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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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cooling stations are open until 9:00 to give people a safe place out of the heat. we'll begin our team heat with melanie woodrow who's at walnut creek. are you hot out there? >> reporter: i am. probably feels good in the air conditioned studio. in walnut creek it's the best of the both worlds. you can be outside, get a little sun. if you get too hot, you can dip into any air conditioned stores around here. just how hot is it? take a look. we have a shot of the infamous temperature sign in walnut creek. about an hour ago, you can see it was 102 degrees. that was probably about 5:00. a little after 5:00 in the evening. still over 100 degrees. we've seen a number of people out here in downtown walnut creek. of course, lots of them hanging onto ice cold drinks, ice cream, whatever they can do keep
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cool. really a lot of people are outside. a lot of them telling me they are used to this. these are temperatures they're accustomed to on a warm weekend here in the east bay. we talked to some people to see just how they were doing on this hot sunday afternoon. >> so, i was not staying cool. i was just burning up in the sun. >> just walking around, going into toy stores and stuff to stay out of the heat. >> i saw that. >> reporter: that little boy we checked in with earlier today. he also told me his favorite ice cream flavors are strawberry, rocky road and birthday cake. right about now i say yes to all three. it's pretty hot out here. abc7 news. >> thanks, melanie. sounds good to me, too. if you're hoping for relief during the overnight hours, check this out. this is downtown walnut creek after 12:30 this morning. you can see the temperature is 77 degrees. still quite warm out there.
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also overnight, a warning about the fire danger because of the heat. san jose, a car fire quickly spread to the brush on the side of sierra road. in bay point it took crews more than an hour to get a fire that burned two homes under control. fortunately, nobody was hurt in either incident. we'll take you live outside to the san francisco bay from exploratory camera. a beautiful shot out there. meteorologist drew is here. it's been hot in the city as well today. >> that's just a refreshing looking shot. we had record-breaking heat today. a lot of that warmth we still hold onto even at this hour. take a look at the numbers in north bay. santa rosa is sweltering at 105. the same temperature in brentwood. it's a very warm 92 in san jose. oakland earlier today we were in the 80s. we've backed off into the 70s. even san francisco was in the 70s this afternoon. we're now down to 68 degrees. future tracker temperatures, as we go hour by hour, 9:00
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tonight, the warmth is still there away from the coast. we're still in the 70s and even into the 80s. it's for that fact the heat advisory is in effect for a majority of the region until 9:00 at night for that increased risk of heat-related illness. we'll take a look at koomer air headed our way in the next 48 hours. >> thanks, drew. to a frightening day for the parents of a babe who police say was kidnapped in san francisco and taken by a woman across town on a bus. only abc7 news was on that muni bus as police arrested the woman accused of taking that baby. police say she didn't know the family that she took the baby from. the kidnapping happened this morning near sixth and harrison streets and ended with that arrest on bayshore boulevard. abc7 reporter janine is at the
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ucsf. >> reporter: we're told the baby spent the day at children's hospital. the baby checked out to be okay. we were there as the suspect was arrested. we asked her about the kidnapping. did you kidnap a baby? >> no. i don't kidnap babies. >> why were you with a baby? why did you have a baby? is that your daughter? >> reporter: police say this 36-year-old woman saw an opportunity and took it. in this case, the victim was this 6-month-old baby girl. just after 8:30 this morning, her parents called 911 panicked, reporting she had been kidnapped. the baby had been left in her parents' car on columbia street near harrison while her father was preparing a bottle. >> we went to the scene, met with the parents, said the baby was in the can car and now the baby was gone. we had witnesses in the area that say they saw a woman with a small baby that matched the description of the missing baby get on a muni bus. >> reporter: police immediately contacted muni and gave a
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description of the female. officers saturated the area. witnesses saw the woman get off the bus and get on another. they were able to track her down at bayshore boulevard and arleta. riders were stunned. >> hopefully she didn't do anything to it. i pray for the family and hopefully everything works out in the end. >> reporter: the mother was rushed to the scene. she was emotional and consoled by officers. she was reunited with her baby and taken to the hospital. the suspect was taken into cuss can today for the kidnapping. >> parents always need to watch their children. like they say, they were only gone for a second. that one second, that one minute, a baby can can be gone. >> reporter: the parents do not know the suspect. they do not have a motive at this point. inspectors were looking into how long the baby was left in the car. abc7 news. nine people are recovering after a head-on crash the highway patrol blames on drunk drivering in brentwood. you can see on this map where it
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all happened. along highway 4 near sand creek road. you're looking at one of the smallest victims of last night's accident. the impact injured two children under the age of 2 and five adults riding in a mini van. the chp says the suspected drunk driver was going the wrong way and hit that mini van. the suspect was hurt, too, but he's now in jail. nearly 1930 fire personnel are manning the lines in the whittier fire and things are not going well. containment has now dropped from 50% on friday night to 36% today. cal fire officials say winds are pushing those flames into an area that has not burned since 1955. homeowners in the area of the 18,000-acre fire are being showered with ash. >> we're getting more ash today than we ever have. we're getting full-size leaves coming down. we hope they're not hot. we check them. they're completely visible as a
