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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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with pictures of her mother judith, comella seymour was in the courtroom as the judge imposed seven life sentences on juan goh soon shortly after the school massacre. family members allowed to address the court. michael howie, grace kim's fiance called him a coward saying, you deserved everything coming to you and i hope you rot in prison. quote/unquote. and this man lost his wife doris. >> that's not going to bring my wife back. you know? like i said, it is between him and his god. you know? what are his -- i'm not going to kel him in rot in jail. i go toe church. i ask god for for giveness. >> reporter: goh pleaded no contest. went to krn and administrator and instead shot a receptionist and classmates before fleeing. the public defender said goh was
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very, very sorry and will carry the shame forever. for years goh was not deemed competent to stand trial. after being treated in a mental hospital in may he pleaded no contest. >> for so long i was always afraid, what if this never, never got a trial or this would never come to an end. i'm glad it's finally come to an end. >> reporter: other family members agreed today's sentencing did little to lessen their pain. in oakland, for abc7 news. a trial date for the man accused of killing kate steinle could be set as early as next friday. >> today's defendant's attorneys say they may not be able to call an important witness in the case. the bureau of land management agent whose stolen gun was used in the crime. >> abs 7 news reports pier 14, where steinle was killed with new developments. melanie? art defense attorneys say that there is a critical piece in
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this narrative missing saying they know the federal agent's gun was stolen. a few days later appeared here at pier 14. it's not clear how it got here and what condition it was in. those are questions the defense attorneys want to be able to ask this federal agent under oath in court. there's a memorial bench at pier 14 in honor of kate steinle. the man charged with her murder, juan francisco lopez sanchez said it was under a different bench he found a gun wrapped in a t-shirt. the bullet he fired from that gun ricocheted off the pavement and hit steinle. when lopez sanchez' trial begins, his attorneys want to ask bureau of land management stolen gun while off-duty and telling them the federal agent is not subject to a state criminal court subpoena. >> a certain degree of arrogance here on behalf of the blm, which i have to ask you, do taxpayers
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want a federal agency to be working to try to stop us from calling a witness for not providing us with information? >> he knows about the condition in which the weapon was stored. the history of the weapon itself. >> reporter: in a letter sent to the public defender's office yesterday the u.s. department of the interior outlined its regulations relating to subpoenas. the blm is a bureau of that department. >> there is a process whereby we ask permission to call him as a witness and the agency would decide whether or not they want to abide by it. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the district attorney office did not offer a position on the issue today. >> in this case it will be prosecuted in court and those issues will be hashed out in court. >> reporter: lopez sanchez' trial date could be set as early as next friday. we reached out to the bureau of land management for a comment. they directed us to the department of justice. a spokesperson for the u.s. attorneys office said he cannot comment on pending litigation.
