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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 12, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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we are here for you, coming up on 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, july 12th. thanks for being there for us. >> we appreciate it. we have good weather to start our day. >> i think so. the last couple days have been steady. today, i think we'll keep that car in neutral and eventually rev it up a little this weekend with hot temperatures. i put live doppler 7 in motion over the last couple hours and put the cloud layer on it. the clouds are definitely expanding faster than yesterday. not quite on the deck yet, but i think it will be by the end of the morning commute. golden gate bridge looking clear right now. get there while you can. 59 to 53 by 7:00. those are the coast temperatures. we may get to 60 by 4:00. and on top, low to upper 80s. alexis. >> things are looking pretty quiet so far this morning. we have a rollover crash that happened about 45 minutes ago. southbound 101 just before petaluma boulevard, part of an on ramp blocked right now, maybe
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a tiny bit of yellow filling in. a pickup truck landed on the shoulder. emergency crews are on the scene and we have at least minor injuries. they're still working on clearing that. quick check outside, here's the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 slowly starting to fill in as folks leave hey wr. so far, no major delays anywhere. we do have a b.a.r.t. delay this morning. we'll talk about that coming up next. that breaking news in newark. alameda county firefighters there right now investigating, look at this video from the scene. there was a two-alarm fire at a business overnight. this was near central avenue. fires started about 2:15 this morning. they got it out in about 15 minutes. firefighters told us several trucks caught fire and then the fire spread to the building. there were no reports of injuries. right now, there's there. they're trying to figure out what sparked the fire. back to you. >> yikes. several skateboarders and a san
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francisco police officer ended up hurt after a skater takeover outside dolores park. >> all of this happened last night, and this morning, amy hollyfield has the latest. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. i just spoke with a police sergeant here in the mission district. he said the officer who was hurt last night hurt his shoulder. he's okay. he has been released from the hospital. there was some tension between police and the skateboarders. some borders thinking police got in their way and that's what caused them to fall and get hurt. >> oh! >> police tell me they were just trying to keep the public safe, pointing out the skaters were taking over the street, and there are pedestrians and cars to look out for along with the skaters. police were called to the scene when people complained they couldn't use dolores street because of all the people blocking it. this informal skateboarding competition drew hundreds of people to dolores park last night. there were some big falls, at
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least two skaters were taken to the hospital after they hit the pavement. participants were not wearing helmets. police say some people threw objects at them. two police cars were damaged. you can see where their windows were broken. dolores street reopened around 9:00 last night. that's when police felt like they had a handle on it and had everyone clears out. no arrests were made. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> we're tracking developing news out of the south bay where a raging brush fire has destroyed this home in the foothills of east san jose. this is a live look this morning showing the damage. it's on clater way near lariat street. this morning, the fire is still burning nearby. the latest numbers show it's 40% contained. it's grown to 100 acres since it broke out yesterday afternoon, prompting evacuations. the thick smoke was visible throughout the south bay. we expect to get an update on the fire later this morning. >> crews are keeping an eye on a junk yard fire that started just
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before 5:00 last afternoon at the alco iron company. we have more. >> reporter: sky 7 was up above as thick, heavy black smoke poured from the alco iron and metal company. >> it looked like the smoke was intensifying, getting a lot blacker. you could hear a few like explosions of stuff that was in the pile or, you know, stuff that was burning. >> firefighters battled the blaze from a safe distance. they managed to contain it, but the issues continued. >> the large fire making sure that it remains under control. making sure that the residents who live in the immediate area are safe, which is why a shelter in place advisory was issued as a precaution. >> the precaution is because of this, huge plumes of smoke that spread across the sky. people reported seeing and smelling the smoke from as far away as cal state east bay in hayward.
