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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  July 16, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> did you kidnap a baby? why were you with the baby? >> a kidnapping suspect arrested after san francisco police say she abducted an infant girl at random. good evening, i'm kate larsen, in for eric thomas. police tracked the suspect and child as they took a muni bus across town. the child was taken at 6th and harrison streets in san francisco's south of market area after hopping on at least one muni bus police found the child near visitation valley at bay shore boulevard and arleta
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avenue. jeannine de la vega broke the story and now has how the police found the su skpekt and the child. jeannine? >> reporter: kate, they spent the majority of the day at the hospital. the baby is okay, but this sure was a frightening ordeal. police say is this should serve as a reminder to parents to always watch your children. police say this 36-year-old woman saw an opportunity and took it. in this case the victim was this six-month-old baby girl. just after 8:30 this morning her parents called 911 panicked reporting she had been kid snapped. the baby had been left in her parents' car on columbia street near harrison. >> we went to the scene, met with the parents, the baby was in the car and now the baby was gone. we had witnesses in the area that say they saw a woman baby matching the description of the baby. >> reporter: witnesses report the woman got off the bus and boarded another, but they were
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finally able to track her down on a bus at bay shore boulevard and arleta. >> it would have gone on longer. i'm sure we would have put it on amber alert. the way we were able to saturate had known where the buses were at, the quick police response, we did it within half an hour and that's why it ended well. >> reporter: the baby's mother rushed to the scene. she was emotional and being consoled by officers. she was reunited with her baby and both were taken to the hospital. the suspect was taken into custody. >> did you kidnap the baby? why were you with the baby? why did you have a baby? is that your daughter? >> reporter: police say the parents do not know the suspect. they are investigating but do not have a motive at this point. inspectors are also looking into why the baby was left in the car and for how long. in san francisco, jeannine de la vega, abc7 news. >> a driver faces accusations of drunk driving and car theft.
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after several people were hurt in a head-on crash in eastern contra costa county. you can see on the map where the accident happened on highway 4 and sand creek road near brentwood. it crashed into a mini van. the driver of the stolen wcar ws going the wrong way on westbound 4. nine people were hurt including two small children. >> vehicle overturned off to the side of the road. one vehicle was a van full of people and children. we have multiple trauma victim that's went to the hospital and two by ground. >> a man in his 60s suffered the worst injuries. he was in the mini van and remains at the hospital. the suspected drunk driver is now in jail after being released from the hospital. a fight between a man and a woman led to an hours long standoff this morning in a mountain view neighborhood. negotiators and police tried
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unsuccessfully to talk the two into surrendering. neighbors were add to shelter in place. they did surrender five hours after the incident started. they are looking for the a cause of a massive fire that burned two houses and damaged a third. you can see heavy flames rising. crews were called round 10:30. they say they have the 3-alarm fire under control. 13 people have been displaced. a cat that belonged to a family living in one of the homes is missing right now. fire fighters in san jose are investigating what caused a fire on sierra road. it was spotted around 4:00 this morning. fire fighters say flames quickly spread from the car to the brush on the side of the road. two acres burned before crews got the fire under control. investigators don't know who left the car there. many of you are sweltering in this triple digit heat and a
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red-flag warning is in effect due to the fire danger that is being increased by all that heat that we're feeling. fire fighters want to avoid scenes like this. you're looking at a fire that burned in a hilly part of san jose last week. cal fire says the heat is one part of today's fiere danger equation. gusty winds can fan the flames so they grow faster. the red flag will last till at least 9:00 tonight. to protect people from the heat san jose is opening 11 cooling centers around town and he will stay hope until 9:00 tonight. the cypress community and senior center, camden community center and roosevelt community center. those cooling centers on our website. a heat advisory will remain in effect through the evening, and we've got meteorologist drew tuma here with the latest on all these hot, hot conditions. drew. >> kate, this is oppressively
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hot. this is not just an inland episode of heat. this is area wide right now. it's 94 right now in san jose, 102 in concord. look at this. santa rosa is just sweltering at 107 degrees. future tracker temperatures as we go hour by hour, 9:00 tonight it is still a rather warm night with a lot of cities still holding in the 70s. and even low 80s. so, it's for that fact the heat advisory is still in effect for majority of the region until 9:00 at night. the good news, today is the peak of the heat. much cooler weather moves in the next 48 hours. we'll detail the numbers in the accuweather forecast. kate? >> real relief on the way, thanks, drew. donald trump is responding to new poll numbers about his job performance. they are dealing with the russia investigation and the battle over health care reform. here's abc's david wright.
