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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 26, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgenders in the military would entail. thank you. >> you can see the rest of the tweet right there. we're waiting on reporter lillian kim, and she'll have a live report coming up from the castro on a protest that is just about to get under way. >> and reaction to the president's tweets came swiftly from across the country. not surprising, it was mixed. many, though not all, republicans showed support. >> the party has always had an internal disagreement. this is a small policy change in comparison to say the health care reform debate or the tax reform debate. >> the dane of usf's law school said even as commander in chief, there is a procedure the
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president should follow. >> there's a process in place for the department of defense, for congress, for public comment. and that's the process that should be followed if you really want a solution. >> this policy is far from settled. to learn the latest changes, download the "abc7 news" app. you'll receive push alerts like the one we sent out this morning. happening right now, it is nail biting time as 55,000 fans converge of levi stadium for the game between team usa and jamaica. it starts in about 25 minutes, which puts it at the height of the evening commute. david louie is live outside levi stadium. how is the traffic situation right now? >> reporter: well, the traffic is doing pretty well. we've been monitoring the traffic cams, and people did a good job of staggering their arrivals so they wouldn't create log jams. you can see people are streaming
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in for the 6:30 game, and a lot of people are hoping for a team usa victory. >> usa! usa! usa! >> reporter: pride in team usa is breaking out in the parking lot, even before the match gets under way. it was jamaica that eliminated in the usa semifinals two years ago. >> this is awesome. from the beginning when the tournament was announced, we were hoping that team usa would make it. so yeah, go usa. >> reporter: buddy and consolo were showing their pride, too. >> usa, all the way, baby. i think we'll win. >> i think it's great for a fan base growing. obviously we're not up there with mexico, but we're growing. and we're growing, that's great for us and great for the sport. the usa all the way, baby. >> usa! usa! >> reporter: fans arrived early to avoid traffic. the next challenge will be getting 55,000 spectators home
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after the game. >> trains ready to go. as soon as they're filled, they're taking off. for the most part, we can handle the big crowds coming out. >> reporter: police say the outcome of the game will impact post match traffic. >> the hope is that the u.s. takes a lead and people leave earlier instead of all at once like they did on sunday, which caused a bit of a traffic jam. >> reporter: and some are staying behind at the bars or restaurants. what do soccer fans eat? >> burgers, burgers, burgers, and drink beer, beer, beer. >> reporter: it certainly looks like a lot of gamegoers decided to take vca today. we have seen a steady stream of people getting off the light rail station and coming right here. we are live in santa clara, with
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some usa fans, david louie, "abc7 news." now we want to get back to our lead story. >> lillian kim is live at a protest getting under way in san francisco right now. lillian? >> reporter: harry and ama, a good-sized crowd has gathered here. the details of this emergency protest were posted on facebook, and about 1,000 people indicated they were attending the post set. please come to show the trump administration and the world that san francisco stands with the transgender community. now, i spoke with a gay married couple from kansas here on vacation, and they heard about the protest while taking muni today. i asked them why they're taking part tonight. you're from kansas. you've never participated in the san francisco rally. >> no. >> reporter: your thoughts? >> i can't wait. >> reporter: why sit important for you to participate this >> to make our voices heard. to join all of the other voices
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that are more unified out here than where we come from. >> it's important that we show our transbrothers and sisters that they're part of our group. sometimes they get left out, we don't focus as much on the "t" as we do on the l and >> reporter: this protest will end up on the streets. organized were granted a permit, so at some point they'll begin marching to the civic center. you can watch it all live by going to the "abc7 news" facebook page. lillian kim, "abc7 news." >> thank you for that update. a san francisco police officer has been arrested on a charge involving child pornography. the investigation crossed two county lines and took nearly half a year.
