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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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people. the president's tweets caught the pentagon by surprise which was still analyzing the impact of the transgender people in the military. the united states government will not transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the military. within minutes some in his party slammed the president who has a transgender son. while his conservative base hailed his decision. >> the party always had internal disagreements. this is a small policy change compared to health care reform debate or tax reform. >> reporter: the dean of usc said while he is commander in chief there's a procedure the president should follow. >> there's a process in place for the department of defense for congress, for public comment. that's the process that should
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be followed if you really want a solution. >> reporter: it was a total reversal from the june 2016 tweet saying thank you to the lgbt community. i will fight for you. caitlyn jenner who endorsed mr. trump in the general election tweeted there are 15,000 patriot yachtic transgender americans many the u.s. military fighting for all of us. what happened to your promise to fight for them? >> you're not worried about what someone sexual orientation or identity is. you're worried about if thaifr got your back. >> reporter: the pentagon today not issuing a comment or a statement on this but a navy captain said they are willing to work closely with the president on this matter. >> one of the president's tweets this morning talked about the medical costs of allowing
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transgender people to serve in the military. do we have any numbers on that? >> reporter: that's right. he is very concerned about the increasing costs of medical care in the military. the president estimates it would go up by between 2.4 million and $8.4 million but all the people we interviewed today, including republicans said the military spends a lot more money on other things including viagra. >>. >> twitter ceo said discrimination in any form is wrong for all of us. apple ceo wrote we're all indebted to all who serve. discrimination against anyone holds everyone back. google ceo says i'm grateful to
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the transgender members for their service. salesforce believes in equality for all. a san francisco police officer was arrested this morning on child porn charges. he's a ten-year veteran of the force. police began an investigation back in february. the law enforcement force says the porn was discovered on one of his electronic devices. sfpd says the public's trust is of the utmost importance. members will continue to hold each other accountable and will act swiftly to report any behavior that might bring dishonor to the police department and the city of san francisco. he's been suspended without pay. we have also learned two additional suspects have been arrested in connection to this case bringing the total number to six. here is abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen. >> reporter: this afternoon 19-year-old johnny brown showed no emotion has he appeared before a judge for the first time accused of beating and
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killing an elderly san jose woman. >> whoever did this, they need to speak up. they need to speak up and speak up and say what they did. i was not there that night. this is very sad that i'm being arrested for something i did not do. >> reporter: last september, 88-year-old flo douglas was found gravely injured on floor of her living room by neighbors. she would die nearly a month later at a local hospitals. brown as well as 19-year-old zachary who has been charged with murder and other crimes broke into douglas home and beat and robbed her. court document revealing that brown admitted to his girlfriend he assaulted douglas during the robbery. that girlfriend have also been arrested as accessories in the
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crime. >> it's a tragedy in the om to her family and to her friends but also to the community. i think that's what really resonates when you see and realize what these two young men did to this woman inside her home. >> reporter: new details on other arrest. brown's mother is being held after authorities say she helped him allude authorities. willie king has been arrested as an accessory. he's froeniends and lived acros the street from douglas. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. johnny brown will return to court on friday. his mother will appear for her arraignment tomorrow morning. the 18-year-old driver accused of causing a fatal crash that killed her younger sister pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and dui charges.
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more than a dozen people joined a prayer vigil today. they prayed at the spot where a 71-year-old man was murdered earlier this month. police believe the victim was shot to death by robbers who wanted his expensive camera gear approximate several of the young people traveled from oregon with the catholic ministry. police are still searching for suspects in that case. the warming has begun. if you've been outside today you probably noticed it. we have sunny skies and warm conditions across most of the bay area now. a little fog at the coast. this is the view from windy conditions. it's 65 in the city. 69 in oakland. 81, san jose.
