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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 22, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> a live look tonight from the golden gate bridge. just a few hours fom now runners will be filling that roadway and for the first time ever for security reasons north bound lanes will be closed. that's not the only closure to effect you around the city tomorrow. here's a look at the race route in green these roads be closed from 7:00 a.m. to noon tomorrow. the areas in pink show where traffic can cross when there is a break in the race. our reporter is live at the start of the race. the em babarcadero
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away from the marathon. for some die hards ultra marathon that starts at midnight in about an hour from now this area of san francisco will look a whole lot different as marathon weekend kicks off. >> on your mark get so and go. and month of your car before it gets towed. to clearet course for the 40th annual san francisco marathon. this year more runners than ever are expected to attend. >> this is the biggest san francisco marathon the first one in 77 had 500 now 2700 joining us across five events tomorrow. it's pretty incredible. >> even if you're not running, road closures will impact traffic. for the first time ever the golden gate bridge will close
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north bound lanes from 6:00 to 9:00 for security reasons. in europe drivers have hit people intentionally. >> safety is our number one priority and we're working tirelessly year round and up and through race day to do all we should in terms of preparing. >> before this race even starts organizers are already preparing for next year. >> and the marathon is sold out. but there are still plenty of ways to get involved tomorrow. of course watch these runners as they make their way through the city. they will go through our favorite landmarks. there's quite a few. and across the golden gate bridge keep those closures in mind if you plan to come to san francisco at all. >> so our meteorologist drew tuma is going to tell us all
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about tomorrow's running conditions. just a few hours this show ends you will be up to run this race don't many how you will do it. >> i will get like four hours sleep. fantasy event. the weather is really going to cooperate. by 5:00 in the morning many of us getting ready, temperatures holding in the mid 50s. get a few peaks of sunshine closer to the bay. by 11:00 will be mainly sunny. temperatures warming to 68 degrees. southwest wind will kick in 10 to 20 miles. that will help runners from the golden gate park to the embarcadero that will be a nice win on your back. tomorrow will be another warm to hot day. look at more numbers coming up in the accu weather forecast. thanks drew. another commuter hang up of this
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weekend a tough weekend routine for a while as muni closes to test trains. we were at muni's embarcadero those for the j and n, riders shared their displeasure. >> i'm happy but to be honest 30 days of this going on is going to be ridiculous. >> it's been a frustrating venture with the whole thing. >> you're now looking at some of the new trains being tested. muni wants to make sure they work properly. you could ride those new trains early as september. >> bottom leans forward in terms of reieblt. great passenger information
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systems. it's exciting. >> will close during evening after rush hour ends and on the weekends from now until mid-august. authorities today recovered the body of a missing boater who vanished earlier this week. that coming from his long time friend and owner of near by company. near where he was found tuesday, they found his boat floating empty. he was remembered as a colorful and well-liked member of the tight-knit community. tonight no foul play in the death of john heard where he was recovering from back surgery performed at stanford medical center. he is best known in "home alone" and sopranos" is 71 and survived
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by three children. oakland police two recent robberies of film crew are linked to one another. the first on monday and the second robbery happened yesterday. >> i pulled into the lot we were shooting and two armed men crawled under a hole in the fence that was hidden behind a homeless man's encampment and they chased after us basharian style. >> the thieves ran off after the crew's security guard drew his gun, they did make off with about $25,000 worth of gear. >> developing news from san jose where police are looking for the person who fired a shot at a dreyf drive-in movie theater tonight. no one was hurt. police found a gun casing but no victim or suspect. also tonight police in two east
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bay cities are investigating smash and grab car thefts. 51 cars were broken into. we have the story from brentwood. >> the crime spree spreaded when 17 cars with their passenger windows were smashed some time before 3:00 a.m. friday. james bennett found his truck and his daughter's camaro were hit. >> they smashed it open and opens this and this and this and they absolutely, you know, they absolutely ransacked every bit of it, okay, and when they couldn't find anything they just went to the next car and did the same thing. >> a desk clerk heard a car alarm and called police. >> unfortunately no sur vveillae at this hotel. across the way is auto supply
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store, police intend to look at that video. >> they get what cash they can get and then steal the car. >> california license place 4 jpk 560 was stolen from the hotel and driven to livermore. by 4:30 a.m. there were 911 calls about car alarms going off. >> we located 34 vehicles that had been burglarized. >> all 34 break in occurred in just 30 minutes prompting police to say they're look forge an out of town crew of 3 to 4 suspects. earlier this month, ransacked cars in interstate 690. >> if there's anything in view lock it up. >> embassy overnight. especially overnight. in brentwood.