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vic lee is live at sfpd headquarters. vic? >> reporter: the officer is charged with one felony count of possessing child porn. he's been suspended from the force without pay. san francisco was the lead investigative agency in this case, the contra costa county d.a.'s office was also involved in the probe and will prosecute this case. >> when you work for the police department, you are held to a higher standard and you work to preserve the trust that you have with the public. >> reporter: the officer is 37-year-old joshua anea. you see him here in a prior i-team report when he testified on a graffiti tagger court hearing. he was arrested at his home in antioch this morning after an investigation, which started in february. >> it was started by the sfpd, subsequently we did involve the contra costa district attorney.
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>> reporter: he's a ten-year veteran cop assigned to northern police station. when the investigation started in february, sources tell us he was transferred to the horse stables unit where he had no public contact. the child porn was reportedly found on one of his electronic devices. police would not say if it was his personal device or one that was issued by the department. >> for the specific count, it includes anything from prints to -- that could be on your phone or computer to a usb drive. >> reporter: his neighbors were shocked by the news. >> makes me feel so uncomfortab uncomfortable. >> reporter: vic lee, "abc7 news." the murder trial for the man charged in the death of an off-duty richmond police officer is getting under way. officer gus vegas was killed last february as he intervened in a domestic dispute involving his daughter and her boyfriend. robert vega pleaded not guilty
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by reason of insanity. he could get life in prison if convicted of murder. prosecutors could file additional charges against a young father who they say abandoned his infant son at a busy parking lot. that father, daniel mitchell, made his first court appearance today. laura anthony has our story from fairfield. >> what he did is appalling and strikes the conscious of all of us. >> reporter: the district attorney now says her office is investigating whether a young father abused his infant son before he abandoned him. >> in the beginning, it was reported that the injuries were much more serious, and so that's why the child is down at children's hospital, to await further testing to see if there is a previous medical condition or more injuries than we know about. >> reporter: 18-year-old daniel mitchell broke down in sobs during a brief appearance in a fairfield courtroom, charged with abandoning his 2-week-old son in a parking lot. according to police, this is
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mitchell monday afternoon driving into a strip mall pa parking lot, pulling the car seat out and driving away. the boy was spotted almost immediately by the owners and employees of two businesses and taken inside for safety until police and paramedics arrived. >> my father and myself, it bothers me. like i said, i initially found the baby and brought him in to make sure he was fine. >> reporter: mitchell entered a not guilty plea to multiple charges, including child abandonment and possession of cocaine. this is the young father on a facebook photo dated july 10, smiling and holding the newborn. the baby is being treated at a bay area hospital for an undisclosed medical condition and in the custody of child protective services. his mother has not been charged. mitchell returns to court next month. in fairfield, laura anthony, "abc7 news." >> the 18-year-old driver accused of causing a fatal crash that killed her younger exister
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pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and dui charges. she was arraigned today by way of videoconference. she was live streaming on instagram when the accident happened and continued filming after the crash on friday that claimed the life of her sibling, 14-year-old jacqueline sanchez. the suspect's attorney is urging the public not to rush to judgment. >> she accepts responsibility and feels terrible about it. for anybody to say that she doesn't feel bad or she was only doing this for social media purposes, that's just absolutely terrible. >> if convicted, sanchez faces at least 13 years in state prison. now to a story you'll only see on "abc7 news" involving an oakland restaurant. in may of 2013, a fire at the 18th street bakery caused the
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owners charles and patricia to close. now the couple is being sued by four contractors, including frank welch. the contractors claim they owe them $400,000 for renovation work they did after the fire. the attorney defending the couple told vic lee the owners of the property are responsible for the repairs. the griffiths reopened their bakery at a new location on park avp. a judge may issue a decision this week. a pilot had plans to fly a small plane from the bay area to australia. also planning to carry some expensive cargo, meth. we're live with a warning sign that other pilots say were obvious. i'm spencer christian. cooling fog is back at the coast, but it's not producing much cooling yet. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. a parade of vintage volkswagens rolls into half moon bay. i'm jonathan bloom with why they're here and why they're
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headed, ahead on "abc7 news." plus, the moment of success
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is just as hot as the action on it. july 31st through august 6th join us monday, july 31st for net generation kids' day. the ultimate family tennis experience! don't miss the wta action while it's in stanford. well, it sounds like a movie, a mysterious foreigner comes to the bay area, buys a plane, and takes flying lessons to smuggle hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs. the man planned to go from santa rosa to hawaii before getting to australia. that's 2400 miles on the first leg and 5300 on the second. kate larson is live in santa rosa with more on this story. kate? >> reporter: well, ama, the owner of this business said his
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australian customer could barely start the engine of one of these planes, much less take off and land. yet he told people he wanted to fly himself to australia. little did the business owners know what he wanted to take with him across the ocean. >> it's absolutely insane. >> reporter: robert nicholas said one of his customers wanted to fly home to his native australia in this cessna 210. >> he is undoubtedly the worst pilot i've ever flown with. the worst. >> reporter: nicholas sold gorman this $630,000 plane last spring. but nicholas says he had no idea that gorman was allegedly planning to smuggle more than $200 million worth of meth across the pacific. that is until the dea found the drugs during a raid at this storage facility in june. >> it's unprecedented.
