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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." ♪ developing now at 11:00, a violent crosswalk collision was caught on camera. you are going to see it here. we do warn you, a family returning to their east bay home after getting some ice cream was sudd a car. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> scary. i'm dan ashley. luckily everyone sur viefld, know that, but a five-year-old is hospitalized. >> that's where katie utehs picks up our developing story. >> reporter:. >> the car isn't stopping and then i noticed the headlights coming too fast. >> reporter: sure sailance cameras captured a car plowing into three people last week. 20-year-old jackie valesquez and her two younger cussers weousin
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trying to cross fruit vil. >> jackie and 18-year-old carla mendoza launched upon impact. >> it was open, it was bleeding. >> reporter: carla's five-year-old brother was pinned under the car. >> and i see him, in children's hospital right now. >> reporter: he is suffering from spinal injuries. the family was simply walking home from getting ice cream when they entered the crosswalk, yet both women feel responsible. >> i couldn't -- i could have just waited or something. >> reporter: nolan lagaspy witnessed the crash and learned the people survived. >> i'm extremely surprised. prayers out ever since that night. >> reporter: he said the poorly lit crosswalk is a problem. >> this is extremely dangerous. >> it was so close, but it is not your time yet.
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just live, keep living. >> reporter: jackie and carla both will have to postpone their college plans for medical care. the driver did stay on scene. it is unclear if he's facing any charges. in oakland, katie utehs. "abc 7 news." just awful. now to breaking news from hawaii. flames have erupted from a high rise condo building in the heart of honolulu. that fire has turned deadly. it broke out in one of honolulu's best known buildings, marco polo apartments. >> three people were found dead on the 26th floor, the spot where the flamts began. the fire broke out this afternoon and quickly spread to two floors above. fire officials say pieces of burning debris fell sparking secary fires. 100 firefighters respond. at one point the elevators failed, forcing firefighters to lug equipment up the stairs. the building is not equipped with sprinklers. >> without a doubt if there was sprinklers within the apartment
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the fire would be contained to the unit of origin. it would be in the unit that the fire started. >> the marco polo was built before sprinklers were mandatory. authorities warn the death toll may rise because at least four are hospitalized. >> mayalyia booker was seen around 5:00 this afternoon. she has short hair in twists. police think her non-custodial mother took her. they say laquita davis has diminished capacity. a canine unit tracked them to the bart station in berkley. officers are working to see if they got on a bart train. new at 11:00, a man is in jail accused of choking a young boy. petaluma police arrested eric wayne conroy this afternoon. we learned that he has had nearly 100 run ins with the law.
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cornell bernard is live with this story. cornell. >> reporter: yeah, 100 contacts with police and almost 20 arrests in the past four years. now, the suspect is charged with a frightening assault on a teenager here at walnut park. >> when it becomes dangerous to be in the parks, then it is kind of a concern. >> reporter: petaluma neighbors sounding off about an incident that happened at walnut park on thursday. two teenage boys were sitting on a park bench when they were approached by 49-year-old eric wayne conroy. police say the suspect approached the teens from behind and started choking one of the boys with a canvas strap. >> placed it around one of the 14-year-old's neck and tried to lift the 14 year old off the ground with it. the 14 year old was able to struggle and free himself. >> reporter: the attack unprovoked. the teen was not hurt and called 911. police arrestd conroy who is considered a known transient in town. this was conroy's 19th arrest in four years, mostly for drug charges and disorderly conduct.
