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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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sea. there is no tsunami warning for california. a tsunami advisory is in effect for parts of alaska. there have been no reports of any damage or injuries of good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. now to a growing problem not just in the bay area. >> san francisco is certainly not alone in this issue. we are seeing up and down the west coast cities, across the nation. it's an issue that deserves national attention. >> we're a talking about used needles. in parks, around tree trunks. crews picked up 10,000 needles. >> last year that number was just under 3,000. abc news is live to explain how the city is dealing with this, lonnie? >> reporter: yes, the city is looking to tackle the problem. a couple different ways of through cleanup, awareness, even a task force looking into creating safe injection sites.
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those sites are controversial. but one official says san francisco really needs to do something different to tackle a huge problem. in the civic center neighborhood of san francisco, we found syringes along the sidewalk around trees, one even sitting in a crosswalk. >> i was literally just eating. my leg was right on top of it, and i didn't even know. >> reporter: neil moore is homeless. he was surprised to find a used needle underneath his leg. >> could i have been poked by it or you know, anybody that, walking by, you know, in flip-flops or a child of. >> reporter: the public works department says in march alone, workers collected more than 10,000 needles, compared to nearly 3,000 during the same month in 2016. >> the thing that the public needs to do is contact 311. i cannot emphasize that enough. >> reporter: that service gives public works employees a better idea where to find needles to dispose of them. these containers are conveniently located near
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toilets. the containers are part of the pit stop program, allowing people to drop used needles in this box. but the supervisor says san francisco has to do more. vancouver is one of many cities that started a safe injection sites program, an idea she's spearheading in to with the safe injection site task force. >> a safe injection site could enhance the protection of public safety. do we know if it will solve the problem or not? no, but i don't think that we should be unwilling to try. >> reporter: the safe injection sites task force has several meetings before a recommendation will be made to city officials in september. in san francisco, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. and new at 6:00, another clue into the fate of a missing san mateo county man. 22-year-old richard moss disappeared after leaving for work on may 25th. it's believe his car lifted road
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and plunged into the ocean. last thursday, divers found pieces of a car believed to be moss's, including a wheel. today moss's family told abc news that the type of wheel is the same type purchased by moss two years ago. deputies guarding inmates at the two santa clara county jails are seeing more defiance and injuries avagards wefter guards convicted earlier this year. david? >> reporter: the ama correctional officers union is getting concerned. a deputy was put in a chokehold in this facility last wednesday. then on saturday, a deputy was sucker punched in the right eye and will require surgery. two incidents involving inmates who did not follow orders.
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an inmate told his family that a correctional deputy severely beat 23-year-old aaron stuart in the head. stuart is in jail, facing charges of kidnap, and theft. correctional officers president amy leigh says the >> for this individual to fight with the officer and put the offi officer in a chokehold, almost killing him, that is unacceptable. >> reporter: leigh sees an increase in defiance for the death of inmate michael tiery earlier this year. >> this should be balance. because when the scales tip one way or the other the, it become an unsafe environment for staff and inmates.
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a . >> reporter: the share everiff' office says the protection of all person is the highest priority. they use cameras, but they another incident that signal they are not a deterrent. >> they signaled to the corner. and that was captured on camera. is camera stopping inmate? i don't think so. >> reporter: the county doesn't release those videos to the public. david louie, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, a trial date is set in january for a hillsboro woman accused of arranging the murder of her ex-boyfriend. she was in court today along with the other two defendants. all three suspects are charged in the murder of lee's children keith green. she remains free on bail. she is believed to have had green killed out of fear of losing a custody battle.
