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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 14, 2017 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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always a good way to start. give us some good weather, mike nicco. >> yeah. we did it, yes. happy to be the friday. now there's a little bit of concern out there. because of the high pressure building over top of us, the marine layer is getting squashed this morning. that's pushing the clouds down and reducing the visibility in petaluma to a quarter mile and a half mile in santa rosa. that will be around for the entire morning commute. check out the enhanced color from mt. tamalpais. the baby pink and blue out there looks gorgeous. 12-hour day planner, temperature 53 to 60 at 7:00. we go to noon, 72. that's your middle temperature there, around the bay. to 77 at 4:00. the lower temperature at the bottom, 57 to 59, that's at the coast, and the top temperature where it's getting warm is inland, 83 to 89. by the time you get to 7:00, heading outside, 56 at the coast, 70 around the bay, 81 inland. temperatures will be 10 to 20 degrees warmer tomorrow. i'll show you that coming up next. here's alexis. >> good morning. those metering lights for the bay bridge toll plaza have been on since about 5:28. wraer rr looking at one of our
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only slow spots. backed up to the maze, but not too bad, and we're pretty friday light all the way around. a quick check of drive times. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, great. state route 84 recovering from an earlier crash. we'll head back there next. >> alexis, thank you. >> we're tracking developing news on the crash in sonoma. a plane carrying a san francisco family going down in wine country. >> one man is dead. three people in the hospital, including two children. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us at the airport. >> hi, reggie. the ntsb and faa will be here to investigate this crash. it happened right after takeoff here at the sonoma sky park airport and the pilot was killed. he has been identified as 38-year-old william goldman or bill. he was an assistant professor at usf. usf has released a statement calling him a beloved and generous teacher. he is the grandson of
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philanthropist richard and rhoda goldman. the family are descendants of the levi strauss family. his two children survived the crash. and according to the santa rosa press democrat, the woman onboard was the nanny for the family. the children and the nanny all have been taken to the hospital. and officials say that their injuries range from severe to critical. a witness rushed to the scene after watching the cirrus sr-22 plummet to the ground and helped the little boy. >> we helped him out a little bit, but he popped out. george is his name. what's your name? george. can you get me out? hank on, i'm going to cut the seat belt. he was able to pop out. >> cirrus planes are equipped with a high-tech parachute, and sky 7 was over the crash where the orange and white chute was visible. witnesses say the plane, it looked like, didn't have enough altitude, though, for that parachute to help. officials say goldman's plane
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was flying to san jose, but it is registered out of palo alto. reporting live just outside of sonoma, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. protests are expected today as two oakland police officers who reportedly mishandled the department's sexual misconduct case are set to be honored. a report ordered by the federal court monitor found opd's investigation of it own officers to be, whoet, wholly inadequate, according to the east bay express. ron rld holmgren and john lewis were two of the top brass involved in the mishandling of the investigation involving a teenage girl named jasmine abuslin. the new police chief named holmgren and lois to her command staff. >> the massacre at oikos university is set to be sentenced today. he entered a no contest plea in may and was found guilty of seven counts of murder, also three counts of attempted premeditated murder. in april of 2012, goh went to his former school and shot and
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killed seven people. he will be sentenced to seven consecutive terms of life in prison without the possibility of patrol, plus another 271 years to life in prison. >> now to the air canada close call at sfo. we're hearing the pilots made the decision to go around the airport and attempt a new landing before the sfo tower ordered them to do so. it happened on friday night as the flight from toronto was trying to land here in the bay area. the pilot mistook the taxiway for the runway and came as close as 100 feet from two other jetliners. that's according to the full preliminary report from the canadian transportation safety board released yesterday. after landing safely, the air canada pilots were asked to call sfo air traffic control to discuss exactly what happened. >> a 51-year-old man is in serious condition after being assaulted while walking in san francisco's soma neighborhood. police say the victim was on howard street near spear on wednesday afternoon when he was approached by a man who started yelling at him. investigators say the victim didn't know what the guy was talking about. authorities say the victim was then punched at least two times
