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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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fortunately, tracking a big issue in tracy. >> if you're trying to get out of the central valley, we have a major headache. things are getting better, and we have our typical slow spot here at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll take you on the traffic maps to where we have that problem. it's not all clear yet, but they did actually just push this flipped semi trailer off to the shoulder so all lanes are open. at some point today, they will have to close the two right lanes again to upright that trailer. it was hauling a lot of dry cement mix, so that's good. at least it was dry. but that is not totally cleared from the scene yet. we have significant delays into the manteca area as this starts to unwind. i have been checking speeds on waze. this is a little beyond our sensors here. but boy, you're still averaging between 10 to 15 miles per hour if you're back in the back of the backup, you'll crawling along at about 5 miles per hour. we'll talk about alternates and have an update on that and drive times in a few. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you very much. hi, everybody. we'll start with live doppler 7. overlaid the cloud cover.
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you can see it getting a little thicker along the coast and now starting to push across the golden gate. and parts of san francisco. as we look from sutro tower. that's mt. diablo in the distance and a gorgeous monday morning sunrise. here's your 12-hour day planner. 54 to 60 this morning. very cool, if not comfortable. 57 at the coast, 59, and then 56 as we go through the timeframe. the middle temperatures, that's the bay at noon, 4:00, and 7:00. and 83, 87, and 77. a little warmer, but we'll all be comfortable in the evening hours. how about more news with natasha? >> thank you so much. we're tracking breaking news in san francisco. police investigating a homicide overnight near 24th and mission street. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is live in the mission district for us with details. good morning, tiffany. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, natasha. mission street just reopened up. you can see there's still an officer holding down the scene
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right behind me with the crime scene tape surrounding that neighborhood taco rea. if you take a look at some of the video from overnight, you can see a much more active scene. this all started around 2:30 in the morning when police responded to a call for a shooting at 24th and mission. when police arrived, they found a man who suffered from a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead. they're conducting this as a homicide investigation. there have not been arrested so far, according to police. we're waiting for more updated information on any possible suspects. now, at one point overnight, it got pretty rowdy, and somebody even threw a bathroom sink into a police cruiser. by the time we got here on scene, we did not see that cruiser or the damage, but you can see that in the video. if you come out here live, there's still one officer who is protecting that scene with the crime scene tape still up. we'll continue to work this and bring you the latest as we get it. live in the mission, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news.
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>> all right, thank you. san jose police are looking for a woman accused of stabbing a man to death. it happened yesterday morning on south second street just a block away from the 280 freeway. officers found the victim with at least one stab wound. he was taken to the hospital where he died. >> there's another push to find a missing man in san mateo county. te parents of richard moss traveled from their home in hawaii to california to lead four search parties over the weekend. volunteers knocked on doors in montara asking neighbors if they had seen the 22-year-old man. his father says he needs help expanding the search now. >> imagine your kid's missing and you don't even know what to do. and i don't think a lot of the people, not for any particular reason, were very helpful. i know what to do now, but i need some -- something to get this to the next level. >> moss disappeared on may 25th. he was last seen driving on highway 1 through tom lantos tunnel. >> thousands of gallons of water are being dumped in novato because water officials say
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someone broke into the water tank and possibly contaminated it. officials say someone cut through the chain link fence and cut the lock to get to the tank on friday. that tank services 1,000 customers and it's since been taken offline. water tests didn't turn up contaminants, but officials say it's impossible to test everything. >> our number one priorities is to protect our customers' drinking water supply. we made the decision then to go ahead and start draining the tank. >> who would want to contaminate the water, especially since we just got past a drought and now all that water is wasted. >> and it's happened before. this is the second time in three years there's been a water tank break-in. the water district is now re-evaluating its security measures. >> 6:04. on to the comments about how a russia/u.s. cybersecurity unit can't happen. the president is now saying just because he and vladimir putin discussed it does not mean he thinks it can actually happen. in a series of tweets, he said the two leaders spoke about a
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cybersecurity unit so election hacking will be guarded. meanwhile, donald trump jr. says he did meet with a russian attorney tied to the kremlin. he said the attorney offered him information on hillary clinton before november's election. counselor to the president, kellyanne conway, appeared moments ago on "gma." >> the only people who had information about russia meddling in, say, summer of 2016, did not work in the trump campaign. they worked in the obama white house. they were briefed, according to "the washington post," about this information, and did absolutely nothing because they never thought donald trump would win. >> the president's outside legal team said he did not attend the meeting and was not aware of it. >> a 19-year-old from oakland died in a suspected drowning at steelhead beach. deputies say they got a call around 4:30 yesterday afternoon about a man who disappeared in the russian river. the victim was last seen about 300 yards upstream from steelhead beach. crews found his body about a half hour later in the water. the sheriff's office says an autopsy will confirm the cause of death.