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we're getting a first look at a man accused of stealing a car with a child inside. i dropped o he dropped off the baby at a park. a witness says she recognized gutierrez, he left the child with her and broke into a van and stole a scooter before driving away. the good news, the baby is okay and back with his family where he belongs. robbers shattered a piece of walnut creek today, breaking into a house before 9:00 a.m. the child was home with its parents. >> reporter: police in walnut creek say this type of crime is especially rare here. they're now vetting if this family may have been targeted. walnut creek police say just before 9:00 this morning, two suspects entered a home on the
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2800 block of oak grove as the child was laying outside. the suspects were armed with handguns. >> they got what they wanted and left. >> reporter: initially running down oak grove road and possibly getting into a tan or gold mini van according to a witness who called police. >> it is a safe city, and a crime like this is very rare. violent crime, especially home invasion robbery is not something we see often, probably about once a year. >> reporter: a neighbor says he turned over surveillance video to police that he believes shows the suspects casing the house from across the street. another neighbor has surveillance video that shows them even more clearly. police released a vague description of the suspects. >> a plaqblack male adult, wear gray hoodie and blue jeans. the other one had a mask of some
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sort and he was covered, he was either a light-skinned black male or hispanic male adult. >> reporter: police say the victims did not recognize the suspects. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. the city of hayward has a new police chief. captain mike koehler will take over the spot. he has been acting chief of police since last august. that's when then police chief diane stuart suddenly resigned. earlier in the month she had been placed on leave over a confidential person confidential personnel issue. we got a look at a huge sinkhole in central contra costa county. the failure did not happen in last year's heavy rains but the year before, that's how long it's taken the cash-strapped town to secure the
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dollars needed for repairs. >> reporter: the complexity and the delay really came in trying to secure the funding, basically trying to scrape together the money from various sources, including the federal government. that is done now for this project. but maraw ga's chief engineer told me his town still needs another $26 million to make needed repairs to its storm drains. it's been here so long it's become a part of the landscape in downtown moraga, a sinkhole so big it's taken 17 months for town leaders and the federal government to come up with enough money to fix it. >> we're finally there after a lengthy process. >> reporter: they're anxious to get started on a project that sat largely idle since march of 2016. >> it all boils down to funding.
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it's always about funding of the and unfortunately the town itself does not have enough funds to take care of the pro yebt itself. >> reporter: and this isn't moraga's only big problem. a few miles away, there's this, a bridge on canyon road damaged by a landslide this past winter. a temporary bridge will cost more than $2 million. last week, the cost pushed the town council to declare a fiscal emergency. martha works in the hair salon next to the sinkhole. now her business will be closed for three months. >> i hope they can finish everything fast. >> i think people figure things out fairly quickly. and hopefully they won't create too much more bad news. >> reporter: city leaders are looking for other funding measures, perhaps a ballot
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measure. laura anthony, abc 7 news. a warning could have helped save the life of a south bay father over the weekend of the. >> he drowned while rescuing his children from the water. see why the warning signs were so easy to miss. despite the absence of a marine layer, we have a warming trend on the way. and the coming up, baby's first uber ride. this newborn couldn't wait for mom to get to the hospital. there's a new entrance to this bart station, but it comes with a catch. i have bart's new p
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we're learning more about a san jose man who died over the weekend while trying to save his son in a morgan hill pond. we are joined live from morgan hill to tell us what appeared to have happened and if there were any warning signs in the area, janine? >> reporter: ama, we're told that a lot of people go swimming in this area of coyote creek. there is a sign that says no swimming or wading at this entrance, but there is no visible sign where the victim's family entered. it was peaceful today at this spot along coyote creek where the water flows into a pond, but sunday afternoon it was chaotic. >> they're just shaken up. they're just, yeah. i mean, words can't explain really how they feel right now. >> reporter: inez martinez's nephews were in the water with other children. they got caught in a current in a deeper area and were struggling not to drown. one of the parents dove into the
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water fully clothed to help. >> one of the kids became in distress. one kid especially about 4 or 5. his father jumped into the water to save him, was able to hand him off to another adult to get him to safety. unfortunately, the father went under and was not seen again. >> reporter: crime tape is seen where they recovered the man's body. he was found about 15 feet under water. he was identified as 35 year old saoul garcia of san jose. a fund has set up to help the family. just before they went swimming, gar seeq garcia had taken his kids to ride horses at a ranch. >> this is their happy place. they love these animals. this is their time with their dad. he'd bring them out all the time. he was a good guy. you could just tell he really loved his kids. >> reporter: we found this rusty sign where his family entered.