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by the attacker who got away. >> as president trump returns from his trip abroad, he's tweeting about the new health care bill, saying quote, republican senators are working hard to get their failed obamacare replacement approved. i will be at my desk, pen in hand. that new bill is seeing new signs of trouble. republicans are facing opposition from members of their own party. in fact, the new draft still does not have the support to pass. it keeps some obamacare taxes on the wealthy, it also puts aside $70 billion that could help some americans cover high premiums. but still in the bill are those deep cuts to medicaid, initially projected to be nearly $800 billion. you can find a full rundown on the new health care bill on our website, >> richmond is the latest city to adopt a safe exchange zone for internet-based transactions. since december, police say they have seen five robberies, two thefts, and nine victims in reported internet exchanges by people buying and selling things off craigslist, so the department has designated two
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parking stalls in the parking lot as a community exchange zone. it's well lit, always under surveillance and visible from the front door of the station. >> a woman trying to steal a package from a front porch got caught in the act by the homeowner. >> the woman honking is heidi, confronting the person who had just grabbed that box yesterday evening. she started taking pictures of the suv and license plate the woman had jumped into. so that woman tossed the package out the window and the driver sped away. >> i just hope that they learned their lesson and that they don't go around stealing. and then i also hope that other people who think of stealing boxes think again. >> the story gets better because what was inside that valuable package? just a bunch of free packing supplies from ebay. san jose police say the surveillance video could help solve this case and maybe even others. >> we're hearing from the
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skateboarder hospitalized after an unpermitted race in san francisco. coming up next, why he says the police overreacted to the ride. >> new at 6:00, going green in san francisco. the new opera house project that will increase the city's power production. >> a live look at the toll plaza. welcome to your friday. we're keeping you up to date on live weather and traffic on the screen throughout the entire commerci hey look, it's everyone's favorite, the six-dollar subway club. hey look, it's everyone's favorite, the six-dollar sweet onion chicken teriyaki. advertising. they're footlongs and they're six bucks each. subway. so. much. sandwich.
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the six-dollar subway club. it's everyone's favorite, hey look, it's everyone's favorite, the six-dollar sweet onion chicken teriyaki. advertising. they're footlongs and they're six bucks each. subway. so. much. sandwich.
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i want tashow you this moment from this morning's bastille day celebration. it's blowing up on social media. they're saying good-bye. watch here as president trump just didn't really want to say good-bye, as he parted way with the french president. look at this extremely long hand shake. watch as they talk and then the french first lady there walks up. they just don't let go. we timed this whole thing out. it was actually a 28-second hand shake followed by a hug at the end. right now, the president is leaving paris. he did finally let go and he's now on his way to russia. that's the latest from our live desk. back to you. >> what are you saying, too much pda? >> a little. >> just a little, huh? i'm glad they're friend. good morning, everybody. here's a look at san mateo bridge. looking westbound into the abyss of some low clouds and fog that's out there.
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in fact, the foggy spots are up where you would expect them in the north bay valleys. petaluma up towards santa rosa. breezes will be back but they won't be quite as fast on the bay and mass transit, summer spread today, 30 to 40 degrees. everybody in the mid to upper 50s, not only in the south bay but the rest of the neighborhoods. let's look around the state. thunderstorms, 92 in yosemite, 83 in tahoe with thunderstorms possible again over the weekend. be careful if you're heading up that way. could be a high fire danger. >> i want to head back to state route 84. we had a crash right around 680, and unfortunately, we had both lanes closed. that's where we have one lane in each direction. eastbound side, you recovered. westbound side, not so much. we still have heavy delays there if you're coming from the livermore area. just plan on that. that will likely to longer to unwind. we have fog this morning. here's a live look at golden gate. most of the bridge is swallowed up in fog. we'll check on drive times coming up at 6:20.
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>> new at 6:00 a.m., an agreement reached to make clean energy atonsan francisco's operahouse. the city has agreed to install a rooftop solar panel system on the opera house. the third solar electric project. it's joining projects at davey symphony haul and city hall. >> is your mac and cheese posing serious harm to your health. a warning about the very popular food. >> the world's first underground railway is about to copd makes it hard to breathe. soo breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'llo my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-dailynoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma .
