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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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over these hot weekend np north bay is especially vulnerable because of all the open spaces. we're going to go to our east bay camera where temperatures have led to warnings about all the intense heat. abc 7 news drew tooma. >> a hot start to the weekend. not only inland but we've had high spread 80s and 90s. we're still hanging on to a lot of that heat. 100 the current temperature in concord. we were in 70s earlier this afternoon. and even san francisco on the warm side with the kurcurrent temperature of 70 degrees. when we're back on air at 11:00, we're tracking widespread 70s and low 80s. this is the launching pad for another hot day sunday. under a heat advisory lasting
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until 9:00 tonight. for all areas you see shaded in orange. it's not only the heat, it's the dry breezy conditions leading to high fire danger, pretty much elevations higher than 1,000 feet. look at the current humidity levels in our hills. that is bone dry for this time of the year. really this week hydrate often. if you're outside check on your seniors and pets susceptible to the heat. we're staying away from out from burning. >> thanks, drew. a gunman is wanted for a shooting in san francisco. abc 7 news was in the bay view district where police say a man was shot in the chest at paloo
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avenue. they say the victim was by himself and died in the street. now the shooter ran away and right now there's not a great description of him. they're concerned because there have been several shootings in the area over the last few weeks. the department of public safety is back open after a bomb scare this morning. two citizens brought world war ii era grenades for disposal. a bomb squad was called. they were found to be inactive but the department is calling this a teachable moment. >> if you find something you believe is an explosive or ammunition or anything like that, don't touch it. evacuate the area, call 911. >> seemz like good advice. they tweeted out the photo of the disassembled grenaded after the event. they're looking for a burglar who used a car to smash
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through the front of the doors of the gucci store. the snatch and grab created another major headache for the high end retailer and tiffany wilson is live outside the shop with that story. hi, tiffany. >> hi, there. yes, that exthru rr headache is everything that is going into repairing the doors in front of gucci. there are temporary pli wood doors that there up. but the store is going to have to pay for additional security overnight until they can get custom made glass doors to replace the ply wood. this led to shattered dreams outside gucci. >> and now we're disappointed. >> dianna and her granddaughter are visiting and their first stop was the gucci store. instead of luxury goods, they found ladders and plywood.
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>> i'm obviously shocked. >> reporter: police say someone backed a vehicle into gucci add 2:35 this morning. the window collapsed inside. the suspect grabbed a bunch of gucci purses and took off. gucci closed while crews made repairs. that prevented ray sabio from returning these sneakers. >> we'll shop and hopefully they're back open again. >> reporter: off camera they told me this is just the latest of the union square smash and grabs. it suffered four break ins before management installed a steel gate and like at gucci, they left 10s of millions of dollars in damage in additional security behind. >> you wouldn't expect something like that here, especially with the types of stores in this location. so it was a bit surprising for
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us to get here and find this. >> in san francisco, tiffany wilson. abc 7 news. a small plane crashed straight into the ground and the pilot walked away with minor injuries. that plane plunged into a field in kentwood around noon today. the sonoma county sheriff hasn't said if they reported any problems before today's crash. an oakland city counsel member speaks about the need to emprove the city's cross walks, following a crash that killed three pedestrians last week. 20-year-old jacky velas kez and her 20-year-old cousins were hit by an oncoming car. city counselman says something neesds to change. >> our responsibility is to take care of our children and family's safety first and that's what we're going to do and have
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a crossing light, a flashing crossing light anyone can use. . >> he says they'll also be paving the street and repainting the crossing lines to try to make it safer. work will begin on a stretch of road in contra costra county. north of livermore to the east of clayton. the section just south of marsh creek road was damaged by a landslide in february. they're going to work to improve the drainage system, put in the new water main and pave the road. it's expected to remain closed through midoctober. next week oakland will consider a ban on flavor tobacco products which are widely marketed in low income communities. san francisco is already devoted to ban the sale of those products and contra costra bans
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them within a few thousand feet of parks. they fear they appeal to children with flavors like bubble gum and chocolate. >> it masks the harshness of nicotine, so it taisz like things like bubblegum and apple pie, definitely marketed to get kids hooked. >> opponents say it would just lead to more active black market and before you enjoy a popular summer treat, the recall involving a major hot dog brand that could cause you to be injured if you eat them. it's just one of the great experiences working experiences of my life. >> the stars in full force at a fan event today.
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when can we do this again, grandpa? well, how about tomorrow? ask your doctor about entresto and help make tomorrow possible. if you like the barbecue, listen to this. the popular summer food is being recalled because of a choking hazard. it covers more than 7 million pounds of beef and pork hot dogs and sausages. sprous stores sell them in the bay area. they may contain bone fragments. at least one injury has been reported. we have the list of the exact
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products listed on our abc 7 news app. the convention continues in anaheim and disney fans were treated to a sneak peek at mary poppins to star wars. our sister station in los angeles was there. >> reporter: it all got revealed that big d 23 expo. >> there's new creatures, cool new stuff. >> reporter: while we got a glimpse into the last jedi, we only got information about avengers infinity war. >> they up the game every time and that's a lot of pressure on everybody but marvel just delivers and knows how to do that. >> reporter: and being celebrated emily blunt in mary poppins returns. >> it's very nostalgic for them. and so i wanted to pay homage to what julie did but i had to
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carve out new space for myself and create my own version of her. >> she wrote eight books actually. she wrote until 1988 and so there's lot more adventures, stories to tell. >> imagine 91 billion light years travelled like that. >> reporter: the film vurshz of the novel "a wrinkle in time" stars out in full force, including oprah winfrey. >> it was one of the great f th experiences, working experiences of my life. >> ava brings this very present energy to something of this size. >> the bed rock of the story is something that's a true heroin's story that everyone can see themselves in. and that's why we tried to cast it the way we did. deferent body types, races, ages, backgrounds. that's what disney stands for. come on, it's a small world
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after all. >> and that was george reporting. disney is the parent company of abc 7. more help is on the way for an east bay teenager paralyzed in an accident. next the special plea from a bay area football coach to give this man the support he neesds. 37-year-old venus williams tries to become the oldest woman to win a grand slam
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a legendary coach has joined the efrt for an east bay teenager injured. he broke his neck when he fell into a friend's pool last june and now paralyzed last june. he had planned to walk on to the cal poly team in the fall. former delasalcoach released his video yesterday to support javier as he completes his rehab. >> i think we all should support him on his determination to work
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on these projects for spinal cord injuries and to help him attain his goals. >> a celebration of javier will take place on the srv football field august fifth. now your accuweather forecast. certainly feeling like summer. it's a hot start to the weekend and we'll finish in a similar fashion tomorrow. we are tracking high clouds streaming through the region and in fact, live doppler 7 is showing a little bit of moisture in the central valley and what we're finding. it's kind of settling itself around 30,000 feet. very similar in altitude to where commercial aircraft fly and it encounters a lot of dry air. so it's evaporating. a live look from our tower. beautiful golden gate bridge.