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you can barely read it says "no swimming". people don't realize how deep it is. >> it's slippery rocks. a big dropoff. >> reporter: we reached out to santa clara county to see if warning signs will be fixed but did not hear back. two relatively small earthquakes struck southern santa cruz county this afternoon, at 3:21, a quake measuring 3.0 hit near interlocken about 15 miles in gilroy. then a 3.1 aftershock happened. both were more than 3.7 feet deep. there are no injuries. it is down to the wire at the state capital as lawmakers discuss cap and trade. governor brown says it's essential to tackle climate change, but critics and others say it doesn't go far enough. we have more on the story. >> reporter: with president trump pulling out of the paris
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climate accord, california's governor believe ars it's more important than ever for this state to be a leader. he needs two-thirds of the legislature to rally round, and they are voting tonight. governor brown says failure to approve the cap and trade policy would be a failure. he wants to extend the program to the year 2030 from the scheduled expiration of 20206. 9 it requires polluters to pay to offset their emissions. some environmentalists like the handful that protested at the state capital today say the trade package is not aggressive enough, gives local air districts too little control and is essentially a gift.
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>> we live right next to the refinery. we live next to oil drilling. we know that this bill is not going to support our community, and it's going to keep endangering our lives. >> reporter: other opponents worry about increased cost to the middle class, for example with gas prices or higher utility bills, concerns the governor has dismissed. >> i think we should balance, not easy. >> reporter: and he has supporters. more than 100 organizations, businesses and nonprofits signed onto a letter today urging passage. now the author of the pollution cleanup portion of the package says cap and trade will help alleviate health problems. >> identifying where the pollution comes, creating real neighborhood plans, retrofitting some of the worst polluters to the cleanest technology that we have today. >> reporter: well, the senate passed that package on a vote of 27-13 just a short time ago. it is now before the assembly,
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and, again, passage requires a two-thirds majority to pass. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> carolyn, thanks so much. all right, time to turn to our weather and hopefully continued cool down. >> yes. another scorcher today. >> we didn't have triple digits today as we did yesterday. lots of locations yesterday were 105, 106. today, just 90s. anybody can take 9d 9d 9d 9d 9dd we have some fog returning to the coastline later tonight. check out the 24-hour temperature change. it is 19 degrees cooler in santa rosa than it was yesterday. and many areas are 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. this is the view looking northward. you can see a hint of haze building near the golden gate,
6:20 pm
but certainly no marine layer yet. 65 in san francisco. 74 in mountain view. 94 gilroy and 63 at half moon bay. and this is a view toward emeryville. once again, all is clear at the coast. 86 in santa rosa. napa, 83. fairfield, 85. livermore at 91. and here's the view from mt. tam, breezy at mt. tam, as you might have guessed. we will see fog expanding near the coastline overnight. cooling continues tomorrow and we'll have a seasonal range of temperatures through the maremainder of the week. overnight, look for fog at the coast and just a little bit trickling out over the bay. so early morning temperatures, about 55 degrees or so, 55-58 generally will be the range. and here's our forecast animation, starting at 7:00 this evening. it won't be until very late tonight that we'll see the expanding fog pushing out over
6:21 pm
the bay. there probably won't be enough fog to interfere with visibility for morning commuters, and there may be a spot of drizzle near the coastline. thought i should mention it. if i don't, somebody will tell me, you didn't mention this. tomorrow's highs will range from low 60s at the coast, to low to mid 70s in the bay. witne wednesday it will get a little warmer inland. low 90s inland on wednesday and still warmer on thursday by a couple degrees, 92, 93 in the warmest inland spots and friday about the same before the weekend warmup comes. notice a rather steady range of temperatures through thursday, although a little bit of an increase on friday, and then a greater increase in temperatures will occur on saturday and sunday as inland highs rise to the mid to upper 90s but still shy of that triple digit mark, which makes me happy.
