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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 11, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning, new revelations about the meeting that the president's son had with the russian attorney. the report is now describing what donald trump jr. knew before that meeting. we'll get the full details live from washington. breaking news the deadly crash of an american military plane with more than a dozen people on board. the plane slamming into a farm field. this morning no signs of survivors. investigators on the scene trying to figure out what happened. and we have new details about the case of four missing men near philadelphia. what we're now learning about the man in custody and his possible connection to and baseball's new home run champ. aaron judge of the new york yankees living up to the hype ahead of tonight's all-star game.
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a good tuesday morning to you all. we begin with new details stemming from that meeting with donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin. >> now, sources tell "the new york times" that prior meeting, donald jr. received an e-mail saying the meeting would part of russia's effort to help his father win the presidency. >> abc's janai norman has the latest from washington. good morning, janai. >> reporter: diane and kendis, good morning to both of you. donald trump jr. has admitted that meeting with the russian attorney was to get dirt on hillary clinton and now that "the new york times" report that the motive was made clear. the russian government seeking to help get trump in office. the white house is again on the defensive following a "new york times" report donald trump jr. was informed in an e-mail that damaging information about hillary clinton was part of a russian government effort to help his father's campaign. >> it's a very serious development. everyone who was in that meeting ought to come before our
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committee. these e-mails that are described, we need to so. >> reporter: that meeting wasn't just with trump jr. but then campaign manager paul manafort and trump's son-in-law jared kushner. and it took place at trump tower with a russian lawyer linked to the kremlin and according to trump jr. an individual who i was told might have information helpful to the campaign. >> this is the first time that the public has seen clear evidence of senior level members of the trump campaign meeting with russians to try to obtain information that might hurt the campaign of hillary clinton. >> reporter: in the past the president's son denied having any contact with russians about the campaign. >> it's without a question, you know, reads and smells like a witch-hunt. >> reporter: but now says of last summer's meeting with a russian attorney, it quickly became clear that she had no meaningful information and that meeting ended. president trump has also insisted there were no contacts between his campaign and russians. the white house deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders
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says the president only recently learned of the meeting. >> no one within the trump campaign colluded in order to influence the election. >> reporter: and donald trump jr.'s lawyer released a statement, saying this is much ado about nothing adding the bottom line is that, don jr. did nothing wrong and when asked about this latest development, diane and kendis, the white house had no comment. >> yeah, the president has tweeted quite a bit since the weekend but nothing about this. janai norman there for us in washington, thank you. and we're getting some new details this morning about president trump's planned trip to the uk. british news outlets are reporting that the state visit has been called off at least for this year. the president accepted the queen's invitation to visit when british prime minister theresa may came to the white house earlier this year but there were condemnation of the invite by members of the british parliament and the public over there. some strong division this morning among senator senate republicans over that revised health care bill.
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dozens of protesters you may recall angry about the bill were arrested on capitol hill as lawmakers returned from their recess. well, now ten republican senators are opposed to the current legislation which could leave 22 million more americans uninsured in ten years. president trump is urging the party to have a bill approved and ready to go before they break for the entire month of august. and breaking news in mississippi where 16 people are dead after a marine corps refueling plane crashed. it's believed the kc-130 had taken off from tennessee. it's not clear if there were any civilians on board. the plane came down in a soybean field but the debris is spread over a wide area leading to speculation it exploded midair. firefighters were also driven back by explosions on the ground. probably from ammunition. >> we don't want nobody out there. you have fuel everywhere so we don't want anybody without responders in the area.