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bay area air quality officials are here testing the air. still, some have reported having headaches and feeling dizzy. luis was working right next door when the fire started. >> i started getting a little headache, then i had to get my mask. that's when we left. we went outside and started getting worse. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in san leandro, abc 7 news. small grass fire in mountain view burned a 100-yard area off central expressway near ravendale drive just before 3:00 yesterday. no injuries there and the cause is under investigation. meanwhile, a grass fire in richmond threatened several homes near barnard street. fire investigators evacuated several homes yesterday. the backyard of at least one of them burned. >> it appears san francisco police officers association not happy with the way sheriff's deputies responded to last month's u.p.s. shooting. a union board member complained at a june 21st union meeting that the 18 deputies presented
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safety concerns for the police officers. the board members said the deputies appeared to be preparing to enter the building with long rifles. the july issue of the poa journal published the minutes of the meeting but it did not specify what safety concerns they presented. >> alameda is trying to figure out if a man's job is the motivation for his mirder. a 19-year-old was shot to death. he worked at a legal medical marijuana delivery system. his mom spoke with us last night. >> just made me so proud of him, you know. he had so much love. he always -- he just moved out a month ago. ad still came over every day. >> deputies hope surveillance video may hold clues that could lead to an arrest. new developments on donald trump jr.'s meeting with the russian lawyer. trump jr. appeared on fox news channel last night and insists
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he didn't try to coclude with russia to try to damage hillary clinton during the election. this morning, president trump tweeted his son did a good job, saying he was open, transparent and innocent, and that this is the greatest witch hunt in political history. sad. abc news spoke to the russian lawyer overnight. she said trump jr. was disappointed she didn't deliver any incriminating information, and she doesn't know why he was told to expect any. president trump's lawyers spoke to "gma" this morning. >> the meeting itself and what took place at the meeting doesn't violate the law. the president was not aware of it. donald trump jr. said in retrospect, he would look at it differently today. >> the kremlin today denied reaching out to the russian property developer who arranged the meeting between the lawyer and donald trump jr. >> 5:07 now. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said they're delaying the start of the recess to work on major issues like health care. the senate typically takes its
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recess at the start of august, but it's being pushed back to the third week in the month. he said they also need to work on tax reform and the budget. >> san francisco city officials plan to discuss imposing a tax on vacant properties. supervisor requested the city attorney's office explore legislation to do so. he says the number of vacancies contribute to the housing crisis and small businesses struggle. vancouver and canada recently assessed a 1% tax on homes that aren't principal residences or aren't rented out for at least six months of the year. here's a look from mt. tamalpais this morning. you can see it's fairly clear there. we'll use this to talk about our activity planner. our beaches, we still have dangerous waves through this evening. sneaker waves and large breakers and rip currents. if you're going do be on the bay, slightly calmer. if you're going to be exercising, there will be some extreme sunshine out there. here's a look at our temperatures, from 55 in danville to about antioch and
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brentwood at 62. pretty comfortable in our inland east bay neighborhoods. 60 in san jose. los gatos, 64. novato, 50 there. oakland, 58, along with mountain view. san francisco, 54. pacifica, about 52. here's a look at what's going on in oakland. average high is about 72. 8:00, we're at 60. noon, 67. we'll hang around 70 from 2:00 to 4:00, and 67 back at 6:00. nothing too extreme there. around the state today, 110 in palm springs. we'll crack 100 in fresno and redding. 91 in yosemite, and about 83 in tahoe. here's a look at san jose at 280 and 17. and what you're going to see are temperatures the next three days that will be pretty steady, just about everywhere. you won't notice much of a change until i get to the weekend and show you where those 80s, 90s, and 100s will be. let's get alexis in here for a look at your morning commute. >> we're doing pretty well so far. here's a look at the richmond
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side of the richmond/san rafael bridge. we have a few cars coming through on westbound 580, but that's about it if you're driving this morning. if you're taking b.a.r.t., i have a heads up. we had unscheduled track maintenance between west oakland and embarcadero stations. that means we have a 20-minute delay. we heard from b.a.r.t. and they said the problem has been resolved. normal service is resuming. if you're heading in to the pittsburg bay point or dublin pleasant directions, you can expect that delay. 20 minutes could slow you down this morning. we'll look at the central valley up next. remember the selfie that monkey took? what's happening in san francisco today regarding the controversial photo. >> and if you make six figures, you can now qualify for affordable housing. the change impacting the bay area. >> 5:10 in the morning. we want you to have a better start to your day. a live look at the glittering bay bridge before the sun comes bay bridge before the sun comes
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you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. happening today, the can bait over who owns a monkey selfie is back in court in san francisco. a monkey made headlines for this. he smiled for the camera and snapped a photo. the photographer argues he owns the photo because it's his camera. peta wants the monkey declared as the owner. if the court rules in peta's favor, it will be the first time an animal owns property. >> new, alameda police hopes
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someone can identify this man, accused of an armed robbery at a cvs, july 1st at the storon island drive. investigators believe he may have been involved in another armed robbery at a cvs in albany. if he looks familiar, alameda police want to hear from you. >> in today's "gma" first look, a toddler is seriously hurt on a trampoline. >> it's serving as a reminder of the danger of using these. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma" first look, this is the grief stricken face of 3-year-old colton hill after breaking his femur broen jumping at an indoor trampoline park. >> he just let out the worst scream. >> his mom caitlin poising the photo showing colton in his body cast on facebook after his doctor told her the american academy of pediatrics recommend children under the age of 6 never use a trampoline. colton had his accident at a sky zone trampoline park in tampa.