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88 gilroy. check out this view of the fog rolling in. it is 84 in santa rosa now. 90 at concord and livermore. we have soccer this evening in santa clara at levi stadium. the game will kick off under sunny skies. i'll show you how much more heat is coming our way tomorrow in just a moment. thank you so much, spencer. beach goers are being warned to watch for dangerous large waves and rip currents at some bay area and central coast beaches this weekend. a warning will go into effect friday morning and last through monday for coastal areas. the national weather service warns the conditions will raise the threat of rip currents and sneaker waves. the u.s. arm corps of engineers plan to partner to come up with plan to deal with flooding along coyote creek. flooding devastated homes and entire neighborhoods back in
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february. the valley water district reached out asking if the federal government could help reduce tlood iing. it was a in may of 2012 a fire caused owners to close. now the couple is being sued by four contractors including frank well ch. the contractors claim they owe them $400,000 for renovation work they did after the fire. the attorney defending the griffiths said the owner of the property, not the eatery are responsible for repairs done after the fire. the griffith's reopened their merit bakery at a new location on lake park avenue. a judge may issue a written decision on the lawsuit this week. aftergrueling negotiations
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and political head butting, san francisco city leaders signed a two-dwreer, 10 billion dollar budget today. the spending plan focuses on dealing with the city's pressing issues, lack of housing, and cleaning up thabds. it's too strenuous to stay in the city. >> transportation, infrastructure and social support programs. >> the budget also sets aside $50 million to help city residents should the affordable care act be repealed. another 10 million will be set a aside for actions taken against the city by state or federal officials. happening tonight, the metropolitan transportation commission will need to discuss two proposals that will hit people hard in the wallet. one is to raise bay area wrbrid
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tolls by $3. the pfor drivers who pay a toll every workday it would cost them an aver raj of $700 more over a year to get to work. the other proposal would raise sales taxes in san francisco, san mateo by an 8th of a cent. last sunday san francisco marathon may be the last time runners use traffic lanes on the golden gate bridge. some competitors didn't follow the rules. some 15,000 runners crossed the bridge and a lot of them ignored instructions to stick to the lanes closest to the sidewalk. they were running in two lanes sket set aside as a buffer zone. they are considering having them stick to the sidewalks in future races. future marathons may need to consider limiting the size of
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races and staggering start times. there's big another big announcement from trump today. >> we're going to have some very, very magnificent decades. >> the company with bay area ties bringing new jobs to the u.s. we're live at the big soccer match that will kick off in a few hours. plus what would you do on your 87th birthday? how about a swim from alcatraz. that's not all. what this man wants to do next. >> i don't think i'd do that. >> me neither. traffic, i'm not sure that's more favorable but it is moving. more free flowing going toward the peninsula.
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>> reporter: 55,000 people expected tonight. police are hoping they don't have the same problem as all people try to leave at the same time. the gold cup finals will add to the complexity that the 6:30 starting time comes at the height of rush shower. >> we have a traffic basic engineer in the command post. >> patrons are available to go online and access traffic cameras. >> reporter: traffic was blocked off and detours set up as early as noontime. traffic control officers took their post early too to help reroute vehicles and help early arriving fans to cross the street. vta expects to carry 6,000 fans
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to the game on top of its evening kplutecommuters. >> the train will be crowded with regular passengers. we want to make sure people going to levi stadium leave early. perhaps expect a bit of a wait, maybe more crowded trains than normal. >> usa. usa. >> reporter: the crowds will double the business at bennigan's tonight across from the stadium. >> there's 60,000 extra people in town. we will be slammed tonight. >> what do soccer fans eat? >> burgers. burgers. burgers and drink beer, beer, beer. >> reporter: speaking of buggers, people are doing their tailgating pre-game. they're having a lot of fun already. keep in mind the goooalll tonight is to have fun and no gridlock. abc 7 news. >> let's hope for both of those
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things. thank you. apple supplier fox con plans to build manufacturing plant in wisconsin. the chairman made the announcement this afternoon in the white house. fox con will hire 3,000 workers over four years with the potential to grow to 1,03,000 jobs. the new plant will make flat screens. >> this is an absolute game changer. it means more jobs and more security and more prosperity for families. >> one democratic state is that right says she's concerned that foxconn has a track record of big announce mgts with little follow through. in 2013 the company said it would invest in a new factory there pennsylvania but never completed. san francisco is overtaking silicon valley in the demand for tech jobs. recruitment is up in the city by more than half a percent over the past five years. seattle saw the biggest growth
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in software related jobs but there was a dramatic decline in san jose followed by san diego demand for tech jobs was fueledly retailers like the e commerce giants like walmart. the ecommerce giant is looking to fill more than 50,000 jobs across the country. plans to make on the spot offers for positions at ten sorting centers at amazon jobs day on august 2nd. they will be full time. many in packing, sorting and customer service. it was a record breaking day on wall street. >> the dow, nasdaq and finished with record highs. a special fleet of food trucks is making its way around san francisco treating the