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it's 6:15 now. we're 93 hearing from the editor of a skateboarding magazine comoo needed staples in his head after this happened in an unpermitted street race in dolores park. >> i was flying down the side and i hit a reflector. >> we caught up with jake phelps, and as you can see, he's still recovering in a hospital after that hard fall he took on tuesday night. and he wasn't the only one. a skateboarder collided with an officer and flipped over his patrol car. as officers arrived to try to get help to the injured, the crowd started throwing things at them. phelps said cops reacted too quickly. >> i think they overreacted. they don't really skateboarders want to go down
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hills. the hill is smooth. >> he did say he understands police have to maintain law and order. police are investigating their response and checking body cams. >> san jose police hope someone can identify this man. police say the suspect took a case of beer at a 7-eleven on white road. when the clerk chased after him, other people started beating the clerk. the victim ran back inside, other suspects went into the store, too, and took more items before leaving in a large black four-door sedan and a white four-door sedan. this happened in february. investigators releasing the pi ty still have not identified him. >> potentially harmful chemicals might be present in mac and cheese mixes made with powdered cheeses. the chemicals, thalates, have been linked to jeantel birth defects in baby boys and behavior problems in older kids. they tested 30 products and found them in all but one of them. the highest concentrations were found in boxed product with powdered cheese products.
6:17 am
listen to dr. jennifer ashton. she was on "gma" and spoke to a representative from kraft. >> they were very clear the amount of phthalates in their products is well below 1,000 times what is recommended or can be safely there. they stand behind the safety of their product. personally, i would be more worried about getting into a car accident. >> she talked about more of this at 7:00 on "gma." well, apple's spaceship headquarters in cupertino is not even finished, but the silicon valley business journal reports it's giveing the city a major economic boost. a recent report shows the total assessed value of the property increased more than $1.7 billion in the last fiscal year. and the business journal reports more restaurants, stores, hotels, and residential units are being built around the campus. >> makes sense. looks gorgeous. >> absolutely. >> how about our day? equally as gorgeous? >> as that campus? can you compare anything to apple? i think it will be, yeah. absolutely. if you like sunshine.
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hi, everybody. and you like seasonal to warm temperatures, i got a day for you. today, we're going to springboard to that hot weekend. we'll tweak the temperatures a little bit. let me show you the microclimates in a minute after i let you look at the sunrise from sutro tower. the quick heat wave is almost here, and it's just going to last tomorrow and sunday. more cooling coming early next week. let's talk about where we have the heat advisory. notice it's up in the hills, in the mountains, because that's where the temperatures are going to only fall into the 70s and 80s overnight. that's where it's going to be most dangerous. so from 8:00 tomorrow morning to 9:00 sunday evening, we need to be careful there. concord, 93 degrees today. same thing in pittsburgh. we'll be as warm as antioch's 96. cool as san ramon's 90 degrees. santa rosa, 88. the breeze not as strong. novato and napa at 84. sonoma at 84 also. in the south bay, how about 85 in san jose. 74 in santa cruz. 90s, morgan hills, los gatos and
6:19 am
gilroy. half moon bay, 62. san mateo, 77. palo alto, 81. 83 in redwood city. oakland, 74. nothing too extreme here, even as we get to 80 in fremont, that will be the warmest spot. and 69, san francisco. that's where we should be. daley city, 61. mission, about 66. south san francisco, 68. temperatures tonight, about 51 to about 63. now, the heat's coming tomorrow and again sunday. but then it's off monday, tuesday, and wednesday. alexis. >> taking a look at the roads this morning, really quiet right now, which of course is the way we like it. we're friday light for the most part. taking you out to the tracy area. 13 miles an hour 205 to 580. nothing unusual there. look outside at the south bay. san jose, 280 and 17, really pretty start to the day. some pretty volumes there on 280 as well. not seeing any major problems. mass transit, you look great all morning as well. no delays for b.a.r.t. 54 trains in service. muni, normal service this morning, no delays reported and
6:20 am
should be a pretty ride if you're on san francisco bay ferry, no delays or service changes either. we'll look at state route 84 recovering from an earlier crash in a few. >> thanks, alexis. >> the morning commute is changing for people in london. they're no longer going to hear the phrase ladies and gentlemen from london underground employees. it's an effort to become more gender neutral. instead, passengers will hear, hello, everyone. the change applies to live announcements and recorded messages. they wanted to make sure that all passengers feel welcome. i guess i should have said it differently. hello, everyone. why do i automatically use like a -- a charles dik -- >> you go right back there. >> oliver sort of accent. >> always. coming up next, michael finney tackles prescription drug prices. where you can find a deal on the drugs you need. >> plus, get ready to pay more for your next plane ticket. >> live look at walnut creek, 6:20 a.m. welcome to friday and that morning sun coming up right now.
