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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 1, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> let's turn to our other top story. that's the weather in this bay area heat. you can see the fog that's moving over the hills. this is from our mt. tam camera. despite the fog the heat is on. a live look at our east bay hills camera. the east bay really feeling the heat. it was 102 in my car and then it was 106. i didn't want the look at it anymore because i was afraid what the next reading would be. >> let's head right to spencer christian for a look at the weather. >> we've had various reports of readings in backyards. 104, 105 degrees. we have to go with the official readings. most are over 100. here is a look at live doppler 7. we have sunny skies except near the coast. our current readings are the highs so far for most locations right on the coast. 103 degrees at san we have numerous locatiwcations the triple digits.
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it's really hot out there. limited cooling will occur overnight. tomorrow will begin as a warm day. there's an excessive heat warning in effect for night. dangerous heat may develop with temperatures going up to 110 degrees tomorrow. we'll see low 70s. the day starts off warm tomorrow. it will be hot again. i'll show you how hot and when the heat will retreat a little bit later. cities across the bay area are opening cooling centers to help residents beat the sweltering heat. san jose operating hours at five of its community centers to
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provide a safe, cool place. the search continues at this hour in uwa county for man accused of shooting two sheriff's deputies. this happened around 9:00 in the morning around oregon house. officials say the deputies were responding to call of an armed and agitated member of a rastafarian church. they were told he was pulling up marijuana plants. the deputies fired back. it's not known if the suspect was shot. the deputies were air lift and undergoing surgery. one official say they were shot by man who has broken into his estranged wife's apartment.. police say one of his children called 911 yesterday. reyes struggled with two officers. all three ended up suffering
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gunshot wounds. reyes was able to gain control of one of the officers gun. another brazen costco jewelry heist has people working across. >> three different warehouses have been hit in the last three months. the first was in danville. the same store was hit again ten days later. they now have security guards on patrol at the entrance. foster city was hit on june 22nd. >> novato was hit on sunday. you say the burglars appear to be getting better at these heists? >> it appears they have play book and getting very effect ifr at running it. practice makes perfect unless of course you're a victim. >> reporter: inside and outside this costco it's one hot topic among customers. the smash and grab jewelry heist after opening time sunday morning. >> a little spriedsing especially for this area with all the cameras and security
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here. >> reporter: video from those cameras show what happened this every minute detail. they passed security without ever showing a costco card. went to the jewelry section. took a few seconds to decide what they wanted the broke the glass with a hammer and toughed the goods into a bag. >> it's daytime. the store is open. there's people inside. lots of witnesses. >> reporter: in looking over the video, police lieutenant did not see the work of amateurs. quite the opposite. within two minutes of entering the three suspects left the store, got into a get away car with paper license plates and escaped. >> it appears these people had plan prior to going in. >> reporter: one they may have executed before. this may been the same group of construction workers break sboog a store. there's been similar crimes at other costcos. it happened may 8th and then again may 19th and once more in
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foster city. in every case the robbers rowor masks and escaped in a car with paper plates. twice the suspects had a weapon. twice they have fired it. as to how many pieces police have connected, they're not saying but they are suspicion. >> what's costco going to do about it going forward? >> reporter: as we come back live that's a very good question. what does costco have to say? officially nothing despite our repeated calls. from an employee inside the store who witnessed the robberies last sunday, he said the company had warned of this spree. he said the company told them do not try to physically interfere with these people. if they try to rob your store just call police. it's exactly what they did. unfortunately, police arrived a little too late to nab these suspects.
