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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 18, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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breaking news, governor brown has declared a state of emergency due to a wildfire. officials have ordered evacuations. flames grew rapidly overnight. the city is covered by that evacuation order. officials are concerned the fire hay damage power lines into yosemite national park. so far one structure has been destroyed and over 15,000 acres have burned. the fire is only 5% contained. we have a long way to go. i'm dan ashley. >> thank you for joining us. now to our other top stories. bart is telling us about another attack at one of its stations. three four teenagers attacked a passenger and made off with his phone and his laptop. the victim suffered cuts to his face. he told bart officials the attackers ran out of station and disappeared after that attack around 10:30 last the night. the victim of a mob attack is
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asking for the release of surveillance video capturing the young people who attacked him and his family. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live at the station tonight. >> reporter: bart installed new cameras in the car to either deter crime or capture it when it happens. now, with some crimes on the increase, the district is trying to decide when or whether to release that video. >> i'm here to encourage you to really take safety on bart seriously. >> reporter: rusty and his family were victims of a mob robbery at the coliseum bart station in april. a crime captured by the district new surveillance cameras. images he wants released to the public. >> it's my understanding as bart police and the algt si don't have a policy for releasing video. they knew all these cameras were coming online this summer. how can you not have a policy in place for something that's coming online? >> we don't want to jeopardize
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the prosecution of an individual who did something horrible to a victim or one of our riders. it's a balance. we'll be discussing it further here at bart as an organization. >> reporter: bart has seen an increase in one violent crime, rape. there's been seven so far. compared with four for all of last year. >> releasing the data can only help us identify the problem areas and develop solutions. >> we need more officers. >> reporter: 82% of the bart's 134 officers are on patrol. the chief says the system is still nearly 100 officers short of full staffing level. >> i'm looking at the entire system in terms of recruitment and hiring and seeing what question do to increase our efforts and hopefully drive that number up. >> reporter: bart safety committee will consider new policies around the release of surveillance video and crime data in general at its next meeting in august. laura anthony, abc 7 news.
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>> bart passengers say they thought they heard and saw an explosion this morning. turns out an insulator blue. it's something bart officials say happen often. witnesses were scared nonetheless. abc 7 news reporter has the story now from the station. >> reporter: ellen was on her way to work this morning when. >> all of a sudden, boom. >> reporter: just as the train doors were closing at the station. >> we saw a big flash of fire and a loud noise and smoke was everywhere. i thought it was a bomb. >> reporter: bart officials say this insulator blue. they keep electricity in the third rail. >> trains run over those rails. they can grinds off bits of dust that are mealic in nature. >> reporter: it makes them grayish as opposed to white in color. the dust conducts electricity. >> it will travel through that dust and then will cause the insulator to fail which creates
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a small explosion. >> reporter: as often as once every two months according to bart's crews dust off with compressed air. >> people were really scared. >> reporter: >> reporter: she was impressed by passengers helping one another including one woman who fell. she said she did not see bart police. >> if they do have bart at the stations, there should have been police there. >> reporter: bart officials confirm police were not at the station when the insulator blew. transportation supervisors informed bart police they were not needed afterwards. abc 7 news. san francisco police are looking at surveillance vid voe after a group of ten rowdy teenagers attacked and robbed a man on a muni bus. police say the group woorded a
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bus just aftera 27-year-old man. the man felt uneasy but the group blocked him. he was able to leave and boarded another bus. police say the suspects followed him, punched him several times and stole his cell phone. no arrests have been made. oakland police are releasing new details hoping to solve three murders. police say this silver dodge durango is the vehicle involved in homicides of lee weathersby and derek harris. a month later his brother, was riding in car with harris when they were shot and killed. investigators want to talk to anyone who has information on the vehicle that may have seen the victims or witnessed the shooting, perhaps. a $30,000 reward is being offered in the case. san francisco police are adding patrols in the twin peaks area following a deadly robbery there. abc 7 news was at the popular tourist attraction today. the extra police presence comes
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two days after well known filmf, was shot and killed for his camera. no arrests have been made in that case. the murder is the latest crime to rock between peaks. robbers have preyed on tourists and thieves have targeted parked cars. the use of deadly force was legal when san jose police shot and killed a murder suspect back in 2015. that was the decision from the santa clara district attorney's office today. they said officer jacob morris lawfully shot and killed richard in august of 2015. he was wanted for a robbery and murder at a business complex. the report states police were told he was armed and that he was trying to go into someone's home when he was shot. the d.a. also says he threatened to shoot it out with police. the report finds he was shot five times, three times in the back. he was not armed.