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delta expect fares will go up as much as 4.5% in the next quarter. it's needed to cover the high cost of fuel and labor. >> bidding wars among buyers are driving up home prices once again, and the fiercest competition is, you guessed it, right here in the bay area. a new report from red fin shows about 73% of homes sold above the listing price in the san jose metropolitan area last month. that's the highest percentage in the nation. followed by san francisco and oakland. our media partner did its own number crunching and found more than 50 homes in sunnyvale and cupertino sold for at least $200,000 over the asking price last month. yikes. >> ouch. it's time to ask finney. greg has a question about generic drug prices. >> he spoke to us at our event in fremont. michael finney has his answer. >> why are some generic drugs 2 1/2 times more expensive in california than they are in some
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other states? >> hey, greg. i have tatell you, i have never heard that complaint before. if i had to guess, the drugs went up in cost from when you left your state and the next time you bought them here in california. generic drug prices have been on a wild ride. their costs go through the roof. one way to get a deal is to go through costco. you don't have to be a member to use their pharmacy. or you can sign up for a discount plan at one of the national chains. if that doesn't work for you, buy them by mail from your old state. greg, thanks for your question. >> michael finney is headed to courta madeira to hear your questions. he'll be at town center today from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. to meet you. we'll be set up between rei and urban outfitters. you can also ask questions on social media. >> if you like free stuff, forget about coffee. sip some tea. happening today, free tea friday at starbucks. you can get a 12-ounce serving of starbucks new teavana shaken
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infusions. the offer is good between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. a short timeframe there. it's part of a promotion for the new tea infusions but i have a feeling you could probably guess that. >> next at 6:30, a battle over proposed medical marijuana dispensary gets pretty wild. the decision that left many san francisco neighbors upset this morning. >> boy, does this hurt. a lamborghini catches fire at a gasoline station in the peninsula. the advise firefighters have for drivers this morning. and here at the live desk, want to show you live images coming in of a home chancing into a sinkhole in florida. right near tampa. i'm gathering details. i'll have much more next. >> and weather wise, we have minimal warming today. but the heat is going to be on this weekend. today's temperatures about 2 to 5 degrees warmer. 80s and 90s, but 90s and 100. stick around, i'll tell you when and where. >> 6:26 in the horning. thanks for being here. you can see a live lack at the
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july 14th. coming up on 6:30. we're awfully glad you're here with us. >> we all made it. the weekend in sight. the whole team here. we kick off with a little new m
6:30 am
popping up. >> aczazs of pushing and fainting. someone even had to be escorted out. all of this at a planning commission meeting in san francisco. >> people got heated over a proposal marijuana dispensary headed up by oakland's former mayor. janine is live in the sunset district. janine. >> reporter: natasha, it was approved. this is a victory for people who supported this medical marijuana dispensary. it is going to be the first dispensary here on the west side in the sunset district. but it comes as a huge disappointment for all the residents who showed up at the planning commission meeting last night. sheriff's deputies trying to calm down the crowd that came to speak out against the dispensary. it's called apoth carium, and it will be lun by former oakland mayor jean quan and her physical husband. they had 660 letters of support and insist the underserved community in the sunset will benefit. >> what's disturbing the most is a lot of people were basically
6:31 am
told things that are absolute lies. they were told it's illegal. they're told it's poisonous. they were told that we were going to give candy samples to induce their children. >> no matter how fancy the design, no matter how security they have, what about people who came out? and we see a lot of people just sell the marijuana right at the corner. >> those who live in the neighborhood oppose the difference pensary because they say it's bad for the children, nearby schools, and many in the elderly chinese community. elderly chinese community. advocates say workers will niece. >> divers will be back out to search for missing san mateo man's car. we were in montara as divers recovered a wheel believed to be from richard moss' car. they also found a fuel tank lodged in the rocks. a possible car crash is a new
