you a preview of tomorrow in three-hour stages. low clouds and fog at the coast and out over the bay. three hours later at 9:00 a.m., we'll see just parts of the coastline getting sunnier and sunnier over most of the bay area. noon, sunny skies just about everywhere. in the afternoon, it will just be even warmer. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd, we have a little bit of fog in the north bay coastline right
6:19 pm
now. south of the golden gate, under sunny skies. let's move on and take a look at current temperature readings. blue skies over the bay from our roof top and looking to the south-southeast. 62 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 69. 71 in mountain view. 74 in san jose. and 61 at half moon bay. a different view now showing fog billowing in over parts of san francisco and moving out over the bay. temperatures right now in the upper 70s at santa rosa, and mid 80s at concord and livermore. mt. tam looking down on to the bay, these are our forecast features. a warmer pattern beginning tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 90s inland, maybe topping out at 100. and mild at the beaches through the weekend. overnight, we'll see fog again surging out over the bay, and pushing locally inland. overnight lows will be mainly in
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the mid 50s. as we look ahead to tomorrow, here's a 12-hour planner for you for thursday. early morning hours, a few high clouds and low clouds at the coast and bay. by noon, sunny just about everywhere except at the coast. sunny across the entire region with just a little patch of low clouds and fog near the coast at 4:00 p.m. that will be the peak of our warming with temperatures in the low 90s inland. let's get specific here. a high tomorrow of 85. santa rosa, looking for 92. 92 at concord. san jose, a high of 84 likely tomorrow. as we move ahead to the beaches, the light breezes, 5 to 10 miles per hour tomorrow. extreme uv index, so be sure to use the sun screen if you're going out to the beaches. highs at the beaches tomorrow, low to mid 60s. santa cruz will top out at 73. looking ahead to friday, going to be really warm with highs around 100 degrees.
6:21 pm
fairfield, 101. 99 at antioch. numerous locations, high ninths to 100. sunday, similar range of highs as saturday. so let's take a look at the seven-day forecast. sunny skies through the seven-day period. temperature range will show temperatures rising through friday, tapering off gradually over the weekend and into monday. further cooling on tuesday and wednesday with a few more clouds coming back into the sky. >> thanks, spencer. the phrase "hit the
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five, four, three, two, one. >> another success for spacex, the falcon nine rocket, who has launched a satellite into orbit. weather and computer problems delayed this launch. the rocket took off from kennedy space center about two hours ago. a move by volvo may shift away from the internal combustion engine. every car built will be an electric motor been two years' time. this is video from the carmaker, which says it plans to build hydride car car car car car s
6:25 pm
some experts believe it marks a tipping point in the car industry. >> every car company is shifting from research and development in the internal combustion engine to now looking at the electrify case of transportation. >> here in california, a state senate committee passed an electric car bill this afternoon. the bill would provide billions to help car buyers afford electric vehicles. there are still several steps before it reaches the floor. a million rides today leads our business watch. that's the milestone lift just reached. the 5-year-old san francisco ride hailing company is still far behind uber, but it's making process. lift has doubled ridership for the past four years. home prices on the peninsula still rising. in san francisco and santa mayo counties, prices went up 4.5%.
6:26 pm
nationwide, the change was over 6.5%. core logic expects prices to rise about 5% over the next year. denim company true reply janulin filed for bankruptcy today. coming up next, some of the best news to come out of the fourth of july. >> a dog ran in fear from fireworks gets reunited with her owner. silicon valley is known for what's new. i'm jonathan bloom. the team is helping to solve a modern problem, ahead on "abc7 news." and president trump arrives in poland just hours ago, his first stop in a series of high
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be a powerful force. nature valley
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live where you live. this is "abc7 news." the suspect is still outstanding. he is considered armed and dangerous. >> armed and dangerous and still out there somewhere. after committing sban jose's 15h homicide of the year.