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>> governor jerry brown is declaring a state of emergency due to a powerful fire burning in butte county. this is one of 14 large wildfires that is burning across the state. more than 1500 firefighters are working to contain the fire. crews from marin and mill valley are there, and alameda fire posted these photos of their crews helping. it started on friday afternoon, destroying at least 17 buildings and hurting four people. thousands of people are evacuated and an animal shelter is taking in larger animals like horses. that's a major relief for one family. >> i want to make shire they're all right. it's kind of scary. to realize that everything that you had there for years will be gone and the buildings will probably be gone. >> the wall fire is 25% contained. it's burned more than 5500 acres. the cause is under investigation. crews on the border of
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monterey and san luis abyobispo counties expect full containment of a wildfire there. it's been burning since saturday night. all evacuation orders are lifted as they finish containment. you can keep up on all of the latest developments on california's wildfires with the abc 7 news app. enable push alerts for instant updates sent to your phone or tablet. >> if you live in the east bay, your water rates could be going up by a lot. the vote this week that could leave you with a much bigger bill. that's coming up next. plus, a bicyclist hit by an suv. you have to see this. the driver just keeps on going. what we're now learning about the man who was behind the wheel. taking a live look outside this morning from our mt. tam camera. beautiful sunrise on this monday morning. keeping you up to date. keeping you up to date. that's one way
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let's get you back out to the tracy area. things are slowly starting to improve following our roll-over crash here, westbound 205 at holly drive. all lanes are open for now. we've got a flipped trailer off on the shoulder and they're saying at some point, they're going to have to upright that trailer. that will take the two right
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lanes away. we have delays into the manteca area. once you make it on to 205, things are really starting to improve. but, a new problem if you're coming in all the way from tracy. westbound 580 near north flynn, a vehicle partially blocking the left lane, and one issue in the east bay in oakland. southbound 880 near fruit veil avenue, the far left lane blocked, the right lane as well. some delays building there, too. i know i promised drive times. we'll do that in less than ten. let's check in with mike. >> good morning. hi, everybody. open the weather window on mt. tamalpais. a little bit of a marine layer deck of clouds out there. our beaches will be sunny by the afternoon hours. sunny spots. maybe not as sunny as yesterday, but it will return tomorrow. exercising extreme sunshine and breezy on the water north of the bay bridge. temperature, 51 in daly city. pacifica to redwood city, 58. on the peninsula, temperatures
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in the mid to upper 50s everywhere. antioch, 64. high temperatures, 83 today in ha toe. 94 with thunderstorms in yosemite. 91 in thunderstorms around l.a. and palm springs at 111. quick look at the temperatures. cooler tomorrow with a warming trend beginning wednesday. the heat is on this weekend. details next. here's natasha with more news. >> hey, mike, thank you. the cost of water in the east bay may soon be going up, way up. the east bay times is reporting east bay mud is considering a proposal to raise the cost of water by 19%. the utility company's rates have nearly doubled over the last decade. nearly 1.5 million people in contra costa and alameda counties get their water from the agency. >> if you thought the number of illegal firework shows in the south bay was high this year, you were right. we have new numbers just released. just coming in to the live desk, a new video showing how to a new video showing how to survive a terror
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if there's a safe route, run. this is the best option. act quickly. >> leave the bag. >> leave belongings behind and insist others go with you. >> from the live desk, we're bringing you this videofrom
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britain's counterterrorism police telling citizens what to do if they're caught in a terror attack abroad. they're advised to run, hide, and tell. they decided to make this video following an attack in tunisia. 30 of the 38 victims there were british. there is no specific intelligence of similar attacks planned for this summer. >> this video of a morning bike ride is hard to watch. it quickly turned into a brazen hit-and-run. just crazy. tyler and a friend were cycling on this busy tennessee road on saturday. that passing suv hits tyler and then the driver just keeps on going. well, that night, police did arrest 58-year-old marshall grant nealy, part-time dean of students at the university school of nashville. the man is currently recovering from serious but nonlife threatening injuries. my life could have been taken yesterday and i'm just grateful i'm still here.