6:32 am
theory now in the disappearance of the 22-year-old. he went missing on his way to work more than a month ago. if it is moss' car, volunteers think this is where he may have flown off the pavement. a small chunk is missing from the low stone wall that separates the winding road from the rocky cliffs. >> the trial is supposed to begin today for the man accused of killing bay area woman kate steinle. there's a good chance it will be delayed. the judge is expected to assign the case for juan francisco lopez sanchez to a different courtroom. steinle was shot two years ago while walking with her dad on pier 14. lopez sanchez told abc 7 news he found a gun, picked it up, and fired it by accident. lopez sanchez's immigration status touched off a national debate about sanctuary city laws. he had been deported five times before steinle was killed. lopez sanchez has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. >> santa clara county deputies are trying to find out why a man shot and killed his roommate. the shooting happened yesterday morning in saratoga. investigators say the
6:33 am
sgav-year-old suspect called police admitting he had shot his female roommate. they found the 60-year-old victim inside of the home and she was taken to therupt where she died. >> concord police are trying to determine if there are more possible victims of a man arrested for molesting a child at a laundromat. police say this man, 60-year-old jose chavez, assaulted the child on tuesday. investigators say the incident was caught on surveillance camera at the laundromat on monument boulevard. the child's grandmother called 911. hours later, an officer recognized chavez at a nearby shopping center and arrested him. >> developing news on the crash in sonoma. a plane carrying a san francisco family went down in wine country. >> one man died. three other people are in the hospital this morning. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us at the sonoma airport. amy. >> reporter: reggie, we're learning more about the victims. the people onboard. there were three survivors including a woman who we have learned is the family's nanny. that's according to the santa
6:34 am
rosa press democrat. she's in the hospital. so are the two children. the children's father was killed. that's william goldman or bill. he was a professor at usf. he's the grandson of philanthropists richard and rhoda goldman. the family desense from the levi strauss family. his plane went down shortly after takeoff at 12:45 yesterday at the sonoma sky park airport. the fire chief says the three survivors all had severe to critical injuries. the children, george and marie, are grade school age. they are at oakland children's hospital. the faa and the ntsb are here. they will be investigating this crash. reporting live outside of sonoma, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. president trump is now heading back from paris after celebrating bastille day. they sat alongside french president emanuel macron and his wife at this morning's parade. the president can't shake the
6:35 am
russian controversy. yesterday, he was asked about his son's meeting with a russian lawyer. according to e-mails, donald trump jr. thought the woman was a government lawyer. president trump said differently. >> my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a russian lawyer. not a government lawyer, but a russian lawyer. nothing came of the meeting. and i think it's a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken. >> and a moment sticking out for many, president trump made a comment about the first lady of france. mr. trump told her, quote, you're in such good shape. beautiful. >> another setback for president trump's travel ban. the federal judge in hawaii has expanded the definition of a close relative, meaning now immigrants have more options for family members they can use to apply for new visas into the u.s. the list now includes grandparents, grandkids, uncles, aunts, theses, and nephews. the trump administration had limited it to parents, husbands
6:36 am
and wives, sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters. the visa restrictions apply to immigrants from six muslim majority countries. >> a bay area congresswoman plans to lead a protest today against a decades old ban on women wearing sleeveless tops or dress on chill. you're looking at a tweet from jackie speier, and it ends with because women have a right to bear arms. this follows female reporters being removed from certain areas for wearing sleeveless outfits. paul ryan has urged compliance with the dress code, but he has indicated he would look into the possibility of changing it. >> a lamborghini was damaged after it caught fire while the driver was pumping gas. this is video taken from one of our abc 7 news viewers, jordan. you can see the flames at the chevron station on woodside road in redwood city. this happens around 8:30 last night. part of the street got closed while firefighters were putting the fire out. you can see the damage there. the redwood city fire department posted this picture on instagram. they have a safety message for
