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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> good evening. an alemeda county judge did not by the argument that he didn't know the girl wads a minor. >> reporter: the attorney tried to argue that in the summer of 2015 his client had every reason to think he was having a consenual relationship with a young woman over the age of 18. now 19 years old the young woman at the center of an east bay police scan dell arrived to testify against a former sheriff's deputy she claims repeatedly had sex with her when she was just 17. he's no longer with the sheriff's department. in graphic testimony jasmine described how she reached out to perez on facebook in july 2015
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and within one month they had sex at least six times in his car in the oakland hills. she testified he picked me up. we engaged in sexual activity. i performed oral sex on him and he had intercourse. >> the testimony itself was almost like pornographic in the manner it was being described and more than willing to have sex with her as she was having sex with other individuals. >> reporter: she was also asked to read between dozens of highly explicit facebook texts including sending graphic selfies back and forth. >> thanks, everyone. have a good day. >> reporter: they declined excellent but they argued he didn't though she was 17 until months after the sexual
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interactions. she acknowledged she lied to him telling perez she was in her 20s, had four children and at one point claiming she was married to an oakland officer who had committed suicide. ana napa court sentenced a mother and her boyfriend no life without parole for the death of her daughter. an autopsy found 3-year-old kayleigh died of blunt force trauma. her body was placed in a freezer and left in a suitcase on a bed in an apartment. three people are charged in a sex trarveging ring that operated around the state including here in the bay area. sheriff's deputies in los angeles arrested quinnton brown. mia mcneil is still on
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all fire ball rides are shut down like this one after a similar ride malfunctioned killing an 18-year-old. the ride is closed in six parks. all shut down for the time being. abc 7 reporter is live in santa cruz with the story tonight. >> reporter: we are here at the poo boardwalk where the fire ball ride is closed. many people are wondering when it will reopen again and what went wrong.
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>> it broke the whole entire seat off. >> reporter: these families watched in horror at a graphic video of the fire ball ride at the ohio state fair showing a row of seats breaking off. it killed one man and injured seven. >> i was wondering why there was no line. >> reporter: a spokesman said it's unknown how long the ride will remain closed. similar ride at great america and santa colllara is also shut down. those are two of the six rides that shut down in california as a precaution. >> we ask that we continue to keep the ride off until they can coordinate with the ride manufacturer and come up with a game plan for safety inspection for all these rides. >> reporter: the fire ball rides and three other locations in southern california are also closed. the similar ride left off the list is lasso of truth at discovery kingdom because it was made by a different
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manufacturer. >> i won't go on. i don't think i would let my son go on it now. >> after i see it run a few more tim times, i might go back on. >> how does mom feel? >> i have to see how it goes. maybe a couple hundred times. >> reporter: they are really in a wait and see pattern. they are baiting to hear from the state to see if outside inspector will come in or if osha allows them to do their own maintenance. a severe accident on southbound 680 in danville this amp shutting down lanes and injuring the driver of an suv. it happened near the there's no word yet on her condition and the investigation continues. as you can tell it was pretty bad. sky 7 flew over walnut creek
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after five power lines landed on pleasant hill road. look at this. an suv slammed into that pole near the walnut creek pleasant hill border before 2:30 this amp afternoon. the road could be closed until tomorrow while repairs are made. more than 350 homes and businesses are without power because of this crash. the good news no one was hurt. the fire birned nearly two acres. no one was hurt and the flames never threatened any buildings. today protesters across california took@streets to rally for a lofty goal. a moratorium on all rent leases. we have the local stories from activists. >> reporter: mens of the housing now coalition march through pleasant hill. they say too many naems in the
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bay area are struggling to pay rent and they want better rent control laws. protesters took their demands straight to the source. they confronted a property manager. residents tell me people here are evicted for no reason. >> families are being evicted without cause. these are family who is have been paying on time every month. >> reporter: despite the open sign the manager would not come out. housing activists all over the state are holding a day of action calling for a moratorium on rent hikes. >> stop evictions. save our homes. >> reporter: they want the group to support repealing the housing act that puts limits on rent control. >> how many of you live together? >> eight. >> how many bedrooms? >> just two. >> reporter: deloris and her daughter join the protest. they live crammed in a crowded apartment where some people sleep on couches, others smoke.