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lunchtime crowd to a sweet delicacy and for free. through mid-august, these united airlines food truck will be roaming around town. they are handing complimentary crumb cakes. the trucks will make daily stops in the truck district. if you're wondering why, united says the give away is being done to celebrate non-stop flight between sfo and munich, germany. how about the heat? >> we have 90s inland and 60s at the coast even though the fog is roaring back to the coast as you can see right here on our live doppler 7 radar image. let's take a live view from our
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east bay lihills camera. this area we have sunny skies but there's some fog along some parts of the coastline. these are our forecast feature. we'll see warm to hot conditions flexion t next two days. 80s near the bay. the warmth will hold on. right now we're looking at temperatures ranging from m mid-60s at the coast to a few low 90s. places like fairfield, livermore and concord. we'll see the fog pushing once again locally out over the bay and filling in all along the coastline. overnight lows mild once again. upper 50s to around 60 degrees in our inland areas and upper 50s near the bay. tomorrow's highs will range from 68 at half-moon bay to 78 across the bay. about 100 in antioch and many other inland locations. if you're going to the beach you'll encounter mainly sunny skies. temperatures in the mid to upper
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60s. 76 will be the high. take the sunscreen with you. there's bright sunshine tomorrow and a high uv index. the three-day forecast shows the hot weather inland holding on friday. we may see triple digits in the warmest inland location. it will be quite not so hot. it will be warm with highs in the mid-90s inland. mid-60s on the coast. let's talk about the heat because a large portion of the western u.s. is experiencing higher than average temperatures. that pattern will continue into next week. the area with the greatest level of above temperature readings, above average readings will be in the sierra both the california side and nevada side and up into eastern oregon. the heat is on an it will be with us for a while. we'll see high temperatures around 100 degrees or maybe higher inland for the next two days. even as the heat eases a bit over the weekend, it will remain quiet warm inland through next
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wednesday with inland highs in the mid-90s. we'll see low 80s around the bay and mid-60s on the coast. a steady diet of warm, summer like weather. i hope you like it because we can't change it. >> or someday inside. gold medal dream has opinion dashed. warriors star steph curry picking up new skills on his
4:23 pm
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. tie iing -- a stunning set back with a perfect 12 for 12
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over the last three world championships. the chief won't match missis franklin's record at the 2013 worlds. >> look at all these people. huge crowds star. steph taking in some thai chia. a grand marshal was happy to give him, his wife and brother seth some lessons out there. curry says the break allowed him to work on his balance and his focus. steph curry also played a pivotal role to welcoming him to his home in jersey.
4:26 pm
they built a wheelchair accessible house. he suffers from a genetic condition that's left him unable to walk. the organization along with whoopi goldberg surprised his family with his house and steph got in on the action. >> somebody in there. >> somebody is this here. >> i'm sorry. [ applause ] >> that's a great reaction right there. who is that. it's steph curry. the family is huge fans. when he found out he could surprise and delight the veteran, he jumped at the opportunity. you can watch the view on abc 7 every day at 10:00 a.m. >> the look on tim's face. really. steph curry's here. another setback for
4:27 pm
republicans trying to repeal and replace obamacare. >> on this vote the yays are 45. the nays are 55. the amendment is not agreed to. >> what's next. the changes coming to the minneapolis police department after two high profile deadly summer things are heating up on the wta time to play when the us open series hits stanford... for the bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer. where the action off the court, is just as hot as the action on it. july 31st through august 6th join us monday, july 31st for net generation kids' day. the ultimate family tennis experience! don't miss the wta action while it's in stanford.
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. san francisco police officer was arrested this morning on child porn charges. the investigation into 37-year-old joshua started back in february. police say he's been suspended without pay. this is the man accused of trying to fly 500 pounds of meth from senoma county to australia. abc 7 news reporter talked to the man who told him the plane. she'll have a live report at 5:00. president trump plans to reenstate the military transgender ban. he tweeted after consultation with my generals and military experts, please be advised that the united states government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. he went onto say the medical costs involved would be a burden. the effort to repeal the affordable care act is
4:31 pm
splintering. senate republicans are pushing multiple ways the try to get the job done. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: republican senators appear to be taking one step forward, one step back in their earth to repeal and replace obamacare. after narrowly voting to begin debate tuesday, the senate rejected a proposal that would repeal and replace large portions of the avrdsable care act and make changes to medicaid. that's one amendment down with many more to come. the idea, find a way to get 50 votes on a final proposal. what that final bill will look like is still up in the air. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is showing optimism and reaching across the aisle. >> we're determined to do everything we can do succeed. i know members in both parties have health care ideas they'd like to offer. if you've got one, bring it to the floor. >> reporter: other options on the table, the 2015 repeal only plan which is likely to fail.