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live in san francisco, melanie woodruff, abc7 news. thank you. happening now, san jose firefighters on the scene of a brush fire burning along a busy road. a look at the picture. an abc viewer shared with us showing a smoky fire broke out around 2:15 this afternoon at capital expressway and quinnby road near the east ridge mall. the flames burned at least one acre so far and no reports of injuries at this point. and a driver escaped of minor injuries after their car went off a curvy road. a large tree kept the car from going farther downed hillside. it knocked over a utility pole as well. the crash didn't delay other drivers. san francisco police haven't said what caused the car to veer off the road. you're looking at a mess made when a dump truck overturned and spilled it's load in marin county, happened on the
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off ramp around 12:45 this afternoon near marin city. the drivers says his brakes failed approaching a tight curve. the driver suffered minor injuries. his truck carrying 12 tons of dirt and rocks. normally it's a low-key affair attracting very little attention. today's promotion ceremony for oakland police officers and command staff became a center of protest. >> the issue, some promoted were involved in covering up a reasons sex scandal. abc7 news reporter laura anthony sliv at police headquarters in oakland. laura? >> reporter: hi, ama, these ploethss promotions announced in early may. yet the promotion ceremony went ahead at scheduled this morning even after a protest. these demonstrators were here to congratulate oakland police officers arrives for a promotion ceremony, quite the opposite. >> it's ridiculous that anyone could be promoted after covering
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up a sex scandal that involving a miber. doesn't make any sense to me or any people here. >> reporter: two of the command staff promoted despite last month's release of an independent report the swanson report that alleged they were instrumental in covering up the investigation into a sex scandal involving an underaged teen. abc7 news identified the two as roland holmgren now promoted to captain and john loyce, the department's new assistant chief. >> i was would have suspended these promotions. >> reporter: this is an attorney for the plaintiffs in a negotiated settlement agreement where any reasonable suspicion of oakland police misconduct is supposed to be reported to the d.a., and a federal monitor immediately. the swanson report says opd brass knew about the sex abuse allegations but kept them under wraps for six months. >> the city knows who's responsible and what happened, and they're not telling me. and until they tell me, i can't answer if the promotions were
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premature but neither can they. >> very pleased with my selections. >> reporter: monday, new opd chief anne kirkpatrick said the promotions were approved by the federal monitor but acknowledged that approval came before the swanson report. >> the oakland police department is fully committed to implementing all of the recommendations in the report. >> reporter: police and city leaders due back in federal court in october to explain exactly what those steps will be. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. a memorial was held today for a 16 service members who died in a military cargo plane crash earlier this week. ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ >> a group sang "god bless america" honoring those killed in monday's crash in mississippi. three marines originally from southern california. at the ceremony at the freedom
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foundation in north carolina, each victim's made read followed by a moment of silence. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> looks like a very warm weekend start with live doppler 7 showing sunny skies except parts of the coastline, fog bimtding. the hills and mountains from the bay area, saturday, to sunday at 9:00 p.m. as temperatures soar overexposure to these hot conditions could produce heat-related illness. bear that in mind. right now blue skies over san francisco, and building to 65 degrees in the city. 71 oakland. mountain view 77, low to mid-80s in san jose and gilroy and 61 half moon bay. the view, fingers of fog moving through the golden gate out over the bay. napa, 77. 85 fairfield and low 90s concord and livermore looking westward from east bay hills, what you can expect this evening. mainly clear skies through the
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evening with temperatures dropping into a much cooler range after 9:00 p.m. the full forecast a little later. ama? >> spencer, thank you. trails in san jose's alan rock park reopened to the residents after sighting of a mountain lions. closed more than a week after mountain lions were spotted in the park. a devastating fire caused more havoc for visitors burned more than 100 acres and destroyed a house. santa cruz lifted beach restrictions after a great white shark bit a kayaker earlier in the week. people ordered to stay out of the water but many surfers ignorerd the warning. restrictions lifted a day earlier than planned. air yeerial searches have shown water is safe. a cal student's been arrested in connection with a vandalism spree police say also was a hate crime. 21-year-old ismail chamu arrested last night at his home
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saying he's responsible for scrawling graffiti on fences and homes and slashing tires. 35 instances of damage on hillside avenue and nearby prospect street. the loews banos native arrested in june during a burglary investigation. this year marks a special anniversary for an organization that inspired people who are autistic. spent 40 years using the mission district as its canvas. since 1977 neighbors have asked her to leave everyday people in creating murals that speak for diverse community. >> it amazing me that we continue to do this after 40 years. people still call and want, and request this kind of experience. that this is really important to them to have something that they can do together, and make beautiful in their community. >> you can go to our website, to find out more about the special 40th