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abc 7 news. >> tonight people fleeing a massive fire in maripos county get a look at their home for the first time. tonight a fire fighter that was dangerously close to southern california homes. plus, the panda is back. giants fans flock to the south bay to see a familiar face. also blue grass or nut cracker. north bay distillery is experimenting to produce the perfect whiskey. meet mr. handsome this 31
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the largest wild fire in california is starting to turn table containment up to 40% as cooler weather helped to contain some of those flames. the fire burned more than 75,000 acres and destroyed 60 homes. more evacuations were lifted today. we have the latest from fresno for a community meeting tonight. >> a lot of bottles of water and fans but the lack of air didn't bother the resident they were here for the community meeting to learn more about the devastating detwiler fire that stormed through their town. on this map areas in the clear and areas that need more work.
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>> suzanne says in her lifetime -- >> i lived here during the tele graph fire and that is huge, one forever the record books. >> so far the fast-moving blazer is more than 40% contained burned more than 75,000 acres leaving many people like this woman returning to nothing but rubble and debris where her home sat. the rage is responsible for destroying 60 homes and 63 other structures. cal fire unit chief says it could have been a lot worse if not for 500,000 gallons dropped in a day and space neighbors created. >> it was a very big help but fire burned up to their homes but because they had great defensible space the fires were able to lay down and firefighters could get in and knock that stuff down. >> more than 4400 firefighters
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have saved not only homes but also lives. >> without them come from all over the state, putting their lives on the line, saving our town, our homes, without that resource, we would not be standing here. >> roughly 3,000 firefighters are working overnight putting a control line around the area of the fire. abc 7 news. today flames came very close to homes in san bernardino county after a wild fire broke out in highland this afternoon. firefighters moved quickly on the ground and in the air and stopped the fire before it reached any structures. another fire broke out just a few miles away. firefighters were dealing with 90-degree heat as they fought those fires. investigators have not yet said what sparked the flames. a familiar face for giants fans tonight returned home.
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>> pablo sandoval. >> abc 7 news was at municipal stadium as fans cheered for pab pablo sandoval who batted for the giants team. one man calls himself a super fan of the panda and is willing to look past what happened few years back. >> it was a little bit of a rough exit, for sure. but let by gones be by gones and welcome back to the bay. he helped to bring three champions to the bay area. >> fans cheered when sandoval single he signed a minor league deal with the giants after being released by boston. a distiller is harnessing the power of music to determine whether it can make its whisk more flavorable. >> we've been experimenting for a while to see whether or not
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actual sound vague and ambiguib eventually the maturation of whiskey in a barrel. >> wow. ha is team owner marshall showing what he is doing with a batch of music-infused whiskey. each cask has a different genre including bluegrass, classical and even country. tonight a 31-pound stray cat. yes you heard that right. 31 pounds. is on his way to becoming an internet meet mr. handsome. appears his life on the streets have treated him very well. the right to adopt mr. hansen will be raffled off. he's my kind of cat. process pektsive adopters have until wednesday to submit an application. i love a good cat i can cuddle.
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i have three cats. i like mr. hansen. >> he will find a home quickly, adorable. mother nature will give another repeat performance tomorrow. warm to hot finish over the weekend. it's a quiet cover. any cloud situated around the north bay, santa rosa and well off the coast. showing you now the beautiful bay area. san francisco in the foreground. oakland in the back ground. great visibility from this vantage point. really rather warm night for many of us. san jose we are 12 degrees warmer right now than this time yesterday. 14 degrees warmer than concord. 15 degrees warmer in livermore. 80 in concord. 67 in santa rosa. san francisco down to 59 after an afternoon high in the mid 70s. and oakland in at 65 degrees.