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>> reporte >> reporter: sergeant spencer crumb habit comment on the investigation, but says the sheriff's office is thrilled to get the drugs off their streets. >> i've been in law enforcement 27 years, and i've never seen a 560 pound meth bust, ever. >> reporter: nicholas says they spent hours flying with gorman, but even if he had been an accomplished pilot, his scheme to fly the drugs to hawaii and then to skraaustralia was inconceivable. >> we didn't know anything that he was going to install and extra 500 to 600 pounds pounds cargo. if he had done that, he never would have left the airport. the plane would have crashed on takeoff. >> reporter: gorman was arrested july 5. two other accomplices were also arrested in australia. kate larson, "abc7 news." >> quite the story. taiwanese company fox con will build a new manufacturing plant in wisconsin.
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it's going to invest $10 billion in a factory to produce lcd lc payable scre panel screens. president trump said it would not have happened if he was not elected. >> foxconn joins a list of industry leaders who understand that america's capabilities are limitless and that america's workers are unmatched, and that america's most prosperous days are just ahead. >> foxconn does have a controversial past. it's come under scrutiny for labor practices in china. senate republicans are now considering what they're calling a skinny repeal of the affordable care act, saying it might be the best way to move forward on this issue. it would abolish the individual and employer insurance mandates, but not cut medicaid. that's after seven republicans joined democrats.
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>> we're determined to do everything we can to succeed. members in both parties have health care ideas they would like to offer. if you've got one, bring it to the floor. >> senate minority leader charles schumer said a skinny repeal is just a ruse to get a full repeal with cuts to medicaid. "abc7 news" was at zuckerberg's general hospital this evening. that's where people joined to hold hands for health care. this was organized by the group indivisible sf. they called it an emergency action of solidarity to protect the affordable care act. it's time to turn to our weather. looks nice outside now. but it's heating up again. >> it's going to get hot inland. spencer christian has the forecast. >> thanks for the headline. let's take a look over some of the taller buildings in san francisco. you can see the fog roll thing there just a little bit. and current temperatures are -- come on, move along here. hold on one second, i'm going to
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check my computer. and yes, looks like it's working. okay. the numbers aren't popping up, so i'm going to walk over to live doppler several. we've got 61 degrees in san francisco right now. 67 across the bay in oakland. many inland locations have readings in the mid to upper yagts. so it's warm inland right now, but getting cooler along the coastline. this is what it looks like from mt. tam, as it's rolling through the golden gate and pushing out over the bay. these are the forecast features. warm to hot the next two days. 100 degree temperatures will be rather common inland. we'll see 80s around the bay, upper 60s to near 70 on the coast. warmth holds on through weekend and warm into next week. but we probably won't see triple digits after friday or for a while. overnight, fog traveling inland. around 60 at some of the milder locations.