6:37 am
all of us. always make sure you shut off your engine when you're fueling. the fire department has not said if the driver was hurt. >> how would you like to make that call to insurance? >> hi, everybody. here's a look at santa cruz. a little cloudy, knrut promise you sunshine this afternoon. let's take a look at your activity planner. we'll have calmer conditions at our beaches, and that means the rip currents aren't going to be as prevalent nor as dangerous as they were earlier this week. light breezes around the bay, and if you're staying cool like at the pool or lake, extreme sunshine this time of the year. temperatures on the peninsula from 51 in pacifica to redwood city and menlo park at 59 along with san carlos, hayward, san jo jose. we have a heat advisory up in the hills starting at 8:00 tomorrow morning through 9:00 sunday. that's because your temperatures will only drop into the 70s and 80s overnight. that's 9:00 sunday evening. remember, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, a real possibility. and fires can spread and start, start then, spread easily this
6:38 am
weekend. something to think about there. we'll talk to alexis. she joins me here at the weather center. you have a couple new accidents to tell us about. >> just a couple minor ones. i'm digging today, which is good news. we're not complaining. we had a really quiet morning so far. zooming in on the traffic maps. highway four, we had a crash on the shoulder. it does sound pretty minor, but emergency crews are there just past railroad avenue, and they're taking away the right lane. a little bit of a delay between pittsburg and bay point. if you want to jump on b.a.r.t., we have hadn't any transit delays this morning. we had an earlier crash that blocked both sides of the roadway near 680. that's long gone at this point, but we still have some heavy traffic in the area. and one new problem here on southbound 280 just past saratoga avenue. a vehicle went off the roadway, drover up an embankment. no delays though. live look outside at westbound 580 on the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, filling in a bit approaching the
6:39 am
toll plaza, but we're looking at a pretty smooth commute. we'll check on drive times in less than ten. hey, everyone. i want to show you this video we just got this morning here at the live desk of a nighttime rescue in florida. happened in palm river, florida. it's a 71-year-old woman who wanders away from her home in the middle of a storm. they wasted no time trying to find her. they used a helicopter with night vision. you see her there in the middle of the screen, spotted sitting in knee deep water. she was cold and confused, but she's okay now, she's safe with family. we wanted to show you this rare video because it's a unique view of how first responders do their jobs. back to you, natasha. >> thank you. >> this weekend, thons of people will participate in northern california's largest raids fund-raiser. this is video from last year's aids walk in golden gate sponsor. abc7 is a proud sponsor. last year's walk raised more than $2.1 million for services
6:40 am
and programs. more than $88 million has been raised since the walk started. this year's walk is sunday. you can still register by calling 415-615-walk or visiting s frx >> how muni is trying to make it easier to get around. >> our first look at beyonce's babies. the twins revealed for the first time overnight and they're already stars. >> mike and alexis helping us >> mike and alexis helping us make this a
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welcome back. i want to show you this breaking news happening in florida. a sinkhole causing major damage to a home there, even swallowing up a small boat. you can see how large the area is for that sinkhole. look at this. it's in pasco county just north of tampa. i have been watching throughout the morning as pieces of this home collapse into the sinkhole. no word on exactly what caused the hole, but florida known for these types of problems. no word at this point if there were any injuries, but the whole neighborhood right now is evacuated because there's growing concern that this is getting bigger. the hole is starting to grow, and it's threatening other nearby properties. i'll watch the situation for you. back to you, reggie. >> thanks. >> beyonce has finally given us a first look at her twins. >> she posted the photo to instagram late last night.