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>> you can see the whole story on "gma" this morning starting at 7:00 a.m. >> people in san jose still set off illegal explosives on july 4th despite the efforts to crack down this year. according to our media thema mercury news. san jose police received 500 reports on july 4th. fines in san jose are at least $500. okay, i want to take you back out to the tracy area. that, of course, is where we had our major traffic alert all morning. westbound 205 near holly drive. just bringing you up to speed, just after 4:00, a three-car crash involving a double trailer semi. the back trailer on the semi flipped over. that was hauling dry cement mix, concrete mix. so that's the good news, it wasn't wet, which would be a huge mess. they have everything pushed over on the shoulder for now. we still are dealing with pretty serious residual delays if
6:18 am
you're coming from manteca, jammed onto i-5 and 120 once you get closer, speeds are starting to pick up, a little beyond the range of our sensors. but i looked at waze and it looks like you're up to 25, 30 milesper hour the closer you get to the scene. slowly starting to improve. we'll see. they're going to have to close a couple lanes later on today to upright the trailer. quick check outside. the bay bridge toll plaza. bright sun glare out there, metering light on. a lot of folks heading back to work today after maybe taking all of last week off. but our drive times looking okay so far. southbound 101, golden gate bridge, six minutes. 16 across the bay bridge, and san mateo bridge looking great. you're in green at 14 minutes. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco and first day back for a lot of folks. what are we looking like? >> pretty nice so far. as you mentioned, some sunshine out there and a little fog. here's the way they kind of dance together on sutro tower. you can see mt. diablo off in the distance. let's talk about today, becoming
6:19 am
sunny and seasonal. a few lingering clouds, but you'll get more sunshine tomorrow. tonight, mostly clear and cool. the extended, heat returns for some. you know where that some is normally, yeah, inland. gusting to 29 in fairfield. that's why we've got that high -- i wouldn't say high surf advisory, but small craft advisory all the way through the delta communities. that's a little fast for this time of morning. concord is 89 today. now, i say it will not last. you're thinking, is it going to get cooler? no, it's going to get hotter. look at all of us right around the upper 80s to 93 in antioch. a lot of 90s coming your way starting wednesday. 86 in santa rosa. now as you get closer to sausalito, the breezes keep you at 68. vallejo, 80, and san rafael and napa, 82. 84 in san jose. about spot on. a little warmer around los gatos, 89. santa cruz, sunny and 70 this afternoon. san mateo, hi, good morning. 71 for you.