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there is no fog along our coast and that is creating a mild day even along our coast right now. san francisco warm at this hour, 70 degrees. we're at 98 in brentwood. san jose, we're in the mid-90s earlier today. in oakland right now at 75. overnight tonight we are going to hang on to a lot of this warmth. it's a pretty looking night but it will be a rather mild night with areas in the 60s, even low 70s tomorrow morning. it's going to be one of those summer days where we don't have the early morning cloud cover and that sunshine by the afternoon will warm us up inhad to the 70s. by 2:00 we're already at 72 degrees. that sun is going to be strong. very similar to where we were this afternoon. that's why the heat advisory is still in effect. 92 in cooper teeno.
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91 in sunny dale. along the peninsula, 88 mountain rr view. it's still miles on the coast without the early morning fog. on the warm side, 75 a lot of sunshine, 70 that number in daily city. in the north bay, santa rose a nearing 100. 92 nuvotto. it's warm in the east bay. 84 the high in oakland. 94 fremont. 83 in berkeley. and 102 that high in ant oc. 100 in pleasanten. even the beach going to be one of those rare summer days where it's sunshine from start to finish. 80, 68. that ocean water temperature. slap on that sun screen. accuweather seven-day forecast. it is hot tomorrow. watch what happens. monday much cooler air rise with the marine layer returning.
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rarlths steady pattern wednesday, thursday, and friday. and we warm up one week from today. this year's aids walk 1 week away in golden gate park. it benefits groups such as positive resource center. visit sf.aids now sports. after a three month absence because of a dirt bike accident, madison bumgarner returned to the mound in san diego, but before he threw a pitch, hunter pence with the two out bases loaded single. it's 2-0 san francisco. bumgarner showed no rust, striking out the first three batters he faced. now in the second inning, the giants lead 2-0. the a's and indians are just underway that coliseum.
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they honored ricky henderson by giving 20,000 fans with a jurdsy. he holds the record for career stolen bases. >> i think as we get older now we know how people really feel about it. i just went out and played baseball because i enjoyed the game, hoping i played the game hard and gave my best to us. because now the people show you how much he was out there and you played the game the right way. >> the american century championship is not just about golf but having fun in the sun with your adoring fans cheering you on. snaps of basketball to tony romo who finds steph curry for the alley-oop. steph just might be the best golfer in the nba. he sinks this birdie on 15. 32 points and yeah, that deserves a little celebration. his dad, del, is also pretty good on the greens.
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he's tied for 37th. aaron rodgers had one of the best shots of the day. his tee shot nearly goes in for an ace. he's tied for sixth with sharks captain. mark mueller is the leader with 38 points. he's trying to win for a third stralt year. the u.s. women's open is that trump national golf club in new jersey. a 25-foot birdie putt with are 70 today yang is eight under as is amateur who sinks this long birdie. she and yang are just one stroke off the lead which is held by china's fung. she had a one under par 71 and has the lead going into tomorrow's final round. so the leaderboard has fung on top at nine under, then troy and yang. christy ter tied at 8th place.
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37-year-old venus williams was trying to become the oldest grand slam. the last time she won was in 2008 when she beat her sister, serena. this ball seemed to surprise her by landing in bounds. first set 7-5. venus well to win a game of the second set. this was championship point. venus's return is ruled to be long. mug rusau wins 7-5,7-5,7-5,7-5,, last year she knocked off serena to capture the french open. >> for me it was a challenge to have her growing up. in fact, it's something incredible. i was so excited to go there and then win, especially over
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somebody like role model. >> there's a change at the top in the tour de france. 112 mile trek was won by australia's michael matthews but italy was fabio loses the lead and the yellow jersey goes back to chris frum. he's trying to win his 3rd straight tour de france and his fourth overall. but top stories is giants mad gum strikes all threout. >> i know we're not going to make the playoffs but at least they could redeem themselves a little. fingers crossed. thanks, rick. coming up, cookouts, music and rock climbing. we'll take you to a fun
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9 a summer blowout sale at the state capitol. the items up for auction and at 11:00, flower power in san francisco. the city that host thds summer of love breaks a world record to mark the anniversary of the cultural movement. people enjoyed a day of hot fun in menlo park.
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the men lo summer fest features everything a summer street fest could want. food trucks and the work of some 200 artists. you need more. there's artisan cocktails. you don't like beer, thrill rides, and a super fun zone for the kids. all the fun continues tomorrow 10:00 to 6:00. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you at
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