6:44 am
the caption reads sir carter and rumi, one month today. the photo already has more than 6 million likes, that's a million just on the time we have been on air this morning. it was posted just eight hoirs ago. beyonce and jay-z are also parents to a daughter, blue ivy. you can look at the photo on our website. >> i'm already hearing people in my ear talking about the choices for names. >> do not come for the beehive. >> they will sting you. >> a stuffed toy is being recalled this morning because children may be hurt playing with it. tomy international is recalling nearly 10,000 of these lamaze munching max chipmunks. seven on your side's mikem finny first alerted us to this last night. the company says internal pieces can break creating a sharp point that can poke through the material. tomy has one report of a toy cutting a child's hands. children should not play with this. parents can get a full refund. michael has posted details on
6:45 am
his facebook page. >> the san jose water company is raising rates for nearly a quarter million customers. customers will pay about $3.50 more per month. the company buys its water from the santa clara water district, which is charging it almost 10% more. the water company serves 229,000 customers in san jose, saratoga, los gatos, campbell, and a portion of cupertino. >> crews are worried the building that caught fire yesterday morning in lafayette might end up collapsing. you're going to look at video from drone view 7. this is about the safest vantage point now. nine businesses are gone including the chamber of commerce. here's what 100 lafayette circle looked like before the fire. and here's how it looked consumed by flames. luckily, no one was inside when it caught fire. >> it's my livelihood. i just have to move on and find somewhere else. but it's an amazing building. >> fire officials estimate the flames caused more than a million dollars worth of damage. investigators are not deeming
6:46 am
this suspicious, but they're still looking into a cause. >> we have new details in case of four young men who went missing in pennsylvania. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo has confessed to killing them. a source tells the associated press that dinardo killed the men after he felt cheated or threatened during a drug deal. he reportedly then burned the bodies at his family farm. investigators discovered human remains there. so far, just one body has been identified. dinardo agreed to plead guilty to four counts of first degree murder in exchange prosecutors will not be seeking the death penalty. >> hey, guys, want to jump back here in, tell you about a news conference happening right now in washington, d.c. that we have been watching. minority leader and california congresswoman nancy pelosi, maxine waters and several others speaking. pelosi with strong words about president trump calling for a vote on an independent commission to investigate his possible ties to russia. she also wants jared kushner's security clearance revoked. and said house democrats are not going to let republicans off the
6:47 am
hook with their complicity. >> we will expose house republicans in action for their willful, shameful enabling. they have become enablers of the violation of our constitution, the attack on the integrity of our elections. the security of our country. >> making those comments just moments ago, pelosi says lawmakers have a responsibility to make sure russia does not meddle in our elections again. we'll continue watching the conference. back to you. >> thank you, jess. >> tensions flared after hundreds of job seekers showed up at a las vegas board meeting for the new raiders stadium. they went there because they saw signs that promoted free job recruitment. it brought more than 700 people to a regularly scheduled meeting for the las vegas stadium authority board. many got really angry when they found out it was all a hoax. police closed off access to the county's buildings parking lot after the size of the crowd ballooned. in san francisco, muni is now testing bigger bike racks that can hold a third bicycle on the
6:48 am
front of the bus. this is video from the sfmta. two test buses will carry the new bike racks for two months. if that is successful, muni will then install more of these racks. >> the california state fair opens in sacramento. new this year, an exhibit honoring california's farm workers. you can also check out 16 life-sized animated dinosaurs and a rescued wildlife display with a chance to stand just a few feet away from a bald eagle. the state fair runs through july 30th. we're getting the first look at an exciting new attraction for fans of the movie "star wars." >> the future themed land that will be opening in 2019. until now, we just had sketches. this huge model is on display this weekend at the official disney fan club, d-23, which opens today in anaheim. one attraction will let you pilot the millennium falcon on a secret mission. the star wars attraction is the largest single theme land expansion in disney history.
