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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  July 23, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> the south beach transformed into soccer central today with 60,000 fans gathering to watch some of the top players in the world. hi there, i'm kate larson in for eric thomas. that game just one of two major events in the bay area today that brought out tens of thousands of people. first, a record number of runners took part in today's san francisco marathon, and less than an hour ago two of the world' top soccer teams finished
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playing in santa clara. we have live coverage. we're going to begin with a milestone for the race. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in san francisco with how the race went today. cornell. >> reporter: hi, kate. yeah, this was the 40th running for the san francisco marathon. it's a big deal, of course. gorgeous, gorgeous day for the event. the embarcadero back open to traffic at this hour. police presence was pretty strong along the race course today, but the event was safe. [cheering and applauding] >> reporter: 39 year old hor jo jumped for joy with a time of 2 hours 28 minutes. >> we all share one common thing, to get to the finish line. >> reporter: devon mcmahon was the top women's finisher 2 hours 27 minutes.
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runners were not far behind including first timer from fremont who told himself, keep going. >> the first thing came into my mind when i cried is like, never give up. anything in my life that comes as an obstacle or hurdle, i'm never going to give up. >> reporter: the police presence along the 26 mile course was hard to miss. the s.f.p.d. bomb squad was staged near the finish line. for the first time in the marathon's 40 year history, all northbound lanes of the golden gate bridge were closed for three hours because of terrorism concerns. >> we are very excited to have worked with the golden gate bridge district and all the local authorities to ensure we were able to do that for runners safety. >> nice and sparkly. >> reporter: the finish line, last place you'd expect to see this, a wedding proposal. but alex said, why not? and popped the question to marissa. >> i knew it was going to happen somewhere. i didn't know it would come at
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the end of the finish line. >> reporter: she said yes. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> that's sweet. also a thrill today for soccer fans here in the bay area. two of the world's top men's team competed at levi stadium. lilian kim is in santa clara where tens of thousands of fans showed up to cheer on madrid and manchester united. hi there, lilian. >> reporter: kate, it's not very often when teams of this caliber are playing in the bay. manchester united versus rio madrid. soccer fans from the bay area and beyond came to levi stadium to watch two of the world's best teams face-off. today's match is part of the international champions cup established four years ago to bring top international teams to north america. as exciting as it was to see the top players in person, there was a little disappointment in the air. some key players chose not to take part in this tournament. fan favorite cristiano of
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madrid, for instance, was not here. also many fans thought the intensity among the players was a bit lacking. this after all was an exhibition match. >> no, i actually thought he was going here but i'm not surprised. i follow him on social media. he's at home doing his thing with his family. but, yeah, i mean this is a friendly game so a lot of players aren't out here playing. just taking a break from their regular season. >> it is a postseason game so they're not giving it their all. it's friendly as friendly goes. >> was it still worth it >> yeah, it's still worth it. you have to see all the players $100 million worth. for sure, it was definitely celebrating, yeah. >> reporter: these fans are used to seeing these teams on tv at odd hours of the day. the fact they got a chance to see them here in person and at a reasonable hour was a real treat. live in santa clara, lilian kim, abc7 news.
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>> thanks, lilian. developing news from the oakland airport, southwest airlines says network connectivity problems at the airport caused delays this afternoon. southwest says those problems fortunately have been resolved, but passengers tell abc7 news that flights to and from the airport were unable to depart which caused many long delays. southwest says the issue only affected oakland airport. a dangerous morning on a freeway in san jose where a chain reaction crash involving at least five cars, injured people who stopped to help. it all began when a car crashed into a wall on the shoulder of northbound i-280 near mclaughlin avenue in san jose. >> another traffic collision occurred where a honda accord came and hit the vehicle. just prior to that, that second collision, some people had pulled over to try to assist the first collision and gotten out of their cars, and were then hit by the car that was involved in the second collision. after that, yet another car crashed into the scene.