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>> reporter: a snapshot of where the president stands courtesy of the washington post poll. the poll shows trump off to the worst start of any president since polling began. his approval rating six months into the job, at just 36%. trump's reaction? almost 40% is not bad at this time. but his tweet inflates the number. the poll also shows 63% of americans think that mystery meeting between donald trump, jr., jared kushner and paul manafort and a russian lawyer was inappropriate. >> this is about as clear evidence you could find of intent by the campaign to collude with the russians. >> reporter: donald trump, jr. himself said things should have been done differently. having said that again, none of that is violation of the law, that's more process. >> reporter: the developments in the russia investigation all but eclipsing the president apt agenda including his number one campaign promise. >> we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is once again delaying the senate health
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care vote. this time until senator john mccain recovers from surgery. >> you know, i think the longer the bill is out there, the more conservative republicans are going to discover that it's not repeal. >> reporter: senators rand paul and susan collins both solid no votes. >> i would estimate that there are about eight to ten republican senatos who have deep concerns. >> reporter: our poll shows americans favoring the affordable care act over the republican plan by a 2-1 margin. one bright spot for trump, americans seem to have a pretty low opinion of the democrats, too, only 37% say the party stands for something. half say it only stands against trump. david wright, abc news, bedminster, new jersey. >> former fbi director james comey is writing a book about his public service, including his brief tenure in the trump administration. officials say the book is expected to go to auction this week and the major publishing houses have already expressed a
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lot of interest. a courting to the "the new york times," the book will not be a conventional tell all memorandum war, but instead more of a look at the principles comey says guided him through the most challenging moments of his career. a sunny weekend out on the lake takes a dangerous turn. how quick thinking dock workers prevented this house boat fire from becoming a major disaster at shasta lake. the annual act of kindness, caring and love in the fight against hiv and aids coming up. ♪ mom. ♪ ♪ where all the walls echo with laughter ♪ ♪ and every room has its own chapter ♪
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the six-dollar subway club. it's everyone's favorite, hey look, it's everyone's favorite, the six-dollar sweet onion chicken teriyaki. advertising. they're footlongs and they're six bucks each. subway. so. much. sandwich. a house boat caught fire yesterday as it was being refueled on shasta lake. huge flames that quickly
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engulfed that boat. employees at the shasta marina quickly undocked the vessel and pushed it away. fire crews fortunately responded, dousing the boat with fire. the family renting it lost an ipad phone and a wallet. the annual aids walk in san francisco took place today. it is the largest aids funds raising event in all of northern california. and it does raise millions for local nonprofits. thousands pounding the pavement at golden gate park today for the annual aids walk in san francisco. >> my team is standing angel. >> she has been participating five years now. >> my mother and father lost the fight to aids and i feel like it's a great thing to do to support the cause and support the services that the aids walk provides to so many. >> since its inception in 1987, aids walk san francisco has
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raised more than $88 million for hiv programs and services in the bay area. >> there's a lot more options today. people just need know what they are. >> ferdinand is hiv positive and walks to alert people to treatment that's allow people to live. >> i am still hiv positive. my eight month old great nephew is here. i'm walking so his generation doesn't have to worry about hiv. ♪ >> our very own abc news anchor brought down the park with his band push. at post walk show in sharon meadow. ♪ >> love seeing done up on that stage. abc7 is very proud to have been a lead sponsor of the aids walk in san francisco for 30 years now. up next, church members step
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up to give the gift of life. how one congregation is responding to a local blood shortage and their message about how you can help. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. it is a hot finish to the weekend right now. but refreshing air is moving in over the next 48 hours. (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine.
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welcome back. blood banks of course deal in a precious lifesaving commodity and today more than 100 people donated to help relieve what is a nationwide blood shortage. >> we love you. >> abc7 news was in hayward when these young women helped people get excited about the blood drive. they're affiliated with the church of god. leaders organized today's drive. >> people don't fully understand how important it is to give blood. they don't know how important it is until they have a loved one facing a situation where they
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need blood. >> blood centers of the pacific always need donors. our webb page has tips on how you can donate blood to patients in need and maybe even save the life of someone in your community. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and accuweather certainly feels like summer out there. temperatures very warm to hot. we have a heat advisory in effect, but cooler air will work into the picture over the next 48 hours. live doppler 7 along with satellite, what it's showing is a clear picture from the coast to the bay and inland. out we go, sutro tower, this is just a warm-looking shot. no coastal cloud cover right now to cool us off. in fact, a lot of folks have hit the beach. a live look from our santa cruz camera showing you the beach is packed. tons of sunshine. and it's still even mild along the coast at this hour. look at these numbers, 5:17 in the evening. 100 in livermore, 107 right now in santa rosa. 10 1 in gilroy. even san jose is toasty at 94.