6:20 am
staying comfortable. 68 in millbrae. half moon bay, 61. pacifica, about 62. and redwood city, 80 for the warm spot. oakland, 71. fremont, 76, berkeley, breezy and 70. our last stop is san francisco. 66. a little cooler than average. that refreshing breeze keeping daly city at 63. tonight's temperatures from 52 in half moon bay to nearly 60 in antio antioch. my seven-day forecast, degree or two cooler tomorrow. you won't notice the two degrees of warmer wednesday, but you'll start to notice the heat by friday and saturday. >> thanks so much, mike. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00, and amy robach is live with a look at what's ahead. good morning, amy. >> good morning to you. coming up next on "gma," president trump back in the white house after the g-20 summit. his meeting with putin raising questions. plus, don jr. in the hot seat after reports he and top trump aides met with russian lawyers during the campaign after she
6:21 am
claimed to have damaging information about hillary clinton. kellyanne conway is going to join us this morning. also ahead, new surveillance video released showing the fatal crash involving venus williams. what this tape could mean for her case as her lawyer says it proved she was not to blame. she heads back to wimbledon court this morning. plus, becky jumping onboard to show us the dangers of paddleboarding, as the sport gains popularity, we'll tell you what you can do to stay safe as strong winds and cold water take a toll on your body. that's all coming up next on "gma." back to you. >> thank you. we'll see you at 7:00 a.m. >> michael finney is next with a warning before your next flight. >> and the new snortable chocolate made headlines last week. now, senator chuck schumer is calling for new rules to regulate the new product. it's 6:21 on a monday morning. we appreciate your time and you being here. we want to make this a better we want to make this a better day for you so we're
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take a look at this video of fire in wyoming. have you seen something like this? burning at a sulfur mound at a recycling center. the volunteer fiefr department said burning sulfur creates a hazardous gas with a strong
6:25 am
choking order. crews were able to safely put this out. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> 6:24. new details on that snortable chocolate powder we told you about last week. new york senator charles schumer is calling on the fda to investigate the powder. he says he's worried cocoa loco could prove harmful and it's being marketed like a drug. its found er said it's a drug free way to create a buzz. he believes it is safe. doctors have said they're not sure what the effects of inhaling chocolate might be. >> it's time to act finney, and this morning, lynn has a question about flying. she spoke to us at our ask finney event in daly city. michael finney has her answer. >> is it legal that if i miss my flight on a round-trip purchase, the airline removes my return flight and i lose that credit and have to repurchase again my return flight at last-minute prices? >> hey, lynn. that's a great question.
6:26 am
the answer is yes. they do it all the time. the airlines are protecting their pricing structure. here's the deal. passengers sometimes buy a cheaper ticket to a further location, but then they deplane at a connecting airport. it's called hidden city ticketing. many get away with it, but sometimes they don't. and then they end up in your situation. now, if you weren't doing the hidden ticketing thing, i would call the airline and plead my case. they might not do anything for you at all, because remember, they don't have to, but maybe they will. lynn, thanks for your question. >> seven on your side's michael finney is headed to the north bay to hear your questions. he'll be at town center on friday starting at 4:00 p.m., that's right where i had one of my first jobs in marin. coming up next at 6:30, a wild chase takes police through several east bay cities overnight. also, a new danger for people
6:27 am
evacuated after friday's massive fire in oakland. why they have been forced out of their homes again. plus, new video coming into the live desk of the annual running of the bulls. you'll hear from the americans at today's event. >> we had a major traffic headache out of the central valley all morning. we have lanes back open, westbound 205 near holly drive, but pretty significant delays out of manteca. on top of that, another slowdown on top of that, another slowdown once you make it ♪ ♪
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monday, july 10th. thank you for being here this morning. reggie, jessica off today, but we have mike nicco tracking the weather. >> we're a group, and alexis smith tracking the backup that remains in tracy. >> unfortunately, i haven't had the best news. a lot of folks heading back to work. most of you, a lot of you, stretched it out to a full week with the fourth of july holiday. we're getting the volumes back to normal and looking at hefty delays still. westbound 205 around holly drive, everything on the shoulder now, but the semi with the flipped trailer, a double trailer semi off on the shoulder. at some point, they're going to have to upright that and close the two right lanes again. in the yellow, once you make it to 205, we're looking at pretty
6:31 am