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>> the marine corps hasn't revealed where the flight was headed. the fbi is assisting in that investigation. and also breaking overnight, there was a late night explosion outside the air force recruitment center in south tulsa, oklahoma. the doors were blown off and there was other damage to the building. no report of any injuries and still no word on the cause. we have new images this morning of the "uss fitzgerald" the navy destroyer involved in that collision last month. the new pictures show the ship as repairs are getting under way in japan. seven sailors died during the collision between the "fitzgerald" and a cargo navy ship. officials must now decide if the destroyer can be relocated to the u.s. under its own power or if it must be towed for needed repairs. and active duty soldier has been arrested in hawaii on terror charges. the fbi says army sergeant ikaika kang pledged his allegiance to isis and helped purchase a drone for isis to use against american forces. the 34-year-old kang served
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tours in iraq and afghanistan and he was also highly decorated. once awarded the global war on terrorism service medal. slightly cooler temperatures are helping fire crews wage war on the dozens of wildfires scorching parts of the west but containment is still a long way off for some of them. that includes two major wildfires in southern california that have gutted more than 20 structures and forced thousands of people from their homes. fire crews could be further hampered by incoming storms with the potential to spark new fires. now here's a look at today's weather. >> good morning. the interior continues to sizzle. staying hot in utah, nevada, california, as well as arizona. this week we'll have a few isolated thunderstorms but not enough to impact all these fires we're struggling with with locally gusty winds that will make parched conditions drier or dustier. then the same dangerous heat
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will move to the north creating fire dangers to the northwest with near record highs. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams with your forecast. now to some weather headlines from overseas. a washout in paris as a record-setting rainfall drenches the city. flooding disrupted service at metro stations as commuters headed to work this morning. emergency services say the -- received some 1,700 calls for help, most to pump out flooded cellars. more rain is expected there in the city of light today. and nasa is set to mark a first in human history later today. >> the space agency's juno space craft is set to fly directly over the great red pot of jupiter tonight at 10:06 eastern time. juno launched six years ago. >> and it will provide the first
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close-up of the red spot, which is actually a storm raging for 350 years. new evidence that your morning cup of coffee really is good for you. plus, those missing men in pennsylvania. the mystery of their disappearance and what the fbi is doing to find answers. and a warning for parents who are bringing their children today there is only one park for every 14,000 americans. connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today.
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a dockworker killed in philadelphia when a shipping container fell onto his truck. it's believed the crane knocked over a stack of containers. the 52-year-old worker was a checker who counted containers and monitored operations. the crane operator was overcome with grief. 18 penn state fraternity brothers are back in court this morning for a hearing facing accusations of
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involuntary manslaughter after the hazing death of a pledge. yesterday prosecutors released text messages that the frat brothers allegedly sent to each other as timothy piazza was dying. he fell head first down the stairs after a night of heavy drinking, and our gio benitez spoke with the parents' attorney. >> it is excruciatingly difficult for the piazzas to sit and to listen to the callous and reckless misconduct of individuals who cost them their son. >> a defense attorney argued the pledges weren't forced to drink. after the hearing, the judge will decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial. the minnesota police officer acquitted in the death of a black driver is taking a buy-out. jeronimo yanez is getting more than $48,000 as part of a separation agreement. he was acquitted last month in the 2016 death of philando castile. the case, of course, made national headlines after castile's girlfriend live streamed the shooting's aftermath on facebook. now to a subject that some
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of you know very well. drinking coffee, especially these hours, two new studies claim that a few cups of coffee every day could extend your life. >> researchers found that people drinking two to three cups a day had an 18% lower risk of dying from any cause. >> wow. >> than noncoffee drinkers. they also say even one cup a day has benefits. >> tea doesn't count. >> cheers. >> tea doesn't count. >> oh. >> all right, well when we come back the long lost dog that's now back with her owners. what a story she could tell. and all rise for the judge. aaron judge, that is, putting a high-flying show on for us at baseball's home run derby. before fibromyalgia, i was on the go. i kept on top of things. then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor said moving more
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new herbal essences. let life in. that delta flight from atlanta to haiti was forced to make an emergency landing in
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daytona beach, florida. you can kind of see the reason why. it ran into bad weather, hail cracked the aircraft's outer windshield and damaged its nose. there were no injuries on board. the airbus a320. if you're about to head out for your morning commute, you should plan on wet roads in many areas and even flooding. the trouble spots include the gulf coast from the dakotas to the northeast and part of the rocky mountains. if you're flying, airport delays possible due to weather in minneapolis and boston. we have new developments in the case of four young men missing in suburban philadelphia. >> a 20-year-old linked to the property the fbi is searching is now in custody. cosmo dinardo is being held on a gun charge but police say he's not currently a suspect in the case, at least in the disappearance. we get more now from abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: the fbi now joining the search outside philadelphia for four men missing since last week. officials suspecting foul play. 19-year-old jimi patrick was last seen wednesday.