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coming up on jimmy kimmel live tonight. you can watch jimmy kimmel live after abc 7 news at 11:00. today the dow broke a three-day winning streak, but you didn't see frowning faces at the closing bell. no, those characters at the new york stock exchange are from the imoge movie to celebrate world imoge day. why is today world imoge day you may ask? because july 17 is the day that shows up on apple's calendar emoji. people are encouraged to use these characters. the official emoji awards mainad this person face palming as the world's best new emoji. and the lifetime achievement award went to the face with
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tears of joy. here are a few new starry-eyed and exploding head. one has a woman in a head scarf and another of a woman breast-feeding. the new class are decided by a uni code consortium that governs the new proposals. who knew? clipper cars can get you on to ferries, trains and buses and even a bike. >> plus the places you can only tap through plus. i'm michael finney with why it is so important to read the rules before buying an extended warranty. 7 on your side is coming up. kill somebody, there's no coming back from that. >> and tag along with some of the newest law
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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. we're getting a first look
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at new video of a fire burning in lake county. cal fire says the murphy fire began around 2:30 this afternoon. it scorched 40 acres so far. the fire is burning near highway 29, about three miles south of lower lake. cal fire says it's 50% contained. watch now as taking these people working who handle some of the hardest situation encountered in law enforcement. and today's training was about using one of the simplest tools available. experts say simply listening can de-escalate many situations before they ever become violent. >> alissa harrington takes us inside a new type of crisis intervention training in dublin. >> when you kill somebody, there's no coming back from that. >> reporter: he wants to show the public a different side of policing, crisis intervention team training, with an effort to improve relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. >> what people don't understand
6:31 pm
about the police in general, all of us are human. we have families, loved ones, spouses, children. none of us wants to kill somebody else. >> immigrants are welcome here! >> reporter: protesters played by sheriff's cadets held anti-trump signs. simulating real scenes that became violent when demonstrators and police clash. it mimics real-world scenarios, in this case a terrorist barricades himself in a home after shooting a police officer. it ends peacefully. this is the team leader of the crisis negotiating unit. >> we're working out there as a partnership to make your community safer, without having to use an s.w.a.t. team, without having to charge into your door and resolve this with this some ki kind of violence. >> reporter: he says in a tense situation, the best thing officers can do is listen.
6:32 pm
new developments on the president's travel ban. today the state department clarified who's exempt from the ban when traveling from the middle east and africa. people who can prove they have close relatives can come in, that includes grandparents, nieces and nephews and cousins. president trump has declared this week "made in america" week. >> we want to build, create and grow more products in our country, using american labor, american goods and american grit. >> the campaign promotes buying american goods. president trump says business should invest more in state-side manufacturing. he said purchasing american goods keeps profits, revenue and jobs in the u.s. president trump's approval rating is in a historic low. just 36 people of peop% of% of%
6:33 pm
that's the lowest six-month rating since polling started. among republicans, it's 82%. but just 11% of democrats approve. >> theis divide is important. it used to be about 40 points between the in party and the out party. now it's 70 points plus. that makes it a very difficult process for either side to get anything done as divided as we are. >> the president's twitter habit doesn't seem to be helping, 60% of those polled say they don't like his use of twitter. 65% call it insulting. it appears the republicans' latest health care bill does not have the support it needs to pass. just a short time ago, mike lee announced opposition. that follows a vote delay because gop senator john mccain is out recovering from surgery. the party needs every gop vote it can get.
6:34 pm
>> we hope john mccain gets better very soon. because we miss him. he's a crusty voice in washington. plus, we need his vote. >> republicans need 50 votes for passage. they control the senate by 52-48 margin. back here, just like fast track lanes on the bay area's bridges, bart is testing a special station entrance for people with clipper cards. jonathan blume explains how it went on its first day. >> reporter: to the brink flow of passengers who know exactly where they're going, add a steady trickle of those who look really confused. if you're used to getting on bart with one of these, just make sure you don't take it to this newly reopened entrance to the downtown barclay station. what do you think about that? >> inconvenient, but i've got to go right there. >> reporter: in a new pilot
6:35 pm