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leaf. >> cal fire reports that fires have burned twice as much land so far compared with the same time last year. that's just one of ten large wildfires burning across the state today. the largest one being in kings county in central valley. and three of them are in san bernardino in southern california. more than 6,000 firefighters are battling all those flames. new at 6:00 daisht air canada flight that mistook a taxiway for the run way at sfo earlier this month may have overflown jets at lower altitude than originally reported. that's according to ntsb's report into the incident. they say flight 759 flew united holding on the taxiway at 100 feet. abc7 news has learned ntsb investigators have arrived in the bay area this weekend as part of their review. we're learning from
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hollywood that oscar award winning actor martin landau has died. many people remember him as one of the stars on tv's "mission impossible." he won the academy award for best suspecting actor following "ed wood." the 89-year-old suffered from a short illness. it's a san francisco tradition 30 years strong. we'll take you to the aids walk where a simple stroll can help raise millions. also, raise awareness for a devastating disease. and how could an offer of
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thousands of people walked through golden gate park in san francisco to raise money for people with aids and hiv. abc7 has been a proud sponsor of the event since it's inception 30 years ago. it raises millions of dollars for local nonprofits. >> yeah! >> reporter: thousands pounding the pavement at golden gate park today for the annual aids walk in san francisco. >> my name is angel. >> reporter: she's been participating in the 10k walk for nine years now.
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>> my mother and father lost the fight against aids. i think it's a great thing to support the cause and support the services that the aids walk provides to so many. >> reporter: since its inception in 1980, aids walk san francisco has raised more than $88 million for hiv programs and services in the bay area. >> there's a lot more options today and people just need to know what they are. >> reporter: ferdinand garcia is hiv positive and walks to raise awareness about testing and treatment to allow people to live full lives without the virus. >> people are still becoming hiv positive. my 2-month-old great nephew is actually here. another reason i'm walking is to make sure his generation does not have to worry about hiv. ♪ ♪ are you ready to rock >> reporter: dan ashley, today's master of ceremony, brought down the park with his band push at the park in meadow. ♪ i'm so hard to handle now
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>> we love seeing dan up on that stage. we have all of the best images of today's aids walk on our website at and our mobile app. tag your pictures on social media with #abc7now. star wars fans will soon be able to lose themselves at disneyland and disney world. the wraps are off on a model of the new themed park. tonight what we know it's going to be called. it's been a day for sweating and
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tonight. we know the name of the new star wars themed land. introducing star wars galaxy's edge. disney unveiled a 3d model friday night but did not give the name until this weekend. it will be opening at disneyland and walt disney world in 2019. the model is on display at the official disney fan expo in anaheim. today is national ice cream day, so what could possibly go wrong?
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well, don't ask the folks at the golden arches. mcdonald's advertised anyone with its mobile app would get a free vanilla cone today but there was a glitch with the app and then it became unaccessible so mcdonald's is offering a free cookie while they try to get the app up and running. many responded on twitter saying, i can't get my free ice cream because the mcdonald's app isn't working. i'm not loving it. today really a perfect day to find any way to stay cool. record-breaking heat today but the heat peaks tonight. live doppler 7 along with satellite, a really clear picture from this vantage point. we have clear skies right now, even along the coast. this is our san rafael cam. it just looks warm from this vantage point. san rafael was one of the areas that tied or broke the record today. a high of 97, tying the record set in 198837 oakland creating a
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new record high at 87 degrees. moffett field crushing their old record coming in at 99. san jose 1 degree better than their record high of 97, beating the old record in 1925. out there right now it's still very warm. 97 in napa. 99 in concord. the same in livermore. 98 in gilroy. even san francisco. it does look cooler, relatively speaking, but 68 degrees is still mild for this time of the day. 86 in oakland. fremont checking in at 86 degrees. it's not only the heat, it's rather breezy out there, especially in the hills. we have a gust of 24 miles an hour. it's really the combination of very warm weather and breezy conditions that's leadinged to increased fire danger. so it's for that fact we have that red flag warning still in effect until 9:00 tonight for the areas you see shaded in red. basically our hilltops for the fact that any fire that could
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start easily can also spread rather rapidly under spaes sciences. nice looking night. inland 50s and 60s. 62 in san jose and 53 overnight in san francisco. highs on your monday. start negotiate south bay, we'll chop about 10 degrees off our current numbers. that's where you'll sit tomorrow afternoon. 86 in san jose. about 85 for santa clara. 83 that number in sunnyvale. along the peninsula, 82 in palo al alto. half moon bay, high of 66 degrees. downtown san francisco, 67. that will feel refreshing compared to the 74 today. into the north bay, 88, petaluma. 87, san rafael. 89 in calistoga. east bay only going to 70s, out of the 80s today. 74 in oakland. about 73 richmond inland, yes
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we're warm in the ninlts b90s b. about 10 degrees cooler than today. 94, ant yoke. 94, antioch. nice beach day tomorrow. take a look at this. the coast mostly sunny. sea breeze kicking in 10 to 20 miles an hour. as we plan the next seven days, not as hot tomorrow. the fog returns on tuesday. look at those numbers. it looks refreshing. a really steady pattern midweek. then we'll start to see the numbers climb a little built next week. >> that's the nice part. we get a lot of heat but then relief around the corner. >> thanks, drew. rick's here with a big weekend in sports. >> great weather to watch a ball game today at the coliseum. with the a's out of the playoff picture they made a trade today sending sean doolittle and ryan madson to washington for blake treinen and a pair of prospects. throwing out the first pitch, new raiders running back, marshawn lynch.