6:30 pm
but the victim in this case isn't just a number. >> today, police revealed her name. >> reporter: detectives are trying to figure out who shot and killed mila dang and why. she was just 20 years old. authorities say the young woman from monterey county was found shot to death monday inside this home on 10th street just blocks away from san jose state university. >> the suspect was gone. but again, we were able to develop some information and the information that we did receive was that they were known to each other. >> reporter: police have not released a suspect description. a neighbor who didn't want to be identified says she's seen a lot of traffic there. >> they've had parties before. they've had a lot of people coming in and out all the time. >> reporter: police served a search warrant on the home and they've been able to collect footage of surveillance from the area. >> we don't believe there's anybody in that neighborhood
6:31 pm
that is in danger, but there is a suspect still out there. the firearm is still outstanding. so again, we want people to practice caution. if they kn >> neighbors are hoping for answers soon. >> nobody wants a murderer on the loose. >> reporter: police say they do have significant leads and are confident they'll capture the suspect. to developing news now. escalating tension between the u.s. and north korea, with the u.s. ambassador to the united nations warning that our nation will take military action against north korea, if necessary. the strong statement came today at a meeting of the u.n. security council. it's in response to this week's launch of an sbhesbhersb ballistic missile that could reach parts of the u.s. >> the united states is ready to use the full range of our
6:32 pm
capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. >> earlier, the u.s. and south korea teamed up for ballistic missile drills after north korea's launch. some 300 isis fighters have been cornered in mosul as iraqi forces prepare to take back the country's second largest city. isis control of mosul has shrunk to just 600 square yards. civilians are also believed to be trapped. the iraqi prime minister congratulated troops on a big victory in mosul. tonight, president trump is in poland where his schedule is packed with meetings with foreign leaders. he's set to give an address in warsaw tomorrow. all eyes are on friday when president trump plans to sit down with russian president vladamir putin. the white house is calling it a norm alibi lateral discussion. >> the idea that donald trump would show up at a meeting with donald trump and not say something about the election
6:33 pm
would be astounding. >> in a statement issued today, the kremlin hoped to establish a working dialogue. the list of those running for governor in california in 2018 is getting longer. hadley believes he can appeal to voters. he'll compete against john with cox, travis allen, and lieutenant governor gavin knewsome, and the former mayor of los angeles. google has partnered with a nonprofit to repair homes damaged by the san jose floods. the tech giant is contributing $100,000 to the group rebuilding together silicon valley. the nonprofit will work to restore their homes free of charge. since the inception, more than 32,000 volunteers have renovated 3,000 homes in the local community. fireworks and fear.
6:34 pm
they're the reasons animal shelters often see an uptick in new arrivals. scared bets run from home and can't find their way back. lonny rivera shows us one man and his dog who are now back together. >> reporter: there are new faces inside the kennels at the martinez animal shelter. these dogs and cats ran away from home during the fourth of july weekend. >> i'm here to pick up my dog. people don't care. they were setting off fireworks all night long. >> reporter: and there's a steady line of people looking for their pets. >> they see them going off and we think it's fun and exciting. animals, they have amplified fear and it is very traumatizing for them. >> reporter: the shelter sees an uptick in strays in the days leading up to and following independence day.
6:35 pm
they aim to connect missing pets like this one back to their owners. it took some time, but finally these two are back together. anthony is so relieved. >> a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. >> any time we can get an animal back with its owner. you see the reaction on that dog and the owner. i mean, that's really what this job is all about. >> reporter: since friday, the shelter received 150 stray animals. that's expected to keep climbing. not the first time that zeke the pit bull has run away. >> i have her back. she's going the hang out with me every day now. >> reporter: the shelter installed a microship just in case the dog leaves again. lonny rivera, "abc7 news." >> the smell of fourth of july barbecue might still be in the air.