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the company writing our thoughts and prayers are with the injured child and his safety. guest safety is our top priority and we're investigating how an incident of this nature might have occurred. we'll tell you how you can keep your family safe at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look. i'm linzie janis, abc news, new york. 5:15. on the peninsula, police are looking for any witnesses to a hit-and-run crash in palo alto. it happened near california avenue on friday around 5:30 p.m. they say a white car hit a bicyclist and took off. paramedics found the injured cyclist in the roadway. he was taken to the hospital and is now recovering at home. the suspect's car is described as a white four-door sedan. >> investigators are looking into another incident at sfo after a propeller of a u.s. coast guard plane clipped the tarmac. that's the plane you see on the bottom of the screen. coast guard officials say they believe it was some kind of failure that happened when the
5:16 am
plane was taxiing for takeoff. the runway was closed while officials looked for damage and debris yesterday. this comes after a nearly disastrous incident on friday. the faa and now the ntsb are investigating why an air canada plane nearly landed on a taxiway instead of the runway. four planes were waiting to take off when a pilot flagged air traffic control. flight aware shows the plane, the air canada plane, dropped as low as 175 feet before suddenly throttling the engines and pulling up as it went around to land for a second time. >> san francisco is changing its affordable housing policies. so now, a single person making less than $121,000 can qualify for affordable housing. that is up from the current salary of $44,000. developers of large properties will be required to make a portion of their unit affordable, dividing them up between low, moderate, and middle income families. city supervisors say it will be
5:17 am
easier to keep middle class workers hire in san francisco. >> trying to emotionally recover from that number you gave us. that's crazy. >> okay, do not take furniture or appliances on public transit. do i have to really tell you this? this message is coming out of australia after two men tried to do it two weeks apart. you see it on the surveillance video next to me. this shows both of these incidents. the man with the refrigerator that you see right here, he got a ticket for $192 because it's illegal to board a train with an item that can't be placed underneath your seat. and then the man with the couch, you see in the far monitor, well, he rolled away without incident. no ticket for him. >> i'm surprised they didn't get stuck for the rest of the day, honestly. >> happening today, mexico celebrating the launch of a nonstop flight from san jose international to guadalajara. they started the nonstop route on july 1st. they do have some competition from alaska airlines and vulairs. it likely means cheaper trips.
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>> san francisco is now america's worst city for driving, according to personal finance website wallet hub. oakland is second. wallet hub has 12 experts looking at the largest cities in the u.s. and consider traffic, cost of vehicle ownership, and safety. sf tied with several other cities for worst congestion. oakland tied with four other cities for highest car theft rate. wah-wah. >> that's not great. >> but we have great weather and great people. right, mike nicco. >> we never get to enjoy it because we're stuck in traffic. >> that's true. >> good morning, everybody. hires a look from looking back towards walnut creek from the east bay hills. clouds and sunshine today. cool at the coast, seasonal inland. a short inland heat wave is coming. here's a look at the winds, 21 at fairfield. the stout sea breeze, not quite as intense as it was yesterday. here's a look at our cloud cover.