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the chp says four people were hurt and two of them were critically injured. the search is on for seven people wanted for a gang rape in oakland. police say it happened in east oakland friday night around 10:00 p.m. at 83rd avenue in a-street about two blocks from the new high land academy elementary school. the victim was taken to a hospital and police are not yet releasing any further details. tonight an investigation is underway into a human smuggling operation uncovered after at least nine people were discovered dead inside a tailor tractor in texas. abc news reporter has the latest. >> reporter: what happened in this big rick in wal-mart is now considered a crime. >> we are looking at human trafficking crime. >> reporter: just after midnight sunday morning a store employee called san antonio police. a disort yented man approach them asking for water. when police arrived, they opened the back of the tractor-trailer and found dozens of people
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insides, including children. >> the air conditioning was not working, so everyone was removed. >> reporter: first responders say the 30 survivors were hot to the touch, showing signs of heat stroke and dehydration. it quickly became a race against time. >> we utilized helicopters to fly patients out. we utilized at least seven area hospitals to transport these people out. >> reporter: officials looked at the store surveillance video which showed vehicles arriving and picking up people from the truck. it is not an uncommon crime in texas. earlier this month a police officer found 12 people stuck in the back of an unair conditioned box truck. one of the deadliest cases on record happened in victoria, texas in 2003 when 19 people locked in a stifling hot big rig died, and this most recent case authorities have taken the driver into custody. and the u.s. attorney says he will be charged. >> the south texas heat is punishing this time of year. these people were helpless in the hands of their transporters. >> reporter: immigration and customs enforcement along with
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homeland security are now involved in the investigation. kenneth moten, abc news, san antonio. >> the president's new communication director talked about his new role this weekend. anthony scaramucci made his first appearance on the sunday morning talk shows today. his comments ranged from a lighthearted reference to his hair and makeup to more serious matters. when he was asked if the president will sign a bill intending to punish moscow for meddling in u.s. elections, scaramucci said his boss has not decided. >> when he makes that decision, i will 100% side with him because i'm his communications director and i'm his advocate on a show like this. >> the house will vote on the bill on tuesday. senate leaders haven't said when they will bring it to the floor. the largest african-american trade show in the state happened today right here in the bay area. ♪ >> how it is designed to make a positive impact in the lives of the urban community members. also ahead, a local animal
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rescues offer to find a missing puppy. what a cute guy. >> well, it's a warm afternoon for most. live from our east bay hills camera shows you the fog is expanding and l the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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in developing news, another sign of progress against the flames. more evacuation orders were lifted today in mariposa where a large wildfire has now been burning for a week. containment of the fire just outside yosemite is now at 40%. the fire has burned nearly 119 square miles and has destroyed more than 100 buildings. an animal rescue is asking for the return of a puppy that
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went missing in san rafael. the milo foundation yesterday shared a picture of this very sweet spaniel beagle mix on facebook. they say the puppy named milo went missing in san rafael. he is 11 weeks old and weighs less than 30 pounds. she is microchipped. we have the contact information on our website, and the milo foundation is offering a reward for the puppy's safe return. thousands attend the the biggest african-american trade show this weekend in the east bay. snoet abc7 news was in the bay area for the expo. there were all sorts of food offerings in the coliseum. >> it provides a space where the community can come in and get resources and information so they can shop -- do shopping. a great time. we have entertainment. it's a platform backed by entertainment and education. >> vendors ranged from bart to banks, state and local
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government agencies, as well as retail outlets. organizers expect up to 10,000 people to attend. bicycle enthusiasts from around the world came to the south bay today. >> a little bit of everything for everybody to see. >> from classics to custom builts. if it has a seat and two wheels, chances are you'll see it there. we'll take you for a spin next. >> we are wrapping up a warm weekend. we're tracking relie
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♪ and every room has its own chapter ♪ you've carried on your family's tradition. let us help you prepare for your family's future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. abc7 news was in san jose for today's tenth annual shiny side up bike festival. the show at history parka tracts bicycle enthusiasts of all kinds. anyone with a bike, of course,
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was invited and this year brought people from all over the world, as far as poland. >> today throughout the day we've got i'd say at least a thousand bikes. we're going to have anything from custom bikes, vintage bikes, we've got bmx stuff going. we've got people selling old bike parts, swap meet, pin stripers, little bit of everything for everybody to see. >> so, where does the festival name come from? keep the shiny side up? turns out it's a parting expression for riders to be safe. it's one of the longest running bicycle shows in the u.s. among those 27,000 runners who took to the streets in the marathon were members of our very own abc7 family including meteorologist drew tuma who we are lucky enough to have in studio so we can quiz him. this is the picture he posted on his twitter page after today's race. drew completed the half marathon in 1:51:30. that's amazing, especially when you consider the fact that drew
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was here with us on-set until midnight. you got a few hours of sleep and up at the crack of dawn. >> it's such a great race put together. you're running through the beautiful hills of san francisco. you get motivation. it's a really nice event. >> you were describing the weather, totally socked in with fog. >> perfect for all the runners. the that cooling trend will continue as we head into tomorrow and tuesday. live doppler 7 along with satellite, those coastal clouds, walnut creek, nothing but sunshine, warm temperatures inland. once again contrast that right now, look what's coming our way. live from sutro tower, showing you the fog is coming back. that's going to bring refreshing changes not only to the coast, but also to folks inland right now. because it is still sizzling. concord 95 degrees, 96 currently in fairfield. a warm 80 in san jose right now. that fog cooling off san francisco to 64, 84 novato and fremont currently checking in at 82 degrees. so, here's the call. overnight tonight we will see
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that fog expand along the coast and around the immediate bay, and what that's going to do, help to cool us off rather nicely overnight tonight. most spots will drop into the 50s along the coast, though, a little bit cooler going into the upper 40s. so, future weather as we go hour by hour, watch the time stamp on your monday. 7:00 in the morning, a lot 6 us will be waking up to cloudy skies. that fog will pull back to the coast midday, but it's really shaping up to be rather comfortable afternoon. look at this, by midday, not excessively hot out there. our warm est spots are mainly holding in the 70s by that lunchtime hour. highs on monday, microclimate, chop off 5 to 10 degrees off our afternoon highs today. that's where you'll sit tomorrow. 81 in san jose, 80 in santa clara. along the peninsula pretty comfortable in terms of july numbers. 75 in redwood city, 78 that number in mountain view. breezy half moon bay, up to 60 did he zbreez. downtown san francisco afternoon sunshine is seasonable 65.