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overnight a thin layer of cloud cover working over the coast and over parts of san francisco and themmeryville outside of that mainly clear skies, mid 50s to low 60s startsing tomorrow morning. watch time stamp corner of your screen. 9:00 in the morning. cloud cover already pulling back to the coast. warming inland into the 70s and 80s and by lunch time we have widespread 80s and low 90s. we're in store for well above normal day tomorrow. starting in the south bay. san jose up to 90. hot afternoon. 89 in santa clara. gill roy up to 70 degrees. 83 the high in palo alto. breezy along the coast. 63 afternoon high in half moon bay. afternoon sunshine will be warm.
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70 downtown. contrast that to 63 and breezy in daily city. 95 in clover dale. 86 in lyndsay rowlvallejo. -- 80 that number herculean. -- 95 livermore. 97 in fairfield. to the coast tomorrow, afternoon sunshine and a lot of cloud cover. rather cool beach day. temperatures only in the 60s ocean water at 70 degrees. if this is not your type of weather will you ally really like tuesday. showing 60s and 70s well below normal for this time of year. so as we plan the next seven days for you, it's hot tomorrow and then temperatures will fall monday into tuesday.
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nice for july and then we're going right back up by thursday and friday calling it a warm afternoon around here again. >> so warm afternoon but tomorrow when you start running at 5:00 a.m. i'm going to keep reminding you off. it will still be nice. good luck to you. >> thank you appreciate it. >> next at 11:00 sure he's a super athlete, sure he's won two
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oh, my god this is crazy! s. >> steph curry as you can see is in china tonight and for some reason attempting push ups on a clear glass floor hundreds of feet in the sky.
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as you saw only made it through three before rolling away. i do not blame him. that was scary. curry got a hero's welcome in beijing there for a week-long training camp to treat kids basketball and life skills. i've seen these sky glass floors and the swimming pool. >> it's not a normal push up. >> no. >> coming up we're not talking about a normal round of golf who shot the historic round, coming up. to keep our community safe. before you do any project big or small, pg&e will come out and mark your gas and electric lines so you don't hit them when you dig. call 811 before you dig, and make sure that you and your neighbors are safe.
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811 is available to any business our or homeownerfe. to make sure that you identify where your utilities are if you are gonna do any kind of excavation no matter how small or large before you dig, call 811. keep yourself safe. with one swing of the bat
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unleashed a giants celebration in a 12-inning marathon against the padres this is a cool way to hang out at the ball park. look out below. matt moore allowed four runs in six innings. top of the fourth. pitcher with a drive into triples. 2-1 score. giants answer in their half. nunez he tied it with a two-run score. we're knotted at 4-4. this goes to bonus bail. on second runner. long single scores the winning run giants win 5-4 in 12. a's in the big apple. first pitch of the game. leads off with a home run, his 13th in the season. oakland scores four runs off zach wheeler in the frame. and to the third. chad no doubt about it. 5-0.
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mets score 4 runs in the sixth. and then lucas duda ties with a base hit. so bottom nine. castro on the line. flores, flores, flores, got to say it, mets beat the a's 6-5. brandon gray shoots the lowest round with 62 in major championship history with 62. he and the rest of the field chasing jordan spieth trying to chase his own major history, 146th edition of the open at royal burke birkdale. shoots to shoot 4 under the only person to shoot a 62 in a major. as for jordan spieth, right here, number 3, nearly makes an eagle. matt kuchar in second.
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spieth shoots a 5 under 65. he is at 11 under par. three stroke as head of kuchar. he's in the lead. austin conley and u.s. open channel tied at five under par. grace tell me more. >> i was concentrating getting myself back into this tournament and giving myself a chance tomorrow. >> i wouldn't rather be in any other position than where we are at. we have an opportunity to have a really special day on the golf course tomorrow. i'm excited about it. >> jordan spieth five days away from his 21stth birthday looking pever to win three legs of the r grand slam.