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the a's were in beast mode earlier roughing up ryon healy. jason brugman brings in two more. it was 4-0, oakland. a's scored in the third. jed lowrie takes dan otero deep for his tenth home run of the season making it 5-0. sean manaea struck out four over eight innings of work. >> it was great. we got the series sweep against a really, really good team. you know, just overall we played really good baseball. offense is coming around. defense is playing really well. pitching overall has been really, really well. so, it's just, you know, really exciting right now. >> the giants play the rubber game of their series in san diego. padres took the lead in the first as former giant hector sanchez connects for a three-run shot off sar imagine ga.
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sanchez hit a walkoff homer last night. san francisco tries to rally in the second. crawford with a deep drive to right center. jabari can't make the catch. in comes buster posey. a three-run homer by cory. warriors' star steph curry led everyone in scoring today but this time at the american century celebrity golf championship. not on a basketball court. it was another gorgeous day at lake tahoe. curry was cooking on the par 5 18th, his second shot nearly goes in for a rare albatross. he finished with 60, good for fourth place. his dad dell could only tie for 27th which meant he had to jump in the lake. mark moulder would come away the winner. he nails this long putt to save par on 10. on 18 he'll tap in for birdie to
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finish with 73 points, 9 better than marty fish and derek lowe. moulder with a threepeat. u.s. women's open in new jersey, park takes the lead on 15 with this long birdie putt. park fired a 5 under par 67 today. amateur h.j. choi on 16 her tee shot will find the water. she'd take a double improeg here. park would not be caught. she ups her lead to 2 with this birdie on 17. then taps in for par on 18. she winds up 10 under, good for a two-stroke victory. it's her first win on the tour. third round leader feng finished five strokes back. at wimbledon 35-year-old roger federer was trying to be the first man to win eight singles title surpassing the record held by pete sampras and crenshaw. there would be no upset as federer dominated cilic who gets
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to this ball but federer is there and finds open court. on the first set, cilic comes to the net and federer answers with a backhand winner. cilic lost 6-3, 6-1. the croatian was playing with a painful blister on his foot which caused him to break down in tears. this was championship point. federer ends it with an ace. scores were 6-3, 1-4. he joins borg as the only one to win wimbledon without losing a set. >> wimbledon is always my favorite tournament. my heroes walked the grounds here and walked the courts here. and because of them, i think i became a better player, too. >> federer now has a record 19 grand slam titles. they call him the ageless wonder. he keeps on
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tonight abc7 news at 9:00 on tv 20, a summer block party with a lot of dancing. how you can get in on the fun. and at 11:00 here on abc7, detour ahead. roadwork is about to begin in the east bay on a stretch of road that washed away back in february. how it will affect people living in the area. primates took down a super hero at the movies this weekend.
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planet of the apes opened with $50 million in ticket sales at the box office. spider-man-homecoming was very close behind, making double what apes did on is opening weekend last week. "despicable me 3," "the baby driver" round out the top five. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. ♪ mom. ♪ ♪ where all the walls echo with laughter ♪ ♪ and every room has its own chapter ♪ you've carried on your family's tradition. let us help you prepare for your family's future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we're going behind the scenes of a tony award-winning production. >> to find, like, the bravery within yourself, which is what he does, is, like, the main message of the play. >> then, we're having some fun in the kitchen making a delicious pasta dish. >> and this is home cooking. you want to just have a really delicious and accessible meal for your family. >> and the perfect day-trip to point reyes. >> we have 160 acres, and we have roads that go all the way up that and a really nice hike that'll take you up to the ridge where you can almost see the ocean. >> plus, a special place helping kids feel good about themselves. >> camp wonder is all about fun. really, it's about giving kids an opportunity to do activities that they would never otherwise get to experience. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california


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