5:19 am
the clouds developing along the coast as we head through the morning hours and right up until noon. some of that will spill across san francisco into oakland, but it will retreat back to the coast by noon. that's where it's going to stay. you get up around, you say, sea ranch there and down towards santa cruz where we'll see more sniefr. looks like the peninsula coast will be cloudier than yesterday. 79 in milpitas. 87 in morgan hill today. there you go, 72 in santa cruz. on the peninsula today, we'll go from 70 in millbrae to 81 in redwood city. half moon bay at 63. same thing in sunset, downtown san francisco, 66. through the north bay, 79 at san rafael, low to mid 90s around cloverdale and lakeport. along the shore, 70s for you. and as we head deeper, 87 all through the san ramon valley. a few 90s out around antioch and brentwood. quick look at tonight's temperatures, about 51 to 59
5:20 am
degrees. great sleeping weather once again. my seven-day forecast, enjoy this pattern. a few more clouds for friday. moisture passes us to the north. i think the thunderstorms will stay in the sierra, and then a quick hit of 100 saturday and sunday inland and then back in the 90s by monday. >> good morning. i have good news area. it's all clear. southbound 101 near petaluma boulevard started off with a flipped pickup truck this morning. it landed on the shoulder, but we had an on-ramp taken away for a while, and they'll bring a street sweeper out to totally clear the debris from the shoulder. for now, all the lanes are open. westbound 580, tracy dublin, coming in at 50 minutes. westbound 4, antioch to concord in the green at 15, and south wnd 101 also looking great. we have one transit issue, an early b.a.r.t. delay. >> a new takata airbag recall is
5:21 am
impacting millions of vehicles made by ford, nissan, and mazda. this is separate from the prior airbag recall. there have been so many, right? that one affected 42 million cars. this new problem is with an airbag inflater. no reports of anyone actually getting hurt. owners can get their cars repaired for free. to see if your car is on the list, look for the story on >> chp is setting up a website to report license plate cheaters. those are california residents who fail to register their out of state plates. california law gives a 20-day grace period and that's it to complete the registration. chp says the cheaters are costing california millions of dollars and it's supposed to pay for our roads and highways. to check out the site or possibly report someone, a link for that at >> >> who are you going to report? okay, california's clean vehicle rebate program is almost out of money and new applicants are put on a wait list. the program offers $2500 in
5:22 am
rebates to electric car buyers, but the funding wasn't included in the latest budget. electric car advocates expect lawmakers to decide whether to extend the program by september. >> officials trying to speed up repairs on the oroville dam. there were fears the spillway was going to fail and forced nearly 200,000 residents to evacuate. repairs since have been ongoing. water officials are asking regulators if it's okay to demolish and replace an additional 240 feet of the chute before the rain comes in the fall. according the section was set to be replaced next summer as part of a two-year plan. crews say it needs to be done soon to make sure the repairs are completed by fall of 18. >> the family portrait we have been waiting for. fiona the baby hippo finally reunites with her parents. >> she knows the camera is there. >> plus, san jose wants to roll >> plus, san jose wants to roll out a plan to give the
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we're back at 5:24. the seven things we think you should know today. number one, a san francisco police officer and two skateboarders recovering from injuries after this chaotic scene outside dolores park. ppolice were trying to break upa crowd of about 100 skateboarders at an informal competition. >> number two from the live desk. firefighters trying to figure out what sparked a fire at a business in newark overnight. they say it started ipseveral vehicles and spread to the building at central avenue and timber street. no one was hurt. >> number three, this home just destroyed. we're getting a look at the damage left behind by a brush fire burning in the foothills of east san jose. the 100 acre fire is 40% contained. >> number four, president trump says his son is innocent after he appeared eager to get dirt from russia on hillary clinton. >> number five, six more people are nursing injuries after this year's running of the bulls in spain.
5:26 am
fortunately, their injuries are all minor, but five people have been gored since the event started on friday. >> all right, let's talk about our weather. could it get any more average than this? look at these temperatures compared to average. we're within one degree in concord, oakland, san jose, san rafael, redwood city. san francisco, about three degrees below average. >> number seven, starting off with a b.a.r.t. delay this morning. 20 minutes between west oakland and embarcadero stations. the good news, the earlier issue has wrapped and normal service is resuming. >> thank you, alexis. >> you know, it's a family reunion at the cincinnati zoo where fiona the baby hippo has joined her mom and dad. >> this is their first time together as a trio. you see the mom, beebe, and their dad, henry. she's been exploring the outdoor habitat with her mom for weeks but she's still getting to know daddy. >> mom interfeigning when she
5:27 am
felt henny was getting too to fiona. she was born prematurely in january. she weighed just 29 pounds then, now, 375 pounds for little fiona. her parents weigh ten times that much. but adorblg and we love her. >> i feel like there were a lot of teeth showing between mom and dad. is this family going to work out? i mean, you know. >> no expert. >> i'm no expert on hippos. i just read body language. coming up with another full 90 minutes of news. the message dozens of websites the message dozens of websites will at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away. and you can help her feel bright, without breaking your budget.
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and do your thing. it's 5:30. this is a livepicture in san jose. look at the destruction a wildfire created. that's a home that is now gone. we're going to give you a live report. >> also new developments
5:30 am
regarding donald trump yr and his meeting with a russian lawyer. >> a whale spotted enjoying the water in the san francisco bay. that's great. what happened moments after this with a boater, exactly what we have been warning you about. good morning on this wednesday, july 12th. gang's all here. >> we appreciate your time. good morning to everyone. jessica castro back. and we're starting with mild temperatures. >> mild temperatures. doesn't get more close to average than today. we still do have the big warmer trend this weekend. let's break down the next 12 hours. temperatures in the mid 50s to low 60s through 7:00. clouds will bank up against the coast mainly by noon. 50s there into san francisco. 60s around the bay. 70s inland until antioch and fairfield. 80s there. we'll even add san jose by 4:00, and by 7:00, everybody is pretty comfy. 50s along the coast, 60s around the bay, and 70s inland. so 100s, are you ready for it?