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anniversary tours offered by presida. and a surprise for all the lummer needed to build the iconic centerpiece for this year's festival. and the woman wearing arms in washington, d.c. why they're taking a stand about taking off their sleeves. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. we're at corday madera taking
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the right to bear arms front and center on capitol hill. 234079 what you might think. >> abc7 news anchor kristen sze
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with the fight over the congressional dress code. >> talking about the right to bear your arms as in wear sleeveless tops or dresses. congresswoman jackie speier tweeted call to arms and sleeveless friday happened. take a look. democratic congresswoman donned best sleeveless dresses for picture, on the capitol steps today. illinois's jan is a kowske sweets, it must be updated to expect a woman's right to bare arms. the current dress codes bans sleeveless outfits and last week a female reporter was kicked out of the speaker's lobby because of it. this one has bipartisan support. arizona republican. >> martha: -- martha mcsally. >> standing in my professional attire, happens to be a sleeveless dress and open-toed shoes. with that, mr. speaker, i yield back. >> we've got to update the rules so that, in fact, you can wear
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sleeveless clothing on the floor, in the speaker's lobby and open toed shoes. >> the house speaker says decorum is important and working to amend the dress code to keep up with the times. the ruling of suit coats and ties may be changed as welling. they have no plans to continue sleeveless fridays. two top researchers suing san diego sock institute for biological studies for gender discrimination. both women accused center being an "old boys' club" passing them over for promotions. >> declined to discuss specifics of a lawsuit issuing a state, both scientists had been treated generously and in a non-discriminatory manner. time for "ask finney." the road show. live in corday madera ready to take consumer questions live and in person. michael? >> reporter: road show is right.
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come on down. a lot of people here. been very busy already. we're going to be here until 7:00. if you have consumer questions or concerns, just want to say hello, we'd like you to drop by. check out behide me. all the 7 on your side staff and people from the station. we can deal with a lot of issues right now. this woman right here, just said hello. >> veronica. >> what's the issue you need help with? >> i need to find out where i can go for information how to get my -- my citizen >> passport? >> and my passport and -- my birth certificate. >> and your birth certificate is -- do you know what county it was in? >> 1979. we were living in san francisco, but then moved over here. >> okay. you said you were adopted here? right? >> yes. >> so i'm not quite sure exactly how birth certificates work when
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you have an adoption. were you born -- >> in el salvador. >> not sure how that works. however, there is a way to deal with all of this. here in california we do this county by county. and so you'll probably want to go to san francisco. >> okay. >> you don't have to literally go there, because the state of california has a totally cool website set up to help you get a new birth certificate. >> oh, my god. wonderful, thank you. >> what i want you to do, put california birth certificate, it will pop up. google thata great website that's fairly new and do an excellent job with it. now, if your birth certificate isn't at the city of san francisco, city and county of san francisco, then i want you to call my hot line and we'll take it from there. okay? >> thank you. >> we'll figure you what to do to get it from after that, goes from there get a passport and make up any other -- not make up's not the
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right way to put that! we will begin all the other documents you need as well. everything in america starts with a birth certificate. we'll make sure you're taken care of. hang around. i'll show you the exact website. here until 7:00. come down, say hello. mike's finney reporting from town center corday madera, i'm michael finney. >> thank you, michael. finney making things happen. an unlikely organization is pumping in to help build this year's a burning man temple. something burned down in a spectacular fire in the nevada desert. >> pg&e donating dead trees to build the gigantic structure. california's drought and beetle infest trags killed millions of trees, many dead trees shipped to a mill in richmond, turned into lumber to build the burning man temple. >> taking boards, cutting them, stacking them kind of like, like
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a log cabin almost but in a really beautiful methodical way and basically building a huge wooden pyre. >> the temple along with a wooden structure of burning men are set on fire on the last day of the festival. this year's event runs from august 27th through september 4th. i think i'll feel like a burning man the next couple of days. spencer christian is here with a look at the forecast. going to be hot. >> it is. certainly in the inland areas. not so at the coast. what's happening now. fog at the coast. sunny skies over the bay and inland. a pattern we've seen all week. new from the east bay hills camera at the western skies, blue at the moment. our forecast features. heat advisory in effect from early tomorrow to sunday night. inland temperatures will reach or exceed 100 degrees on saturday and sunday but a cooler pattern begins monday. right now, looking at overnight lows. a little fog along the coast will move locally out over the bay. early morning hours, mainly clear skies inland.
