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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 21, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the terror group isis. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> thank you for joining us. the abc 7 news learned last night prosecutors were about to charge amir, the 22-year-old lived in west oakland. >> the feds say he was active online promoting isis rhetoric. >> reporter: federal agents tracked him for months keeping surveillance on him. they arrested him in november and he's been in custody ever since. amir lived in this west oakland home. fbi agents of the joint terrorism task force took him into custody last november after watching him accept merchandise they say he purchased with a stolen credit card. the terrorism charges were just unsealed today. court records from december reveal startling details about the case. federal investigators say he spent significant lengths of time in yemen.
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he met with undercover agents on multiple occasions to plan a poernl terrorist attack and made statements about threeing to mexico. in just the last hour he received this statement from his lawyer. he's not anti-american.anti-ame. he's completely non-violent and took no actions to harm anyone. >> reporter: his family also released a statement late this afternoon. they say he was young when he got into those online conversations, imma chur and don't believe he intended any harm. his next appearance has not been scheduled. >> thank you. richmond's mayor is demanding answers after he witnessed teens beat up a man
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outside a bart station. >> richmond police are taking over. >> reporter: we're here in oakland because we just got done talking to bart police about security concerns. they mentioned that the victim in this latest instance was not rocked unlike some others we had seen. we want to be really clear here. even though bart police got the initial call and responded, they say this was not in their jurisdiction. >> reporter: richmond mayor snapped this picture. he said the man was bleeding % after a group of teenagers attacked him outside the richmond bart station. >> i got closer screening. he says there were no bart police officers on the scene.
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he also took this picture of two bart employees. >> i was astounded that they didn't try to get out and help. >> if employees were maintenance workers so they have no law enforcement training. what we would ask them to do is be a good witness. >> everybody has a primary job but their secondary job needs to be what is at the time to make the system work. >> reporter: given the proximity to the bart station, witnesses want to know where bart police officers were when it happened. >> as much stuff that goes around around here, they are never here when something is going on. they're always hereafter wards. >> reporter: each bart police officer is assigned a beat that includes two to three stations. >> there's no way we can guarantee that every passenger will be able to see a police officer during their trip. >> reporter: if you see a crime at a bart station, what should
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you do? bart police say take this number and save it. 510-464-7000. it's at the bottom of your screen. we'll put it on our website as well. that's number that will take you to bart dispatch. you won't have to be transferred. you'll be right there with the bart dispatchers for bart police. the app that you have available on your phone is also a good option but the deputy chief says the difference with calling that dispatch number is if a situation is unfolding in front of you you'll be able to keep talking to the operator about it. grand jury found peterson illegally spent campaign money on personal items and lied about it. the county board of supervisors will select who is the most
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qualified candidate. they will serve the remainder of peter's term which expires in 2019. the windsor police department is asking for your help to identify the juvenile niles who vandalized the middle school. you can see several broken windows. it's reported they were seen breaking sping breaking sprinkler heads. you're asked to call windsor police. evacuees from the massive fire are starting to return home. the sheriff's office lifted mandatory evacuations. the fire is now more than 74,000 acres. it's 15% contained. 58 homes have burned to the ground. >> reporter: people are coming
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home to ash and rubble. >> i can't think, could i have grabbed a picture or two. i probably could have but i grabbed the kids. >> reporter: she only had four minutes. >> the living room. this would be my kitchen area, my dining room. >> reporter: now all that remains, the home's foundation. >> my worst fear is they wouldn't be aware there was going to be a house here because we live so far in. that was my worst fear. i think that's what happened is they didn't get here in time. >> reporter: people are making their way back but the unpredictable nature of the fire still looms. >> they can come in but need to make sure their bags are still packed. >> reporter: she has nothing the pack like the other 57 families who also lost everything. >> how long is this nightmare going to be that you're not going to have your home or a home. you're going to be displaced.
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what is going to be home to you or your kids? >> reporter: cal fire says this area is still under an advisement. evacuation orders could come down any moment. dan, an estimated 12,000 fans were expecting to see counting krous and match box 20 here at shoreline amphitheater. they ran sboon a progress. now the performance has been skredsed for tuesday evening. the team from concert promoter noticed a section here had collapsed yesterday. sky 7 flew overhead to give us
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lay of the land. at about 1:00 this afternoon the decision was made to postpone the concert until tuesday. they won't be able to come back on tuesday. you're just arriving thinking you're going to the concert. >> yeah, i didn't get anything from live nation saying it was cancelled. >> what are you going to do now? >> i can't go to the show because counting krocrows isn't playing on tuesday. >> that's what you want to see? >> no. >> they just put the cancellation.