hefty delays still. also, westbound 580 near north flynn, a disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. and then southbound 880 near fruitvale avenue, still have that crash blocking the far left lane. we'll check on drive times coming up next. right now, let's check in with mike. >> good morning, hi, everybody. let's jump right into the numbers for today. starting at 7:00 this morning, 50s along the coast into san francisco. 60s for the rest of us. watch the fog go back to the coast by noon. temperatures there in the 60s. at least in san francisco. 70s around the bay. 80s inland, and by 4:00, we're looking at some 90s starting to pop up inland. 70s around the bay, and then at 7:00, you can see the clouds starting to come back. 50s and 60s around the bay. 70s and 80s inland. when we come back, we're going to talk about some heat. in fact, we could get near 100 once again. first, how about news from natasha. >> thank you, mike. nuthis morning, a high-speed chase involving several east bay cities ended a block away from
6:32 am
where it started. the suspect was taken into custody at 24th and adeline in oakland. police tell our media partner the east bay times the chase started with a traffic stop on chestnut street. the chase followed go south to san leandro and back through oakland and emeryville and berkeley. no word on what prompted the initial traffic stop. new danger for the people woo live near friday's construction site fire in oakland. an office building damaged nearby is losing windows. shattering glass falling from as high up as 15 stories. amy hollyfield is live for us in oakland. >> they did make some good progress over the weekend, some evacuees were able to return home, but then this happened. quite a setback. look at all of the glass on the sidewalk and even out into the street that fell from this building, this office building on grand avenue. this caused a lot of problems for people living in this area. now a new evacuation order is in place. it means some residents are
6:33 am
having to stay home. they're not allowed to leave. others are not allowed back in. this will stay in place until an investigation determines when it is safe for people to walk here on 23rd street. this is all because this glass that started to fall from this building at 180 grand avenue. before this happened, all but two buildings had been cleared for residents to return home. gas and power had been turned back on. but now, thesis residents are in limbo. >> we respect 100% and want to comply with, you know, delays in going back into our homes because of the safety concerns. but if there's a plan to allow us to return, you know, we would like to know so we can manage the impact. disappointment, yes. because we haven't been given any information. >> here's a look at friday's huge fire that caused all this damage and confusion. this is a construction site. it lit up in a ball of fire around 4:30 in the morning friday. investigators still don't know the fire's cause. no one was hurt in the fire.
6:34 am
reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield. abc 7 news. >> thank you. hundreds of people displaced by friday's fire returned home yesterday. abc 7 news was in oakland when crews tore down the crane at the construction side on saturday night. the city worked tamike sure it wouldn't fall and hurt someone. residents were allowed into nearby apartments. one neighbor tells abc 7 news, smoke and ash destroyed his home. cleanup and repairs are expected to take a long time. >> you're saying to fix this up, he's taking three months. i don't know where i'm going to go for the three months. >> the red cross is working with the city to arrange hotel accommodations for those who remain without a place to live. >> investigators will be looking at similarities between friday's fire and arsons in may and last july that tore through another apartment building. it is just two miles away from the oakland/emeryville border. the building was also under construction when the fire started, both in a stair well. there's a $110,000 reward
6:35 am
offered to catch the arsonist. >> firefighters are counting on cooler weather today to help them battle 14 active wildfires. you can see on the map where those fires are burning. now, nonare in the bay area itself. calfire says some 5,000 firefighters are on the front lines. and we do have local firefighters, crews from southern marin and mill valley in butte county this morning, battling a wildfire threatening 5400 homes. alameda county fire is also there. the wall fire has destroyed 17 structures, including at least ten homes. people living in the area say as many as 50 homes have been lost. 4,000 people are evacuated this morning and another 7,400 are under an evacuation warning. governor brown declared a state of emergency in that county and the fire is only 25% contained this morning. meanwhile, fire crews from san francisco are helping to battle a huge wildfire burning in both san luis obispo and santa barbara counties. the alamo fire has burned more
6:36 am