program, bart's made this entrance for clipper cards only. for the reusable card you don't take out of your wallet. >> the technology's easier to maintain, it allows people to move in and out of stations quicker. >> reporter: some say they've been meaning to switch. >> just haven't gotten around to it. >> reporter: for others -- where would one get a clipper card? >> i honestly don't know. >> reporter: soon you'll find machines near this entrance. and hopefully by the end of this year there will be a clipper vending machine in each station. one reason the gates aren't getting a lot of traffic is that people don't know they're here yet. this entrance has been closed for decades, but it could be getting a lot more popular. >> i think it will get more use once the rotunda goes down. >> it looks cool, like the preview pictures. it looks nice. >> reporter: until then, clipper card users can have a shorter walk. and if that's not enough, come january 1st, paper tickets will
6:36 pm
cost more, 50 cents more. >> i hope it gets them thinking to whether they need to move to clipper. >> reporter: bart says a paper jam is the lalast thing you nee. jonathan blume. abc 7 news. sometimes a baby can't wait to get to the hospital to be born. >> this one couldn't wait for a uber driver to get there. hear how mom, dad, the driver and baby are doing now. and a look outside at our mt. tam camera. the weather will be cooler tomorrow and spenc
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a uber driver's last drive of the night turned out to be the first-ever ride for a newborn baby. >> yeah. the baby was born during the ride. annabelle munoz has the story about mom, dad and the driver. >> reporter: raymond taez decided to pick up his last uber customer of the night. when he realized erica davideovich was going into labor. >> she started screaming, saying my water broke. and usually for our other three
6:40 pm
girls, water breaks, it's like still another six, seven, 12 hours. >> reporter: but erica and her husband didn't even make it to the hospital this time. >> oh, my god. >> i looked down, and the head was coming out. and i didn't know exactly what to do. i was fairly certain you're not supposed to, you know, just let the baby fall, so i caught him. >> i started talking to the operator, giving the location and everything's going so quickly, and within like 30 seconds or a minute from the water breaking, her baby just comes out. the baby just wanted to come to this earth really quickly, i don't know. >> reporter: emergency responders arrived on the scene shortly afterrd what. taez has been driving for uber since november. >> this kills the list. this will always be number one. >> reporter: he opted for uber because it was jewish sabbath. >> the reason i got the car is because it's better than me
6:41 pm
driving, i'm violating less shabat restrictions rather than turning the car on, because turning on the car requires turning on the fire, that's a very serious shabat violation. >> reporter: he's grateful taez was the driver. >> a lot of people in his position would have been less calm and less accommodating, and he was really, really great. he took great care of us. >> reporter: annabelle municioz abc 7 news. a driver deserves a big tip. for one day only, uber will match tips. uber also plans to pay drivers for time spent waiting for late riders, and the company will offer to help pay for insurance. the changes are aimed to address unhappiness among drivers and will be implemented in the next six months. coming up next, 7 on your side helps out a man who tried
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from chase. so you can. well, getting someone to admit a mistake is not easy. finding a way to fix that
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mistake can be even harder. >> that's what one bay area resident found out, so he turned to michael finney for help. >> a concord man purchased a ser industri advice from a national retailer which later admitted it never should have sold him. that was half of his concern. he takes us into the laundry room of his fourplex in concord. recently the washer and drier stopped working. >> the sensors were out on it. and the coin thing was jammed on both of these machines. >> layer >> larry wasn't worried ma. he purchased an extended warranty, but they promptly told him that they don't sell warranties on commercial units. >> they told me they shouldn't have sold me the warranty, he can't do anything for me. >> the extended protection plan is intended for home use, not
6:46 pm
for a commercial setting. once we learned he purchased it, we refunded the amount he paid. he said he would not have purchased the washer/drier without that warranty. lowe's declined. 7 on your side got involved and it changed. >> within a week i got a notice back they wanted to help me. >> reporter: lowe's agreed to refund him the cost of the warranty and half the cost of the washer/drier. he said it was a fair compromise. we understand from talking with him that we've resolved his concerns. the washer and drier units are now both working. >> the response time has been excellent, and they knew exactly who to get me in touch with, within a week or so. >> reporter: i have a link to lowe's extended protection plan on our website at abc 7 look for 7 on your side.
6:47 pm
i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is open weekdays, 10:00 to 2:00. you can also reach me through my facebook page and on abc 7 >> spring into action. starting tomorrow, cal train will close the north parking lot at the san carlos station permanently. a new parking lot will open south of the station. this is because of construction of the san carlos village built between the tracks and el camino rial. it will include 200 apartment units as well as a pool, fitness center and outdoor plaza. you want to be a warriors dancer? auditions are less than a month away. the warriors dance team released this video showing prior auditions and the current team in action. the whole audition process takes about a week and will start on august 12th.