4:32 pm
and the skinny repeal. basically a scaled back version of repeal that would noknock ou obamacare mandates and some of the taxes. getting some type of bill to the house will take nearly all republican senators. democrats are united in their opposition. >> skinny repeal is equal to full repeal. it's a trojan horse. >> reporter: the white house is continuing to apply pressure. in a wednesday morning tweet president trump attacked republican senators lisa murkowski of alaska. in washington, i'm kristen holmes. steve scalise who was injured in a shooting is now out of the hospital. the 51 year old congressman plans to begin rehabilitation. the hospital said in a statement that scalise was this good spirits and looking forward to
4:33 pm
returning to work once he finishes rehab. new policy changes are coming to body cam laws. >> referee: a string of high profile shooting incidents. the act police chief announced body cams must be activated every time police respond to call. abc news reporter has the latest. >> we need to build and regain our community's trust. >> reporter: all minneapolis police officers will now be required to turn on their body cams on every single call. around half a million a year and on every single self-initiated activity like traffic stops. >> what good is it if it's not used? >> reporter: it comes after another high profile police shooting. then earlier this month yoga and meditation instructor justine daymond shot in her pajamas
4:34 pm
after he called police for help. >> it's been a tough ten days. it's been a tough ten days for the city. . >> reporter: neerpt of the officers involved in the shooting turned on their body cameras and no footage of what happened that night exists. >> we're not passing judgment on a single officer nor looking at a single event. we're responding to our communities and recent on gong assessment. >> reporter: the acting police chief stresses body cam protocol has been this place for months but the new policy clears up the law and reenforces that any officers who breaks the new rules could lose their job. under the policy police will have to manually turn on body cams. the department says they are investing in new technology that will automatically activate but the process will take few months. the santa cruz police department today announced its launching a body camera pilot
4:35 pm
test program. 11 officers will wear the body cams during a month long trial program. if approved it could cost the department $390,000 to outfit be entire department with body cameras. the tsa is expanding requirement that electronics larger than cell phone be removed. it will apply to all airports. the enhanced screening was tested at ten airports. the tsa announced it was expa expanded to all check points in the weeks and months ahead. the electronics will have to be in a separate screening bid with nothing on top or under him. passengers enrolled in the pre-check will not need to comply with these changes. in france more than 10,000 people have been evacuatd from their homes as a wildfire burns on the mediterranean coast. firefighters fires began forcing smaller, scattered evacuations. last night the fire took off and tore through a small town. nearly 600 firefighter s have
4:36 pm
been sent to the region. the large fire burning in mariposa county is still burning. the fire has burned more than 123 square miles. it's 65% contained. 63 homes and dozens of other buildings have been destroyed. there's still some evacuation orders in effect in the northern part of mariposa county. grass fire wurning in the wild wood canyon and burbank. it's close to a police firing range. with your bank police are ordering likers to leave that area. the fbi has confirmed to abc death of a woman on a cruise th- ship. the woman was dilled killed in domestic cruise ship in u.s. waters. passengers weren't let off right away. in statement princess cruises say since the incident our fleet security team has opinion koords nating with the fbi and local authorities.
4:37 pm
no other details have been given. a monterey county man who suffered a heart attack in italy has died. we first told you about the effort to bring r.c. home from italy after he went into a coma last week. the family had opinion trying to raise money to bring him home. according to the family he died yesterday at the hospital in italy. they are now working with go fund me to issue refunds to dono donors. health officials are investigating a growing s in i g salmonella outbreak. 12 people have become sick and 12 had to be hospitalized. they believe it's from salmonella. they should avoid all mariban papayas. what you need know before you look up.