than 37 square miles since thursday. at least 150 homes are threatened. >> terrain is extremely difficult. we have hand crews coming in all over from the central coast to help put a line around it. >> shifting winds certainly making it difficult for firefighters to get a handle on this. right now, that fire is 15% contained. and you can keep up on all the latest developments on the california wildfires with the abc 7 news app. make sure to enable push alerts and we'll send you updates to your phone or tablet. >> we're tracking developing news from the live desk. the soldier suspected of killing his wife and a trooper is held without bail. 32-year-old justin walters war in court this morning only wearing shorts. our sister station in new york reports he appeared confused. he opened fire on a state trooper responding to a call of shots fired last night at a home near the canadian border. walters' wife was found dead inside of the home. 6:36. we're tracking the latest in washington. the news about the president's son and a meeting with a russian
6:37 am
lawyer tied to the kremlin. it happened just before november's election. the president's son revealed he was led to believe the attorney had some information damaging to hillary clinton. here's abc news reporter janay norman. >> vladimir putin dominating headlines and the president's twitter timeline. overnight, president donald trump backtracking on a discussion with the kremlin, writing, the fact that president putin and i discussed a cybersecurity unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. it can't. >> we might as well just mail our ballot boxes to moscow. i don't think that's an answer at all. >> when it comes to russia, he's got a blind spot, and to forgive and forget when it comes to putin regarding cyberattacks is to empower putin. >> the idea outraging the president's own party as another bombshell makes waves. trump's inner circle saying they met with a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin last summer after trump clinched the republican nomination. don jr. revealing in a statement, i was asked to have a
6:38 am
meeting with an acquaintance who i was told might have information helpful to the campaign. and the person, quote, stated she had information that individuals connected to russia were supporting mrs. clinton. he says when it became clear the attorney had no meaningful information, the meeting ended. though the white house chief of staff on fox news sunday painted a different picture of the same meeting. >> it was a meeting apparently about russian adoption. and after about 20 minutes, the meeting ended. and that was the end of it. >> president trump's outside legal team said in a statement, the president did not attend the meeting and was not aware of it. don jr.'s statement appears to be the first public indication that members of the trump team were willing to accept help from russians. and this comes amid mixed messages from the white house over whether the president accepted putin's denial of interfering in the election. >> on to the latest developments now in the oakland police sex scandal involving a teenager. a report found the police department and city leaders did
6:39 am
not act quickly enough and did not take the victim jasmine abuslin seriously. happening today, a rare order by the judge for the city of oakland to appear in court to address the department's mishandling of the investigation. today's hearing will also address the 14-year-old reform effort of the police department which the opd has yet to fulfill. we have new details this morning on the wells fargo account scandal. the san francisco judge has given preliminary approval to a settlement in the case. the judge found the proposed $142 million settlement to be, quote, fair, reasonable, and adequate. wells fargo president tim sloan said this is a, quote, major milestone in our efforts to make things right for our customers. as many as 3.5 million accounts were opened without customers' knowledge starting in may 2002 to meet unrealistic sales goals. >> abercrombie and fit terminating its buy-out talks. that sent the retailer's stock plunging this morning. abercrombie's ceo determined the
6:40 am
best path for value is the company's business plan. stock dropped by as much as 16% in premarket trading. we'll give you a live look right now, 16.28%. >> well, i don't have good news for you. i know i sound like a broken record this morning with this issue in tracy. westbound 205 before holly drive is where we have that double trailer semi. one of the trailers flipped just after 4:00 this morning. we're hearic from chp that we have the far right lane blocked once again. it was all off on the shoulder a few moments ago, but they're still working to upright the trailer. we're jammed once again to about the i-5 merge there, and back to lathrop and manteca, we're backing up once again. not a great morning out of the central valley. southbound 880 before decotto road, a new crash. and a quick check of drive times here as well. starting to fill in. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 27 minutes. 14 across the bay bridge, and
6:41 am
nine minutes from san francisco to sfo. good morning, mike. >> hi, alexis. let's talk about other parts of the commute, specifically the weather. we'll start with the san mateo bridge. what you can see there is we're going to be pretty quiet today. dry this morning, dry this afternoon. if you're taking mass transit, not as hot as friday. and a small craft advisory on the water. temperatures from about 55 in saratoga to san jose at 59 in the south bay. 75, did you see that, warmer in the hills in los gatos. 65 in danville and lafayette, some of the warmer temperatures there. 57 in alameda, newark, and redwood city. here's a look at what's going to happen in san jose. 83, we're be there at 2:00. if you're heading out at noon, 80. and 70 at 8:00. here's a look at today's temperatures from 76 in san francisco, a little cooler tomorrow, but it won't last. wait until you see the heat in