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sky 7 shows you the aftermath of the pursuit. the car crashed at the end of the cul-de-sac. police say the three people in the car were suspected burglars who tried breaking into a home close by. residents interrupted the burglary and called police. the three suspects were arrested. no one was inside the damaged home at the time of that crash. tomorrow marks one year since this deadly bus crash near atwater in central california. today the driver was charged with vehicular manslaughter. 58-year-old mario was driving the bus to washington state. the chp said he hit a sign post. four people died and the bus was nearly sliced in half. investigators say driver fatigue was plooefed to be a major factor. the log shows he slept six and a half hours but investigators say cell phone records suggest he
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didn't get that much sleep. repairs are under way at a san rafael school that was damaged by a fire last night. students are set to start classes in just a few weeks. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson has more on the deadline that crews are,000 facing. >> reporter: construction workers wasted no time ripping out the charred roof building a this morning. >> it was my classroom and my friend emily, it was our building on fire. >> reporter: mimi's classroom was full of materials for her new class. >> it puts things into perfect, it's just stuff. it was a lot of stuff. >> reporter: the fire started around 5:45 yesterday afternoon. thick smoke poured into the sky. >> we got a wild knock on the door from some kids and they said the school is on fire.
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the superintendent surveyed the damage today. >> looks like there's no structural damage and the construction company and their team is working extremely hard to get it back up to speed as quickly as possible. >> reporter: school starts august 24th, levaving parents t wonder what is in store for their children. they anticipate the classrooms will be ready. >> i believe in our community. i believe we can get it done. i'll have a timeline. >> reporter: the superintendent says even if worse case scenario for some reason the construction company is not able to get the building ready for the first day of school, they do have other options for those students both here on campus and elsewhere in the district. seven fires at two schools have firefighters and school officials concerned tonight. the only visible damage was to a mural in a breezeway where someone lit up a palette. neighboring sequoia middle
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school was also hit. the giants and the a's are getting ready to play again tonight. in just a few minutes ago we got details about an altercation between a security guard and a fan at last thiegt's game. oakland police tell us the security's guard backpack was stolen. another guard found fan to be in o session of that backpack. police say the guard then confronts the fan and you can see the fight that ensued. police say security escorted the fan out of stadium before the officer's arrived. the security company said it fired the guard. covered california monthly premiums could rise 12.5% statewide. the bay area would see smaller increases from 4.3% up to 10.4%
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in santa clara county. the preliminary rates still have to be approved by state insurance regulatorregulators. one of the largest is scaling back its participation. next year it will only be available in santa clara county andvalley. a bay area city is cracking down on illegal fireworks. it's not the crackdown but how they are issuing the fines. >> if two people report you in the online system, they don't need photo or video. that's enough for us to consider you guilty. >> why officials say that is totally legal. plus, you might be seeing some strange light there is the sky tonight. tths not a ufo. whale watch ng the bay. what researchers are hoping to learn. taking a live look at our traffic. moving pretty nicely in both directions. a little lighter traffic on your right hand side. that's your
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dozens of residents in san jose are being slapped with citations for setting off illegal fireworks. >> some say they are innocent. they feel the city is fining them without real proof. abc 7 news reporter live in san jose with the details. >> reporter: there were nearly 1100 complaints of illegal fireworks in july and part of june. some people were slapped with a $500 fine. leading up to the fourth of july
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the skies light up in san jose with illegal fireworks. it's frustrating for some homeowners. >> i don't like them either. they're noisy and sometimes they go on really late at night. >> reporter: that's why she was shocked when she received a citation. >> i was just furious. >> reporter: she immediately called and spoke to the fire marshal to they will them they had the wrong house. >> he said if two people report you, they don't need photo or video, that's enough for us to consider you guilty. i almost couldn't speak. >> reporter: she wonders if a comment she southeast posted on next door led to the citation. people were posting about loud bangs in the neighborhood and she wrote warriors just won the nba final, nothing to do but ride it out. she was one of 45 people issued citations during the enforcement period this summer. >> the process the city is using does have legal standing. we have confirmed that with the city attorney's office. >> reporter: the city says