6:36 pm
that could help you pack on extra weight. >> we're going to walk you through the cal study that found a link between what you smell and what you weigh, no matter what you eat. >> and if you're having trouble getting back into the work rhythm after yesterday's holiday, let's take a look ahead to the weekend, when
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when you buy a new alliance in california, it must meet strict san dards for saving energy and water. >> michael finney is here now. >> we've come a long way towards making better, low-flow, low energy appliances. this viewer says her washing machine did well to meet those standards, just not so well cleaning her clothes. >> sensing. this is time for sensing. >> the top load washing machine is working the way it's supposed to. she says that's the problem. >> the main thing is the water did not cover the laundry. >> reporter: clothes go in, but they don't get wet. >> it says deep water wash. didn't change things. >> reporter: water pours in, but
6:40 pm
is this deep? >> it's about an inch of water or less. >> reporter: eve pulls a sheet from the filled up tub. >> totally dry. no water has touched it. >> reporter: it's made to use less water, as required under state regulations. however, she says it still should be able to clean her laundry. >> if you don't get clean clothes, why use it? >> reporter: may tag sent a tech ni -- technician four times. so she started filling it herself. >> we put in buckets of water. i didn't know what else to do. i watched 7 on your side for years. >> reporter: she contacted us. we got ahold of whirlpool, which makes may tag washers. and the company agreed to simply refund her money, telling us, we apologize for the inconvenience
6:41 pm
and frustration she has experienced. we're happy that we're able to come to a resolution with her. >> all thanks to kgo 7 on your side, michael finney. >> reporter: so she says she bought a new washing machine, a front loader this time. stricter water regulations take effect in january. washers will have to use even less. i want to hear from you. call us or reach me on my facebook page or do you know what the low-flow washing machines are? >> not yet. >> you will. coming up next, meet the girl who is about to take
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6:44 pm
this weekend, a 16-year-old girl from california will arrive in st. louis for a chess tournament. she's a rising star and also a pioneer. >> reporter: there's not much talking in this house once the chess board comes out. the sisters deep in thought. the pieces speak for themselves.
6:45 pm
>> once i start playing, i get more concentrated and nothing else matters. >> reporter: do you have this ability to tune out everything? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's that unbreakable concentration that's helped her amass a room full of medals and trophies, that and her iron will. >> even if i'm moving, i always fight back, so it's not ever until it's over. >> reporter: that's what happened two years ago at the u.s. junior championship in st. louis. she came back from a loss to win the whole thing. this year she's invited to return. who is your grudge match going to be against? >> all of them. because we've all beat each other many times. >> reporter: she's practicing with her sister and at the chess club she founded with her father once she got old enough. >> sometimes i intentionally lose the game. but after that, i cannot win intentionally. >> reporter: but beyond winning tourname tournaments, she's also doing something else. she's breaking down barriers. >> there's definitely more girls
6:46 pm
now. >> reporter: she grew up playing a game dominated by men. >> there was only one or two girls i saw at the tournaments. >> reporter: and now? >> there was many. >> reporter: and as she's grabbed headlines, her dad gives her credit. >> she's one of the standouts in the nation. she was kind of instrumental in bringing all other girls coming to this tournament to come up very fast. >> reporter: but to those players, her little sister has a warning. >> she doesn't give in that easily, so it's tough tore beat her. >> reporter: and she would know. what just happened there? >> i won. >> reporter: in san jose, jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." >> smelling food before you eat it may lead to weight gain according to a new study. researchers tested obese mice in the experiment. some were super smellers. others were smell defish enlcid.
6:47 pm
researchers say there's a key connection between the body's smell system and parts of the brain that regulation metabolism. >> the bay area is a beautiful place and viewers prove it. >> marie shared this picture with her dog. the picture has the #abc7now. >> and spencer has an update with our forecast. >> we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. here's live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies right now except at the coast. early morning hours, fog moving across the bay and locally inland overnight and morning lows range from low to mid 50s. but the sun will be back tomorrow, just about everywhere. highs ranging from low to mid 60s to mid and upper 70s. inland, upper 80s to low and mid 90s. and it's going to get even warmer. friday, look for triple digits in the hottest inland spots.