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temperatures plid s mid to upp. move to the forecast animation starting at 11:00 tonight, fog looks more prominent on this image that actual. disappears quickly in the morning hours. high clouds move through the bay area tomorrow afternoon. despite high clouds a warm-up. high temperatures reach 100 degrees at livermore and antioch, and is 101 cloverdale. upper 90s santa rosa, concord, fairfield. locations around the bay, mid-80s. pretty warm. the beach highs in upper 60s. expect 82 in santa cruz. uv index high. dent forget to apply sun screen. looking ahead to sunday, see a peak of heating highs well above 100 in many inland locations. cools down monday. much cooler tuesday. the accuweather seven-day forecast. see a nice seasonal range after a hot, hot weekend of inland
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weather. more season's monday and by mid-week temperatures in, well, a more comfortable range. about 90 inland to about 92 or so. up are 70s to 80 around the bay. little change through the week. finally a steady summerlike pattern coming our way. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. beyonce's birth announcement, the picture her fans have been waiting weeks to see. plus a sneak peek at the new
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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well, the area around 19th and franklin streets in oakland taken over by a movie today. co-starring in a film called "sorry to bother you" about a telly marketer finding a magical key to business success. one of the producers was behind yore film, "fruitvale station." said to be released in 2018. a lot of people getting a
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new look at the model of the "star wars" planned for disneyland and disney world. disney giving a sneak peek at the annual d-23 convention. let's you pilot han solo solo l >> not the only attraction at the convention. abc reporter darcy phillips has a look. >> reporter: the ultimate disney fan experience. d-23 expo off to a magical start at the anaheim convention center. >> d-23 is one of my favorite d disney events i look forward to all year and go allout. >> thousands poured in many in costumes. >> an honor of the incredibles 2 coming out soon, some even in character ngt welcome to d-23 expo. have a magical day. >> guests get sneak peeks and first looks at every thing disney including large-scale plans for "star wars" land.
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>> how do we pull them into a story that they can actually participate in anding become their own part of the "star wars" universe? >> and inside information on future disney projects. >> well, you'll see something from arendelle. >> ooh! >> frozen 2? >> i'm not telling what. "incredibles 2." >> something for every fan. from marvel to gaming, and, of course, shopping. lots and lots of shopping. for abc7 news. and for the record, disney is the parent company of abc 7. all right. if you're a fan of beyonce, the photo you've been waiting for. beyonce is giving us her first look at her newborn twins. cirque harder and roomie. posted on instagram late last night. the photo has nearly 8 million likes. beyonce and her husband jay-z parents to 5-year-old daughter
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blue ivy. take another look at a photo on our website. two homes destroyed and another threatened. a dramatic sinkhole that keeps growing in florida. plus -- >> little did i know that it was going to turn into what it did. it was all funny to him. >> o.j. simpson's fight for freedom.