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citations were issued based on if neighbors sent in a photo or video or two people reported it at a certain address or if the rortding party was willing to testify. they want the city to review the process. she must pay $500 to appeal. >> i would say pay your fine. go to the hearing officer and contest it. if there isn't enough evidence and the hearing officer agrees with her that fine will be refunded. >> reporter: she's meeting with a councilman in her district this weekend. we spoke with the councilman and he told us he's open to whether changes need to be made especially if his constituents feel as though shay have been treated unfairly. >> thank you. take a look at a sight we have seen. hump back wheels breeching near the golden gate bridge. researchers are tagging those
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whales. they say the whales aren't diving deep enough for food and that's putting them at risks. if you're fan of camping at california state parks. good news. >> the department launched a more user friendly reservation process. kristin is here to show us what's going on. >> this is the reserve california website. it went live today and offers a new way to reserve camp sites at state parks. 110 parks are available for bookings including bay area favorites including big basin or angel island and farther destinations like hurts castle. they opened up in blocks forcing users to jump online on the first of the month to grab what was available in that block. starting today it's a rolling
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window system. you can reserve a sight any time up to six months for the date you want. >> we heard from a will the of our public it was sometimes difficult to not necessarily frustrating but difficult to secure a site. >> let's walk through the easier new process. say you want fulsom lake for the weekend but you see it says red. you see brannonisland is available. you hit click, reserve and pick a campground. say cottonwood. you reserve that one and it brings you up to the camp site. you can see what's available and click on the ones you want. there you go. this website is a work in progress. they'll continue to build it between now and next march. they will add 41 more parks to the system along with interactive maps. a lot going on. more than 102,000 people
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packed the park for the 39th annual gilroy garlic festival. garlic officials say they were also officially recognized by world records as the largest garlic festival. that was from back in 2011 when 109,000 people attended. communities taaround the ba area are joining a movement that's expected to draw millions of par tis tants. it's a community building campaign that promotes partnerships with the police. some neighborhoods throughout the country host block parties and festivals. nearly every day area city will hold an event tonight. we have a list of national night out events in the bay area on our website. in a lot of places it's going to be a hot night out. >> that's for sure. we've got two days of really hot weather. it just won't cool down. if you don't have air-conditioning, you may be bit
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uncomfortable. right now we're looking at sun fliny skies across the bay area. the fog is holding steadily near the coastline. it's not making much of a push now. we have thunderstorms breaking out along the central sierra. 78 lightning strikes. this is fairly common summertime pattern. it is stormy there. just an alert. back at the golden gate bridge we have low clouds and fog right now. these are our forecast feature pss. the heat will ease slightly on thursday and then a cooler pattern will develop by the weekend. we're looking at highs so far today of 100 degrees at fair field, concord and livermore. up at the north bay numerous other locations are in the 80s and 90s. down in gilroy you could toast your garlic on the sidewalk.
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low temperature fls the early morning hours will be in the low to mid-60s in many inland locations. we expect a low of 70. not much cooling will occur overnight. look in the south bay for several locations to hit triple digits or higher. it will be mild on the coast. 64 pacifica. downtown around 75 degrees tomorrow. up in the north bay look for highs up north. 105 in lake port. we'll see low to mid-90s in santa rosa. over on the east bay, oakland will top out at 81 degrees. 85 at newark. the inland east bay will sizzle with all triple digits tomorrow.
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even more widespread than today. on the beaches, we'll see mid to upper 60s. 80 will be the high at santa cruz tomorrow. the day will begin on the beaches with a few morning clouds. we'll see afternoon sunshine. looking ahead to thursday, it will be nearly as hot tomorrow in the inland locations. we'll see upper 90s. we'll see a bit more cooling occurring on thursday near the bay. a much more comfortable pattern develops on friday. that continues into saturday as temperatures settle back down into a more seasonal or average range. here is the seven-day forecast. once again, one more day of triple sdwrdigits inland. they will be numerous. don't expect much of a cool down before tlurz. it won't cool down until friday. we'll be in mauch more comfortable range of highs. low 60s on the coast which is just about what you would expect typically on a summer day. >> all right. thank you. a bittersweet day for the royals tomorrow in great britain. we'll tell you what it means for
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the queen and prince phillip. how you can get chance to sit on your own throne right here in the bay area. taking a live look at aur traffic through san jose. this is 280. your southbound traffic approaching 680 on your right hand side. kind of the middle lane you stlee. on the right hand side that's peeling off to 17. all moving nicely. stay with us. back after a break. (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren.