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it's a balmy 81 in oakland. san francisco very mild in the 70s currently. it's not only the heat. we have very dry air over us right now. santa rosa, your humidity only at 4%. 7% in san carlos. 11% in concord. this is bone dry air. so, it's for that fact the dry condition tz, the hot temperatures, a red-flag warning. still in effect until 9:00 tonight. basically for hills, elevations above 1,000 feet where the fire danger is at its highest right now. we'll see cooler air work into the picture tomorrow and tuesday, and that fire danger will work its way down. overnight tonight, plenty of stars, another mild night from the coast. a lot of 60s on the board. waters holding in the mid to upper 50s. highs on monday, chop 10 degrees off where we are now and that is pretty much where we're going to sit on monday. 86 in san jose, 85 in santa clara, sunny there, a breeze
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will pickup along the coast. pacifica cooler at 65 degrees. downtown san francisco not as hot as you are today. 67 tomorrow afternoon, 65 and a breeze in daily city. in the north bay, back off to around 90 did he zbreez in santa rosa, 89 in sonoma. 87 in san rafael. 74 tomorrow afternoon in oakland, 78 in fremont, about 73 that number in hercules. inland, we're not going to be in the triple digits. we'll be in the 90s so it will be a warm day tomorrow, just not as hot as we are right now. even along the coast tomorrow we're going to have a sea breeze kicking in. that will feel nice at our beaches tomorrow. mainly sunny, a few high clouds at sea breeze. 10 to 20 miles per hour. future tracker temperatures, look what happens on tuesday. it's going to be comfortable for most. temperatures slightly below normal this time of year. cooler weather is on its way. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we're calling it not as hot tomorrow as we are today, stale
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rather warm inland. tuesday, the fog along the coast, then it's cooler for everyone. we stay in a steady pattern wednesday, thursday and friday, and then we'll see a little bit of a warm up as we head into next weekend. but right now it does not look to be as hot next weekend as it is now. >> great for people out, especially in the east bay. >> oh, yeah. >> i kind of like it warm in the city. >> popular. >> all right, thanks, drew. here with sports, another exciting day. >> yeah, playing for the men's title this afternoon. coming up in sporj, roger federer goes for an 8 th wimbledon sipping lz title. at the american century
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>> announcer: now sports from abc7 news. >> with the a's out of the playoff picture they made a trade today. reliever shon do little and mad son to washington for pitcher blake and a pair of prospects. throwing out the first pitch this afternoon, oakland native and new raiders running back marshawn lynch. trevor bauer in the first with the bases loaded, ryan healey drives in a pair. jacob brings home two more. it was 4-0 oakland. the a's scored again in the third. former athletic dan is deep for his tenth homer of the season. that made it 5-0. sean got his eighth victory striking out eight over seven innings of work. the a's sweep the defending american league champ s. the giants play the game of their series in san diego.
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padres took the lead in the firsts. as former giant hector sanchez connects for a three-run shot. he hit a walk-off homer last night. san francisco tries to rally in the second. brandon crawford with the deep drive to right center. jabari can't make the grab and in comes buster posy. san diego pretty much put the game away in the third. he gives up another three-run shot. this time to cory. the padres win 7-1. his record falls to 4 and 11. warriors star steph curry led everyone in scoring today. this time he did it at the american century celebrity golf championship, not on a basketball court. it was another gorgeous day at lake tahoe. cur curry was cooking. on the par 5, 18th, it nearly goes in for a rare albatross. he finished with 60. good for 4th place. his dad could only tie for 27th so that meant he had to go jump in the lake.
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for the third straight year, former a's pitcher would come away the winner. he nails this long putt to save par on 10. on 18, he'll tap-in for birdie to finish with 73 points, 9 better than martin and derek lowe. molder with the three-peat. at the u.s. women's open in jersey, park takes the lead on 15 with this long birdie putt. park fired a 5 under par, 67 today. amateur choi could tie her for the lead. but on 16, her tee shot will find the water. she would double bogey the hole. park would not be caught. she ups her lead by two with this birdie at 17, taps in for par at 18. she winds up 10 under, good for a two-stroke victory. it's her first win on the tour. third round leader finished five strokes back. at wimbledon, 35-year-old roger federer was trying to become the first man to win eight singles titles, surpassing the record held by pete
5:26 pm
there would be no upset as he dominated. federer is there and finds the open court. still in the first set. he will come to the net and federer answers with the backhand winner. a frustrated chillish lost 6-3, 6-1. he was paying with a painful blister on his foot which caused him to breakdown in tears while being treated. scores were 6-3, 1 and 4. he joins bjorn borg as the only players to win a title without losing a set. at age 35 he becomes the oldest man to win the title in the open air. so, congratulations roger federer. >> does it again. >> one more time. >> thanks, fred. on abc7 news
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, temperatures reaching dangerous levels in parts of the bay area. how people are finding ways to stay cool and safe. plus, closer than we first thought, what federal investigators are now revealing about the air canada near mishap at sfo. but before we go we want to share with you how some people enjoyed today's sunshine in downtown berkeley. abc7 news was along the avenue for the solstice sunday block party. some people tried their best to dance. others checked out vintage cars. we will host another block party on the 20th. that's it for us at 5:00.
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we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, breaking news. several swimmers swept away. killed when a wall of water rushes through a popular swimming spot. some of the victims, children. now, the rescue efforts, and the flash flood watch as we come on the air. historic low. president trump responding to our new poll. what americans are saying about his leadership and russia, and the tough message tonight for democrats. health care on hold. why senator john mccain's surgery caused mitch mcconnell to table his health care bill indefinitely. inside the inferno. 26 stories above honolulu, no sprinkler systems. the third victim now identified. as residents return to charred remains. on-court meltdown. the critical match on the game's biggest stage. a tennis star breaks down.


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