5:31 am
not that all of us will get it. here's alexis. >> we have one new crash. this involves a motorcycle. sounds like that rider is okay, but possibly has some injuries there. but he is up and walking around. this is southbound vasco road, north of the alameda, contra costa county line. we're looking like we have a decent backup in the area. the bay bridge metering lights flipped on at 5:23 this morning. starting to fill in and that is backing up into the maze as well. we'll talk about mass transit in less than ten. >> developing news in san jose. firefighters right now are working to contain a fast-moving fire. >> they have already taken one home and damaged another. tiffany wilson is live near alum rock park in san jose. good morning, tiffany. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. i'm standing right in front of the house that was destroyed. you can see it here behind me. just the front facade remains standing. everything else behind those
5:32 am
front walls melted away in the heat of the flames, and in fact, you can see the city lights of san jose straight through the house. there's still a fire hose laying on the street, rather the sidewalk in front of it. and the firefighters are standing by in case new hot spots spark. now, we have an overhead view of the destroyed home from sky 7 yesterday afternoon. the fire was reported at 4:39. it quickly spread to about 100 acres. a massive cloud of smoke hovered over the east san hose foothilled. crews dropped retardant and water on the leading edge of the fire. as of about 8:30 last night, the fire was just 40% contained. firefighters evacuated nearly a dozen homes and closed alum rock park as flames advanced. >> the extent of the fire was about 100 acres, and we had about 40 homes that were affected. one home was burnt down. another was damaged.
5:33 am
and 11 were evacuated. >> reporter: we're told there will be an update from firefighters at 7:00 this morning. and one firefighter just inspected the property, walking all around it, looking for hot spots. none were found. live in san jose, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. alameda county fire crews remain at the scene of a two-alarm fire at a junkyard. sky seven was up above as thick smoke poured from the iron and metal company yesterday. the flames started just before 5:00 and one of the piles of scrap metal and took off from there. a shelter in place order was lifted last night. people nearby reported seeing and smelling the smoke as fares away as hayward. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> new developments in the controversy over donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer. yesterday, trump jr. said the meeting was a wasted 20 minutes. that's after he released e-mails
5:34 am
from an acquaintance who told us last year the crown prosecutor of russia offered to provide information that would incriminate hillary clinton and her deals with russia. trump jr. appears eager to accept that information. >> is that evidence that the trump campaign then knew that russia was trying to interfere? >> no, i don't think so. no. this is moving into perjury, false statements, and even into potentially treason. >> the russian lawyer involved in all this spoke to abc news overnight. she said she doesn't know why trump jr. was told to expect incriminating information on clinton and he was disappointed she didn't have any. >> senator dianne feinstein released a statement on facebook. she says, quote, what we know so far about the donald trump jr. e-mails is deeply disturbing. they appear to show direct coordination between the trump campaign and possibly the russian government itself. feinstein is calling for trump jr. to testify before congress. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is delaying the senate's august recess by two weeks to generate momentum for a
5:35 am
health care bill. that's despite the deep divisions that remain in the party. a group of ten republican senators pressed mcconnell to force the senate to stick around. >> we'll be on health care next week. therefore, we'll be in session the first two weeks of august. >> as long as this bill continues to cut taxes on the very wealthy and hurt working americans, the bill's going to be as unpopular as it is today. >> senator mitch mcconnell says he plans to unveil a revised health care bill tomorrow. iowa republican senator charles grassley said he's very pessimistic senators can settle their differences. >> neighbors in the east bay will pay more for water. officials have approved a rate hike. they're going to pay 9.5% for water effective right now. the districts 1.5 million water users face another 9% increase next summer. the average family home will see their bills increase over $4 a month for the next two years. >> it's an injustice for us for