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making headlines at 4:30. 271 years, a sentence to a gun ma in the oikos university massacre. one gunman killed six students and a nursing administrator. he dropped out of school and upset about not getting a tuition refund. the sentence kifrts of seven life terms one for each victim. abc 7 news recorder tweeted this scene from sonoma add federal invest gaiters arrive at the site of yesterday's plane crash killing professor bill goldman. that's coming up in a live report at 5:00. president trump arrived back in the united states from a trip to paris. he tweeted saying it was a great honor to represent the united
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states as the magnificent bastille day parade. congratulations, president emmanuel macron. and vice president pence and mcconnell making a push for the health care bill. senators review it over the weekend. we have the latest. >> reporter: senators had the weekend to really dig into the details of this revised bill and they are getting plenty of pressure from the executive branch. vice president mike pence addressed a gathering of governors from across the country friday afternoon selling the senate's revised version of the health care bill. >> the senate health care bill gives state the freedom to redesign your health insurance markets, reform medicaid, and bring better coverage, better care and better outcomes to the most vulnerable in your states. >> medicaid remains a major sticking point in this bill, with deep cuts to the program initially projected to be nearly $800 billion, still intact. a big problem for holdouts,
4:31 pm
we're still working on ways to ensure folks who are currently getting coverage under expanded medicaid have options that are affordable. >> reporter: the revised version an attempt to win over moderates keeps some on the wealthy and $70 billion helping some americans cover high premiums and gives $45 billion to fight the opioid epidemic. for conservatives not happy with the last bill, the new one allows insurerses to offer inexpensive plans that don't cover essential health benefits, like mental health treatment, ma certainty care and ambulance services. president trump making it clear in his weekly address, he's ready to sign on the dotted line. >> i am pleased to report that we are very, very close to ending this health care nightmare. >> reporter: and there is very little wiggle room here. republicans can only afford to lose two votes if they want the
4:32 pm
bill to pass. and emily, we know a lot of groups representing health care professionals weren't happy with the senate's first version of the bill. are any weighing in on this revised version? >> reporter: the nation's largest group of doctors, the american medical association, put out a statement saying that this revised bill falls short on coverage and access it provides to americans. back to you. >> all right. emily in washington, d.c., live. thank you. russian american lobbyist with ties to soviet intelligence agencies says he also attended a june 2016 meeting with president donald trump's son seeking damaging information about opponent hillary clinton. rinat
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that meeting. >> we learn every day more about the trump campaign's willingness to work hand-in-hand with the russian democrat, i don't think democrats could find russia on a map until they found out or concluded he could somehow be used to beat up donald trump. >> house democrats today renewed calls for an independent commission to invemstigate russia's election meddling and ties to the trump administration. a federal judge in hawaii issue ued a ruling further weakening mr. trump's travel ban. familial relationships with u.s. citizens that visa applicants can use to get into the u.s. the jump's ruling bars the federal government from enforcing the ban on relatives such as grandparents, grandchildren, uncles and aunts. president trump's restrictions apply to new visitors from muslim nations. and four men who vanished in
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eastern pennsylvania, the main suspect in the case, cosmo denard other said, "i'm sorry" as he was led from the courtroom. he confessed to killing four men. >> in exchange for that confession, mr. dinardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the death penalty. >> a source close to the investigation says dinardo killed the men after he felt cheated or threatened during three different drug deals. in less than a week, o.j. simpson is up for parole. >> in an abc news exclusive, his accomplices in the vegas robbery that landed him in jail are speaking about that night. >> reporter: o.j. simpson trying for full release after spending years in a nevada prison convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping. he landed behind bars after a bomped attempt in 2007, to reclaim his personal
4:35 pm
memorabilia. >> i thought i was confronts friends and retrieving my property. i didn't mean to steal anything from anybody. and i didn't know i was doing anything illegal. so i'm sorry. i'm sorry for all of it. >> reporter: now some of the men who helped him that night tell abc news they all have regrets. >> he asked me, would you go with me to be my security. sure, i'll go with you. little did i know that it was going to turn into what it did. >> say, so, o.j., you know, what if they call the police? and he looked at me, what they going to do? take me to jail for taking my own stuff? it was all funny to him. >> count one, conspiracy to commit a crime. guilty. count two, count three, guilty. >> reporter: simpson sentenced to up to 33 years in prison some feeling the tough verd was payback for this. >> we find the keft orenthal james simpson not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: his 1995 acquittal in the murder of his ex-wife and