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when you think of the grateful dead's jerry you might flash on city officials unveil a sidewalk plaque with his likeness on mission and amazon streets. garcia said her dad would have appreciated the location. >> this has always been the hardest working neighborhood in
4:25 pm
san francisco. there's a lot of pride and a lot of family roots from all different cultures. >> the plaque is inscribed with a quote from garcia about the dead's mission. what we're trying to do is expand rather than narrow. he would have been 75 years old today. 96-year-old prince phillip will make his last official public appearance tomorrow in london. queen elizabeth's husband is cap pain general of the commando force. he's accompanied the queen on her royal duties since 1952. he became the longest serving in 2009. he's had some health challenges in recent years, including a hospitalization in june for the treatment of an infection. if you're a fan of the hit show game of thrones and pretty much everybody is, you might want to check this out. abc 7 news was at the flagship store in san francisco. it's been transformed into a game of thrones world complete
4:26 pm
with the iron throne. you can get your picture taken. it showcases computer vision technology, motion sensor te technology and virtual reality. there's more to come. >> you'll see different problems, costumes and life size display of the show to get our customers more engaged. >> you can walk through map w have your location sent to a virtual forest where white waungers will come out of woods and follow you, which is a little scary. new allegations about that infamous trump tower meeting and president trump's involvement in the aftermath. >> certainly didn't dictate, but he, like, i said he weighed in, offered suggestion like any father would do. >> plus the latest on the white >> plus the latest on the white house food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises,
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. a 17-year-old american teenager is in police custody after he jumped from a copa airlines flight that landed at san francisco international airport this afternoon. he opened an of wing exit door and jumped onto the runway.
4:30 pm
a construction crew tackled him. a security guard who got into fights with fans during fired. laura has an update on what started that fight coming up at 5:00. president trump tweeting he will not be changing his twitter habits. this comes one day after john kelly took over as chief of staff. the president said twitter is the only way to get the truth out. he is facing yet another controversy about that infamous trump powtower meeting between son and the russians opinion abc news reporter live in washington with the story. >> the white house is admitting that president trump did weigh in on that initial statement from john junior. that contradicts what we have been hearing from president trump's own attorney for
4:31 pm
weeking. >> reporter: john kelly's first order of business calling the chaos in the west wing. >> he will do a spectacular job, i have no doubt. >> reporter: the military man already exercising influence on day one with the resignation of white house communications director, an tony scaramucci after less than two weeks on the job. now another crisis. abc news confirming president trump personally dictated the misleading initial statement released by don junior to the new york times saying the meeting he, jared kushner and paul manafort had with several russians with alleged links to the kremlin was about adoptions and was not a campaign issue. >> the president didn't sign off on anything. the president wasn't involved in that. >> reporter: trump's legal team denying the president had any involvement but sources for abc news and the washington post are refuting that. don junior later releasing the e-mail chain that confirmed the meeting was campaign related and he was told the meeting would be
4:32 pm
with a russian government lawyer who had dirt on hillary clinton. >> the idea the president drafted a statement that was misleading, that's a big problem for the white house that's been trying to say he's not been involved. >> reporter: today the white house insisting the president was not directly involved in writing the statement and that the original statement was accurate. >> he didn't dictate but he weighed in, offered suggestion like any father would do. >> reporter: sarah sanders calling this whole thing a p.r. stunt and a phony, false narrative. larry. >> the white house saying the president was involved but still denies that he actually helped craft the statement like abc sources suggest. >> that's exactly right. sarah sanders said today that he did weigh in on the statement like any father would do but she also said he quote, certainly did not dictate anything which contradicts what both abc sources and the washington report say.