5:36 am
them to keep wanting to raise the rates. it's not fair. >> east bay mud says the hike is needed because the district lost revenue when people conservedhe. the additional money will also pay for infrastructure improvements. >> happening today, uc regents are meeting in san francisco to give final approval to an $813 million budget. the includes new cost controls like a 10% reduction in employee travel spending. four new regents are joining the board, there's also a new board chair who says his top priority is to improve relations with state lawmakers. >> activists are staging an online protest over the future of fcc net neutrality rules. today is called a day of action. websites like will show you how to learn more about net neutrality. google, netflix, and amazon are among those protesting. they're worried new rules could
5:37 am
mean slower internet speeds and services. >> a vandalized water tank in novato could be back in service by the weekend. thousands of gallons of water had to be dumped after someone broke into the tank. officials didn't want to take the chance the water could have been contaminated. tests did not turn up anything. >> two beaches are closed after a man was nearly bitten by a shark. steve was in his kayak yesterday morning when he looked down and he saw a shark bit the front of it. he was flipped into the water. lawson was unhurt, but the shark's jaws left a foot long impression on the front of his kayak. >> park pucontrol came right out, helped me. i never saw the shark again. i'm sure it was a mistake on his part. i'm sure he's probably saying, hey, i lost a tooth of something. >> people are warned not to goin the water at santa cruz's main beach. beach goers will be allowed back in on saturday morning. >> let's talk about your commute
5:38 am
this morning. frst, we'll look at the san mateo bridge. we're looking westbound right here. on the roads, we're going to have clouds this morning, sunshine this afternoon. not as breezy if you're on the bay, no small craft advisory yet. and mass transit, no real worries there either. let's talk temperatures. in the north bay, check out cool it is. petaluma, 48. 49 right now in sebastopol, and 55 in napa and american canyon and san rafael and 57 in lafayette, alameda, newark. san jose, about 60. here's a look at san mateo's temperatures today. at 8:00, 59. at noon, we're at 68. 2:00 and 4:00, 71. how about that for comfort? might need a light jacket by 8:00, 63 degrees. let's talk about the rest of the neighborhoods. mid to upper 60s for half moon bay, san francisco, and sausalito. 70s around the rest of the bay to 80s. same spot tomorrow, that would be antioch, and then we see the
5:39 am
warming begin for friday with more 90s starting to spread into the east bay. look at this, even near 100 in clear lake and cloverdale. the heat is out there, just how far will it move to the west? i'll let you know coming up in the seven-day forecast and we'll look at the microclimates for your neighborhood today. here's alexis with a look at the morning commute. any hot spots? >> nothing too serious. we have a mattress someone lost, fell off a vehicle on northbound state route 87 just before you get to curtner avenue. that's been reported in the second from the right lane there. so in the middle, and folks are swerving around that. chp knows about it. hopefully that will clear soon. the south bay overall has been very quiet. here's a look at northbound 101 and 880, starting to fill in, but that's about it. our main issue this morning has been a b.a.r.t. delay, about 20 minutes right now between west oakland and embarcadero stations due to unscheduled track maintenance that has wrapped but they're still in recovery mode.
5:40 am
no delays for ace, and no delayed for vta. we'll check on drive times coming up at 5:50. this is just coming in to our live desk. let me hit play on surveillance video we just got of three men stealing airbags from numerous cars in florida. happened near miami, and take a look. police releasing this video right now because this is a problem nationwide. i watched the whole video. find out how quickly they break in and rip the airbags out, about 20 seconds from start to finish. if you are asking why would someone steal an airbag, they can rake in up to $200 each on the black market by selling them to unscrupulous body shops. the shops can then in turn charge you and me or our insurance companies about $1,000 each to install a so-called new airbag into our car. back to you. >> infuriating. thank you, jess.