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you've carried on your family's tradition. let us help you prepare for your family's future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. good evening i'm kate larson. in tonight's headlines, a rash of car break ins victimize dozens of drivers in two east bay communities, 17 cars broken into in brentwood. a car stolen in that lot and found in livermore where the burglar smashed windows on 34 more cars in one naked. the system more cars in one neighborhood. tomorrow's marathon 27,000 have signed up. the north bound lane it's of the
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golden gate bridge will be closed out of security certains muni metro riders will face delays because of closures on the embarcadero and rail card stations. bus shuttles though are being provided switching to politics. president trump trying to shift the attention back on to his agenda tonight after a big shake up in his communications team and volley of tweets into the media. we have the latest. >> may god bless and guide this warship and all who shall sail in her. >> president trump sailing ahead with his message to rebuild our nation's military with the commissioning of the aircraft carrier u.s.s. joe ford as he tried to right the ship among he
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staff, naming new director anthony scaramucci who once called him a hack. >> i personally apologize for the 50th time. i love the president. >> and thanking the former white house press secretary sean spicer saying sean spicer is a wonderful person who took tremendous abuse from the fake news media but his message is bright. another bomb shell report saying u.s. intelligence intercepted phone calls from the russian ambassador last year reporting discussions with jeff sessions about the campaign, sessions defend denied these talks took place. trump's reaction quote these illegal leaks like comey's must stop. days ago president expressed his
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frustration at session's decisions to recuse himself had he known would have pick the someone else to be attorney general. >> he's not afraid to throw loyalists under the bus. >> abc 7 news new york. apple users, check your phones, tablets and computers because you could be at risk getting hacked. there's a new software update for iphones, allows users to take over your device. can go to setting, general and select software update. i got to do that tonight. and google has already faced a similar problem for android users a utah man thanking two sam air at ins for saving his life after was s attacked him.
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his kayak bumped a a a a a a a a capsized his kayak to protect himself but the wasp swarmed the utah man and stinging him several times. he didn't know he was allergic to wasp stings so he went into shock and stopped breathing. >> kids were like daddy breathe, breathe, because we had to get him to breathe. >> really scary. fortunately two women near by grabbed the brought him to shore, he recover from that scary attack. residents together patrol their neighborhood streets on the look out for scorpions, this neighborhood group in surprise arizona armed with spider spray and black lights.
11:41 pm
the nightly routine could take out anywhere from 30 to 300 scorpions a night. volunteers are pretty coordinated mapping areas that needed to be tended to for extermination. >> i realized how many people were having a large problem and we thought something has to be done so why not us. >> why not. >> the nightly routine has turned into good exercise another plus. some species can inflict fatal stings. the wife of a michigan police officer is turning her local departments old uniforms into toys to help children cope with traumatic situation. she's busy stitching old dress shirts and pants from the city police department making them into teddy bears. officers take the bears on
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patrol and hand them out to kids who they encounter during their calls. >> in times of critical incidents, children can become very upset and get the view the police are against them and we want to make sure they know the police are there to help. >> this all started when the department asked officers to come up with a creative way to recycle their old uniforms. . next at 11:00, cracking down on impaired driving. we get closer to legal recreation marijuana. a bay area company has solution. and new addition to the sky could be a new world record. >> no record today but it was warm to hot to start the
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ strummed guitar travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer.