4:36 pm
friend ron goldman. dr. henry johnson believes the robbery was a setup and visited him at lovelock prison. >> is he counting on this? hopeful? >> yes, he is. very hopeful. >> reporter: you can watch more of this abc news exclusive tonight on "20/20." that airs a the 10:00 p.m. right here on abc 7 and i should note o.j. simpson's parole hearing will be next thursday july 20th. he will not attend in person and instead there will be a videoconference. i'm jessica castro, abc7 news. dramatic images emerged from florida showing a home swallowed up by a massive sinkhole and we're learning work was done to mitigate those dangers only a couple years ago. property records show the previous owner had stabilization work done back in year 2014. >> the home sold in 2015. building inspectors declared ten nearby homes unsafe including one right next door that that sinkhole. >> and when you come back and see your house also starting to
4:37 pm
crumble, what do you feel? >> ah -- i can't describe that. it was -- >> as we see, towards this lake, we are expecting it to continue to grow. >> right now, that hole and you can see it here, swallowing up chunks of land. measures about 200 feet wide and it is about 50 feet deep. >> scary looking. the housing solution that could help ease traffic in the east bay. plus -- >> i have worked my hardest in everything i do to get where i am. ♪ >> she's a musician, a top student and a star athlete, but there's a reason this abc 7 star scholar is most proud of being able to swim. and mostly clear skies winding down the week and a little heat
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every year abc 7 recognizes seven bay area high school seniors for their extraordinary achievements and awards each with a $1,000 scholarship. abc 7 erin thomas met with one scholar, her take-on every attitude came from nothing, which she said her parents had from mexico and put her on the fast track to success. ♪ >> reporter: kimberly juarez rico prize herself on taking
4:41 pm
advantage of all the school had to offer, before graduating last month. >> wrestling, track and field. cross-country. band, choir. swimming. journalism and martial arts. >> reporter: gosh! you need both hands to count all of that stuff. why? >> coming from a mexican background and where my parents didn't have all of these opportunities, all of these activities they could have done. i really just wanted to make the best out of them. >> reporter: and also a scholar. really smart. >> yeah. extremely smart. and very hard working. very dedicated. >> reporter: kimberly calls her curious. evident with all the activities she's involved in here, but it's her ability to swim that makes it all so satisfying. >> you mentioned sort of a metaphorical aspect to it. what is that? >> staying afloat for my family and none have been able to continue on in their education. since i had the opportunity then i want to take advantage of that, and stay afloat. >> reporter: this abc 7 star scholar plans to continue making
4:42 pm
her family proud as she seeks new opportunities at stanford university this fall. studying chemical engineering, possibly computer science. >> i have worked my hardest in everything i do to get where i am. ♪ >> reporter: eric thomas, abc7 news. >> wow, fantastic. watch our abc 7 star scholar special on sunday july 23rd 6:30 p.m. to learn more about kimberly and the other abc 7 star scholar winners. do you know a young changemaker in your community that can apply for a $500 summer of service grant for their community project. go to, back slash, be inspired. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. let's be inspired by live doppler 7, fog building along parts of the coastline. a very warm weekend coming our way. in fact, a heat advisory in effect from tomorrow morning at
4:43 pm
8:00 to sunday evening at 9:00. this is for all of the bay area hills and mountains. not for the lower lying areas, but plenty hot down there as well. bear in mind, overexposure to this intense heat can produce heat-related illnesses. out in the sun, a ply s apply s. 99 to 102 degrees. heat exhaustion and heat stroke possible with overexposure to this heat and fires start easily and spread easily with the expected heat this weekend. and not in san francisco. sunday, walk in san francisco from golden gate park. cool, temperatures in 50s. warming up in the afternoon to mid-60s. accuweather seven-day forecast after two hot days inland. tomorrow and sunday, we'll see cooling beginning on monday. cool down rather sharply, in fact, but temperatures remain in a steady area for the remainder
4:44 pm
of the week with no extremes. coming up, a big panic for brides. >> we want our dresses! >> what am i going to walk down the aisle with? >> a bridal store shuts its doors with no notice. leaving brides without dresses or their deposits. i'm michael finney at town center corday madera. the entire team is here taking your questions and concerns.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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a big shock. a popular bridal shop closed its doors without notice and leaving brides without dresses. >> we have the dames. >> reporter: in the lead-up to what's supposed to be one of the happiest days of their lives, pure outrage from brides across the country. >> we want our dresses! >> reporter: finding the bridal shops where they ordered their gowns and bridesmaids dresses with the doors locked. signs posted outside saying the stores are closed. >> we're two weeks away from our wedding and freaking out.