4:33 pm
>> this story far from over. thank you. the senate voted to confirm christopher rap as the new fbi director. he places comey who was fired by trump in may. an e-mail prankster seems to have fooled sop white house officials. he posed as jared kushner and communicated with homeland security advisor. he said he posed as president trump's son eric and reince prix bus. they said they are being looked into. the u.s. air force is planning another intercontinue nenal biblic aal ballistic miss. this latest test is said to happen between 12:01 a.m. and
4:34 pm
6:00 a.m. tomorrow. this year's tests have come amid tensions with north korea. last week analysis of flight data on north korea's most recent test of their own showed the west coast and midwest are now in range of that country's missiles. we're following developing news in southern california where the search continues for two missing hikers. >> their vehicle was found inside of joshua tree national park. so far search crews have not been able to locate them. abc news reporter with the latest on the search. >> reporter: 20-year-old rachel nguyen and jo receive were last heard from thursday by a ping of jose joseph's cell phone inside joshua tree mashlg park. the couple disappeared during a hike. they were expected to check out of their hotel friday morning but their belongings were left in the room. >> we have no idea what their intentions were, what their plans were, how long they were going to be here. >> reporter: tuesday search and rescue teams were scouring the nearly 800,000 acres park
4:35 pm
searching in triple digit temperatures and through rugged terrain. >> one thing that will happen when people rp in heavy heat stress and loss, they will start take off pieces of clothing. we haven't found any of that thus far. >> reporter: their vehicle was found near a park entrance in air area. park rangers say right now there is no reason to suspect foul play. the families say they are experienced hikers and planned the trip to celebrate nguyen's birthday. >> reporter: the search for the pair was stopped this afternoon. another controversy for baseball's hit pete rose. a woman said she had a relationship with him when she was 14 or 15 years. that's according to a statement.
4:36 pm
rose said he believed she was 18. bill cosby may be looking for a new lawyer. the defense attorney that ended with a deadlock jury wants off the case. he's being retried on charges he drugged and molested andrea constand. a retrial is scheduled to begin in november. car break ins aren't new but a recent one in oakland is affecting one woman's career. the items stolen that's worthless to others that she desperately needs returned. a state of emergency in florida after tropical storm emily tear through, but did officials do enough? i'm spencer christian. this is the view from mt. tam.
4:37 pm
it's going to be warm tonight and hot again tomorrow. i'll have the forecast, coming up. we have another view for you. this is a nice one. i sure wish this was the view when i was coming across the bay bridge a few hours ago. it's smooth sailing if you're coming in to san francisco from the east ba
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three people were injured after they were struck by lightning in indianapolis. the three were paving crew workers who sought shelter under a tree. one of the men briefly died. yes, was out for four minutes and was revived by paramedics. all three were taken to an area hospital. tropical storm emily has now been downgraded to a depression. it's on the move after slamming florida's gulf coast especially hard. >> abc 7 news anchor has a look at some of the damage. >> some areas in central florida got as much as eight inches of rain. there was a lot of damage. take a look at what happened here. that prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency. torrential rains and gusty winds blowing up to 45 miles an hour. the sun shrine sky way bridge shut down by authorities. officials not taking any chances with first responders keeping busy answering close call after close call including this scene in tampa where a tractor trailer was left dangling over a highway
4:41 pm
overpass. these two brothers safely rescued after their fishing boat's engine died and started sinking in tampa bay. >> the current could have taken them out. there's low visibility, no other boats out. it could have ended in tragedy. >> reporter: in fort meyers, there was the proof of the hotel. >> it just happened fast and it blew and blew. >> reporter: across florida so many saying they were caught off guard by tropical storm emily. flooding street, toppling trees and knocking out power. >> this one they down played. i've never seen anything worse. >> it blew the transformers on the poll and across the street. it was pretty serious. >> reporter: the governor declaring state of emergency urged residents to stay alert. >> very important that every family get prepared on the front end. >> reporter: what's left of emily is moving north into the atlantic ocean creating rip currents from florida all the way up to georgia.