6:48 pm
20 women make up the current warriors dance team. it is highly coveted and highly competitive. the bay area is a beautiful place. take a look. brian took this gorgeous picture of the golden gate bridge at sunset. >> that's just glowing, isn't it? beautiful. spencer's back with an update on the forecast. >> that was literally a golden gate, wasn't it? . we have golden sunshine. we expect to see low clouds and fog over night. and we'll see temperatures dropping into the mid to upper 50s. it's not going to be very cool overnight but a cooler day tomorrow than today. and highs ranging from low 60s at the coast to70s around the bay and a few mid and upper 80s inland. the middle of the week will bring us a fairly steady weather pattern with not much change in
6:49 pm
the temperature range. maybe up to 90 degrees, but over the weekend we'll have a bit of a warmup. we'll see highs around 80 near the bay and low to mid-60s on the coast. no extremes, no more triple digits for a while. >> good. all right, it's time to turn to supports. >> a little football to talk about. >> you know people want to talk football 365. it is the sport. the niners, they may have secured their quarterback of future without lifting a finger, because the
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
good evening. the 49ers may have just secured their quarterback of future, because a deadline came and went today and the redskins could not sign kirk cousins to a long extension, which means it may be a matter of time before he's reunited with kyle shanahan. he's been a good quarterback for washington, not great. and the redskins have been reluctant to pay him big, long-term dollars. problem is they've used the franchise tag on him twice, so his salary's going to be $24 million. he will be a free agent after this year, which means brian
6:53 pm
hoyer who happened to be at espn today knows he'll probably be a one-year placeholder. how do you respond to the speculation of kirk cousins being related to the job that you know? >> it's good to see two spartans getting paid. this is 2017. kirk's going to be in wraush. i'm going to be in san francisco. that's really all you can worry about. you can control what you can control and do the best that you can. that's the one thing of this tu tumultuous career. >> here are the stop quarterback salaries, derek carr topping the list at 25 million, with cousins not far behind, number five overall. training camp is opening in five days, and the panthers fired their general manager, dave getleman. he has not been popular.
6:54 pm
steve smith senior, among the stars who exited. williams sent out a tweet indicating he'd be willing to return to the panthers now that the quote, "snake" had been fired. while the a's continued the selloff, pittsburg's francisco cervelli, and a crash right into vogt. he got rocked. and left the feield, currently being evaluated for neck and knee strains. the ghost is about to disappear from the ring, rg, rg, rg, rg, , retiring. capturing titles in four divisions. he finishes with a record of 33-6-1. the ghost really gave every ounce that he had. known for his stamina, would often throw 100 punches per
6:55 pm
round. guerrero tweeted his retirement, thanking the fans, saying i hope you appreciated the guts and glor he glory i left in the ring. fc barcelona presented with a neymar jersey. now to italy for the royal ultra sky marathon. two and a half-mile vertical climb. over 270 athletes reached elevations of close to two miles up. nepal won it. chase tag or you're it as they call it across the pond.
6:56 pm
this is the london chase-off, and these guys are all core athletes. they call themselves black list super hunters, look at these guys flying over tables and over bars. the competition allows viewers to vote on the best chase with athletes receiving 250 pound sterling, that's about $325 each. looks like fun. until you get caught. >> yeah. true. >> by the way, a rare thing tonight. both the giants and a's are both home, giants against the indians and the a's against the rays. it doesn't happen often, but enjoy baseball on both sides of the bay. join us tonight at 9:00 on channel 13. why the administration's "america first" policy will now have to include foreign workers. and a movie location scout was shot and killed on top of twin peaks. the new security in place tonight at the popular tourist
6:57 pm
destination. coming up tonight at 8:00. it's two hours of "the bachelorette," followed by battle of the network stars at 10:00. stay with us for abc 7 news at is 1:00. >> at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news, we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- an analytics director from san antonio, texas... an educator from cleveland, ohio... and our returning champion, a writer and editor from seattle, washington... ...whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome, everyone, to the start of another week here on "jeopardy!" an excellent champion in gavin. and two excellent challengers in deborah and graydon.
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we're about to find out how good you are. here we go into the first round. categories are... sounds like fun. don't know. ah. little bit of everything in... and finally... and, gavin, your choice. schools for $200, please. graydon. what is ridgemont high? correct. schools for $400. graydon. what is "animal house"? yes. schools, $600. deborah. what is "buffy the vampire slayer"?


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