5:41 am
>> voters were warned to keep an eye out for whales, but there was another close call in the bay. >> santa rosa police want to know who this is. know who this is. she'
5:42 am
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welcome back. take a look at this video. we're just getting in it. a humpback whale nearly coliting with a sailboat in san francisco bay. they posted the video to her
5:44 am
instagram account and spotted the whale from the golden gate bridge over the weekend. you can see what a close call that was. marine officials say there has been an increase in the humpbacks in the bay in the last two years. the whales are apparently following anchovies during high tide. it creates quite a spectacle and also some safety concerns for boaters and the whales themselves. >> some san jose neighbors are angry about a controversial housing project next to a popular park. hundreds of frustrated neighbors overflowed out of a meeting with the housing department last night. they're upset about turning a plot of land across the street from thousand oaks park into housing for the homeless. the director of housing said the city is considering building 20 to 25 tiny homes for the homeless early next year. all ten districts must propose a new site for homeless communities. >> this was the only district that had one surplus site in their district, so it was highly unusual because most of the
5:45 am
other districts have multiple sites. >> how are they going to promise us the safety of our kids? >> the director of housing says the city will be considering leasing a different site and other community suggestions. >> the benicia police department is sharing video of thieves ripping off a cvs on columbus parkway. the four women entered the store and you can see them filling their bags. they were after allergy products. >> we think you have to stop and take a look at what is happening here. the chp in santa rosa wants your help identifying this woman. she's accused of using a counterfeit $100 bill at a school bake sale. come on. the high school students were selling baked goods to raise money for the music program. this happened monday in front of oliver's market. investigators say this woman bought several items and then paid for it with a fake $100. she got $80 in change. a student realized that's a fake, tried to stop the lady,
5:46 am
but she sped off in what appeared to be a dark older honda with custom rims. the woman described as 5'6", 225 pounds with a tattoo on hes her left foreharm. >> an elementary school vandalized in east oakland would like help with repairs. vandals broke in on saturday. staff members say it will take months to replace windows and set up security cameras. the principal tells abc 7 he believes former students damaged the school. we just checked and the school has raised almost $4,000 of its $7,000 goal. if you would like to help, we set up a link on our website. >> a man who witnessed a violent beating at a b.a.r.t. station took matters into his own hands. he said he rode b.a.r.t. from his home in lafayette to san francisco yesterday morning. he says what he saw at the station on montgomery street shocked him. >> i witnessed a tall man striking another man with a cane. and he's just going to town on
5:47 am
this guy. he's yelling for help, rolled up in the fetal position, and nobody is helping him. >> casey says he chased the attacker then tackled him. construction workers helped tie the man's hands and kept him down until police got there. we don't know what motivated that attack. >> this morning, mariners are being asked to avoid a 350-meter safety zone in the bay around the area where a barge sank several months ago during a storm. yesterday, salvage crews began removing part of it but two pieces still remain. part of one of the pieces is sitting on tap of 25 feet of mud on top of the transbay 2. they hope to have the pieces out of the water by the end of the week. >> tonight, the best athletes and teams in sports will be honored at the 25th annual espys. a former stanford star will present her alma mater with an unprecedented fourth capital one cup in women's athletics. the award recognizes the top division i program. stanford captured three national championships in volleyball, water polo, and swimming and
5:48 am
diving. it comes with a $200,000 donation in student scholarships. larry beil will be live at the espys. look for his reports at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00, and you can watch at 8:00 right here. >> alexis smith is tracking the roads. how are you looking right now? >> we're still doing pretty well. looking at emeryville, heavy traffic, westbound 80. as you head to the maze, we have a report of some type of hazard. they really haven't given us too much info. not sure if it's a disabled vehicle or some type of debris around powell street, but we have heavier volumes if you're coming past golden gate field and the albany area. that's where you're going to start to show down. a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights on since 5:23. pretty average commute through the bay bridge toll plaza and into san francisco. so far, drive times looking decent. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 20 minutes.
5:49 am
80 to bay bridge, 17 minutes, let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. pretty comfortable out there so far today. >> really is. and it may be comfortable for most of us the next couple days. hi, everybody. here's a look at what's going on in the east bay hills and valleys. mt. diablo, prominent over my left shoulder. even some color, pink starting to show up. seasonal clouds and highs today. that means clouds will roll back to the coast and hang there. cloudy spots and cool, a lot like this morning, and the extended, a quick burst of heat inland. saturday and sunday for sure. a little monday. i'll show you that in the seven-day forecast. look at this, you can see the spreading of the marine layer and the clouds. not quite as dry as it was yesterday. let's go inland where we have 87 in pleasanton. san ramon, and walnut creek, to about 90 in antioch. it remains warm. if you can get cool air in this morning, won't have to run the air conditioner this afternoon. 82 in san jose. morgan hill, about 87. cupertino, 81. as we head up to the north bay, 86. the breeze is light. that means temperatures warmer