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tomorrow, 68 at half moon bay. 70 in oakland. 99 at livermore and concord, 100 degrees. the likely high at antioch also. the beaches will be nice and mild tomorrow. bright skies, morning fog, temperatures in the upper 60s. very high uv index tomorrow. so carry the sun screen if you're going to be exposed to sunlight. the three-day forecast from friday through the weekend, it will be hot inland with highs 100 degrees or higher. mid 80s around the bay. the heat eases just a few degrees over the weekend, still mid to upper 90s. and lots of heat locked in the western most part of the country right now, about the western third of the country, with most location experiencing above locations in the greatest range of above average temperatures is right there in the sierra and eastern oregon. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. two days of triple digit heat in our inland yast here, tomorrow,
6:21 pm
and tuesday. and we set sbol a pattern of mid 90s inland, low 80s around the bay. and that president te >> it's warm. it's going to be. thank you, spencer. odds are, you're part of the odds are, you're part of the world's biggest social network. get 40% off on coit residential cleaning services including carpet and hardwood, tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments. and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. that's 40% off everything coit cleans. call or click today.
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including carpet and hardwood, tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments. and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. that's 40% off everything coit cleans. call or click today.
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a shift in software jobs leads the bay area's business watch. a new study finds that san jose saw the biggest decline in software jobs out of any big city in the country over the last five years. seattle saw the biggest growth. san francisco ranked sixth highest the nation for growth. glass door found that demand for tech jobs has spread, the retail injury saw the largest gain. the world's biggest social media network beat investor expectations today. the number of active users, revenues and profits all up. they make most of the money off of ads and plans to put more onto the messenger app and also on to whatsapp. latinas will make up nearly half of the state's population by 2060. a new report from the latino caucus says they're facing large achievement gaps when it comes to education and employment.
6:25 pm
many are less likely to own their own homes. one area where there has been some progress is the number of latinos with health insurance. >> 19% of latinos are still uninsured, compared to 24% a year ago, but we still have work to do. >> the caucus will use the report to draft legislation to bridge the gap between disadvantaged latinos and the rest of the population. so we should pay $3 more to cross the bay area bridge? ugh. you might have to. that's not the only change that's under debate today with the goal of improving bay area traffic. chicken nuggets on a fancy party platter? it could happen. i'm michael finney. ahead on 7 on your side, a uniquely bay area story. and this pan we
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> yeah, i'm innocent. i did not do nothing.
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>> you're looking at one of several additional suspects arrested in the beating death of an elderly san jose woman, and he spoke with "abc7 news" today before appearing in court for the first time. six people have now been charged in connection to the crime. >> the home invasion, robbie was not a random encounter as some had thought. chris nguyen has the story from the santa clara county hall of justice. >> reporter: it was the crime that sent shockwaves throughout the community. 88-year-old flo douglas was beaten and robbed. miss flo did not survive. >> it's a tragedy, not only to her family and to her friends, but also to the community. >> reporter: the county d.a. y office have revealed that six people have been charged. the latest suspect, 19-year-old johnny brown, appeared in court today for the first time,
6:30 pm
telling "abc7 news" that he's innocent. >> whoever did this, they need to speak up and speak up and say what they did. because i was not there that night. and this is very sad that i'm being arrested for something i did not do. >> reporter: but investigators say the evidence points to brown. they believe he, along with 19-year-old zachary, who is being held on murder, planned the burglary with a friend who lived across the street from douglas. >> that's what resonates when you see and realize what these two young men did to this woman inside of her home. >> reporter: their friend, willie king, has been arrested. >> they have no e6d that i was there that night, that i did that. so i don't know why they're charging me with the murder of that lady, you know? >> reporter: but court documents reveal that brown admitted to his girlfriend that he had assaulted douglas during the robbery.
6:31 pm
she, along with cuen's girlfriend, have been charged with covering up the crime. both remain in jail without bail. chris nguyen, "abc7 news." breaking news. one person has died after a ride mall functioned at the ohio state fair. some people were thrown from the ride, but it's not clear why or what happened. ohio's governor john kasich has ordered all rides at the fair shut down. today is the state fair's first day. by mia smith, charged with one count of murder for stabbing the man she lived with at their home saturday night. typically, bail for murder cases for santa teyo county is $10 million. the judge did not explain why he set bail at $25 million. smith is due back in court in two weeks.