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happening now, the board of supervisors is talking about creating an office of cannibus. this would oversee the process to approve permits for the sale of marijuana to adults for recreational use that becomes legal across the state in january. >> reporter: think are still discussing creating this new office inside. one supervisor wants to move forward giving selling recreational pot will be lead in january. another wants to table the issue to make sure there's economic equity to make sure business owners tap into this profitable industry. bart's dispensary looks more like a high-tech coffee house. medical marijuana ordsers are placed by touch screens in keeping with the times. the shop is looking into selling recreational pot. to establish an office of cannibus. >> reporter: they are considering a new office to
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anticipate the demand. >> how are we going to manage that growth. what's the right number? what's the right amount for san francisco? >> reporter: those questions prompted supervisor to propose legislation to cap the number of dispensaries at three in san francisco's neighborhood. >> the idea that someone else is going to come in and other places and there's going to be this explosion, that's not going to happen. >> reporter: it will be left up to the office of cannibus to manage the process. it makes for existing dispensaries to get priority when it comes to recreational permits. >> they have been authorized by the planning department. the operators have had their backgrounds vetted. >> reporter: critics argue the new office may add more red tape with fees and legal hoops. supervisors say some of the fees are intended to fund the offices operating budget.
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the goal is to have a single point of contact to manage business owners questions, regulators question and potential public come lants. >> it's become a focus at the state capitol as california prepares for the legalization of recreational marijuana. foods and drinks were on display for lawmakers. they want to make sure all aspects are accounted for before sells begin january 1st. one bill seeks to make marijuana products less appealing to children. >> we want to make sure that our children are safe. kids get a hold of things. they get ahold of detergent pods. we want to be careful and caution in our roacapproach. >> the industry groups say they are supportive of legislation to protect children from accidental exposure but are concerned it may become overregulated in
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california. two uc berkeley students have been charged with felony vandalism following a recent gra f -- gra feffiti spree. officials haven't released a booking photo. the messages were spray painted on everything from fences to cars. the two 21-year-olds were scheduled to appear in alameda county court this morning. a lot more ahead. a bold break in at a penin electronics store. bandits coming in through the roof. employees are thanking police. southern california sun glass heist. most thieves try to hide from the camera, but not this person. snorers, we all know one. what can you do to silence all
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boelld burglars go into through the roof. deputies have recovered tens of thousands of dollars of stolen stuff. we have the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: from sky 7, you can see how burglars got into a verizon store. >> cutting a hole in the roof and dropping down and using power tools to break into an inventory room. >> reporter: yesterday morning two men found a way to disable the alarm, the surveillance camera and the i.t. wiring before making you have with 189
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devices. close to $140,000 worth of merchandise. >> they were able to disable the surveillance system, disable the alarm. definitely some prior knowledge, some planning. that will be part of the investigation to look at their history and see where they came from. >> reporter: they didn't get far. sheriff's deputies found them pulled off to the side of the road just ten minute a awi with apple device always over their backseat. this picture shows all the items recovered. 40-year-old tan van nguyen of san jose is being held at the county jail. deputies are not sharing a photo of the other suspect, 38-year-old mark tran of american connon because he's bailed out. >> anything can happen. there's crazy people out there willing to go to depths to get what they want. >> reporter: neighbors were surprised by the burglary. >> normally i feel pretty safe and walking around the neighborhood. now i have to be careful. >> reporter: an uneasy feeling