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>> it's not healthy for kids. >> we want to keep this to make sure that our neighborhoods are affordable, quality living and safe living without any retaliation coming down from landlords because people are trying to stand up for their rights. it's going to be a long night in washington. that's as republicans continue their push for a new health care plan. >> senators are getting ready for marathon voting session because of the terms for repealing obama care. they keep changing. just a few hours ago top republican senators including john mccain and lindsey graham held a press conference on one of the bills up for debate, the skinny repeal. it could get rid of the individual and employer mandates while leaving much of the affordable care act in place.
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gop leaders have called the skinny bill a disaster. democrats also don't like it claiming it could leave 16 million americans uninsured over the next decade and cause premiums to spike by 20%. interestingly republican senators want assurances from fm paul ryan that if the skinny bill passes in the senate, the house will vote it down. what happens when your delivery driver gets an it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. major ruling on high speed rail. find out how it affects the project. the fit of a bike helmet is important but so is how it's stored. we have clouds at the coast but they are not
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a mayjor applicants will to check a box asking if that are wi convicted of a crime. it will be answered only after they have advanced to the final stage. it creates more opportunity for more qualified and capable people. two bay area companies faced off in san francisco federal court today over internet free speech. san francisco's high q labs collects information from public, linkedinprofiles to predict whether individual employees are likely to leave their jobs. the company depends on access to
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linkedin in order to survive. the professional networking site wants to ban hiq from accessing its data. linked in claims it's violating a federal hacking law. they believe linkedin is trying to stifle google may be looking to expand. the company has purchased 45 properties in the moffit park area. the properties including aging research office and industrial buildings. a food delivery man crossed the line when he verbally assaulted a customer using profanity and quicking her door. the man is an independent contractor for uber eats. abc 7 news reporter has the exclusive video you'll see only on abc 7 news.
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>> reporter: natasha placed a food order through uber eats when the delivery man arooifred she noticed the order was wrong. >> he gave me four salads instead of one. i figured he would be back. >> reporter: here is surveillance video. he left but returned a few minutes later. when she opened the door he blamed her for the mistake and walked through the door. >> i opened the door and he walked into my house. >> uninvited. >> and said you gave me the wrong order. >> reporter: he became very agitated and started to verbally assault her. we bleeped out some of it. >> ask you already. [ bleep ] you. [ bleep ] you. >> i was a little bit worried for a minute because i thought what's he going to do. he kicked the door. i could hear the door kick and hear him yelling down and back into his car. >> reporter: we showed san francisco police the video
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posted on facebook. >> no one can come into your home unless they invite you in. in that case it would be trespa trespassing. that is a crime. >> reporter: she contacted uber eats and was reimbursed. the company said the behavior seen is unacceptable. >> this morning when i left i thought what if he came back. i was imagining what if he spray painted. what if he came back. i was worried he would come back. >> reporter: in a situation like this one police encourage people to call them to report it. this san francisco, abc 7 news. twitter shares are way down after the company reported no meaningful increase in users. shares are down 14%. social media platform reports it's 328 monthly million users remain unchanged from last quarter. that's up 5% from one year ago. one analyst says it's clear the boost in user growth from the presidential election was a quote, one time deal. a different story for
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facebook. their shares touched a record high on today adding more than $27 billion to its market value. the company posted a 71% surge in second quarter profit and a 50% jump in hmobile ad sales. one more tech note to pass along. apple is discontinuing the ipod nano and ipod shuffle. the devices are still available in stores but production of them is ending. apple released its first shuffle and nano in 2005. now to consumer news about bike yehelmets because taking ce of them is important. >> michael finney is here with that story. >> bike helmet is kind of delicate. >> that's interesting. >> a bike helmet is designed to absorb impact but also needs to be lightweight to be practical. it will be vulnerable which is why consumer report says handle a bike helmet with care.
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>> a lot of people wear it like that. that's not going to do much. that's where we want it. >> how they care for the helmet once they lever the store will be important to keep jackson safe. >> when you look at the majority of people who die, the most serious injuries are to the head. >> caring for your helmet starts with where you store it. find a shelf in your house or garage where it's cool and dry. never keep it in the car. >> it gets raeeally hot. it can degrade the foam, compromise the integrity of the helmet or structure. >> clean it with good old soap and water. harsh chemicals may damage the foam and shell. be aware of any dents. the helmet is already absorbed
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some emergency manergy making i effective. replace the helmet after any crash whether it appears cracked or not. >> it's designed to take one impact. that's it. one. you should consider replacing a helmet that is more than five years old even if it appears undamaged, has never been in crash. some manufacturers recommend replacing your helmet earlier than that. think twice before mounting a camera or anything else on your camera. not only could it damage it, it could also pose a risk to you if you crash. >> thanks shows a bit of fog in the coastline. a little bit of fog at the coastline and mainly sunny skies over the bay.
