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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 10, 2017 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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>> hard. the red cross is working with the city to arrange hotel accommodations for those who remain without a place to live. and developing news across california where firefighters are counting on cooler weather today to help them battle 14 active wildfires. take a look at the map. it shows where the fires are burning. none of them are in the bay area. calfire says some 5,000 firefighters are on the front line. crews from southern marin and mill valley are in butte county battling a wildfire battling 54 homes. the wildfire has destroyed 17 structures including at least ten homes. people living in the area say as many as 50 homes have been lost. 4,000 people are evacuated this morning and another 7400 are under an evacuation warning. governor brown declaring a state of emergency in that county. the fire is only 25% contained this morning. meanwhile, fire crews from psan francisco were helping to battle a huge wildfire south of san luis obispo.
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it's burned more than 3700 square miles since thursday and at least 150 homes are threatened. >> it's extremely difficult. we have hand crews coming in all over from the central coast to help put a line around it. >> shifting winds are also making it really hard for firefighters to get a handle on all of this. right now, that fire is 15% contained. we're posting the latest information on all of the california wildfires right on the abc 7 news app. you can download it and make sure to enable push alerts to get breaking news sent straight to your smartphone or tablet. >> we're tracking developing news at the live desk this morning. new york police investigating the death of a woman and a state trooper. the suspect, the woman's husband. a u.s. army soldier. the soldier, 32-year-old justin walters, was taken into custody at the scene near the canadian border. the trooper was responding to a domestic disturbance call at his home when he was shot and killed. his wife was found dead inside. walters is an active duty
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infantry man. so far, mow comment from the army. >> now moving on to news from washington and the news about the president's son and a meeting with a russian lawyer tied to the kremlin. it happened just before november's election. the president's eldest son revealed he was led to believe the attorney had information damaging to hillary clinton. here's abc news reporter janay norman. >> vladimir putin dominating headlines and the president's twitter timeline. overnight, president donald trump backtracking on a discussion with the kremlin, writing, the fact that president putin and i discussed a cybersecurity unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. it can't. >> we might as well just mail our ballot boxes to moscow. i don't think that's an answer at all. >> when it comes to russia, he's got a blind spot, and to forgive and forget when it comes to putin is to empower putin. >> the idea outraging the president's own party as another bombshell makes waves.
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trump's inner circle saying they met with a russian lawyer with tied to the kremlin last summer pafter trump clinched the republican nomination. don jr. revealing in a statement, i was asked to have a meeting with an acquaintance who i was told might have information helpful to the campaign and she stated she had information that individuals connected to russia were supporting mrs. clinton. when it was clear the attorney had no meaningful information, the meeting ended. the white house chief of staff painted a different picture of the same meeting. >> there was a meeting apparently about russian adoption. and after about 20 minutes, the meeting ended. that was the end of it. >> president trump's outside legal team said in a statement, the president did not attend the meeting and was not aware of it. don jr.'s statement appears to be the first public indication that members of the trump team were willing to accept help from russians, and this comes amid mixed messages from the white house over whether the president accepted putin's denial of interfering in the election.
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abc news washington. on to the latest developments in the oakland police sex scandal involving a teenager. a report found the police department and city leaders did not act quickly enough and did not take the victim, jasmine auslin, seriously. happening today, a rare order by the judge for the city of oakland to appear in court to address the department's mishandling of the investigation. today's hearing will also address the 14-year-old reform effort of the police department which the opd has yet to fulfill. >> new details on the wells fargo account scandal. a san francisco judge has giving preliminary approval to a settlement in the case. the judge found the proposed $142 million settlement to be, quote, fair, reasonable, and adequate. wells fargo's president said, quote, this is a major milestone in our effort to make things right for our customers. as many as 3.5 million accounts were opened without customers' knowledge in may 2002 in order to meet unrealistic sales goals.