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police have tried to help. >> he's been provided various resources throughout the years. >> for that to happen is kind of scary because we feel safe here. >> reporter: many parents on alert. the park and playground is a popular spot, renovated in the past year. >> it is frustrating. >> reporter: maureen francis says local service clubs have funded safety upgrades like surveillance cameras and better lighting. >> we want to see the kids back in here again, which is happening now. >> reporter: some say they've seen eric conroy in the park before. he remains in the sonoma county jail charged with assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse. in petaluma, cornell bernard. >> "abc 7 news." all right. let's turn now to the weather. check out the fog moving across the bay area earlier tonight from our mount tam camera, but don't let that fog fool you. temperatures are heating up this weekend. >> yeah, there's a heat advisory in effect for parts of the bay area. let's get to "abc 7 news" meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya. >> yeah, ama and dan, we have
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sweltering heat coming up for inland valleys which is why the heat advisory starts at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow running until 9:00 p.m. sunday. it is primarily the mountains but also the interior valley also. hee related illness is possible. inland highs this weekend will be between the upper 90s to mid 100s. heat exhauston and heat stroke is possible and certain will be increased fire danger. we are starting to see changes on live doppler 7 as far as the fog is concerned. i will be back with an hour-by-hour look at what you can expect this weekend and where you might be able to go to escape the heat. ama. >> thank you, sandhya. with the heat comes the fire danger. "abc 7 news" was at capital expressway in quimby road after a fire charred one acre. take a look, firefighters rescued a kitten from the flames. that kitten is now receiving medical treatment. a contra costa animal services is trying to find a man who dropped off a dog badly in need of medical treatment.
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the staff at the martines shelter named her rosy because of her rosy color and her personality. she has a severe skin condition and had no identification or micro chip. here is a look at the surveillance video of the man who left him there yesterday. you see him trying the locked doors of what used to be the animal depository which is now closed. vets want to ask the dog's owner what happened to her. >> love to just have a talk with him and figure out what the circumstances were. we don't want the presuppose anything. it could have been that this was a last resort for the person. >> he could face charges of animal abandonment and neglect. they are treating the dog. so she can eventually can go up for adoption. well, in the south bay a san jose man has been given the maximum sentence for stalking, kidnapping and killing cats, of all things. robert farmer had to face some of the pet owners in court today, and they say the punishment isn't harsh enough for what he did. "abc 7 news" reporter katey marzullo live at the hall of justice in san jose.
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>> reporter: dan, he reeefd 16 years and victims have been waiting a long time for that sentence, 645 days as one woman said in court. for many of them it is not the closure they've been seeking. >> he will still be young when he's released. it is a terrifying thought to think of what could happen if he makes another mistake in his life. >> reporter: 26-year-old robert farmer of san jose received the maximum sentence, 16 years. prosecutors say he tortured and kill as many as 16 cats over a two-month period. farmer's attorney read a statement on his behalf. in it, farmer blame willed his crimes on meth. >> have every reason to feel anger at me because i stole a member of their family. >> reporter: when he's released he was ordered to stay away from the cambrian park neighborhood and cannot own animals for ten years. he was asked he register as a sex offender but it is not part of his sentence. >> you don't have to be a human victim in order to matter. all crimes matter in this county and we will prosecute all crimes
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to fullest extent of the law. >> reporter: he was arrested in october of 2015. they found him with multiple kalt collars and a dead cat. he pleaded guilty last year to 20 counts of felony animal cruelty. in san jose, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." >> coming up next on "abc 7 news at 11:00," the fear in florida after the ground suddenly opens up and swallows everything in its path. and the right to bare arms. the protest over sleeveless clothing that unfolded on capitol hill today. >> and the unique event the six-dollar subway club. it's everyone's favorite, hey look, it's everyone's favorite, the six-dollar sweet onion chicken teriyaki. advertising. they're footlongs and they're six bucks each.
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the six-dollar subway club. it's everyone's favorite, hey look, it's everyone's favorite, the six-dollar sweet onion chicken teriyaki. advertising. they're footlongs and they're six bucks each. subway. so. much. sandwich. . a lot of worry in florida tonight that this sink hole that sucked two homes and a boat into the ground today is going to expand even moreover night.
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the 225-foot wide, 50-foot deep trench opened up this morning just north of tampa. nine more homes are in danger of falling in and 11 surrounding homs have been evacuated. this is the sec time a sink hole surfaced on this exact spot. the ground was stabilized with concrete three years ago. >> a protest over sleeves unfolded on the stems of the u.s. capitol take. peninsula congress woman jackie spieres demanded their right to bare arms. they're trying to get a rule that bans sleeveless in the hala of congress to be removed from the book. >> how is this for a list of people. oprah, whoopi gold merge an mark hamill, those are some of those honored in california celebrating everything dis.