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it's a bit warmer right now in most pay area locations especially inland and near the bay. generally 45 to 8 degrees warmer than this hour yesterday. the exceptions will be san francisco and half-moon bay that are three degrees cooler than yesterday respectively. this is the view looking out over san francisco under mostly sunny skies. 65 degrees here in the city right now. 70 degrees in oakland. low to mid-80s at mountain view and gilroy. this is the view looking westward under mostly blue skies right now. it's 88 degrees up north. 93 at novato. this is the view from mt. tam looking down onto the bay where we don't see the finger of fog developing but it's developing near the coast.
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we'll see more fog at the coast. low temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s. partly cloudy but mid-60s at most beach locations. we'll see a high of 73 a santa cruz. sunny and mild with highs in the mid-80s for the most part. about 83 with san jose. we'll see upper 70s to low 80. mid-60s on coast. 7 in south san francisco. up in the north bay mainly low to mid-80s. east bay high will be in the low to mid-70s. on a we go to the steady pattern on saturday. on sunday we see the inland temperatures rising a bit.
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most inland east bay locations on sunday will see highs in the upper 90s. here is our accuweather seven-day forecast. a steady pattern tomorrow. we'll see some upper 90s on sunday and monday. tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week highs will be near the 100-degree mark inland. we'll see low 80s around the bay and mid to upper 60s on the coast. some great beach weather coming our way despite the presence of morning clouds. afternoons will be nice and mild. >> i'll bring the blankets. you bring the sunscreen. if you're going to make a half court shot while wearing a steph curry jersey with curry watching, you better be wearing the right shoes. that's next. coming up just in tonight, the war erupting inside the white house. the new headline breaking now. also the deadly accident at the ohio state fair. what we learned. the same ride being shut down across the country and the fbi
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the military's top commander says there's no change in military policy towards transgender service members a day after a controversial tweet by president trump. there will be no change in policy until defense secretary jim mattis receives further direction from the white house. one of the top generals echoed his position today. >> our chain of command will, always has, will today and will tomorrow and always should treat every single soldier, sailor, airmen, marine, coast guard with dignity and respect for their service and the cloth of our
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nation. >> a announcement comes day after what trump tweeted a reenstatement of the ban on transgender service members. the state issue supreme court issued a ruling that could have major implication. a state owned railroad must still adhere to state environmental regulations. the ruling is expected to give new impetus to opponents to the $64 billion high speed rail project. a portion of which is under construction near fre steph curry wasn't shy about letting it with flown what type of shoes he was wearing. he even hip bumped with steph. >> steph then catches up with the fan who is wearing a curry
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jersey, takes his lebron shoes and off and gives him a pair of his shoes and even science them. when you've got the range, you got to have the right kicks. >> it is. all right. >> just ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00, the pop up exhibit that allowed visitors to partake in a playground of pigment. back in a moment.
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coming up at 6:00, nub viewo of a murder victim's home of two walking inside his home within hours of his death. landmark study in the field of hiv and aids. it shows a preventative drug may not be necessary tostop the transmission between partners. we find out why southwest cancelled a man's ticket and wouldn't refund his money. that's coming up in half an hour. finally tonight, is your world feeling a little drab. >> there's a new exhibit opening in san francisco that could add a splash of color to your life. >> the color factory is a pop up art gallery right off union
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square. it's made up of rooms that display the concept of color in different ways. >> sometimes it's an association with a smell or taste or maybe a chance to color yourself with marker right out of alice and wonderland. the goal is to coax visitors into experiencing colors in more vibrant way. >> there's nowhere to turn that doesn't have. when you leave you can't help but see it everywhere you go. >> the color factory is open through the entire month of august from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. as for the color green, tickets are $32. >> got do love those yellow balls. >> world news tonight is next. >> we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 6:00. >> till then, a live look outside.
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tonight, the war erupting inside the white house. the explosive new headline as we come on the air. the phone call to a reporter and what was said. amid the tension between these two men, the new communications director and the chief of staff. tonight, the white house is pressed. what does the president think of the fighting in public? the deadly accident at the ohio state fair. the young man just 18 who had just signed up for the marines. tonight what we have learned about what happened, and that same ride now being shut down at fairs across the country. the murder at sea. the fbi on that cruise ship. passengers interviewed and what we now know after a wife and mother is found dead. the mystery illness. what is making the officers sick while driving their suv patrol


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