5:50 am
in places like novato and napa at 82. on the peninsula today, sunny. on the peninsula side, 75 in san mateo, but cloudy around half moon bay at 63. over in oakland, 73. hayward, 77. castro valley, 78, and fremont, 79. last stop, 66 in downtown san francisco. marina, 74. here's a look at my seven-day forecast. oh, yeah, man. some people like steadiness. no drama in their life wrrbl until we get to saturday and sunday. that's when it's 100 inland and mid 80s around the bay. still some mid 60s at the coast. then we'll start to cool down monday and tuesday. all right, as you know, we talk about it all the time, a better day starts here at abc 7 mornings. we want to give you a better day shout out to a couple students at granada high school in livermore. they started a camp to teach kids with special needs how to skateboard. james teaches, thomas organizes every behind the scenes. this is a video from the first
5:51 am
camp that had ten skaters. it was such a hit, they're doing another camp this week with 12 new skaters. thomas and james say the kids are having an incredible time. they want to thank the volunteer instructors, street sign skate board and the taylor family foundation for their support. we want to thank you too for being so inspirational. do you know someone who is helping others have a better day? just go to and click on the better day shout out button. that will take you here where you can fill in your information and send us your video. then we can feature it on our morning shoutout. >> yay. that's awesome. thanks so much. >> new at 6:00, another reason to get a good night's rest. this is so depressing to me. the disease now linked to a lack of sleep. >> first, firefighters wrap up a big bill in a restaurant and they didn't even pay. that's because of one touching gesture. gesture. >> ♪ ♪
5:52 am
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5:54 am
welcome back. this will put a smile on your face. a southern california fire department is thanking a om. she wants to remain anonymous. they posted this photo on facebook over the weekend. that's quite a bill. $355. well, it says the woman picked up the tab. about two dozen firefighters ate at a denny's outside of san bernardino. they were taking a well deserved break after working in 100-degree weather to put out a 70-acre fire. well done. >> menlo park based facebook says it plans to start implementing ads on its messenger app. it made the announcement in a blog aimed at advertisers. a small percentage of its more than 1 billion users will start seeing messenger ads in the coming weeks. before you frak out, they'll
5:55 am
appear in the home tab, not in the messenger threads. >> this is a sign of the times. san francisco library users can now check out computers as well as books. a six-month pilot program will allow people to borrow laptops. to start, they're available in underserved communities. the program may expand over the next few years if it proves successful. >> give us another beautiful day, mike nicco, please. >> i will do that. i was just thinking, most of us are just now getting up. wouldn't a nap at the beach be nice this afternoon. here's a look at santa cruz. it looks pretty calm right now. temperatures going to be about 72 degrees. with gray lingering a little longer in areas say around half moon bay, ocean beach, and bodega bay. my big concern with the water, the south faces beaches, large breakers, sneaker waves, and rip currents. this will continue through the evening hours. maybe you just want to stay away from the 56-degree water anyway. it's a little chilly out there. >> no kidding, yeah.
5:56 am
so far, doing great on the roads. we have not had any serious issues. have to love summertime traffic. a lot of folks off on vacation, and no one in school unless you're doing summer classes. everything looking okay in walnut creek. a quick check of b.a.r.t., we had a 20-minute delay due to earlier track maintenance between west oakland and embarcadero, that has cleared. b.a.r.t. is back to normal. no longer any delays in any direction. looking good all across the board for mass transit. >> thanks, alexis. >> three sacramento men who became heroes after stopping a terrorist attack in france are going to actually star in a clint eastwood movie about the whole event. spencer stone, alex skarlatos and anthony sadler are going to play themselves. they were honored with france's highest honor two years ago. they stopped a man who opened fire on a train. the movie is titled 1517 to paris. that's going to be so much fun. >> very cool. >> new at 6:00, changes could be
5:57 am
coming soon to san francisco's fisherman's wharf. good news for seafood lovers. >> also a takeover at dolores park. skaters blocking city streets as police get involved, and look at that. new video of the incident. >> and big news coming out of the federal reserve just moments ago. could our interest rates be going up or down in the future? all that next. >> thank you. a live look outside right now. 5:57 in the morning. thanks for being here. a mild day on top.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning on this wednesday, july 12th. it's 6:00 a.m. we're all here. nice to have jessica back after her vacation to italy. >> caio. >> this is mike nicco. he does the weather. >> i forgot. >> do you know i'm italian? >> yes, so where was my crash
6:00 am
course on italian before i left? >> oops. >> anyway, about that weather. >> let's move on and talk about how gray and cold outside. not shady yet, but it could be later this afternoon. partly cloudy with a chance of shade. all right, all kidding aside, nice to have jessica back. let's talk about live doppler 7. you can see the grayness along the coast. it's trying to fill in the bay as we speak. you can see a beautiful shot from mt. tamalpais. your 12-hour day planner, 54 to 59 at 7:00. the top line is inland, where it's going to be warmest. 80 to 87. 71 at noon. 75 at 4:00. 69 along the bay. let's get a check of the morning commute. >> one new issue in south san francisco. right around 280 and 101 interchange on the northbound side of 280 there at the 101 split. calls in to chp. wasn't sure if it was a disabled vehicle or if the vehicle was


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