4:42 pm
ama. >> thank you so much. check out this image of typhoon noru from space. nasa astronaut jack fisher took this. the typhoon has lost most of its punch but still could hit japan by this weekend. you can see the fog is offshore right now. toughing some parts of coastline. it's sunny and warm in area where is the fog is not present. we have pleasant conditions this evening at the coliseum and oakland between the giants and a's. it will be mostly sunny and mild. temperature won't be dropping too much in the next thr after that down into the low the mid-60s. overnight we won't see much of a drop in temperatures either. look at these inland location where is lows will not be just mild but warm in some spots. we expect a low, a low of
4:43 pm
anti ant an antioch. tornl's highs pretty much the came range as today. here is the seven-day forecast. temperatures will ease up a little wit on thursday. not quite so hot but still pretty warm inland with mid-90s. we'll have more seasonal and more comfortable range of highs by the weekend as temperatures setting down. no more extremes for a while. >> thank you so much. something out of a movie but this is real life nightmare. a misunderstanding land a woman vacationing in honduras in jail. what she says really happened. cracking down on those annoying robocalls. how you can help make them stop, just ahead. if you haven't had your chance to see hamilton
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a north carolina woman is under arrest in honduras and according to her husband it's over a misunderstanding. can safe she bought to protect
4:47 pm
her valuables was mistaken for something illegal and now she's in jail for drug trafficking. elizabeth hurr has the details. >> reporter: an investment trip to honduras turn into a nightmare now pleading for her treem. >> no ventlation. it's one window with little bars and the door. >> reporter: a can safe like this one that looks and feel like can of iced tea she used to store her valuables while away from her hotel room landed her in jail. >> i mean this stuff is so crazy. i don't think you can make it up. it's over a cheap can, ice tea soda can. >> she's in honduras. >> reporter: he's flooding social media with her story and warning travelers about can saves sharing this video from the airport. it's unclear what the dog was trained to sniff out but brandon says after airport security found what looked like can of
4:48 pm
ice tea inside her bag, they cut the can open and assumed the white particles in the lining were cocaine. she was arrested and charged with trafficking cocaine. our affiliate cut open can safe they purchased and white particles did fall out. this is why brandon is calling his wife's arrest a huge misunderstanding. >> it's been a nightmare. i'm just ready to go home. >> reporter: brandon says authorities at the airport don't have field testing kits for cocaine. they are still waiting for lab results. right now lawmakers in north carolina say they reached out to the u.s. embassy in honduras help. sgr what a bizarre story. the government effort to speed up the largest auto recall in u.s. history appears to be falling short. >> michael finney is here with tonight's consumer round up. >> i don't even know how this could work. i've been telling you about the
4:49 pm
dangers and recalls of takata air bags. the inflatsers are blamed ffr 18 deaths because they can send metal shards flying through the bag. they wanted them replaced by the end of this year. an analysis shows that's not likely to happen. automakers say they have been having a difficult time getting parts and some say finding owners and persuading them to get their cars repaired. if you want to find out if your car is affected we have a link of all the cars and there are dozens of them. just go to the federal trade commission is t stepping up its crackdown on those annoying and illegal robocalls. more co the fcc gets more complaints about unwanted robocalls than any other issue. they are leasing a daily list
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including the phone number. the information will be used to help the industry stop unwanted calls before they reach your phone. a critical part of the plan is you go online and report unwanted robocalls when you receive them. i've got the information you need. it's at some popular cell phone covers with liquid glitter are being recalled because they can cause skin irritation, blisters or burns if they break or leak and some of them have. they come in a lot of styles. you can see some of them here. they were sold both online and in several large chain stores. once again, you can find out all the information you need on the refund. go to i want to hear from you. this 7 on your side hot line is open monday through friday from
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10:00 to 2:00. you can also reach me through facebook and our website. >> thank you. research has shown a mediterranean diet can protect your house only if you income is high enough. the diet includes plant based foods, nuts, fish, poultry. researchers in italy picked 18,000 people at random for study. the diet did decrease cardiovascular disease for those with high income and education. there was no benefit rs pr those with lot a lot of schooling. people that make more money tend to buy higher kwuquality foods. blowing out the candles on a birthday cake spreads a lot of germs. a study showed 1400% more bacteria on the frosting of cake after the candles are blown out. dig in. researchers say the chances of
4:52 pm
you getting sick from the cake are actually pretty low. >> but still now just thinking about it. all right. just one week after can selg their bay area concert, two popular bands are returning to san jose. hall and oates and tears for fear will be performing. if you can't go, officials say refunds are available at point of purchase. tickets are on sale for the newly rescheduled date. if you haven't gotten tickets to see hamilton in san francisco, there's good news. the musical will be back in the bay area on saturday.