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let's open up the weather window on the east bay. a lot of times it shows the encroachment of the marine layer clouds. they're out there on the coast. they're going to make a late arrival in san francisco and over towards oakland and berkeley, but i wouldn't expect them to hang around very long. i'm have the fog forecast in about seven minutes. your commute, if you're on the bay, we have a small craft advisory. choppy water and brisk conditions this afternoon north of the bay bridge and east of the golden gate. not as hot as it was last friday if you're taking mass transit. on the roads, dry, it will be this afternoon. let's talk temperatures. san francisco, west portal at 52, the cool spot. just about everybody 53 to 55 degree. we have 55 in richmond. belmont, palo alto and union city at 57. santa clara at 56. warmer weather around walnut creek and pittsburg and tracy, 64 to 67. petaluma if you're waking up, dress for 52. same thing in daly city and
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american canyon, 59. a couple temperatures. napa, by noon, we'll be at 72. in the upper 70s in the afternoon hours. 75 at 6:00, and san mateo at noon, 68. we'll hang around 70 during the afternoon hours. about 67 at 6:00. here's a quick look at your temperatures. you can see today is our hottest afternoon. a relief tomorrow. and also into wednesday. but the heat does come back. the seven-day forecast next. >> i want to take you back out to the central valley here where we have some trouble in tracy. this is westbound 205 just before you get to holly drive. three-car crash early this morning involving a double trailer semi. one of the trailers on the semi flipped. for a brief time, we had all lanes blocked. now we have the left lane open, but it's solid from i-5. you want to head south and take grant line road or west 11th to get around that. those are both looking good so far if you're heading towards altamont pass this morning. other than that, pretty quiet. a quick check at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet.
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just a little stack up in the cash lanes and overnight road work wrapping up in a couple places. >> thank you. vallejo police stopped two possible suspects in a carjacking. the encounter caught on video that has sparked an internal police investigation. and honoring three u.p.s. drivers gunned down on the job. the vow to make sure they did not die in vain. it's 4:38 on a monday morning. we appreciate you being here. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll help you make this a we'll help you make this a bett
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forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. from all corners of the country, a family for life. ♪ but whether they served in lands far away or communities close to home, some of these men and women may face difficult times or even crisis. but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever. ♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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well, what a mess. take a look at this water main break in pinole. the rushing water filling the road on park street in front of the montessori school. they say it was a six-inch cast iron pipe that ruptured. fortunately, only two customers lost water service. repair crews had to open up part of the street in order to fix the broken main. >> 4:41 now. the highway patrol says speeding was likely the cause of a deadly crash near kenwood in sonoma county. chp responded to calls of a brush fire on highway 12 yesterday. officers discovered a volvo had crashed and burst into flames. the driver lost control on a curve. >> it appears the driver lost control, went up an embankment,
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over a fence, and rolled serve times into the field where the vehicle caught fire and became fully engulfed. >> the identity of the driver has not been released. the body was burned beyond recognition. >> vallejo's police department is opening an investigation to determine if an officer used a racial slur. officers stopped two suspects on saturday. one of the officers used a slur. that officer has been identified and placed on leave while the investigation is completed. in a statement, the department says, quote, it takes all reports of unprofessional behavior seriously and has no tolerance for such behavior. >> on to a moving tribute for the three san francisco u.p.s. drivers gunned down at work. family and friends came together at city hall to remember them. here's abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard. >> the glide memorial church ensemble performed a song to honor the lives of three u.p.s. workers.
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but their family and friends knew them by other names. >> big mike, uncle benson, and infectious wayne. >> the three were gunned down on june 14th by a fellow u.p.s. driver who had filed a grievance about working excessive overtime. he took his own life the same day. mayor ed lee offered the victims' families these words. >> we will do everything to help you recover from this tragedy, but we begin with appropriately honoring their memories here today. >> congresswoman nancy pelosi says gun violence must end. >> a loss like this so unexpected. gun violence, leaves a trauma behind. >> his cousin says his family is just trying to cope with the loss of a man who was bigger than life. >> one day at a time. we'll get a grip on it sooner, later. we just miss him and we love