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>> reporter: fans who can't make the tuesday concert can get a refund. otherwise they will be treated with a longer show by match box 20 since counting crows cannot appear on tuesday due to oolt commitment. they will be busy trying to repair the collapsed roadway so the trucks can off load for the band. they will have everything ready by tuesday evening. >> thank you. thousands of runners are getting ready for this 40th running of the san francisco marathon. abc 7 was at fort maison as some of the 27,000 racers picked up their bibs. abc mornings traffic anchor said that means major delays. >> reporter: it's going to be really tough to get around in your vehicle on sunday. a lot of closures with the san francisco marathon including the northbound side of the golden gate bridge. all lanes will be closed to
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vehicles till 9:00 a.m. we have the runners on the northbound side so a lot of folk will be slowing down. there will be onlooker delays. expect delays there. the course goes through by fisherman's warf. there's a day game. if you're heading to the game there will be detours in place. >> here is a look at the race route through the city in green. those roads will be closed sunday from 7:00 in the morning until noon. there are several places where traffic can cross this pink but expect significant delays. the south bay is gearing up to be soccer central this
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weekend. two of the world's top teams will face off sunday drawing fans from all over. chris nguyen has more on how local businesses stand to benefit during a typically quiet time of year. >> reporter: from sky 7 the pitch is in place at levi stadium. on the ground fans are grabbing their tickets at the box office. >> it's like the world is converging on this little city of santa clara but gives it that big city feel. we're definitely excited about it. the city of santa clara ready to play host to big crowds. >> there's so much to do and see in santa clara. when these out of town visitors come here, they will go off and explore the different visitor attractions and things. >> reporter: more than 60,000 ticket vs been sold for this weekend's match. san jose residents andrew robertson and his dad will be in the stands sunday. >> i've seen them play only on
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tv. >> reporter: santa clara is no stranger to hosting an icy match but what makes this special is the caliber of the team's playing. many of the hotels close to the stadium are at near capacity for saturday night. >> it's phenomenal to have that kind of attendance here by these two giant teams. >> reporter: limbed tickets are available for sunday's match. san francisco district attorney wants to force uber and lyft to follow the law. he's asking the superior court to compel to comply with subpoenas issued six weeks ago. they requested the turnover records on safety, disability access and their operation. so far nothing has been forts
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co -- forthcoming. >> we have to strike the right balance to make sure the public is benefitting from the service they are providing. we have much more ahead. food truck controversy in the east bay. the owner of the a popular taco spot says she's being forced to move and her business is tanking opinion. lost in the oregon wilderness for two days. an east bay woman is safe after a very scary ordeal. happy friday. you'll want to stick around. i have two get away for you coming up on finney's friday free stuff. also, a stow away kitten in the north bay. do you recognize this little guy. little prince george may not be smiling here but wait until
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a woman who has operated a taco truck for 18 years has been forced to move to a different location. as a result she says her business is taking a nose dive. >> reporter: she said she's parked her food truck here for 18 years now with no problems. suddenly, this year she says here along busy vineyard avenue she's been pressured to move out. things are humming full steam at lunchtime. this has been a hot spot for 18 years. she has many loyal customer who is are going to bat for her now
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that she's being forced to move. >> it's very, very sad. somebody who has worked hard for 18 years to build a business where her clients expect her to be she's being forced to locate who knows where. >> reporter: she said her truck was always pulled along the shoulder of the road on land owned by the city of pleasanton near the entrance of the wedding venue located on property owned by ruby hill winery. they complained to the city about the taco truck this year because increasing traffic volume meant patrons of the food truck were parking on the wineries private road. in some cases big rig trucks. the city said they were forcing her to move because her truck and patron's vehicles were obstructing traffic. no one from the city returned our call. >> she's been here for 18 years and they have been here for eight or nine years. she doesn't understand why they
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are doing it. now her truck is parked across the street in a dusty field. >> you moved your truck and what has happened to your business? >> reporter: she said it's down 75% this month so far. the ruby hill wine ri issued a statement saying we do not wish to see nelly's taco truck business harmed by this event. we feel the need to protect the safety of our property. albany residents is safe after this dramatic rescue by a coast guard helicopter in southern oregon. 40-year-old amy never met up with a friend after she was supposed to finish a hike on wednesday. searchers from several agencies searched the forest for her, located her yesterday. here a picture of a rock following her ordeal. she was hungry when searchers found her and except for a few scratches, she is fine. the money voters agreed to last november to finance road repairs will be put to use this month. repair crews will start work on
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13 new highway projects and 50 road repair projects. projects include state route 116. the money comes from an increase in state gas tax. the lake county sheriff's office released these pictures of what deputies recovered from a sophisticated marijuana concentrate lab. authorities were alerted to a strong pot smell from a storage unit on tuesday. inside the unit were father and son from illinois actively running the lab. deputies recovered several jars. the two men made bail on wednesday. a delivery truck taking supplies to the peninsula humane society had one surprise item on board. >> staffers were unloadi ining supplies, they found this kitten. no one knows how he made his way on to the truck or where.