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>> we took a day away from the castle to come visit. >> reporter: prince charming and snow white, belle and snow white, and kiss any fans are part of the expo at the convention center. the morning started off with a bang as disney named its 2017 legends. oprah winfrey cemented her place in this year's class but she was not alone. among the other inductees, mark hamill and his "star wars" movie sister the late carey fisher. >> i remember we sort of scoffed at the idea, we're twins. i said, wait a second, if he's princess leia and i'm her brother, does that make me royalty? she immediately said no. oh, okay, just asking. >> i don't know what makes a legend, but i'm thrilled to be one. because i tell you, this company, disney, has been in my life all of my life. >> it was just thrilling day for me, one that i will long remember. i wish my fans had all been with
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me so they could have shared it with me. >> they're with you. >> reporter: one of the big draws here is a look at the future "star wars" attraction now in the works for disney land. and, of course, there's plenty of "star wars" merchandise to buy here, and there are plenty of "star wars" fans all over the place, including a familiar voice in l.a. radio. lisa, are you shopping for a light sabre lamp? >> how could you not? look at all of the cool "star wars" stuff. that's what i love about this expo. it was made for die-hard fans like yours truly. >> reporter: if you think it looks busy here, just wait. it is a little calmer today. tomorrow everybody is out of work and it is going to be chaos. >> reporter: there will be plenty of traffic inside the convention center even if the only cars here are parked. all right. all of you bay area disney fans, if you think you might want to come to d 23, hop a plane, get down here for saturday or sunday, well, saturday is already sold out but there are still some tickets left for sunday. in anaheim, george panaccio for
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"abc 7 news." don't forget, disney is the parent company of "abc 7 news." >> that's right. let's talk about the weather forecast which is heating up this weekend. >> that's right, meteorologist sandhya patel is here with how hot it is going to get. >> it is going to be cooking. i want to show you the temperature trend for concord. we will start out pretty mild at 61 in concord, but notice how quickly temperatures will soar. by the afternoon you are looking at 100 degrees in some of our invand valleys. it will only get hotter heading towards sunday. seeing signs of changes. look at the time lapse from our emeryville camera. you see the shallow marine layer, the fog layer has compressed. it is now under 1,000 feet which is why we're not seeing a lot of fog and it is not going to advance. it is patchy along the coast as you look at live doppler 7, extending to the monterey bay. it is going to clear quickly tomorrow morning. temperatures right now mid 50s all the way to the mid 70s. inland valleys will not cool off
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much over the weekend and it is definitely going to be uncomfortable. here is a look at the fog, really shallow layer from our east bay hills camera, hovering over san francisco. triple digits for inland areas and looking at a cooler pattern to begin on mon. here is your hour-by-hour look. 7:00 a.m. saturday, seeing patchy fogs, 50s 60s and warming up pretty fast, sizzling inland at 4:00 p.m. notice the coast is still comfortable, still warm at 7:00. inland valleys will be in the low 90s. tomorrow morning starting out with low 50s to mid 60s and patches of fog around. the high clouds will add a little more humidity to the air tomorrow afternoon and filter the sunshine as well. in the south bay mid 90s, morgan hill, gilroy, 90 in san jose. on the peninsula temperatures to the upper 70s to mid 80s. 66 half moon bay. downtown san francisco 74 degrees. a nice looking day.
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in the north bay you will see triple digit heat around cloverdale, santa rosa 98 degrees, definitely hot there. east bay, 80 in oakland, 83 oak 99 in pleasanton, 100 in antioch. check out the filtered forecast for saturday, the beach forecast, you will see extreme uv index so definitely sunscreen type of weathers. 60s for beaches here. santa cruz 82. month ray area up to about 70 degrees. on sunday it will get even hotter, low to mid 100s inland. don't worry, as i told you along the coastline it will remain nice and mild. speaking of mild, aids walk san francisco sunday, 8:00 a.m., a cool start mid 50s. when the walk gets under way temperatures rise to about 58 degrees. sunshine with low to mid 60s around the afternoon hours. so it should be pleasant weather if you are taking part in the aids walk.