6:42 am
the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. >> vallejo police stop two possible suspects in a carjacking. the video that sparked an internal police investigation. christmas in july, one of christmas in july, one of the biggest ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves
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6:45 am
shooting. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is there live with more on the investigation. good morning, tiffany. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. you can see what remains of the investigation scene behind me. the tape is up, and the is closed, however we saw an employee earlier. right now, it remains closed. this investigation started when police received a call at 2:30 this morning. we have video of the scene you can see here. police responding to 24th and mission, where they found a man who had suffered a gunshot wound. that man was pronounced dead at the scene. at this point, police say no arrests have been made. they're asking for the public's help in identifying any possible suspect or suspects who could have been involved in the shooting. mission was shut down between 23rd and 24th overnight, and it did get rowdy. at one point, someone even threw a sink into a police cruiser. we do not know who threw that
6:46 am
sink in or if that was related at all to the shooting that happened overnight. if you come back out here life, you can see that the scene is pretty well contained and that the mission traffic is getting along just fine for the morning commute. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. we're trackic this at the live desk. at least two people were day four of the running of the bulls in spain. both of them taken to the hospital. fortunately, both will survive. fooev people, four americans and a spaniard have been gored since friday. the bull runs, hundreds of people try to test their bravery and speed and run through the streets with fighting bulls without getting gored. >> my second year running and my fifth time in the environment. last year i ran and i got hit by a steer. and i hit my head on a fence post and i thought i was going to die. my head was covered in blood. i was fine though. >> the nine-year festival is
6:47 am
held every year during the summer months. >> a stretch of 680 in san ramon may soon be renamed to honor a fallen b.a.r.t. officer. tom smith, a 23-year veteran of the force was killed by friendly fire in dublin three years ago. a fellow b.a.r.t. officer mistook him for an armed suspect and shot him. a resolution would rename 680 between bollinger canyon road and crow canyon road in his honor. the city of san francisco honored the lives of three u.p.s. drivers gunned down at work last month. the glide memorial church ensemble performed at city hall during yesterday's public memorial for the victims. wayne, mike, and benson were killed by a fellow u.p.s. driver. jimmy lamb had filed a grievance about working excessive overtime and took his own life after the shooting. nancy pelosi says gun violence must end. >> a loss like this, so unexpected, leaves a trauma behind.
6:48 am
>> flower arrangements at the service depicted the teamsters iconic wheel logo with a piece missing. >> the vallejo police department is opening an internal investigation to determine whether an officer used a racial slur in a tra stop. officers stopped two possible suspects in a carjacking saturday. a man living nearby recorded the encounter and said one of the officers used a racial slur. that officer has been identified and placed on leave while the investigation is completed. in a statement, the department says, quote, it takes all reports of unprofessional behavior seriously and has no tolerance for such behavior. >> surfers around the world have paid tribute to the late surfing icon jack o'neal. o'neal invented the wet suit. he passed away last month. hundreds of surfers joined a paddle out at pleasure point in santa cruz county yesterday where o'neal lived. >> he's a legend. he made surfing what it is today. so to honor him with going out in front of his house and just remembering him out in the water that he used to surf is like a
6:49 am
huge honor to participate in. >> organizers of the santa cruz paddle out say they broke the world hoard for the largest paddle out. >> amazon's third annual prime day getting under way tonight. new deals will be offered every five minutes for 30 hours. are you ready? it starts at 6:00 tonight. amazon says this year will be bigger than effort. their discounts will be offered on hundreds of thousands of items. a consumer expert is on gma this morning helping you get the most for your money. >> ask alexa to make sure you have all the deals. there's going to be exclusive deals on those devices and do a final price check before you check out to make sure that that particular deal you're going after really is the best buy because prices are going to be moving really fast all day long. apparently, you can krauz shop because there will be other retailers offering competitive prices because of prime day today. if you have alexa, you can begin voice shopping two hours early at 4:00 p.m. you have to be an amazon prime member to participate in this.