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21-year-old tom meo, mark sturgis, 22 and 19-year-old dean finocchiaro were all last seen on friday. finocchiaro has been arrested multiple times including drug possession, driving under the influence and assault. investigators fear their disappearances are connected. authorities now zeroing in on this land. searching more than 80 acres on the ground and with the helicopter by air. police taking a man whose family owns that land, 20-year-old cosmo dinardo, into custody on an unrelated gun charge. his bond set at a million dollars. eva pilgrim, abc news, bucks county, pennsylvania. and police are warning parents about a disturbing discovery in huntsville, texas. they say razor blades have been found on supplilides in city pa. vandals are melting portions and sticking ide of th. so far no injuries have been reported and in missouri a razor blade was also found in a
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shopping cart at a walmart. at least one woman was cut. there's a new development in that terrifying bear attack near boulder, colorado, we told you about yesterday. 19-year-old camp counselor dylan mcwilliams awoke to find a 2 0-pound male black bear biting his head. he and his fellow campers managed to fight it off. that bear has since been trapped and killed and now wildlife officials are looking into whether that bear's unusually aggressive behavior was because he was injured or sick. just east of los angeles, police came to the rescue of a bear cub whose head was stuck in a plastic jug. the little guy was trying to climb a fence at the time. one officer managed to hold him on the ground while a fish and wildlife official removed the jug. the bear appeared to be unharmed and then scampered off into the woods. >> i love how they ran back. a lost dog is back home in boise, idaho, after spending the entire winter on her own in the idaho mountains.
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>> moe, a 14-year-old retriever, ran off during a hunting trip last september. the dog was found two weeks ago in pretty sad shape, covered in fleas, ticks, underweight. it took a little while for the dog and her owners to recognize each other but it is moe and moe is now back home. >> all right. well, now to sports and all four of the women's quarterfinals are being played today at wimbledon. baseball's all-star game is tonight in miami. we get the highlights from our guys at espn. >> john buccigross, john anderson. we love home runs. >> and we like miami. monday night, home runs in miami. hometown guy, giancarlo stanton, defending champ, remember last year he had 61 bombs in san diego. upset in the first round, number one overall. beaten by gary sanchez of the yankees. stanton had 16 homers, needed one more to tie and didn't get it done. >> speaking of yankees, aaron judge, yankee crankees all over
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the yard. second round against cody bellinger of the dodgers. longest home run of the night, 513 feet. bellinger will likely win the n.l. rookie of the year and this guy will likely win the a.l. rookie of the year. he got it with two minutes left on the clock. aaron judge is your home run derby champion. utica, weather starts off cloudy, keeps getting better as the day goes along. that's my favorite kind of days. >> beautiful. by the way, the stanton kid or judge, i'm sorry, fantastic. 30 homers already, that's the yankee rookie record. he's got a whole second half. >> his parents are retired schoolteachers. >> smart. up next in "the pulse," kermit the frog is getting a new voice for the first time in decades. and a lucky teen who's got more lottery wins than most people get in a lifetime. and don't forget to curou f. see what author j.k. rowling is
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♪ time for "the pulse" and we'll start with kermit the frog. the world's most famous muppet may start sounding a little bit different very soon. >> yeah, that's because the puppeteer who has provided his voice is being replaced. steve whitmire began voicing kermit after the death of muppets creator jim henson back in 1990. >> his replacement has worked on "sesame street" for 30 years and he will begin performing kermit next week. i'd like onto audition, though. >> you're already wearing green. ♪ it's not easy being green