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the website that help yous separate fact from fiction is looking for help to survive. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. post them with a hashtag ask finney and i'll answer in a little bit. i'm spencer christian. despite the flowing fog, the heat is holding on. the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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the fact checking website has raised $2 million to help it stay in business. the website is in a legal battle that could force it to close down. snopes founder is accusing the website's partner proper media of cutting off its advertising revenue. snopes set up a go fund me to make up $500,000. so far donations stand at 627,000 there are. >> first i said no, absolutely not. we can't do a fund-raiser. this will be the worst idea ever. i was totally wrong. >> some of the money will go toward legal costs. sky gazers can do so from the comfort of a speeding passenger jet. spectators are buying seats on flights that will be in the air
4:42 pm
flying near the path of the august 21st ellipclipse hoping catch a view. southwest airline says five regularly scheduled flights to cities this the southeast will offer such a unique glimpse. >> nasa is warning people make sure, please make sure you have a safe pair of solar glasses before looking directly at the eclipse. may recommends glasses from four u.s. manufacturers. american paper optics, rainbow symphony, thousands oaks optical or ts 17. glasses more than three years old or lenss that are scratched should not be worn. others have been seriously injured by staring into the sun without proper protection. be careful.
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starting with live doppler 7 we see fog engs pandsing along the coastline. much of the coastline is still quite sunny. overnight we'll see the fog beginning to push a bit out over the bay. it will be quite clearer. overnight lows will be in the upper 50s, close to 60 in some spots. the day planner reveals we'll have patchy fog. temperatures mid-50s to about 61 or so. by noon we'll see conditions quickly warmin or warming quickly. by 4:00 p.m. look for temperatures around a hundred degrees in the warmest inland locations. seven-day forecast, it's going to be hot inland the next two days with highs in the triple digit range in the warmest locations. temperatures will ease up a bit going into the weekend but it's still going to be quite warm for the remainder of the forecast with highs in the mid-90s inland. 80s around the bay and mid-60s in the coast. it is summertime weather. thank you, spencer.
4:44 pm
>> an nfl player booted off the team after he was the victim of identity theft. >> didn't even get 24 hours to clear my name on this. >> what he's accused of doing and the good news for the receiver today. i'm michel finney, those fidget spinners are everywhere, but are they safe?
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the dallas cowboys say they are standing by their decision to release lucky white head after the receiver was a victim of identity theft. there is good news. >> it is full steam ahead for lucky whitehead. >> reporter: a very unluckiy wheat. fired from the dallas cowboys following a case of identity theft. >> if you're going to hold me accountable, hold me accountable for something i did. i didn't get 24 hours to clear my name. >> reporter: speaking exclusi exclusively news after allegations he missed a court appearance in virginia pr petty larnsny. the man supposed to be in court
4:48 pm
wasn't him. place say they arrested man claiming to be lucky. that man telling officers he didn't have an id but gave date of birth and social security number. police say they acted this good faith running the info through a database and comparing their suspect to a foe te. >> no idea who could be impersonating me. >> reporter: police admitting they were mistaken and lucky was not involved. by then the cowboys already released lucky from the team. >> we're going to stand by that decision. we're going to ploomove on. >> i was blind sided. >> reporter: blind sided a week after he made news being reunited with his dog after the pup was kidnapped and held for rans ransom. he's been picked up by the new york jets. virginia police are still trying to figure out who they really arrested and working to track that man down. abc news, los angeles. time now for ask finney. 7 on your side michael finney
4:49 pm
answering questions. matt asks do food samples help sell the food product and based on what i see at costco, i'm going to say yes. >> it does. there was there cool article in the atlantic monthly. it showed pizza samples increase pizza sales by 600%. that works. interestingly if you taste a samplg there's research showing you feel social pressure to buy the product. something to think about the next time you go shopping. they know what they're doing. they give you a piece and you feel like peer pressure. >> i don't feel obligated but it's something you never would have thought to try and you like it. >> if it tastes good. >> john wants to know are there any safety concerns with fidget spinners? >> are there ever. there's a bunch going on. the consumer product safety commission started looking into allegations that pop withdrew lar are -- popular toy can fall
4:50 pm
apart. something to think about. i also reported last month that two moms said a bluetooth fidget spinner burst into flames while charging. now the consumer product safety kpli commission is investigating that latest claim. it's important never to lever a spinner or gadget of any kind of a charger while asleep or away. who knew you would charge them. >> ruby from oakland asks i have a phone problem. i'm trying to get it restored. it's been turned off. what can i do to restore it in a timely manner? >> sounds like they tumpbrned o your service because they think you didn't pay. if you're current on your payments, call and ask what's up. i'll ask the question and they tend to get to the bot dom of it
4:51 pm
very quickly. if you have a question for me, you can record a 10 to 15 second long video. share it on social keiser has lawn mped a donation program in san francisco. it's taken from the umbilical cord after childbirth. the collections are part that supplies for life saving treatment. >> it's available to more patients. there's more ethnic diversity in the bank. at this point, for example, patients of kampb american desce descent, about 30% is coming from cord blood.