6:48 pm
low 80s around the bay. mid 60s on the coast. temperatures taper off to mid 90s, cooling down through the weekend and monday and further cooling on tuesday and wednesday of next week. one day of triple digits, that's not a big deal. >> thank you, spencer. talking warriors. >> you would think it's over, but they keep adding to the roster. they're getting close to securing the entire roster. they signed up ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine.
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well, when you have a couple of these, larry o'brien trophies, it's easy to lure talent. warriors continue to complete their roster, and today, they signed nick young on a one-year deal. young had an option with the lakers for this season worth $5.6 million, but he opted out, wanting to go to a contender. he averaged 13 points in dpa games last year with the lakers.
6:52 pm
like any good signing these days, we have to get the social media breakdown. the writing was on the wall three days ago when draymond green posted a picture on snap chat. today, kevin durant took a playful shot posting an image of one of young's infamous misses. since we're doing a flashback, check out this tweet from young. ripping warrior fans. guessing he'll change that tune now. welcome to the bay area, swaggy p. a's looking for their second straight win, after a home run derby yesterday. sonny gray on the hill, perhaps his last time on the hill as his name is floating in trade talks. gray pitching with his futcher in oakland in question, strikes
6:53 pm
out adam aeengle. 1-0 a's if the fourth. this is a shot to left center field, puts the a's up 2-0. huge day for roj davis, stealing back-to-back bases in the fourth and he gets across the plate for his efforts after this single. the a's go on to win big 7-4. that's back-to-back wins over the white sox. nick hundley catches a foul ball and then dekes his skipper. 1-0 giants in the third. jay wong laces this single. hernandez scores, 2-0 giants lead. top four, brandon belt, a little single of his own, that's past kinsler. giants up 3-0. the rally continues. hunter pence into the right field gap. tomlinson and belt score. 5-0 giants lead.
6:54 pm
pence with a triple. the score as we speak, 5-4 giants. complete highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. wimbledon and rafael nadal, who has won 26 straight grand slam sets. nadal facing the american. nadal didn't drop any of his 20 sets on his way to winning his tenth french open. he moved into round three for the first time since 2014 with a straight set victory. ever wants to see he and roger federer in the final. andy murray also moving on. on the women's side. petra, a two-time champion here in 2011 and '14, knocked out by the 95th ranked american. she was cut on her left hand at her home by a knife wielding
6:55 pm
intruder. this was only her second outing since the incident. venus williams also advanced today. finally, coach has been named for cal. and the warriors solidifying their roster. i think that locker room is going to be too much of a veteran locker room for him to get in trouble. >> we're going to love saying that name, swaggy p. >> all right. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. a united airlines passenger is forced to give up her seat to a stand by passenger.
6:56 pm
united's explanation at 9:00. and enforcing immigration laws in san francisco. the city's police commission is discussing the controversial issue right now. and coming up tonight at 8:00, it's "the goldbergs," at 10:00 p.m., it's "to tell the truth." stay with us for "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> at 11:35, it's "jimmy kimmel live." >> and that's it for this edition of "abc7 news." hook fog braering news on look for breaking news on twitter. >> for all of us, thanks for joining us. >> good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a customer-experience advisor from armonk, new york... an independent filmmaker from los angeles, california... and our returning champion, an attorney from los angeles, california... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, everyone. well, the holiday celebrations are gone, but the celebrations for jon eisenman, our champion,
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continue -- three big wins on the program. today, though, sebastian and chloe are here. good luck, players. here we go. jeopardy! round. what are the categories that await you? each correct response will rhyme with the word "free." alex: jon. i'll take stupid for $600, please. hi. i'm louis c.k., and... -sebastian. -what is "louie"? that's the series. free rhymes, $600.


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