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canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. sa bay area company says it has
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successfully measured marijuana impairment in drivers. as california prepares to legalize the sale of marijuana the test could provide law enforcement with a much-needed tool to identify people driving while stoned. we have more about what they have found. >>. >> at sobriety check points police are looking for driver who's may be impaired. >> marijuana has become just as strong if not stronger as a problem with driving as alcohol. >> san francisco police estimate one in four drivers are stopped for driving under the influence is stoned. identifying them takes a field sobriety test. oakland base town labs wants to make it easy to work on a breathalyzer for pot to measure thc on a person's breath. this video on a closed course at the old air station. they got people stoned and then
11:47 pm
put them through obstacle course of common road side hazard zbrz the whole point of the test was to show what happens when you get impaired. >> drivers navigated the course sobriety earnhardt then sober and then smoked and did the course again up to 65 miles. >> when they were stoned even low thc they all made major error that's would have likely resulted in a fat at. >> they plan more driving tests soon. expect to make their breathalyzer available by the end of the year in time for the state's new recreation pot laws. abc 7 news. >> thank you carolyn. well look at this amazing sight in northeastern france. 433 hot air balloons were
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launched as part of this air balloon festival in france. the balloons are meant to help set a world record for most balloons launched all at once. it has taken place annually since 1989. very cool. the weather looked perfect there. i know we have a beautiful day in store for tomorrow. fortunately for cool weather for the mayor beginning of the day. >> going to love tomorrow afternoon. the marathon forecast looking good. lots of clouds. mid 50s will warm up quickly by 11:00 in the morning at 68 degrees. highs across the region warm to hot. hottest spot getting close to the century mark. hot tomorrow. cooling off through tuesday and bouncing up through friday. minor cool one week from today. >> sounds good. thanks so much drew we have a look at our sports. >> talking baseball, golf and
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little basketball. former stanford cardinal shines in the wnba all-star game and a panda sighting
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abc sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> pablo sandoval said my bad and the giants believe him and they believe he has game he signed a minor league contract with giants today went 1 for 4 i san jose tonight. check out those unis he made ways with his parting shots guys his former teammates when leaving for boston. today he apologized for those comments and wished he redesigned with the organization two years ago and is looking forward to working back to the giants dugout.
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>> i've moving forward to do my best. give me another chance. i'm here to show them that i'm ready. i'm back here showing what i can do. >> the giants taking on the padres this afternoon. look at that. looks like fun. but you got to stay on it. matt moore allowed four runs in six innings. top of the fourth, two runs score. san diego takes the 4-1 lead. the giants answer in their half of the frame. eduardo nunez two out single. two runs score. knotted at 4-4. bottom 12. nick hundley with the winning run and giants 5-4 in 12 innings. the a's trying to take a bite out of the big apple. first one of the game. matt joyce lead off home run his
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13th of the season. oakland scores four runs off zach wheeler in the opening frame. and in the third. matt chapman leavering the yard. the mets score four runs in the sixth. then in the eighth, lucas duda ties it with a base hit, makes it 5-5. bottom nine now. flores says see you later, his second career walk off homester, mets six unanswered runs they win it 6-5. to the pitch. semifinals usa taking on costa rica. clint democrapsey comes in the second half and u.s.a. leads 1-0. then u.s. men's national team scoring record tied with his 57th career goal that come on a free kick. u.s.a. advances to the gold cup final 2-0 the score.
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wnba all-star game. top scorer with 23, five three pointers, was named the game's mvp. jones with 24 points for the east including this dunk late in the game, look at that, throwing it down burks the west all-stars would win it 130 to 121. style and grace highlighted around for the age it's golf's third major of the year the open champion, 146th competition at the royal birkdale. only person in major history shot 62. as for the style. how about this. jordan spieth neither makes an eagle on number 3. k kucha of r is second at eight
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under. spieth 5 under 65, with a byrd on 18. gallinari g get in the hole. conollie tied for third eleven under. spieth asked about going into sunday with the lead. >> it's a little tougher to sleep. but i've been fine recently. i expect to be. if not can sleep during the day tomorrow. we don't tee off until pretty late but i wouldn't rather be in any orange position. any other position. now to the bike races. chris froome well on his way to third consecutive tour title fourth overall. was riding so fast nearly caught the rider in front of him with a 54 second lead. the race finale through paris is on sunday. that is a look at sports. >> and back to pablo. he seems humbled by this experience. >> he didn't play well.
11:57 pm
wasn't all that healthy in boston but didn't play well and now he has a chance to get it going again. >> hopefully the team maybe will all come back together. >> needs all the help he can get. >> right fingers crossed. that's it for puck. abc news continues tomorrow at 5:00. thanks so much for joining us. hope you have a great weekend.
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