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>> took about 15 minutes to captured this frightened little feline. hee is now microchip and staffers have named him palette. this official portrait of prince george has been released ahead of his fourth birthday. it captures a smiling fue ining king. his parents say they are delighted with the photo. the young prince has spent the run up to his birthday on a tour of poland and germany with his parents and his sister, princess charlotte. cute photo there. it's going to get hot inland. it's a little warmer today. it's going to be in mid-90s. saturday and sunday a little cooler next week.
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l most of you seeing clear skies like this from our south beach camry you're looking at a sunny screw over the bay and the temperatures today have made it up to low 60s to mid-90s range. you're in the 70s from oakland. a live look from our roof camera. we have just enough of breeze to keep you comfortable right near the coast. 86 in santa rosa. 91 in concord. a view of downtown oakland and it's a little hazy right now. hot inland this up coming weekend. comfortable near the coast. we are expecting gradual cooling next week, at least early next week. take a look at the hour by hour forecast. 7:00 there will be fog right along the coastline. fills in around the coast or by tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. you'll notice the fog near the beaches. as we head into the afternoon hours most of the fog will pull away. most of you will enjoy some sun with comfortable weather. temperatures in the 50s to low
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60s. whether it will get uncomfortable is our inland areas. south bay numbers, morgan hill, 87. mountain view, 64 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 72. daily city, 64. mild with a few patches of fog lingering and in the north bay up to 93 in santa rosa. 90 degrees in pittsburgh. 100 degrees in antioch. if you're taking part in marathon on sunday, the fog and sea breeze will be around. temperatures will be quite comfortable. mid to upper 50s for the race. it's looking like great weather for the upcoming race. you can download the app and track the temperatures.
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just a touch cooler inland. it will be your coolest day. >> thanks very much. all right. it's friday. that means it's almost time for finney's friday free stuff. >> that's right. michael has a give away for you. that's next. the west wing blind sided. the out rage the man in desperate need in water. they do not
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all right.
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we have finney's friday free stuff. >> okay. repeat after me. zoopa. >> noma. >> zoopa thrks it's a super food cold soup. this one is only 60 calories. >> wow. >> super food cold soup. >> it's pretty cool stuff. it's whole veggies. super food soup offer convenient, on the going snack. it comes in six different flavors. it's -- what can you say about this. >> i would totally try this. >> this is right up your alley. >> there's that. now that we have you eating healthy, let's get you thinking about working out. there you go. we have the san francisco marathon coming up. everyone can check out the
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marathon race expo until 7:00 p.m. tonight and then tomorrow again from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., you can experience running, health, nutrition. it's located at the festival pavlon at forest mason. there's some parking near there. on saturday there's a two and three quarter mile official shake out run. that's open to everyone if you want to try it out and the marathon is on sunday. >> neat. how do we get all this stuff? >> go onto your web page. look for finney's friday free stuff. zupa. >> thanks. coming up next, looks like coffee from the future but you can enjoy these brews right now in san francisco.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this july visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. coming up at 6:00, we were in court for a hearing for kate
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stinley. plus cleaner, quieter and coming soon. we're live with today's milestone that marks the start of a transformation for cal train and the peninsula commute. how to balance cost and convenience when looking for a dry cleern. michael finney says you don't have to sacrifice one for the other coming up in half an hour at 6:00. fiejly, a san francisco based company has a new way to batch brew coffee using a technology from the 1800s. >> it's called ground control. he uses vacuum power to brew the coffee. it dries the ground mid brew. >> a fresh cycle of water extract more flavor. it's percolating inside a coffee shop. it was inspired by an 180 invention that brewed coffee using a vacuum. world news tonight is nex >> we appreciate your time. >> see you again at 6:00.
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tonight, the white house shake-up. press secretary sean spicer is out. spicer, who famously sparred with reporters in defending the president, becoming instantly famous, suddenly resigns. who's in? and why was the west wing blindsided? the outrage tonight. the man in desperate need of help in the water. teenagers recording him from the shore. laughter as they do nothing. the man does not survive. the tornado touchdown in the northeast. now three confirmed tornadoes. the severe storm threat as we come on the air. just in tonight. the wife who tried to hire a hitman. the moment she cried for police. what she didn't know was, her husband was still alive. the decision from the judge moments ago. o.j. simpson tonight. where they've now moved him, and why. and, the pictures coming in. the rescue on the east river here in new yo


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