6:32 pm
and a retired schoolteacher has died. he was in italy when he nearly drowned. he was on life support after suffering brain damage. the family was trying to raise $130,000 to pay for an air ambulance to transport him back to california. they announced this morning that he passed away in italy. they're working with go fund me to issue refunds to donors. a group of iowa businessmen is suing united airlines over the death of a giant rabbit. the rabbit was on a night from london to chicago. he was found dead on arrival. the businessmen bought the rabbit to show at the iowa state fair. they say united was negligent in the care and transportation of see lon and improperly created him. no comment from united. the delwiler fire has now been burning for ten days. cal fire said it's 65%
6:33 pm
contained. more than 80,000 acres have burned. 1500 structures are still threatened by the flames. some evacuation orders remain in effect and the cause is still under investigation. one florida man's 87th birthday wish was a little unusual. he wanted to swim from alcatraz to san francisco. lonny rivera was there as he checked his birthday bucket list item off of the chilly waters of the bay. >> reporter: when your name is bob beach, it seems fitting to spend much of your life in the ocean. >> the water has been a great part of my life. >> reporter: so on his 87th birthday, this florida judge, grandfather and athlete, swam from alcatraz to san francisco's aquatic park. >> when i sent those guys away, i can tell them i relate to them. >> reporter: this retired judge thrives on athletic adventures. >> swimming makes you emotionally very tranquil, which
6:34 pm
is very helpful in deciding cases. >> reporter: if his birthday swim hasn't exhausted you, he's hiked mt. kill man jar u, and his next big swim, underneath the golden gate brinl. his buddy, also named bob, holds the all-time record for swimming the span of the golden gate. how quickly did you do it? >> 17 minutes and 21 seconds. >> reporter: any advice? >> i hope he doesn't break my record. >> reporter: back to this swim. finish time, 46 minutes, 67 strokes a minute. impressive at any age, given how cold the water is. you didn't have a wet suit on.% >> no, no. >> reporter: how do you do that? >> i don't know. just old age, i guess. [ laughter ] to say that you swam from alcatraz on your 87th birthday and your made it, are you kidding? i'll never have another birthday like this. >> reporter: he's a man who gives new meaning to the term "water baby." in san francisco, lonny rivera,
6:35 pm
"abc7 news." >> amazing. >> yeah. >> there's a new series of stamps out. starting today, they feature sharks. >> cool. >> i hope they don't run into mr. beach there. the stamps show five different sharks, mako, thresher, greet white, hammerhead and whale sharks. the post office says stamps can help raise awareness about issues. coming up next, the road trip that looks like a time trip. we caught up with the vintage vws today because they won't be here for long. and we're looking ahead at what to expect from the weather this week and heading into the weekend.
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keeping up. it takes hard work, tight budgets and a little support. and pg&e is ready to do our part. our care program can save you 20% or more on your monthly bill. it just takes a few minutes to apply
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and you'll see the savings on your next bill. when having a little extra can mean a lot ...turn to care. go to and enroll today. happening now, the metropolitan transportation commission is considering two proposals that would hit bay area residents hard. one would raise tolls by $3. a driver who crosses the drij every day would spend $750 more annually. the ntc says the money generated would fund projects to relieve traffic gridlock.
6:39 pm
the other proposal would hike sales taxes to fund cal train service. >> this does not have a dependable, consistent source of funding. there's no revenue stream that comes to it. the thee counties voluntarily give the money each year to support cal train. >> state senator hill is one of the backers of the sales tax increase. both proposals require the approval of the state legislature, governor and voters before they're enacted. these days, people keep their cars five years, maybe ten at the most. but there was a time when you could make it last forever, if it was a volkswagen. today, dozens of vintage volkswagens rolled into half moon bay as part of a cruise down the west coast. jonathan bloom has a look at the car show that happened when they stopped for lunch.