4:53 pm
it takes only a moment for thieves to strike. >> while we were inside checking in, someone was able to break our window, the passenger rear window and take out six pieces of luggage. >> they didn't get just anything. the priceless item they stole that helps this dentist do her job. kristen has what's coming up at 5:00. >> a bay area mother is arrested for leaving her baby in a hot car. we'll have that story, plus. needles on the street. >> so much crime happening. >> you got me another one? the coast guard's promise to transgender service ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible.
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coming tonight at 8:00, it's the middle followed by fresh off the boat and then back to back episodes of blackish. at 10:00 catch somewhere between. don't miss abc 7 news at 11:00. a really rude welcome for a young pediatric dentist who dreamed of practicing in the bay area. >> her expense ifr dental equipment was stolen in car break in almost the moment she arrived in oakland. vic lee has her story. >> these allow us to see the
4:57 pm
tooth. >> reporter: she's showing us her colleague's dental loops. binocular glasses custom made to her eyes. >> these have magnifier of adjusted to my pupil distance. no one else can use them. >> reporter: these dental loops can cost upwards of $4,000. lathem's war stolen in a car break in. she desperate flineeds them bac. they drove from ohio to the hotel in downtown oakland. she parked her car in a metered zone. she checked in. someone broke into her car and stole all of her luggage, a tv set, work records and her dental loops. she spoke to the hotel va lays that told her. >> this is something that happens in oakland. everyone is used to it. >> reporter: she file add report with oakland police burglary. she was told they were severely
4:58 pm
understaffed and had a heavy load of car breaks ins. >> if i want camera footage i should ask the businesses, myself and try to retrieve footage. >> reporter: an officer on the scene did visually check to see if there were cameras but didn't see any. it was a rude welcome that turned her california dream into a nightmare. >> everything is perfect in california and i'm really surprisesed. i'm shocked. >> too bad. the hotel told her they are not responsible for her stolen belongings because the break in happened on a public street. >> unfortunate. get the latest news any time with the abc 7 news app. you can download it for free. enable those push alerts and be the first to know about breaking news where you live. that will do it for this
4:59 pm
addition at 4:00. thank you for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. the extent of the damage is overwhelming. >> this car isn't backing out of a garage. the crash after a police chase. the homeowner are grateful for one thing. breaking news at sfo. the emergency exit is open and a teenager jumps from this plane. in northern california two deputies are shot an a gunman is on the run. fired after a fight. a new explanation between a brawl between a security guard and fan at the giant's game. it's happened again. jewelry cases at costco robbed. >> i would say it's pretty bold to do something like that during the middle of the day. a passenger is tackled and detained after he pops the emergency exit and jumps on to the runway.
5:00 pm
>> thanks a lot for joining us. that copa airlines flight just landed after a flight from panama city panama. the passenger who jumped was an american citizen just 17 years old. >> reporter: some exciting moments. flight 208 landed just before 3:00 but it took passengers up until a little while ago to get off the plane and clear customs. we have cell phone video taken from the ground moments after the commotion started. you can see where the door was removed over one of the wings. here is another look from a photo taken by a passenger inside of the cabin. you can see where the door was before it was removed. a shoot was not deployed. it seems that 737s are low enough to the ground and don't require them. according to witnesses the young man quickly and suddenly popped open the emergency door, slids down the plane's


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