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in a typically quiet part of town. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. los angeles police called it something out of movie oceans 11. a robber thought he got away unnoticed after blinding folding security cameras. you're looking at surveillance video captured inside a sun glass hut in the san fernando valley. the person threatened a person with a knife. he grabbed a ladder from a storage room to spray paint over the camera lenses. >> it happened when the mall was opening so i'm guessing maybe he wasn't too concerned about a lot of people walking by. >> even though the store's cameras faded to black, a million security camera captured this image as the person made off with $10,000 worth of sunglasses. >> clear shot there. apple was granted a patent to help iphone users call 911 with just a finger prin
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it was filed back in 2013 but just published today. iphone users can call 911 through the lock screen but with this new feature they could appear to be complying with an attacker. the phone could look for a sequence or applied pressure to trigger the emergency call. when activated the phone would send the location to first responders immediately. do you snore or know someone who does? >> michael finney partnered up with consumer reports with tips to help silence some of that noise. >> it can be loud. if you're one of the 37 million american who is snore, you'll want to keep watching this report. snoring can be a warning sign of a potentially life threatening condition. here's some important advice on how to stop snoring and when to get a doctor involved. are these noises wreaking havoc on your life? snoring can be benign or signal
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a real medical issue. at bothersome noise happens when the airway is partially blocked thanks to nasal congestion, enlarged tonsils, floppy or alcohol. what can you do? >> the nasal strips don't always work. >> reporter: easing a stuffy nose. elevating your head and sleeping on your side. avoiding alcohol four hours before bed. quit smoking and yes, also losing weight. >> if these steps don't work, it's probably time to call a doctor who can test you for obstructive sleep apnea or osa. >> reporter: it occurs when something or completely blocks your airways. it affects 34% of men and 19% of women who snore regularly and can heighten the risk of
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cardiovascular disease and hyper tension. an oral appliance like this can help keep the airway open or your doctor might prescribe continuous airway pressure or c-pap treatment. let your partner get a good night's sleep. surgery may be the only other option. ask your doctor about procedures that can open up the airway and help you stop snoring. >> all right. it's a problem for a lot of folks. thanks very much. this fall we'll have more flight options out of bay area. the frontier airline will begin operating flights there in october. the discount airliner is offering introductory flights of
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$29. they praised the addition. >> we're excited about the new business and leisure travel connections that people will have more choices. >> with the addition of frontier, a total of 16 airlines operate at san jose airport. you know the expression trains leaving the station in the livermore, a train station left the station. you're looking at video showing the historic train depot being moved early sunday morning. it stood on south l street since 1872. workers cut the building into two pieces to fit along the street. utility crews moved lights out of the way. work will now begin to make the depot the centerpiece of a new transit center a half mile away on railroad avenue. it was nice to have our
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natural ac back. if you're stepping out tonight it's still mild. inland in the 80s. 50s along the coastline. the fog is in at 9:00 p.m. as well. inland areas still pretty comfortab comfortable. as we check out live doppler 7 you'll notice there's some fog near the coastline. you're still seeing some sun in many parts of the bay area. that will change as we sbheed the overnight hours. wind is coming in out of west gusting to 20 miles an hour in san carlos. this wind direction has helped to drop our temperatures and it is noticeable inland. down 14 degrees in fair field and livermore today. here is a live picture from our east bay hills camera. the sun is shining. the sky is hazy. 62 in san francisco. you're looking at blue skies from our san jose camera right now. 81 in san to rosa.