6:40 pm
>> this is the 19th year of the cruise. and essentially, they drive from the canadian border down to the mexican border. >> reporter: it's a german word for gathering. >> i'm a confirmed vw nut, and i'm incurable. it's just the way it is. >> reporter: andrew's bus has nearly 500,000 miles on it. >> it's a lot of fun to drive. >> it's been in my husband's family for about 25 years. >> reporter: some are totally reimagined. >> i cut the top off and i cut 30 inches out of the middle and welded it back together. >> reporter: what do you call this design? >> the short bug. >> we just took two costco tables, set it up, and put a mattress on top. i'm 15 years old, and i own a volkswagen bus. >> reporter: how did that happen? >> my dad found it on a hippie
6:41 pm
rampbl ranch he grew up on. >> reporter: but some i say they love working on them. >> these are simple. if anything breaks, all you need is a hair pin and some duct tape. >> they were meant to be repaired by a german soldier in the field. so they're very user friendly. >> reporter: so whether for weekend getaways or week-long camping trips -- >> it's the only car that has the life span of infinity. >> reporter: it's still growing with no end in sight. >> these cars in 50 years, probably half of them will still be on the road. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." coming up next, the tasting room for chicken nugget nu
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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chicken nuggets are growing up. long thought of as a staple for kid's meals, they're proving for a favorite for adults, as well. >> michael finney always one with a nose for news.
6:45 pm
>> only on 7 on your side. the greater bay area has long been considered a hot bed for foodies. here is further proof. there's nothing unusual about wine tasting in sonoma county. occasionally, people are known to have a beer or two as well. but this is different. the wine and beer are being paired here. the kitchen, the first tasting room dedicated to chicken nuggets. yes, chicken nuggets. >> it's a dream come true. it's full circle. >> reporter: jennifer johnson is the chef of the kitchen. she worked as the executive chef for gordon and ann getty. right to that, she cooked in berkeley. >> chick, chick, chick. >> reporter: the kitchen is the brainchild of jennifer and her wife, sarah. some of you may know sarah from
6:46 pm
her years as executive director of the san francisco aids foundation. they now raise organic chickens at this farm. >> we've learned how to raise animals humanely. we're passionate about our humane standards of our animals. >> reporter: jennifer developed her unique recipe while working for getties. the sauce is already in the nuggets, so no dipping necessary. they began selling their creation four years ago. next month, sales expand to walmart. they will be available in 5,000 stores nationwide. >> the foundation of cooking is simplicity. so this is as simple as it gets. >> reporter: this weekend, hip chick farms new tasting room had its soft opening. the official opening is august 11. early reviews are good. >> i never liked ipa before, but this ipa and the chicken nuggets worked well together.
6:47 pm
>> having the sauce infused into the coating is a great idea. >> reporter: now, i have a link to hip chick farms, and the kitchen on our website. just check it out at i want to hear from you. my hotline is open monday to friday. 415-954-8151. and you can reach me through my facebook page and on hungry? >> yeah. >> they make it sound like a five-star restaurant. thank you, michael. the bay area is a beautiful place, and viewers prove it. brian captured a gorgeous, foggy sunset last night over san francisco. show your pictures and videos with us and follow us on on instagram. >> another foggy sunset. you can see the fog is at the coast right now. and it will continue to push out
6:48 pm
over the bay. low temperatures on the mild side, upper 50s to around 60. and tomorrow, another warm day, warmer than today in many inland locations where highs will be in the upper 90s to around 100. we'll see some 80s around the bay. and close to 70 on the coastline. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have two hot days, at least in the inland areas. highs around 100 degrees or higher. mid 80s around the bay. mid to upper 60s on the coast. the heat eases over the weekend. the temperatures will settle into a steady range through next wednesday. mid 90s inland will be the highs. mid 80s around the bay, and mid to upper 60s on the coast. quite warm for the next seven days. >> thanks, spencer. time for sports. giants have put up the for sale sign. anybody want a jeff samardzija at a reasonable price? he did it all in today's start
6:49 pm
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at at&t, we believe in access.