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him. >> the teamsters and u.p.s. family standing as one. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. it's 4:44 now. u.s. backed forces in iraq are declaring victory over isis. the country's prime minister says the government has reclaimed the city of mosul for civilians there, it's been a desperate struggle to stay alive. homes, neighborhoods, and lives destroyed. the operation to retake mosul started back in october and now the focus turns to syria, the capital for isis. u.s.-backed forces are already making headway there against the militants. in london, dozens of firefighters put out a big fire at camden lock market. officials say flames burned three floors and the roof of a building within the complex around 3:00 a.m. local time. the popular destination offers shopping and night life activities. witnesses say the fire moved fast and they thought the building could explode at one point. fortunately, no one was hurt and
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the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. quarter to 5:00 on a monday morning. looks pretty quiet if you're trying to get out and about on 680 headed south to 24. becoming sunny. almost average today. mild nights for now because we have heat returning in the forecast in a few days. that means our nights will get warmer. keeping an eye on the monsoon, too. we had a wind shift. you can see the moisture in the 100 degree heat to the south. so far, not going to sneak up towards us. that could change through the week. let's take a look. here you go. that late arriving push of clouds right across san francisco over towards richmond all the way down to alameda. you can see along the coast, those clouds are going to remain stubborn through about noon and then even at the coast, it will start to open up to a little sunshine by the time we get to the afternoon and latter parts of the evening hours. today, 84 in san jose. that's close to average. cool spot, milpitas, 80. we'll get near 90 in morgan hill
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ad about 70 in santa cruz. as you head up the peninsula, 80 in redwood city. that sticks up. everybody else pretty much in the 70s. 68, millbrae, the cool spot. low 60s along the coast today. downtown san francisco, about 66. south san francisco, 67. sausalito, 68. and as you go through the north bay valley, 82 in petaluma and napa to santa rosa at 86. berkeley, 70. oakland, 71. 76 in fremont, and as we go inland, 87 in san ramon to 94 in brentwood. a touch of heat there. let's get your temperatures tonight. mid to upper 50s and maybe not even as much fog as this morning. really dry air mass on top of us, and that will lead to slightly cooler conditions tomorrow, and then look at the heat ramp up. 90s wednesday, inland sunday, with nearing 80 around the bay on friday and saturday. >> good morning. i want to touch on a couple overnight projects that are still in the finalizing stages here for overnight road work.
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take you up to state route 160 from state route 12 to west sherman island. resurfacing project started last friday. they should have it done by 6:00 this morning but you could see some lane closures if you're traveling between there and antioch over the next hour or so. also in san francisco, northbound 280 off ramp to cesar chavez, that is closed until 5:00 this morning for overnight road work. not seeing any major delays. wree have a headache in tracy this morning. we'll head back there just before 5:00. >> thank you. happening today, the final day for public comment on the 27 national monuments president trump wants to downsize or eliminate. the list includes six protected areas here in california like bear eesa snow mountain and sequoia national monument. they cover hundreds of thousands of acres. they were created by the last three presidents. president trump ordered the interior department to re-examine where the areas should really be national monuments. you can comment by mail or online and we have a link at
4:47 am >> inline skaters from across the country turned some san francisco streets into a race track over the weekend. barbara coast marathon is the only inline skating marathon on the west coast. skaters sped down the highway by ocean beach. they said they want to bring more awareness to their sport. >> what you're looking at is an attempt by roller skaters to be accepted more as a viable sport and a form of transportation. >> organizers say they hope inline skating will become an olympic sport some day. >> he lost his life in the line of duty. the bay area street that may soon bear the name of a fallen officer. >> he made surfing what it is today. >> surfers from around the world padding out into the ocean to honor an icon of their sport. >> and ready, set, slow.