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>> oh, all right. >> no? >> moving on. >> i think it's spot-on. >> it was right on. kermit. that was miss piggy. a teenager from california might be the luckiest person ever. >> so in the space of one week 19-year-old rosa dominguez won the california lottery twice. on a drive home from arizona she stopped at a gas station and bought a $5 scratch-off ticket. that netted her the top prize of $555,000. >> then that wasn't enough and she bought another $5 scratch-off ticket and won yet another $100,000. >> not too shabby. >> lucky lady. >> if you're related to us, feel free to write to us. >> or we'll just call you. next to a jackpot of a find in new jersey. >> a museum restoration project has unearthed three full cases of portuguese madeira wine. >> now we're talking. >> dating back to 1796. in fact, so rare the museum said it can't even divulge the
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value of the wine. >> madeira wine was the best wine to ship during the 18th century because it can last for centuries if stored properly. the museum's president sampled it and said it tastes like sweet sherry. if he needs anyone to help him in that sampling process, we are also available. >> we'll willing. and a man attempted a romantic selfie with his girlfriend and ended up with a big fail. this is the selfie of him on vacation. it's not the couple's fault, though. >> the latest victims of the panorama fail. his girlfriend sneezed in the middle of the picture. beautiful results. >> oh. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's. register today at
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going morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, almost 4:thirtd in the morning on tuesday, july 11th. welcome back. >> thank you. my husband just wanted me out of the house, that's why i'm back. >> and wood stock too. >> and wood stock as well. >> jessica's still off today. alexis smith is here good morning. >> good morning. >> and mike nicco as well. >> got a few clouds out there, no drizzle, no fog and it looks like a cool day for most of us. we go to live dopplar 7 k5u7bd see the lack of cloud cover in most neighborhoods. it will try to make a late search like yesterday. but the dark gray, that's the cloud cover. we're starting in the mid-i fists archd 60s. 60 in san francisco, 70s inland and as we head towards 4:00 we're still in the 60s, even
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some 80s inland and then fall back into the fists, 60s, and 70s by 7:00. >> we were starting with a significant alert, state rout 152 we had a jackknifed semi. we are in the clearing stages but we do have a little bit of red that's still thing out that's at dinosaur point so the so that vehicle off the roadway at that point but i think that will return to normal very soon. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza looking great so far this morning. no metering lights as of yet but that should happen in about an hour. >> wnchts very new details where firefighters are still at the scene of a large grass fire. >> they kept eyes on it all night to keep it from spreading. tiffany is live for nus san jose. good morning, tiffany. >> good morning. as you can see, i'm currently at a road closure related to the felipe fire. this started yesterday afternoon as a car fire that then spread
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to the grass. and the latest update we have from firefighters at the morgan hill command snoer is that it is at 40% contained of a fire that has spread to 40 acres. initially there were some concerns that they would need to have evacuations, however, they were able to contain the fire enough that they did not have any evacuations necessary. this was a fire that required 150 firefighters yesterday and firefighters say they got lucky just based on how the way the just based on how the way the roads were set now, again, some of the firefighters yesterday said that san fa peep pay rod basically used as a fire break and earlier i was on san felipe road about six miles from where we are here and i could smell some of the
4:30 am
smoke from the grass fire yesterday and they are still working to contain and put out some hot spots. right now they're using metcalf rite road and san felipe road to access those hot spots so that's why these road closures are in effect but the good news, no evacuations were necessary. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. thank you. now to friday's massive fire in oakland as federal investigators continue to search for a cause in that. the atf release dollars new footage of a possible serial arsonists want the for targeting another building just a stort drive away. this surveillance video cap turds a man putting on a hood and glufds moments before a building was set on fire in may. he was seen scaling the scaffolding. that building had already had a fire once before in


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