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the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. last night, nunes was traded to the red sox in the middle of the giants' game. they're interested in moving
6:52 pm
jeff samardzija. a lot of fans wondering if the shark would make it through today's start against pittsburgh. the -- trevor williams with a chopper. look at jeff samardzija go up and get it. that is an incredible play. samardzija was a wide receiver for notre dame. still has the good hands and the good arm, too. andrew mccutcheon, josh bell. the shark goes seven innings and allows just one run. improving his trade value. still, tied at 1-1 in the 7th. samardzija with help from brandon bell. robs jordie mercer with a diving stop. belt with the glove. belt with the belt. bottom seven, to left field. sterling marte lost it in the son. gomez scores, 2-1, giants. ball game. dyson, 6 for 6 in save
6:53 pm
opportunities with the giants. 2-1 is the final. a's manager bob melvin, he's been stuck on 999 career wins, waiting to reach 1,000, hoping that the roster isn't traded out from under him. believe it or not, these people do this for fun. they're strapped 1800 feet high. he's going to hit it to the top. not quite, not quite. but it's a two-run homer, third of the year. right now 2-0 a's, and they're in the ninth inning. so he may be minutes away from career win 1,000. the summer of steph rolls on as he continues his international tour, inking his record new krashgts macontract, acting debut, and surprising a veteran with a new house on "the view." will the real steph curry please stand up? please stand up. today's stop was this china
6:54 pm
where he unveiled the new underarmor brand, then took some selfies before going off to work on tai chi. the baby faced assassin plans to return focused and ready to strike. >> it's pretty hard, even though we're moving slow. i have to bring that back to the pregame routine next year. so i got some more ammo to work with. >> like he needs more ammo. curry appeared on "the view." surprising a disabled navy veteran in his brand new donated home in new jersey. curry, the surprise guest, stunned petty officer second class tim burkehead in his new wheelchair accessible man cave. >> you've been a great inspiration to me. now you have a new mace to watch our games on tv. so i told him, i'm on the court now. he's in his man cave right now watching.
6:55 pm
that's right. and also, you know i have a sweet tooth. i found your stash of gummy bears. >> that is too good. fantastic. believe it or not, college football season is around the corner. stanford kicks off at the end of august in australia. cal played hawaii last year. i would be willing to go back if they want to send me. today, the new preseason poll shows stanford is favored to be second behind washington. cal bringing up the rear. i guess you could say they are down under, as well. but the head coach justin wilcox rebuilding the program. >> brand new way of doing things across the board. and they've really attacked it. that's probably -- it's been a challenge, because everything is new for them and for us. but it's been really rewarding and i think it speaks to our players. >> this story is crazy.
6:56 pm
wide receiver julio jones went jet skiing, wearing $100,000 earrings and lost one. so he hired a dive team to scour the lake for his lost bling. ama, this is why i always remove my bling prior to jumping in the water for any wanany water spor because i don't have a dive team. >> you don't? >> you just got to make do. >> that's sports. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13 for the first time in american team has modified a human embryo in the lab. that's at 9:00. and at 11:00, too many huskies. bay area shelters say they're inundated and a popular hbo show may be to blame. >> that's going to do it for us. >> thanks for joining us. see you later tonight.
6:57 pm
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a software engineer from austin, texas... a purchasing manager from savannah, georgia... and our returning champion, a high school history teacher from homer, new york... ...whose 4-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i'm going to begin today's program by asking the same question i asked at the end of yesterday's program. will our champion, justin, be able to make it over the $100,000 mark today?
7:00 pm
seth and kellie have nothing against him, but they don't want that to happen. they want to replace him as champion. we'll see if it works out. here we go. here are the categories for the first round... next... then... those three letters coming up in that order in each correct response, but not necessarily together. that's followed by... justin. n-p-r for $200, please. kellie. what is transparent? that's the word. director's cut for $200. justin. what is "moneyball"? right. director's cut for $400, please.


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