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you really can feel the difference today. our warmest spots are places like antioch. this is more of what you'll see in the morning. near average temperatures through friday. it is getting hotter inland this upcoming weekend. hour by hour forecast, 7:00 tonight, beaches are socked in. you go into tomorrow morning and the commute will include fog around the east bay as well. the commute time, you might need a little more time to get to where you need to go. it is going to be nice weather. a little bit of fog will linger right now the coast. inland areas will be seeing plenty of sun. tomorrow afternoon you're looking at a warm day inland. the sun will be shining there along the coastline. temperatures will be in the 60s for your wednesday afternoon. i want to turn your attention quickly to the pacific where we do have a couple of systems, if you're heading to hawaii, you'll
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want to keep an eye on tropical storm greg and also hurricane fernandi. both will move across the pa sirv pacific ocean and weaken. there's the potential they will see heavy rain and some high surf during that time period. good idea to download the accuweather app. you can check out the temperatures hour by hour, minute by minute. it's going to be a mild to warm wednesday. low 60s to low 90s. similar range of temperatures thursday, friday and then the heat is on. for the weekend mid to upper 90s inland. low to mid-60s coast side. temperatures will remain in the mid-90s range sunday through tuesday. the comforting thing is the fog will keep you comfortable near the coast with low 60s. very good. thanks. >> imagine being told 20 million mosquitos were being let out in your neighborhood. next the california city that thinks this onslaught is a good
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thing and what google has to do with it all. a rude welcome for a new bike sharing service in the east bay. a bunch of tires were slashed. a bunch of tires were slashed. find out why operators are not ♪ mom. ♪ ♪ where all the walls echo with laughter ♪ ♪ and every room has its own chapter ♪ you've carried on your family's tradition. let us help you prepare for your family's future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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on friday, google will release 20,000 mosquitos. they are conducting an experiment to target a mosquito breed that carries viruses like zika. males will be released to meat with wild females and create nonhatching dead eggs. researchers believe that will cut the mosquito population. males don't bite so the people don't have to worry about extra itching. at&t park became a field of dreams today for dozens of lucky
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kids. they were on the field for a youth baseball camp hosted by the giants and bank of america. they got to hang out with giants like rich murray and vita blue. they got a tip of what it's like to play in a big league ballpark. >> we did a lot of drills and ad batting and running back and forth and throwing the ball. >> i like batting on the field of the giants, in the giants stadium. getting to meet legends and having fun. >> the kids got a tour of the at&t park and perhaps big league dreams to last a lifetime. it was a glaet dreat day for th. baseball is the subject of an exhibit at san francisco city hall called fantasy life. the photos were taken by the former mtv news reporter turned photographer. it examines the connection between baseball and the american dream. she's been taking the photos
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back in 2002 as she followed oakland a's minor leaguers. it was made into a major motion picture. next at 5:00, it's root beer float
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the chaos surrounding alemda
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county courthouse. people are having a difficult time getting there, but that's not the only problem. : the heating debate under way in marin county. good times at netflix. we'll explain why the stocks soared today even though the company isn't making a profit. something sweet is brewing right now at the oakland coliseum. >> the oakland a's are hosting their 18th annual root beer float day. check out who is there. mike nico. >> spencer christian is about to get there as well. for $5 fans can chug down all the floats they can handle. >> it's raised more than $486,000 since it started back in 2003. fun. world news tonight is next. >> we appreciate your time. hope to see you again at 6:00.
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tonight, breaking developments as we come on the air. this evening an angry president trump answering our correspondent's questions after the health care bill was dealt a fatal blow, and the new move tonight. a vote to repeal obamacare, and worry later about a fix. what this would mean for millions of americans and their health coverage. major new developments tonight. the bride-to-be shot by police. she had just called 911 for help. why were the police bodycams not on? and tonight, the new audio right here. you will hear the desperate calls about cpr from the patrol car. the mysterious death of a newborn baby just 18 days old. the mother and father with their own warning tonight and what doctors are now saying. breaking developments. images coming in from the scene. the boy killed during boating safety instructions. and the economy and your money tonight.


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