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yeah, the great turtle race. there is no need for speed. we're going to show you first this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, gearing up for amazon's third prime day. it starts at 9:00 p.m., and runs until 3:00 a.m. on wednesday. it's 30 hours. the online retailer is promising discounts on hundreds of thousands of items. everything from speakers and printers and gummy bears. >> yum. you can also go to amazon's website, but the company recommends using the app. deals will be posted there 24 hours in advance and you can set an alert for when an offer begins and you can use alexa, the virtual assistant. alexa will give you access to deals two hours before anyone else. amazon says new deals will be offered every 5 minutes and they may only be available for a limited time. limited time. if you haven't already joi
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contaminated food. this one? west-nile virus. this? five billion dollars in property damage. and how about this one? lime disease. [male announcer] once you know the serious threats they pose, you'll never see household pests the same way again. learn more at pestworld dot org. welcome back. a stretch of 680 in san ramon may be renamed in honor of a fallen officer. tom smith was killed by friendly fire. he was serving a search warrant in dublin three years ago. a fellow officer mistook him for an armed suspect and shot him. it would rename 680 between bollinger canyon road and crow canyon road in smith's honor. >> surfers around the world paid tribute to the late surfing icon
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jack o'neal. he invented the wet suit. he passed away last months and hundreds of surfers joined a paddle out yesterday in his honor. it's where he lived. >> he's a legend. he made surfing what it is today. to honor him with going out in front of his house and just remembering him out in the water that he used to surf is like a huge honor to participate in. >> organizers say they managed to break the world record for the largest paddle out. well, it is not easy to win the lottery once. what about winning twice? rosa, tell us your secrets. this 19-year-old did exactly that in less than a week. she bought a scratch-off ticket on the road last month. she won the top prize of just over $500,000. then a few days later, she decided i'm going to buy another scratch-off ticket near her house. that one turned out to be worth $100,000. goodness gracious. >> they're not the fastest animals in the world, but some
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turtles proved they can kick it into high gear when they have to. a town in new york held its annual turtle race. about 300 turtles competed. their owners cheering them on. the top three turtles in each round won a medal and some cash. owners weighed in on why they thought their reptile would win. >> he can dart very fast, so there isn't a turtle here she can't beat. >> i'm going to touch his legs before he races, and it's going to make his legs move so that way he knows he's going to race and he's going to run faster. >> oh, yeah. the race, very competitive, but pet owners agree in the end, this is really about having fun. the race has been an annual tradition for 40 years. >> that looks like fun. >> yeah. >> good morning. maybe not so fun being on the water later this afternoon. well, actually this morning, too. unlike most small craft advisories that start in the mid afternoon, this one is going right now until 10:00 this
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evening. then we've also got one at the coast until 6:00 tomorrow morning. live view, watching eugene there. very strong, major hurricane. but notice it's already hitting some of that cooler water down to a category 2. as it flies up towards the northwest, paralleling the baja, it's going to keep the monsoon moisture more over the four corners region. as this thing dissipates, some thunderstorms are going to head towards the sierra, maybe even towards us later on towards the weekend. more on that coming up. here's alexis. >> let's head back out to tracy where we have a crash involving three vehicles and a double trailer semi hauling a whole lot of concrete mix. one of those trailers on the semi flipped so we have a mess on our hands. for a brief time, all lanes were blocked. we do have the far left lane open, and bear with me. our sensors don't go quite this far out, but if you're coming from man tika, you want to head to the south and use grant line road or west 11th. do not get on 205. i know the tow truck is trying to get to the scene. they're stuck in traffic. their asking if it's okay to use
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the right shoulder. that will take you a while to get through. we'll take a look at drive times. everyone else pretty light. >> researchers in australia are fighting fires with fiber optics. hoping to reduce the number of devastating bush fires. fiber optics cables were laid in the soil and lit. they help scientists determine which seeds can survive a fire and which ones can't. >> it helps us come to a more balanced decision, both to balance the effects of fire management to prevent wildfire and damage to human lives and property, but also to balance that with the impacts it might have on the plants. >> moisture is important. it turns out the drier a seed, the tougher it is. >> a sentimental meeting in fresno between two people who have been close friends for 40 years. but who have never met each other. tammy of fresno welcomed her penpal from new zealand, steve, to the u.s. over the weekend.
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she and steve started writing each other 36 years ago after steve saw her photo in a yearbook belonging to one of her friends. >> pretty easy beginning, but i lost contact for nearly ten years and managed to track her down. but yeah, i think more people should be friends. the world would be a happier place. >> steve became a paraplegic after a failed back surgery. tammy plans to take steve to l.a. to meet up with a woman who introduced the two of them virtually. >> east bay residents prepare for another utility rate hike. coming up next at 5:00, more details on a 19% increase. >> a shooting investigation in the mission overthoith takes a strange twist after someone throws a bathroom sink through a throws a bathroom sink through a putoll krar winto.
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welcome to 5:00 a.m. good morning. it's monday, july 10th. a couple people missing. >> yeah. >> reggie and jessica are off today. i know, where are they? but we're holding down the fort. alexis smith, mike nicco. >> we're all wearing dark clothes. >> dark colors, too, yeah. a little depressing. >> will there be sunshine today? that's what we need to know. >> yes, i tried to bring out the pink try, contrast it to show you what's going to happen this afternoon. good morning, everybody. here's a look at live doppler 7. i overlaid the visibility layer. unless we're down below two miles, we're doing okay. keping an eye on the coast because the marine layer is


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