4:48 pm
>> i told them i don't know if this is going to happen without the dresses. what am i going to walk down the aisle with? >> reporter: all of the more than 60 alfred angelo bride's shops from california to massachusetts, washington to florida, shutting down for good. some customers making it in just in time, only to walk out empty-handed with no explanation and no refund, even though many say they already paid in full. >> they told us basically that there's nothing they can do. we have to call the attorney. hope for the best. >> reporter: where's your dress right now? >> i have have no idea. not here. >> reporter: many venting frustrations. the company 80 years, filing for bankruptcy direction. management clearing out company headquarters in delray, florida, leaving no statement and not responding to abc's request for comment. >> crushed my daughter's dreams
4:49 pm
now. i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: now, at some alfred angelo locations customers are allowed to pick up their dresses. others are being told the dresses will be shipped. but with no guarantees. for abc news, los angeles. oh, boy. 60 alfred angelo close es roseville near sacramento. i would have freaked out. i can't imagine. what the women are going through. >> got to scramble, wedding next week. if ever a case for "ask finney" this is it. michael finney taking consumer questions. not about bridal dresses's he's live in corde madera. michael? >> hey, you guys? a nice crowd here at town center corde madera until 7:00. consumer questions or concerns drop by. cynthia stanley dropped by because she had a concern. first talk about, we said, you
4:50 pm
won free money and looked up to see if you had lost free money. how did we do? >> we found $400 in three minutes. >> really? >> yeah. $400 has been outstanding, and all of the steps on how to reclaim it with ease. >> see? nice. >> yeah, yeah! it's great. >> user friendly now. >> you are user friendly. it was great. a lark that i stopped by. so, walked up to your stand. >> good. glad you wandered by. don't say the name of the bank but i want you to tell me what the issue was. what's your consumer problem? >> well, in the beginning of december, december 1st i transferred money from my bank to my daughter's bank account, which i had done several times before, same accounts, and it never made it to her bank account. and it never made it back to my bank account. it's lost in cyber space. and no one will take responsibility for it. >> they will now. >> okay! >> no doubt. >> ones that are easy for us to solve because what it is, these
4:51 pm
are the kind of problems where there's nobody in charge of solving them. >> right! >> and then when i show up, someone gets put in charge. >> good. that's what i was hoping for. >> we'll take care of that money, no problem at all. >> great. >> hang around. we'll get the information on that. $400, plus whatever. i'm like a piggy bank! your problem solved. we can do the same for you. here until 7:00. i'm michael finney reporting live. >> great work, michael. the house today pass add defense bill creating a new military branch nicknamed the space corps. dedicated to protecting space. viewed by some members of congress as the next frontier of warfare. the space corps falls under the umbrella of the u.s. air force. backers argue the air force is focusing too much on fighter jets and not outer space defense. the white house and defense secretary jim mattis opposed the creation of the space corps. speaking of space, a piece of history up for grabs next week.
4:52 pm
sothe sotheby's auctioning off a bag neil armstrong used to collect moon samples in 1969. nasa says the bag still contained remnants of lunar dust. expected to sell for between $2 million and $4 million. expensive dust! the current owner bought it at an auction of items seized by u.s. marshals, no idea what it was until nasa confirmed it. also on the auction block, june 20th, armstrong's snapshot of fellow astronaut buzz aldrin standing on the moon and the designated flight plan used to return to earth. good stuff there. >> definitely. and good stuff. ridiculously cute little cubs. check out these adorable white tiger cubs in china. born on june 23rd video of the newborns just made public. oh. look at that. yeah. three are in good condition. a fourth, though, closely monitored. white tigers are a subspecious ofgal tiger.