4:52 pm
>> it's processed and shipped to a central collection bank in the midwest where it can be made available worldwide. now to an important health alert about parenthood. the cdc reveals fertility is at an all time low in the u.s. especially for women under the age of 30. a new survey from health line may help shed some light on some of the reasons why. it found one in two millenials delay starting a family. they list financial security and career aspirations as their main concerns. new analysis find sperm counts of western men are plunging. researchers looked at nearly 200 studies of more than 42,000 men between the years 1973 and 2011. they found a 59% decline in total sperm count as well as 52% drop in sperm concentration. experts suggest exposure to certain chemicals could play a role in this. it may be summer break for most kids in the bay area but look at this. these adorable furry students in
4:53 pm
china. they aren't getting break from panda kindergarten. this video shows dozens of baby pandas enjoying a typical day at school. it may look like they are playing but experts say the cubs are learning important life skills. >> like hanging on a tire. i want to go to that school. a big birthday and this one got a little cold. >> swam from alcatraz on your 87th birthday and you made it. i'll never have another birthday like this. >> he's right about that. what he plans to do tomorrow. on abc 7 news at 5:00, a stash of drugs
4:54 pm
yan in the drug scheme. the plane that could provide the ultimate aerial assault on
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
coming up tonight, pst the goldbergs followed by speechless and modern family and american housewife at 10:00.
4:57 pm
stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. are retired judge left the warm waters of the gulf to take a birthday chill in san francisco bay. >> this wasn't any normal birthday. judge bob turned 87 years old today. >> i'm off. >> reporter: robert beach also known as bob has spent much of his adult liefe in the ocean. on his 87th birthday, this florida judge, grandfather and all around athlete swam. >> the water has been a great part of my life. >> reporter: bob grew up in santa monica. he worked as a bartender to pay for law school. as a retired judge he strives on athletic adventure. >> swimming makes you tranquil. >> reporter: the irony is not lost on the location on the swim from an infamous prison.
4:58 pm
>> when i spend them away, i can tell them i relate to them. >> reporter: his birthday swim hasn't already exhausted you, he's hiked mt. kilamanjaro and his next big swim right underneath the golden gate bridge. his buddy also named bob holds the all time record for swimming the golden gate. >> how quickly. >> 17:21. >> any advice? >> i hope he doesn't break my record. >> reporter: back to this swim. finish time, 46 minutes at 67 strokes a minute. impressive for any age given how cold the water is. >> you didn't have a wet suit on. >> no. >> how do you do that? >> i don't know. just old age, i guess. to say you swam from alcatraz on your 87th birthday and you made it. i'll never have another birthday
4:59 pm
like this. >> wow. >> incredible. thanks for joining us for abc 7 at 5:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. he was bound and determined he is going the fly the plane there. >> the plane to transport a plane load of drugs across the pacific. the smuggling operaton that started in australia was stopped in sonoma. why a ten-year veteran is off the job. the father look add lot different in court today. emotions spilled over as he entered a plea. drugs and money, the two often go hand in hand. tonight they are part of an alleged scheme to fly a payload of drugs from california thousands of miles away. >> the plan was to buy a small
5:00 pm
plane in santa rosa, strip the seat, stuff it with meth and fly the plane to hawaii before getting to australia. >> that's 2400 miles on the first leg. 5300 on the second. abc 7 news reporter live in santa rosa with more on the story. kate. >> reporter: the owners of this business had no idea that their australian customer who could barely start the engine to one of these planes much less take off and land unassisted planned to fly across the ocean with payloads of drugs. robert nicholas says this is the type of plane that this man planned the fly home to his native australia with $200 million worth of meth on board. >> 6,000 hours of flying this model airplane, he is undoubtedly the worth pilot i've flown with. >> reporter: nicholas


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