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fog 59 degrees. into the north bay we go, 77 petaluma. 78 sonoma. 77 san rafael. 73 vallejo. warmer in ukiah, up to 91 tomorrow. east bay breezy but bright. 71 high in oakland tomorrow. 72 in richmond. inland we're backing out of the 90s degree back into the 80s in most spots. 88 in pittsburgh, 84 walnut creek. brentwood probably the only spot hitting the 90 degree mark. if you like the cooler weather you're absolutely going to love tuesday. future tracker temperatures, afternoon highs on tuesday, this is going to feel really nice for july. most spots either at or just below normal for this time of year. unfortunately, this cooler weather pattern will not last all that long. watch what happens on thursday. those numbers are going to quickly rise once again. it is warm to hot for many and it looks like that warm to hot pattern will take over for the second half of the accuweather forecast.
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here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooler air arrives on monday. nice for july on tuesday, but that cooler weather is brief. we're warming right back up again mid week. it's just down right hot again on thursday. kind of holding steady friday into saturday and those numbers actually climb once again on sunday. so, we'll get a little bit of relief, but it won't be long-term unfortunately. >> i still want to talk about the marathon. >> you do? >> ydid you get a nap after the race? >> we have to. >> i hope you did. you got no sleep. i want to brag for you some more. that is 8 1/2 minute mile. you slow down because it's a big pack. that's all some. >> it's fun. >> congratulations. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> he's a very humble man, by the way. >> i think it's amazing. >> great job. the celebration for the giants doesn't last very long. what bad inning leads to another. series loss for the giants against the padres and jordan spieth was on the verge of a major collapse, then he bounced back in championship fashion. how spieth was able to come back
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>> announcer: now sports from abc7 news. >> it's not how you start, it's how you finish. yes, i know it's a cliche, but it rings true in the world of sports. after stumbling on the front 9, jordan spieth wins the claret jug after one of the greatest finishes in major championship history. spieth already having a rough day was 3 over par and tied with matt kuchar for 8 under. then his tee shot goes well right. took 25 minutes before he took his next shot. he would bogey the hole and lose
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the lead. this is how you bounce back like a champion. on 14, his tee shot on the par 3 nearly goes in for the ace. he would birdie, tie for the lead again. then on 15, the long 50 footer, the eagle has landed. he's now your leader at 10 under par. he follows that with this long 30-foot birdie putt on 16. jordan spieth up two with two to play. he would birdie 17, then tap-in for par on 18 to win his first open championship and third career major title. >> i felt once i lost my lead completely and we were tied, i actually felt the nerves go away for a few holes until i got the lead again. and then they were back. and it's just kind of, you know, powering through that. >> let's hop across the english channel to paris for the 21st and final stage of the tour de france. just a joy ride, a victory lap for race leader who wins his third consecutive tour title and
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4th overall. the 32-year-old won by 54 seconds, the closest of his four wins. on the verge of baseball history thanks to late inning heroics. after a home run last night, the a's hit their first homer until today. he had six hits this series with the second home run of the season. oakland has a 1-0 lead. in the 4th, tied at one, davis goes on a power trip. oakland up 2-1. now we move to the top of the seventh, score tied 2-2. not any more. matt crushes it out of the yard, fourth of the year, the a's sweep the mets 3-2. bob melvin picks up career win number 999. the giants and the padres pick it up in the first inning. will meyers takes rookie halfway up the bleachers. meyers with his 20th of the year, the padres get a quick 1-0
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lead. the giants answer in their half of the frame. buster posy with an rbi single. we are tied at 1-1. but the wheels would come off in the 4th inning. ja jabari blasts a double. cory have five runs in seven innings. padres take three from the giants, 5-2 is the final. two of the biggest football teams in the world, madrid and manchester yu nietded. check out the individual effort by anthony marshall 1-nil man n penalty kicks, only three goals on ten shots. he hits the cross bar that would have extended the match. manchester united wins 2-1 on penalty kicks. and back to jordan spieth, he joins the great jack nicklaus as the only players to win three legs of the career grand slam before the age of 24. he will go for that grand slam in the
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people enjoyed a feast for the senses today in the south bay. abc7 news was in san jose for the this year's adobe festival. the festival celebrates the filipino culture, adobo. garlic and soy sauce, it's delicious. another filipino food favorites. that is it for us on abc7 news at 5:00. thanks for your time. we will see you at 6:00. have a good one.
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tonight, breaking news. the grim discovery near the border. a tractor-trailer parked at a texas walmart in sweltering conditions. eight people found dead inside. another just died at the hospital. and children also crammed inside that truck. what we've just learned about the driver. washed away. a man missing tonight after violent floods crash through his home. a state of emergency declared. the new flash flood watches, as dangerous storms push east. plus, our team on the isis front lines in syria, as coalition-backed forces attempt to drive out the islamic state. power to pardon. the new conflicting messages from the white house about whether the president is discussing pardons. will he issue them, perhaps even for himself? and, vacation dangers.


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