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showing the triple digit inlandi the cooling begins on monday. temperatures will rebound a little bit midweek. you can download the walk app and check out the temperatures any time you want. dan and ama. >> thanks so much, sandhya. >> coming up, the
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note to self, next time in an art gallery don't do this. this is video from the 14th factory in los angeles. a woman crouches if front of a pillar to take a selfie.
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here we go, watch this. she accidentally leans over it. game over, $200,000 worth of art is destroyed. you see an employee with hands up in shock, walking down the line of just ruined heart. here is what the artwork looked like. it is not leer who will pay for the damaged art. the other point is why they put it so close it was like dominos. >> maybe they should be a little sturdier. >> and sports? >> it wasn't that fancy actually looking. 200 grand? i don't know. sunny grace, still an a despite rumors to contrary a few hours ago. he pitched well tonight. the question is was it his last start with the green and gold. sports is coming up. >> first, a loot a what is on "jimmy kimmel live" at "abc 7 news at 11:00." >> here is what is happening on the show and in our lives tonight. this gentleman is a volunteer firefighters and your name is? >> les mcburney.
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"abc7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. second half of the baseball season started tonight with rumors about sonny gray being skrachld from the schedule. start was all over the switter. the media thought he was going to be traded. not so fast. he was on the mound against the indians. it was bark in the park night at the coliseum. fido and his buddy there. gray on the hill. soft come-backer by gomes to end the second. gray would go six scoreless innings, upping trade value. third homer of the year comes against a team he played for last year. holy toledo. 3-0 athletics. a couple of hours later, the a's
11:29 pm
only all star, to xfinity and beyond. 21st of the year. we will see what happens with mr. sonny gray. giants and padres, we know what is going to happen with mald i son bumgarner said for his return tomorrow. good to have him back. bottom of the first, the foul pop. eduardo nunez the sliding catch off the d.l. top of the second, giants up 1-0. johnny cueto signals. kwalt owe bothered by persist enlt blisters, left after four innings. 4-3 zone. buster posey muscles up and out. he is 11th. padres loaded bases, almost pulled out in the ninth but giants hang on 5-4. former giant pablo sandoval was designated for assignment. that means his time in boston is done. you will recall they signed the
11:30 pm
panda to a five-year $95 million deal but he was a complete bust for them. injury problems, gained the weight. they have to pay the panda 49 million to leave. i'll leave for half of that. right now, well, steph curry and dell both have 13 points in the american century celebrity golf event in tahoe, tied for 23rd. former pitcher derek lowe in for first place. former cal star aaron rodgers firing to steph who makes a gorgeous diving catch. don't do that, protect the ankles. going for the block on joe. little joe drills the three. the finger wipe, in second plates. ex raiders tim brown, charles woodson ought graphic footballs. look at rodgers. this is a team strike into the boat. he's in third place. justin timberlake is good at everything.
11:31 pm
he can sing, dance, make baskets, spin the ball and dancing with playing partnersal fonls owe rivera and jerry rice. some golf was played at well. "abc7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. the setting and atmosphere is fantastic at tahoe. "abc 7 news" continues online, on twitter, facebook and your mobile the six-dollar subway club. it's everyone's favorite, hey look, it's everyone's favorite, the six-dollar sweet onion chicken teriyaki. advertising. they're footlongs and they're six bucks each. subway. so. much. sandwich.
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the six-dollar subway club. it's everyone's favorite, hey look, it's everyone's favorite, the six-dollar sweet onion chicken teriyaki. advertising. they're footlongs and they're six bucks each. subway. so. much. sandwich. this year's aids walk san francisco is just two days away this sunday, july 16th, in golden gate park. still time to register call 415-615-walk or visit
11:35 pm' >> i'm dan ashley. >> tonight's "jimmy kimmel live" is brought to you by this very confused man our camera followed for no reason whatsoever. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- chadwick boseman. from "orphan black" tatiana maslany. and music from kyle featuring lil yachty. and now, moving on, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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