6:50 am
>> going to take you back out to the problem we have been tracking since about 4:05 this morning. around holly drive, back to the far right lane blocked due to the flipped semi. one of the two trailers on the truck flipped over, but they're still trying to clean it up. you're backed up to lathrop and manteca this morning. we have a sig alert, southbound 880 before decoto road. another vehicle, on its roof. people are outside of the vehicle, but the three left lanes are blocked. you're backed up north of the san mateo bridge. also trouble in oakland. southbound 880 around fruitvale avenue, and a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. bright sun glare, normal weekday volume. i know it was nice last week when a lot of folks were off, but we're back to normal here. southbound 101, you have looked great all morning, 22 minutes. westbound 580, castro valley to the maze in the green at 14. south bay really quiet, northbound 101, you're in the
6:51 am
yellow at just 18 minutes. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. good to have those sunglasses with you on your commute. >> yes, just about everywhere, even the coast, sunshine will break out. you'll see even more tomorrow. sfo this morning, a little bit of cloud cover, but no delays. becoming sunny. almost average today. mild nights for now. that's because the heat returns in a few days. that could make our nights stuffier. for the commuters, or if you want to get out and play, here's the small craft advisory. it's out there. winds gusting 30 miles per hour from the bay bridge through the delta, and they'll continue until 6:00 tomorrow morning out along the coast. let's talk about the fog and notice it barely made any encroachment to the east, and by noon, it's back to the coast, and it will open up a little bit. let's talk about temperatures in the south bay, about as seasonal as it gets, san jose at 84, 70 in santa cruz. if you head up the peninsula, redwood city, 80. 68 at millbrae. 61 to 64 degrees, maybe 65 along
6:52 am
the peninsula coast, downtown 66. up in the north bay, 82 in petaluma. napa to santa rosa at 86. cloverdale, 95. 77 in hercules, and fremaunlt, 76. about 87 to 94 in brentwood. may need the air conditioner this afternoon. a couple degrees cooler tomorrow. temperatures about the same wednesday, and by the time we get to friday and saturday, mid to upper 90s inland. near 80 around the bay. even 70s around the coast. >> thank you. take a look at this thief targeting an unlocked car, broad daylight. he was thwarted by a camera and a quick police response. cctv team in london caught this would-be thieve taking a bike, clothes, and bags from an unlocked car. they were able to corner the suspect and knock him off his bike with the dar of their vehicle. the man admitted his crimes in court. he's been sentenced to 28 weeks in prison. >> finishing touches are being
6:53 am
placed on apple's spaceship headquarters in cupertino. the nearly 3 million square foot ring cost $5 million to build. that's over a billion more than the rebuild world trade center. and more than $3 billion more than the headquarters of goldman sachs. roughly 12,000 workers are expected to move in over the next several months. we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. first, our instagram photo of the day. look at all those sunflowers. gorgeous.
6:54 am
6:55 am
it's 6:55. welcome back. these are the seven things you need to know. part of mission street in san francisco has reopened following a homicide this morning. police are still investigating the shooting near 24th street that left a man dead around 2:30 this morning. number two, the kremlin said this morning it is unaware of a meeting between donald trump jr., jared kushner, and a russian lawyer. the attorney reportedly said she had some damaging information to offer them about hillary clinton. >> number three, new evacuations following friday's huge fire in oakland because of falling glass from a damaged nearby office building. heat made those windows vulnerable. barricades are blocking off streets around 23rd and harrison. >> and number four, we had that headache getting out of tracy all morning on westbound 205, and new a new traffic alert, southbound 280 before decoto
6:56 am
road. you're down to five minneapolis approaching. >> thank you. >> number five, bay area fire crews helping to battle a wildfire threatening thousands of homes in butte county. officials say the wall fire has destroyed at least ten houses. it's 25% contained. >> number six, your 12-hour day planner goes mild to warm today, for temperatures in the low 60s at the coast to upper 80s to low 90s inland. >> number seven, a 19-year-old in monterey county won the lottery twice in less than a week. rosa dominguez won more than half a million dollars on scratchers, so she baltimore and then won another $100,000. we want to know her secrets. >> that's crazy. >> keep going. don't stop now, right? >> and mike, as usual, you may be distantly related to her in some form or fashion. >> we'll be back in 25. thanks for joining us.
6:57 am
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wait, what's going on now? move the flag. good morning, america. new backlash brewing over the white house and russia. president trump feels the heat from members of his own party for not being tough enough on putin as trump's son donald jr. comes under fire for a meeting he had with a russian lawyer during the campaign who claimed to have damaging information about hillary clinton. state of emergency. at least 45 wildfires scorching the west. flames shutting down this highway trapping more than 100 people including dozens of young campers. tens of thousands of acres torched and cars completely burned out, as firefighters work around the clock to stop the blaze. hit-and-run. a cyclist crushed by an suv, sent flying off his bike as the driver speeds off. a dean at a private school


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