6:49 am
if you have been to disney land recently, you have seen it building. this video was provided by nizny, which is the parent company of abc 7 news. >> it looks like cgi. it's hard to get perspective. this is a huge model. >> you know i'm obsessed by this. i look up this information on a daily basis. mike, i can tell you, if you're wondering, this new land is not inspired by any particular film or place in the films. the reason why is they want to make it kind of omniprenltd in the star wars universe. >> so many more films to make. >> they don't want to date it. >> since they are our parent company, i'm waiting for that invitation in the mail for us to come down there. >> it will be matt keller. he's always sent down there, never us. not bitter. just never us. >> not bitter at all. all right. let's talk about what's going on. hi, everybody. all joking aside. west wind at 11. i put it up there not because it's fast. because it's slow. this is the slowest wind all
6:50 am
week coming across the golden gate. that's why i believe the fog is not going to last quite as long as yesterday. but while it's out there through 9:00, be careful. becoming sunny and warmer, even at the coast. clouds tonight. they'll be minimal. we'll have a few out there. still cool and hot just this weekend. here's a look at the lowest visibilities. quarter mile right now in santa rosa and petaluma. 101, petaluma hill road, all the way down towards petaluma, some areas that could have really low visibility. here's a look at the cloud cover. notice it's all the way back to the coast by 10:00, 11:00, and even there, it's going to slowly fade away as we head into the afternoon hours. so let's talk temperatures. we're going to be in the 60s along the coast and 70 near san francisco. mid to upper 70s around the bay, and upper 80s to mid 90s in the north bay and also in the east bay. we'll be in the mid to upper 80s in the south bay. the heat really taking over tomorrow and sunday. especially inland 100s. but still comfortable at the coast, 60s. then we're looking at monday and
6:51 am
tuesday, flipping the switch back to seasonal temperatures. it's friday. we're hoping it's been light. >> i'm delivering today. we have not had too much going on. no major headaches right now. i fact, we're talking about the weather. i'm trying to do your job because my job is so slow today. here's a look at the visibility layer. i have live doppler 7 on top of the maps. the brighter the white, the denser the fog. you can see thick areas south of santa rosa along the 101 corridor. make sure you're slowing down and driving for conditions. a little bit of cloud cover here and a little fog swallowing up the bay bridge, although it looks like some sunshine breaking through now too. if you're orn westbound 880 coming to san francisco, looking great. southbound 680, highway 4 to walnut creek in the green at 7 minutes. westbound 24, in the green at 10. and westbound 580, tracy to dublin, even that's not too bad, in the yellow at 44 minutes. in the yellow at 44 minutes. >> your weeke ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
6:52 am
award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this july visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500.
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it's 6:54. here are the seven things you need to know. federal investigators will be on the scene of a small plane crash in sonoma county. it killed the pilot from san francisco. his three passengers, including his two small children, were seriously hurt. >> number two, despite heated moments, a controversial medical marijuana dispensary in san francisco is a go. planning officials approved a proposal by former oakland mayor jean quan and her physician husband. the board of supervisors is
6:54 am
going to have the final say. >> number three, the murder trial of kate steinle is scheduled to begin today. the judge could send the case to another department for trial. the man accused of killing her in san francisco more than two years ago says it was an accident. >> number four's a new story coming in to the live desk. former u.s. president jimmy carter right now out of the hospital. he was treated for dehydration in canada after collapsing yesterday during a habitat for humanity home build. >> number five, let's look at your day planner for today. you'll notice we're starting off very comfortable in the 50s. we'll stay there at the coast, 70 around the bay and nearly 90 inland. >> number six, boy, we have enjoyed it. so far, a friday light commute. here's a live look at golden gate bridge. yep, we have fog, but really only about five incidents on the board right now, none are major or causing any serious slowdowns. >> number seven, lawmakers in missouri turned down a proposal to add a stand-up water slide to their city. it would have been the first of its kind in the u.s. darn. appare apparently, they are popular in
6:55 am
the middle east and europe. >> it looks fun. we're deeply divided on this. some of us think this looks really dumb. >> have you ever been on a stand-up roller coaster? that's also garbage. >> i like any thrill ride or slide. >> somebody falls and hits their head. >> i hope not. >> "gma" is next.
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good morning, america. and bracing for storms in the east, with a state of emergency already dramatic rescues as severe storms hit the midwest. record rainfall drowning neighborhoods. water rushing through stores, roads turning to rivers in an instant, trapping dozens of drivers. now rob is tracking the storms heading east this morning. breaking news, terror attack. the deadly shoot-out caught on camera at one of jerusalem's holiest sites. at least two police officers killed. the city now on edge. also, the new images coming in now, president trump overseas celebrating bastille day with the french president and defending his son don junior's meeting with that russian lawyer. >> my son is a wonderful young man. >> as republicans now roll out their newest attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. but is this plan already on life support?


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