4:53 pm
listen to that. only about 200 left. >> beautiful. >> yeah. >> pet them now while they're little. a new effort to get people out of their cars and on to public transit. >> it is a waste of land if you only have single family homes or town homes next to transit. >> the high-tech housing solution in the east bay. >> and what's coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. >> thanks. coming up surveillance video showed him taking a cat. a san jose man pleads guilty to animal abuse is sentenced. and a first of a kind program about drugs in alameda county. plus toppling a row of pedestals like dominoes. ooh. a costly mistake. and a drone races into
4:54 pm
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coming up tonight on abc 7, 58y clock, shark tank, what would you do at ten followed by abc7 news at 11:00, google trying to create a mega business. the idea of transit oriented projects isn't new. union city is taken nearly two decades for a similar concept near the b.a.r.t. station to become reality. david louie has details. >> reporter: it started with a vision. some 19 careers ago to create an entire neighborhood around a new
4:57 pm
b.a.r.t. station, a place people are encouraged to take public transit and union city 2kwe678 add policy. >> our city council has a rule. one parking place per apartment. so people will be motivated to use the transit opportunity in their front yard because there's only one car in the garage. >> reporter: the neighborhood is called the station district. over 1,200 affordable market houses build or are under construction. union flats will have 243 apartments, developer faye says density is important. >> it is a waste of land if you only have single family homes or town homes next to transit, lkee b.a.r.t. stations. millions of dollars of public investment in those stations. >> reporter: taking advantage of modular construction. this video shows how pre-made modules are stacked one by one. already wired and plumbed and
4:58 pm
the kitchen's outfitted in an assembly plant in idaho. >> take the modules, transport to the site. use a crane to erect the building and literally in a matter of weeks. we can be building the unit while all the site work and construction and the concrete work is happening on site. >> reporter: the project is drawing attention from others hoping to replicate similar transit orient development. in union city, abc7 news. > commercial developments underway to bring jobs to the station district making it easy for b.a.r.t. riders to get to work on residents to walk to work. a number of smart homes in north america is expected to outnumber those without smart devices in the coming years. estimated 73 million homes will be outfitted with an internet connected device that can control entertainment, security systems, lights, thermostats. currently more than 31 million smart homes. thanks for joining us for abc7 news add 4:00.
4:59 pm
i'm larry bell. abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. a cat killer is sentenced in san jose. his victims say he's a monster who deserves to rot in jail. >> it's still painful knowing cocoa isn't there when i come home. and a new witness in a plane crash that killed a san francisco professor. this as a lawyer raises questions about the safety of the plane. plus -- >> some of the slogans were racially motivated. >> an arrest in a rampage. the suspect a student at uc-berkeley. >> and the kitten just saved in a fire in the south bay. surveillance video showed him taking a cat. now a san jose man who pleaded guilty to abusing and killing the animal is sentenced for the crime. good evening. >> i'm kristy sze. after months of sentencing delays, mixed emotions this afternoon as a jump gives a san
5:00 pm
jose man the maximum sentence allowed after he admitted to stalking, kidnapping and killing cats. >> it is a case closely watched by animal rights advocates across the country. abc 7 news recorder chris wynn has the story. >> reporter: inside this santa clara county courtroom, victims of an accused cat killer shared stories of heartbreak before a judge. >> still be young when released. it's a terrifying thought to think of what could happen if he makes another mistake in his life. >> reporter: calling him a danger to society, a judge sentenced 26-year-old robert farmer of san jose to the maximum term allowed. 16 years in jail with credit for time served. after he pleaded guilty to 20 counts of felony animal cruelty, one count of attempted felony animal cruelty as well as two misdemeanors committed in the fall of 2015 in the cambrian mark neighborhood. farmer arrested by police after found asleep in h


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